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South Dakota

Blackbird wings
Coot is a migratory waterfowl that is allowed to be shot in most states during appropriate season Flytire. Makes great soft hackle flies. Is a great medium dun color. I have one and use it in wets a l
Montana 2014
There's a whole lot of "Western Montana".  North or south?   It doesn't matter .... here's my recommendation. Go to  It allows you to get some good information about
Heading to Fort Myers Beach/ Estero Island
Any places recommended in South Tampa Area to fish in 15ft Jon boat with 15hr outboard and trolling motor?
Casper, WY
The only Frying Pan I know of is in Colorado, near Aspen.  The North Platte runs right through town.  There are several fly shops, and a Sportsman's Warehouse in Casper.  They should be
Added another species to the list...
A lot of the lakes around here (central Kansas) have automatic fish feeders on them. They go off twice a day. Every 12 hours. If it goes off at 7 in the morning, it will go off at 7 in the evening. I
Fishing buddy
Don't worry I've always been south too, my dad went to Montana though, came back with pics of all the wildlife, and told me how they used marshmallows to trout fish.
Need Light-Weight STABLE Boat Recommendations
My wife and I own a house where we hope to retire in about 3 years that is across the road from people with waterfront property on a large hydro-electric lake in South Carolina. I have talked to a lad
Hoping The Pond Stalker Is Welcome Here!
PondStalker,   Your more than welcome.  To a former cold water stalker, transplanted to the deep south, warm water input is always welcome.  A nice blog also.  
Nice shark's teeth !!! Where are you collecting those?  I've found some on the beaches of Florida, but nothing that size.  I remember living in Charleston, South Carolina in the late 70s ear
The Bumblepuppy revisited
History says that Gordon and his fellow fly tyers used too play with his pattern and change it to suit their whims, "the Bumblepuppy" has lots of different interpretations, here is mine. I hope Ted wo
Firetiger Streamer and Painted Fish Masks
Great looking fly, those colors work great here in the south on bass.
2nd life
Chase ... When sitting on a log, remember that it's the water moving, not you.  You don't have to compensate for current. Or perhaps you decided to look up at the birds and the trees? Or you were
What's up from Slapout, AL.
  Well I've come to the conclusion that if I don't start reaching out for help I'll just continue to suck at what I love to do. I've been flicking fur, feathers, and foam for about three years no
Happy Canada Day!! And a quick thanks
Just wanted to wish a happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians! And to my American friends to the south, wishing you a happy early Independence Day. Would also like to take this time to thank all of th
Jon Boat
Do yourself a favor if you are planning on a johnboat. Get at least a 14 and 48" wide. A 36" is ok on small streams but canoes are better IMO. Plan on a trailer to stave of back strains or worse. I do
Craft Fur Minnow and Recent Report
Great permit... When I came back to guiding almost 20 years ago and went full time a very well respected long time fly angler who lives in the Keys and has caught everything from billfish to permit on
Gotta love them bluegills!
Great article!  I could have written that myself (but nowhere near as well).  I do have to admit that the Mainiacs have a point.  When the predator population is eliminated, or reduced,
What is it?
good Lord... at one point I was stationed with a guy from swampass South Carolina and another one from downeast Maine and yet another kid from inner-city Pittsburgh----- listening to them all talk at
Looking help in palm beach fl
Go to Singer Island and check out the Munyon Island area on the north end of Singer.  There are mangroves and shallow flats good for wading.   There are trout, snook and some reds, as well a
If it comes from Mike, you can be sure it's a little bit of both.  But truly, most Floridians consider the panhandle as "South Alabama".  Only freshwater up there comes from Ala and Ga. 
looking to get into tying in Houston
You've got a wonderfully large Bass Pro Shop just South of Houston, and another one West, out in Katy. BPS carries some good starter kits ... and they have all the individual tools needed, if you want
Brand new in Houston, TX
First off. Thanks! FlaFly-I am from Wisconsin. Born and raised. My wife and I moved to Texas from MN about 6 years ago. Golfer- I live on the north side. Near the woodlands. Not in them but close. I
Fly Fishing Ca, Aqua Duct
Funny.  Fished the aqueduct once many years ago south of  Los Banos, before I picked up the fly rod, and never went back.  Might have to try it again someday...
What is tenekra fishing
So the bottom line, really, is that a regular fly rod can do all that a tenkara rod can do, plus a whole bunch more.     If you're that good, and that specialized, that it makes sense t
What Motivates Young People to Get into This Sport?
I started spin fishing with my dad when i was really young and loved it. Then i wanted to learn more ways to catch fish. I wanted to learn fly fishing from a very early age. I did learn to tie flie
panfish flies help
I'm using a shimsno reel on a Deep South rod, made for light minnow baits and topwater, but I also have an ugly stick heavy action for heavier baits, just a quick rod change.
Im in need of an insect
It's possible that the lake trout were eating other small fish that were on the bottom eating scuds....   Just a thought.  We don't have lake trout here in the south, so I have no experience
18's and 20's
I tend to agree with two_nymph_rig, at least when fishing are rising and you can't see what they're rising to.  It depends on location.  The area where I live in the SE corner of PA is not n
Czech nymph fishing in swedish stream
Awesome. Just awesome, I could only dream of trout in the Deep South, but I've got all the bass and bluegill a boy could ever want... I'd still rather trout fish though... What was that curious little
EP fibers vs Congo Hair
Here's my take on synthetics in general (although I'm probably a 90 to 95% natural materials tyer....). I'd recommend buying a package of any synthetic first - then try it out a bit for different ap
Gold Rib Hare's Ear.....kicking my butt!
years ago when beads were first gaining popularity, I was fishing a section of the South Platte river in Colorado below Deckers and couldn't stop catching those trout on a bead head gold ribbed hares
South Holston Trip???
Netabrookie Glad your son made it back!  Give him a big thanks from me and my family.  You are choosing a great area to visit.  There are a number of options to fish not just the South
Finally... Bluegills!
The world record Bluegill was caught in South Carolina in 1998 and weighed 5 lb. 7 oz.   According to fisheries scientists, a 1 lb. bluegill would be 10.5 inches long.   A 3 lb. BG
FFF South East Expo in North Carolina May 16 & 17
It's at   The fest is at Cullowhee, which is just south of Sylva, NC. 
Emu oil
Yes, but only south of the equator. Up here it makes flies spin backwards and then sink.
understanding marabou     Marabou - one of the most popular of fly tying materials   Marabou is the soft, fluffy, downy feathers from t
#24 Muskrat Nymph
I think the pattern he is referring to is from Roger Hills Book Fly Fishing The South Platte River, An Anglers Guide. This is the first book I ever owned as a fly fisherman. The book was published in
7'11" tournament 5wt
This rod is for a guy down south that enters local small slower paced bait shop tourny's, not any of the big over hyped "fish as fast as you can and don't care about the fish health" type ones guys so
Reef inhabitants
Most of these are other folks' patterns with a few minor tweaks. However, I take full responsibility for the structure of the reef. As they say it takes many years to build a reef! Today is nice but m
Big lahonton cutthrout. Standing on a ladder for 15 hours/day finally
WOW!  What a PIG!!!!   If you are talking about Pyramid Lake in NV I NEVER would have considered fishing it.  We used the tiny island on the south end as a RADAR target just about every
Hoppicator Swap
Like I said they'll still float and at least catch the fish that don't realize the legs are tied in too far forward.   Yeah, I think they will, too.  I think sometimes we're too hard on
Gar Pike
Mike I wondered about that when I first saw the post.  Gar are common warmwater fish in the south.  Pike are in an entirely different family and a coldwater group, but I waited to see since
=Big Bad Red=
Upperdel- Sorry so many people have viewed but nobody commented.  I don't have the expertise to judge that kind of fly as I live in the south and fish for bluegills and crappiies.  But they
Here I leave a few more ....
I was fortunate to spend 3 wonderful months in Chile, south of Coyhaique with a month in Laguna San Rafael by the glacier. Some of the biggest trout I have ever seen in the smallest of streams. Unfort
Crabs, Prawns and Shrimps
Some ideas and awesome tying by South Africa Peter Coetzee... 
RBF: CFR Donation Rod - South Island New Zealand
Hi all.I recently built this rod as a donation to the Casting For Recovery weekend retreat held at Owen River Lodge near Murchison, here in the south island of New Zealand.The blank is an 8'6, 5 weigh
Need some Carp help.
The real determining factor is the size of stuff they are eating in your area. On the great lakes they fish size 2 articulated flies because they feed so heavily on the goby. Down south of me in clea
Northern Maine
Where were the pics taken?    Looks like Baxter Park maybe?  I used to live in Caribou... Baxter was "down south" to us.  
Why goose - not turkey - biots?
Some one tied a pattern with goose biots, and it caught on.  The recipe was written down some where, that means its LAW.  Using anything else is NOT allowed.  You need to find LONG goos
Any Left Handed Folks Out There???
Oh yeah,    I forgot the important stuff:   I beat.....     I cast with my left and reel with my right and I am not a south paw when threatened. 
Fishing With A Guide: After Action Report!
As I mentioned in a previous post, this was probably a "one and only" trip for me. It was a Christmas gift from my sweet wife and I fulfilled it on Friday, April 4, 2014. The cost of the trip was
My first two flys EVER! Critiques????
Thanks everyone!  It is hard for me to grasp the size and types of hooks for trout!  The second (smaller one) I pictured is a size #18 and I simply cannot fathom a trout wanting to eat that!
Daniel Boone NF or Smokey Mountains Trip
Hey Snack Im familiar with both areas as part of my county is in the DBNF and I have been through it in various parts of all over the eastern half of Kentucky.  You weren't very specific as
We're all good now... started as a cat 5... downgraded to a cat 4 just before making landfall at Cooktown Friday afternoon. Which is about 700 km north of here.... Over the weekend it has continue
Salmon fly question's
The highly dressed salmon fly started as a contest to see who could dress the most fanciful fly.  When the European nations started sailing to South America, they would bring back colorful birds
traveling to new destinations
I am preparing to travel for the "Government" training season.  My first trip will put me in the Los Angeles area the weekend of April 12th/13th. Anyone from that area care to offer some fresh wa
Spoons for KUDU
Sorry bout that Fisherboy, when I said our, I meant down here in South Louisiana.   My wife taught 6th graders that were 17 years old reading on a 1st grade level.   Kirk
RBF: 8'6" Cascade Composites fast 5wt Bluegill rod
This one is for a customer from down South that fishes big bluegills and wanted a custom faster action 5wt. Only input he told me was it had to be 8'6" and his nickname was "Bluegill Bill" the rest he
8'6" 5wt Bluegill Rod
This one is for a customer from down South that fishes big bluegills and wanted a custom faster action 5wt. Only input he told me was it had to be 8'6" and his nickname was "Bluegill Bill" the rest he
Big Clousers
I tie some big Clousers for Striped bass. I started tying these years ago when I was tying commercially for folks wanting to go to South America & chase Peacock bass.    They're not your
Hello from the Black Forest / Germany
Hello flytyer and fisherman,   my name is Volker from Germany. I´m a fly fisher since approx. 15 years and started fly tying in 2007. First flies were for pacific salmons in British Columbia
chironomid fly patterns
Would it be possible to be a bit more specific ? Lakes, rivers, larvae, pupae, dries and what part of the country? Haha sorry, didn't really know that there was much of a difference. Quick question th
South Platte Carp report?
Heading to Denver on Saturday for a wedding. I have about 5 hours to kill from the time my flight lands to the start of the wedding. I'm just looking for a basic report on carp activity in the South P
2014 Trout opening day plans?
I'll actually be helping the Huron River Watershed Council collect bug samples on opening day.  The next day I will be on a plane heading south to San Antonio.    Some time in May I'll
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