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South Dakota

China direct reels, anyone has one...?
Made in China doesn't necessarily mean it's bad it just means you should know who you are buying from (company reputation) because the control the quality. Many companies have moved their operations t
uv resin and humid weather
Mine has been tacky.I have the loons thick mixture.Lots of humidity here in South Ga
MUSTAD hook fails, big tarpon lost.
If you guided in Key West... I'll bet that's not the first hook that's failed on you....  We've broken 2x, 4x, hooks occasionally (and in almost every brand....) in the places we fish in south Fl
new south Florida member
Welcome! When I saw your screen name I wondered if it was a reference to Lake O.  Sure enough! Very cool.  Of course now I know where the big ones are hiding... LOL.    You go ahea
Visiting south carolina soon
I've had very limited experience there.  I stayed just south of Murells Inlet7-8 years ago.  There was a small pass just south of where we stayed absolutely slayed the trout on #2 light blue
01:20 am
Mike,       Sorry to hear about the abuse that you put up with. I also understand what you mean about Michigan hillbillys although they are south of me. Gee, I wonder what that makes me
SW fly line and backing
I noted that one fellow had two reels for his 8wt... I'm doing something similar -but for an entirely different reason.  I'm almost finished setting up two reels for every size rod I work.. a lef
Thread Used for Tying Hair Flies
And make no mistake about it, you can cut hair with 200den GSP, too.  I've never used Kevlar, and maybe it's worse, but the hair will slice under tension with 200den GSP before the thread will
Sky Above Water Below
Beautiful! Wishing I was there but I cant complain living in South Florida!
How did you start tying flies? We all have a story . . .
I've been throwing a fly rod since I was 8. I fished it a lot here in south Florida and every summer we would take our pop up camper to Cherokee nc. For 2 weeks every year I would trout fish daylight
Jong Special
maybe so    only andy kim knows for sure   hmmm where did you find my photo of that 60's brassie?     Here Norm:   Brassie
American River Shad Fishing
I live in Rancho Cordova, CA... less than two miles from the American River. The north and south forks of the American meet at Folsom Lake which is about 12 miles north east of me and  it exits i
Guadalupe River
I haven't fished north of canyon lake, but just south of the lake on the guad is stocked w/ bows and browns by GRTU and TPWD.  Some of the GRTU stockers are really nice fish, in the 20+ range, wi
Greeting from a long time lurker!
Welcome! What kind of other fish do they have in South Korea?
Okeechobee Fly Journal
Caught some beautiful slabs today with zip. We had a blast running around the south west side of the lake.  Good mess of slabs bluegill, a couple shellcrackers, with some healthy 10-15 inch bass
UV Light / Finish
Here's where you can read and also get …. " Silvercreeks stuff "…it's the best I ever used …and He's a great guy and also good stuff too……here are two site's to read abou
Snook Flies
So how many have you caught Flats and what's your biggest? I have caught one and it was small and on a shrimpy gotcha on the west coast. Where I am on the central east coast of Florida is a compl
Eastern Sierra 20 Lakes Basin
My son and I backpacked into that area last July. Absolutely beautiful. The ease of access, available water taxi, and relatively moderate trail made the area a bit crowded for my taste. Maybe I'll att
Hello from South Florida
Back in those days, we used to pitch a tent on the beach just north of the old lighthouse. (the little one at the south end of the island).   We'd fish in the surf for pompano, or swim out w
New from FL
Also from Fla, but right now in NC for a couple of months.   Welcome.  If you get a chance, drive out to the Islamorado Seafood Company (Behind the BPS store) and get some of their Yell
Peacocks in South Florida... How far north have you caught one?
I've never seen one here in Hendry or Glades county. Too many cichlids though. I'm about to make the hour drive south and chase some. I've been telling my wife I'm going one day soon. I did get a clo
The Blood Knot, quite possibly the best for attaching tippet?
That whole topic of knots used to connect your fly line to the leader - then the various connections from that point on can be as simple or complicated as you choose to make it... Here's an eye opener
Durability of whip finish with head cement vs. 2 whip finishes?
I think I misspoke about the guy's name on youtube. Just went to look and it's not the Hans from Dakota Anglers... I couldn't find the guy I was talking about just now, but he's an older guy, european
Removing epoxy from vise base?
I find that a good rub with some moonshine gets rid of pretty much anything...I would recommend a 130 proof A little 180 proof Everclear from North Dakota will do more for man than any medicine co
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
Crabs and shrimp are very important food sources for many saltwater fish species.  Among the most popular of these species are the drum family.  Red drum (commonly known as redfish) and blac
Legality of using wild bird feathers
Roland, yes there are laws that protect wild birds & animals, some to the point that possession of any part, including feathers is illegal.    Generally, game birds & domestic barn y
You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest
Cat jerky?   Nope, that sounds like a South Carolina specialty to me....I think they cook it up behind the Rock Hill Post Office.
Hello new to tying love fishing ;)
Hey Warren, I live up in Georgetown/Liberty Hill between the north and south forks of the san gabriel.  You should try making it to a few of the weekly fly tying nights at the fly shop in Round R
Hitting the salt
Wish I could help, I live in South Florida so if you ever visit PM me and I will hook you up!
Keys Swap
can I join Kudu? I live in South Miami and visit the Keys quite often . Also I just bought a tandem kayak and I will be looking for some snook holes in the mangroves.
I have an old South Bend glass fly rod I learned how to fly cast on ( caught my first trout on a fly with that rod, using level line and on a brown tent wing caddis). I fished that and then upgraded t
Hello From Illinois!
Thank you all. I am from South Central Illinois, about 300 mile South of Chicago. Interstates 57 and 70 cross about 20 miles North of me. I will give your fly a look FlatsRoamer. Thanks!
Sea gull feathers....
No I didn't tie flies with it. I turned it over to the Raptor Center. The bird was a juvenile Osprey migrating through. It was dehydrated and had not eaten recently.  The people at the Raptor Cen
Canal Bass Fly Rod
I'm very familiar with South Florida Canal fishing, I just hooked up the boat for tomorrow morning.  If I could only take one rod with me and my goal was to catch bass, it would be an 8wt. 
First Fish on my own Fly!!!
Great start landing a peacock bass ! A Carlos Hidalgo book South Florida's Peacock Bass was published back  in 1997 if you're looking for more fly patterns.
Future of Fly Tying
In the news since my last post. Foxconn of China replaced 60,000 workers out of 110,000 at just one of thier factories with robots. So robots replace over half their factory workforce at just one loca
Free Stuff
In South Florida there aren't sand eels but thx for the insight
Favorite Kind of Coffee
I know nothing about the Sun Tea movement. If you believe the marketing, they will tell you it cuts acidity by 65%. But who knows... What I like is that It comes out very smooth, super strong, like es
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
I just recently started a list of the same thing, only my list is longer and all fish must be caught on fly rod. Here's a few. Rainbow and brown trout (im a Floridian) have this booked for north Georg
Leather and sheep wool reel case I made today
If you want, visit next years Alafia Renezvous in January on one the two public days. It's a little south of Bartow.  They have merchants from all over that carry all sorts of leather, hides, fur
At this stage, I would stick close to home.  You have a wealth of opportunities right there in South Florida.  Lots of bass, and too many salt water and inshore fish to count.  Not to m
EP Tarpon Streamer
No secret info here.... There's just nothing really accessible by foot on the way down to Flamingo (on the only road in Everglades National Park....) except some small freshwater ponds that have large
New Youngblood
hello to all, im just a teen who lives in South Florida. Fishing is my passion, and thats it. My time in school is spent thinking about a new shrimp fly or what it would feel like to fly fish Christma
Hello from South Dakota
Hello  from South Dakota!! I like to fish, hunt, garden and play with my grandchildren! Retired now! Tying is a hobby that i enjoy, now that i have more time! I am still new at this,  but I
new tyer
Robert73     looks like your post has been hijacked.  Sorry for that.  Sometimes we just can't help ourselves.   Like Mike said way back up at the top of this string
One fly only?
Around home you can't go wrong with wooly buggers in root beer, olive, or black. Weighted or un-weighted, and bead heads. If using a bead head use a cone, won't get stuck in the rocks as easily.  
Can you use a 2 weight line on a 5/6 weight reel?
Mikechell, I be here for you after the purist Natzis get through with you....tried to get admin to put where posters are from to show up in posts. Seems like it was on years ago. Good to relate loca
I tend to tie & fill boxes before a trip, and rarely take tying supplies. I would rather spend time fishing than tying. However, that might depend on the extent of the trip & where I was going
Casting for Recovery - Inaugeral "Swap" for Australia
You're in jburge ...  One to go....  :D   Just a thought...  someone raised re postage costs...   Would we be open to everyone in North America sending them to one addres
Failure of Modern Fly Design
Food for thought and discussion.   A Failure of Modern Fly Design | John Juracek - Hatch Magazine.   Interesting article, but I think it ignores the most important aspect of fishing a fl
Clouser minnow\White bass
Ok guys I will be making a trip to South Dakota for a walleye fishing trip and would like to try my luck fishing for white bass with a fly rod with clouser minnows .  What color combos do you thi
looking to start a midge box??
ive caught a lot of fish in the rivers out west (south platte, san juan, big horn, green river etc) and never needed midges smaller than size 20   tie the sizes that YOU prefer to fish but also t
Peacock Feathers
Peacocks are so noisy and just plain obnoxious I woudn't blame anyone for doing a bit of exercise with a shotgun if they were in his neighborhood.  I can put up with noisy parrots at my bird feed
Hello from Southern Idaho
Thank you!I   I am in the South West Idaho.  High mountain desert.  Just minutes away from the mountains.  It is beautiful country up there and in Montana.  
June is Cahill swap time
Oh it is so tough down south to tell if the orange jumpsuit gang are prisoners or Tennessee fans.    Vicrider I have seen those "nests" down here as well.   Mike I used to work for a la
Missing- SPRING
I have lived in SE TN since summer, 1988.  We are at the bottom of cold fronts and the leading edge of warm fronts from the south.  Places north of us and south of us have more consistent we
This speaks of Tenn. waters that flow into the Cumberland, 7 of them:   By Ann Toplovich , Tennessee Historical Society Emil Bott's painting of the Cumberland River near Nashville, ca. 1855.
Skill Builder Trout Series Round 3
By the way, I have even tried some serious marrying of feathers and have a version of a Parmachene Belle in there for you done before I really studied recipe. Here's what's happening to me or I'd actu
Mother Day Drifting Caddis Swap
A nice set of flies arrived from J.M. today thank you sir!     Just over ONE WEEK left to get flies in on time folks. I am not going to extend deadlines on this one; we have a trip planned s
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
Hi all, Just starting to browse my options. I haven't bought a new vise in 15 years.   But it's time to upgrade as I have the dedicated room and time to tie more and the old vises just aren't cut
I need to rant !!!
There is a place south of town that has a fence around the property.  The signs on the gate and fence read: No trespassing!  Trespassers will be shot.  No warning given!  How's tha
Hello everybody
Near the south holston river. Thanks flafly!!!
Stillwater trout ontario
I've done some fishing in the area just south of Huntsville, but it was for smallmouth. A couple of shows on "The New Flyfisher" were filmed on small lakessome small lakes about 4 hours north of you f
Line weight, reel and rod question
Troutinturnie, it should be a big gym to get the full effect of casting.  Let us know how things work out.  FWIW, I used to cast all kinds of things with an old South Bend fiberglass rod, 8
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