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South Dakota

DO NOT absentmindedly.....
I've been a garage operator for some years now (after me and all my materials got chased out of the house...).  My tying desk is right next to the side door of my  two car garage (and my gar
New Guy From Florida But Moving
Welcome from another south Floridian. I love the smokies, and the wife would love to live there.  But I don't think I could trade the fishing capital of the world for a trout stream. That's just
Mop Fly Variant
The things we do to our pets.  That's a nice color.  An interesting fly.  Let us know how it works.  I've been toying with the idea of mating mop pieces with a foam popper head. &#
Stay Safe
A quick update.... a buddy was over at Everglades City (the far northwest end of Everglades National Park - about 30 miles east of Naples) two days ago and he reported that the place was just stinking
Fishing for grass carp aka amur
I know many now target common carp on the fly, but how about amurs? There are lots of them down here in south Florida, but are they a target species or just an accidental bycatch?
Hurricane Irma
When you are in South Florida there is a lot of "upland" to go before you find true inland. And you still can get hit anywhere along the way. Not worth it in my opinion.
Hello from the SF Bay Area
Welcome to the site, KM.  I work, for a couple of weeks a year, South of Stockton.  Plenty of small bass and trout waters over there.   Good luck finding tying and fishing partners.
Walker's Wiggler
Hi Guys   Can anybody help me with tying instructions of the Walker's Wiggler fly. Have a client i South Africa looking for some.   Thanks  
Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon were accidentally released
well if they run further south during I'll do my part and give it a go.
Any float-tubers out there?
Years ago, like almos 50, St. Paul MN experienced a huge influx of Hmong refugees. There were several nice little lakes around us and most had a full walking path around them. I used to take my belly
August flies from the vice
Been prepping for a weekend in Tennessee.   South Holston?
U.P. Trip Report (photo heavy)
Had a great trip to Michigan's U.P. earlier this month! The official nature of the trip was to deliver my son, Will, to a Geological Engineering camp at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, way up in
Newbie from Kentucky
Just starting fly tying. I retire next April and look forward to my new hobby. My main interest is saltwater flies since we are in the South Florida area a couple times a year. Have a trip planned to
howdy all
Nice popper collection. Yet to tie one and streamers but can tie #24 dries and wets with ease though my eyes are slow south bound in my mid age.
Redeye Bass = patterns and info.
I catch lots of rock bass in my backyard creek in PA. I've also caught lots of red eye bass in SC. I know for some reason South Carolinians like to say they are not the same. To me they are the same t
Group gathering...Tying...Fishing...Friendship
It's not a bad idea, but we're pretty scattered.  I rarely fly, anymore, and driving more that 8 or 9 hours is too much, at my age.  Some kind of regional activity might work, though, say a
UV lights
I second the above post about contacting Silver Creek about his UV light (and resins....I have all 3 types).  I tried multiple lights and Silver's high end light is far and away the winner among
All copper wire nymph?
It may be the Brassie midge larva/pupa pattern    
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Got it, feathers.  Vicente answered, but I'll add my understanding. I now live in Florida.  I was born and raised in Indiana.  I've been all over the world. Based on my experiences, fis
8ft 5wt fiberglass
Not sure why that size doesn't add up Dave, 8ft 5wt to 7wt glass was actually the industry standard throughout most of the 50's, 60's & 70's. That is what more than half the fly rods of the time
Snook Flies Swap
According to my wife, better than any other fish in south Florida. Grouper and snapper included.
Thinking of a Jeep Wrangler
I have a 2009 Unlimited with a 2.5" Teraflex lift and 35" tires.  It'll go anywhere I ever want to go offroad.     But on road it gets old.  We've driven it to Colorado twice (from
Getting Crabby Swap
Thanks Salty. definitely a pattern to cast at sighted fish.  But glad you got it wet.   Looking forward to feedback from you salties in the north.  They are a fantastic fly for the flat
Day at the beach. South Fl.
Here's how I used to handle that situation (long before I ended up with six grandkids....).  We'd stay at a place called Crescent Beach on Siesta Key (right next to Sarasota...).  With my tw
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Just wanted to let you all know that the flies are in the mail. Thanks to everyone for participating. The flies all turned out very nice. Even the "Snake Doctor" which is what we call dragon flies (or
ice out brookies help
Maine Lakes are on a longitude ( more so latitude) not so far off from you and where I frequent up there ice is just now going out, brookies will generally be found not far off shore then. Even here f
Tying to Match the Hatch
When sulphurs are coming off on the South Holston, I've had reasonable luck using a Catskill size 16 sulphur dun, but I've had better luck swinging a size 14 partridge and yellow past the rise forms.&
Scud Back
I own a fly tying factory in South Africa and are looking for scud back in bulk as we use a lot of it.
Garden almost in shape
Very pretty.  A lot of what you've planted doesn't even grow well this far south.   Wife is envious.
I had a friend back in South Carolina (1979 - 80) who emptied a 9mm magazine into the bottom of his boat, trying to kill a snake that had dropped into it from an overhanging branch. 9 holes in his boa
Fishing in Montana for a month HELP
We rode dual sport bikes down to Montana a few years back. I had bought a book by Frank Amota called Fishing Montana or something like that, it identified several rivers and camping spots on the rive
Weathermen and weather apps suck thread
Hopefully, Steve.  Summer is considered the "wet season", as we usually get afternoon showers every day.     Average is between 50 and 70 inches of rain per year, but it can be as high
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Mike, I'm actually south of 528 in Merritt Island and these areas are both north and south of me with the most accessible areas being just north of the Bee Line. Monday they were hitting crazy at my f
A little color
Jim, the winter of 2013/2014 really put the hurts to the fishing - there have been some reds around since then, but not in the numbers that you & I saw. The trout also took a beating; they're on t
Hello from New Jersey
Do very little  fresh water fishing in Jersey.  Every fall the salt water fly fishing club I belong to works with Casting For Recovery at their South Jersey retreat and we fish a lake in a c
Fishing for Perch
The nearest ocean to this lake is more than 2000 miles. It is actually in a series of man made reservoirs connected by canals fed from Lake Defienbaker which is actually a large reservoir of the South
Rain Jacket...light weight or insulated.
Raingear runs the line from ultra-light packable (and you'll pay extra for top of the line packable raingear) all the way in the other direction to something heavy enough for the Bering Sea....  
Help on this vise. What is it.
You are looking at a J Vice they are Hand made in South Africa You can see them on Google.
Adams Humpy SBS
Rough water version; subbed moose body for brown/grizz hackle fiber tail. hook - Dai Riki 320 #14 thread - UTC 70 brown tail - moose body abdomen - muskrat dubbing hump - deer hair wings - hackle tip
N Ga trout trip. First fish!
Nice. I have only fished down South one time about 10 yrs ago in North Carolina but those streams down there are just really pretty and the quintessential small wild streams.
The Warm Water Vice
Peacocks on the brain. I have to take the one and a half hour ride south to Miami for some training Tuesday. Hopefully classes get out early enough to hit a canal or 2 before heading home.  A pea
Bluegill hunter swap
You can buy the farmed stuff in some asian shops.... they are trying not to encourage release of the fish. But honestly most people don't even target them (except for some south east asians, and a f
Beat on Me, Like a 5-year old's rented Drum Kit Challenge
FRN I have fished for trout in your neck of the woods once. Only truly wild trout I've ever caught. I fished the south fork of the snake one day and the Teton the next. My guide was Dan Oas. He wa
Is it just me?
  NO Bar-B-Q?   I thought the south was known for Bar-B-Q.    FL. Keys are a DIY place since so many people do trailer their own boats down and there are campgrounds as well m
Just When You Thought It Was Safe........
The shark population along the coast of the Everglades is in fine shape (so many critters that during summer you have to work to get a single fish to the boat after you hook up.... and a second fish a
Where to find a List of Protected Species?
Jungle cock is legal in USA if it was raised here or if it is old and imported before the ban. If you live in the US what you may possess also varies state to state. In South Carolina I can shoot dove
Rod Building
Batson/Rainshadow do make good quality blanks - but I've found that the finish on the spin/casting blanks (Rainshadow)  I've been building with for the past 15 years or so hasn't held up well at
a couple of fly boxes done
Lets go find him? Maybe we'll need some help from somebody though. I sense that if flytire could navigate that thing up to the South Platte River he would be doing some multi-tasking soon. The fly bo
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
Hooks are ordered. I leave for South Africa at the end of the week, so I'll get a sample tied up when I get back and take any suggestions.
Bugger swap
Yea it is odd how that works sometimes, my only delay seems to be when my stuff goes through LA they always send my stuff south instead of North.
Rod Tubes needed.
Having been a dedicated club angler years ago (where we competed in every type and size of gear from 4# spin all the way up to fly....) I knew many that had interior rod racks in their station wagons,
Henry's Fork?
Silver that is just a tour de force presentation about Presentation. Thank you. I never cease to be amazed at the quality information you provide. Gives me confidence to try fishing the South Platt
WILD BROWN Trout in Colorado
One of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, the Animas River is a unique and rare treasure. With the newest and one of the best Gold Medal Water fly-fishing sections in Colorado, the
Life is crazy
Zip, I am lucky to have some in the lake of the community. When I go after bass, I get a peacock every now and then. Not sure how much further north they are, but they certainly are reported further s
South African in Latvia, Northern Europe
Hey All, I'm a South African who lives in Latvia,  Recently started tying, needless to say I'm hooked.  Fly Fishing all over Europe, Russia and Africa, hopefully one day able to fish the Ame
Know a reputable antique tackle dealer?
I can't think of anyone except these folks: Adams Angling - Angling Artifacts - Carlson Rod Co. - htt
Florida Keys Recommendations
Are you only looking to fly fish? If you are open to spinning gear, the area bridges there can be great fun, especially at night while your family is sleeping.  The Marathon bridge is a great one
Animas River in Durango, CO
One of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, the Animas River is a unique and rare treasure. With the newest and one of the best Gold Medal Water fly-fishing sections in Colorado, the
Winter Fly Fishing The ANIMAS River
One of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, the Animas River is a unique and rare treasure. With the newest and one of the best Gold Medal Water fly-fishing sections in Colorado, the
Bass rod
I think the differentials are mostly irrelevant.  No one tournament fishes with a fly rod; in fact no one I know now tournament fishes with anything but a casting rod.  I've known several to
casting distance 5wt v 8wt
The answer is that the heavier the line wt of the fly rod, with all else being equal (fly rod length, action, rod material, etc), will cast the furthest. It is simple physics.   What makes the li
WTB SCI Anglers System One Model 789 Reel
Loking for one in very good to excellent shape -- preferably made in Japan vice South Korea.  Will pay up to $100 for a top condition reel.   Please PM me,   Rocco
Atlanta (Duluth, actually) Fly Fishing Show Feb. 3-4
Just a reminder, the show is this coming weekend.  If you are in the area, find time to come by.  The show will feature Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Gary Borger, Joe Humphries, Simon Gawesworth
I hope everyone through Middle of Country is safe...
This ice storm is big and nasty. We are right on the south edge of it and yesterday and last night our trees got iced and lots of weaker branches came down. Our temps ranged from 30-32 but because we
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