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BVK 12 Wt. TFO’s latest addition

The Ray Bergman Collection - 5) Admiral

Hatches Theater: Everglades, Skeena, Tails of sunset

GCO Announces Large Clear Lid Fly Box with Ripple Foam

Ray Bergman Collection - 204) Lake Edward

Freehand Tying by Al & Gretchen Beatty


Foam under fiber
I like the idea.  The mullet run is about to get started and the green and yellow would make a great mullet pattern.  After I saw it I went up and tied one up.  Looks like I need a long
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
I won't disagree with the sunfish as the hardest fighting pound for pound. However, the freshwater fish I have had the most fun taking on a fly is the american shad. The sea run fish in the spring a
fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 16 June
We switched over to fly fishing gear this week and found a few fish on each outing.  Early in the week I had Benjamin Vial aboard to fish for tarpon at night locally in Biscayne Bay.  Ben is
May Flies From The Vise
Nice fshng2 Id like to tie some of those, gonna have to look it up   Thanks Mike, attached is the SBS I loosely followed using material I had on hand.
Non-fly rod caught fish
Please read no farther if the thought of spinning gear offends you. Hit tge river for some shad today and the shad were happy I showed up. After a while counting is so pointless so I'm guessing upward
Back on the river today
I've never seen a sucker with such a big broad defined stripe like that and I happen to enjoy the great sucker runs every spring. We don't have steelhead, salmon and the like so I eagerly anticipate t
making a spoon fly body
I make my own flutter spoons for shad by soldering an Aberdeen hook to a willow blade. They can be fished with a fly rod or spinning gear. They're a little different from the spoon fly in that the hoo
Demo/ Test Flies
I have so many flies of my own and from swaps I really would never get those in the water enough to give a good evaluation against anything else. I will say, fire tiger has always been a good bass col
Yearly trips
I have many dozen trips planned for this year. I'm going to shad fish the 1st three weeks of April followed by 4 weeks of striper fishing in May, a couple flounder trips in June as well as a handful o
Punxsutawney Phil right again
Same here. I was wearing shorts two weeks ago. Ah well it won't be much longer. I think I have a good 3 or 4 weeks before the shad show up in numbers. The magic number is 50 degree water temp.
March Flies From The Vise
Spoon flies are used to catch shad. Anything that can get to the bottom and flutter and flashes is the ticket.
Spawning season
I can remember filleting a ~4lber from a central Florida farm pond. Thought she was fat on shad but nope. Slap full of eggs ready to pop. :(
Chile Bound... advice needed!
Lucky lucky you. When I was in Patagonia I saw some HUGE fish and didn't catch any trout but did catch lots of fish that looked like tiger fish. Big teeth and tasted lovely. Lots of shad type fish nea
I have a couple of pink and white clousers that I pull out for salt water.  It's one of the go to flies up here for weakfish, sea trout for those of you south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I alw
February Flies from the Vise
Right now is the time for the Shad run in the St John's River from Jacksonville, to Orlando, the Shad run up river to spawn.  This year there is a bumper crop.  Six year old fish and bumper
Trolling Flies
I've never trolled with a fly rod. If I were to troll with a fly and fly rod I would just clip it onto a Downrigger and totally freak out the purists. Can't be worse then a bobber could it? I've actua
January Flies from the Vise
Hopefully this cold weather will get the Shad running in the St Johns river.  So I tied a few more Shad patterns, to go with the hundreds I now have that have never seen the water.    
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
Thanks for all of the replies everyone.  I have been looking at a dave whitlock wool shad pattern and some Dan Blanton articles for suggestions as well.   I used to live in Texas and learn
Lake Mead anyone?
I used to live in Boulder City in the mid-1990's and spent a lot of time at Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.   Things have changed in the 20+ years I've lived there but the fishing could range fro
November Flies from the Vise
I have been tying streamers this month for my sons, one in the upper midwest and the other in the Roaring Fork valley.  I have to get imaginative at Christmas to keep it interesting. This is a va
Show your bench
World headquarters poopdeck bait and tackle. This is not a dedicated tying area since I like to be mobile with my tying stuff. I do everything from flies to furled leaders, lanyard making, saltwater p
Capt Bob has a good point. My warm water (bass, sunfish) colors would greatly differ from my trout colors.   For trout, cphubert copied my answer,,LOL,, Grizzly, brown, med blue dun, black, and c
Start thinking Christmas Swap
Cut off for sign up is Nov. 17th to have flies here by Nov. 24th. Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2017! The object of this swap is that you send me your flies
What flies to start with?
Where can you find lake trout within 1 or 2 hours of Philadelphia? I've lived and fished my entire life in this area and Don't know of a single lake close to philly with lake trout. I assume you are t
Not fly fishing buy might be sort of tying
Heck yes! I've had spinnerbaits lose the skirt. Either I buy a replacement skirt or I've done a couple of bucktail versions with some flash. ALL Flash a bou is cool too. Tie flash a bou on just like t
Interesting you mention dat vicente...ever caught an eel or a cutlass fish in the salt. At first a jolt then they seem to "back up" if you will then make short runs/head shakes and the fight came to
is tenkara catching on?
It's all good natured fun Rick. I consider myself an angler and enjoy many varied angling opportunities from fly fishing to spin fishing, bait fishing, chunking catfish and stripers and ice fishing. I
Eye protection whe using uv cure resin lamps?
... tell me to wear my PFD with the kill switch lanyard attached.If the motor's running, I will tell you your optometrist would be absolutely correct!   If the engine ISN'T running, then yo
Bass swap
Hey Vicente can you change me to a baitfish pattern- just realized i didnt have the right size lead eyes for my Bass Candy's. I will be tying a Hollensed's Washita Shad
Brand new to tying and to the forum
Hmmmm....don't know how to add text to my post but I'll do my best. Most of the flies are Chironomid patterns, or midges, if you will. Both larvae and pupae. The ones are the wine cork are called Pe
Snook Flies Swap
Thanks cb. I looked at FR's and thought it might be mine. Kind of along the same line of thinking but had a little more bling on mine with maybe one size bigger estaz (sp?). Yeah, it's not bad. Now th
S.B.B. (Smallmouth Bunny Bugger)
McFly!!!! You did it! A video I like. Material list - Check Short length - Check Clear instruction - Check Decent tune - Check Nice nails - Check I'm gonna tie some up as I'm about to make the switc
Smallmouth On The Fly
Smallmouth Bass are scrappy fighters that are willing to eat a large variety of baits.  They are fun to catch with conventional gear, and an absolute blast on a fly rod.  Especially when fis
beginner's luck
Hello All,   I just started fly fishing this year and so far having a great time. I live in Richmond VA and the James River within city limits is where I am trying to gain some experience. I curr
Weathermen and weather apps suck thread
So I go to bed around midnight last night. I've watched the weather all day and checked my weather app before going to sleep. Partly cloudy no rain was in the forecast. Perfect for my last shad trip o
(No fly zone) Non fly caught fish pictures
Grrrrrrrrrr ... this is NOT the time for me to be away from home !!!   Crappie bite is on (nice fish, caloosa) ... the American Shad should be running up the St. Johns River (utyer, you got any,
Baitfish patterns
Seems to be boiling down to  "attractor" vs "matching the hatch" with bait fish patterns.   Bait fish may be dark over light but it's not an abrupt change from dark to light like you see in
Trolling a Clouser for bass in a kayak
...and there's absolutely no reason why you can't troll a jig with a fly rod.   I tie a number of flies on jig heads, especially for shad, but they work for bass and other deep holding fish
I've caught shad and I've had shad in my mouth. I'm falling short of saying I ate shad because I've never actually swallowed it. I've only tried to eat it and spit it out. It's that bad. I can tell yo
Fishing for Perch
Probably another two or three weeks before things started picking up around here.  Ocean temps are still in the upper 40's off of  South Jersey.  They're picking a few small stripers &#
Bluegill Lures | Simple Spider
Rich, because I fish for food not for sport. It's a system of fishing similar to how walleye fishermen use a crawler harness with beads and a spinner blade tipped with a nightcrawler. The lure is just
April Flies from the Vise
Thank you The Cream for the info.  I see a shad in that pattern for the wipers and whites.
Jack Frost (variation) SBS
Another U.K. pattern; modified here (out with white floss body/tinsel rib, in with Estaz) for shad. hook - Mustad 9671 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black underbody - non-tox .030 tail - Craft Fur red
A stroke of genius, I think
So a bit of a long story here but I'll keep it short. I uncovered and dewinterized my boat to get it ready for the shad run. Of course now their predicting a foot of snow this week. Rather then go th
Hook a trout on the 1st cast of the day!
It was warm enough here in Feb to entice me into charging up the boat battery and start thinking spring things. Then March came along LOL ! Snowed today, supposed to be 9-11 f overnight and 23f for a
Salt Hook Size?
I just finished tying up some Peanut Bunker/Shad imitations on a 1/0 Gamakatsu SC15.  I had been planning on tying them on a smaller hook, size 1 or 2 but couldn't find the size I wanted  at
A couple of baitfish
This one I tied up for a salt water bait fish swap.  It's intended to imitate a peanut bunker, but will make do as a shad imitation.  A lot of the larger lakes around here have shad populati
Lead wire weigh
These are anti-snagging/snatching rules.  An 1/8 oz jig has a pretty good sized head.  We use them for shad flies, and they can be a bear to cast!  Also, the 1/2" gape restricts you to
Crappies & Bluegills
I tie primarily for warm water since I live in a warm water region. I look forward to spring crappie as much as I look forward to shad, stripers and smallmouth. Bluegills are fun but get annoying at t
Full sinking fly line reviews?
I use the Rio outbound short I've been very happy with it. Yes. 250 grains for my 7wt throws shad darts very well.
Ep minnow help
You could possibly tie an articulate EP minnow.  This is not a great example.  I once had the brilliant idea that I could tie a large bunker fly as a tube fly.  Tied the front part on a
ice fishing ties
For the panfish, any nymph you use for trout - with a bead head especially - can work as a great little jig.  I like to take gold beads on a 8-16 hook and just do a little puff of hackle or bou -
That's the same recipe recommended for American Shad around here.
Emerald Shanker SBS video - Emerald shiner pattern on waddington shank
Very nice technique, use of materials, and thoughtful design.  The colors are proven (to me anyway) on GL steelhead and the fly is nearly a "guide fly" in terms of ease and speed of assembly. (Yo
Why I like auctions
You are correct Mike! It's mush on a plank. Shad taste like crap no matter how it's prepared. It's best soaked in hot sauce to the point where you can't taste it. Every year they have "Shad fest" in l
December Flies from the Vise
Thanks to Josephcsylvia's generosity, I have a ton of new material and colors to play with. Here's the first ones to come off the vice. A shad, shiner, and panfish.
2017 Spring Articulated Streamers
So this is where I'm at. The big dark water Snares are all done. The smaller clear water, bright day killer is almost finished but I have the back hooks finished and just can't ever get the front hook
West Coast Salt water
Pyramid lake is best in the winter, I probably wouldn't bother with summertime but you can awkward look into it. Striper ate mostly a fall/ winter thing but there is great largemouth fishing down tugg
Southern US Fly Fishing..warmwater minnow patterns..?
These have become my new favorite go to pattern. I tie them on everything from a size 10 gamakatsu octopus hook for micro minnows, to a 1/0 shad/shiner. I've caught just about every thing that swims
Matching the Hatch....Carp
You need to tie up some streamers or Game Changers with rattles in them.  Mimic the color of the sunfish, and weight the flies so they suspend about 6 inches under the surface.   Bass are
Crafty Point Up Baitfish
It does look great wet. Yeah, I know we both were commenting on that one post about the difference between a streamer that is wet vs dry.  In the water standing still this fattens up quite a
If you could only have Three Bass Flies....?
I could live with just two patterns. A simple torpedo shaped cork popper with feather legs and rubber appendages. A simple  white streamer, hair or feathers, with a red throat to set it off. Sure
What are the best clouser colors?
I river fish for SMB most times when I go fishing freshwater. In fact I just tied up some clousers for a trip at the end of the week. I'm not a fan of orange, red or pinks for freshwater. White is al
Let's start thinking Christmas Swap
Cut off for sign up is Nov. 13th to have flies here by Nov. 20th.  Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2016! The object of this swap is that you send me your flies
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