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Trout Fly Tying

Need suggestion for tying demo at fly fishing club
I am doing a fly tying demonstration at my local fly fishing club and I'm not sure what to tie. They asked that I tie nymphs for southeastern tail-waters, but truthfully it can be any popular fly that
illinois fly show
the Early show is this sunday hosted by ISA and Drift. Oakbrook illinois at the Mayslake Peabody estate  31st st just west of rt 83   hours are 10-5  plenty of tyers all day, vendo
Crafty Reversed Minnow - Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial
These are basically a craft fur glass minnow tied in reverse, then the fibers are pulled backwards to create a spine along the back of the fly.  This raises the materials up a bit and helps keep
Name this material
This is MIke Mercer's EZEE bug yarn that is put out by Umpqua.  It's used to tie his Rag Sculpin.
Hello from Alberta
Guess it is time I come out from the shadows. I am a fisherman from the capital region here in Alberta. I began tying flies a couple years ago and am about to attempt my first rod build this winter. I
100% Wool Fingerless Gloves
Although I don't use fingerless gloves since it's my fingers that get cold, you did a good job on them. Got a tutorial on making fingerless gloves with a fold back mitten and thumb. Thanks Poopdec
New Topic Groups?
while there are a lot of things doable within the existing format, we cant get the "fly pattern database" to work properly so adding 2 new categories that has already been talked about in "fly tying"
Thorough Visual Review of Collins Hackle Farm Commercial Grab Bag
Thanks for the review! I have one of the grade 3 cape/saddle sets, bought it at the fly tying symposium in Somerset. Really happy with it. They're very nice people, answer questions and all
First Balsa Popper and other 2016 Stippled Poppers
Having dealt with my Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger issues this year, tying poppers is back on my agenda           Playing around with a cork ball and a pencil popper body
Hello from Western Wisconsin
I have a great naturally reproducing trout stream out my backyard (Kinnickinnic River - affectionately known as the Kinni) as well as many miles of other productive trout water nearby. I've been fly f
Processing fly tying materials at home
I've cured some squirrel tails but that's about the extent of it. I was probably part of the discussions that the information is drawn form. The FLYFISH@ list may have been the first internet discussi
Epoxy flies
agn54 thanks. Yes the longer the set time you apply the longer the yellowing factor is delayed. I have learned to just tie up the nbr of flies that will fill my needs for the season and not worry abo
Bear Fur ??????
Both polar and black bear (cinnamon phase) make very good wings for bonefish flies (leave underfur intact when tying in wing - this gives the wing much more volume at the front end...). Black bear in
Thread from hobby lobby
If you are limited to ONLY Hobby Lobby, then this might be a good option. Its a poly thread that is 3000 yards for 3.50.  That works out to .11 a hundred yard spool.  Of course you will
super floss legs
In Charlie Craven's "Tying Nymphs" he's calling for "Super Floss" for legs on a Pat's rubber legs.  I'm trying to order materials and was wondering what a substitute for that would be at JStockar
What determines the color of partridge for a specific soft hackle fly?
Thanks Mark... good information... btw, what book are you referring to?  (I have several, maybe I also have it)      A Dictionary Of Trout Flies by A. Courtney Williams. My edi
Dragon Flys
No trout fisherman here, but awesome nonetheless. Thanks for posting it.
Little Minnow Fry - Streamer Fly
This streamer is to mimic small minnows and baitfish that predator fish hunt regularly.  Minnows especially.  Tied in this color pattern its great for fishing in the gulf for redfish and sea
Grip hooks
Thanks Bugsy & Planet Trout ! I'll research . Thanks all for the mucho recommendations.
The importance of the correct hook and material.
I watch most tying videos just to get a general idea how it's tied then i change whatever to make it work for me.   I guess it's great if you can tie a fly to the Exact specs and to be perfect bu
To weedguard or not?
I deliberately waited until a few other folks posted on this topic before chiming in... Yes, I do use weedguards a bit on some bonefish patterns - particularly when the bug is going to be used up on t
Good Bye EP etc.
Flats, it moves just like the other stuff. That trout must have thought it moved like food. To bad I forgot my camera for a shot of it. Had several hits but these were tied on 2/0 hooks and when I swi
Newbies first brassies
Im not a freshwater guy but those look like trout candy to me
calf tail substitute
I've been told badger hair is a good sub if you are tying streamers
West Coast Salt water
I would get yourself a 7 or 8 wt nice to have anyways, when will you be coming out here. You should look into fishing at pyramid lake in NV, it's near reno. Really big trout just swimming all around y
Greetings from Pennsylvania
Welcome, indeed this place rocks. It is like the graduate school of tying and the " professors" are all very generous with their time and talents.
2 Trout bugs
Keep posting these, the local trout here will love them
Lew Oatman's Brook trout and when the hunter becomes the hunted.
Was out fishing on this beautiful fall morning and I had a small brook trout take my sz 18 soft hackle and after only stripping him in a short distance I was surprised by savage strike . Both fish we
preparing wax for fly tying - davie mcphail
That ain't mikechell   he's tying on a LAW vise...ain't no way that cheap SOB would buy a LAW vise! Unless he found it on sale at the Dollar Store.
Greetings from Northeast BC Canada
Hello everyone. My name is Susan and I've been fly tying for over a year now but have been fishing and hunting for years and am married to an ex-guide and outfitter with one son. I live in the beautif
November Flies from the Vise
Mae West Softhackle A fly of unknown origin and notorious virtue. hook - Dai Riki 070 #12 thread - UTC 8/0 tan tail - partridge brown rib - UTC brassie hot orange (ran out of red) abdomen - dubbin
New to Tying, New to Forum (a few early efforts)
You guys have snapper and snook in Texas?! Wow, I never knew that... Also, the when I made the video I didn't add a weedguard because I always felt that it was a boring and time consuming thing to wat
Around here everything in the pond comes up on the hexes and nymphs are the most productive method to fish the pattern. We fish them just under the surface. Patterns vary by region though, around here
Using Combed Out Fur from Deer hair
Good one Norm!    Yep, it could be used as dubbing, or knitting mittens, if you can save enough of it. You would likely have to do a whole lot of tying with the deer hair, but it can be
I like it.
Have you seen this from Peak Fly Fishing? Runs about $7.95 online on Ebay. Kimo
Southern US Fly Fishing..warmwater minnow patterns..?
These have become my new favorite go to pattern. I tie them on everything from a size 10 gamakatsu octopus hook for micro minnows, to a 1/0 shad/shiner. I've caught just about every thing that swims
Black Death YouTube video!!!
Nicely done on this one. For two colored gurglers I usually glue the two foam strips together before tying them in. Don't know if it makes a difference. I also trim the front lip a bit smaller which m
Think I've Decided, but ...
i dont think i would go with a gopro camera as an everyday waterproof point and shoot camera or making tying videos with a fish eye lens   the gopro is a great camera for action sports, fishing,
Flash Minnow Candy
  We have small sand eels in the creeks here, maybe 3-3-1/2 inches long or so. Silversides size ( that was an old pattern they/we used to use around here years back).   I like the video i
I'm back!
After a fair amount of time livig without all you trout and fish bum I have decided to start tying for the forum again. Ill do a few swaps and bring some of my patterns out for your perusal. God knows
I keep the whole menagerie in a duffel bag in the back of the car, and choose my lineup at the parking area.   My sling pack lends itself to 2 large or 3-4 smaller boxes in the front compartment,
Emerger Hooks: Fine vs 1X Fine
CDC "oil" actually clumps the fine fibers and prevents the flotation of CDC. What I recommend is not CDC oil but Tiemco Dry Magic which does evaporate without clumping and then use the combination dry
Jolly Joker Nymph - a successful nymph from World Champ. from Slovenia
Lucian, I like it and looks like a colorful winner of a pattern. Just a small thing-You may want to add the silver ribbing to your pattern recipe to be complete on this one. A nymph pattern worth tyin
Dressing and Skinning knife.
You guys who are skinning game using pocket knives are akin to people tying flies clamped in vise grips.  It works, but there's better ways.   As I said before, it's been forever since I ski
Help with material choices
First, and not trying to offend anyone, but it's not rocket science. When ever you see a fly with a collar such as this, all you need is a "webby" type feather. In other words, anything that's not a "
Need To know ???
IMO, it really depends on the fly size & the bucktail you may have. I personally like fine textured bucktail for anything I tie, but still use the coarser stuff on bigger size flies & jigs. &#
Morrish October Caddis Pupa SBS
  Variation on his Dirty Bird nymph; clock is running on these guys.  Subbed ostrich for dubbing on the collar due to general laziness.     hook - Dai Riki 280  #8 thread - U
Swedish Dry Fly Hooks WTB
Indeed, it's the Dancing Caddis that I would like to imitate. One of the members here is kindly sending me a few to try. I have been tying a simplified version of his Emergent Pupa for a while but on
Assorted tying hackle and feathers.
It's all sold!  Thank you!   I have a bunch of stuff that I don't think I will ever use so I thought I would put it up for sale or possibly trade.  The hard part is the shipping.  
I've got to vent ....
Working at Bitter's Bait and Tackle in Longwood, You work at Bitter's ??? I didn't know there was anyone that close to me on the site.  We've got a couple on the East Coast and a few on the W
Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Lure restoration story
Hello Fly Tying Forum, It has passed some time since my last visit. I was over loaded with my work and traveling for business. Please, excuse me for posting this post that is not about fly tie, but i
Brannon's October Caddis Pupa SBS
hook - Dai Riki 280 #8thread - UTC 140 burnt orangebead - 4mm black (head), 3/16 hot orange (thorax)rib - small wire copperabdomen - ostrich rat-brown & orangehackle - Indian Henlegs - Sexi-floss
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
I've heard Sunnies and Green Trout in my travels What about "Red Fish" being called the poor mans/rednecks "Bonefish"?
Knucklehead Vise Stem on Jvice
i dont see the difficulty in tying a klinkhammer that would make me buy a jvice and and that stem
Cyanoacrylat accident
Wow-Sticky Subject. Glad no one is permanently damaged. Have to share the very worst fly tying super glue night mare ever. It was told to me by a famous west coast tyer Jay M. He tyes commercially and
New Guy
Hope this is the right place for an intro, if not...apologies. North Florida guy here. New to the forum, been tying for a few years. Mostly tie saltwater patterns. Favorite material is Bucktail. Best
When I did a lot of hunting & trapping, there was nothing I had access to, fur or feather, that could not have some fly tying use. Might not be something you may find in popular pattern recipes, b
Fly identification
I can almost claim that fly as my own design. It happens a lot at night after I've tied up a bunch of flies for the box or a swap or something and I find a hook left over so I wind line on it and star
That's amazing.Great job.   My wife would probably try to hide my tying supplies if i could tie a fly that looked like that.
Skagit Casting and a Paddleboard
I have a 5-6 wt switch rod that I frequently underhand / spey cast while standing in a canoe.  It is no more of a problem than when single hand casting.   Just because you are in a boat or p
Akroyd - double white wing
I too am in constant awe of this fly tying exhibition. Buy more materials & tye more flies. Never hurts!
Anybody need these ??
I have brand new pack of Allen's B20 #2 Bass Bug Hooks  I would like to trade for some hooks or tying material .. PM me if interested Steve-stabgnid
First Annual Smooky Mountains Hook and Hackle
  Fly Fishing Museaum of the Southern Appalachians is hosting the first Smoky Mountains Hook & Hackle  event, a fly tyer’s weekend.   The inaugural event will be conducted o
Another site shut down, I think ...
I've never been to that site, but I know I have trouble keeping my fly tying site up as well. Seems like I get hacked once a month at least.
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