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The Ray Bergman Collection 48) Bright Fox

Hell or High Water 2012- recap

Articulate Burrowing Mayfly Nymph - by Dronlee

The Dirty Rat by Jackie Treehorn

Yellowstone: A Bass Fisherman's Journey by Will Mullis

Brad McMinn- Summer 2013 artwork


Smoky Mountain Fork Tail
  Smoky Mountain Fork Tail   I was going to check the books I have on Smoky Mountains & East Tennessee fly patterns...   Not the nymph.. but here you go for the dry..   http:/
Carp in N.Y.
I'd never seen the "flying carp" until I went down to NW Tennessee for a small gathering of college friends three or 4 years ago.  A couple of my friends took a boat out and the carp started jump
Wulff swap
Somebody tied a "Virginia wulff" in a swap once, that was a nice variant I've used, lost, and only remember orange floss Anybody know what I'm babbling about?I think I saw that mentioned in a swap fr
Musky Fly Swap 2018
Thanks to all who participated in the Musky Swap this year.  All swappers get an amazing bunch of flies.  I am appreciative of your participation and would like to acknowledge all of you for
About musical taste?
I'm all over the place with my music.  Drives my friend crazy when she's riding in the car with me.  She likes newer music and she's introduced me to some new stuff that I like, but she stil
Stocker trout
Trout are native in Tennessee?
Finishing Knots
I attended the fly tying demonstrations put on by Little River Outfitters i9n Townsend, Tennessee this past weekend (over 40 expert tiers presenting). One thing I noticed was that many of the tiers we
Finally finished Tying Bench in Travel Trailer
Planning for Tennessee in late September / October, had considered now but waiting for the southeast to settle down.
New Guy From Florida But Moving
Right now, at this moment I am located in central Florida in the Lakeland area. For the past couple of months we have been in the process of moving to Townsend, Tennessee in the beautiful Smoky Mounta
6'6" 2wt 4pc
Nice looking rod. It would be perfect here in the small streams in the GSMNP in east Tennessee.Joe
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
I use tie them up for bluegill in west Tennessee. One of favorites. Only use them for trout once, but they did produce.
August flies from the vice
Been prepping for a weekend in Tennessee.   South Holston?
is tenkara catching on?
Nope it sure isn't. In fact I would say its just about dead. I've seen one and only one guy fishing tenkara and that was a few years ago. Haven't seen another since and I have yet to see tenkara any
Redeye Bass = patterns and info.
I've only had a chance to fish for them once when I was hiking in East Tennessee back in the late 70's long before I took up fly fishing.  I caught a few using small Rapalas.  Thought I was
Hello from Tennessee
I'm from west Tennessee, but I fish the smokeys every chance I get.
Beaverkill/willowwemoc /West Branch
I fished there back in mid 80's, loved the area. My wife and I stayed at the Roscoe motel or camped at the state park. I was in the army stationed on Long Island. The times I was able to get a few
I tried it.  I was in the fly shop I frequent several years ago when a customer who made frequent trips to Japan came back with one he had picked up for the owner for the small sum of $300.  
Full moon fishing
That's the first time I've ever saw anyone use flies on a trot line.  Nice batch of bream to take home for dinner.  I enjoyed the commentary.  Spent 4 years in NW Tennessee going to col
I lost a monster trout. Such a frustrating day on the river.
Syndicate Fly Fishing is headquartered in Tennessee, I believe.  At the price point, I don't believe you can buy a better rod. No breakage problems that some of the o
weirdest catch
Nothing too weird. Two young seagulls with the fly rod, a pesky cottonmouth down in NW Tennessee that had to be discouraged with a whack of my fishing rod to discourage it from chasing my Jitterbug. W
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
If you worked/lived in TX and never heard the word "Bream" you must live under a rock and not get out much...   Actually, all the years I've been in and out of Texas (Houston and Dallas/Ft. Wor
First Annual Smooky Mountains Hook and Hackle
Update:  Tyers include Clayton Gist, John Zimmerman, Josh Williams, Mike Bryant, Mike Adams, Tradd Little, Dan Jackman, Roy Weeks, Anthony Hipps, Laura Kennerly, Steve Yates, Tammy Neal, Jeff Wil
Newbie from Alabama
The Gallatin is a looong trek from Bama. What do you fish for at home? Trout I can drive about an hour south of where I live and fish a river there or drive a hour north and fish in Tennessee
Is there a difference...
I think a switch rod is one small enough to cast with standard single handed methods and long enough to effectively cast two handed spey style. I use a 10' 11" rainshadow and like it very much. I buil
Mighty Mite Midge Swap
Well, it is getting to be that time of year here in east Tennessee.  The nights are getting cooler.  Some of the leaves are showing a hint of the colors yet to come.  The stores are sto
Fishy Question
Here in the south east, back in the 1940's and 1950's, a lot of streams were stocked with browns and rainbows to create local trout fisheries.  As a result, there are several legendary streams th
Quick trip home
I was liked streamers on the clinch. Used to live in Jacksboro when my wife was in residency at Tennessee. I flew Big Blue flag (UK) proudly.
How did you start tying flies? We all have a story . . .
Great stories!  Guess I need to tell all of mine.  My first time fly fishing I was 5 years of (51 years ago!!) when I neighbor too me with he and his son.  But I didn't really start unt
Anyone tying cicada flies?
Around here, middle Tennessee, we have an annual hatch which is small. These are olive with a gray underside. Then we have the periodic hatches. They are black and red. They hatch by the zillion
June is Cahill swap time
Oh it is so tough down south to tell if the orange jumpsuit gang are prisoners or Tennessee fans.    Vicrider I have seen those "nests" down here as well.   Mike I used to work for a la
This speaks of Tenn. waters that flow into the Cumberland, 7 of them:   By Ann Toplovich , Tennessee Historical Society Emil Bott's painting of the Cumberland River near Nashville, ca. 1855.
Fly fishing Tennessee in May
I will be in the Sevierville area of Tennessee around the end of May this year for a weeks vacation and if anyone has any advice on wadeable waters, flies, guides or any other resources I would greatl
Are these flys, and would you fish them with a fly rod
Crackaig, here in Tennessee, the state owns the wildlife no matter where it is living- public land or private land.  To hunt or fish private land, you obviously need the permission of the landown
I got somewhat interested in Tenkara when I walked into my local fly shop a few years ago and another regular customer was showing him a Tenkara rod he had brought back for Japan which cost $300. It w
Few poppers
Nice poppers!  My complements on them.  I have fished poppers with rubber legs for bluegill but clipped off the legs as the fish would grab the leg and pull it under.  bigger bluegill w
fishing kayaks   For fly fishing, check out the Kilroy, the Coosa HD (not the standard Coosa) and especially the Big Rig.  The Big Rig is super stable.  I have owned both the
Opening Day Trout Swap
I remember opening day in New York- first Saturday in April, if I recall.  This was 50+ years ago.  However, Tennessee has no season, only specific regulations for certain streams, lakes and
Tennessee muskies
A friend wants to go to Tennessee and fish for muskies in January.  Any general thoughts anyone is willing to share? Thanks, Tom
Fly Tyers Dungeon
If we catch them ... We have to dispatch them and dispose of them because of the eggs. It's an offence to relocate or let go said fish.     Retro, They have simialr rules here I believe; m
Secret Santa 2015 time is here
Many thanks to Fletchfishes for a wonderful set of flies. I'll be headed to Tennessee this summer and those will get plenty if use. I also plan on using several as models to tie myself. Thanks ag
fly suggestions for Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers
BTW in the upstate of South Carolina we got 14 to 17 inches of rain this weekend. Charleston and Columbia got 24 to 27 inches in three days. Still flooded and a state of emergency.  The main rain
"Green" Swap...Floss and Herl combo
I'm in. I will do either a Carolina Wulff, Tennessee Wulff or something that I have been working on for a while but have been hesitant to mention. I will decide within a day or two and let you know.
Anyone want to host a swap?
I don't really want to host at this time but if the swap gets started I would consider joining and tie either a Carolina or Tennessee Wulff.
Rocket City, Alabama
Welcome... the closest town I could ever claim as a hometown for me was... Huntsville.   I was an Army brat and the longest my family ever lived in one place was Redstone, then Huntsvile (1960 th
Brook Trout Favorites Swap
It's a beautiful day in East Tennessee, not just because it is sunny and 80 degrees, but because vicrider's flies arrived with today's mail! Would everyone be ok with me posting photos of the flies
Hello from E TN
You're in a great place! Right near Douglas, the French Broad reservoirs, the Little Tennessee R. reservoir, and don't forget to visit Cade's Cove.
Fly fishing trout in Gatlinburg Tennessee
   Got  a  trip  booked  in  july  to  trout  fish  in  Gatlinburg  Tennessee  we  are  from  Florida  any
Anyone in the Johnson City area?
Johnson City is very nice and you can't beat the folks from East Tennessee even if Rocky Top is the national anthem. There are many opportunities to fish in the area.
How many wulff patterns....
Look at the wulff swap. I remember a Tennessee wulff from it I think...
Flies for Pike and Bass
Yallar is a good color though it sounds like something they'd fish in East Tennessee.  Not in the river bottoms of West Tennessee where yellow works. I also like fluorescent yellow as a go to col
A good rainy day film
Hey Kenne...   I read your profile and see you're also a guitar picker.  Good on ya! That was an interesting project you were on.  Regarding this discussion, in my years (retired n
How did you get into fly fishing?
Pretty much the same for me.  My dad started taking me out when I was about 5.  We used to walk down the street to the river.  Back then before the Clean Water act, it was common to com
Fall and Winter flies
I normally fish Watauga or Holston Rivers in Tennessee. In the fall I seem to be good with a bead head pheasant tail soft hackle or a blue winged olive. As the hatches become less and less in the wint
Hey from Northeast Tennessee
I am from northeast Tennessee and if I am not at work, or with the family I am on the river fishing for trout. I am somewhat new to tying flies and am really just getting back into fly fishing. I do a
Fly Tying Supplies
You can get lots of bargains at craft stores (as I said above) but you can't get away from the fact that for hackle an marabou, you'll need a fly shop or at least Bass Pro or Cabelas.  Some folks
Local Tailwater and Small Flies
They stock brookies in the tailwaters here in Tennessee.
Freshwater drum
I used to fish for them when I was in college in NW Tennessee, caught a lot of them when fishing for crappie either on minnows or small minnow plugs, so small clousers, bait fish patterns, white estaz
Wulff Swap
Actually, I couldn't remember if that was a Tennessee Wulff or not but if you want to do the original that's great because I was very short of white calf and used a yellow calf tail for the tail and w
South Holston Trip???
I am thinking about trying out the South Holston River after the first of June and need a little advice from someone.  My son finally got back from sand land about two weeks ago and I have b
Serious Carpin' Swappin'
Nothing here in Tennessee. 
Daniel Boone NF or Smokey Mountains Trip
Hey Snack Im familiar with both areas as part of my county is in the DBNF and I have been through it in various parts of all over the eastern half of Kentucky.  You weren't very specific as
RBF: Tennessee handle for a small child rod
I read a lot about how you should give young anglers good equipment because it is more enjoyable for the same reasons we buy high end equipment. One thing that seems to be missed is the diameter and s
Song of the day
Ozark Mountain Daredevils.  That dredges up old memories.  They did a concert at my college in NW Tennessee back in the mid-70s.  Went through my old vinyl and I still have the album th
Matrix 6'6" 2wt 2pc
Aaahhh. A 2 weight rod with a proper reel seat.  I really like that.  If, or when, I get the finance officer to okay another rod purchase, I'll have to have you make me one of those, Steve.
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