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South Dakota

Newbie from Alabama
The Gallatin is a looong trek from Bama. What do you fish for at home? Trout I can drive about an hour south of where I live and fish a river there or drive a hour north and fish in Tennessee
Almost done with the hurricane shutters...
I was making light of the situation, because we came through it with minimal damage. I should apologize to all those less lucky. Right along the coast, it was MUCH worse.  Has anyone heard from U
Great start to opening season !!
Well guys and girls...trout season started for us in Northern New South Wales Australia. Here are some pics[attachment=58866:14446090_10153960379350509_4383352917159234965_n.jpg][attachment=58867:1444
What Kind of Fly Tier are You?
All of the above, but for the most part I try to stay as natural as I can and adhere to the guideline of IFFF. I just want to tie flies that catch fish. I have retired for the third time, and my wife
Lucky Man
Man that's awesome, great work! Bring him over here to South Florida an we will put him on some saltwater fish!
Time to Learn how to Add Baitfish Eyes...
Hey guys, I realized that 0 of my flies are baitfish patterns, except clousers. Especially here in South Florida, baitfish is the main target for most predatory fish. I really need to tie some baitfis
Fat Head Squishy Streamer - Perch
Very nice. I love the shape and color. We don't have any perch in south Florida but it's been one of my most productive colors growing up. Thanks for the tutorial.
cicada flies,
This summer was the time for the 17 year brood in the area just to the south of me (I didn't see any of that type within 5-10 miles of me, but a 30 minute drive saw them so thick that they were bendin
Weedguard Preservation
Fly boxes with slit foam did it for me. I can carefully work the weed guard into the slit so it isn't smashed any more. These are boxes I make. I also put the slits vertical instead of horizontal so
Dancing with gators.
Don't guess anyone was paying attention when I said - NO anacondas that I know of down here...   Now for one other disturbing piece of info....  I've seen a video of an experiment done with
Breast Cancer Awareness Swap
Everyone please give me a chance to get these photographed over the next couple of days and I will get them posted and sent. My Father in Law passed yesterday, so please give me those couple of d
What is a good bass fry pattern?
Suggestions so far are good - but here's the two patterns I tied by the hundreds for local south Florida shops for peacocks.  Essentially they're the same small Clouser on a #4 hook -but with dif
Who is smoking meat today? Let's hear the recipes...
Same thing here in South Florida. Too stormy to cook out, but for us it is slowly moving towards the beginning of the better weather.
Going to Australia!
Hey mate - can help out with NSW South Coast. Let me know where you're going and I can let you know where to check out. There's some good fishing out of Jervis Bay and it will be beautiful at that tim
2 year bonsai tree progression
Unfortunately the best guess i can give you on this rock is that it came from , Cambodia, Thailand or possibly South Korea...Yeah i know they are very different. I got this from a very intense instruc
Out on a limb...Super Bowl prediction
If you're talking the Greek Titans ... the demigods of myth ... then maybe they'd have a chance. If you're asking about the team from somewhere south of the Colts ... WAKE UP ... you're dreaming !!!
September flies from the vise
Why do I, all of a sudden, find myself tying tiny insect flies...?image.jpeg     Nice. Probably from seeing all the good looking little dainty trout flies here. That should work great he
American Ninja Warrior !!!!
I hate that this show used ninja in it's name. The art of nijitsu is to blend in and vanish in a crowd, or any environment...Not compete for glory. If you ever met a real ninja i bet you would never e
Hilton Head Island TIps and Tricks
Late September in South Carolina ... if it's warm to hot, the "no-see-ms" (little biting gnats) and mosquitoes can be killer.  Take bug spray. It is possible for Fall/Winter temps to whip through
Related SMBass Hook Question
I've said this before, but search for South Bend brand Aberdeen hooks in a bronze finish. ( Gold is fine too, but I've only used the bronze in this brand) They're made in various sizes & those I'v
2016 Florida fly tying expo!!
Palm Beach County If you or anyone else south of me (hernando county) wants to go and you drive this far you can hop in with me and ill drive the rest of the way
Stacked Deer Hair Bass Swap..
Hi, Had an other thread going checking to see the interest in this and got enough interest to host it.   Here is the deal: We will leave it
About to start using dubbing...
Thanks for all responses. I received my FTD Tyers Box. Just wanted to say, since FTD has gotten a bad rap before, that I ordered on Sat afternoon and that the package arrived from Montana to South Flo
U.S. wide fishing licence
You are correct in that agn. The SOUTH bank of the Red River is considered the OK border. I do not know why the OK/TX line is not down the center of the river and the whole thing has been disputed for
Who all has tied at fly tying shows / expos???
I've tied at shows/exposes working either my saltwater or fresh water fly fishing club/group's table. Mike's right we have an agenda. The fresh water club mainly to promote the club and attract new me
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
I can't answer to smallmouth bass as I've never eaten or caught them. However I keep a supply of fish in the freezer to eat. smaller than 17" Largemouth, small catfish, bluegill, crappie, Mayan cichli
Is there an equivalent of Mustad 34007 in freshwater hooks?
I tie on many styles & models of hooks now, but at one time my most used freshwater hooks, particularly for trout & SM bass was the old Mustad 9671 & 9672 nymph/streamer hooks. I also used
Rod choice for the catskills
Thanks guys !   Hmmm, thought of bass fishing conjures up thoughts about  taking the canoe.   Incidentally we will be in Prattsville/Windham/Cairo and Schoharie Creek is there and Catsk
Acklins Island? Anyone Been?
If you have been there and have any experiences, please let me know     Thanks Yup. spent two weeks there last December.  What part are you going to, north or south? Have you made r
weedless without mono
A similar fly is the Filkins HPU (hook point up) tied on those EWG hooks.  See home page; the link to the video is on the left hand column.  I tied up several for a demo I
Soft Hackle Flies
Definitely something magical about them.  And there's really no wrong way to fish them.  Over the weekend I was on the South Holston River in TN and caught a few fish on soft hackles when no
Casting in the wind
The backcast is an option but it will not go the same distance. The good thing is that Snook are not that far from the through.   I guess I am lucky to be left handed and to be fishing the Atlant
Fishy Question
Here in the south east, back in the 1940's and 1950's, a lot of streams were stocked with browns and rainbows to create local trout fisheries.  As a result, there are several legendary streams th
I've been fortunate
Well I don't know if "fortunate to live in" and "South Alabama" should ever exist in the same sentence... I lived in the REAL south Alabama (Houston County, outside Dothan) for four years and I can sa
Washington Flies
Hi guys, I never post here in this section, so let me mini introduce myself. I am 14, live in South Florida, and am a die hard salty angler. Got into tying around March, and fly fishing around last su
Upcoming shows?
Anything in South Florida?
Bill from Southwest VA
Hello!   Just here to introduce myself. Im a late 20's fly fisherman from south west VA near Bristol. Grew up in NY fishing the Catskill rivers and came down south for school. Getting back into t
Everyone,       I guess I am the last one holding up this swap.  I apologize as last week was a booger at work and I was never able to make it to the Post Office before i
YouTube Tutorials
Living in South Carolina near the Chattooga and having a friend who looks like Ned Beatty............I am not a fan of the banjo.
locally sourced /Chaeling my Grandfather
I have two Brittanies that are great hunters. I often get many birds. I waste nothing. I eat the meat from the birds, feed the innards to my chickens and grind the carcass for the dogs. I skin and bor
Gheenoe Fishing?
Not sure the US has a huge problem with illegal immigrants running their jetskis all over, but point well taken on any irresponsible users. Flats, Take this turn of your thread as a lesson on what N
Worldcast anglers out of victor Idaho. I fished the south fork of the snake and the Teton with Dan Oas. Simply fantastic. Good place for micro brews as well.
New Central Florida Member
Hello!   My name is Scott and I haven't Fly Fished in nearly 2 weeks!!! Oh...SORRY...DIFFERENT GROUP!!   Some of you may know me, I have been a mainstay member of the Orlando BassPro Fly Sho
Panning for Peacock Gold!! Trip Report
Thanks guys! Peacocks, as well as all the other crazy exotics in South Florida, are by FAR my favorite to throw a fly at. I head down several times a year and as luck would have it, I'm getting anothe
Popper Bodies VS Hook Size..Opinions.?
The Allen B200 hooks are "Stinger" hooks, and are pretty wide gaped for the nominal size.  They aren't really intended for poppers, although they can be used for whatever you want.  Stealt
Summer smallmouth
With the exception of the TVA lakes and a few other man-made lakes in the mountains of VA I have not heard of many good smallmouth lakes in the deep south. The old saying that "up north God made the l
FlyFishing in Salt Waters Magazine
Capt. Lemay, Have you guys seen the free online mag, soon to be print and fee based, called Tail? I'm not sure how I came across it but its free online and the content and pictures are amazing.  
China direct reels, anyone has one...?
Made in China doesn't necessarily mean it's bad it just means you should know who you are buying from (company reputation) because the control the quality. Many companies have moved their operations t
Eighth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
There are pictures of the Oregon South retreat on their Facebook page:
uv resin and humid weather
Mine has been tacky.I have the loons thick mixture.Lots of humidity here in South Ga
MUSTAD hook fails, big tarpon lost.
If you guided in Key West... I'll bet that's not the first hook that's failed on you....  We've broken 2x, 4x, hooks occasionally (and in almost every brand....) in the places we fish in south Fl
new south Florida member
Welcome! When I saw your screen name I wondered if it was a reference to Lake O.  Sure enough! Very cool.  Of course now I know where the big ones are hiding... LOL.    You go ahea
Visiting south carolina soon
I've had very limited experience there.  I stayed just south of Murells Inlet7-8 years ago.  There was a small pass just south of where we stayed absolutely slayed the trout on #2 light blue
01:20 am
Mike,       Sorry to hear about the abuse that you put up with. I also understand what you mean about Michigan hillbillys although they are south of me. Gee, I wonder what that makes me
SW fly line and backing
I noted that one fellow had two reels for his 8wt... I'm doing something similar -but for an entirely different reason.  I'm almost finished setting up two reels for every size rod I work.. a lef
Thread Used for Tying Hair Flies
And make no mistake about it, you can cut hair with 200den GSP, too.  I've never used Kevlar, and maybe it's worse, but the hair will slice under tension with 200den GSP before the thread will
Sky Above Water Below
Beautiful! Wishing I was there but I cant complain living in South Florida!
How did you start tying flies? We all have a story . . .
I've been throwing a fly rod since I was 8. I fished it a lot here in south Florida and every summer we would take our pop up camper to Cherokee nc. For 2 weeks every year I would trout fish daylight
Jong Special
maybe so    only andy kim knows for sure   hmmm where did you find my photo of that 60's brassie?     Here Norm:   Brassie
American River Shad Fishing
I live in Rancho Cordova, CA... less than two miles from the American River. The north and south forks of the American meet at Folsom Lake which is about 12 miles north east of me and  it exits i
Guadalupe River
I haven't fished north of canyon lake, but just south of the lake on the guad is stocked w/ bows and browns by GRTU and TPWD.  Some of the GRTU stockers are really nice fish, in the 20+ range, wi
Greeting from a long time lurker!
Welcome! What kind of other fish do they have in South Korea?
Okeechobee Fly Journal
Caught some beautiful slabs today with zip. We had a blast running around the south west side of the lake.  Good mess of slabs bluegill, a couple shellcrackers, with some healthy 10-15 inch bass
UV Light / Finish
Here's where you can read and also get …. " Silvercreeks stuff "…it's the best I ever used …and He's a great guy and also good stuff too……here are two site's to read abou
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