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Silver Salmon

Patagonia Report
All,   I've been dying to share this with folks since I returned on Monday.  My family and I were lucky enough to spend 14 days in southern Patagonia and Buenos Aries.  I'll do my best
Tiger ghost wrap
My pattern shows; Tag : fine silver oval tinsel, florescent green floss, florescent orange floss Body: Gudebrod butt wrap thread (black&white) Rib: med oval silver tinsel Wing: yellow white &
Question about hens and rosters.
There's only two sides to this coin:   1 ... There's no such thing as survival of the fittest, evolution or selective breeding.  Everything on this Earth was put here, exactly as it appears
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
I didn't read through SIlver's explanation with a fine tooth comb but, I agree that colors of dubbing darkens when wet - certainly on natural furs and fibers.   I have not seen colors darken so m
Giant poppers...
Thanks. I do have access to a couple of 3D printers, so I just might have to try it. Pretty sure I have PLA in yellow and silver. Everybody in this thread is making me get the itch for poppers again.
Brittle peacock herl
Ah, I have heard of that and just forgotten about that approach Silver - thanks for replying and mentioning it.   BCT
Royal Coachman
Coincidentally, I started a project this winter to tie different variations of the Royal Coachman. The main purpose was to improve and learn new tying skills. So far I have done a soft hackle, wet, tr
powder coat vs nail polish....
Flytire   1/32 I heat them with my heat gun about 2-3 seconds on each side before dipping them .. its important to clean eyes out while they are warm wire or a paper clip works well  th
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
I used to live on a ranch (winter care taker) and the property boundary backed up to Yosemite national Park I use to win bets at the bar that I could catch trout out of my bedroom window. Had a jar
A Curmudgeon Moment
color me curmudgeon, moderately In truth many of the new materials and right now patterns are great to look at and often very realistic. Some bugs I see posted on the 'net look alive, make you reach f
January Flies from the Vise
Big Hole Demon (Mickey Finn variation) Found this variation on Cool colors hook - TFS 2305 #2 thread - Danville 6/0 red tail - hackle yellow/red rib - small wire silver abdomen - tinsel
Jig Swap
So here's the life cycle of the jigs I'll be sending. First the raw pouring, then the powder coated head with the eyes that ran from the UV, then the finished product with Ostrich Herl, silver holo ti
Wooster's Silvery SBS
A vintage Kiwi smelt imitation for sea run trout. Original was tied with strands of blue and green rayon floss topping; omitted for lack of material and general laziness. hook - Mustad 9671 #4 threa
Fishing Logs
Used to when I was salmon fishing very basic information. date, river, pools fished, water temp, clear-cloudy-rain, fly used and size, grilse-salmon caught/raised. Started with good intensions then wo
New guy from the PNW
Hello all! Don't know why I've never gotten around to joining this forum but finally decided to fix that! I life up in Washington State on the waters of Puget Sound where I fly fish the saltwater yea
Salmon Flies that Look Real and are Unsinkable
[attachment=65495:Salmon 3-1-1.jpg]  To see the Recipe follow this link   [attachment=65493:BBC2-Post.jpg] 
Office version 3.0
4 years ago, there was office version 1.0. It was my redo of the basement office with the 265g tank that leaked like an was a year long project. Last year was office version was t
About musical taste?
I'm an aging headbanger. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones. Didn't care much for the 80's hairbands but did take a liking to AC/DC and then Metallica. Strangely I'm also
Mating and Emerging Flies
The flies listed below are mating and emerging flies made with air trapped inside.  To view more pictures and see the recipe just follow the link provided.   [attachment=65564:Rated-X Damsel
Various Ribbing Materials
You going crazy, Silver?  Why are you bumping threads that aren't that old ... and without actually adding anything???   Not like you at all.
Crystal Bugger
My stepson swears by these as on of his staple flies for salmon fishing in Maine. He doesn't use the wire though, so palmers the feather forward from the rear. He's been fishing those for going on 2
Nation's Silvertip SBS
A vintage pattern from Kamloops tyer/guide Bill Nation. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - golden pheasant tippets rib - oval tinsel silver body - back half silver tinsel, front
Help with colouring uv cure resin
Quick testing update: Prelim results- This seems to be a case of- just go with the right tool (supplies) designed for the job, as flytire and kimo have demonstrated. DIY can get downright UGLY. Mayb
VersiTip question
It's a 5WT with a 5WT rod. This is just a normal trout line, not salmon or steelhead. Short distance casting the loop to loop is staying in the guides. I was just asking if I can cut the heads down.
Tye v Tie
You Yankees may not understand, but it isn't your fault. Down south we talk about pecans and pecans.  "Peecans" are a cheap nut that sells in lower grocery stores like Walmart for about two dolla
Santa needs your help ...
I found more "ribbing" and most of this is 0.12mm in diameter.   [attachment=65116:lots-of-silver-ribbing.jpg]   What you see above is 12 spools of braided silver wire and 6 "loops" of braid
Jock Scott
Very nice, Eide.   Is there a hair wing version of this Fly I thought I saw one while trolling the old inter-web ??? Steve-stabgnid  Yes, there have been a number of hairwing conversions f
12' 7/8wt 3pc Spey rod
One of a pair of 7/8wt spey rods I've been working on in the shop. 12' 7/8wt with burl cork near the ends of the grips, REC reel seat, garnet wraps with silver trim, 30" measuring mark on the blank.
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
I also received the package in the Mail yesterday..Now that is MY kind of Gift Wrapping!! Going to be hard to wait for sure, but hopefully will be on the Salmon River on Christmas Day.. Might be a cou
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
Can some one explain (in 20th century American) what is skagit and for that matter spey as pertains to casting? Ran accross these terms some while back and never really  figured them out other th
Salmon flies for display
google can point you in that direction by searching for flies, materials, youtube videos, books etc   flies
Stocker trout
JS Tell us about the steak recipe. No steelhead here but should work for salmon (store) Thanks
December flies from the Vise
Sawada's Heckham Silver         Don't tie many McGinty's so I have little experience with this part of a mallard; kind of unruly stuff, but pretty.     hook - Mustad 3
Chance for choice at Christmas Swap
I literally will take anything. I live in the northwest so I fish for steelhead, bass, panfish, trout in lakes and rivers, searun cuts and salmon is saltwater, and salmon in rivers.   I will take
Tear Mender consistency?
Thanks Silver Creek. I hated silicone when I first tried. Did not like the mess of epoxy too much either, so I never really followed Popovics. But I can see how all these glues we have now make it w
Intro from Oklahoma City
Hello, all. Found this forum and it looks interesting with lots of activity. I tie regularly and simply would like to share my ties and ideas. I tie everything short of salmon/steelhead flies, with a
Full Sinking Line in Heavier Weights
When I was out ocean fishing for salmon using my 8wt and Rio Versa-tip, I needed to get wayyy down quickly. I made a T17 sinking tip and it solved the problem.   Get yourself some Tungsten line,
HMH TVR tying vise.....
My TRV arrived today and Im like it a lot. The LAW style jaws appear to be made of cast tool steel and hold the hook very firmly. So far Ive tried it with a size 18 Trout hook and a size 5/0 salmon
Where on the partridge skin do I find the flank tip?
Yep, nice job Silver Creek... exactly what I was looking for...   Thanks everybody... 
Happy Thanksgiving To All!!
@mikechell   Wishing you a speedy recovery.  I hear a shot or two of Gran Patron does wonders for the flu.   [attachment=64878:gran-patron-platinum-silver-tequila.jpg]  
Why is Jungle Cock so hard to get in US?
I bought a cape 1.5yrs ago & they are not something you should buy online! Mine was farmed in England & took for ever to go through & look at them all, then when i'd almost decided, the gu
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I would go with something white with silver flash, on the assumption that there is some type of shad in the lake.  A buck tail deceiver.  This is one I tied up a while back. [attachment=6481
Fishing in Miramichi, New Brunswick?
Other than the Miramichi (the most renown salmon river in New-Brunswick), there is also the Restigouche approximately a 1.5 hour drive from there. Known for its big salmon, it would be a great option
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
This one just off the bench is an 11ft 4/5wt 4pc switch rod on a UHM12 blank which is black with some metal flake in the finish. Custom turned switch rod style grips with burl wood insert seat set in
Lake Mead anyone?
You're right it was Havasu, my bad. Still worth a trip for some stripers and other bass though. I was also surprised to see that the Nevada state record Salmon was caught there in such a deserty
Finishing Knots
One - two whip finishes with a Materelli whip finish tool + some plain old bee's wax rubbed into the thread prior to whipping. Then I apply a heated bodkin point to the hook eye - this melts the wax i
Favorite UV Resin?
I am surprised more people didn't mention Silver Creek's products. He is a board member and I have very good luck with his product and when I've had a mixup or problem he personally took care of it. S
Silver Creek UV resin
I was able to place an order for some Silver Creek UV resin.   I bought the large light and charger, the small light and 2 bottles of hard and one bottle of flex.   Man, this stuff is fantas
November Flies from the Vise
Harold Ray here is the recipe for the Thunder Creek Chub Rugged Version...enjoy.   Hook: Mustad 79580 #4 (any #4 to #6 streamer hook works) Thread: Flat waxed nylon white Tail: Marabou white, tie
Looking for large vinyl rib - that's actually LARGE
Stretch magic comes in .5mm, .7mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm in clear, black, pearl, gold or silver glitter. And per Bimini other colors. The spools I have are 10M, but I've seen them larger as well.
Show Us Your Tube Flies
  Tube: 1/8" polytube & 3/16" hook holder tubing Body: Silver Braid Wing: Peacock/Crystal Flash/Marabou Gill: Red hackle Eye: 3D shaped to a curve & coated with Solarez thin That rig
10wt Advice
All the game fish you target require smooth, durable, and strong drags; rugged frames; and a vast capacity for backing.   I doubt even the largest Guru qualifies on all counts. I happliy use
Firehole Outdoors Is Having a Firesale
Today I received my first order of Firehole Outdoors hooks.     Of late I have been tying mostly TMC2488 #24 hooks and I have to be very careful to check the hook eye before I begin tying an
EP Finger Mullet
EP style flies are staples in many saltwater fishermans boxes.  And the Mullet style pattern is definitely an important fly to have when fishing in the gulf.  Redfish, sea trout, and many ot
10ft 3wt Xi Series rod
Just finished this Xi series 10ft 3wt 4pc up this morning and ready to head to it's new home out West. RFIL2 reel seat with custom grips fore & aft, measuring marks every 2" from 16-24", titanium
Sierra Trading Post Deal Loon UV
That is a good deal, and I will need to get me some UV resin soon. But after all the good things seen in the forums, I am kind of waiting for one of those Silver Creek’s forum specials...
Fox faces?
Once bought a silver fox mask at a show. It had some great dubbing for really buggy nymphs, The longer hairs are great for tails. I didn't get to experiment with it as it vanished before the end of th
Speckled silver badger, dun grizzly, honey dun, rusty dun and cream.
Eating Pink salmon
Not the best tasting salmon (mostly found in cans in the US) but adequate when fresh from salt as others have mentioned.  Did not know there were humpies in the Atlantic.  Escapees from aqua
Carrie Stevens style
Noahguide if you plan on fishing these, 2xl or 3xl are better. Although 6xl is true to the original style tying, the longer hook gives the fish a mechanical advantage to spit the hook. To get a long
Super Cheap DYI Dubbing:
Went looking for the Offray reflective material NoahGuide showed to us above.  I did not find it at Joanne's where my wife buys all her crafting stuff.     But I did come across an
Source for Lagartun x-fine wire
I spent some time trying to locate a vendor who sells this wire.  I would like to have this x-small wire in silver, gold, red, blue and green. I have found some silver and gold, but no colored wi
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Other than the Fly Pattern Database on this site I do not know of a book referring material list to fly patterns listed by material used. As far as pattern books most are for flies for the targeted ty
Went nuts and ordered an HMH Tube spinner vise
Thanks fshng2 ! It's pretty smooth and I like the tapered pins.   I use the junction tube right now. I also have some Polytube, in the medium and large sizes the hook will go right into the tube.
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