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Trout Fly Tying

cicada flies,
a bunch to chose from here
Don Bastian Tying Classic Wet Flys DVD Availability?
I am searching for a copy of Don Bastian's Tying Classic Wet Flys DVD with hopes of strengthening my skills (e.g.,Trout Fin pattern).  I have his Advanced Classic Wet Fly DVD and it is great
Lamson Litespeed Deal
Several years back I bought a Lamson Litespeed reel from Cabelas at discounted price.  I really like it a lot!  I have wanted to get one for my fishing buddy (my wife) for a long time b
Howdy from southern Il.
Howdy!! I've been trying to fly fish for about four years. I just started tying about a month ago. I have a starter set up from bass pro and have made some foam beetles,San Juan worm and woolly hugger
What size lead dumbell eyes
I am going to be tying up some krill flies for salmon in Alaska. I am going to tie then on a 1/0 short shank hook and am wondering what size i should use. Any thoughts?
Carnage Salmonfly Skater SBS
  This one started out as an October Caddis, inspired by Bill Bakke's steelhead pattern, but quickly morphed into a salmon fly.  Unfortunately, I'll have to wait 8 months to see if it works
Teaching Kids to Tie
I have helped with the tying portion of the Fly Fishing merit badge for the local scout district. As McFly said, keep their attention. One time when the gentleman doing the merit badge was talking one
Hook Storage 3 Ring Binder Method ????
When I started tying, I met a tyer at a demo. He had all his materials in a 3 ring binder. He had some very large pouch like pages for bulky items. I tried his system for awhile, but it never really w
Gurgler Tutorial YouTube Video
Oh ... I've never seen that on any video.  Never even heard of it until now. Interesting concept.  If I am tying something that requires a lot of pulling on the thread, something that might
Grizzly hackle tip wings
I stopped tying tradition up winged dry flies maybe 20 years ago now and go with just hair or synthetic or duck fibers. But I couldn't help but notice recently that feather emporium stocks winger- cap
Gurglers and trout???
Gurglers are common flies when targeting warm freshwater or the salt, but you don't hear of them fished as a trout fly often. I found a few photos online of trout with gurglers in there mouth, but oth
Hatches Blog Post - Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary
Oregon’s North Umpqua River is one of the most important ecological areas in the Northwest, providing more than many miles of high-quality habitat for salmon, steelhead, trout and other native speci
Storage Solutions
You do have a secretary desk. I guess probably meant no space for a rolltop desk. I also have a secretary desk. Mine has four big drawers underneath. It gives me a lot of space but it can be inconveni
It finally came!!!
You must be single... I guess if I was single, I would spend more on tying. Just I have a wife, and well, you know how that goes. "The kid needs more cloths, you cannot buy that!" Or "you haven't
Old Patterns
Old patterns work as well as they always have. I'm anything but a trout worshiper so maybe I see things differently. I like to catch trout as much as anyone, but I don't hold them on a pedestal above
Favorite Fly Fishing Literature
Any of the murder mystery books by Keith McCafferty Royal Wulff Murders, The Grey Ghost Murders, etc.  Trout Madness and Trout Magic by John Voelker (aka Robert Traver),  All of John Gi
Deer hair, Elk hair, same thing?
Been tying tying for almost a year but really just now started dabbling with deer hair and noticed that there is elk hair that looks exactly like it, so my question is, whats the difference between th
A Lil Dab Will Do Ya
Ok, thought I'd have a little fun with this one. First considered putting it in realistic fly tying but figured the rocks would start flying. Found this guy in my office on his back and decided to giv
My first soft hackle.
Feedback would depend heavily on what you're trying to tie.   If you're just tying a "Soft Hackle", then you get two thumbs up.  Nothing at all wrong with your interpretation of the style. &
Eat Me
The Eat Me is one of our best selling flies and one of the most productive baitfish patterns around. The Ole Florida style Eat Me differs from Capt. Scott Hamilton's original in that all the materials
Breast Cancer Awareness Swap
I was gonna do trout flies... does the organization have a preference for which kinds of flies are used more?
What is a good bass fry pattern?
I have an update. Today I kept a low profile and waited for the baitfish schools to come closer to shore. Normally I am casting and they stay further off the bank. I could manage to cast that clouse
Big western howdy from Northern California
Hello folks.  Name is Dan, from Auburn, Placer County, CA.  Looking forward to learning about some of the new tricks in tying and neat materials available now, after 20+ years away from the
Hunting Season And Gathering Materials
It's OK JS. Perhaps "salvage" would have been a better word for me to use as I was getting fur and feathers they (the hunters) normally discard. I use to love to hunt. Now I just listen to their stori
Sanchez PFD Parachute Dun SBS
More from the fertile waters around Jackson Hole,this one by Scott Sanchez. Tied here as a Hecuba (western fall drake)]; change color/size to suit your needs. hook - Dai Riki 320 #12 thread - MFC 8/
How to tie a Shrimpy Seaducer
That music was a bit better! If i made videos i think i'd go with the noise of someone moving their lawn! Or the sound of someone reving up their car, could time the thread wraps with the revs!;-) Co
Hair/ Fur type and holding water? (heavy when wet?)
Another thing to factor in if you are tying in strips is the hide itself which often absorbs water, especially for rabbit. 
First YouTube Video!!
Nice job on the video!  Short and sweet.  I can't stand it when some guy talks for 10 minutes and then spends another 10 tying a basic fly.  the music doesn't bother me much-- I've hear
What is the difference between these two threads?
flymaster plus is a twisted nylon thread. waxed and unwaxed   flat waxed nylon is flat   from the interweb (   Flat Wax
Your Favorite Fly
What is your favorite fly and why?  Please post a picture!   I have two favorites.  The black wooly worm because it was the first fly I tied.  The yellow wooly worm because it was
Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph
I have tied a dozen or so small PTNs (16) in this manner and find it perfect for when the trout seem to be eating smaller nymphs and there is quite a bit of flow in the river.  They get down quic
Streamer Question
Streamers can be tied for everything from trout to tuna. Trout streamers will imitate small minnows ect and can be tied very small around the one inch mark up to 6-8inches for big browns. For example
Nice chinchilla pelt
Chinchilla ... don't use that for fly tying.  Or, at least, don't use it all for fly tying.   If you have a girlfriend or a wife ... make a mitt and use it for back rubs, etc.  I k
Texas Fly Fishing Expo - Grapevine, Texas
I'll be there helping with the casting classes. Yes, there are several great tyers that will be there, including Kelly Gallop, who has a presentation on tying the "sex dungeon" fly, Pat Cohen and Mike
Really Need Fly Boxes
Flats I tie a lot of jigs and have alot of them .. I use a photo storage case you can get them at Wal Mart fairly cheap ..Here is a link to what it looks like ..Steve-stabgnidLink http://www.crappie.c
First parachute... Opinions?
  Dave,      I saw your mention of superglue to stiffen the base. What I am referring to is a post called "Tying parachute flies-How do you do it?" by Breambuster on July 1st whe
Anyone know what this tool is for?
put them back in the plastic bag and hide them in your tying room :)   return to using your old bobbin holders :)
2 year bonsai tree progression
I use side cutters and concave cutters like Mike just showed for most my main bonsai trimming. Then for smaller trimming/pruning work I use some Fiskers cutters that I picked up at Walmart for $7. The
Everyday fishermen.
For me, fishing is, first and foremost, recreation.  It *can* be relaxing, it *can* be exciting, it *can* be a lot of work for little or no discernible payoff, but when it gets to the point for m
New Member from Ontario
Father of two sons age 13 and 18 who have recently got into fly fishing and now tying. In four weeks we have got two vises and a grand in supplies and tools. Certainly not a cheap pastime but very add
5wt too small for carp?
I want to fish for some common carp, but the biggest rod I own is a fiver, will it have enough backbone to land a few of these carp? I've landed a few 3 or 31/2 pound LMBs no problem, and one stocked
New to the hobby
Well there are times that hardware fishing does beat out fly fishing. After trout are first stocked is a good example of that, there is about a1-2 week period where they just love a small spoon more t
JS Tool issue
Had a fly tying buddy suggest tying a deer hair bug using Kevlar thread in this situation. The Kevlar will "Deburr" the inside of the tube.
Grade 2 Metz neck for dry flies
Glad it worked out fine. Enjoy the tying!
"Autumn Breeze" 3wt
Steve...that is a gorgeous bit of work!!!Truly a work of art!I cannot wait to fasten my Batenkill on that bad boy for the fall trout season!!!
Out on a limb...Super Bowl prediction
This is the lodge so non fly tying is ok. The Titans will win the Super Bowl this season. Titan Up!!!
September flies from the vise
Why do I, all of a sudden, find myself tying tiny insect flies...?image.jpeg     Nice. Probably from seeing all the good looking little dainty trout flies here. That should work great he
thread leg method
Try black Krystal Flash instead, which will solve the final step, and the fly works a bit better in my opinion. Process is form a loop on each side, then run a single piece down the middle and tie it.
Mercer's Skating October Caddis SBS
  A few minor changes to the original pattern.     hook - TMC 5263  #6 thread - UTC 140  tan rib - x-fine wire  copper underbody - Mirage Tinsel  opal body - Midge
Which fly or types of flies do you hate to tie?
Anything repetitive.  I don't dislike tying anything, really, specifically.  I'll tie panfish flies, bass flies, trout flies, nymphs, dries, etc...  But ask me to sit down and tie 15 of
Baitfish pattern question
Thanks all. Makes sense. I usually only fish for reds and trout. Not sure if it matters to me.
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
Regulations and opinions vary:
Hey FlatsRoamer...
Certainly could be guys (just a misunderstanding and perhaps even a cyber screw-loose)... take a breath.. figure it out. You guys have been enjoying each others tying and chat, don't let some mix up o
Hello from SC Pennsylvania
Good morning! Returning to the forum from a few years back.  Because of school and other activities, regretfully I got away from fly fishing and fly tying (and just about every other outdoor acti
I don't think I follow the norm but I use the Mustad C49S in 18 and 20.  They seem to work pretty well.  I caught a couple of nice trout on them this weekend.  
Freestylin' a wetfly
True fishing ability is determined based on a mandate from the fishes, not some farcical aquatic casting ceremony!   A trout takes a dry because it matches the natural and it's drifted properly,
Hilton Head Island TIps and Tricks
Pinckney Island is a nature reserve ..if caught by DNR wading there from the island you will get ticketed. Best to approach by kayak or similar. And get a license it is required now,even for fishing f
Hazel's October Caddis SBS
  Another John Hazel fly I found over on Speypages.  Not sure if it's really supposed to be an October Caddis but it's orange, they're kinda orange and they're starting to come out around h
a great big hello from PA!! Bass poppers help???
Hello everyone, thanks for adding me! I am looking forward to becoming a regular visitor with you all. My fav species is Bass. I have been teaching myself to fly fish since May '16. I h
Anybody on Instagram??
I dont use instagram but I use Facebook and am a member of about 10 fly fishing and tying groups.
best size egg hooks for kings ? what do you use ?
I am not as much into river kings as I use to be years ago, but back when I was chasing them a lot I'd always tie single egg glo bugs on size 8 & 10's. Tie a few on smaller 12's & 14's as well
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
Personally if you are going to AK, I would not scrimp on the hook.  I like the Daiichi X510 or the Gamakatsu C14S.  Both are straight-eye which is better because up there you are more often
Fly Rod "Lures"
I agree with both Joseph and Mike, if you are using the weight of the line to load the rod and cast then what you call the item on the end of the leader doesn't really matter.  The definition of
Hello y'all from Kentucky
Hi, I guess I'm one of those "I used to fly fish and fly tie a lot but life got in the way" type of person. Yes, I am very grateful to have a career and a family who care for me but I'd like to get ba
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