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Trout Fly Tying

Easy pattern for a mosquito
Does anyone have a easy tying pattern for a mosquito and the list of materials thanks.
back pack, sling pack, chest pack.....
Standard trout fishing vest. With pockets and 14 pounds of widgets galore.   By the time the season ends, I know where everything is ☻
Joined this forum a bunch of years ago. Then decided to get married, move all the way across country, have three kids and 2 dogs, then move back. Now have a little time to start tying again and am rea
I'm Loving it
Welcome to the hobby! I have fished all my life as well I got tired of watching crap on TV so I decided to take up fly tying. I have been tying for a year now and my only regret I have is I should hav
I hit a turkey!
Hate to admit I've been trying to get a French partridge but so far haven't managed to hit one or see one that's been hit but still suitable for tying.
I hit a turkey!
Hey guys I hit a 25plus pounder today with my truck. I brought the mangled bird home and began to pluck. wings ,tail, neck etc.etc. i know we use turkey for lots of tying but honestly, I have no idea
Treating turkey feather for Kaufmann's Stone
I am interested in a spray adhesive for treating turkey feathers for tying Kaufmann's Stone nymphs. I don't really want to do the trial and error thing and waste a turkey tail. I have used Dave's flex
Hello from Erie, PA
Hey I'm excited to learn new flies and do more tying.  I have been Tying for only a year but have an Art background which helps and I love this stuff. I have great Trout streams all around me and
ruined flies keep the hook or no
I am new to tying and something crossed my mind, when your fly gets banged up do you cut off the materials and reuse the hook or do you toss it?
Request for help: Splitsville Beetle
This type of hackling is also called a paraloop in Europe. I suspect that the "post" for the hackle is a loop of monofilament, with the hackle wrapped around the mono loop. A finger is then place in t
Dry Fly Hackle
All the books I have read have you tie in two hackles shiny side down and butt forward and behind the wing. Wind one and tie off, then wind the second through the first and tie off. Maybe the hackles
Stacked hair swap - let's bite off more than we can chew
Ok Dave! I want in! Never even knew what a swap was a month or so ago, but after reading about them, i was keen to go in some oneday, may as well be now! I'm going to make a fly called "FIRE ASS" Yep
Go to dry fly
I'm going by reading a lot of articles from guys who've spent years on the river. It is pretty consistent that they will go with a Caddis in that situation. It is a profile the trout have seen often e
Polarized Lenses for over glasses ...
The wraparounds wiork best for me.  No sunlight gets past them.  Put them on an over the head lanyard so you can drop them hands free for tying on' pocket lint' flies, doing knots right etc.
Small world!?!
Has anyone else ever met fly fishing buddies on the water far from home? Last summer was my first trip to northern Lapland, after two failled atempts, i used to own a BMW but a huge amount of my summe
Glow Nymph
Here is easy to tie nymph pattern for trout and grayling fishing...    [media][/media]
Man cave
hey why pay more for a fly tying lamp when one from walmart works just fine right? nice set up you got there!
Comments and Changes
Weird coincidence!  Hatches is showing a SBS by Steve Silverio tying some streamers that look a lot like yours.  I just noticed the link at the top of the page.
Raw fur
The two biggest enemies of "raw" fur as far as fly tying is concerned is mold & moths. There are other insects that can be damaging, but moths are the biggest culprits. If what you have has not ye
2015 Musky Swap Pictures
vic downsize some for bass and trout. They will work.    Kevin
Tacky Fly Boxes?
I have let this go for as long as I can stand it........I have several tacky fly boxes and most of them are older than most of the posters on this forum. Many of the posters would not be caught dead o
newbie - pheasant tails
From what i can see in the pictures they will defiantly work. Great work! The pheasant tail was the first nymph that i tyed and fished with, and its almost exclusively what i use for trout fishing. It
Custom 7'9" 4wt 4pc fiberglass rod
Nick I think some guys are switching back because they are realizing that they don't need a super fast action tip flex rod like so many of the big rod companies are trying to push these days. There ar
substitute to egg yarn for steelhead flies?
Guys, I wanted to tie some egg paterns this week for steelhead (hope to get another shot at them in about a week), but my fly shop is out of egg yarn in the colors I wanted. Is egg yarn used for anyth
BWO tied Klinkhammer Style size 18
You can put a drop on top of the hook shank before folding the wing up from below. If you take a couple of turns of thread around the post and giv it a twist the super glue will wick into the base of
FTF Fly Pattern - john adams - Double Zonker.
Mainly trout and pike.
How much outrage would this cause?
FlaFly! I use the same kind of clips on the end of my bite tippet for my pike flies, easy to change flies, just don't realy on the same clip for to many fish or to many changes, for exaclly how many,
Himalayan Fly Fishing
My fishing buddy used to fish in Korea for trout.
April showers start bass bedding...Monthly Swap
Bass fishing can be pretty cool, we have good small and large mouth populations here. You speak of bedding bass, well so far we still have ice on the ponds around here except for one. I just went out
In need of better Mallard flank feathers
I have the same problem tying Stayner's Ducktails. I've tried holding the feathers over steam and it straightens the stems a little, but not much. I have no answer. I wish I did.   Joe
Clouser eye size
When I say down I don't necessarily mean the bottom I just mean deeper than a fly without extra weight.   Bob Clouser's book "Clouser's Flies: Tying and Fishing the Flies of Bob Clouser" says tha
Whip Finish Knot Quality
Guys,  I know all about how some may prefer one method over the other - I'm not about to state one method is better than the other. I was just trying to see if anyone has noticed what I have - th
Took some insect and river pictures on the Connecticut River today
I particularly like the rock worm and the cased caddis.  You got some pretty good shots.  Lots of food should mean lots of trout.  On cold days, fish the shallow riffles where the sun c
Patterns & Vices
Hi All,                New here and to fly tying (well sort of).  I am an Englishman living in France, I used to tie a few fl
Raising Hackle
My landlord will not permit the keeping of chickens. Dogs, cats, cage birds, and fish are all permitted but they consider chickens a farm animal, so I am not able to raise my own hackle. Mind you woul
April Flies from the Vice
Variegated Scud. Tying for my buddies trip. Kimo   Hi Kimo,   That's an amazing looking scud - I was tying some up recently but could not find a material for the legs that pleased m
April 1st tomorrow!
Well it is opening day for trout in New York tomorrow and I just wanted to say good luck and stay safe. Don't know what time trout opens in other states but up here it is still cold and the snow and i
Anyone in the Johnson City area?
I believe that there are at least 2 or 3 here that live in the area. There is a lot of trout fishing in the area as well as a lot of warm water fishing. I would guess that within 50 miles there are at
Tying website for beginners...updated
I've added a new lesson to my website.  The site is a work in progress for sure.  If you are just starting out tying there is something for you there.  Three lessons are available now a
On a Break From the Tying Bench
Hello everyone I'm your Uncle Shorty. I split my time between Texas & Pennsylvania. In TX I fish mostly for bream. In PA i fish for trout, panfish & crappie. I enjoy tying, although I'm a
...and Ding,  if you don't fish then the question is have you wet your fly in you swimming pool or bathtub or whatever, to confirm how it floats?  The entire history of tying clouser-type fl
Boat Box Suggestions
I don't know if that yoga mat would last a lifetime. I have over 100 flies that need homes in boxes, with most being over 9". So if I quit tying for the season, like that would happen haha, I would
BWO, PMD & Adams whats the difference?
So, they are all mayflies. I recently acquired a hatch chart for my local river and they had listed differently tying patters for the BWO, and also suggested the Adams.   My understanding is that
Aussie Tyer
Yeh, forgot to mention big brown snake, no big brown trout in that river!
Greetings from the Desert Southwest
Welcome to the forum Scott. Many knowledgeable people/tyers in here. Variation is sort of 'post and parcel' with fly tying, in my opinion - so don't sweat varying the originals - just don't state that
jig question
I'm just tying up some crappie jigs right now and using just regular beads. My  jig hooks are size 10-18 barbless so beads slide on fine and small hole allows it to slip around the bend at eye an
new here and to fly fishing/tying
Go to a web site called 'sexyloops'.....There are many many hours of learning there including casting videos. I tried to learn the double haul for many years but failed miserably. After finding Sexylo
Back on track (weight loss)
I've got no idea what 400lbs is in kg? But if i'm wright? It's about 150kg? See what giving up smoking dose to you!!! But to be serious, congratulations steve! Easy come, f@#&?*g not eazy go! I've
Fly Photography Set Up
To answer your last question first. Yes you can. Make sure you have it set up for macro, and, if you can, use some kind of support for your camera. Don't use on camera flash.   There are all kind
Crappie swap
I will be tying a orange and black woolly bugger thank you Bruce
New Guy From Ontario
Hey guys, New to the forum, and fairly new to fly tying as well. I started fly tying last fall after I was loosing to many flies to trees or rocks LOL. I fish for mostly Grand River bass, the odd ste
Gobble gobble gobble!!!
Nice job young man! Nice size bird too!   I look at the regs in Michigan and man, so complicated!  Four different 'seasons' that people enter  a 'drawing' to get selected for, Private l
Northern California Fly Tying Expo
Northern California Fly Tying Expo Is at Redding Conference Center April 10-11th. The great thing is that you can fish a fantastic riffle yards from the entrance, or bring your drift boat, pontoon or
Flash storage
The tubes are nice but you have to remove the material from the tube each time you use it. And they take up too much space for my needs.    I keep the material in the original plastic and cu
Fly tying hooks
I'm looking at three size 12 "standard" dry fly hooks laid out on my fly tying bench.  A Tiemco 100, a original Mustad 94840 and an Allen D101.  They are all 3 different shank lengths.  
Lab Rat mouse pattern
There was a story on the net last year of a rainbow trout that was found to have twenty five or was it twenty seven mice in it's belly.  There are tons of images of mice swimming.  I don't k
3D printing a Law Vice
"That's the real reason why quality fly tying tools are so expensive.  The vise I have will probably last me the rest of my life.  If I ever purchase a new one, it will be because I just wa
Hopper/Terrestrial Swap
I will be tying the Charlie Boy Hopper
Northern MI Steelhead Boxes
that is a great selection of flies. the one fly that stands out that you are missing is sucker spawn.
Prince Nymph Swap photos
I couldn't agree  more, this was a great set of flies! I've been on quite the prince nymph kick since the new year, both tying and fishing. I've experimented with a large variety and this swap ga
Great Expo
Got to attend a terrific fly fishing expo in Blaine, MN last weekend. I actually got to meet Dave and Emily Whitlock and Dave was kind enough to autograph a book for me. Lots of really nice folks and
Humpy Wing Proportions - How to get it right?
Hi Everyone, When tying humpies I measure the elk hair so it is the length of the eye to the back of the tail.  When I finally tie in the over wing and pull back the wings to separate them I find
hen hackle help
I think the India or the Chinese necks are good for winging.  Cheaper, too.  The colors may be a bit limited, but they work for me in my limited fly tying experience.
Gear talk...
this should be in the "fly fishing" or "the lodge" section not "fly tying"
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