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Silver Salmon

Bair's Black
  Bair's Black   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - Black Tip - Red floss or uni-stretch Body - Black chenille Wing - White calf tail tied over the body with an overwing of (clear) micl
Brenda's Delight
  Brenda's Delight   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - Black Tip - Oval silver tinsel Tail - Golden pheasant crest Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel Body - Flat silver tinsel Wing - Sparse
Thread use for specific types of fly?
i tie nymph, dry, streamer, wet flies for trout, salmon, steelhead and panfish flies and simplify my thread selection by primarily using veevus 12/0 and on occasion danvilles 6/0. i will use danvilles
Recommend a Book on Coldwater fish species
It's not a fishing book, but for information about Trout and Salmon species, it doesn't get much better than:     Trout and Salmon of North America: Robert J. Behnke
Patty Green
  patty green   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tip - oval silver tinsel tail - golden pheasant crest ribbing - oval silver tinsel wrapped closely body - chartreuse yarn throat
  faulk   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - red tail - red hackle fibers ribbing - oval gold tinsel body - orange dubbing throat - red hackle fibers wing - white bucktail; leave t
Feather Thief
Yea, It was crazy. Edwin Rist. He has a little brother named Anton and they were both Full dress Atlantic Salmon fly tiers. Just kids!!! Awesome flies! Gorgeous! Fine Jewelry on hooks!  What
super chicken
Not really, Silver.  I mean, it does a good job of killing hosts ... but it's not easily transmittable.  It's not nearly the "pandemic" type disease people think it is.   I was in Monro
Cool Olde Quote
"I confess, no direction can be given to make a man of a dull capacity able to make a flye well; and yet I know, this, with a little practice, wil help an ingenuous Angler in a good degree; but to see
10' 7wt Quickline rod
        Haven't posted the last dozen or so rods I have done, just been busy. This one though is for a member here so wanted to be sure to post pics for him. It's a 10' 7wt 4pc Qui
Still very new to tying
Nice Mickey Finn.  I tie them a little more sparse so the silver body shows through and it isn't overly buoyant.  Also, something to try with your marabou on jigs, bring the marabou into a t
"Fly" identification
First of all, I am not sure if I am to post this sort of thing on this board. If not, my apologies. A little back story. I took a guy from work on a fishing trip at a local park for trout. He had nev
Pacific King
  pacific king   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - black hackle fibers body - insect green floss with a strip of brown floss laid over the  top and secured with 4 tur
Hares Ear
I found one for you. (The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton). A bit tedious (aren't we all, sometimes), but given it was written in 1653, it's kinda fun stuff if you can get past the very dated narrativ
Silly Stilly
  silly stilly   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - orange hackle fibers butt - 3 turns orange chenille body - orange yarn wing - orange over white bucktail   referenc
Poodle Dog
  Poodle Doghook - salmon/steelhead stylethread - blacktail - red hackle fibersbody - black chenille divided by flst silver tinselhackle - whitewing - white bucktailreference - steelhead fly fis
Time for Secret Santa Christmas Swap Planning
Would Steelhead  & Salmon  fit in somewhere ?? If it doesn't no problem just asking ..  Steve-stabgnid
Fly Fishing Rod Recommendations???
Depends on the fishing you are doing. You say trout, panfish, maybe some bass. But what's the water like ? Little creeks and small streams or medium sized water included ? Maybe some ponds ?   A
Family Dollar Store Find
Any other flash fanatics like me need to check the Xmas stuff already coming out. Got these for $1.19 each at HobbyLobby. Not sure about the curly stuff except on big stuff....didn't have all the co
Spring Favorite
  Spring Favorite   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - White Tail - Red calf tail Butt - Green wool Body - Red chenille Hackle - Red Wing - Orange calf tail over strands of orange cryst
  skpade   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - brown bucktail body - black crystal chenille wing - white bucktail hackle - black   reference - hairwing & tube flies
Can I use a Scott 9' Med/Fast rod for nymphing?
We used to wade up river about a 1/2 mile or so to get to some good salmon pools with 6 wt mod fast action sage rods. Then turn around put on a small Hairs ear and nymph fish our way back down stream
Ribbing material on Hare's Ear nymph?
I like uni oval in small or fine, but sometimes I use wire, flat tinsel, thread, flss, or flashabou, it all depends on how I feel. I change up colors too, and although I can't prove it, I feel silver
Tarnished Silver
  tarnished silver   hook - salmon style thread - black tag - flat silver tinsel tail - golden pheasant crest ribbing - oval gold tinsel body - rear half - flat copper tinsel; front half -
Fly Fisherman Magazine Article bibliography and/or database --
SliverCreek. Thank you. I think a scanned copy is already in the mail.  Yes I still make BankRobbers, but more often as Minnows now rather than as Stonefly I originally wrote about.&
October Flies from the Vise
  Sicilian Gold   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - Orange thread Tip - Embossed tinsel Tail - Red hackle fibers Ribbing - Embossed tinsel Body - Yellow floss or uni-stretch Wing - Ora
Whalin Galen
hook - salmon stylethread - yellowtag - oval silver tinseltail - red hackle fibersribbing - oval silver tinselbody - light gray rabbit fur or equivalentwing - gray squirrelhackle - light blue tied as
Favorite hackle colors
We have different colours here, some of which are considered "faults" by your hackle breeders. Also we have some old names for some colours. Such as "cuckoo" for grizzle. One which I have managed to f
Stimulator Dry Fly
tjm   from the internet   Stimulator   Anglers and tyers wrongly credit Randal Kaufmann for the Stimulator. He did not originate the Stimulator but did popularize it in the early-1980s.
Small Creek Fishing with the New 2019 Redington Butterstick
You guys are laughing at strip setting the hook, and I don't understand that. The problem with small fish is that they can be pulled with the fly.  Rather than setting the hook, you just pull t
Sponges used for salmon fishing
Does anyone know what company(s) makes the small sponge material people use as "bait" for salmon fishing up in Pulaski, NY?
A Mickey Finn for Finnatics
I tend to play with the construction of a fly and keep the coloration. One of my favorites is a Micky Finn color scheme but the hair I use is arctic fox and the tie is a mini-clouser style with bead
Pegging beads
It is that time of the year for beads + steelhead/salmon/browns, please no drivel on how uncouth it is to fish beads.  I am sure I am not the first to discover this but a good silicone peg source
First stab at Materials...
This list of beginner tying materials is simply a list based on my 30+ years experience in fly tying. The list provided below is for a new tyer who wants to tie trout flies but can spill over to diffe
Reel for winter steelheading
jaberts1,   Good idea.  I have maybe 5 of the SA System 2 8/9s.  They are 100% reliable as you say.    And reasonable to boot. I just got one in perfect shape with an 8 wt Rio
Steelhead streamer hook shank length
Hey guys, Im tying up some eggs and streamers to throw to some Great Lakes steelhead in the next couple of days. Ive been tying smaller silver shiner type patterns but have been using shorter shank ho
where were you on 9/11/2001...
Another thing I remember vividly was the lack of planes in the sky due to all the planes being grounded  I was just about to say ... the only "silver lining" on the 9-11 cloud was the beautif
Dubbing Brush
Dubbing brushes are very effective ways of creating dynamic bodies on large streamers.  Up until OPST made the "composite dubbing loop" popular, there was really no way of making a multi layered
Tube Fly Materials
I started out buying into the HMH system and so have just carried on with that. I use the adapter when traveling now, it had been my main method initially till I bought the tube fly vise. HMH now make
Blue color scheme
Colors All white; Yellow/White, Black/White, Gray/White, Blue/White, Dark Blue/ light Blue, Black/Blue, Chartreuse(green)/White, Blue/Chartreuse(green). Materials: Bucktail , Strung Chinese feathers,
Lamson Micra 5 Litespeed vs Ross Animas
I have had my Lamson Radius reel for going on 9 years.  I have never had a problem with it.  I use it now for inshore salt water fishing and the drag is handling that fine.  Since the d
September Flies From the Vise
  fall favoritehook - streamer/long nymph stylethread - blackribbing - embossed silver tinselbody - blue floss or uni-stretchthroat - red hackle fiberswing - yellow bucktailreference - forgotten
Stocking lakes in the Uninta Mountains
Silver, are you posting this as a good thing or a bad thing? I have several thoughts/questions, none of them "good".   1)  How many of those fingerlings actually survive that drop?  Peo
Ice Jig Shrimp Feedback
Maybe if you add an X to each side of the jig head, the fish will know it represents a dead shrimp.    Seriously, I wouldn't change a thing.  If the dubbing seems too stiff when it's we
A spey Fly
Don't see those often in my neck of the woods. Bright colors work well on the salmon, or just look good to the fishermen?
Difference between genetic, India and Chinese
We're on the same page, Silver, as usual ... just on different paragraphs.   You stated, "My objection to defining GMO as only crossbreeding is that the definition is incorrect." I object to that
In line popper
While they may not be the easiest hooks for some to tie on, I wonder if the great salmon fly tyers had/have trouble tying on treble hooks? A miscast bead head fly to the back of the head doesn't feel
Alaskan Silvers
Don't forget the flash fly. Silver flashbou with a red collar of hackle. Add a wide cone to some.
Vinyl Ribbing???
Probably medium would do the trick for a size 10 hook.   I don't use it that much.  I have a ton of spinner bait skirts that I use for segmented bodies.   You might also want
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
I haven't caught enough different species to answer this question with any authority, but I do recall fighting Chinook ("King") salmon on my father-in-law's boat on Lake Michigan. Even with a mighty t
How do you like to land larger smallmouth?
 Actually I took the OP to mean he pointed the rod tip at the fish Rocco, .I could be wrong though.   Mike , bass have bones around the mouth, heavier than on trout ( we do a lot of both kin
With Kids Spring Winter And Summer at City Park New Orleans
Personally, I don't like using really small flies and nymphs because I end up hooking 2 inch long sunfish.  If you get that, then just start sizing up until you're catching in the larger ranges.
Elk Hair Caddis
Thanks for the video.  As I read through your original post, the hatch-matcher in me got his hackles up at the notion that this is an all purpose fly.  If I do not see caddis on a trout stre
August Flies From the Vise
  Brown Buck   hook - wet/nymph style thread - black tag - embossed silver tinsel ribbing - peacock herl and counter-ribbed with fine oval gold tinsel body - brown floss or uni-stretch wing
autumn silver
Wulff's skills with UL fly tackle should be mentioned.  He often used a 7' 2 oz rod  and sometimes a 6' bamboo rod on Atlantic Salmon.   As a stunt , he even cast to and landed a s
What Would You Do?
I like them boxes too, never had any fly boxes that were better. I'm partial to the 69 & 91 but have several other models also. Some of the auction merchants think the flies sell the box, and so f
UV torches
Powershooter gave me a $5.00 UV torch he got from E-bay.  It worked for a while and then quit ... I couldn't figure out why.  But, I found them, and bought another one for the same price.&
Jungle cockcapes
I was some jungle cock capes on eBay from Estonia for $35 plus $9.50 for shipping. I want to the some salmon & steelhead flies. A few questions is that a good price? What to look for when buying t
Little double hook spey
Here is on little double hook spey fly from my vice   Body: red silk and black seal fur Rib and tag: silver tinsel Hackle: died phesant black and teal   [attachment=68383:speyflugaroddubbelk
My Take On A Couple of Reels
The big land locked salmon breeder fish are like that when they come in. They are silvery fish fresh in from the cold water lakes and when they get hooked they run down river, they're almost instantly
Nymph Fishing Rods
I've used an 8'6" 5wt Sage RPL for this. I prefer my Revelation 9' 5wt. I've also used a Sage Graphite II ( basically and RP) 9 ft 6 wt that worked very well. I built an Anglers Roost IM6 moderate fas
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
I've been really enjoying the pair of 4 wt rods I built late winter to early spring this year. So far only still water fishing. I think the Anglers Roost 10ft 4wt controls the line nicer than about an
New flies from the vice
Nice flies...they would likely work well on Atlantic Salmon here on the east coast too...
Trouble with rod
The advice here abut twisting the rod sections into place reminds me of a related, but not germane here, warning about stressing rods the wrong way  while fighting hot and large trophy fish. 
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