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Trout Fly Tying

New member from California
Hello all, I am a new member to the Fly Tying Forum and wanted to say hello. I am also new to the sport of fly fishing and tying, actually I've never tied a fly before and have only been fly fishing a
POLL: How did you find the forum?
I was learning to cast, and at the 2-day seminar at Al Crise's ranch in Glen Rose, Texas, I saw Kyle Hand tying Classic Salmon flies.  I was impressed, and he was friendly, so I decided I would l
Targeting small trout
It is great fun to target small trout! I always have my #1 (and sometimes #0) with me when I'm near a trout river if that is what I need, and I fish down to spent spinners on #30 with a 7x tippet
Coq de Leon, Which One to Use? Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Select
For all who use Coq de Leon in their tying, which of these are the best for you? Do you swear by hen or rooster, saddles or capes, which do you buy and why? I have used Whiting for years, so that is
Coq de Leon, Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Selected Clumps
For all who use Coq de Leon in their tying, which of these are the best for you? Do you swear by hen or rooster, saddles or capes, which do you buy and why? I have used Whiting for years, so that is
Silver & Squirrel
It's a pretty classic pattern and style.  The double hooks are much more predominant in Europe, particularly for sea run trout and salmon.  You can easily tie it on a single hook as well.
Looking for recommendations on flies to tie
Hey there to you all.   I'm new to the forum, I first tried searching (unsuccesfully though I'm sure it's my searching skills) for answers to this so I apologize for the probable redundancy. I'm
Excellant - GC300 - Streamer fly, Turned down eye, 6X Long, Heavy wire
<a href=""><img src="
Synthetic dubbing
I was just recently tying with ice dub and this is my first real exposure to synthetics. Are there tricks to getting to form a better dubbing noodle? I've never had an issue with naturals. I've nevwr
Prince Nymph Swap
I will be tying the mylar prince nymph. It's a killer pattern!
Fly Tying Bench - WallyWabash03
Being totally new to tying, my "tying room" is a section of the home office. Planning on installing an IKEA magnetic wall strip for holding utensils. [url=
Waspi Thin Skin Question
I have decided to try tying some scuds.  I was wondering if anyone has every used Waspi Thin Skin?  I have seen a few videos on You Tube and I think it might be easier to cut into strips sin
Recommendations for Middle TN?
I second going to CT and try Fly South. Go to the TWRA web site under the section for anglers. Look for Winter Trout and click on that. At the bottom will be a link to maps which shows the area of
Hello from Nashville
Hi all -- new to tying and new to the forum. Hoping to learn from you all here, get some ideas and--over time--share some of my own. Look forward to virtually tying with everyone!
Hello from PA
Just wanted to stop in and say hello and thank you for this forum. I'm new to tying and have read for hours on here. I get my vise tomorrow and have a few old timers that will teach me a thing or two ( your experiences with this trader)
heres what i get for doesnt look like a place to order tying materials   [attachment=49607:fly world.jpg]    
Cutting Flex Body, Thin Skin, or Plastic (Sandwich Bags) Body Strips?
How are those of you who use these fly body building products that come in sheets cutting them into the thin strips we need consistently the same size time after time, or en masse (if that is possible
hello from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Hi my name is Scott I'm from northern ireland, I mainly fish for Atlantic salmon and trout. I've been fly tying for round 7 years.
First Demo Today
Thanks for the tips guys, I really appreciate it.   It did seem ambitious but I was told to have about 11-12 patterns for the 2 hours, and a few extras, just in case. I just took my time and trie
How do you rig for spider type wet flies
Just wondering how most of you rig for swinging spider type wet flies for trout. Do you use sinking lines, weight, multiple flies, etc? Any particular fly or color that really works?
Renzetti Parts
If you don't have a dealer handy you can order from Renzetti at   You'll have to register - they ask you to at the checkout.   You'll like the
Greetings and question on thread
The first question I'd ask you, is are you tying for salt of fresh water? That alone can change what you tie with. Please fill us in a little more on what you are tying and what you're tying for. T
Hello from Michigan
Hello, my name is Doug and I live in Belding in Mid Michigan. I tried tying about 15 years ago but it didn't work out as I had no dedicated tying spot. We moved and now I have a hobby room. I just set
A little side project
One of our neighbors had two turkeys that were butchered earlier this summer. I was gifted feathers from them for tying flies (great source and free!), but some of  those feather's were just too
Ability & Style to Shoot For; Davie McPhail
The vise isn't what makes someone good; all of us know that, but .............................. I am always amazed how some folks race from vise to vise. It's an instrument that holds a hook, perio
Hello All,      I just wanted to drop in and say Hi.  My father started me in fishing on the small streams of North Central Pennsylvania where catching a legal (7 inches at the tim
"Real Fake" Jungle Fowl eyes If the link works, keep going down this page. You'll get to some real JC feathers, and he has some fishing quality ones. Not perfe
Name a fly tying material I should try in 2015
I like tying streamers the most. I tie with mostly naturals, but some of the synthetics are nice. What should I try tying with in 2015?
North Ga App Trail Trout
Anyone ever fish along the AT in Northern GA? Any suggestions as of where to go? Don't care if we get into browns, rainbows, or brookies but we wanna catch some trout. Probably gonna do a 2-3 day hike
Welcome to the site, ACAMS.  Tying is tying.   There are plenty of bead head flies that can be adapted to jig head.  And, if you haven't tried fly fishing ... you're in for a real treat
Stream side vise
Reply to phgs' comment : You're not really tying one handed as the knife is held in your hand two ways ( palm of hand and between thumb and fore finger like a pen.)... Not at the same time lol
January flies from the vise
Harold- I live in Richmond - a suburb of Houston on west side it works good for me because I am 20 minutes closer to Port O Connor and 2 hrs from Guadalupe River to catch trout during the winter month
I'm going to Patagonia in three weeks, to the Trevelin area. The guides have said that tying you own flies isn't necessary, but I'd still like to catch one of those huge browns on something I tied. I'
***!!!! HAPPY NEW !!!!***
I'd like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  2014 was the year I took up Fly Tying now I am ready for 2015 and hopefully do some fishing with my ties!   I also would like to thank everyon
Can jaws vs screw jaws
You might also want to consider the HMH Spartan which is a few dollars cheaper than the Traveler. I see your point, Crackaig, about the pull into the colle
Deer Hair Rabbit Strip Diver
Your deer hair skills are good, and when I tie deer hair streamers I always weight them, if your going to tie smaller fly's I would tie smaller heads, what size hook is this. I think tail should be lo
Dubbing - Hendrickson
 As a new fly tyer I don't yet posses the experience to substitute from the "recipes".  If you're tying to display, then you might be correct ... experience is needed to recreate the exa
Some Tips on Touch Dubbing
Bookmark this link Google "touch dubbing fly tying" Wax thread and "touch" dubbing to it. Wrap dub
Gammarus nymph
Hi,  thanks guys for your compliments. I used this new tying material  for making the back part and I applied a layer of head cement. It  is a fantastic fly not only river fishing but a
Peg Board for organizing material?
I am open to ideas.  I was looking at flat file cabinets but were to rich for my blood.  The lazy susan idea is appealing if I made it 2x2x8 or something like that as the 1x1 wouldn't work a
Hello from New Hampshire (US)
​Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to say hello since I'm new here.  When I was 10 my Nana (grandma) bought me a 6 weight rod and LL Bean fly tying kit...somehow I managed to crank out
Dyna King Trekker vs Renzetti traveler 2200.
So, i have pretty much narrowed it Down to theese two vises.   I'm tying saltwater flies for seatrout in Denmark. Common sizes of hooks are 2-10. I need good Space behind the jaws to tie in diffe
Tying in the Cold
Hey Swampfly, Ya got a spare room? hehehe I'll even let you dip into my fly boxes once or twice.......I'll also bring a tying kit to throw a few at them ole gators.
New Desk
That's going to make one cool fly tying desk
Hello from Lexington Kentucky
Welcome to the site.  This is the place to pick up the knowledge ... and the patterns to target the types of fish you're after. You mention "Dad" and "School" so I'll assume you're in K through 1
Hi from Sydney Australia
....(says the original 'criminal' from FL)... lol just kidding Mike! Welcome to the forum SP!     BCT Actually, since almost NO ONE is "From" Florida ... I would more appropriately be "t
Donating Flies
Hi Group,   Old Danville or other manufacturer thread boxes work fairly well. We have a lot of them at the end of each tying season and find they work fairly well to send flies. They are really e
Blue Charm
Which varnish have you been using on your heads? All your recent ones are very glossy. I don't bother with trout flies but salmon patterns look better with a good head.
Rotary vise tips and tricks
the novelty of rotary fly tying has worn off and its just as easy not using it vs using it   i drank the roatary vise koolaid in the 80's and bought the renzetti traveler (it was the next best th
Tying Threads
i posted this a while back but it seems relevant to this thread too:   i tie my trout flies with mostly Danville 70 and UTC 70.  If I'm tying str
Winter insects
I primarily want to know for ice fishing trout and whitefish. What kind of insects are under the ice all winter long? ThanksThe short answer is...all of them! All of the larvae are alive and acti
Two Bit Hooker Fly Question
Since many nymphs are the same color all body segments, your thorax dubbing and main tying thread should match closely.  A wire or contrasting thread rib, and a hackle that also matches the body
Sunburst Spey
One thing I have been doing is removing the guard hairs from the hair bundles, then tying in as an overwing on flies like yours or just on their own with no underfur in low water flies and flies under
Chironomid colors
What would you say are the main colors that should be covered when tying up chironomids, both larva and pupa? Im guessing that black, red, and green are the primary colors. Is this correct? If not so
Deer Hair Rat (Articulated) Cohen variation
Some patterns motivate me to tie more than others. A pattern like this motivates me. I can not execute tying hair like this, but I do not care, I think I'll give this a try.   Very nice tie Mr. D
Renzetti Presentation 3000 Vise
I love mine! I chose the 3000 because of the jaws similar to my Universal II that I have tied 100K+ bucktails on. Now that Im tying flys I wanted something the same. You can see my set up in the workb
Shucktail Emerger
I've been reading Peter Hayes book Fishing Outside the Box. It's interesting but a bit too centered on English chalk stream fishing for me. What about fishing streamers during a snow storm? Nymph fish
Looking for a Stonefly Nymph Pattern
A good solution is this one from Pro Sportfisher:     materials for tying this  nymph can be founded here   Another solution is this one:     materials for this nymph &
Nail knot vs loop to loop
I use a loop to loop connection by putting a large Bimini Twist loop in the backing. A loop large enough to easily pass the reel through. When you change lines, just pass the reel through the loop r
EPHEMERA VULGATA- a fly tied without a vice
Hi Guys, as I wrote in my previous topic, I was working to the translation in English of an article about a very special fly that not requires a vice to be tied and I am pleased to present it on this
Looking for an anchovie pattern
Haha ya anchovies are defiantly salt water fish. They were the kind of bait that everyone was using to catch the lake trout; at least they worked the best out of everything else. Seamed to be the only
Season's Greetings    
Secret Santa pictures and thank you
The box ScottK got from me was nothing compared to the one I got from him!!! First, I need to tell you that I'm the guy who rarely, if ever, wins anything, that is, until now! I was fortunate & bl
Nice poetry. calming and reasuring that, when the old bearded man on the sleight fly over my house, no present but a big old fat trout in the water he leaves for me. The greatest present one can wish
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