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South Dakota

Fly holder/drying rack - thanks Tidewater
Using threaded rods wasn't an original idea since I was a lure maker long before tying flies... my first reference book on lure crafting was by Boyd Pfeiffer, TACKLE CRAFT -and I still have that old b
The moon over my hometown tonight......
I like what appears to be lines of longitude, converging on a "south pole".
New Here
You're moving ... to Minnesota? You do know it's not any warmer there than N. Dakota !?!?!? I used to work with a blacksmith in North Carolina .... back in the late 70's.  That is a fascinating s
Black Goldfinch
Boy those are pretty or as we say down here in the south...purdy!!
Tap, tap, tap...
...this thing on? Ah yes, good!   Greetings from SW Florida!  Land of The Mighty Snowbird and infamous land developers (oh wait, the developers don't actually live here they just screw it up
UV in your flies - fact or fallacy.
Cool post above. MSU (Montana State) is in the middle of a snow bowl with North Dakota State. So I didn't read as carefully as I might have. Not yet anyway. But I thought I noticed you saying selectiv
Novembers WORST flies from the bench!!!
my worst flies are in a tree somewhere on the south platte river in colorado and were placed there by some of the most erratic casting by a newbie to fly fishing.   sorry but i'm not going back t
Biloxi Marsh
Love fishing the south coast for the bull run. Looks like yall had a blast. Hoping to take a few days off in December and go to Venice to try it out.
A good rainy day film
Hydro-electric is necessary and not going anywhere soon. Also remember if all dams were systemically eliminated we'd lose hundreds of miles of tailwaters and the huge monetary investment in the lakes
What flies work well for carp?
Hi group,   Here in Idaho we have great carp fishing on the Snake River just south of Boise. Our three go-to patterns for them are a Sparkle Pupa (usually bright green on the body), Elk Hair Cadd
What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories?
Most recently, last year, I was fishing the Owens River, here in California, migratory fish from Crowley Lake travel upstream to spawn, I hooked a Rainbow that when it jumped my thought was "Holy sh!t
How did you get into fly fishing?
My story is starts out the pretty much the same as several other posters.   I have fished for trout as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of family camping/fishing trips. Da
Donīt fence me in........
Dark at 5? How far south are you. Its currently 15:02 and car lights on here. No snow though, Terje, Harvard and Henrik can keep that.
AARRGGHHH, dem dang Canuckians...
its called pushing the illegals back south
Question: hook choice for streamers
For panfish in smaller sizes for flies that will ride inverted (Clouser style) I also like a long shank hook. A couple of brands make them in premium quality fly hooks, but a basic Aberdeen works too.
Hello from Redway Ca!
Welcome to the site, Jmox.  Lots of good fishing areas between you and San Francisco.  I have been in French Camp (south of Stockton) several times ... and might be there a year from now if
Looking For A Good Agent Orange Fly Pattern
Been using this Agent Orange pattern in South Africa to catch good size Carp. Originally a Bonefish fly   Wet Fly Hook # 4-6 Orange Chenille Orange Crystal Flash with Grizzly Hackle tips  
November Swap Club
Breambuster, I'm glad to hear that you are ok after your accident. A S-10 and a tractor-trailer aren't an even match at all. If you decide to play bumper cars in the future you might consider tangling
November Blues
I love the South.  Here in NC, as well as east TN and SW VA, we fish year round!  Not just trout, but all fish.  Jan and Feb are pretty slow, but there are still fish to catch.  I
November flies from the bench
Divers usually have fairly large skirts; it generates more water movement and disturbance, and atracts fish. In the South and Southwest, we use these for bass and a variety of other species. Many of
Black Rabbit
See that pattern working for Largemouth Yellowfish in South Africa
Fly Tying Beginner
I'm about 90miles south of Chicago. Any idea what town the market was in?
Suggested Flies & Poppers?
Thanks for the comment artimus!    Panfisher, you're welcome!   One more thought. For panfish flies, you can save some money by finding cheaper hooks. You don't need the top dollar fly
Hunting for Materials
I'm different, I guess, being limited to the South where plenty of critters live, but not very furry and condusive to fly tying materials.  Got lots of Wood Duck feathers, more than I'll ever nee
Favorite streamer
Tidewater I was totally focused on trout in my post. My blues and striper saltwater clousers are not sparse. I fish the striper runs with wide alewife patterns in South Carolina.
Fly Tying Supplies
A question as old as time, or at least the Internet. There are tons of stores and you'll get as many suggestions. Honestly I have foregone Internet retailers as an exclusive source of materials.
cold fronts and the effect on trout fishing
That's a good question FlaFly, I'm, curious to hear the answer as well.  I would also add in other warm water outflows like springs. We have areas here like Crystal River where springs pump out c
October flies from the bench
Simon, mine two until I moved north. I will get down south for some grayling this year. Really miss them living here. Cheers, C.
Having fun with some pikes
They spend the time out around the islands in south east Denmark, it is considered sea area, and then they move into the cove the two times a year. Pretty much as the coastal pikes in Sweden move in a
Worst of the best.
I will say being from the south that ive never even heard of half the flys you guys speak of.  Alot of talk down here about a spoon fly but never got one to work for me??
Hello from Manitoba
welcome, and tell us a bit about yourself so we'll know whom we're talking to.  I see your favorite fish is smallmouth bass, so that means you're not from the deep south or the southwest.
Hello from Romania
And welcome from Denmark too. Let me know if you decides to travel here or south Sweden, I might be able to give you a few insights... Henrik
Critique this Muddler
I'll see what I can do - most of mine only last long enough to get shredded - and I never got any orders for them from any of the shops I tied for so I never put up any masters.... It was noted above
Gonna Need a Bigger Kayak
FlaFly, Makos and spinners are completely different species (at least what we call spinners here down south). I have never heard of makos inshore in Florida and the spinners we get are much closer rel
Those OTHER pheasant feathers
Here is something you may not know. The Matuka was created in New Zealand and they call it Matuko. At least that is what they say in the south Pacific.
Florida's untalked about hatch that pan fish love
Looks good to me. As i am living in south western Florida, i am going to have some ready this year. Thanks fore sharing. Chuck
Everglades days, Biscayne Bay nights - last week of August
Here's a copy of this week's fishing report. Not a lot of fly fishing (skip to the night portion for fly only...). As usual at night we're mostly using 8 or 9wt rods, floating lines, with a single
I love it when a plan comes together
Morning / evening all :P   Haven't been putting a lot up in the way of reports of late.. So just thought I'd pop a quick little post up highlighting a couple of my recent trips...   Nothing
salt water materials?
Your son lives in paradise. I have a friend that is a trooper in both, north and south, islands of New Zealand. I have another in Australia. Both avid anglers and tiers. I do know you can catch R
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
Little Juanita, PA Penns Creek, PA Ausable River in Grayling, MI for the Hex hatch White River, AR South Holston (silly cause I live fairly close)
Hello from California
Welcome to the site.  A fisherman who doesn't brag ???  ALL fishermen brag, especially about the ones they ALMOST caught.  You, young Jedi, have much to learn !!!   Okay, joking as
Billings, MT
These are the public access sites on the Stillwater:     I generally stay in Absarokee, MT and fish the upper sections of that river. This time of year, the rocks in there can be quite slip
New here and already need advise.
Hi Doug,    My short distance vision started going south in my mid-forties. That was about ten years ago, and it's slowly gotten worse. To help thread smaller fly's, I use this tippet to fly
Latest bonsai tree
Yep your stuck bud lol. Hopefully I'll have pics of this one before winter...because this thing backbuds like an SOB. So IF if survived the transplant, I'll know and have new growth soon.   BTW..
uv lamps
 You need to read this and talk with  Henry aka Silver Creek…he's the guy to talk to about resins and UV lights got mine from him and it is the best I've ever used……..UV re
fly type advice
Hi, I am fishing a very small brook that I think has brook trout in it. The brook is very narrow, just a few feet with brush on one side and weeds on another up stream there is some thicker brush. The
Blackbird wings
In the last 12 years or so, American Crow populations have been decimated by West Nile Virus.  Fish Crows populations do not seem to be as adversely effected..   The range of the American Cr
Montana 2014
There's a whole lot of "Western Montana".  North or south?   It doesn't matter .... here's my recommendation. Go to  It allows you to get some good information about
Heading to Fort Myers Beach/ Estero Island
Any places recommended in South Tampa Area to fish in 15ft Jon boat with 15hr outboard and trolling motor?
Casper, WY
The only Frying Pan I know of is in Colorado, near Aspen.  The North Platte runs right through town.  There are several fly shops, and a Sportsman's Warehouse in Casper.  They should be
Casting For Recovery Fly Boxes
FYI I got the following email from CFR today:   Hello Bob!   Just wanted to let you know that the flies have arrived safe and sound.  They are incredible!!!!   I sent out an email
Added another species to the list...
A lot of the lakes around here (central Kansas) have automatic fish feeders on them. They go off twice a day. Every 12 hours. If it goes off at 7 in the morning, it will go off at 7 in the evening. I
Fishing buddy
Don't worry I've always been south too, my dad went to Montana though, came back with pics of all the wildlife, and told me how they used marshmallows to trout fish.
Need Light-Weight STABLE Boat Recommendations
My wife and I own a house where we hope to retire in about 3 years that is across the road from people with waterfront property on a large hydro-electric lake in South Carolina. I have talked to a lad
Hoping The Pond Stalker Is Welcome Here!
PondStalker,   Your more than welcome.  To a former cold water stalker, transplanted to the deep south, warm water input is always welcome.  A nice blog also.  
Nice shark's teeth !!! Where are you collecting those?  I've found some on the beaches of Florida, but nothing that size.  I remember living in Charleston, South Carolina in the late 70s ear
The Bumblepuppy revisited
History says that Gordon and his fellow fly tyers used too play with his pattern and change it to suit their whims, "the Bumblepuppy" has lots of different interpretations, here is mine. I hope Ted wo
Firetiger Streamer and Painted Fish Masks
Great looking fly, those colors work great here in the south on bass.
2nd life
Chase ... When sitting on a log, remember that it's the water moving, not you.  You don't have to compensate for current. Or perhaps you decided to look up at the birds and the trees? Or you were
What's up from Slapout, AL.
  Well I've come to the conclusion that if I don't start reaching out for help I'll just continue to suck at what I love to do. I've been flicking fur, feathers, and foam for about three years no
Happy Canada Day!! And a quick thanks
Just wanted to wish a happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians! And to my American friends to the south, wishing you a happy early Independence Day. Would also like to take this time to thank all of th
Jon Boat
Do yourself a favor if you are planning on a johnboat. Get at least a 14 and 48" wide. A 36" is ok on small streams but canoes are better IMO. Plan on a trailer to stave of back strains or worse. I do
Craft Fur Minnow and Recent Report
Great permit... When I came back to guiding almost 20 years ago and went full time a very well respected long time fly angler who lives in the Keys and has caught everything from billfish to permit on
Gotta love them bluegills!
Great article!  I could have written that myself (but nowhere near as well).  I do have to admit that the Mainiacs have a point.  When the predator population is eliminated, or reduced,
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