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South Dakota

Fishing With A Guide: After Action Report!
As I mentioned in a previous post, this was probably a "one and only" trip for me. It was a Christmas gift from my sweet wife and I fulfilled it on Friday, April 4, 2014. The cost of the trip was
My first two flys EVER! Critiques????
Thanks everyone!  It is hard for me to grasp the size and types of hooks for trout!  The second (smaller one) I pictured is a size #18 and I simply cannot fathom a trout wanting to eat that!
Daniel Boone NF or Smokey Mountains Trip
Hey Snack Im familiar with both areas as part of my county is in the DBNF and I have been through it in various parts of all over the eastern half of Kentucky.  You weren't very specific as
Salmon fly question's
The highly dressed salmon fly started as a contest to see who could dress the most fanciful fly.  When the European nations started sailing to South America, they would bring back colorful birds
traveling to new destinations
I am preparing to travel for the "Government" training season.  My first trip will put me in the Los Angeles area the weekend of April 12th/13th. Anyone from that area care to offer some fresh wa
Spoons for KUDU
Sorry bout that Fisherboy, when I said our, I meant down here in South Louisiana.   My wife taught 6th graders that were 17 years old reading on a 1st grade level.   Kirk
RBF: 8'6" Cascade Composites fast 5wt Bluegill rod
This one is for a customer from down South that fishes big bluegills and wanted a custom faster action 5wt. Only input he told me was it had to be 8'6" and his nickname was "Bluegill Bill" the rest he
8'6" 5wt Bluegill Rod
This one is for a customer from down South that fishes big bluegills and wanted a custom faster action 5wt. Only input he told me was it had to be 8'6" and his nickname was "Bluegill Bill" the rest he
Big Clousers
I tie some big Clousers for Striped bass. I started tying these years ago when I was tying commercially for folks wanting to go to South America & chase Peacock bass.    They're not your
Hello from the Black Forest / Germany
Hello flytyer and fisherman,   my name is Volker from Germany. I´m a fly fisher since approx. 15 years and started fly tying in 2007. First flies were for pacific salmons in British Columbia
chironomid fly patterns
Would it be possible to be a bit more specific ? Lakes, rivers, larvae, pupae, dries and what part of the country? Haha sorry, didn't really know that there was much of a difference. Quick question th
South Platte Carp report?
Heading to Denver on Saturday for a wedding. I have about 5 hours to kill from the time my flight lands to the start of the wedding. I'm just looking for a basic report on carp activity in the South P
2014 Trout opening day plans?
I'll actually be helping the Huron River Watershed Council collect bug samples on opening day.  The next day I will be on a plane heading south to San Antonio.    Some time in May I'll
Fishing With A Guide
I am a Warmwater Fisherman, but there are a very few trout streams in the Upstate of South Carolina along the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Primarily the Chattooga and the Chauga. Recently a man & his wi
Have you seen this?
I catch a lot of Red Eared Sunfish here in Florida ... but nothing that big.  The local name across the South is "Shellcracker" because they are known to feed on snails.  I can attest to thi
Greetings from VA
ihang10, hello from another fellow Virginian.  You have landed at the best tying and fishing forum on the web.  I used to go to Fredericksburg a lot when I was younger but I don't get out of
What's your best strike indicator fly?
[quote name="cheech" post="583973" timestamp="1394819053"][quote name="whatfly" post="583972" timestamp="1394818789"]Thingamabobber.   Guess I have a minority view of the whole hopper/dropper or&
sz 26 hooks
Check South Holston River Fly Shop for their sale on hooks and wire.
Flies for lake trout
Klemen 19,Lake Trout in North America are like super sized, deep bodied, Brook Trout or Dolly Vardens. I am familiar with the Meko UsnaPastrmka from lakes further south in the old Yugoslavia but not t
Redfish Report, East Central FL, pics
Beautiful fish, sounds like a great day.  Are you in Mosquito or further south?
It has to be googleable for trout
Vicrider, I'm from the south and we tend to make up words if necessary. Just pick an existing word and add a prefix or suffix and use it even if it aint in the dictionary (yet).  I was wrong abou
Fly line Identification
I don't need to put a lighter to the lines.  I am relatively sure they aren't silk, since they ARE coated in plastic or something.  The coating on the brownish line is visible in the picture
New and in Japan
Hi everyone,    I'm a South African currently living on the northern island in Japan and have been tying flies for around two years now.  Still a lot to learn and really enjoying the pr
Float Tube & Pontoon Questions
I had a Water Moccasin swim up to the side of my boat, where I couldn't see it .. until it's head came over the side.  It proceeded to crawl from one side to the other and right on out.  It
Recent Walleye, Pike and Small Mouth Flies
From what I can make out, they all look like fish catching patterns.  But I do have a question ... are you coming south?  Northern Manitoba ... do you even have WARM water up there?
Need some feedback - Fiberglass series of rods-
Black and White TV. Hahahaha........I am watching a b&w movie right now. hahaha.......I learned on glass and I still like glass though I seldom fish one since the new black stuff is much lighter.
Bluegill Topwater Fly Swap
Hey Guys, I have known Floyd for several years now, & I have always found him to be as generous as he is skilled. He is what we call, in the deep south, a "True Southern Gentleman, even if he does
Mid-March trout in/around Gatlinburg, TN?
As kudu stated, talk to Byron or Daniel at Little River Outfitters for some great advice. When I lived in KY, we fished the South Holston, Holston, and Clinch River. There are some smaller rivers arou
Mantis shrimp
For some unknown reason the last storm missed us. Did drop a bunch of snow on my mother in law about 60 south of us though. Oh well. Still have about four feet of snow piled up on both sides of the dr
Fishing in New York early April
Appropriately, trout season in NY begins on April 1 (no fool like an April Fool, my mom always used to say.)   As Steve noted, though, NY is a lot bigger than most people realize, and NYC is a lo
Pope's Green Nondescript
Hope this is the one you mean.   W H Pope of Dorchester, south England originally named this pattern 'Pope's Green Nondescript'  This small fly was created to be fished when the Trout n
Blue Charm Spey (var)
Top notch my friend! In other news, got my switch rod!! Woo woo! Im gonna get some practice in down south this weekend lol
North East CO trip
I am probably heading to Julesburg, CO next week for work.  I have two questions.    1) What are the chances that the South Platte River through that area will be fishable next week? &#
Woven cdc parachute may fly emerger.......
Thanks for the heads up, guys.   I was confused, so I looked up Norway on Google Earth.  Here I was thinking Norway was an island in the South Pacific !!!  Imagine my surprise to find o
DNA Bush Pig
bourbon neat. I did not know there was another way.   Thanks for the tip on the beer. I don't know if it is available here in Middle TN. I must live just a few miles south of you. I am probably
Mini Hoppers/Crickets
Two questions came to mind after reading this thread and watching the video.   1.  Why tie them so small?  I usually tie bream bugs on size 6 hooks but will go to 8 sometimes.  Big
Cobia Flies
A few words about cobia and rays... Lots of fish will follow rays (and at times anything larger than they are....).  I've tossed flies at bonefish, snapper, cobia, redfish, jacks,  and other
Salty Flats & Mangrove Swap
OK li'l dave and atx your flies have arrived and what beauties we have. I will have pics up soon. Thanks for the extra beauties you two. wow. I hope I have caught up with the messages. Sorry I haven't
Hello from the Mitten
Welcome from down South in Ohio. I was born and raised in Michigan, and still take a week or two during every Trout season to annoy the Brookies in the small streams feeding the Manistee between Cadil
What's a good Smallmouth line?
Yes I do,  perhaps I'm just not as picky but I don't notice them to be any more "tangly" than any other line I've ever used.   I've used them through 4 summers in south Alabama as well,
Project Healing Waters
Hi all, The details are listed within this following video, but the gist is that I am organizing a collection of fly tying and fly fishing equipment for Project Healing Waters. This is an incredible o
Deepwater Black Death Tarpon Fly
Capt. Bob, thanks for the encouraging words. If I can ever convince the wife that the real magic kingdom lies well south of Orlando you will be getting a call from me. Everglades tarpon are No. 1
5th Annual Opening Day Swap
 Thanks for letting me know they arrived. Are you going to fish the Rogue this year?First weekend in October for Steelhead for sure. I will be swinging those Red Ants you sent. Hope to fish the u
expose myself........
Thank you, MIKE*A! Just wondering...... Are there any other Mississippi members on here? ........ Particularly South MS? Need someone to possibly fish and share fly patterns with. I'm the only l
tubes vs. conventional hooks
tidewaterfly tubes do work in the rivers for smallmouth and largemouth. I have caught several smallmouth on my tubes. The very first cast with one on the South Branch Potomac brought me a nice 3lb sma
A norwegian flyfisherman going nuts - here comes Terry!!!&
Terje,       I got up this morning feeling like what comes out of the north end of a south bound horse but that picture got me laughing and feeling much better.  I haven'
Synthetics for salamander?
for all that BSing around, just use a 4 or 5 inch Zoom Lizard or something similar on your fly rod.   I ASSume from your posts it is not a fly-rod only tournament so if you tell the organize
Pike Fishing on the Fly
Although I've never fished up north (I came off the water at 3Am this morning down here in paradise, aka south Florida) one of my contract patterns with Umpqua Feather Merchants has been used a lot fo
J vise
Barry:   You are breaking jaws tying for the Lower Sac.?  What the heck are you tying?  Have you thought of a Dyna King instead of a J-vice?  Local manufacture of a tried and true
I've fly fished the beach on the NAS, from the Navy Lodge to the Coast Guard station, and have caught bluefish, mackerel, redfish, sea trout, flounder, ladyfish, and a few other small things I didn't
Lookin for a place to fish!
JSzymczyk....Trout are still my favorite. I have caught blue and channel cats up to 8 pounds on a fly, stripers in the spring (OMG before 9/11 I would kayak up to the warm water discharge in the winte
Any one in the Orlando Florida Area.
I live north of Orlando and work south of Orlando.  Driving I-4 each way everyday is one of the reasons I HAVE to go fishing every weekend. The closest fly tying club I've been able to find is on
Flies for Crappie
my best crappie fly by far the last few springs has been very simple--- #6 standard dry fly hook, tail of marabou as long as the hook shank, ice dub body, and bead head.   Crappie have big m
How far should I be able to cast?
Speaking of buying waders. I was at the local Bass Pro Shop yesterday (South of Chicago).  They've got $119.00 boot footed waders on sale for $69.00.  They also have sticking footed (you nee
Bass Stinger Hooks
Which size in the 3366 is equivalent to a TMC8989 #6 This is my bread and butter size in Bass flies in South Africa.
Florida Bass Flies?
I got to agree with Rocco on the boiled peanuts.  I particularly like the cajun style but the regular ones are fantastic.  Just buy them on the side of the road at any fruit stand   Asl
Cheap UV Resins
Hi Jason   been checking out the Solarez website for a while now. the only thing that worries me is the product info from them. see below PRODUCT TIP: Apply all UV curable products in full shade
Woodcock and snipe
I pan fry them with olive oil and some salt and pepper. I like the taste.  The breast meat is dark. The legs are white meat. Woodcock should be medium rare when cooked. It does have a liver
Doug's Destroyer
I bet a chartreuse head over a white tail would be killer, also read head over white.     I agree about South Florida.  I grew up down there and even if you can't get to the sea, there
2014 Tarpon Rookie Competition
I have been considering moving to mid or south FL and I am not especially weak kneed but noodling for the brown trout is out.
Edmonton Alberta Fly Fishing July? Guides?
What the hey are you doing going to Edmonton to get hitched and go on a honeymoon!!!!!! That part of Canada is not the best outdoors gateway to anything! My wife and I thought that might be a great pl
Looking for a fly fisherman in East Ga.
I live in St. Marys, its about as far east as you can go in GA...also about as far south...
Hatches Blog Post - Hatches Theater- Gangsters, Musky, and South Bran
Heart pounding, reflective, and scientific... this instalment of Hatches Theater has it all.[url=
Road kill
boot = trunk (we use that here in the South as well.) saloon =  sedan parcel shelf = rear deck, or shelf or whatever you call the board that covers the trunk area on a small car that doesn't have
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