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Newbie question (trout flies)
Here's what you need to get your dry fly boxes loaded for spring and summer:   +1 on the Pheasan
March Flies from the Vise
Flick Stonefly Creeper [attachment=45627:image.jpg]
Helgramite Imitation
I tie this Stonefly pattern on a longer shank hook sometimes to imitate Hellgies, but frankly not sure the longer hook is really necessary. I've caught plenty of Smallmouths on it, and it really doesn
Wings on Dry Flies
It depends.   On a mayfly imitation? Well, on a comparadun, the deer hair is sort of playing the part of the wing and legs, so, in my opinion, it has wings. That being said, as long as it has som
+2 particularly like their stonefly hooks, great profile and great prices.  Have yet to order online but they've been sold at the Denver Fly Fishing show so I stock up
Fly collection
Wow!  Those are some really nice flies !!!  I love the frog and the crayfish !!!  Looks like a killer stonefly, too.   I am going back to read the original post ... glad everything
Soft Hackle Tip From Al & Gretchen Beatty
[quote name="bowmike" post="580111" timestamp="1392322918"]Man that is exactly how I ty my stone flies. I was like, Who put my fly on the cover of a magazine. LOL Didn't think that many people used th
Mr Alderfly and Mrs Stonefly lives in the same building............
Mr Alderfly and Mrs Stonefly lives in the same building, but on different floors :-) :-) :-)   @   Terje
February Flies from the Vise
Simple Stonefly thats been working for me     [attachment=45101:IMGP0185.JPG]
Critique first dry fly (Elk hair Caddis)
OK, here's a reasonable video that covers most of the points I mentioned.    I should note that I rarely bother with the
Savage River, MD
Troutbum do you ever fish the North Branch or Town Creek. Town Creek has a fantastic Little Black Stonefly hatch.    Kevin
Early Brown Stonefly
Early Brown Stonefly  
Goose shoulder
Goose shoulder is off the top of the secondary flight feathers.  These are the medium sized feathers that backup the actual flight feathers below the first bend (wrist) in the wing.  (The pr
January Flies from the Vise
Been messing around with a new hopper pattern, then decided to turn it into a stonefly. From top to bottom: an indicator style hopper for bigger water hopper dropper rigs, a skawala stone, a salmonfly
Flies to tie in the future
Pt nymphs are most often "dead drifted" under an indicator ( assuming your fishing moving water) I like to run a two nymph rig using a sz. 6 or 8 weighted stonefly, to a sz. 14-18 pheasant tail unweig
Gator Fleas
I spent many hours as a kid catching them Hellgies! I had as much fun catching bait sometimes as I did fishing back then!    Captkenroy is certainly correct about that, they are an excellent
A Winter Stonefly Search (Educational Documentary in Michigan)
This Educational video was produced in 2011 and highlights the search for the winter stonefly in the Month of January on some local Michigan rivers and creeks. There are also some fish species collect
help selecting vise
Kokoek9, A rotary vise wouldn't be too big or too much for the tying you do.  I realize you said you don't tie many small flies but gradually your most common tying size for flies other than attr
Your basic go-to trout flies...
My season is  winter: spring creeks Spring: Lakes Summer: N.ID and W. MT streams Fall: steelhead   Looking on at trout in streams, I love soft hackles and often use them as a dropper.  
Hoppers Patterns
I like some of the foam patterns. Even stonefly patterns often make good hopper imitations.                   In the past, and because I primarily u
Comparaduns, parachutes, winged/hackle dries... what do you use?
For the various mayflies, nothing works better for me than a traditional Catskill dry fly in the correct size and color.   I can usually get by with 3 patterns in 3 sizes.  A sulpher or
My big rainbow (Fav nymph patterns)
Jimmy Leg's stonefly or Copper John for rivers, Copper John or Zebra midge for lakes. I love Copper Johns. I've hooked chinook salmon on copper johns.
Any ideas on how to use this?
it is a nymph box my dad used to have a couple of them when I was younger I had to fill it every year with hare's ears on one side and PT nymphs on the other in his green one and in the brown one he h
Stone fly critique
point the tails inline with the hook shank or leave them out entirly I guess it depends on why the tail was added in the first place. The angled tails will aid in flotation acting as outriggers. Gran
November flies from the vise
Using the new Pro Sportfishers stonefly kit and adapting it to my Stinger Stone.   And its companion the Pro Rogue Foam Stone - Golden.
Hatches Blog Post - Wired Stonefly Nymph
The Wired Stonefly Nymph is a great heavy stonefly nymph pattern. The Wired Stonefly Nymph is not only heavy, but also life like. The bright segmentation of the wired body really stands out and adds t
Synthetic dry fly wings
You can make sheet wings for Caddis patterns, and Stonefly patterns with tea bags, coated with thinned fleximent.  They work quite well, hold up, and fish like the flies.  Organza ribbon wil
UV or not to UV
Silk, I would think (always dangerous) that a surface fly would be just as apt to benefit from UV...IF...UV is really a benefit. Looking up from below a UV product would have a natural gleam to it fro
First fly & fish
This guy. Nice little wild rainbow. Caught this spring using a Fountainhead Stonefly Tenkara rod with a simple kebari I tied. Apparently I was so excited, I didn't wait for my iPhone to focus on the f
Problem: Skinny Flies
Some flies, like the naturals they represent, need to be beefier.  For example stonefly nymphs, some scuds,... But your flies look good to me. 
October swap club 2013
I am tying up some stonefly nymphs with my mystery material. They are done and will be in the mail along with last month's streamer. I apologize to everyone for not getting last month's flies out on t
RBF: Dan Craft Custom 10'4" 6wt
Here is my latest build for myself. It is another custom blank from Dan Craft. Dan Craft FTL 9' 6wt 6pc blank with custom rolled FT butt section to make it a 10'4" long 7pc rod. The blank is bare
New water, no info, what would you tie?
Elk Hair Caddis...12-16 Adams Parachute 12-18 Hares Ear Nymph 10-16 PT Nymph 10-18 Stonefly Nymph 6-10
Allen Fly Fishing Hooks 50% Off Today Only
Great link Cheech, thanks!  That stonefly looks really nice.  Is there a recipe or step-by-step for the pattern?
Maybe too optimistic.
Maybe Colin...  Maybe...   stonefly nymph black or brown spinner dun ??  (what the hell is a Sedge / Alder??) damsel nymph floating beetle buzzer pupae??
Anyone ever give a flyfishing/tying presentation
A while back I was asked if I would do a trout fishing presentation at a trout club. I was hesitant because I had never did anything like this before.  I decided to go for it and volunteered my t
Anyone tie with India/Chinese necks?
I'm a pre-genetic tyer and I always find myself digging through the bargain bin necks when I find one ...there are some treasures can be in there. Lot's of browns, gingers, and badgers, and a few vari
Foam Extended Abdomen Stonefly X
  Here is the next... EA Stonefly X 2.0 which is simplified and quicker tie for fishing...       Step by step is also up on the blog...
Hemaitite bead on a pin
ive seen these methods   surface stonefly   tri lobal leech   http://www.flytyingb
HC Foam Stone
Here's my stonefly pattern...                      HC Foam StoneHook: 6-10 HopperBody: Orange & Brown FoamUnderwing: Crystal F
Heavy nymphs
I don't see any way your going to get that on a size 14 hook. My standard size 6 stonefly nymph is only about 24 grains = 1.55 grams. That is with a 3/16 tungsten bead and 24 wraps of .030 lead. I onc
Big sauble river
This morning was a little slow, small numbers of bugs on the water, with very few rises. I did, however, catch two decent size browns (12 inch). I caught one on a stonefly pattern and one on a parachu
Stonefly nymph semirealistic
Okay ... I am missing something here ... your header says, "Stonefly nymph semirealistic".   What determines the "semi" from the "completely"? Maybe it's not 100% accurate, but if you step on it,
Hatches Blog Post - Tying a Deer Creek Stonefly with Jim Misiura
Stoneflies are very active in the summer months, having a good imitation for the stoneflies in the water your fishing is the difference between catching fish all day or going home skunked. Try this De
EWF 2013- 6th Open German Fly-Tying Championship    1. Place -  Realistic fly- Stonefly Hunter         [attachment=42492:fly forum I.jpg]   Mustad Ska
Always remember that you can tie "dry" flies WITHOUT the use of hackle.  Yes many patterns call for hackle, but if your just wanting to tie floating flies that will catch fish, don't stress too m
Scroll saw t shirts
Last night I found some good patterns of a stonefly and this sites mayfly logo for decorating T-shirts. I cut out the pattern from 1/4 inch cheap plywood.  Then I clue another piece of backing on
A new fly tiers book needs to be written.
The first (English Language) book on angling, listed 12 flies, all of which were tied with yarn bodies, and just a few feathers for wings.  Most used a simple flank feather, or duck quill wing, o
Need help with a collection
Careful with state agricultural laws regarding transport of insects across state lines.   Even though anything you will likely be dealing with will be dead and totally harmless, state laws c
looking for a pattern
It should be easy to replicate the flies in that photo. However, note that it is labelled "Razorback Golden" which indicates it is meant to match the west coat golden stonefly (Acroneuria californica)
steelhead fishing Betsie river late September ,early October
for the Betsie River I would pitch stonefly nymphs I actually use Hot Nymphs  and prince nymphs large streamers like bunny leaches and buggars
Flys not riding in water properly
Couple of weeks ago, I tried a foam adult Stonefly that I had been given. Rather large fly, probably a size 4, but tied on a streamer hook. It had a wing of deerhair & some type of gauze looking m
Swiss Straw
it works great for bee wings, carapaces on crawdads, wing buds on stonefly nymphs you name it try it it can be used in wing burners its very versatile
Rubber Leg Stone
Awesome fly Hammer Creek!  I have been looking at different variations of stonefly nymphs.  I am going to Idaho this summer and one of the flys needed is a stonefly.
Erne (aka Ernie) St. Claire Nymphs
Erne (aka Ernie) St. Claire tied incredibly realistic stonefly, mayfly, and dragonfly nymphs in the 1940s and 50s. Jim Deren of the Angler's Roost in NYC sold them.  I would be most thankful for
leptophlebia Marginata
Aftershafts would be great for that nymph.  It move very well when wet.  Pulses with the retrieve.  I use it on caddis pupae, and small stonefly nymphs as gills.  
Henrys Fork, South Fork of Snake--Dry Fly
I would pay close attention to size! You may have the right pattern but if it isn't really the right size or very close to it, it will be equally ineffective as a stonefly in a caddis hatch. Just
Smallmouth bass patterns?
Number one would have to be the Clouser Minnow, but you did ask for "nymphs"  Woolly buggers tied with crystal chenille, and 8 silicon skirt strands for the tail.  Crayfish patterns.  S
Smallmouth Bass patterns? help plz
IMO, there are many patterns that work well for Smallmouths. Most any of the larger trout nymphs in common use, particularly Stonefly nymphs work quite well.   Here's one of my favorites & it
Hatches Blog Post - Foam Stone by Scott Patterson
Tied this one last night and it went great! Super easy and fun. I used green Foam, dubbed with Rabbits fur, and even used a cut out section from a Particle Mask to make the wing. I didn't have the tub
2013 Swap Club - June
I got a really cool set of nymphs from shoebop today I may have to pitch them under a big fat stonefly for some hungry trout
Lead wire vs lead foil
I use both depends on what I am tying if I am doing small mayfly nymphs I use wire if tying big stonefly nymphs I use foil
Stretch yourself.
I got the crab and shrimp done finally plus a few of the easier ones now just doing a grasshopper and a stonefly nymph thank God I have 2 vices set up to tie between drying times
The One-Box project; Trout
Hello folks.   I see a lot of these threads come up; "What is the best fly? What is your top 5? What is this/that" which is, of course, difficult to answer. What is being fished for? Where? When?
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