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Trout Fly Tying

Rotten Watermelon Streamer
Here is a pattern I came up with as a rainbow smelt imitation for landlocked salmon, brook and brown trout, and togue. Lost a big brown on one over the 4th, snapped the leader in half. This is my firs
July 2014 swap club
Hi Riff, I will be tying a "Blue Panfish Nymph." I've never fished it, but it's a pattern that I discovered recently that uses a blue Peacock breast feather for the tail. I hope that qualifies it. I a
The Bumblepuppy revisited
Well, that fly is certainly the epitome of tying a bunch of stuff to a hook.
Beginner's Feedback Requested
Thanks again to those that provided some feedback to me as I sought the basic tools needed to start tying.    This is my first time posting flies I've tied and I'd appreciate some feedback o
First attempt at "the Usual"
It looks horrible ugly, but as you state I get that it is supposed to be an ugly fly... and the tying looks nice from here, so guess that means a perfect fly. :-)
Fly Prices to Rise
The prices go up - we re budget , an still buy - I try to buy trout( size 18+) flies from my fly shop ( anglers addiction-) an tie the rest - an yes all stuff is going up , do I love this sport ? yes
Fishing report, Everglades days, Biscayne nights, 4 July
Here's a copy of this week's fishing report. As usual not nearly enough fly fishing... The night trip in this report would have been even better with an 8 or 9wt rod (the night fish eat flies better
I normally put all kind og feather and stuff on my hooks, and then go out and buy some more hooks... never had more than a couple of thousands of hooks, not enough to start sorting them in specials
new vice
I would have to agree with switch10, you'll never be tying like someone else so how well they like the vise is not how well you'll like the vise. The only way to find out is to go to a shop or show a
Fly Tying Variations
For my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial, I wanted to touch on the thought process behind tying a variation of an original and effective pattern.  In this video, I discuss variations appropriate
Davy Knot
After doing a little reading and tying a few, it looks like it would be ideal for the very light tippets used by trout fishermen. For heavier saltwater rigs, I suspect it might be a solution looking f
When Whip Finishing to post - glue 'dot'
I'd like to not have to cement the whip to the post. It just takes up more time per fly (although I'm not tying for production). I've also put 2 whip finish knots on other ties without gluing and
July flies from the bench
  UV2 MALLARD N’ BLUE –  L. Williams/Variant – TroutLegend C Hook, #8, #12, #16…     VEEVUS SERENDIPITIES…     PT/TB
Curing my Depression
This is one of the most unusual fly fishing videos ever - catching trout in a hole in a floating muskeg mat.
Giraffe Fly Tying Lamp - LED Retrofit?
After a hiatus of several years, I'm in the process of setting up a new fly tying station/desk in my home. While I retained much of my old tying gear, for some reason (i.e. grandkids), I can't find my
New Tying Desk
This is my first post on here although I have been following for quite a while. Got into tying about a year ago and as I got more and more involved decided to haves friend of mine build a desk/worksp
some old flies
The flies looked to be snelled on a blind eye hook....before my time. If it's a mono snell it's prolly after WWII...gut snell and it's prolly early 20th century....anyways,   The Red Ibis was a f
What to use for tying in legs?
Type in "fly tying legs" on you search bar.  There are about as many leg materials as there are car models on the road.  Some sites have guys using pretty odd materials to come up with the r
Bending Hooks
I bend some like the curved nymph hook I use if tying a klinkhammer.  if you have to bend one that requires a tool I would recommend using wire forming pliers that have the round jaw; as  th
BassPro's White River Fly Shop online
I've bought a lot of White River fly tying materials, over the years.  There's nothing wrong with them.  In fact, I've managed to get some unusual stuff there, like a patch of real badger sk
Ideas Wanted
There hasn't been any problems with the guys actually tying these patterns, it's just that 50 minutes to tie 2 flies from knowing zero about tying to completion of the flies is not much time, and we'r
Turned up hook eyes
Thanks Mike.   That trout looks worried. My trout give me attitude.        
What's up from Slapout, AL.
Welcome to the band of fishers.  I see you live close to Martin Lake... must be great fishing there!  Hopefully a member from your area will contact you... you're in the right place.  T
Tying the Elk-Hair Caddis
Mike,   You are right and Meyer, I apologize and welcome to the forum. I do need to go fishing!   It has been rain, rain, rain every other day blowing our rivers and raising hordes of skeete
FTF Fly Pattern - fishingbobnelson - Dark Picket Pin
Bob the Pickett is one of my favorite flies. Nice job tying it.
Micro fishing.
I didn't know that it was called micro fishing. I have considered it a "save the day option" because the trout either won't cooperate or they are somewhere else in the creek and at least I can catch s
Just screwing off...Would anyone fish these??
you know, the fact is ANYTHING will catch a fish now and then, including a bare hook....   the question should be - "Am I happy with these?"    I personally would have skipped the hac
2014 Swap Club - June
are you sure you have mine? I found a container on my tying desk with 12 size 18 purple "D" destroyers. i'll get em mailed out today
Chewy Baca
Cool looking fly!  I like the weave type flies...Haven't tied one as of yet.  I've got to get some empty thread spools to use with my ultra chenille.  I saw a fellow at an expo that use
Old Bass Bugs, some 60 yrs old. (Pic Heavy)
Some of these bugs are 60 yrs old. Enjoy ye ole bug makers... Kirk This is an overview pic of the bug my friend Ted Cabali lent me from his collection to photograph.   Bill Gallasch’s Ski
Schooling bait on one hook...First attempt!
I must first admit that I am tying the hell out of certain flies and I am getting really comfortable at them (Pheasant Tail, Elk Hair, RS2, Humpys, even some Adams).   However, I thought that my
CDC and Dyed Feathers
I was tying a bunch of CDC and Elks this weekend using a various colors of Trout Hunter and MP CDC and it sure seems that the dyed CDC is much more fragile-brittle than the natural non-dyed CDC. On th
Clingerf Nymph...
For the stated length, a #14 2xl nymph hook should be about right.  Depends somewhat on hook mfr and model.   Clingers run a range of sizes.  Your example is in the middle of the pack.
Antelope Hair...
I've seen Al Campbell use it to spin bass bugs and divers on the fly tying course he did on FAOL.
Fly fishing at Ţingvellir national park , Iceland
Hi! Made this video after yesterdays fishing. This is the biggest lake in Iceland. It holds a few species of fish. Brown trout that can easily go up to and over 20 pounds and arctic char. The browns a
Summer Dryfly tie-up (pic heavy)
Time for the big summer trip later this year, and I can never get enough flies to bring with me, time for a tie-up of my go-to patterns ( and some new )   Mini-bombers for trout, #10 streamer 
Anyone tried the Parawulff?
  This is probably the best "searching" dry fly pattern I've ever used. It has never failed to pull up a trout for me, and has saved me from the skunk more than once.   I truly am not tr
The Bugger
Mike!!!!!!!!!! Never used a Wooly Bugger???!?!?!?! Just about fell off my seat when I read that (lol). Ok, maybe not.   Bakers hole Bugger - I saw it a few years ago and just think it's the 'cat'
Patriotic Clouser Minnow
I've tied some red white and blue flies before for something or other, seem to remember catching creek chub and fallfish with them but no trout. I keep a box of funny colored experiments with me and w
Floating fly line loop
That is slick Heavynets......Never seen that done.  I have just always done a whip with tying thread and a bobbin and then topping it off with pliobond or other rubberized adhesive so the joint w
It make the ultimate sacrifice for fly tying!  May its feathers live on...Go in peace my friend!   
Man arrested for poaching over 1600 trout
Maybe he planned to sell them? Or he was poor and poached for food? 1600 trout is a little much for the latter one, but maybe, or he is just a psycho that wanted no one else to have trout, I just don
Freshwater drum
It's just a slang term for them or what locals call them. Bowfins are called dogfish, grindles and cypress trout by a lot of the old timers. Same thing goes for bass, some folks call them green trout.
Photos from last weekend - Brookies
Great photos Fletchfishes. I like the Sally hatch because it is usually a total blast.  I like all of the trout BUT the brookies are my absolute favorite.  I have wished a few times ove
From the Saltwater Bench
But, I don't have a separate bench for tying salt water flies.   I suppose I can clean off the trout fly bench ... but I might want to tie trout flies. I can't clean off the bass fly bench, or th
THREAD CONTROL - Brand Options?
I've been away from fly tying for several years while attending to my wife as she faced some serious health challenges. As vagaries of life go, I'm in a position to get my materials and equipment out
Southern Appalachian Trout Variety Swap
djtrout, if you have some decent CDC (not all the stuff they send you is) take a look at an emerger/dry called the IOBO. It's an all CDC fly that has been something I've read on other boards is a very
Swapmeisters, Your Help Is Needed!
I have just gotten started with trout fishing and need lots of the basic patterns of flies; I don't even have an Adams Dry Fly! My fly box is woefully empty! I can't run another swap because I'm alrea
Jim Smith's Dubbing Twister
Hi add147,    He's a member over at FAOL's forum and on there quite a bit. Even if he doesn't make them any longer for sale, I'm sure he would help you out with any questions you might
Furled dubbing loop flies
Take a look at this pattern from Shane Stalcup. Also Ken Hanley's book "Tying Furled Flies". Kimo  
Reusing Hooks
I keep a hook box on my tying desk.  Each time I have a fly that is bad or gets tore up I put it in the box.  When there are several flies in them I clean them off with with a sheet rock kni
Setting the hook help
Thanks for the help so far guys. One more thing to add that i forgot to mention. While i was fishing there was a slight wind. Not much but just enough to cause my line to curve on the water. This cu
Craft Fur Minnow and Recent Report
beautiful permit, and the use of bait does not offend us here in the saltwater forum the way it seems to for the freshwater trout guys.  I always bring spinning and casting gear to toss plugs alo
Teaching Boy Scouts Tying
I was asked to help out this Summer at Boy Scout Camp, helping with the Fly Fishing Merit Badge. Specifically, one of the requirements is that the Scout tie 2 flies. Keeping in mind, the merit badge p
Clean Desk Challange
The Pledge is for cleaning reels, and the dust pan and broom are for the floor.  The whole desk is in a closet, so when I walk away, I can just close the doors.   LOL...I am just razzing
No Jig Furled Leaders
In the video, he starts with 15# mono.  He stretches it , and then folds it in half.  After twisting, he now has a twisted section of about 30#.  This will be the mid section of the lea
Today's Fly Fishing Exploits
Today I decided to get out and do a little fishing before we get some badly needed rain. Caught a few little brookies in the riffles pictured below, hands were kinda wet to take a picture. As I made m
Stupid Question on Beads
add147,   This is NOT a stupid question!!!!   Beads from the fly shops are VERY expensive for me.  I know a TON of people that use the Hobby Lobby, Michael's, local craft store beads an
Two free Kindle fishing books  
Hatches Blog Post - How to Tie Jerry French’s Skinny Hoh Fly
OPST's newest fly tying video on how to Tie Jerry French's Skinny Hoh fly. The Skinny Hoh is a slimmed-down version of Jerry French's Dirty Hoh, a cross between an intruder and a string leech. It feat
Making The Most of Summer Vacation.. Tying Shad Flies.
WOW...That is a beautiful fly!  I've tried to tie those type of flies and I am not worth a darn at tying them.
Need Advise on Pheasant Tail Nymph
I just learned how to work my camera on small flies (it's an old Canon Powershot a530).   Anyway,  I think the tail is too long and do I have too many pt fibers?   How do the proportion
Flies with bad reputations swap
I'm pretty sure I had a dozen flies in my package so if it's something you think you'll use keep'em, or if a couple of them is enough to carry, send'em back. It's a design I have used often and it wor
Some recent ties
Overall your flies show good skills, and a creative mind.   There are some things you can work on.     It looks like your using a very heavy (possibly sewing,) thread on a lot of the f
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