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Lap Dancer- Steve Dally

Ray Bergman Collection - 201) Lady Gray

ARCTIC FOX BAITFISH - By Capt. "Mad" Mike Benson

Ray Bergman Collection - 222) Magpie

Show us your Bench- #2

Anatomy of a Tube Fly- HMH Vises


Use of jig hooks for ALL nymphs?
I fish for trout here in the Smoky Mountains almost exclusively with nymphs. I tie the nymphs I use myself and I tie them with a bead head about 98% of the time. I don't consider them to be "jig like"
Easy Pheasant Tail Nymph
I like simple and less gear to carry. Generally, I tie my PT's and hares ear on size 16 hooks. Size is vastly overrated while weight is under appreciated. When I feel I need heavier I will use a 14 ot
Pair of Rainshadow trout spin rods
            Pair of Rainshadow spin rods for a couple anglers that like to use small Panther Martian spinners for trout. These are done with some very light weight compon
Couple more Euro rods
                Couple more 3wt 10ft euro nymph rods all done. After coming out with the brown trout color scheme wraps earlier this year it seems a lot custome
September the new December?
I am fishing the perfect trout streams now for that rod. I promise, I will give a good home.😉
A Mickey Finn for Finnatics
I tend to play with the construction of a fly and keep the coloration. One of my favorites is a Micky Finn color scheme but the hair I use is arctic fox and the tie is a mini-clouser style with bead
That's quite a haul! As long as they're legal limits and food and not garbage I got no problem with that. I'll be moving to New Orleans myself as soon as I can get my house sold. I'm gonna miss the Ea
Matts Midge
The Matts Midge is really effective for tailwater trout who are very picky with size and look of flies.  These things really do look like little midges flying around.  I even once had one fa
The Nail Soup Swap
When tying flies and reading about "triggers" you can add to make them pop in the aquatic environment I looked at some of the listed triggers you can add and did this fly by using 4 of the listed trig
First stab at Materials...
Not to change direction of the thread but I have to politely and respectfully disagree with you flicted. I've been tying with "crap tools" for 30 plus years. For many many of those years I've been tyi
Snelled on dacron backing.  Yes they move a lot.  From end to end. That's what's good about the Skinwalker.   The new method (pictures will come eventually) is even more flexible yet.&#
Do trout eat bees?
I'm reading Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It", excellent book by the way. Slightly different than the movies version. Anyway, at one point he mentions that he comes across a dead beaver along
Dry Fly on the San Juan River
Nice batch o' fish. Thanks!  And I tried to hold them closer this time...  Luckily they were larger, so easier to get a closeup.  HAHA.  But I have been trying to get them as c
Nice end to a good weekend
Don't post many fishing stories because, let's face it, I don't catch enough fish or just go fishing enough to really warrant it. But this weekend has been good. Spent Saturday and Sunday fishing Mont
Mobile AL/ Gulf Shores Fly Fishing
All of the area between the AL/FL border (Perdido Bay) to Mobile Bay is just the type of water that holds Redfish, Sea Trout and many other fish.  Of course to fish it, you will need some type of
Articulated Rainbow Streamer
A while back, a subscriber and customer of mine requested that I make a large articulated streamer for him.  He wanted something for large browns pushing 30" that are primarily predatory in a lak
Microfibbet options?
My thoughts on this might be off base, but in my opinion tails on a dry fly are mostly for balancing the fly as it rides in the film, not to give the fish the impression that thing on the water is gro
Greetings from the Southwest!
New member here.......just started fly fishing last year but most of my fishing experience was when I was younger growing up in the Midwest. Since moving to AZ in 1988, my fishing time dwindled drast
The Essential Fly Box
OK, guys. Thanks! We will decide on a due date when everyone signs up. Not sure how long that will take, but it will be somewhere around the middle or the last of October. Plenty of time.   
Lamson Micra 5 Litespeed vs Ross Animas
I have had my Lamson Radius reel for going on 9 years.  I have never had a problem with it.  I use it now for inshore salt water fishing and the drag is handling that fine.  Since the d
September Flies From the Vise
  royal coachman shammytail   royal coachman streamer - change tail to 2 thin 1/2 to 3/4 inch long strips of chamois skin   reference - perrault's standard dictionary of trout flies pa
Copper John Nymph
My attempt at tying a Copper John. I had to make a few substitutions as I did not have everything called for in the original recipe. For example, I used a few strands of Crystal Flash bunched together
Brahma Bugger
What is commonly called the "brahma" bugger is an improvement on the original wooly bugger due to its incredible look, and movement when under the water.  This fly pulsates due to the chickabou a
Stocking lakes in the Uninta Mountains
I grew up thinking that all rainbow trout were stockers. Essentially they are in all but the Pacific drainage, but at the time all I knew was they came from trucks of planes. Stocking fingerlings keep
Hello from so cal
Howdy Abel, SMB and trout are my usual targets, but some days the sunnies are fun.
Tying Foam Caddis
Good floater for trout, and without the hassle of having to apply fly floatant. I like it.
furled leaders vs hand tied leaders for bass
i tie my leaders with 2-3ft 20lb Mason hard mono 2-3 ft of 20lb maxima 12lb Berkeley floro carbon as it seems to hold up better the the fly fishing tippet material. when I fish for trout I use the sam
high mountain creek dry fly fishing If you like high mountain creek fishing, and dry fly fishing, this is the video to watch!  Incredible action on the fly rod.  Every fish was hooked on a dry fly,
5wt line on 6wt rod
I almost always OVER line a rod.  Most of the fast action rods will handle a heavier line, and the heavier line will load the rod deeper into the bend.  That heavier line in practice slows t
Nice long day on the river
Nice Bryon. I really like the looks of that spot where you beached the craft as well that looks like a peaceful spot. Seems like summer flew by this year again didn't it? We're gonna tryin' get out fo
Chernobyl Ant
So the chernobyl ant doesn't really look like an ant.  I guess its closer to maybe a hopper imitation?  Even that is very suggestive.  However this fly seems to produce very well, espec
Greeting from south Georgia
New to the forum, been tying and fly fishing for about 5 years introduced to the sport via Project Healing Waters.  Living in the deep south I fish warm water and am always looking for new places
Bully Bluegill
The bully bluegill fly seems too simple to catch fish.  However that is far from the case.  This fly catches fish, and catches them well.  In fact, it could be considered one of the bes
Trout Ray Bergman pictures?
If don't already own a copy of Trout, it's well worth reading as well just looking at the plates.
My bad. I watched your video. Thought you did the method of leaving the tag end of Thread to split the tails instead of clipping the tag for use later. I like the clipping tag off because you now can
10ft 3wt 4pc Euro Nymphing rod
        10ft 3wt 4pc nymphing rod just out of the drying cabinet. This one is done up in brown trout color themed wraps.
Didn't catch nuthin'...
I'm already plotting my next excursion to Colorado.  I remember a few rivers in NW Colorado from quite a few years ago on a trip to Dinosaur National Monument.  Also the Blue River and Green
The SCUD/Sow Bug swap
stabgnid's flies are here and looking good. I don't know about trout but I just look at those and know that 'gills are going to be pushovers for those flies. Now about returning, did you not want your
Redngton Classic Trout Review
Good point on rods and region. Yeah man, but I get what you mean, for 90% of the US, a 3wt is almost pointless. But I did discuss that point in the review, that for me I use a 2 or 3wt for small f
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
I've never battled much outside of Florida other than trout.  Pound for pound an Oscar would have my vote. They'd pull a bluegill of the same size backwards. Heck they are all tail!
How do you like to land larger smallmouth?
 Actually I took the OP to mean he pointed the rod tip at the fish Rocco, .I could be wrong though.   Mike , bass have bones around the mouth, heavier than on trout ( we do a lot of both kin
RIO InTouch Fly Line
I know this is fly line related and not tying but wondering if any one has had the chance to use RIO InTouch Fly Line?  I'm looking at purchasing RIO InTouch Trout LT.  I have used the RIO T
With Kids Spring Winter And Summer at City Park New Orleans
Thanks both. Mike, you said trout flies will work, does that include insect imitations/attractors, or just the predatory stuff?
Elk Hair Caddis
Thanks for the video.  As I read through your original post, the hatch-matcher in me got his hackles up at the notion that this is an all purpose fly.  If I do not see caddis on a trout stre
August Flies From the Vise
That's a fish catching tie right there Kimo, the Antero trout wouldn't know what to do other than eat it! :D   I have never tried articulated flies but that makes me want to try, I hear they wigg
Eleven Mile Canyon and Dream Stream!
dream stream? somebody caught a 24" trout and renamed the river? whooppee!   use to be called the south platte river when i fished there years ago
RIP Dick Miller
I received word today that the man who taught me to tie flies has passed away. Dick Miller was an elementary school 5th and 6th grade teacher in Grants Pass, Oregon. In the mid 1950's schools had afte
Au Sable vacation 2018
Yeah foam hoppers always do really well up there on the smallmouth. By far my favorite way to catch them. Not a sipping rise like a trout but rather a full on completely out of the water explosion :)
wet fly for trout
wet fly for trout
Funny conversation. I had picked up a few of these from a shop last minute prior to fishing high pressure tailwater. Only thing that worked were WD40s so I tied up a bunch later. I do prefer "finer" f
Kindle offer for For John Gierach Fans
Kindle Book - “Even Brook Trout Get the Blues” for 99 cents. Good for a few days only.
Looking For Advice
Those look pretty good.  I think a lot of folks forget, because we see them sipping insects, that trout have teeth.  That said, I've made them using pieces of silicone spinner bait skirts.&#
Euro Nymphs
Hello all,   On my last outing in central Wisconsin scouting for brook trout water I stumbled across a couple of sections that were fast with many small pools and runs. I wanted to try out Europe
Letís talk decals
pick out the design/s you want to adorn your pickup with and use your printer to print them out on vinyl waterproof sticker paper
Pigeon Forge/Gattlinburg TN
I have fished the river across from the Orvis store. Mostly caught rock bass. Heard the Little Piegon River is good for smallmouth. For trout go into the park. Just pull off when you see a likely spot
Hot creek Special
Not familier with the pattern but it looks like a trout killer ! Thanks for sharing.                                 
golden trout - liquid gold
The upper reaches of the South Fork of the Kern River, above Monache Meadows contain Golden Trout. I started going up there in the late 70's when I got a Jeep Renegade that I tricked out. I have also
Soft Hackle Emerging Caddis
Soft hackle fly patterns have been around since pretty much when fly fishing started.  That does not mean they aren't effective now.  In fact, they are still very effective, and in some circ
Favorite Brookie Patterns
Just wondering what everyone's favorite brook trout pattern/rig is.   The river I fish is the north branch of the Embarrass river in Wisconsin (Flow is about 200 CFS, and about 3 feet deep on ave
My Take On A Couple of Reels
I get fish on the reel all the time. Steelhead on the swing of course are instantly on the reel, but I try and get any good sized trout on the reel if I can do it without too much trouble. I like to h
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
There is no fly (or tying style) that is more authentic to the Southern Appalachians than the" Yallar" Hammer. From Don and Kevin Howell"s book, Tying & Fishing Southern Appalachian Trout Fli
Dziendobry from Illinois
Dziendobry or Hello, My name is Mat and I am from Illinois. I was born in Poland but I have been living in USA for last 14 years. I joined USMC after high school as a machine gunner. Deployed twice,on
Nymph Fishing Rods
OK, after using my Syndicate 10 foot 3 weight quite extensively for the last couple of weeks, I find that it is definitely NOT the one trick pony that many people think it is. Not only is it perfect f
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
What's a small stream to you? A small brook trout stream to me means something you can step over. 10" to 15" brook trout tells me your actually fishing a medium or average size creek that's maybe 20 o
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