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Casting Class Tomorrow Morning; Need Fly Suggestions (please)!
Stocked trout love small woolie buggers be it in streams or lakes. In fact most fish like woolie buggers in general. My most strike prone woolie bugger is tied with a peacock herl body, black tail and
I attempted my first stonefly last night for no reason at all. I know stoneflies are really great for steelhead, are they used in the smaller sizes 12 and under for Brooks, browns and bows or not as m
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - Stonefly (realistic)
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - Stonefly nymph.
Hopper/Terrestrial Swap
tyler94, if the address is the same as when you hosted the stonefly swap last fall then I already have it, but if not then I will need the correct one please.
Northern MI Steelhead Boxes
Your egg patterns will be your "go to" flies along with caddis pupae and stonefly nymphs. If you like swinging streamers, you should have some intruders in the mix.
Odd hooks and use thereof
I used a lot of 6's for steelhead patterns although typically I'd tie a little longer shank. I'm thinking maybe a big body stonefly nymph .... say a Kaufman stone? Weight it and use it in early s
Pheasant body feather uses
Lots of stuff. Wet fly hackle, stonefly backs and legs, crayfish claws. The white and green neck feathers make interesting midge flies or a jungle cock substitute. The greens can also be used for smal
Guides Choice Hare's Ear
I thought I would start March off with a variation of one of my favorite nymph patterns. I'm sure the "Guides Choice Hare's Ear" has been around for a long time, however I just became aware of it as m
March Flies from the Vice
Tied this up as a quick stonefly nymph. I dont really like doing the kaufmann's stone back so I wanted to do a different version and this is my second edition of this fly and the insect it is intended
A caddis
And then, if you grab the resulting Caddis with one hand pinched firmly onto the end of the tail and the other at the eye and then pull outwards hard enough you can stretch it out into a Golden Stonef
Are these appropriate questions?
First, welcome to the forums! Take what Mike says at face value, but know he's got a great sense of humor too!    There's a saying that the only stupid question is the one not asked. Certain
Fly Tying at Expos, Exhibits, and Festivals
I do some tying demos every year.  I always try to something unique or what most tyers might find new.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  I have tied Stimulators and explain why I like somewha
Heavey nymphs
I use a two fly rig.  First a large Stonefly nymph weighted with a tungsten bead and large lead wire. It serves as a sinker and since most of the places I fish have Salmonflies and Golden Stones,
Greetings from the dark continent
Here are pics of the flies I mentioned earlier. These are not photos I took myself, I found them on the web. See my previous posts where I explain how I usually fish them. The legs on the stonefly I u
Right number of flies for a trip
My flies are divided up by type, one box for mayflies, one for caddisflies (with a few stonefly patterns just for kicks), one for nymphs/soft hackles, and one for streamers. If there's not a fly in th
Bitch Creek nymph
I simply wrap the whole thing with orange chenille, and use a marker to apply the back.  Stonefly nymphs need to be fished deep in rocky runs, and many will be lost.  Quicker the tie the bet
January swap club
Of all the flies out there I've never tied a stimulator, mostly because there are not any major stonefly populations where I do most of my fishing, I can count on one hand all the times I've seen adul
Scud with Ziplock Sandwich Bag Body Wrap
I use the bags that house dubbing, hooks, chenile etc....  They all work for me.  Wife is a scrapbooker so I use her cutting machine to cut up to 100 strips or more.  Like Stevegud1 ref
Looking for recommendations on flies to tie
Try fishing the Gros Ventre on the east side of the valley. You might have to go upstream a ways since there was a lot of posted areas when I was there many years ago. Slide Lake was formed when an ea
A little side project
Slips from each side of these feathers make nice wings on wet flies.  You can also use slips from these flats for wing cases on nymphs.  They are quite slippery, so I usually cut the slips t
Shucktail Emerger
I've been reading Peter Hayes book Fishing Outside the Box. It's interesting but a bit too centered on English chalk stream fishing for me. What about fishing streamers during a snow storm? Nymph fish
Looking for a Stonefly Nymph Pattern
Hi All. I'm looking for some Perla stonefly nymph patterns, you know, the brown top and basically yellow bottom type. I have patterns, but just wanted to tie something different. I can tie only about
Yellow Sally
:=)) Merry Christmas all. I was going to head up into the Park today but..............Mr Blizzaaaaaard is now out in the yard. Snow's coming down sideways. The above little stonefly adult does work we
Starting a sample collection? (if you can stomach it) is a resource, and for collecting supplies, has everything you would ever need.    Got to disagree Mike,  depending on your definition
HO Candy Double X
That's a great looking pattern ... but I would rather see it without the "tail".  That just looks ... odd ... to me.   Thanks Mike,   This pattern supposed to imitate a stonefly and
Here's a bigger one.  Golden Stonefly style (the Jellystone Nymph). This one has lead wire wrapped on the hook, flattened with smooth face needle nose. Then soaked in CA glue (prior to attaching
UV in your flies - fact or fallacy.
RE> "just banter"That's cool. And probably right too for the most part. That's the way it should be.But some guys do get all uppity at times. On another forum I once posted the following photo of a
Hey gents: New to this forum...looks like some awesome stuff to sort through here... Timely, given the snow...   Thought to post up a version of the stonefly...hope it meets with the approval of
What are you're go to late fall/winter steelhead flies?
THE go-to fly here in Michigan is egg patterns. After that it could be any number of patterns depending on how you like to fish. For streamers, wooly buggers/egg sucking leaches heads the list followe
a body like daddies, and wings too please
I don't tie dragonflies very often, but have used the same idea as some of the foam bodied Stonefly & hopper flies are tied with. Don't need a cutter, just strips of foam. http://www.flyangle
Secret Santa Swap time is here
Vicrider, I intended to send mine this morning but I think I had a brain incident or something.  I had to go to one post office on top of the mountain where I always mail the swap flies from, I h
Stonefly Swap
I'm in - I will tie a Little Black Stonefly
Best flies for crappies
FlaFly, I don't generally fish for Crappies specifically, because there are other panfish species too in the tidal rivers I fish most often. I'll take them when I catch them. When I'm targeting panfis
Measuring how much deer hair to use
Mike has made a good point.  Buck tail is used for a lot of different patterns, but most (not all,) of the hair is not hollow, and will not flare or spin well.  The very bottom center hair o
Different dry flies
I looked over the previous posts and the patterns named are mayfly patterns and the two dry flies you have tied are mayfly patterns.   There are several ways to categorize dry flies. I categorize
Autumn Mottled Sedge pattern
Fletchfishes,   That is a really nice Yellow stonefly imitation.  I have been seeing them around a lot lately. I have some very light feathers on a set of mallard wings maybe ill give t
tying a fly with Slow Death hook?
Around here (Kansas that is)  that hook is deadly with a night crawler rigged behind a bottom bouncer for deep walleye. Very clever to make a fly out of it.  Oh,  I already know that
Classic Adams Dry 1st attempt
   If you are going to tie flies, why not try to tie the best flies you can and try to make each fly perfect?   please post some of YOUR flies so we can all know how they are sup
The Mannon Collection
interesting photos above (I cant see flikr photos at work)   looks like theres a fan wing royal coachman (fly #4)   a grizzly king wet fly (#2) and a grizzly king streamer (#6)   fly #1
"Trout & Feather" website introduction
Tim Being new to fly tying I find your videos the best on YouTube and your site is awesome. Getting ready to tie some scuds and UT killer bugs for use after the high flow event at Lee's Ferry in a c
Spade hackle for caddis wings?
In my copy of the book, on the bottom of pages 132 & 3 are illustrations of tying the fluttering caddis.  He is using the spade hackle there as a wing by tying in a bunch of hackle barbs that
My hopper floats on its side
I tie and fish a lot of A.K. Best's hoppers, which are basically Dave's Hoppers minus the knotted pheasant tail fiber legs. My thoughts on why your hopper is laying down on the job:   1. You
Making deer hair bass bugs durable
  There was another thread that brought up the difference between hard head flies and deer hair flies.  I don't remember if it was on this site or another. I believe the fish's sense of
Elk & Deer Hair Caddis pattern wing question
In my opinion it would depend on the pattern, ie... Goddard vs Elk Hair or the tier's appeal. Some wingless deer hair Goddard caddis are shaped to look as if it has a wing beyond the hook bend with a
Largest Aquatic Insect
I was moving around some river rocks one day and apparently a Giant Black Stonefly nymph ended up in my clothing. I was awakened in the early dark morning by my wife in a state of panic, yelling for m
Turning curious into biter.
The most common insects are small sedge, midge and small upwing flies. So larvae I've seen tend to be mayfly family, stonefly and caddis. I think it may have been just one of those days.
Jack-of-all-Trades Swap
I would like to be in with the Burk's Aggravator. This has been a great pattern that can work as a damselfly nymph, stonefly, minnow or crawdad. It has fished well on the west slope of the Sierras in
Having trouble splitting microfibetts
Simple and elegant Hockley Tailing Method   Bud Hockley of Baltimore Maryland devised a  method of tying spit or fan tails which is both elegant and simple . This method was described in the
Southern Appalachian Trout Variety Swap
I'm In with Kevin's Stonefly if there is room.
Barr's Graphic Caddis
Another great video HammerCreek, I actually just watched your woven fullback stonefly on YouTube, I may actually give that one a go one of these days as well. Great job
Nymph Swap For Pan Fish And Trout
I'm in stonefly Nymph
Question for Smallmouth 'Experts'
So one of lakes I fish frequently was illegally stocked with smallmouth bass a few years ago. Since then their population has grown and spread. Currently most local anglers, guides, and the DIF&W
Lacking Inspiration today. Looking for a suggestion.
Lightning Bugs and Rainbow Warriors. Stonefly nymphs are fun too.
Matarelli whip finisher: Interesting difference in patent
ROTW, Stonefly offers one of a like design.   You can also use a dubbing loop tool
Another Mystery
Just wondering where do the patterns go that appear in "Most viewed" at the top? I was just reading the menu for the bead chain stonefly nymph and weent back to the top to save it to my boomarks -- an
FTF Fly Pattern - Realistic Stonefly nymph - Shonefly
FTF Fly Pattern - Realistic Stonefly nymph - Shonefly
First flies, home sourced materials, input wanted
I like your inventiveness.   I suggest try furling some fly bodies using some found yarn. Here are some photos and instructions.                 http://w
FTF Fly Pattern - Bullhead fish - Shonefly
FTF Fly Pattern - Bullhead fish - Shonefly   Stonefly,       My grandfather used to live up in Arnold's Park, Iowa and they caught bullheads all the time.  I liv
Made me some Road Runners...My first fly using dubbing
The Road Runners, are good well done.  The head on the other pattern could be one third as large, but as it is, will make a good area to add some eyes.  There are a few more biots in the tai
Stonefly (yellow sally)
Stonefly nymph - yellow sally 
Stonefly adult (plecoptera)
Stonefly (plecoptera) adult          . Tail turkey Biots .Abdomen - yellowbody thread #8-2 (lacquered ) .Grizzly hackle.Underwings - 2x CDC .Wings - 2x rooster feath
Western Branch Ausable River
I'll be there on the 23-25.  Wading or floating?   Hendricksons for sure.  I'd tie both light and dark this far in advance.  Also, a killer fly to churn up big fish midday is the e
I've used Saber hooks and like them.  Started with the stonefly profile a couple years ago and picked up some dry fly hooks at the Denver Fly Fishing show this past year.  For small flies I
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