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South Dakota

Setting up a Hardy Bamboo rod
I personally like a rig that is slightly reel heavy. It seems to produce a balanced rig when I start swinging the rod with the wind resistance and the weight of the line in the air and of course
Trout Selectivity
I would agree that us fly fisherman do have a tendency to overcomplicate and overthink the pursuit a bit. Forgive me for the long anecdote here, but this experience comes to mind often. I saw it happe
no fish yesterday
Wow what an awesome animal! It is kind of an unsettling feeling when you are confronted it the fact that you are not at the top of the heap anymore isn't it?  I agree the really big ones tend to
saving money.....
Yeh! A nice whiting dryfly cape is better then a neddle up the arm & lasts much longer! Once had a boss in Aus that was still betting on horses in South Africa when he was pissed at night cos' all
Weedless Frog Flies
I always thought Northern Pike and Muskies swam in the same waters.  I know we don't have either down here ... Chain Pickerel being the closest fish to them relative this far south.
Might need to learn dentless paint repair
My car is a 2006 HHR we paid cash for. Truck is a 2004 Ford 150 club cab long since paid for. With the cost of insurance and older paid for vehicles I dropped full coverage on all three cars a couple
I hit a turkey!
Joe... people do run over wildlife on purpose.  It's considered a cool pastime up in the Appalachians.  On my way up here yesterday I saw four deer carcasses (in different locations in South
Headed to Vermont
Rt 2 via Lancaster NH, coming from more northern Maine. I figured the water would still be high and muddy but wasn't sure of the conditions and snowmelt, being a little further south and inland. I'll
Go to dry fly
My go to dry fly is the CDC and Elk. It's worked for me through out the Northeast and in Southern Ontario. I may not see a may fly hatch but there's always seems to be caddis around or a caddis hatch
Took some insect and river pictures on the Connecticut River today
Flytire, I'm way south of Pittsburgh, NH. I wish I lived up there I have heard the fishing up that way is amazing. This is the strech of river between Wells River, VT and Woodsville, NH. The Water tem
Pin Butt Cree Hackle Spear Fly
After doing some extensive research, Rotary and Barry, I found that the fly has indeed been kept secret for a very long time.  But I also found out that there are several versions and methods of
April 1st tomorrow!
Trout season opens tomorrow (actually 40 minutes from now) here in South Florida.
Anyone in the Johnson City area?
That link I put up is the South Holston (SoHo).  And no, that is not me in the pics.  Wish it were!
Back on track (weight loss)
Dang, I'm beginning to feel short and fat (and old). I am just a little over 6 feet tall and I had to step up to a size 36 waist this winter.  I don't know what my chest is anymore but most of it
Fly tying hooks
Cheap is the problem.  There's been a seismic change in hooks, these past 5 years, or so, as Chinese manufactures have displaced everyone else, including the Japanese.  This has resulted in
Lab Rat mouse pattern
I like to tie deer hair bugs but I also like using craft foam. Some of my favorite flies use craft foam and I would like to tie a couple of these foam mice to throw at some bass. I am curious as to wh
A Peak Vise Improvement
I have no intension of patenting anything. If I did, I certainly would not have posted it here. No intension of selling anything either. I'd rather be fishing at this stage in my life. Feel free t
How to Conduct a Good Poll?
Kirk If he's trying to use a poll to convince his wife he's not fishing more than "normal" husbands, then taking a poll from a fishing website membership is hardly convincing.  He'd need a poll f
Vintage reel for 4wt?
There are several 'vintage' reels that would work well for you and last a life time with minimal care. Martin tuna cans 61, 62, 63, South Bend 1122, Heddon 240 I think was the model#. My choice would
BIG catfish on the fly AKA catching catfish on purpose :)
In South Africa we target the Sharptooth Catfish. Can grow to 45kg.   Attached is some pics of a few big ones. In clear water we need to make long cast and use flies that push a lot of water. In
Quality Starter Vise
Thanks for the replies guys.  Sounds like a true rotary may have it's merits, I must admit the other 2x vices mentioned are attractive from the point of simplicity and access to the hook. I've lo
South Platte Advise, Please
I'll be camping at the Blue Mountain Campground just south of Lake George in Colorado the first week of August. I've never fished this area and about all I know is the South Platte and Elevenmile Cany
Bream/panfish patterns?
Tide, your observation about what was in those fish's stomachs shows you know how to get to the heart of the matter.  It's a very simple thing that many of us forget too often.  And I'd have
Least favorite fish to catch
Mudcats or as some folks up north call them Bullheads!  Nasty tasting fish although up north I have ate them.  My grandfather lived up in Arnolds Park, Iowa and he used to smoke th
Newbie from northeast Indiana
Welcome Yakker.   Don't despair.... lots of us in the south only fish for bluegills and crappies.  Ain't no trouts down here.    Those are nice starters...  second one is
Fly Boxes: Slits or Pokes
This probably belongs in your other thread, so OT here for one message :   Listen Freddo, I started with a floppy fiberglass South Bend fly rod, probably 1955 vintage with metal interlock that wa
City Park Bass
Small waters of all types are often overlooked pearls, and the only way to know if there's any fish in them, BIG fish, is to give 'em a try.  Here in the rural south, farm ponds vary even more th
FTF Fly Pattern - cussfly16 - Galloways Vladi Worm
Yeah man, it's been a good one.... The bane of the South Holston the last five years for sure!
Only 20 more days
The cutters come up for the ice jams and flooding, in 1987 an ice jam just south of Augusta caused the river to flood something like 25 feet above flood stage. The entire first floor of most buildings
Suggestions, plz: Easy & efective fly patterns
It is actually in the 70s, here south of Chicago.  I can't believe it's gotten so warm so fast.  I am not complaining.  Nice send off. By this time tomorrow, I'll have been home for at
Tail Material
Years ago a popular set up for weakfish, sea trout for those of you south of the Mason-Dixon line, in South Jersey was a red and white buck tail jig with a  6 inch purple/pink fire tail plastic w
Classic Dry Fly Trout Swap
Just a note to everyone. If the envelope is not damaged, I am not opening your flies until after I pick the random prizes. I will get someone to pick a package out of the bag.   I something looks
Project Healing Waters: 2nd Annual Collection
Hi all,   I want to let everyone @ the Fly Tying Forum know that my PHW 2nd Annual Collection has begun. All of the details are in my video below, but the gist is simple: Project Healing Waters i
Female PMD
These two photos were taken in the same place, one day apart. July 4th and 5th four or five years ago, at O'Hair's Spring Creek South of Livingston MT. These two photos don't show the size comparison.
Materials and getting started
Thanks utyer and mikechell, That was exactly what I was looking for. I live in Sturgis, all the way to the south. Not much trout fishing all the way down here except for Sherman Mill and Nottawa Creek
Before you die....
I have fished so many places, and none seem to be much better than any other.  I fished some parts of South America and caught a few Piranha, but if if I can only pick one, it would have to be th
Cigarette BUTTS!!!
I applaud the smokers who do not litter, but unfortunately you are in the minority. Cigarette smokers are generally slobs.   My wonder is on soda can and bottle litter. Why do you see more Mounta
Tippet question
i would suggest buying one of each and let your on water experience be the the final judge.   Nice views of the Ian James tippet set up ... LOL   i've bumped into Ian a couple of times o
A couple of monday night ties...
I live in south Alabama and its still waaaay to cold to bream pass the time with more tying.  At this point, I`m not sure if I enjoy tying or fishing more...Anyone else have this
Eagle Lake, Ontario
Well, not sure how much this will help.  I go to a lodge on a lake 8 hours north of Toronto.  Way to the east and bit further south of where you'll be.  Still they're Canadian Shield la
Fly Tying Materials - The Mammals
Crazy4oldcars she is my large liver Brittany. She loves my man cave better than the other Brittany.   She is AKC registered 20 month old Craigslist throwaway dog. I paid 250 with a large crate. T
did i do it right ?
Hey Stunt - maybe make a list of all the materials you have on hand and then search for fly recipes and see if you can tie something to a recipe? I like your creative thinking but maybe you can even t
Yellow Perch
I asked because, growing up in the south, I ate primarily bluegills and white crappie, and as good as BGs are, I think crappie are better.  I've had black crappie once and didn't like it, though
Lefty's Poppers
Bass and the little blue one I throw with a 4 or 5wt for bream but down here in south Louisiana, bass will eat that size six as well.
Need some advice for NE Georgia
Fisherboy!  Glad to hear you're nearby.  I've long wanted to know someone nearby who likes to tie flies.  I'm just outside Statesboro, a few miles south.  Would love to get togethe
Winter Bassin?
South Carolina, this time of year can be dynamite.  If you're fishing a sunny, warmer than usual day, you might run into bass that are looking for nesting sites.  Probably won't get any larg
Great Lakes Steelhead?
interesting. what would be considered East/West? East coast= Florida, Georgia, S. And N. Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Plus
Brook Trout fishing in Central Ontario
Hey there, I live just a little south of you in the Richmond Hill area. Algonquin is a great area but for you will be about 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours depending on where you access. It's also not what I would
February Flies from the Vice
Thanks Istipbuggers. Those look sweet! will have to tie a few with those fish skull living eyes. Im from mammoth so a litte south of you. You ever go up to pyramid?
swap goes south, peeps are swap shy for a spell. understandable.
Florida Inshore Fly Fishing, need recommendations
I live in in Gainesville but have no experience with any guides since I have never used them.  However, if you ant to fish saltwater then the areas to look into are Cedar Key, Suwannee, Homossass
Greetings from the dark continent
I figured they fought well.  They look a lot like an oscar, which is a cichlid that are abundant in south Florida. They fight really hard but never jump so you know its not an LMB when you hook o
Hey y'all
Hey y'all, JappyFish here from South Carolina. Looks like a great forum. Just started tying about two weeks ago and I already haven't been able to put it down!
Curing the Winter Blues
Actually Mike you do live in horse country. A lot of horses from up north get sent down to Fla in the winter for shows and training. At least the ones owned by wealthy people.    Steve I
caffine sin
My wife and I are coffeeholics, we have a tassimo and a Nespresso machine side by side at home. I prefer mine black but she likes to "taint" hers with cream and sugar.......straight up blasphemy in my
Looking for a Mayfly pic
does anyone have a chart, or know where one is online -  to show a size/color of different Mayflys? I live in south eastern Ontario, and I have been searching through google all day.  
Hello from Long Island N.Y.
Welcome from another former Islander.  I was born in the City, but we moved to Glen Cove, and then to Commack.  Left there in 57.  I did fish there a little in a place we called "Stump
time for some new fly boxes
I was noticing Mike, you've been home for a while now, when you get back out on the road again? Not complaining, just noticing. Nice to be home for a while is it?   BCT Yeah ... it's good spe
Crab movement
Living in east central Florida we mostly have blue crabs in the water. However when visiting the keys about 18 months ago and wading around in the water in Islamorada with the wife I saw a small light
wind, roofs, best options.
In 2004 we had two hurricanes that made landfall on Sewall's Point in the county to our south, 21 days apart.  The first one didn't do much visual damage other than quite a bit of rain and wind t
Coq de Leon, Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Selected Clumps
I sent "bntfeathr" and e-mail through their system.  They have an ebay business that works out of their business in Idaho,  I am really happy to find
Looking for recommendations on flies to tie
For the Salt and other small streams in the area of Star Valley Stimulaters size 6 and 8.  Elk hair caddis in size 14 and 16. Hair wing Adams size 14 and 16.  Griffith Gnats will work most e
Recommendations for Middle TN?
I second going to CT and try Fly South. Go to the TWRA web site under the section for anglers. Look for Winter Trout and click on that. At the bottom will be a link to maps which shows the area of
Hello from Nashville
I live in Franklin, TN and have done mostly fly fishing for trout out west (Henry's Fork and the Lower Madison) and last week on the South Holston. The Wabash comes from my undergrad, Wabash College
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