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Circles disc versus sealed drags?
1st off 90% of us dont need a drag let alone a sealed drag that will stop a train. Draw bar drags are excellent and are virtually worry free. Dunk in fresh water and a dab of grease or oil and they wi
Giant poppers...
Now that's a giant popper! Shark hook? I guess the limitation is the size of hook you got!
Summer land Key
Just got back from Key Largo and spent some time fishing. I go down there 4 to 5 times per year. Fishing has been good since the storm. The mackeral bite has been hot. Snapper is good. Redfish an
Using google earth to scout wading areas
I forgot to mention that in places with dark water (and more sharks per acre than maybe anywhere else I can think of...) wading in any of the areas I work in the 'Glades is a bit more adventure than I
Time to fix a stupid choice!
Paul,   I apologize for not welcoming you to the forum.  Did not notice it was your first post, which caused me undue excitement because of your mention of using high-quality vices in past a
2 pc. Vs. 4 pc.
Forgot to mention a few items in my last post... First off - one of the things about guiding is that I'm not the one using my rods most days... and I do get a lot of first timers making the transition
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Birds and shark and albies, oh my...
saltwater bugs for the 'glades
Found myself adding a bit to two different threads (on two different sites) in the last few days that might be of interest to folks on this board...   The first is about patterns for this time of
Stay Safe
Yep, here it comes....    In the meantime, life goes on... here's a copy of this week's fishing report.... but no fly fishing, I'm afraid...       With all that bad weather co
Wife's seen it ... I hadn't.  Being a cat lover, I am happy the guy was THAT type of person ... not the "shark-behind-the-boat" kind of A-hole.
is tenkara catching on?
Yes but I don't think it will grow as much as fly fishing simply because it is pretty much limited to small trout and other fish like that. You simply can't catch just about any saltwater species li
Surf fishing in Pensacola, FL area
that was all right on the beach, knee to thigh deep, and dry feet too.    One day I was wading out quite a bit in the bay, over my waist and saw a massive shark cruise by, so that was e
Tube size for billfish Nd saltwater flies?
You may want to research the "Trimble Shark Fly".  Never tied some but a buddy gave me some a few years back.  They don't look difficult and I think they may be what you are looking for.
Line question - Florida Gulf Coast snook in Augist
I will probably visit Norm's shop just because I like fly shops and his is kind of a landmark in that area, from what I can tell, but I have no expectation that talking to Norm is going to result in m
Preservation of Flies
Oh, and I use Bimini's technique to inadvertently wash shark teeth collected during the trip.
Rod handles
Steeldrifter is right on the money (and I'll tell anyone to avoid those rods with a second "fighting grip" up above the regular cork grip since they're an invitation to a broken rod, period..). Yes, y
Day at the beach. South Fl.
Pick a gulf beach, and you're going to have shots at snook this time of year.   Sanibel is a great little island.  I like Bowman's and Blind pass the best.     (If you chase snook,
Water clarity report for everglades?
Where I am... the 'Glades is a real jungle -both above and below the water.. Today the fish is feeding on whatever the menu provides, tomorrow the fish opens the menu - and his name is at the top of t
Just When You Thought It Was Safe........
On the east coast the population in Miami may be down but that doesn't seem to be the case further up the coast near West Palm, especially when the spinners and black tips show up around this time of
St Croix spin rod just off the bench
Steve You absolutely nailed it. I love the mermaid and I can't wait to cast this baby. The concept I'm guilty of playing into is having fun while I fish, drink beer and generally have a ball. I'm a
Fly Knots
Capt Bob I'm very interested in your set up from start to finish. Reel all the way to the fly and the knots used. I use a double uni knot on flouro to braid on spinning gear. Can I use that on my f
Florida Keys Recommendations
Well, I did keep my expectations in check, I did get out for about as long as I really expected and did not get into any fish on the flats.   I was really hoping that Long Key State Park was
Small Flies
I had a source for 30 and 32 but it dried up. You can get down to 28 fairly easily but I don't think they make anything smaller anymore. I like tying 20-24 but smaller gets nasty for old hands and eye
Fishing resolutions
My other resolution, every year, Mako shark on the fly...2016 ... Not yet... good thing resolutions may be renewed.
2017 Spring Articulated Streamers
These hooks are so big I broke my pliers trying to crush one. Flats could go shark fishing with these, and the biggie is all wire or links connecting, nothing will break or cut on these if used on too
West Coast Salt water
Ever seen the mouth of a Mako...that's one exciting shark for sure. But for me I'm a carnivore, I want fish to eat myself like snook but Cal has rock bass & corvina,(spelling ) I think a
Hurrican Bay FL....?
Great, the Pine Island, Ft. Myers area.... Now I have something to go on.  The water over there is a bit clearer than what I deal with in the 'Glades - but the fishing will be pretty similar as
Everglades backcountry report - Flamingo, 16 October
No, this isn't a fly fishing report - but it should serve to let folks know what's happening as of two days ago.... For those not familiar with the salt or brackish portions of the Park you can do mos
Scenting flies???
For some reason the last pikefly i tied smells like beer & chorizo! For shark? I'd have no problem dipping the fly in the 20 litres of blood that just went over the back of the boat! But normaly?
Dancing with gators.
Yes, the croc population is growing (and has been the last 30 years..) in spite of all the efforts to bring the population back that failed miserably...  When the population started to increase s
Hilton Head Island TIps and Tricks
My father inlaw lived on Hilton head so I went there every summer for ten years. Can't help you with flies since I didn't fly fish then. But I can tell you what I always did. First golf, great courses
Stacked Deer Hair Bass Swap..
Here is an example of the work Crackleback can do. A blue themed Emo and no way would I let a shark (or a bass) bite this. Strictly display. [URL=
How old is old enough?
All of my fishing reports end with this tag line... "Be a hero - take a kid fishing"  and I really mean it.  Although this is a fly related site any kind of fishing with kids is a great day
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
I have a simple recipe that has served us well in cooking many fish that have nice thick fillets like these would.   First, if the flesh has any "fishy" smell give them a bath in milk, ice cubes
Another fly line bargain
Those lines were on sale for the same price back when the Shark Wave thread started. I picked up type III in 7 wt for $7.88 and also got a Teeny T-200 they were selling for $14.88.
Can I talk about
Not true, Salty.  There was a time, while I lived in North Carolina, that I did a lot of salt water fishing.   I used a saltwater combo from K-Mart (this was back in the '80s) ... and the la
SA Sharkwave lines - steep discount at Cabelas
Steep discount because of two reasons.   Reason #1 (and the far less driving factor of the two) is because fly lines, unlike many other pieces of gear, do degrade over time (with exposure to heat
Dang, some of you guys with this early sendoff. How we gonna make the Host nervous if everybody gets in on time? Way you guys are going I'm going to have to start mine pretty soon when I find those 6/
Over it
I was tying at a conclave once and I always keep my sicsorrs in my hand while tying, guy came up to introduce himself & shake my hand and I stabbed him pretty badly. Sicsorrs went in about 3/4" S
Visiting south carolina soon
I just returned from Myrtle Beach and go almost every year.  Not much for fly fishing but surf fishing in the evening / mornings will get something - last week I was catching sea trout
July Flies from the vise
Retro, my uncle seen a murry cod once in Warragamba dam the size of a shark!
What leader
Sorry young lad but we're talking fishing. I agree they are not tricky little devils but they shut down just like trout and they come alive just like trout. The bigger ones are trickier then the small
Greeting from a long time lurker!
G'day Shark and welcome to the site.... Tight lines and screaming reels !!!! Lol
Fly lines
Obviously, you won't be fishing 200 to 400 feet deep for Lake Trout with a fly rod Break Rules!  Explore Limits! 33# Lake trout caught on 8 ft custom 13 wt fly rod, Abel reel spooled with 20# lea
Keys Swap
FR Thanks for the update. I caught a cuda in the Bahamas (Bully Special) that I received from atxdiscgolfer a couple of years ago. If you get the chance try some shark fishing in your area. It's pr
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
I just recently started a list of the same thing, only my list is longer and all fish must be caught on fly rod. Here's a few. Rainbow and brown trout (im a Floridian) have this booked for north Geo
EP Tarpon Streamer
Out of Flamingo we routinely pole up on lemon sharks up to and a bit over 11' long, bull sharks up to around ten feet, etc.  Given the large numbers of turtles (every size from babies to as big a
Tube fly
I use a fly very similar trolling for big lake trout.  It reminds me of Capt Dave Trimble's Shark fly.  He uses his 10 inch version for Mako Sharks on the west coast.
Mullet flies for Everglades
Thank you for your advice and don't worry Bob, I have jumped a lot of poons in the lower Keys and in the Shark River area of the Glades, and I never used a bend-back style hook for them. They do have
Few poppers
That FIRST popper might catch a shark. But I do like the rest of them in the second pic.  Being a sunfish angler, I like the two little yellow ones in the lower right the best.
Could the Clouser be the most versatile streamer ever made?
Ive never fished for tarpon with a clouser, moves too fast. Not that it cant work you just have a better chance if you can keep the fly in there face longer, I would take a complex twist bugger with
ice ice baby.............
An Ice Shark, travelling through the ice sheet. Did you stand that chunk up there?  Wind and waves stand it up before a light snow?  Intriguing picture because of that piece of ice.   O
What's the deal on fly reels?
Cold, I completely agree you get more or better components as you move up the price bracket. BUT, what is the price ceiling where there just gouging you after that? There is only so much you can put i
Fripp Island SC
I was there when my son went through USMC basic last summer. Being a trout/bass guy, I was a little intimidated to find out that shark is a primary species for fishing. A local park ranger even advise
Fly Line for kayak fishing river smallies
I also think the rio outbound short would be best, but depending on how deep you are fishing I would recommend the intermediate or type 6 sinking lines to really get that fly down to the fish. If you
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
I too am in Florida an I find I tie my everglades specials up to 5" to imitate some of the pinfish and mullet I have a few shark flies in the 7" range and a needle fish pattern that's 9" with two hook
November Flies from the Vise
I wish my pictures were that awful    :-)   That's some humongous fly!  You going after whale shark? It's nice though.
Matching the rod with the fly.
There's a reason you won't see any bamboo on the salt (at least I never have, and I've been working the long rod since 1976.... and began guiding full time in 1996 down here in south Florida) but that
CBS News
The new clumping cat litters are Bentonite and plant fiber.  From what I can find, most of the plant fiber comes from recycled paper.  But of course, the same people who kill thousands of sh
Reddington Surge and Okuma SLV in the salt?
  Lay off of those, and you might find some extra dough for a better set up. Been fly fishing for close to 50 years and I can count on one hand how many times I've had fish get into my backing
Picked up this neat rod in a trade
Yeeaaahhhh ... I am thinking one didn't fish for a whole day with that rod.  Half an hour ... fish or not, you're done. I am also thinking that anything less than a 4 foot shark and you'd just sn
Fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days
The jewfish (goliath grouper for all you politically correct types...) is still protected both by the state of Florida and the feds so they're a no take item.  I've stood up in front of the FWC (
So much for needing a bigger boat as that fishing toothpick ought to be replaced with a real meat stick & at least a  #12/0 Penn having some line capacity & drag like shark tournamen
In the salt, catfish are kind of a nuisance fish (we have two species the "hardhead"  or common saltwater catfish and the "sailcat" or gafftopsail catfish) but they will aggressively come after a
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