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Trout Fly Tying

Hollow Tandem Wiggling Minnow
That is a really cool fly and I appreciate the tying sequence photos. Thanks much for posting this !
Safety pin fly
HEY!!  It's got so many pros to it.   I get to give a unique gift. I get to give a gift without spending much money. I get to use up some of those materials I don't tie with. The only "con":
Swisher's Royal PMX
Thank you, it's actually a #10 4xl mustad streamer I just wanted a stronger hook that wouldn't move when tying the pattern first time
Color change with distance????
Whether the sun is shining on the fish/viewer 30 feet away is irrelevant ...  The light reflecting off the lure 30 feet away has to travel through 30 feet of water.  My wife and I took a lit
Great little rod! - GreenCaddis Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rod
GreenCaddis Ruby River Fiberglass Fly RodGreat little rod!Rod is well- balanced with 1-size trout reel, casts well with expected soft action. Finish is clean, sections fit well together, reel seat of
Is that a 'first fly' eplea?!?!! flytire has the picture for the proportions already posted - keep tying - wow even if that is one from your first dozen you've ever tied - it's pretty amazing.  
Secret Santa 2015 time is here
Cut off for sign up is Nov. 13th to have flies here by Nov. 20th. Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2015! The object of this swap is that you send me your flies
Pictures Of The Trout Invitational
Pictures of the Trout Invitational Swap flies are on the Trout Invitational Swap thread, pages 10 & 11. Stop by and see what they participants did. This is an AWESOME collection of flies. Look at
Minnow body patterns
I don't use flashabou in fresh water, in fact I don't really like it for salt either. My minnow patterns I keep because they work. They tend to be rather simple. That said I've had Black Nosed Dace wo
Houston; we have a problem......
There must be some measurable effect from it or they would not be trying to make that "solar sail". What is interesting is they have turned to a fly tying thread, Nano Silk from Semperfly, to use in m
Folded Foam Emerger SBS
Another Quigley Cripple spawn; cherry-picked parts from Gantner's Folded Foam and Nemek's Fast Water emergers. Tied here as a PMD; change colors to suit your needs. hook - Dai Riki 125 #16 thread -
A little help on this old piece of Herters equipment.
Almost Tidewater, but not quite. The two attchments on the stem are to facilitate tying without a bobbin. A length of thread is cut from the spool, and manipulat just with fingers. Sometines a pair of
Hare Line Bulid Your own Custom Dubbin Kit
Mate it's a cost effective way of buying fly tying gear ......just saying LOL
Favorite and/or cheapest supplier for materials
Thanks for all of the great info! As for thread, I assume that thread for fly tying is the same as general sewing thread, right?   No.  Sewing thread as someone poinited out in another t
Lets talk realistic Frogs Flys.....
This has bugged me for years and I've been out of the fly tying game for at least 15 years now but I'm about to get back into it and this my first priority,come up with a frog pattern that is semi eas
Need Help - Tying Tube Flies
I want to start tying tube flies for pike. I live in a small town in MT far from any fly shop, so I have to get all my materials online. This makes it hard for knowing what sizes of certain things I n
fly suggestions for Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers
BTW in the upstate of South Carolina we got 14 to 17 inches of rain this weekend. Charleston and Columbia got 24 to 27 inches in three days. Still flooded and a state of emergency.  The main rain
Fly Tying Kits
Discussed every 2 weeks. Read the threads under this search:   fly tying forum "fly tying kit"
Nathan Needs Advice
FlaFly, I am aiming for trout and wanting to tie for trout.  I'm not looking to tie advanced flies.  I've been to the site and checked out the info.  I have basic f
October Flies from the Bench
This is the easiest fly I have ever "tied", yet it caught two 21" rainbows and about 15 other smaller ones.  Yes, its just a bare red hook.  I guess the trout think its an aquatic worm. 
I learned to keep a 5 gal bucket in my canoe because of a wind incident.  It started blowing about mach 1 on the way back to the put in.  I absolutely could not paddle up wind, the wind woul
Hello from the Netherlands
Hi FlaFly,   Here is the first Rainbow I caught last year in October whilst on holiday in Denmark, in a Put-and-take pond.   I hooked it on a yellow tungsten bead nymph #16 I tied myself, I
Fly Tying Scissors
In my opinion, fly tying scissors are an important tool when tying, and I discuss their qualities during this video.  I show my first pair of scissors from over 25 years ago, then feature those t
Hello from Chicago
I posted a few times recently before introducing myself. Sorry for that, but I received amazingly helpful and friendly responses, and this forum is simply the best that I have found. Kudos to you all.
Whip Finisher
I bought some extra Matarelli whip finishers and bobbins when I started tying. I have 2 spare whip finishers.   Remember to whip TOWARDS the hook eye.
Hi from Maine
Hey there. I started tying about a year ago, mainly steelhead flies for fishing Salmon River in New York.    Now I live back in Maine, where I'm from originally, and I tie a lot of trout, st
n3wb from East Texas
I welcomed you in the "beginner forum" ... but I'm extending that welcome here.     Interesting to see you've already lost your mind with the fly tying, and money is not important to you. &#
A small review of the Griffin Montana Mongoose.
I just picked this vise up last week, and I am pretty impressed!  It is a very well thought out design!     The Mongoose comes with a carrying case, C-clamp, pedestal base, and a few t
Third attempt at a full dress salmon fly
your fly is ok but you didnt follow the tying sequence  or use the same hook as the fly you bought as a guide
hook size to fly size
I'm a beginner tyer, and would love to have a side by side chart of a hook size to a fly size. Nothing fancy, something simple. Case in point, if I buy a size 20 fly, it's not the same size as the h
Holy Grail Nymph SBS
Unfortunately, not one of residents of the Castle Anthrax. hook - Dai Riki 135 #12 thread - Danville 6/0 rusty brown rib - Mirage Flashabou opal body - Zelon dubbing hydropsyche wing case - pheas
Hook compartments.
Hey Guys...Yeah, I've thought about this some. I've got this impulse to want to organize and get everything "perfect." It makes me comfortable. BUT, Irecently read through a thread about somebody drop
Super Blood Moon & fishing??
My wife came home with two new kittens, torture treatment for our three adult cats who just want to pound them. I tried to tell her it wasn't a great idea.    get the kittens a helium fi
Getting beads onto hooks
Important thing to note.   ...trying to tie up some beadhead nymphs...   That is production tying. Ak Best defined production tying as when you are tying more than one of a pattern. In pro
Artistic patterns that use "normal" materials
What he is looking for is more of a streamer shape or possibly some bigger dry flies. I've never tied this style before and as I do research most of these patterns require very exotic materials that
Decades ago, those are 10 year increments right, I had conversation with Ed Sisty about the South Platte River, we talked about the wasted resource that the Platte was through Denver.  The Platte
Devils River fishing trip in Del Rio TX
I have a co-worker who went in April this year he said it was absolutely beautiful!  Bucket list trip indeed....Enjoy and take some pictures to share with us please!!!!!  I saw a presentatio
Thompson Model A Vise
Nothing wrong with nostalgia.... tying on a Model A can't be compared to daily commuting in a Model T, can it?   I guess it could if tying flies was your primary means of support.  Dam'
Hooks today are sharp
Now this may seem like a dumb statement to younger tiers but those of us who've been around and fishing since the 50's remember when hooks had to be sharpened just to make them pierce your finger. It
Using finger loop scissors...
Depends on what I am tying.  I sit and tie stinger hooks all day preparing them for jigs or bucktail streamers with scissors in-hand no problem.  But, if I am tying something a bit more
pike flies
Thought i'd share some of my pike flies,here goes! first up some raccoon zonkers: [attachment=53834:yimg-923019053-1-227493360.jpg] next up is some articulated streamers, these are the smallest pike f
Swedish Zest
Hello everybody! My name is Hugo and i'm a Swedish guy in my yearly 20's.I study engineering physics in Uppsala when im not out hunting pike in Mälaren or in the Stockholm archipelago. I've fishe
Reddington Surge and Okuma SLV in the salt?
Anyone have any experience with these reels using them in saltwater? Do they hold up if you rinse them off every time? I need a decent 10wt reel but I don't need a lot of backing(50 yrds),,it's for Re
Hook riding up
Hello all, I have been tying for some time now, and am finally getting to the point of being happy with what I am tying. I tie mostly bait fish patterns. Cannot do a good bug to save my life, but Texa
Hello from Argentina
Hello,   My name is Carlos Lopez Casanello and am a keen fly tyer. In this post I wanted to greet you all and I am at your disposal if you want to know about trout fishing and gold in Argentina!
Tarpon time... 22 September
Capt Bob, thanks for taking the time to explain tying the Silhouette. 
Hello from Southern ontario
Hello I'm new to the forum but have been fly tying and fishing for a couple years now.
Bunching at hook eye
At least when my wife catches a trout I can always say   Behind that great trout, was a great fly...... tied by a great man!!!!
Need Advice on a new vise
I don't know anything about the Crown but you can get it for $33.90 here: They are a good dealer (
Weekend Au Sable trip
Walleye and trout!  Awesome!  I've always wanted to fish that river!  Nice report.
New member to the forums as well as new to tying flies....
Hello all. My name is Joe, and I come to you from the gorgeous mountains in western Virginia. Anyways, thank you to everyone for creating such a great forum where newbies like myself can go to gather
My Scribblings,
Here in the UK there is a much lesser known magazine called Total Flyfisher. This year I have started to write the occasional column for them. They are not technical tying articles, rather I think of
Hello from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Welcome to the gang. I am also from Rocky. That is too bad about moving waters as we have some amazing rivers and creeks. I haven't been on the lakes since June. Spent those days on Mitchel Lake.
Artimus a word of caution.   Make sure that your mandrel is quite a bit smaller than your tube ID. I know it doesn't seem possible, but when you torque the thread it is extremely possible to ha
Fly Tying Storage
lots of ideas here. just sort through the ones YOU like best
Cheap Waders
How often do you fish? Five times, ten times or is twenty days on the water fishing a lot. Then cheap is cost effective. Do you park and walk a well worn path down to the stream or do you walk two mil
Duck wing feather use
I just got a mallard this morning and kept the wing feathers with this odd green color. I see the same green feathers sold online for fly Tying so they must have some use. Does anyone know what they a
Lucky Find
So the youngest has been asking for a beater Mountain Bike, and low and behold I found one on the local CL tonight. Went to pick it up and the guy ended up being one of those that buy entire estates.
Adult, female Stonefly
Hi @ all,   this is my newest tying. An adult, female Stonefly... Maybe you like it.     Greetz   MW
Emerger - slim vs fuzzy
I'd say whatever way you want - very nice ties and an amazing "depth of field" on the macro shots. Nicely done!   Did you use  many or at least a few bright lights to get that much depth o
Second Chance Free Kindle Stillwater Fly Fishing For Trout
what is that 1 fly tying material.....
Do barbless hooks count as a material?  It fits the definition of ... "....that just doesnt seem to work or catch fish?"   So far, I haven't used any material that has NEVER caught fish. 
Where have all the salties gone?
You blokes in the northern hemisphere must be out catching the last bit of the summer season....   Let me know when your tying season starts.
Confusion about hen hackles & capes
Correct?  Well, hard to say unless you clarify what you are looking for, and intended application.  Whiting hen capes are best for wings and soft hackles, and while you could also use them f
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