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Best Tyer Ever?
"Best"  is not a useful designation cuz,even as you point out,the span of time and specializations makes such an exclusive category unhelpful.   If "influential" is what is wanted, some
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
Definitely having a rod under 6 feet is going to limit distance, but techniques like those silvercreek mentioned, dynamic roll casts and adding a haul, will help you no matter what line you're using.
Flashy CDC Emerging Midge
CDC is one of my favorite materials for emergers or dry flies when tying small tiny flies.  Buying hackle that small can cost a fortune, but CDC tends to be better priced.  And you can save
There's a little place I know...
Yep, thin out the ones that aren't competing and the natural winners grow fatter.    Or buy lots of trout pellets........... I'll put my money into a fish basket and a deep fryer rather th
Tying Knots
Hello, This is Kraig Morris. I have been wanting to learn to tie knots besides the improved clinch knot (That is the only one I know) and can anyone suggest a good place to learn the different knots?
The Amazing Dry Fly Bite!
Great looking water! Even better video.  I love seeing the hook sets.   This is one of those places where the purveyors of "trout are smarter" and "Bluegill are easier to catch" lose their "
Grand Lake, CO
Hi Phil.  We'll be out there for about 5 days.  I plan on fishing one or two days, pretty much to legally wet a line.  We'll be staying at M & M Lodge at Grand Lake.  I'll be f
Standard Nymph Hook, Standard Wire, Standard Shank, Question
I'd like to know what the original poster wants the hook for and why If he wants a nymph hook the heavier the better. If he wants to tie a nymph on a dry fly hook then just do it If he can't get a s
fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 16 June
I teach my beginning saltwater fly anglers that taking a moment to "get the fish on the reel" with a snook usually results in the fish getting off.  I tell them hand strip the fish until it takes
Carnage Damsel SBS
Did you invent this style of fly with wrapping the foam? If you are a pro at this technique!! Didn't someone just ask you about a damsel today?!  No matter, these are such nice looking
Hatches Blog Post - How to Tie an Easy Zonker Fly Pattern
An easy to follow fly tying video of a Zonker style pattern for trout or bass.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Brookes on the Dry...
Brookies brookies every where!  Man, that 2nd creek I hit up was amazing wasnt it?  If I went there first, I have a feeling I could have gone further, and gotten some more fish.  I hear
Whiting hackles
All I can is thank God I dont tie trout flies any more or have the need for high quality hackle..I still have pieces of a #1 Metz from close to 50 years ago thats gets me by for the warm water stuff
Wulff swap
Somebody tied a "Virginia wulff" in a swap once, that was a nice variant I've used, lost, and only remember orange floss Anybody know what I'm babbling about?I think I saw that mentioned in a swap fr
Hackle gague
I have been fly tying, and fishing my flies for more than 50 years, and I have never seen a trout with a hackle gauge.  Anglers are much more picky than the trout.  
Homemade dubbing recipes?
Not sure what 'sparkle' is in question nut I endorse the idea.   I use small doses of very short chopped  sections of fine flash materials - Antron, Angelna, etc-- with all my DIY fur dubbin
Carp Worm
Carp are a tough fish to fish for.  However, they are really rewarding when you finally hook into one.  They pull like a freight train, and are challenging to even hook.  Many times you
New site:
Hi all! I have been working on a new site this winter/spring:   My goal is to preserve and present patterns from the classic old books, read more on
Utah Killer Bug
Frank tied his Killer Bug  with no thread just wire and wool, simplest fly ever. I've seen similar with bead on nymph hook instead of jig. He did not tie it for trout either it was his weapon aga
Fly fishing in Vilnius
At the risk of being accused of stealing Flytire's shtick, google offer some insight: heard of Lithuan
Smallmouth time, my favorite
Nice. As much as I love trout there simply is no denying the excellent fight a good smallie puts up :)
Bug Buffet
Nice pictures.  I've ran into those microcaddis.  One of the first times I went fly fishing on the local wild trout streams.   I was all set with what I thought were the right flie
best flies for small lake in late summer
I'd bring some of those little trout flys for evenings and early morning fishing. do try those panther Martin's though I've caught a lot more fish on those than on anything else maybe everything else
After a water flow change
So this trip was not my best on the San Juan.  Only one decent fish in the net on the river, but I took a quick drive down to a small lake close by and got a really nice brown trout!  Wonder
Colorado's Taylor River is fishing well
     The twenty mile stretch of the Taylor River between Taylor Dam and Almont has been rising as added releases from the dam are needed to mitigate what little run-off is occurring.
I got what on what!
Just got back from my trip to NC. Started by visiting my brother in Raleigh area. He took me to the Harris Res. for top water bass. He's throwing his rubber frog and I'm using my 9wt to throw my deer
Horse flies...
I don't think we have the green heads in Michigan, thank goodness. we definitely have deer flies, though. They have got to be the most persistent creature in nature. Nothing (so far as I can tell) rep
Where have all the swappers gone?
Sorry to hear that Bimini.   I am still here, and waiting for an appropriate warm or saltwater swap to come up.   I rarely fish for trout, so have an over abundance of these patterns at the
CDC Emerger
Hi SilverCreek   The fly is not supposed  to  stay  vertical in water. It  supposed  to have  the body in angle, at least sort off ... Like  a Klinkhammer emerg
Carrying two rods
One 6-8 wt rod at a time, the choice of wt being somewhat dependent on wind and such. the fly end taper of my 8&9wt lines is about the same as a 3wt so I have fished down to #24 with it and caught
The Golden Missile
----The Golden Missile----   I had been looking forward to the summer of 2016 for quite some time.  For the same reason, the women in my life were both anxious and nauseous as they dreadfull
Flies for spawning cutthroats
So, I'm back from my first ever major spawning experience.  Fish wise it was spectacular. Fisherman wise it was, well, tawdry.    Fish wise: Tons of enormous lake trout trekking up a sm
Bull Reds
Their life cycle is fascinating; the exact opposite of striped bass. When the immature stripers are heading out, the immature reds are heading in. Their ranges overlap here; I've caught stripers and r
Some time on the river
Success! Nothing like waiting till the last day of the trip to finally get the big trout I had been looking for all week. This one made the entire week worth it for me. Hit the same river bend I had b
Spent flies - do you tie them?
I don't tie spent wings. I can't see them at distance, and I like to see my flies. Plus the trout where I usually fish aren't too picky, so when spinners are on the water I can usually fool most of th
Dubby Bunny Perch
This is a popular fly!  In the last few weeks, I have been asked to tie this in different color patterns.  First I tied in a baby brown trout coloration, and then someone asked me to tie it
Headed to Gettysburg from WV...suggestions?
And by the way, that is the savage river in my profile picture.   I've been to Casselman and the upper Savage.  I know there is plenty of native trout water in the Savage area as well. &
Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
  I don't find that to be the case at all, and I fish teams of wet flies 80% of the time.  Just this afternoon, I fished a team of wets on a 4 weight, caught more than 20 trout and didn't t
Tampa Fl Area
Thanks for the replies everyone! I think we will stick to the salt as $120 for us to fish both is a bit much. The idea of a snook in the surf sounds great. I remember seeing them right against the sh
Extra large Wulff patterns
Wow !  That's a beast of a trout fly Scott.  I especially like the body shape, what's your technique tying on the foam ?
Looking for panfish ideas
For surface flies, I use Bivisibles in a variety of colors.  I make them with white fronts and the back 3/4 of the fly is brown, black, olive, grey or variegated ginger.  Sometimes I tie in
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
Great report as always Capt. Bob! I regret not doing the triple tail/crab pots thing, but I wasn't too comfortable running offshore of the Everglades with a crappy GPS and not a whole lot of experienc
Paint Creek today
Yeah it's a nice thing to have here in SE Michigan for an urban fishery. It's nice to be able to drive a short 15 minutes and fish for trout in a setting that makes you forget you are surrounded by ci
Vallecito Lake in early Spring
Well lake fishing from the shore is never easy, but it can surprise you!   Its always better to have a boat or canoe but, there are good fish to be had when fly fishing from the shore.  I fi
May Flies From The Vise
Another set on weight hooks.  And yes, I hope the Brook Trout will like them.    Mickey Finn  weighted    on Mustad  L87-3665A    size 6
Hair stackers, stainless
I'm using the small Dr Slick hair stacker (brass).  I tie strictly trout flies so I think it's perfect size for that application.  From the web images I've seen the Stonfo mini looks a bit s
Michigan Trout Opener
Nice brown Bryon. Yeah the high water messed up a lot of peoples opener this year, it happens though you never know what you're gonna get for the opener in Michigan. I've had openers where it was near
Purpose built 7wt
This is a another rod for my own rod collection, but is a very purpose built rod. There's a small brush choked creek near me that has some decent sized browns in it which usually only come on streamer
Fly nameing
I tie a streamer that works really well for trout in Northern Michigan rivers. I've never seen one for sale, but, because it's basically a hybrid of two very well-known established patterns (the Wooll
Non-fly rod caught fish
Nice shad, Poopdeck.  I haven't fished for American shad in years.  Did a lot of fishing for them off the wing dam at New Hope/Lambertville with spinning tackle before I took up fly fishing.
The bird fly
That is probably Pat Cohen's bird. There is one other guy that does them but his name eludes me right now. They are works of art and $20 each. Something tells me that I'll be climbing that tree to r
Black buzzer
this is the model that I had some nice trout on Alpine lakes :) It is simple to tie,  just 3-4 min for one, cheap materials and effective like hell!  
A tip of the hat to members of this Forum. I made good use of tips, information, and fly patterns found here. They added positively to my trip to Florida. I managed to catch Ladyfish, Spotted sea trou
Wheatley fly box.
It might be more traditional to use a leather fly wallet with sheep skin for salmon flies, I know that some N'East anglers liked the wallets even for trout streamer and wets.   A caution on the c
Back on the river today
Ha ha  ... Ghetto Trout !!! As you stated ... doesn't matter what hits, nothing better than a day on the water.   I'll have the wiring harness done before next weekend, should be able to tak
10' 4wt xi "My new toy!"
I have two other rods I did the handles on like this as well, never had any blister issues at all, probably because your not using the type of force with a rod as you are with a hammer.   Thanks,
Hi from NY
Hi All, My name is Glenn and I live in Manhattan. I've fished over 40 years but just got started fly fishing and tying for trout. I did  do the Salmon River chuck and duck a few seasons years ago
Dubby Bunny Baby Bow
This fly works awesomely for bass.  I have tied it in many color combos already.  One perch coloration, a baby brown trout coloration, and now a baby rainbow coloration.    I have
Why I'm Not Hosting Right Now
Guys, I hope I can get away with this. If this post is taken down, maybe some of you will have read it first and know what's going on. The reason I'm not hosting now really doesn't have anything to do
9' 7wt 3pc
just wanted to let you know that the rod casts beautiful, far and accurate. I am not just saying that to be nice, I really like it a lot! the line lays out perfect, nice loop, feels light an
Macaw F Fly
If you like F Fly then you should tie this version, I love it and for  trout works great :)  
Universal Nymph- great all around pattern
Here is the Universal Nymph  originated by Steve Schweitzer and published long time ago on Globalflyfisher.  I discovered  this model more than 10 years ago and I still tie it beca
Let me know what you think
Great choice joining the Marines. Bad choice trying to make money selling fly fishing stuff like it's a book of the month club. Not trying to be to critical of your plan but there's no way around it.
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Okay, okay, I'll do it. Top, middle and bottom. Half sized for the bait and half sized for the fish that eat the bait. That about right? No tags needed unless you bring enough for everybody and deer h
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