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Bob- those pink and tan tarpon patterns you tie look deadly to me, and I am sure they have sold well in the shops. I have been tying for the local shop for about a year now, so I know what will sell g
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
I've never fished for tarpon or tied tarpon flies (not a lot of them swimming around in North Texas), but actually have something to add to this thread. In his book 101 Favorite Saltwater Flies, Dave
February Flies from the Vise
Caloosa, that little fly on the first page would be killer for our ditch tarpon once the weather brings them back.   Thanks SB. I've yet to see a poon that small, snook yes, but not a tarpon.
Big stuff
We headed back to Ft Lauderdale for peacocks and hopefully tarpon this time. Visit my cousin and his new baby also....Hence got the big 12wt....
Dragons tails?
Still a bit iffy about them fouling, shedding water, and durability (and price). Yes I agree the movement is insane, but is it really worth all the negative side effects? One valid point that I have b
Circles disc versus sealed drags?
Can't edit title I ment cork not circles..... Been shopping around for 12 wt setup (Fla trip big peacocks, tarpon) and ran across a discussion that the old open cork drags if when they fail the reel
SGF article on the cold snap and snook
Been following cold kills for snook and others down here in paradise for many, many years... I expect (and am rarely disappointed ) that we'll have a bad cold kill every seven to ten years here in Flo
Question about hens and rosters.
did the same thing back in the early 70's for pike and musky. learned from the tarpon guys in florida
Giant poppers...
Went to the lake today and tried the shrimps, spoon flies, and big poppers. All casted ok on 9wt but Big Green whizzed by a lot. The Disco shrimp sunk so I added another layer of foam on it. Was re
Using google earth to scout wading areas
I forgot to mention that in places with dark water (and more sharks per acre than maybe anywhere else I can think of...) wading in any of the areas I work in the 'Glades is a bit more adventure than I
Saltwater hooks
What Islander said...Eagle Claw Billy Pate hooks. I used up my 100 box of #4 and still working on the #2 & 1/0 boxes. Very similar in profile to Mustad 3407 and usually pretty sharp right out of t
best time of year to fish South FL
My brother and I are going to try to visit my sister in South FL next year to see her and her husband but more importantly fish for things we can't catch in northern CA. I have always wanted to go aft
DIY bonefish, Belize
Hey guys, I did a write up on my site on diy fishing opportunities in Belize for bonefish, tarpon, permit and other species. Check it out and tell me what you think. Article was based on my recent tri
WTB 10wt Saltwater Fly Reel (Preferably Allen Kraken)
Hi guys,   So just ordered a 10wt TFO BVK... planning to do use it for medium tarpon, jacks, sharks, cudas, permit, things like that since I now have a skiff and want to do some of that. Price ra
Fly fishing Port A
I used to live in Corpus Christi, Texas and would catch fish non stop.  However recently hurricane Harvey came through and destroyed much of Port Aransas and Rockport, and Huston got hit really b
Micro fur strips -- How to?
Can't emphasize too much using only double edged razor blades to cut rabbit and similar skins... The steel on single edges razor blades is simply much too thick to cut cleanly even when brand new. 
Just got a skiff!
Nice boat, I can see that tarpon clearly now... :)
2 pc. Vs. 4 pc.
Forgot to mention a few items in my last post... First off - one of the things about guiding is that I'm not the one using my rods most days... and I do get a lot of first timers making the transition
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Thank's Wademan... Mostly size #1... sometimes 1/0... Mustad Signature Series Tarpon or Big Game Light... The thin wire doesn't overwhelm smaller phlyz, small barb, and they have proven themselves sh
salt question
Good luck on the trip man. If the docks have lights, fish them at night on a moving tide and you'll be sure to get snook, tarpon, and others. If you are looking for a more adventurous day, hit up the
Everglades backcountry, 21-23 October
I would love to fly-fish the Everglades for snook, baby tarpon (or anything really). I was just there in mid-August and fished for snook on the beaches of Sanibel; found a few fish, but my buddy and I
Show Us Your Tube Flies
The Q-tip is not an original idea, read about it somewhere. Experimenting with inner and outer sleeves from coffee stirrers and drinking straws. My issue is getting a hook to seat snuggly at the rear
10wt Advice
If you can find one - a used direct drive Billy Pate Tarpon model will be a lifetime purchase that will never let you down... If you can find one, make sure it's in the configuration you want (left or
4 wt Monocore fly line
My advice would be to look at any of the lines (by various manufacturers) out there that are marketed specifically as "tropical/saltwater" lines, although you probably won't have much luck finding o
WTB used Bass Bug/ SW Type of lines 8-9 wt
I had a little emergency pop up and I need to deck out two rods by the 28th. Looking for a 8 and a 9 wt line in a Bass Bug,Tarpon or Redfish taper.
Baby tarpon in the Everglades
There’s a ton of them around, they’re frisky, and they’re eating flies with vigor. Capt. Jason Sullivan talks baby tarpon in the early fall Everglades fishing report.Capt. Jason
Cortland "MICRON" fly line backing
Just about all dacron lines can be spliced (although they're not quite the same as "hollow core" lines which are actually designed to lay flat on when wound on a spool..).  The classic method use
Need some info on this Sage rod
Funny how, depending on where you fish, what exactly you're going to be needing in the fly department.  That 7wt is actually the lightest  fly rod I own.  To say it's been to the wars i
Floating the Animas
The Animas river is a tough river, but when you catch fish, they are good sized and energetic fish!  I have had some trouble catching fish during the summer months here on the river, due to the s
Mop Fly Variant
Take that Gasparilla Minnow and make it chartreuse over white and it would slay in this area.  I fish The Harbor as much as anywhere and unless I'm way back in the creeks chasing baby tarpon, I f
Stay Safe
A quick update.... a buddy was over at Everglades City (the far northwest end of Everglades National Park - about 30 miles east of Naples) two days ago and he reported that the place was just stinking
The charter boat guys had a place to tie boats in mangrove channels and saved the boat. Robbie's lost most of their piers but pilling still there. Hopefully back to feeding the tarpon eventually..
Swap fly caught fish pictures,
Didn't land him but jumped my first tarpon on the baitfish fly Caloosa sent me in the snook flies swap!
Can bent/creased saddle hackle be straightened?
For quite a few years I've not only steamed feathers ( both on capes and saddles, in strung bundles, as well as small groups of feathers -all while holding them by hand to make sure I wasn't "cooking"
Whole Rabbit Skins?
Be a bit cautious about rabbit skins since there's a good number of low cost skins - that don't work out very well for fly tying... They look nice, are easy to strip - but after one use on the water t
August flies from the vice
Size 2 glass minnow for juvi tarpon
is tenkara catching on?
Yes but I don't think it will grow as much as fly fishing simply because it is pretty much limited to small trout and other fish like that. You simply can't catch just about any saltwater species li
July Flies from the Vise
Hey guys, first time poster here.  I tied some of these Tarpon Streamers up for this weekend.  Went chasing some baby Tarpon and ended up hooking up with two using the purple one!   htt
Sanibel Island
It is fun time indeed   Also try ding darling for snook reds and tarpon, just go from those little bridge things to little bridge things until you come across some fish   Enjoy the trip and
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
  Unless the fish are crustacean intolerant your fly should garner interest.   I'm curious how you achieved your results. Just received some sand crab dubbing and my first attempts aren
What is your favorite fly pattern?
My "Panfish Attractor".  I've caught more fish on this than on any other pattern.  I developed it to be weedless.  I found out, later, that it's similar to other named patterns, but I d
The Imagined History of “Tenkara”
Thank you, David.  I'm not as good as some of the guys on this site, but I try.   If you want to read some REAL humorist writing, look up the Tarpon Rookie Tournament threads from a few year
Snook Flies Swap
Owner description of ssw:  trolling or mooching for salmon in salt water. Also excellent for baiting walleye, bass, tarpon and other inshore species.   Both will work.
Salty but not fly related
Without a doubt a Van Staal is a great reel (even they did copy that original Centaure Pacific from the early fifties as  their starting point....).  I noted one for sale the other day ----
Rod handles
Steeldrifter is right on the money (and I'll tell anyone to avoid those rods with a second "fighting grip" up above the regular cork grip since they're an invitation to a broken rod, period..). Yes, y
A few good...flies
These crabs are timely now as redfish, pompano, cobia, and tarpon all eat them.
Hooks for salt water
I use the Mustad C70SD hooks for any saltwater fly except bigger tarpon, where I use the Allen SW004s. Nothing but good stuff from those hooks... highly recommend
Salty Boxes?
I'm with Tidewater.  Never found a box I liked. Cheap configuarable Walmart boxes for boat are fine.  I put many of my tarpon flies and other large flies in 1 1/2 inch plastic sleeves, and s
Wow. Have just spent the last three hours sorting flies from swaps over the last 5 years or so.... So many awesome dries and nymphs! Even found some of my first ties... while the swap flies have larg
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Very cool. Those little tarpon can be fun on conventional bass tackle. I can only imagine a fly. 
(No fly zone) Non fly caught fish pictures
I rarely get over to the salt. Im 60+ miles in both directions from the Atlantic and gulf. That's what is cool about snook. I catch them close to home, solely in fresh water on bass tackle. Along with
Wooden Fly Box
Very nice FT15! Vic what forum is that? I have a cigar box that I painted a tarpon on and posted it but got no offers just complements. Also recently acquired more wood cigar boxes and need to paint s
fly line backing alternative
Maybe 90% of us never see the backing while fighting a trophy fish BUT... When the monster crashes the party you may need all the backing and the best non-stretch backing you can afford.   
The Warm Water Vice
Something for some baby tarpon and barramundi in freshwater this weekend.[attachment=62827:20170518_212102_20170519083036176.jpg]
Water clarity report for everglades?
The criticism about using boga grips (or any weighing device where the fish is suspended from its lower jaw)  is valid - but that doesn't tell the whole story by a long shot.   I've been usi
5wt saltwater tropical fly line
That's why I built that 3wt a couple weeks back. It's my new ditch tarpon rod.
Is it just me?
I personally would like to take a fishing vacation, not any more silly than taking a vacation for any other reason, much less so than to sit in a chair with a beer and look at the beach, I can't catch
Just When You Thought It Was Safe........
You may need to start tying up some seal flies for your 14 wt. Would be one heck of a fight, though probably a brief one before your rod got turned into toothpicks.   Why would anyone want to kee
Tis The SEASON !
TARPON, flys FLATWING STYLE. with JC eyes. never have enough the always get destroyed.GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN [attachment=61466:Tarpon FLATWING.jpg]
are jurassic vises catching on
these vises were aimed at the salt water market and i was curious if they were catching on and if not, why not...thanks.   Catching on?  Hard to say unless you call the manufacturer. 
Bugger swap
Its a similar pattern to what I use on our little ozzie tarpon, so they need to be sharp mate :)
Florida Keys Recommendations
Long Key State Park provides great access.  That's where I got my first bonefish!     When you're in Islamorada, check out Robbie's.  You can hand feed tarpon right from their dock
Mop Swap - Jazz it up!!!
I can see it now..."New IGFA 10# tippet record set for Tarpon at 95#s on Mop Fly."   I'll see if you fill out first. Pretty caught up right now except for caddis which are giving me trouble when
Hatches Blog Post - EP Baitfish – Capt. Joe Benton
Capt Joe Benton from The Charleston Angler in Charleston, SC shows us a simple way to tie up an EP baitfish fly perfect for catching redfish, tarpon and snook.[url=
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