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Mustad Keel hooks gone :( Replacements..?
I tie stonefly nymphs on a Dai Riki 700b. They ride hook point up with some lead wrapped on the shank. You may need to bend the shaft a bit or modify the pattern. I found them in the local fly shop,
Failure of Modern Fly Design
I understand his premise, I just think he's wrong.The first Trudes were tied as a practical joke in the early 20th century and they've been catching fish ever since- they spurred the development of ev
Yes I can see that. Is there zone thing I can read? Nymphs are easy.   1) Find a hatch chart for your area/water.   2a) For every entry that is a mayfly, substitute the name of the mayfl
April Flies From The Bench
My favorite jig nymph for the next couple of months. Pulls multi duty as small stonefly or green drake nymph. Who knows what trout think it is but it's been my top producing general searching guide fl
Thin Skin alternative…..??
I still have a few hackle capes from the early days before we had all these girly Whiting saddles.     As everyone knows things were much bigger back in the day.  All the fish I caught
Stonefly Nymph Body Width
draper stonefly hooks (no longer made but still available. just gotta GOOGLE for them)     why so wide when they arent really that wide to begin with?  
Dry Fly Hackles
Generally speaking, cutting down any hackle, dry fly or hen, is not a good idea. One thing about stimulators is they are a kissin' cousin to some flies called Sofa PIllows, or another I can't think of
March monthly swap
Sorry if I've been kind of lax in posting for the monthly. That's what happens when you have a few who are prompt on getting there flies and then we're into March and I only have a half dozen of Febru
March Flies From The Bench
playing with twisted wires     variation of a stonefly in the round ala charles brooks
Deer Hair Razor Blade Tool
Stonefly ... model sf29 hair-trimmer   This was the only thing I could find ... on E-bay or any other site.
Deer Hair Razor Blade Tool
Else try this:
Could the Clouser be the most versatile streamer ever made?
Well you asked about the most versatile fly ever made. The Clouser to me would not be it because it basically only imitates minnows. It might be able to be tied to imitate minnows in fresh and salt wa
Show off your Cape/saddles.
I agree with DazWah on the Collins saddles...they're nice feathers, but not what I'd call excellent [i]dry fly[/i] feathers.  Small buggers, wet flies...maybe large stonefly dries that are also u
Favorite stonefly pattern(s)?
Hi All, Curious about your favorite, trout-catchingest stonefly patterns.  Particularly interested in patterns that aren't very complicated and don't take more than 10 minutes to tie.   I've
Guide's Choice Hare's Ear Variant
You know tc the only fly I've tied with a jig hook is a slump buster. But I like this fly very much and plan on tying some. I like the variant concept and all its possibilities like even an all blac
Febuary Monthly beadhead swap - Need Swapper
Flies in the mail; they will arrive at your box Tues latest. Giant stonefly nymphs; season for them is coming up, they are good for river trout, but smallmouths as well.
Opening Day Trout Swap
Corn husks make great stonefly wing cases
February Flies From the Bench
Bead Bodied Stonefly Nymphs:   [attachment=55733:DSC_0908.JPG] [attachment=55734:DSC_0922.JPG] [attachment=55735:DSC_0923.JPG] [attachment=55736:DSC_0921.JPG]   I tie these in a variety of c
Old Mustad Hooks
I still use some of these:   The 7957B is a 1X long, standard wire hook and can be used for wet or dry flies. (I prefer these for my Wulff flies as they are forged and very strong for their weigh
Itty Bitty Streamers
If you nymph fish, they will make great stonefly nymphs, especially little black stones. Will probably make good hex and iso nymphs.
Stonefy adult
Hi all. I send a photo of two adult stonefly. Two styles, realistic and for fishing. I hope you like it.   [attachment=55601:ambas stones.jpg]
Illegal fly tying ring busted!
Got my vote ... put those useless small people to work !!! "You want dinner?  Go tie 5 dozen Stonefly nymphs, then we'll see !!!"
Top Winter Trout Patterns
Size 8 black wooly bugger (streamer hook) with pearl Krystal flash tied in, and size 2 Brown stonefly nymph.
I Just Found A Treasure
well if you are located in new york then take a drive over to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in livingston manor and they should be able to tell you its a wulff or not   he had the id
Tryed a stonefly
Looks pretty good though. What I have found important on stonefly nymphs is the tail. And it's not even so much that it has to have the exact split with biot look as it just needs to keep it's tail. I
January flies from the vise
KG's Boogie Man and a broken dookie stonefly missing two biots haha   [attachment=55481:boogieman.jpg] [attachment=55482:stone.jpg]    
Hatches Blog Post - Morrish’s Iron Sally – Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez ties Ken Morrish's Iron Sally nymph fly pattern. This is a great stonefly nymph for golden stones or yellow sallies.[url=
large fly guy trying my hand at nymphs need critique!
Flytire is correct silvercreek it is a stonefly imitation maybe a re critique based on that knowledge? Thank you     Sorry that  I missed the 20 incher reference in your original
Some recent flies
Been taking a break from tying monster articulated streamers and I"m enjoying it. Part box filling, part r&d, part custom orders.    Rainbow Warrior using Veevus Thread, Veevus Tinsel, a
having trouble with stonefly/mayfly tails?
geared for the realistic fly tyer but could be good the newbies struggling with split tails       definitely not for the nay-saying purists
December Flies From the Bench
stonefly's for shop
Let's talk about European nymph techniques...
Lots of very cool information here. Thank you for posting!    I like to keep things as simple as possible. My rig is 30' of 15lb mono, tied to a 12' section of 40lb Suffix braid (hi-vis). Fr
Bugger Tails
My bugger tails are different lengths, materials and even layout depending on if I want it as a generic fly or to lean towards matching a hatch or representing what ever. That "what ever" can be anyth
Adding Legs to bluegill patterns
mikes question was   ... How did you get the legs almost perfectly (radially) splayed?   [attachment=54317:rubber legs 2.jpg]   heres one method that could be used to achieve the radial
November Flies from the Vise
Stonefly and an intruder streamer delio inspired from some ties a buddy of mine has been pumping out
Skill Builder Trout Swap Series
I'll play with a little black stonefly nymph, if you'll have me.
Safety Pin Swap
Add147 and Riff thanks for joining. I was only joking with Breambuster about tying a Jock Scott if he tied the Parmachene Belle. I have seen Riff's work on a salmon fly and he is amazing. I catch m
Trip out west recomendations
Idaho is where I am most familiar, and both the North and South Forks of the  Snake offer good floating.  There are numerous smaller streams to fish as well.  The area from Afton WY to
fly suggestions for Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers
The area just got socked with a lot of rain, not sure how well they'll be fishing over the next couple days.  This time of year there's still some terrestrials hanging around, mostly smaller ant
Adult, female Stonefly
Very Very Nice looking stonefly
Beginner tie need help & all the feedback I can get!
Tried to tie a stonefly feedback & any help is welcome!
Legs on nymphs?
1hook, I used to always try to add legs to my nymphs but it started to get rather difficult trying to get them out of my nymph box because they were always crawling around and trying to get away. Sor
September flies from the bench
Some flies from today, scud/czech, a stonefly with which I'm still not happy with the biots and my hopper pattern and some trout cracks.
Cole's Snake River Stonefly SBS
Howard Cole's wonderwing stonefly. Tied here as a skwala; change color/size to meet your needs.hook - Dai Riki 280 #10thread - MFC 8/0 brownegg sac - 2mm foam blackabdomen - Fly Rite quill gordon dubb
stoneflies photos / questions
I used to never fish stonefly patterns of any sort, because they are not so abundant where I fish (they are present, but it's rare to see them), then I learned a different method of fishing a stimulat
Can I see your surface bugs please?
Thanks for the comments! I tied most of them. There's a few in there I didn't tie. The chartreuse & black deer hair bug I didn't tie. I think I got that one in a swap. The bullet head stonefly bel
Chase's B2 Stealth Bomber SBS
Originally, a Catskill stonefly/attractor from Phil Chase; this should play anywhere. hook - Dai Riki 280 #8 thread - MFC 6/0 hot orange abdomen - woodchuck underfur (in spun loop) wing - woodchuck
Dukes Creek Flies
There is a spot on Dukes Creek where the stream goes through a rock channel. It gets very narrow and deep. It gets action but then most move on thinking nothing is there. The entire stream goes into a
Next nymphs to tie
If you want to match hatches, you have got to see what your local waters hold.   Other than that and couple good ones to try are any of the Czech style caddis, Bird's Nest and a Kaufmann Stonefly
Boulder, Co.
I fished it last fall in October, and it fished quite well for me.  I nymphed, primarily, though.  My pretty standard setup I fished that caught me a ton of fish was a size 12 heavily weight
Need Steelhead tips
Streamers. Look up the forage fish in the river and tie up some imitations. I'd bet emerald shiners would work and sculpins too.  Attractor streamers -- like Mickey Finns and black and purple or
July flies from the vise
There was some debate on another thread about a hopper/stonefly larva fly.  Then I saw another pattern SBS that I liked that was similar to the fly in question. Couldn't find the video again, so
HELP! cannot find this terrestrial in any shop
since hoppers don't have 3 legs coming out of the thorax area, it looks to me to be a foam bodied stonefly rather than a terrestrial   GOOGLE 'foam stonefly flies" and you'll find some that are r
New tying vise - Love it!
I recently purchased a Griffin Montana Mongoose tying vise for my fly and jig tying.   First impressions: This thing is awesome! Holds a hook ridiculously well, solid pedestal base, well made c-c
First try at a hopper - Chubby Chernobyl
Hey all, as i mentioned in another post id be attempting my first hopper pattern and I decided on the Chubby Chernobyl. I did end up tying one that night and it turned out pretty good, tonight I will
I've caught them on many different fly patterns. Have caught them while fishing for trout on wet flies, terrestrial, nymphs, streamers & dry flies. In bigger waters, like the Susquehanna River I'v
First try at the 20 incher nymph
Here is my first go at the "20 Incher" stonefly nymph pattern   Size 6 Mustad Long Curved STD/3XL 6/0 Black thread .020 Lead-free wire Peacock hurls / brown stone dubbing Silver oval tinsel Brown
Foam caddis and stonefly.
I love how durable foam is and there is a big caddis and stonefly hatch goin on right now. I have lots of foam and I was wondering if u guys have any stonefly and caddis flies that include foam
double nymph rig?
today we experienced high, fast, dirty water with finicky trout lying within, my friend and i both did decently, he did better than i by a good margin   he had the idea to tie on a heavy stonefly
June Flies from the Vice
A New Stonefly nymph and olive caddis I've been working on
Buggy Stonefly Nymph
    Buggy Stonefly Nymph   Material List :   Deer Creek Micro Velvet Rope SLF Dubbing - brown and white Turkey Biot Goose Biot Pheasant Tail fibers Mono eye Curve Nymph hook size
Speedy Gonzales......
This stonefly was really busy as it came dancing across the stream in really high speed with the wings going like drumsticks :-) :-)   Trying to photograph it with a 300mm lens was really hard bu
My First 2 Madame Xs
+1 to the above. Madam X is supposed to be a hopper/stonefly imitatator/attractor.   After tying the original Madam X with a deer hair body, tie variations by covering the deer hair body with yel
Nature's Spirit Snowshoe Rabbit Dubbing
Does anybody use this? Is it as buoyant as it seems like it would be? I saw a great FlyFishFood stonefly video where Cheech uses it but he didn't have a whole lot to say about it other than "it is a p
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