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Can Someone Please ID This Insect?
Im not an entomologist like the trout guys but enjoyed this thread very much!
Hello from Oklahoma City
Hello everyone Im exploring starting to tie flys and stumbled upon this site doing some reading. I have been making plastic lures with my teenage son and enjoy it but have gotten interested in flys
Stonfo Kaiman Vise Review
Looks great, Tim. I think you should send me one to see how it ties Eastern trout and warm water flies.
New Member
Hi all . My name is Nayls . I am an avid fly fisherman and tyer. I Live in Arizona in  The  White Mountain Area . I Mostly fish for trout on nearby  streams , lakes and ice.Its nice to
Fly fishing Port A
I used to live in Corpus Christi, Texas and would catch fish non stop.  However recently hurricane Harvey came through and destroyed much of Port Aransas and Rockport, and Huston got hit really b
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Lets try again.   As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, I want you to think about your favourite late season patterns (typically for brown trout).   Some friends and I are heading
Antennae / horns on caddis pupa
Thanks for these great pics and thanks to everyone for chiming in on this one. I've only recently (this spring /summer/fall) started tying and fishing pupa specific patterns and have been pleasantly s
Eccentric weight - nymph
Hi guys,   from a while  new kind of  weights are on the market. Weights for tying nymphs. These beads are designed to flip the nymph  with the point up and o behave similar w
Any reviews of the Int'l Fly Tying Symposium ?
This was the first year I have been able to attend. The move to Lancaster along with the Two Veterans from my Local PHW making it to the finals of the PHW Tying Compition it was worth the cost. There
Hello from East Tennessee
Hello, I am really enjoying this forum. It is much more active than my local forums. People are extremely knowledgeable and quick to offer help and advise. I started tying sometime in the early 90s bu
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
Steve, I think your client will like that rod. I built up one of those blanks in an 11 ft 3/4, the next size down from that rod. It's a nice rod for medium sized trout, and has handed fish into the lo
CDC Caddis a Goddard Variant
Thanks,  In fact this sedge is probably the most easy  to tie dry Sedge. What you have to do is to twist the CDC barbs on the hook shank  and to trim to shape. It is so simple but so
Lake Mead anyone?
I used to live in Boulder City in the mid-1990's and spent a lot of time at Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.   Things have changed in the 20+ years I've lived there but the fishing could range fro
hello from black forest - germany
Welcome Thomas, please help us understand how you prepare your flies for trout conditions in Germany.   Jeff
Fall Au Sable pike
Ben I just built the two hander for myself and one for my fishing buddy this spring, but I tell ya what, I agree 100%....We started using them for trout (I built 12ft 5/6wts) back in April, and I bet
Finishing Knots
I used a few half hitches and a little head cement for years, and only had the occasional fly come unraveled after a few fish. Then I started using a whip finish, and never looked back. It's neater, j
Is it a better time now to host a swap?
Actually Vicrider. The Styx river is a beautiful trout river that runs through some world heritage euaclypt forest in south western Tasmania. The waters are high with snow melt this time of year, but
Best feathers for small soft hackles
I am a huge fan of the JV Hen Hackles from Clearwater Hackle formerly Conranch Hackle - good stuff indeed.  I will be on vacation Thanksgiving week and will have 5 dozen soft hackles featuring th
A Good Day on the Uncompahgre River
I had the chance to angle the Uncompahgre River at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk (Ridgway State Park) a couple of days ago.  It was beauteous fly fishing weather with an air temperature around 60F, with mostly
My Private Lake fishing report...!!!
Sounds like a pretty tough day, pyramid lake is pretty cool, especially later in the spring when you have these huge trout swimming all around you.
Capped Baitfish
This fly worked for me out in Corpus, I caught about 50% of my speckled trout on it, and it was rather easy to tie, and also cast.  In fact, it casted so well compared to some other flies that I
Fast Action Rod?
In what way did the fast action rod feel better? What casting experience provides you with a baseline for judging rods? Not trying to pick at you or your question (which is a good one), just trying
Gizmos new and old
I stumbled onto a potentially useful dingus at Joannes yesterday. A pack of Eyepins in the beading section.  These are straight stainless steel shafts with a parallel eye at one end -- @ 1.25 " i
November Flies from the Vise
Kimo, good to see you are getting back to some good old days, those scuds rocked and all the trout in my neighborhood want to eat that emerger
Trout Emerger -my favorite model
My rivers are slow running. Trout has plenty of time to check the flies. Too bulky and the trout will not rise to check it. So I ise guard hair from hare or sometimes I use guard fibers from squirrel.
Tenkara is just for little fish...
Looks like his backcast could use some work, though. LOL  Yeah ... his whole fishing style is a bit ... hectic.  And that lure he's got tied on ???   But definitely proves the rod
Crafty Layered Shrimp
This is technically a brown shrimp imitation, but I think it could work (even at this coloration) for other shrimp as well.  You could also tie this in other colors also.  Its flashy, and ha
Tie fly so it floats just below the surface
I can only tell you what works for me.  I fish them in rivers and kettle ponds for trout.  Most of my soft hackles float initially in still water and I can drown them with a tug or two. 
Everglades backcountry, 21-23 October
to put it mildly - I'm always available, seven days a week - unless I'm already booked...  Fall is definitely a bit more temperature friendly than August (understatement) - but as I write this, w
Show Us Your Tube Flies
I love tube flies.     Kevin   [attachment=64515:16177757_1884823108470196_4641168687954465326_o.jpg]   [attachment=64516:My olive tube.jpg]   [attachment=64517:My pike t
EP Finger Mullet
EP style flies are staples in many saltwater fishermans boxes.  And the Mullet style pattern is definitely an important fly to have when fishing in the gulf.  Redfish, sea trout, and many ot
I learned something today
What a shame.     That's the thing about fishing, is it should be a learning experience every trip. Then using what you learned the next trip. Then again, sometimes on the next trip you may
Are shrimp eyes a necessity
I like pink. I used to catch a lot of sea trout on pink and white. Not only on shrimp patterns.
Need a source for TMC212 hooks Has a lot of the technical trout stuff. You might enjoy looking at their cadre of items.
Maggie Valley, take two!
While yes Maggie Valley is a tourist trap, hardly anyone fishes in Johnathon Creek! I saw a total of two folks fishing last time (which was when it was warmer and maggie was alive with tourists) one o
Ice cream cone mullet
I wanted to make a fly that is light and easy to cast, but also has a wide profile and pushes lots of water. I am heading to Corpus Christi TX after hurricane Harvey to do some fly fishing and help m
Christened the UL rod Steve built.
I got tilapia one time such disappointment ... That's the way I remember Rainbow and Brown Trout.  A huge disappointment the one time I tried it.   Tilapia, on the other hand, was almost
Capt Bob has a good point. My warm water (bass, sunfish) colors would greatly differ from my trout colors.   For trout, cphubert copied my answer,,LOL,, Grizzly, brown, med blue dun, black, and c
Spray for neoprene waders to make them easier to put on?
For the price I'm surprised, no shocked the knees are not padded. But, in over 50 years of fishing I have never seen anybody crawling on the bank sneaking up on trout. Read about people doing this b
Caddis Nymph
I think they would fool any trout, and Great photography also.
Carrie Stevens style
I would use the hook length as a reference and make the finished length a little longer than the hook itself. The length of 1/4" past the hook bend is not excessive and will most likely catch fish th
Source for Lagartun x-fine wire
Alright flytire, I come back in hopes of redemption of sorts. Dette Trout Flies in Roscoe NY has, or at least seems to me to have (and we now know what that can be worth...) xx-fine gold lagartun wire
Back from a long break
Welcome back to the active side of the site, Ron.  Point of focus for me is sunfish and bass.  No trout in Central Florida and no interest in salt water.   Looking forward to your contr
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Other than the Fly Pattern Database on this site I do not know of a book referring material list to fly patterns listed by material used. As far as pattern books most are for flies for the targeted ty
Went nuts and ordered an HMH Tube spinner vise
Thanks fshng2 ! It's pretty smooth and I like the tapered pins.   I use the junction tube right now. I also have some Polytube, in the medium and large sizes the hook will go right into the tube.
Sink tips
Or just buy either a Airflo Polyleader, or Rio Versileader.  Much easier and even affordable, if all you need is a sinktip for trout.  The whole 'braided loop' process is rmore useful when c
Hello from Topanga, CA (and NOLA)
What a wonderful forum! Awesome flies, pics, tips, detailed explanations, debates, ideas. And so many incredibly experienced and skilled tiers contributing their wisdom and guidance. And a friendly an
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
The San Juan River is one of the most popular and productive river in the United States.  Possibly the world.  Located in North West New Mexico, in the middle of a desert, this tailwater is
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
Yes, I was testing all my threads and dubbings with the uv to try out some ideas when I noticed the Veevus is the only white thread I've got that does that in a "hot" color lumescent kind of way. My u
Any snake ID out there?
Promise us this wasn't created at your vise! It would make an excellent "streamer" or "lure" I am sure the trout couldn't ignore!
Cul de Oie
In Ashland WI years ago they had a problem with some immigrants thinking the local swans were there for their snaring and dinner. Would love to have gotten one of those pelts complete. As for bigger f
Start thinking Christmas Swap
This sounds pretty good...put me in for some warm water / Deer Hair / Baitfish stuff. Id like the same back....warm water or salt water stuff. Dont do much trout fishing now days. Although most trout
October flesh from the vise
Tying some trout flies. My fisrt time using zonkers. I think I like them, lets hope the trout do.
Crazy Brown Shrimp
Brown shrimp are one of the most common foods for many of the fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.  From Redfish, to Speckled trout, to Permit and even flounder.  All of these species eat bro
fishing and scouting report Chokolskee - first trip after Irma
Based on the colorings of those fish it seems the water must be pretty clear down there. It is similar up here in the Big Bend. Before the storm, the water out on the flats was like coffee and the fis
Sculpin fun
Most sculpin patterns for trout up unitil a few years ago when big, segmented models with tandem hooks became fairly common were tied on single hooks. By reducing hook size -- down to 8, maybe 10 -- a
How to make realistic legs for very small flies
I'd try some kind of synthetic like microfibette fibers, natural fibers would be awfully breakable. The real question I have is how are those little fibers going to support that fly? They look like t
Best Retailer for Materials
Hello,   I'm also fairly new to fly fishing and was also wondering where to buy tying materials. I've tried several ones and they were all pretty good. Couple weeks ago I bought this trout season
What flies to start with?
Well then RVR has a very healthy population of Lake, Rainbow and Brown trout. The latter two can be found in the shallow water at certain times of the year where fly fishing is an option. Very good SM
Hello from NJ and Pa
Hey all,    I just wanted to say hello to the community and tell a little about myself. As most of you do, I too love to fish. I have always been a bass fisherman (with a good mix of sunny's
Need some info on this Sage rod
Yes, it's a 5 wt, 10 ft, 3 piece blank, and III B is the type of graphite. I never cast that model, but I have fished a couple of other trout rods in that series. Nice rods, a bit heavy and slow when
Looking for TMC206BL hooks in sizes #22 and #24
Well crap. The TMC 206BL is my favorite trout hook, I especially like it for smaller patterns. I was hoping to find some in sizes smaller than the #20's I currently have so I can tie some smaller midg
Strip Rattle and Roll
If you have ever fished for bass, you know that in most instances, a rattle helps attract them.  They are also attracted big baits.  Things that push lots of water.  I created this fly
The River Runs Through It - 25 Years Later
I watched it once ... a long time ago.  I remember there was a lot "human interest"/"drama-tear jerker" aspects ...but I remember little of the fly fishing.  But then, it's trout fishing, th
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