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Using hooks from the mid-90s
Agree with above posts ... use them.  I got my Dad's tackle boxes when he passed.  He never tied flies, but he had plenty of small hooks in there from his days fishing for trout in Wyoming w
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
The weather was tough this past week - but finally got right at the end of the week.  We started out with a night trip in Biscayne Bay and small tarpon were the targets with visiting angler Reggi
Broiled Trout Recipe
Patiently waiting for the fiddleheads to come up then it will be fiddleheads and trout both finished in hot cast iron with herbs, butter and a slash of sherry. Come on spring !
Redington Classic Trout
There is nothing inherently bad with "soft action" rods all rods use to be soft action before the marketing boys/girls convinced us a fast action rod was mandatory to fish big western rivers and tail
Any woodturners on here
Nope ... I do some wood work, but I don't have a lathe.  I'd love to get some, but I need to build a bigger workshop before that'll ever happen. Do you paint the stars and stripes and trout.
11 2/3 nymph rod
Hi Steve..lately you have built several nymphing rods and that led to me wondering what advantage these nymphing rods have over a 12' tankara rod which would be much lighter and easier to hold higher.
Spey Daze DVD set
Last year I used the spey probably 90% of the season on the Au Sable. I'm throwing a rio 23' 400grain skagit head on a 12ft 5/6 spey rod for trout.
de-barbing pliers
I teach classes out there, south of Stockton.  I don't remember exactly where I was, but maybe the upper Stanislaus River?   Oh, I just checked online ... it WAS the Stanislaus ...   "T
I have nibbled around the edges of mousing for large trout but never took it real seriously, I really enjoy fishing wet flies, BUT....   I am going too make a concerted effort this year to w
Been making up some heavy leaders and having problems. Joining 50# to 30# using all kinda knots from perfection loop, Surgeons loops and blood knots, Surgeons, double Uni.... Using a spring scale up
Leaders for large Streamers
Really depends on what sort of (size) streamers you are casting, as well as if you're talking trout, or bass or something with teeth like pike. So hard to give accurate suggestions without more info.
Guinea Foul feathers
I like guinea for hackles on steelhead flies like spades or green butt skunk variations. In smaller sizes I've used them as hackles on large (size 8) trout soft hackles also. The fibers seem pretty to
How to blend Z-lon and Antron yarns?
Hi SD,    You asked this same question not too long ago right here . Planet trout answered your question and included a step by step that's on his blog. I linked the third page tha
Dubby Bunny
This fly is one that a friend showed me a while back.  In fact you saw me fish with him this past summer.  Kyle is his name, and he is the one who took me out on his bass boat to fly fish fo
March Flies From The Vise
I have been tying big salt water flies for so long, now when I need to refill some trout fly boxes, I need to start big and work my way down.     A few  Hexagenia patterns.  and
Mono rigging
My personal ranking of fishing I like in the order I like to do it: 1. Selective trout on emergers or dries 2. Selective trout on pupae or rising nymphs 3. Getting a (preferably large) trout to rise
10ft 4wt Xi Series rod
Xterrabill, I use a 9'10" 4 at and 10 ft 8 wt I love them my buddy used my 4 wt trout fishing I the river and was blown away by the easy distance he was getting. Mine are on blanks from anglers roost
Favorite hair for Elk Hair Caddis?
SilverCreek, Thanks for the detour. It brought back a lot of memories. George was the teacher and was also a football coach. I was teaching then and would see him every summer. He got me on the Serend
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I've fished south central Vermont, Ludlow  and Plymouth(birthplace of Calvin Coolidge) area for many years during the late spring and through the summer.   I've caught trout in July and
9th Annual Opening Day Swap
That vicente, is definitely a variably variable. I like the H&L but tie it with the more common calf tail but I generally use Cree hackle since I have such a fantastic cape to work with. Sadly, it
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Mike, I love to tie trout flies but the small amount of fishing I do get in is almost totally warm water. I'd like in but just to understand this I tie 12 flies as normal. 6 of those will be (in my ca
Finding Material
Guess I didn't explain my self to clearly, by spun fur I ment  when I bought it, it was marketed as Spun Fur but to me it looked like angora I'm guessing it was about 1/16 of an inch thick and ve
Reverse Tied Minnow
These flies are easy to tie, and very effective on many species across the fly fishing spectrum.  From freshwater fish including trout, bass and walleye, to saltwater fish like speckled trout, re
Does anybody have, and use, a Herter's Professional Wing Maker?
tctrout:  I can't tell you how many of your videos I have watched and learned from in the past 2 years!  So nice to kinda-sorta meet you!    A little background:  I'm 75 years
Casting for Recovery Australia
OK.   We have two groups of 12 ladies.   This means I will set up two lists.   I'm going trout fishing at the end of this week, so I will set something up when I get back.
rainbow trout game changer for tail water musky and striper
Nice fly, bowmike.    I haven't messed with Game Changers yet.   I saw some on another board that were tied up for trout, not to imitate them.   I know on some lakes and
Chile Bound... advice needed!
Update ---   So ended up booking with a guide called Jack Trout (with a last name like that...) and we will go with one of the locals who guides for him. 3 full days, and we are planning 2 for bi
Here's some snappers working on more snappers. I took this almost five years ago on a nice summer day while fishing. That's my fly line in the pic. The only bad thing about it is that the entire secti
Oh boy here we go!
Always in Feb this happens around here too. That's why I plan a project for feb, like building a new rod or two. Airbrush some lures or make some flies I'm lacking. And if I can grab a day on the wate
A simpler floatier Rusty Spinner?
Well the bass poppers, Clousers, crabs, shrimp, and spoon flies are done, and am moving on to trout flies. Next up is Rusty Spinners. I have been tying them with hackle wings, microfibbet tails, and b
Legit? Heck Ya!  I can't answer to fly color specifically, but I've probably caught 80%+ of my snook on some sort of pink. Whether it is a hot pink, a stripe of pink,(ie rainbow trout), or chartr
exceeding attachments limit?
I knew there was a limit per attachment but you're saying that there overall number and/or size is limited too? I've been posting from computer since PB decided to change.   Semi-related questi
What weight dumbbell eyes for Clousers?
As you get into doing Clousers make a point of doing a few of the originals - the way Bob Clouser did them all those years ago.  That way you'll have a better idea of what you need for your appli
Not very common emerger
Here it is: materials: Demmon BL D400 hook size #14 Body made of biot Hackle made of guar hair fur from Hare Wing: CDC in loop         It works on trout in slow and medium fast
Vice problems
Absolutely.  A common problem for all vises if you tie enough.  Took me quite a while to wear out a pair of jaws on a Renzetti Traveler for example, but I know commercial tiers who go throug
7'6" 1wt Shx brown trout colors
I'm in love with this rod.   Makes me want to buy an Abel brown trout anodized reel just to mount to one for myself.  Never use it. Just to hang on the wall to admire it.  No
Share your peeping caddis
Hi guys,  I'm curious how are your peeping caddis. Years and years I used this fly.  During time I modified the hackle position, dubbing texture,  materials , profile and so on until I
Rivers to salt
Hi - I live and fish in New York state.. spring is trout in creeks, summer is smallmouth in rivers and lakes, and in the fall - salmon and steelhead in the tributaries. I mostly flyfish all the above,
Few more tubes
Got a nice piece of boar's fur from Dette Trout in NY a little while back fwiw
Useful fly catalogue
Interesting the "Snaelda" technique using the stripped cock stems...Lotta salmon/sea trout stuff...
Nymphing Baitfish - Small Fry
This fly is one I created to nymph for trout at my local river after the hatch.  On the Animas, the rainbow trout and brown trout eggs start hatching, and there are tons of little fry that become
Newby - Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle
I think ithe hook would work fine but bugs come in all different sizes so it just depends if there is a specific insect that he is trying to imitate, 12- 18 are pretty common sizes. A 6/0 thread will
February Flies from the Vise
I wish I could remember the man's name who did the presentation, BCT.  He was trying variations on wooly buggers when he came up with that pattern. He says that fly accounted for the majority of
Animas River Fishing in January
The Animas is one of those rivers that can either be amazing, or terrible!  I have fished it many times getting skunked, and I also have fished it where I have excellent days!  Today was an
Bugger swap #2
vicente, looking forward to these since crappie is one of the few fish I have to fish for here. Smaller ones are underutilized for trout but I don't have any trout within my home range so never really
Musky Fly Swap 2018
I need storage ideas for all of my big flies, trout, pike and musky especially. What do you use at home and on the water?     Kevin
Trolling Flies
sandflyx is correct on the finger lake gobie color, my experience (and the hard core locals) show the lake trout don't care - all winter long we hammer the lake trout from shore with an oliv
Fly tying scissors reviews.
Dr. Slick leads the tying market, with Anvil and newcomer Loon distant second and third (not sure which is which), and a few folks using either craft store solutions or barber scissors (very pricey) b
Big stuff
If I add antennae I usually use crystal flash, sometimes the woven kind which is thicker but does unravel. You could try Moose mane if you want something stiffer.   Great looking flies but don't
Wading boot studs
Several states did ban felt soles because of an article by Max Bothwell, a research scientist for Environment Canada, who wrote an influential article that linked angler's felt soled boots to dyd
Crap or Crop?
One of the reasons I think they are called specks mostly in Florida and not many other places is because lots of folks call brook trout "speckled trout" or just "specks".
Our Favorite Things?
I love ring neck pheasant rump for steelhead wets, and Hungarian partridge for trout soft hackles. I can't stand chenille, it's the most lifeless looking material I've ever used and because of that I
Guess what....a 2wt
You think that's bad you should see some of the rods I have lined up for work next week. bunch of 1wt's. The tip on the 1wt blanks are so small I had to special order some tip tops for them because I
Behold the power of coyote
Good flies (and fish). I wish I had trout close by.
Patagonia Report
Nice report! My mom is from Buenos Aires so a couple years ago after visiting there we decided the make a stop in Bariloche. We fished the Limay River, and this is where I truly got hooked into fly fi
Leader making
I use about 2-3 ft of 20 lb hard mono 2-3 ft of 20lb maxima sometimes I do 3 ft12 lb floro or 10 lb floro. I usually just use those three sections for warm water, if I'm fishing for trout I usually a
Soft Hackled Nymph Swap
Really looking forward to seeing this set, or of my clients gave me a nice wheatley trout box, I'm going to put these in there before I disgrace it with my own abominations. Trouta, I'm glad you like
Hello from Sweden
Welcome Petter,  waiting to see some pictures and post of those sea trout. Tight lines
Hello Anyone using Instagram? My photos are about fly fishing from Scandinavia. Mostly after sea trout from land and pontoon boat. Cool to see others on instagram from around the world.
Question about hens and rosters.
More important than color in flytying is the thickness and stiffness of the stems and the length of the barbs. The genetic hackle has uniformly short barbs and very fine stems as can be seen in the pi
Redington Path rod, Drift reel. SA fly line
For sale Redington Path fly rod 7'6" #3 weight - four piece Rod tube included Literally perfect condition, been fished once. $75 Redington Drift fly reel 2/3 wt Perfect condition $50 Scientific Angl
Did FTF Go Down For a Few Days or...
Mogup.... collusion??? Naaaa, I really don't want to open THAT can of worms! lol   BCT
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
SilverCreek... well said!  I have a copy of Caddisflies and Trout Flies, Proven Patterns which opened my eyes not only to fly fishing and tying techniques, but the reasons trout bite the fly... t
Giant poppers...
Well, finished/tailed that last biggest cork popper. May never use it. Got me very modest 12wt coming to maybe cast this stuff. Need to move to some "cockroaches" and "poon" flies next. Taking sug
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