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Silver Salmon

Where on the partridge skin do I find the flank tip?
Yep, nice job Silver Creek... exactly what I was looking for...   Thanks everybody... 
Why is Jungle Cock so hard to get in US?
May be a supply demand issue, many tiers do not use jungle cock, I have seen it at a few local shops but not in great numbers and sometimes pricey. I have always found it at the shows (tying symposium
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I would go with something white with silver flash, on the assumption that there is some type of shad in the lake.  A buck tail deceiver.  This is one I tied up a while back. [attachment=6481
Fishing in Miramichi, New Brunswick?
Other than the Miramichi (the most renown salmon river in New-Brunswick), there is also the Restigouche approximately a 1.5 hour drive from there. Known for its big salmon, it would be a great option
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
This one just off the bench is an 11ft 4/5wt 4pc switch rod on a UHM12 blank which is black with some metal flake in the finish. Custom turned switch rod style grips with burl wood insert seat set in
Lake Mead anyone?
You're right it was Havasu, my bad. Still worth a trip for some stripers and other bass though. I was also surprised to see that the Nevada state record Salmon was caught there in such a deserty
Finishing Knots
One - two whip finishes with a Materelli whip finish tool + some plain old bee's wax rubbed into the thread prior to whipping. Then I apply a heated bodkin point to the hook eye - this melts the wax i
Favorite UV Resin?
I am surprised more people didn't mention Silver Creek's products. He is a board member and I have very good luck with his product and when I've had a mixup or problem he personally took care of it. S
Silver Creek UV resin
I was able to place an order for some Silver Creek UV resin.   I bought the large light and charger, the small light and 2 bottles of hard and one bottle of flex.   Man, this stuff is fantas
November Flies from the Vise
Triple Sec in the Salmon Candy variation.   [attachment=64762:TripleSec_SalmonCandy.jpg]
Looking for large vinyl rib - that's actually LARGE
Stretch magic comes in .5mm, .7mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm in clear, black, pearl, gold or silver glitter. And per Bimini other colors. The spools I have are 10M, but I've seen them larger as well.
Show Us Your Tube Flies
  Tube: 1/8" polytube & 3/16" hook holder tubing Body: Silver Braid Wing: Peacock/Crystal Flash/Marabou Gill: Red hackle Eye: 3D shaped to a curve & coated with Solarez thin That rig
10wt Advice
All the game fish you target require smooth, durable, and strong drags; rugged frames; and a vast capacity for backing.   I doubt even the largest Guru qualifies on all counts. I happliy use
Firehole Outdoors Is Having a Firesale
Today I received my first order of Firehole Outdoors hooks.     Of late I have been tying mostly TMC2488 #24 hooks and I have to be very careful to check the hook eye before I begin tying an
EP Finger Mullet
EP style flies are staples in many saltwater fishermans boxes.  And the Mullet style pattern is definitely an important fly to have when fishing in the gulf.  Redfish, sea trout, and many ot
10ft 3wt Xi Series rod
Just finished this Xi series 10ft 3wt 4pc up this morning and ready to head to it's new home out West. RFIL2 reel seat with custom grips fore & aft, measuring marks every 2" from 16-24", titanium
Sierra Trading Post Deal Loon UV
That is a good deal, and I will need to get me some UV resin soon. But after all the good things seen in the forums, I am kind of waiting for one of those Silver Creek’s forum specials...
Fox faces?
Once bought a silver fox mask at a show. It had some great dubbing for really buggy nymphs, The longer hairs are great for tails. I didn't get to experiment with it as it vanished before the end of th
Speckled silver badger, dun grizzly, honey dun, rusty dun and cream.
Eating Pink salmon
Not the best tasting salmon (mostly found in cans in the US) but adequate when fresh from salt as others have mentioned.  Did not know there were humpies in the Atlantic.  Escapees from aqua
Carrie Stevens style
Noahguide if you plan on fishing these, 2xl or 3xl are better. Although 6xl is true to the original style tying, the longer hook gives the fish a mechanical advantage to spit the hook. To get a long
Super Cheap DYI Dubbing:
Went looking for the Offray reflective material NoahGuide showed to us above.  I did not find it at Joanne's where my wife buys all her crafting stuff.     But I did come across an
Source for Lagartun x-fine wire
I spent some time trying to locate a vendor who sells this wire.  I would like to have this x-small wire in silver, gold, red, blue and green. I have found some silver and gold, but no colored wi
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Other than the Fly Pattern Database on this site I do not know of a book referring material list to fly patterns listed by material used. As far as pattern books most are for flies for the targeted ty
Went nuts and ordered an HMH Tube spinner vise
Thanks fshng2 ! It's pretty smooth and I like the tapered pins.   I use the junction tube right now. I also have some Polytube, in the medium and large sizes the hook will go right into the tube.
Rooster 100 saddle packs vs partial or full pelts?
I will report back on these midge saddles when they arrive.   Thanks for everyone's help. I have 1/2 silver brown whiting midge saddle and a 1/4 silver Whiting midge saddle. Sizes to 24 no pr
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
We take a canoe down a river in Maine about 1-1/2 miles or so. We fish either from the canoe or wade, then power back up to the put in with a small gas engine. In/on another river we do the opposite,
Dubbing package storage
For the dubbing I have that didn't come in a dispenser box, I just use a binder ring (like these here) through the display hole on the plastic packaging they come in. I then nip the corner of the bag
Start thinking Christmas Swap
I'm in  Tying some Salmon /Steele head flies Steve-stabgnid
October flesh from the vise
2 black & purple comets for the Salmon River this week.
What can I use for soft-hackle fly silk bodies?
I like the wooly nylon idea. I currently use embroidery silks which are fine for fishing. One thing to remember is a lot of original UK salmon patterns used wool for bodies and silk came later.
Black Bear Red Butt SBS
i thought i'd try doing a step by step   NOTE: this is how i tied this fly. how YOU tie it is completely up to YOU   Black Bear Red Butt   Hook: Salmon type Thread: Black Tip: Silver ov
fishing and scouting report Chokolskee - first trip after Irma
Based on the colorings of those fish it seems the water must be pretty clear down there. It is similar up here in the Big Bend. Before the storm, the water out on the flats was like coffee and the fis
Hairwing Atlantic Salmon Flies
i use a reference fly as a guide such as a photo from the web, youtube or book and a little by eye   fly recipes come from the web and books also   i have been watching this channel for hair
Sale price on a 9ft 4wt 4pc
Rod is just listed on FB and other sites so this one is first come first dibs on it....   Offering a good deal on a marked down custom rod. Anytime I find I have a reel seat with a mar of some
medium vs fast action
Here's the extent of my rod building. I broke the ceramic while coming out of a river in the dark. Emergency repair with red tying thread and bondic. One of those scars I remember with advantages, bec
Intruders for Trout
That must be because pictures of trout rarely show the average 10-14'  size fish that get caught. Mainly,  lunkers -- 20" and up -- get screen tests. And then, many of those are caught on ba
9' 3wt shx build
Well for the record here is my thought on thinned lacquer as preserver.. It wets the thread and darkens like epoxy till it dries. When it dries the thread returns to it's normal color, in fact it gets
Sparkle Pops
I initially used sparkle flakes on my poppers but in my search to make my own Loco Foam I stumbled across transfer foil which, at least in Hobby Lobby, is now called Art Deco foil.  I have to coa
Found a great source for Miyuki 3.4mm Fringe Seed beads
I like the silver lined beads it gives them an added glow.
I too have some paper bills in my collection,Mike.I don't know how many silver certificates are floating around!Also really into Confederate bank notes.
Ordering online
Of the few responses I have read I see some of the same things I have expierenced. Go to a local shop and they don't have what I need. So if I need it right away, it's what can I substitute. Oh crap,
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
Nymo thread and Kevlar, too, though I've spooled up both in the last year or two to remember what I haven't been missing.   Bullet-head tool set.  I happily used them way back when I was on
They use a lot of blue jay across the pond. For front hackle, cheeks, etc. I will take a quick look and see if I can name you a few patterns. A quick search found these: Throat: Prince Charming, Conne
tiny fly questions
I have commented several times how much I really enjoy tying the little stuff but never fish unless a guide ties it on. Many guys say they can't tie or fish smaller than an 18 so for the recent fly sw
Classic Hairwing Salmonfly Swap
I'd like in. Pattern TBD OK. How about a silver doctor.
Tools of the trade !
Nice suggestions Silver!   Read Anthony... READ... a LOT (not just on a forum but books....)(on the subject of fly tying)! I've seen people learn and accelerate their learning curve by watching Y
Classic wet fly swap
wmw4, you're right about the ribbing. I have some superfine holo from Veesus that would work or just use silver wire. A couple of nit picking mentions and ones I struggle with are getting more taper i
Classic wet fly swap interest?
Anyone interested in tying up some classic wet flies? I liked atxdiscgolfer's idea of the classic salmon fly swap but with the material requirements I'm out of that game for a while. So I figured the
Postfly box
I have been a subscriber for about a year.  I enjoy tying the new patterns, plus there are always a few gifts in the box as well.  I recently changed from the trout tying box to the Steelhea
September flies from the vise
Silver Invicta variant. No hen pheasant, blue jay, or blue guinea. Turkey tail wing and silver doctor blue strung hackle.
New Rod Building Stuff for Sale
Rod Blanks:   Lamiglas:  PFW 84 2ML                  PF 78 3/4                  PT 69 3/4   
Gauging Interest for a Classic Salmon Fly Swap
atx   please provide your definition of "classic salmon fly"   "classic salmon flies" encompasses many styles   heres a few
Mop Fly Variant
Alevin Salmon Mop   A pattern for Salmon and Trout where Salmon run. For about a month the Alevin (Juvenile fish) remain hidden in their gravel nest. They feed on their yolk sac also known as "l
Not fly fishing buy might be sort of tying
Heck yes! I've had spinnerbaits lose the skirt. Either I buy a replacement skirt or I've done a couple of bucktail versions with some flash. ALL Flash a bou is cool too. Tie flash a bou on just like t
Adams Superfly SBS
Nice Adams mod. Size 12 is great bass salmon steelhead sizes. I have bass in jersey none of others but tie I will. Definite floater no need for frogs butt
Interesting you mention dat vicente...ever caught an eel or a cutlass fish in the salt. At first a jolt then they seem to "back up" .caught many Atlantic Cutlass Fish ( Trichiurus lepturus ) in the mo
Swap fly caught fish pictures,
Was just doing some searching and found these. I think the little snapper was caught on an Agn54 pattern. Not sure who tied the woolly buggers but they came from my furst woolly bugger swap with you a
Salmon dry fly hackle
I'm going to stick my head up and say you don't need 'dry fly' hackles for salmon dries. I've tied plenty that will keep a #10 salmon hook afloat using a pro grade whiting cape and cheap Indian necks
Salmon dry fly hackle
I'm going to stick my head up and say you don't need 'dry fly' hackles for salmon dries. I've tied plenty that will keep a #10 salmon hook afloat using a pro grade whiting cape and cheap Indian necks.
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
Seems like some of us really like a hares ear soft hackle. Here's the version I use during the sunny days of summer when callibaetis hatch on my local lakes and the trout are eating nymphs near the su
Traditional Baby Brookie Streamer
This small streamer has a bit of a background.  I went fishing up in a high sierra lake, and threw every single fly I had in my box at the fish.  This was the last fly I tried, and all of a
7' 6" 3wt glass
Was nice to take an extended break from filling customer rod orders there for a bit after I got back from vacation. Time to make the donuts though and back to work. Lots of parts I had on order have n
Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon were accidentally released
Well Floatfisher, they've tried hard to establish a fishery for many years without success but it just may an accidental stocking that takes over what they couldn't do purposely. I guess I've given up
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