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The Ray Bergman Collection - 50) Brown Mallard

MAKERS: Aaron Bamboo Fly Rods

Spent Partridge Caddis

Tying the Greenwells Glory Wet Fly by Davie Mcphail

Silver Glödhäck- by Anton Pousar

Sparkle Braid Prince Nymph- by Juan Ramirez


New and Need Help
In answer to your first question I would find my closest fly shop and buy a Thompson vise, a decent bobbin, a spool of black 8/0 Veevus thread, a spool of small gold wire, a decent pair of fine-tipped
Gel spun backing
I always get a kick out of guys thinking that they need these huge amounts of backing. Do people realize that 200 yds is two football fields away? I have landed a number of 20 lb Lake Ontario salmon o
My Fly Tying Bench
One of those early poets or philosophers once wrote, "When the revolution begins, shoot the lawyers first." Glad you aren't a lawyer, Scott. Nice work on the hair/flash holder. Compact
Anyone ever have a fly rod snap on a backcast?
Well as far as big game fish go the BlueFin is about the only game in town but you can go for some shark as well in the later summer months. Mostly people go out and handline mackeral. There are no ma
Striper Decline
Kudos to Nightheron for operating his business on a sustainable basis. Wish there were more out there like him. I agree that a moratorium is a necessary, but the only way it will work this time arou
Hello from South Carolina
Finally at age 72, I'm looking for my first "really good" Rod. I'm primarily a bream fisherman, no bonefish, salmon, swordfish, tarpon, - maybe a bass with poor eyesight or even a wayward catfish. I
Thresher Shark steaks
oh there is nothing better then swordfish steaks baisted with lemon pepper and butter cooked over mesquite chips mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm drooling now
Yellowtail - Thresher Souvalaki
Didn't fish tonight. What's that, you say? Well, there are other important things in life, like good food - especially seafood.One of the side benefits of living on the Cape and working in
No fish, no clams no cork.
I fished this morning at Nauset Inlet with my friend from Indiana, Steven Koenig. I got skunked; while Steven took several small Stripers and lost a really BIG one. We hit the beach about 4 AM and
Hardings was hot tonight
Got out of work at 2: 30 and fished Hardings Beach in Chatham. Great fly fishing on last two hours of going and first two of incoming. Super tides this week. Took multi-schoolies and Bluefish up t
Were would you go..?
In two hour driving range from my home I can fish for pike, catfish, trout (brown,brook, rainbow, marble), europe salmon (hucho hucho), grayling, carp, chub, asp, smallmouth bass, walleye and in the
Do you practice catch and release
How many days a year do you fish?Usually around 150 or so I'd say. I have the luxury of going at lunch in the summer though and a wife who grows tired of me quickly.Do you keep every fish you ca
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