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Trip to Grand Tetons & Yellowstone in September 2018
Yes! I did a little fishing in this area.... There are many access points along the Snake River from Jackson downriver. Much more access upstream into the park. The Snake is pretty big, even this
Homemade dubbing recipes?
Not a recipe but I have seen Cheech Pierce on Youtube blend craft fur and sculpin wool to make sculpin heads. I would link the video on Youtube but I have it blocked at work. I think it was the Sculpi
June Flies From the Vise
My size 16 sculpin. Bass and bluegill food.
May Flies From The Vise
Micro sculpin-ish carp bug.  
Russ Blessing invented a fly to imitate a hellgramite.  He called it a "Woolly Bugger",  I wonder what ever happened to it? That's interesting, I've tied, bought and fished woolly bugger
Animal hair that sinks?
There's nothing wrong with deer hair on subsurface flies, I use it all the time for those applications.  Sure, pack it tight enough it will float, but use it sparingly or add weight (or use a sin
Chile Trip Report
Slow was the way to describe fishing, but lots of fun. Day 1 - Fished the Petrohue river swinging for salmon with 10 and 9wts and 400-450 grain line with big articulated salmon flies. First stop I cau
April Flies From The Vise
A7122770-3504-4DF6-B2F5-A8084FC1104D.jpegWhat does this one represent bimini? My complete inability to follow fly recipes... :D Seriously, I was aiming for a dragonfly nymph. I have the same problem
2018 casting for recovery australia
I did a Mrs. Simpson for the swap last year too. After all, it is an Australian original from what I read. WHOOPS...Now I re-read the stories and it Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor in New
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
That's funny MIke but as often as I've done swaps and somehow muddles through a swap like yours but with 30 people at Christmas I always end up recounting flies or cutting open packages I thought were
Finding Material
If by "spun fur or wool" you mean something like Sculpin Wool, sounds like misinformation because tan Sculpin Wool seems readily available from multiple sources, and is "Ram's Wool" which can be used
Bugger swap #2
You're in hazathor. Fly tyer it's open to any one I was just mentioning some of the cool buggers we had last year. So yes twelve nice buggers can be basic buy if you want to add cone heads or somethin
December flies from the Vise
Zonker and marabou sculpin. This one truly deserves an SBS post, and I know you are a busy guy. But, should you find some spare time, even after the Holidays, you should go for it, Brian!!! Yup, I
Sculpin Imitation
This is a sculpin tied by a local fly fisherman that he uses to catch book trout in the GSMNP. Does anyone tie a version of the sculpin? If so, what is your recipe? Notice that it uses a "mini sculpin
November Flies from the Vise
Just finished up this sculpin and somehow broke the eye of the hook while clearing it with a bodkin. Drove the bodkin into my thumb. And I was pretty happy with the little thing, too. Nice work, every
Start thinking Christmas Swap
Flat Rock, you ask the guy who didn't catch fish? Well, I did but everyone says the flood conditions most of the year made things tough. The story I always here.   1. Soft Hackle...Red Ass Kelso.
Sculpin fun
Thanks for the help. I was thinking of maybe playing with some of the sculpin helmets that are on the market.
Ordering online
In that I have no option but ordering online I have to take my chances. If there was a local fly shop I doubt it would close because I'd support it. Have I had some disappointments? Sure, but with the
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
Nymo thread and Kevlar, too, though I've spooled up both in the last year or two to remember what I haven't been missing.   Bullet-head tool set.  I happily used them way back when I was on
Mop Fly Variant
Great SBS on that sculpin .
Roo Hair?
Mark,   Barry Clark is the guy who used the roo hair in a video that first got me interested!  I think it was in the same or a very similar sculpin pattern.   Talk about going full circ
Sculpin are a very popular food source for trout, specifically steelhead and large brown trout.  Basically any trout that has become predatory seeking out baitfish for food.  They also work
Easy Sculpin - And Effective!
Sculpin streamers are some of the more common and effective streamer patterns for trout.  This one utilizes the fish skull heads to make a simple and yet effective streamer pattern for trout. 
Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...
RichMC, I need an explanation. Your fly was very nice with hook designed to pull the material sideways through the water. When I lay it down I can't help but think how nice a bottom bouncer that would
Bass swap
Fished vicriders sculpin and the mouse pattern over the weekend. Both produced pretty well in the pond. Unfortunately a 3-4lber liked the sculpin so much that he decided to keep it. Traveled for work
Lion Head Sculpin Streamer
i like it. i think i commented about using the dungeons materials in the last video i commented on here of yours a few weeks ago. i love that you have several original designs using his materials. its
May Flies from the Vise
Sloppy Mop Hey that would make a great sculpin pattern
Sculpin Pattern
Does anyone have a pattern recipe for the Sculpin "The One"? Believe created by the Solitude Fly Company Looks like a deadly sculpin pattern
Baitfish patterns
Seems to be boiling down to  "attractor" vs "matching the hatch" with bait fish patterns.   Bait fish may be dark over light but it's not an abrupt change from dark to light like you see in
DIY Dubbing: Long Fibers?
Those are good looking flies, Matt.   Thanks, but the second isn't mine. Gunnar Brammer tied the second, hes definitely up there in terms of innovative streamer tyers these days.   Wou
April Flies from the Vise
Something Ive been working on...   [attachment=62539:Lion-Head-Sculpin-2.jpg]   Underwater it still holds its shape... [attachment=62540:Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.45.47 AM.png]
The Mighty Sculpin Swap
Im in, #6 slump buster tied in natural color. In the water it's a killer sculpin looker. Let me know if that will work. You're in and as long as it will pass for a sculpin.     Kevi
1st Adams
Good job on the Adam's guys.    You are inspiring me.    I am going to do a Wonder Wing as demonstrated in Al and Gretchen Beatty's e-book (Amazon, $4.99, free with Prime) and
March Flies From The Vise
Two more. Sculpin and BWO
Bugger swap
GP your buggers made it here in good shape, trying to think of an excuse to keep all sculpin buggers to myself.... I mean it seems the postman stole them, yea that's what I meant to say.
Slump Buster
Appropriately named the "slump buster" is really a buster of slumps.  This fly is so easy to tie, yet so effective!  You can tie up 10-20 in an hour, and is effective for so many species of
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
I found this pretty funny. I opened the site a bit ago and when I clicked on Forum to change where I was at what's up at the top of the page? A copy of my panfish pooping fly he's calling Jon Boy's Ki
Primo Deer Hair
Yeah what I'm currently doing is more stacking then spinning actually, I am trying a cone head sinker sculpin with deer hair collar... just think I'm not packing it tight enough as there are large ga
Articulated Sculpin tying video
Just put another tying video on my new blog the other day.  This sculpin has fished very well for me since last spring. Enjoy!!   Frank
The Mighty Sculpin
That's better for me.  I wanted to do this but I haven't tied a sculpin.  Putting it off will give me plenty of time to do some reading and get materials.  
Feb flies from the vise
Squirrel skin
That's nice Johnny. Did u use any synthetics in that fly ? Thanks...   sorry for the long answer;  I met Dave Whitlock over 30 years ago at a fishing show in the Worcester (now DCU cente
Point Up Zonker Sculpin Streamer Fly Tying
Yeah I hear ya Dave. Not every fly is for everyone. For this fly, I was going off of the sculpin in my area which look orange, with fat heads and large pectoral fins. I'll upload a pic soon. But no
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
I do my trout fishing in Michigan (until I can retire and move someplace with mountains, anyway :) ) . There are good insect hatches here, but they tend to be sporadic and unpredictable (compared to h
Name this material
This is MIke Mercer's EZEE bug yarn that is put out by Umpqua.  It's used to tie his Rag Sculpin.
Bear Fur ??????
The guard hairs are better for streamers than black bucktail. Stiffer and more shiny usually. Not that fake dyed black. The guard hairs make great tails for smaller flies. The underfur that you pick o
November Flies from the Vise
Cream how are you painting your cones ??  I know its powder paint how are you holding the cone ?? Are you using a fluid bed ?? Steve-stabgnid   I wedge a toothpick or two into them, depe
Southern US Fly Fishing..warmwater minnow patterns..?
Mike, there are similar "fat head" minnows found in MD (Chesapeake Bay tribs). They were usually 3" long or less. We called them mud minnows & used to catch them as kids in a seine or minnow trap
Here's my favorite sculpin with Gadwall barred flanks for shoulders... Wish I was in pheasant country for their tails, breasts....the cdad "claws" are breasts w/ center cut out.
If you could only have Three Bass Flies....?
What would they be? 1. Top Water..? 2. Swimming/Subsurface..? 3. Bottom Bouncing..? Talking Warm Water LM but you SM guys chime in too. Post pics if you have them please.   For me top water would
October flies from the vise
Cohen's Sulking Sculpin
Old Patterns
This is a Gray Hackle Yellow and then there is the wet version as well.   This story in a way reminds me of my experience with dry Yellow Humpy flies. The story varies a bit in that several peop
September flies from the vise
New little carp/creek bug I'm tinkering with.     Cream....did you paint the sculpin helmet or is it offered in that color now? Great tie.   J
Can elk be substituted for deer on a rolled muddler?
Thanks Dave, I fish and tie a lot of muddlers but until now had never heard of a rolled muddler. Do you fish them on the bottom to imitate a sculpin? They do look like they would sink a lot easier.
Save the Drama
We may have been typing at the same time, so maybe you didn't see my second post.     I just wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but it seemed ridiculous that someone would share a patt
dumbbell eyes test
But wait, the intro said it was a  "comprehensive test" !  I like his sculpin and his bucktail pike fly, they stream really well and look like killer patterns.. Most of the time he kept his
July Flies from the vise
With a trip to Maryland coming up on the 17th, I am starting to tie a few extra flies to take. On the flip side, my good camera decided to die, which is why I haven't posted any pictures for a few w
Madison River, Yellowstone, September
I just got back from the Madison. We didn't fish in the park. I did best near Ennis lake. I tried some streamers, but caught nothing. I have in the past on olive/brown sculpin type pattern of my own
Different streamers for my set up
+1 On the sculpin!!!
Coq De Leon Question
I have two packs of pardo, one of which is a speckled darker coloring with lots of brown and ginger...the other is a more black and light dun with a bit of light gold/ginger...both of which I vastly p
Drop Jaw Flies
I will start by openly admitting my powder paint jobs on cones and Sculpin Helmet's are nowhere near that good, but I can say I understand the price.  I would not pay it, but I understand it. 
You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest
SWAP IS FULL...........SHIPPING DATE BY June 20   Well, not really a contest. Here's the scenario. 12 of us are getting on a bus heading to a trout stream in anywhere USA. No one knows the name o
bass flies
I don't know if anyone has seen the video for the complex twist bugger by curtis fry on YouTube, but I think I may have a good little "twist" to it. Instead of a bead/ cone head I was thinking about a
Red Cree Saddle Hackle
That's the exact picture I was going to post.  I believe the recipe allows for colors to match the Sculpin  in your local streams.  Thanks very much for you input.  Since I don't h
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