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South Dakota

Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
I was there last august for a week.   I brought my kayak so I was able to beach launch a few mornings-  we stayed at Dam Neck which isn't a "public" beach unless you have access to the
salty skill building no.1 - the clouser minnow
Cool. Sorry. I forgot that not everyone knows I'm from the deep south. Hell I'm from the deep south your from the deep deep deep south. :)
Monthly swap begin or end? Pics of past year
Sweet, I'll get to tying! I work in Knoxville and recently moved just a little ways west to a town called Kingston right in some good bass water. I learned to fly fish targeting trout and now bass (an
Mckenzie light help
I had one of those lights with the other head, about 12 years ago. I bought it specifically to use and tie with on the road. Let's see, it went South on me and would not work, even with a replace
For those out of the south Florida venue..... "Old Dirty...." is a commercial tyer who has worked for a local south florida fly shop for a few years now.....  If you want to see a bit of his stuf
Fripp Island SC
Along the coast of South Carolina 
Hello from the NW
Welcome to the site, Scott.     Beautiful State, Washington.  I have been there, but was out on the south western coast, fishing saltwater with a spinning reel and rod.  Caught a l
Thermal Underwear
Lightweight-medium weight polypro long underwear (Walmart, or if not available in the South, get some at Layer over these with polyester  fleece lounge pants (hipster pajamas) (in t
Fly boxes and vises
I know I need to dry things out before putting them up. Most of the time when I get through fishing in my kayak, half of my lures are sitting on the deck in front of me because I don't put them up wet
Tennessee muskies
Call the "Fly South" shop in Nashville. Nice guys there, pretty helpful.
Polar Bear fur
Hey guys. Long time tyer, first time poster (my name is Bill, and I live waaay south). I bring 2-300$ worth of polar bear back from Quebec every summer. I keep it in the bag, with receipts, and cus
Saltwater Fly Swap
I'm in ,I like the 2 or 3 weeks time limit. 5 weeks is a little long for me as I will be heading south for the 2016 season but that wont stop me from sending flies in   Brandon
Forum & Tying Newbie
I have no expectation of improving upon patterns that have decades of approval behind them.  I simply want to make my own interpretations of baitfish local to the areas that I fish.  My OP
Comfort vs. Utility in Vehicles -- What Would You Do?
  Was just deer hunting backside of Lake Parlin last weekend, was cold and snowing and the wind was treacherous. Tracked a decent buck through the fresh snow for a couple hours but couldn't c
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
In spending some time at some other fly-tying sites, I am somewhat taken aback over the size of some flies being tied -- large flies for obviously large fish.  This seems (to me at least) to main
Micro thin fly lines
I don't get it. If they were being sold for their casting qualities I could understand it. They would offer an advantage aerodynamically, but that isn't what all the blurb is saying.It is all about a
SAGE ONE 8'6" 4wt 4pc
THANKS FOR THE TIPS!    i started fly fishing with my grandpa on the au sable about 10 years ago. We are from down state so my experience, at first, was limited to opening weekend once a yea
Welcome Cuckoo.  If you haven't already done so, I suggest you look up "Totch: A Life in the Everglades" by the late Totch (Loren) Brown.  It's a remarkable story of the early days in South
ready for some ice fishing?
Too hard to cut the trough to cast in.   I'm with Mike.  Too many people, and too damned cold.   There is a reason I still live down here in the Piney woods.  That fluffy white stu
Best Vice For $120
Try some, buy one & just get use to using it! A Belgian tyer told me at the fly expo he is very happy with the Chinese knock off of the famous vise from South Africa!
Biggest bear in the Ocala Nat Forest
That's a nice size Bear. I find it amazing they are found that far south.   Mike Yup all the way south.  South Florida can be lousy with them, just talk to folks that live in the east Na
Hook Classification for Panfish
There are a number of small lakes in the east Texas area that stock Trout every fall when the water temps are right.   The difference being they don't charge to fish for them and you don't have t
what needs to change in fly
All societies go through a sequence of hard labor and long hours so they can build a manufacturing base. Think of the USA in the early to mid 1800's when the Irish were the poor laborers. Think o
Matching the rod with the fly.
There's a reason you won't see any bamboo on the salt (at least I never have, and I've been working the long rod since 1976.... and began guiding full time in 1996 down here in south Florida) but that
Fly Tying Symposium
Definitely, the show to go to if you are into tying. Not as many vendors as there are at the January show but there a few. A good show to pick up new patterns and tips on tying old ones. I'm lucky it'
Vise question
Listen guys, if you don't mind re-centering the hook for true rotation, go with an inline type rotating vise, and assuming you want to save a few bucks over the big dollar, so called, true rotary vi
Steve Farrar SF Blend new packages
Steve Farrar's SF flash blends from South Africa, it,s common over here. Good for fresh & saltwater flies!
October Monthly flies...think orange
Ah man Doug, I hate to hear that. I've had tornadoes flying around us and 24" snowfalls and leaky roofs but never had to live through the flooding I see in various parts of the country, including stra
Antique rod or not?
Depends on who the maker of them were. 9 times out of ten most older bamboo rods are more or less old production Heddon, Horrocks-Ibbotson, Montague or South Bend or such bamboo rods that were sold th
White bass streamer hook
I've never fished for White Bass, but guess some of the flies I've used for LM or SM bass would work. For larger sizes, like 1/0 I use a lot of straight shank plastic worm hooks. They're generally an
Minnow body patterns
Most ponds in the south have fat head minnows and bream...any pattern that imitates them will work. They grow up eating them and even a 10# bass will attack a 2" minnow if you drop it in their face an
Trip out west recomendations
Idaho is where I am most familiar, and both the North and South Forks of the  Snake offer good floating.  There are numerous smaller streams to fish as well.  The area from Afton WY to
Meanwhile in the southeast...
FB   we got lots of rain, pretty much constant up here in NC, but nothing like you guys further south along the Columbia SC line.  Hope you survived it OK.
Favorite and/or cheapest supplier for materials
  Ok, so I got screwed. It ain't the first time and, I'm sure it won't be the last. I mainly wanted to try the Sili-Skin that Kimo used for wings on his ant. The thread was mainly to get the
fly suggestions for Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers
BTW in the upstate of South Carolina we got 14 to 17 inches of rain this weekend. Charleston and Columbia got 24 to 27 inches in three days. Still flooded and a state of emergency.  The main rain
The colours at this time of year........
We have the same phenomena, although our New England states are somewhat farther south than Terje's home.  In winter especilally, the sun is in the southern hemisphere, and tends to light up the
Hello from Chicago
Ooohhh ... I forgot that one.  Thanks Rich ...   Another of the great groups of people in that area.   Man I would love to attend those meetings, but Tuesd
Hi from Maine
Good to know. I live in Bangor right now but I'll definitely check that out next time I'm down south. Thanks!
Decades ago, those are 10 year increments right, I had conversation with Ed Sisty about the South Platte River, we talked about the wasted resource that the Platte was through Denver.  The Platte
Fly Fishing Fair - Mountain Home, Arkansas
Adam, if you haven't left yet I will recommend you check into a restaurant called PJ's. This was the note from a friend that directed me to it and it was fantastic. Reservations are advised though the
Loss of Marine fishes - why am I not surprised?
<snip>  I have trouble foreseeing any similar successes when dealing with the world's oceans.   I have trouble seeing improvement just a few miles south of there....
Clouser Minnows
A few patterns over the years have become so successful that while they're a specific pattern (as noted above) they also have become a style of tying as in the "clouser" or the "deceiver".  If yo
September flies from the bench
Superflash Pheasant Tail (variation) Variation on standard pattern (subbed pearl Krystal Flash for Ice Dub abdomen), which looks a lot like Kelly Glissmeyer's South Fork Special. hook - Dai Riki 135 #
Need Help! Andros/Nassau/Paradise Island Fly Fishing
 Well, at this point I believe I have seen everything there is to see online about any kind of flats fishing in Nassau/Paradise Island.   I need to hear from people on here who live there
Fish id help
I don't think whitefish range this far south.  The size is a giveaway, if they're 20" fish and not trout, they're some sort of sucker.  If they're red, they're probably redhorse suckers.
"Green" Swap...Floss and Herl combo
Vicrider, I settled on the fly that I have been working on and have been hesitant to mention to anyone until now. I am going with my Virginia Wulff. I really love all of the Wulff style flies and hope
Hatches Blog Post - Emerald Shanker – by Kevin Hospodar
thanks Rocco   Yeah, this has be great on GL (south Lake Erie) Steelhead. I actually first tied these on 15mm wadding tons, but bumped up to a 25mm to give some more weight and bit larger profile
Bike fishing
I used to,might again in the fall as the main bunch of stripers run through here headed south.You never know, but I liked riding the bike as much as the fishing as it turned out. So I got more and mor
New guy in Minnesota
Hi Gang,      My name is Mike (aka Uncle Levi)  and I moved to Minnesota from North Dakota just after Christmas. I live on 10 acres  just north of Dassel now and besides
Landed my first Fly Fishing Guide job
Cool. Great way to finish off the summer. Is you plan once you establish yourself and get some real time in to hopefully work both ends of the country and fish the south in the winter?
Atlanta Fishing
I was told the river is unfishable because it is so fast except on weekends? And what private lakes? (: That's not very true. Be careful wading and,call the dam to find out the release sceduales. It
Rather irritated
I vote for Bola. I saw someone throw one and saw videos of them hunting birds in South America. It opens as wide as the pattern of a shotgun. Cool videos on Youtube.
Acadia National Park
I've been to Bar Harbor a couple times and have looked into this very thing. Unfortunately there's not much. I've heard conflicting things about stripers. The people I've talked to all say that there
Southern New England Hex hatches
Up here in Maine they were hatching like crazy July 31st, and gray drakes were a few days earlier. But today all I've seen is the sub-imago into imago exo's so the spinner fall can't be long, tonight
Rocket City, Alabama
Welcome... the closest town I could ever claim as a hometown for me was... Huntsville.   I was an Army brat and the longest my family ever lived in one place was Redstone, then Huntsvile (1960 th
Effects of fire on a stream
Depends on topography and extent of fire in the watershed upstream.   One of my local creeks suffered a bad fire a number of years ago that burned the slopes above right down to the banks. The st
Just how "barbless" do I need to be???
There aren't any "barbless" regulations down here in paradise that I've ever run into (south Florida) but I'm mostly barbless with any gear I use (particularly with any gear -fly, spin, or plug that I
Cleaning Waders and Boots
A few hours out in full sun is probably the best natural disinfectant.   Here in the South, where we wade on slime covered bounders, several states have backed off on banning felt.  It is a
Rod action - fast / mod-fast
Mine is so cheap it doesn't even say. Lol. It only says South Bend. Two piece fly rod. 8' 6" 6/7Wt. Made in China. But hey it's caught a crapload of fish.
Trout Flies Invitational
"Humpy machine"!!!!!  I think they have them.    Breambuster is a minister. A Southern clergy. They say the funniest things. Especially on the boards outside their church. I live near B
I have a special place in my heart for these living dinosaurs. I think they are hard fighters and actually really a very pretty fish after thir own fashion.     That is the way I feel about
Peacock - Now endangered
We have them down here in south Florida both the ones being raised and tended and ones that just live wild.  If you've ever been near any peacocks they make such a racket that I can easily see ho
catfish on dry fly
Hi Jacktown,   We often catch a wide range of fish from the Snake River a few miles south of Boise, Idaho. Most of the fish in that part of the river are smallmouth but we often catch crappie, tr
Boston Fly Shops
Just how much driving do you want to do? Bear's Den, as Henrick stated ... is about an hour south of Boston, in Taunton, MA. There's also the Kittery Trading Post, just north of Portland, ME.   I
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