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South Dakota

Hello from Southern Idaho
I visit Idaho as often as I can.  Great fishing all over the state.  Down south (Utah,) too many people thing the only reason to go to Idaho is when the Powerball gets over a few million. &#
Missing- SPRING
I have lived in SE TN since summer, 1988.  We are at the bottom of cold fronts and the leading edge of warm fronts from the south.  Places north of us and south of us have more consistent we
This speaks of Tenn. waters that flow into the Cumberland, 7 of them:   By Ann Toplovich , Tennessee Historical Society Emil Bott's painting of the Cumberland River near Nashville, ca. 1855.
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
Hi all, Just starting to browse my options. I haven't bought a new vise in 15 years.   But it's time to upgrade as I have the dedicated room and time to tie more and the old vises just aren't cut
I need to rant !!!
There is a place south of town that has a fence around the property.  The signs on the gate and fence read: No trespassing!  Trespassers will be shot.  No warning given!  How's tha
Hello everybody
Near the south holston river. Thanks flafly!!!
Stillwater trout ontario
I've done some fishing in the area just south of Huntsville, but it was for smallmouth. A couple of shows on "The New Flyfisher" were filmed on small lakessome small lakes about 4 hours north of you f
Line weight, reel and rod question
Troutinturnie, it should be a big gym to get the full effect of casting.  Let us know how things work out.  FWIW, I used to cast all kinds of things with an old South Bend fiberglass rod, 8
Vise Advice
Derailing...   Thought I'd say hello, as you are a neighbor to the south of me.  I'm in North Port.   Who's your local shop?
Amelia Island FL
April is one of the best times of year to fish all over Florida. Unfortunately, the First Coast is one of the only coasts of Florida I have not fished much so I can't help too much with the specifics,
Cherokee, NC Trophy Water
jd1983 I would like that. I am going to South Mountain tomorrow and Cherokee on Tuesday.  I have a friend from NY/MS here, but next time I will holler. maybe PHG can join us too.
Your ideal hook for a clouser
I use many hooks for tying Clousers. Generally, I look for a straight shank hook. For Freshwater or some brackish water I've fished, I've tied them on plastic worm hooks.   For saltwater or brack
March Flies From The Bench
Just love watching the ability of some of you guys when it comes to spinning!   We struggle to get half decent hair in Australia a lot of the time!   Nice ties Fish4Life   Johnnyquahog,
Once you get the hang of tying Deceivers you'll find that they're pretty universal (particularly for colder waters).  If you worked a Deceiver down my way (south Florida) you might want one that'
"If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you"
Cold not to be argumentative, but a simple Google search will bear out that everyone is not entitled to a lawyer. I don't think you would believe whatever they proffer.   Vicrider remember, when
Borski's Redfish Slider
I typically don't have a use for it .....but I may try it out on some of the larger freshwater species we have here. The one tied by 'In the Riffle' is not bad. I have tied something similar years ag
Some good patterns for Big Pickerel
Chain pickerel aren't that fussy. In the South Jersey ponds I get to fish and the lakes up in the Poconos. They seem to like white. Unless you've got big pickerel in 20 plus inch range you don't reall
Shifting gears to freshwater bass....HELP!
Where in VA are you moving? There is trout fishing on the western side of the state and you can still fish saltwater on the eastern side (although it is apparently not as big as if you drive south to
saltwater skill building no 2 - deceivers
Just a little preview of what's soon to be heading south. I haven't tied a real deceiver in a while so it was challenging. Tied on 4/0 and 2/0 VMC hooks for heavier animals.
I call it, the Mc Shrimp
I use this fly to fish for redfish in the flats down in south Texas. It mimics a brown shrimp really well. Its a cross between a more realistic shrimp pattern and a crazy charlie. Seatrout love thi
What do you think of this mullet pattern?
Nice tie. Good video. I'll have to give it a try.This is what I use for the mullet run in South Jersey. Based on Bob Pops Siliclone. Tail is white bucktail, flash tied on the side. He uses wool for th
question 1. bluegill flies
don't make the mistake of using too small a hook for crappie. They have big mouths, and aren't called "papermouth" for nothing. Lots of fragile membrane and not a whole lot of meat for a hook to bite
Trout Creations
Matt Let me know when my flies arrive. I sent them last week. Do you go to Lake State? I go bird hunting fairly close to you just south in Onaway. Long way from here in Kentucky.
February Flies From the Bench
Mike is spot on. What the customer wants. I wouldn't do the wings with CdC either if they were for me. This would be more the sort of thing I'd tie for myself. However, he who pays the piper... I j
The Burden of Flyfishing?
To digress even further from the original topic, Something we do here often........     I love to quail hunt. There are no large numbers of quail anymore and I live in South Carolina.  
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
A 40" snook is awesome, I have gotten 2 over 40 but they were both on live mullet. Couldn't imagine how awesome it would be to get those hogs on a fly. You actually weren't off on the tarpon up there,
What's the deal on fly reels?
It was never my intent to create such a "shirt" storm from what I thought was a simple question. I have made a good deal on a combo and after I hit the lotto, maybe I'll purchase one those Marquise!
Del Ray Beach
There really isn't much inshore fishing in Del Ray, especially for waders. The ICW isn't that great down there. The best stuff is offshore, especially now with sailfish season upon us. There are some
Skill Builder Trout Series II
Thanks Riff. I will let you know when they arrive. What bird specifically are you calling "partridge?" Hungarian Partridge, Ruffed Grouse, Bob White Quail, other? We here in the south refer to almost
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
I was there last august for a week.   I brought my kayak so I was able to beach launch a few mornings-  we stayed at Dam Neck which isn't a "public" beach unless you have access to the
salty skill building no.1 - the clouser minnow
Cool. Sorry. I forgot that not everyone knows I'm from the deep south. Hell I'm from the deep south your from the deep deep deep south. :)
crayfish patterns
The mudbugs down here in our ponds and creeks in south Ga have huge claws. Sometimes as big as the thorax, especially on bigger older crawfish. There is a noticeable difference in the size of the thor
Monthly swap begin or end? Pics of past year
Sweet, I'll get to tying! I work in Knoxville and recently moved just a little ways west to a town called Kingston right in some good bass water. I learned to fly fish targeting trout and now bass (an
Mckenzie light help
I had one of those lights with the other head, about 12 years ago. I bought it specifically to use and tie with on the road. Let's see, it went South on me and would not work, even with a replace
For those out of the south Florida venue..... "Old Dirty...." is a commercial tyer who has worked for a local south florida fly shop for a few years now.....  If you want to see a bit of his stuf
Fripp Island SC
Along the coast of South Carolina 
Hello from the NW
I am in the South Sound area. I have found some good fly shops and plenty of help. 
Thermal Underwear
Lightweight-medium weight polypro long underwear (Walmart, or if not available in the South, get some at Layer over these with polyester  fleece lounge pants (hipster pajamas) (in t
Fly boxes and vises
I know I need to dry things out before putting them up. Most of the time when I get through fishing in my kayak, half of my lures are sitting on the deck in front of me because I don't put them up wet
Tennessee muskies
Call the "Fly South" shop in Nashville. Nice guys there, pretty helpful.
Polar Bear fur
Maybe Polar bears will migrate back south, cross breed with brown bears.... get a back cross...?? Anyways Polar Bears (brown bears) migrated north some 250 000 yrs ago... they adapted... i'm sure so
Musky Fly Swap 2016
I am not going to lie, I like to take my time on my flies and treat them with more importance than any of my other flies. I want the fly to last for several fish, I have one that has caught 7-8 fish a
Saltwater Fly Swap
I'm in ,I like the 2 or 3 weeks time limit. 5 weeks is a little long for me as I will be heading south for the 2016 season but that wont stop me from sending flies in   Brandon
Forum & Tying Newbie
I have no expectation of improving upon patterns that have decades of approval behind them.  I simply want to make my own interpretations of baitfish local to the areas that I fish.  My OP
Comfort vs. Utility in Vehicles -- What Would You Do?
  Was just deer hunting backside of Lake Parlin last weekend, was cold and snowing and the wind was treacherous. Tracked a decent buck through the fresh snow for a couple hours but couldn't c
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
In spending some time at some other fly-tying sites, I am somewhat taken aback over the size of some flies being tied -- large flies for obviously large fish.  This seems (to me at least) to main
Micro thin fly lines
I don't get it. If they were being sold for their casting qualities I could understand it. They would offer an advantage aerodynamically, but that isn't what all the blurb is saying.It is all about a
SAGE ONE 8'6" 4wt 4pc
THANKS FOR THE TIPS!    i started fly fishing with my grandpa on the au sable about 10 years ago. We are from down state so my experience, at first, was limited to opening weekend once a yea
Welcome Cuckoo.  If you haven't already done so, I suggest you look up "Totch: A Life in the Everglades" by the late Totch (Loren) Brown.  It's a remarkable story of the early days in South
ready for some ice fishing?
Too hard to cut the trough to cast in.   I'm with Mike.  Too many people, and too damned cold.   There is a reason I still live down here in the Piney woods.  That fluffy white stu
Best Vice For $120
Try some, buy one & just get use to using it! A Belgian tyer told me at the fly expo he is very happy with the Chinese knock off of the famous vise from South Africa!
Biggest bear in the Ocala Nat Forest
That's a nice size Bear. I find it amazing they are found that far south.   Mike Yup all the way south.  South Florida can be lousy with them, just talk to folks that live in the east Na
Hook Classification for Panfish
There are a number of small lakes in the east Texas area that stock Trout every fall when the water temps are right.   The difference being they don't charge to fish for them and you don't have t
what needs to change in fly
All societies go through a sequence of hard labor and long hours so they can build a manufacturing base. Think of the USA in the early to mid 1800's when the Irish were the poor laborers. Think o
Matching the rod with the fly.
There's a reason you won't see any bamboo on the salt (at least I never have, and I've been working the long rod since 1976.... and began guiding full time in 1996 down here in south Florida) but that
Fly Tying Symposium
Definitely, the show to go to if you are into tying. Not as many vendors as there are at the January show but there a few. A good show to pick up new patterns and tips on tying old ones. I'm lucky it'
Vise question
Listen guys, if you don't mind re-centering the hook for true rotation, go with an inline type rotating vise, and assuming you want to save a few bucks over the big dollar, so called, true rotary vi
Steve Farrar SF Blend new packages
Steve Farrar's SF flash blends from South Africa, it,s common over here. Good for fresh & saltwater flies!
October Monthly flies...think orange
Ah man Doug, I hate to hear that. I've had tornadoes flying around us and 24" snowfalls and leaky roofs but never had to live through the flooding I see in various parts of the country, including stra
Antique rod or not?
Depends on who the maker of them were. 9 times out of ten most older bamboo rods are more or less old production Heddon, Horrocks-Ibbotson, Montague or South Bend or such bamboo rods that were sold th
White bass streamer hook
I've never fished for White Bass, but guess some of the flies I've used for LM or SM bass would work. For larger sizes, like 1/0 I use a lot of straight shank plastic worm hooks. They're generally an
Minnow body patterns
Most ponds in the south have fat head minnows and bream...any pattern that imitates them will work. They grow up eating them and even a 10# bass will attack a 2" minnow if you drop it in their face an
Trip out west recomendations
Idaho is where I am most familiar, and both the North and South Forks of the  Snake offer good floating.  There are numerous smaller streams to fish as well.  The area from Afton WY to
Meanwhile in the southeast...
FB   we got lots of rain, pretty much constant up here in NC, but nothing like you guys further south along the Columbia SC line.  Hope you survived it OK.
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