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Hot Glue Extended Body- by Gino Laghi

10 Rules for a Fly Tying Demo- by Vern-O

Hatches 2010: Covering the Hendrickson Hatch by Nick Pionessa

Underwire Support: The Secret to a Shapely Body by Russ Forney

Chain Gang Stonefly Nymph by Dean Myers

A Bug's Life by Will Milne

South Dakota

automatic fly reels
My very first intro to fly fishing was in the mid-sixties as a teenager and this was in the deep south when fly fishing meant tossing popping bugs at cover for panfish and small bass... I didn't do mu
New to the forum - from Austin Texas
Hello. my son and his wife both went to USF and currently live in Tampa. I live south of Joplin and fish bass, sunnies and trout. Learned flyfishing in RI & MA in the '70s and had to start tying a
Hurricane ME ... I mean Michael
I usually listen to stations in the Winston Salem NC area and the weather lady there said they should see some winds by early tomorrow. I'm about 50 miles north of there up here in the Virginia mounta
SE FL noob
Welcome. South Florida native here. After you dust off your stuff, post up some pics.  
Very tiny creek, Tons of fish!
One of the best days I have ever had fishing!  It was unique fishing, and definitely something I want to go do again.  Who knew this small creek would have fish in it, but there they were. &
October Flies from the Vise
If you're asking me, Chug, that's a good question ... and I don't think it's either.  I'll be fishing south of Manteca ... downstream from the Stanislaus tributary.
Losing posts because of Facebook...
  Keeping in touch with friends does not require Facebook. Looking at family pictures does not require Facebook.   Disagree with that thinking there man. I have numerous distant family suc
Jake's Improved Zebra Midge
As we are now tying for Fall and Winter, I want to share a fly that was recently tied on my channel by Jake Adamerovich.  Many of you may know Jake through Competitive Angler, as he is the owner.
Hello from Colorado
Good to see another Coloradan here. Welcome from down south of you about 170 miles.
September Flies From the Vise
I've been tying up some flies for the Casting for Recovery retreat my salt water club is hosting on September 30th.  It takes place on a private lake in South Jersey.  Targets are bluegills,
Ice Jig Shrimp Feedback
great looking fly, but being in the deep south my ice fishing experience is limited
Presentation case
For anyone with big fish trophy dreams (and these days we're only talking replicas - at least for me since I used to send a bunch of fish to local taxidermists years ago when we killed everything in s
Greeting from south Georgia
New to the forum, been tying and fly fishing for about 5 years introduced to the sport via Project Healing Waters.  Living in the deep south I fish warm water and am always looking for new places
In line popper
If you can you might also tie up another one with a single hook (to reduce the weight in the rear instead of using a treble hook)....   Many years ago Al Pflueger came up with something for when
Fly Fishing the Surf in Central Florida
Which coast  (that'll really make a difference...) and when?   If you were down south I'd say get on the water before dawn (or maybe an hour before dark...) then work small (and not so small
Didn't catch nuthin'...
FishinPhil, I wouldn't mind hitting up some smallies.  Used to catch them all the time in Connecticut, but here in Missouri I have to travel about 3 hours south into the beginnings of the Ozarks
Stomach contents
Coypu (native to South America)  were introduced in Oregon and Louisiana as farmed fur animals way back when(1930s) and turned loose when no profit was made. They have now spread up the Mississip
Eleven Mile Canyon and Dream Stream!
dream stream? somebody caught a 24" trout and renamed the river? whooppee!   use to be called the south platte river when i fished there years ago
Letís talk decals
A few thoughts about thefts from vehicles... Plenty to argue about as to whether decals get you targeted or not (if we were talking about weapons - I'd say differently - a lot of evidence on the side
golden trout - liquid gold
The upper reaches of the South Fork of the Kern River, above Monache Meadows contain Golden Trout. I started going up there in the late 70's when I got a Jeep Renegade that I tricked out. I have also
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
There is no fly (or tying style) that is more authentic to the Southern Appalachians than the" Yallar" Hammer. From Don and Kevin Howell"s book, Tying & Fishing Southern Appalachian Trout Fli
Boca Surf
The area is not known for saltwater fly fishing opportunities on foot. A boat would open many other possibilities on that front. Best fly fishing bet is freshwater. If you can drive, I would suggest t
Trouble with rod
Metal ferrules are definitely a different proposition.  When I first started fishing down here in paradise (south Florida) there were many, many rods with metal ferrules (this was about five year
new here
RRSP, did it again today. Good on #14 green beetle and and #16 BWO    I'm about 45 miles south of Joplin, near I49, so an ~hour to the park.
July Flies From the Vise
You all continue to not only raise the bar but keep the bar high. Fantastic work everyone!   Here's a simple caddis emerger. Recipe if you're interested. Hook:Umpqua U002 (16) Thread:Uni 8/0 tan
Killiefish/Mummichog imitations?
John, I have seen anything up this far yet, but I've been meaning to get down that way and check out some of the flats I've found on satellite maps. There's a state wildlife management area adjacent t
Grand Lake, CO
Go around the south end of Grand Lake to the Monarch Lake parking.  You can spin fish (or fly fish) Monarch or fish the small stream below the spillway of Monarch.  Stream is small enough th
Help a fishing noob go fishing
Hello,   I went fishing one time in my life and that was on National Fishing Day a couple of years ago at Vasona Lake in Los Gatos, CA. Me and a friend had no clue what we were doing, we just bou
Casting Practice aka Pretend Fly Fishing
 .Is your local ball field in California or Australia or Lithuania?     Hello,   I went fishing one time in my life and that was on National Fishing Day a couple of years ago at
Wulff swap
Somebody tied a "Virginia wulff" in a swap once, that was a nice variant I've used, lost, and only remember orange floss Anybody know what I'm babbling about?I think I saw that mentioned in a swap fr
Static electricity
I've learned over the years that a few different techniques work with materials and static.. The first is quite simple - instead of using that dryer sheet on the material - I simply "dry-wash" my hand
June Flies From the Vise
Great work as usual folks. Killer pattern. Spotlight Caddis emerger. size 16's were deadly on the CO. river last week and size 18's were just as effective on the South Platte yesterday. 16's on the CO
Bushcraft and self reliance
Lol. It was just a shock when excalibur came out of the tackle bag. It would be an experience to try and live off of the land. It wouldn't be too hard to find food where we camp on Fisheating creek. F
Any news on the creature?
Mike, dogs and wolves belong to the same species, and their offspring are fertile. Knuckleheads who breed these potentially dangerous animals come up with all kinds of percentages of dog/wolf genes by
Carrying two rods
I have a telescoping 3 piece 12 fiberglass "cane pole" that was designed for Crappie fishing.  There were (maybe still are,) parts of the south, where you could fish without a license if you were
Hired by my local Fly Shop... advice needed!
Thanks for all the helpful advice, gents. I will definitely try and apply this when not if I get into a situation where I simply don't know something. Sounds like a good idea to not BS my way out of s
Tampa Fl Area
You may want a decent 8wt for the beach, as it can get pretty windy. However, you're 7wt might get the job done, just practice casting. You're on the west coast so it won't be as bad as over here on t
Looking for panfish ideas
For surface flies, I use Bivisibles in a variety of colors.  I make them with white fronts and the back 3/4 of the fly is brown, black, olive, grey or variegated ginger.  Sometimes I tie in
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
After spawning out the big fish head north following their stomachs and all the baitfish they keep finding.  A few years back I had a customer up in Virginia that asked for a few big black Tarpon
May Flies From The Vise
Far cry from my size 30 this is a size 5/0 streamer bound to south Carolina after I do 3 more. Also known as my bar flies cause I'm at local bar lol.
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
It is apparent that I chose a very poor title for this post. I accept responsibility for that very poor choice.   Hero photos are a minor part of the editorial. The editorial is really about the
Western NC help
You are correct phg I left out the very important time frame. May 14-21st with two or three days in Ashville area then heading over to the Franklin area where we will staying about four more days with
April Flies From The Vise
April is kicked off with some great stuff. A few parachute blue wings and a klink style to match my local hatch. And to replace a few from yesterday's outing on the South Platte.
White River out of Beaver Lake
More on RRSP   might be of interest (this has flood stage pictures)
Yearly trips
CaloosaB, here's a site might help finding bank fishing ops! Shore envy youse SouthFla guys!!!
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
The weather was tough this past week - but finally got right at the end of the week.  We started out with a night trip in Biscayne Bay and small tarpon were the targets with visiting angler Reggi
Hello from Fort Worth
  Welcome from south Fla.  Those are some interesting patterns.  I'm curious if that frog floats with the point up?  Thanks for sharing and I'll be looking forward to more.  &
RIP Lefty Kreh
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lefty in the spring of 1972 by a young man named John Emery...  At that time Lefty was the outdoor writer for the Miami Herald (this was a few years before
de-barbing pliers
I teach classes out there, south of Stockton.  I don't remember exactly where I was, but maybe the upper Stanislaus River?   Oh, I just checked online ... it WAS the Stanislaus ...   "T
Gamakatsu SL12S Big Game Wide Gap Fly Hooks 6/0
HI Guys   I am looking for a source for bulk packs (100-1000) of Gamakatzu hooks. Our agent in South Africa never have stock of the saltwater hooks in stock. Any help will be appericated  
House of Hardy Documentary
My wife is from London so I have some family connections there... Back in the eighties, my last visit across, I made a point of visiting Hardy's.  I had hoped to make a connection or two there si
Southern Pink Moth Pattern
seriously doubt that species is a regular food item for fish... a pink attractor pattern? sure, pink can be a great color for many fish.     The rosy maple moth (Dryocampa rubicunda) is a fa
Hey Bimini or anyone else in that area!
It's that time of year again where I get twitchy because can just taste fishing The Alley.  That would be Alligator Alley aka I-75 in South Florida for folks not from the area.  How is the w
March Flies From The Vise
These are some bass size mop flies I've been paying with.   These two are intended for salt water.   My attempt at a Cinder Worm.  We have a decent hatch on the South Jersey shore.
Eleven Mile Canyon - Snow!
McFly, You should have dropped me a note. 11 mile is about 1,30 from home. I know it like the back of my hand. It's a beautiful, productive fishery. A red tungsten bead size 22/24 rainbow warrior is d
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I've fished south central Vermont, Ludlow  and Plymouth(birthplace of Calvin Coolidge) area for many years during the late spring and through the summer.   I've caught trout in July and
Oh boy here we go!
I call this fake spring. It warms up just enough where you want to uncover the boat and fire it up but then march comes in all angry and messes things up again. I'm not falling for it this year. I'm
I have a couple of pink and white clousers that I pull out for salt water.  It's one of the go to flies up here for weakfish, sea trout for those of you south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I alw
Hook Size for false albie flies
Have you checked with a fly shop in the area you'll be fishing?  The "gulf" is a big area and the patterns may vary from Florida to Texas.   I would imagine that you could use the same
Connecticut Fly Fisherman Association Expo
Small one day expo, I have always enjoyed it, good group, if you are local to CT and have nothing planned for Saturday.       Saturday, February 3 CFFA Expo & Banquet featuring Jen
February Flies from the Vise
Cream, you certainly have my attention!  Have you fished it? Does it keel right side up?  I'm assuming (and you know what they say about that) it is an articulated pattern?  Inquiring m
Animas River Fishing in January
  First the San Juan now the Animas, stop, just stop. Hahahaah Any other rivers close to me fishable this year? If so, Ill gladly fish them... haha   Piedra, Pinos? I'm hitting the So
International Fly Tying Symposium 2018
Thanks, cphubert.   Good info to know.   I'm going have to check with my club and see if it costs them anything to have a table at either show.  For several years we've sold r
Wading boot studs
Several states did ban felt soles because of an article by Max Bothwell, a research scientist for Environment Canada, who wrote an influential article that linked angler's felt soled boots to dyd
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