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Trout Fly Tying

Hello From New Brunswick Canada
Well I joined the forum back in 2011 however did not say too much....."sometimes things are best left unsaid" I think a wise man once said.   Our trout season has been closed for almost 3 months
The "Yoam" indicator
Not sure if I had moment of genius tonight or I am posting someone else's already brilliant idea ( see what I did there?) I was tying yarn indicators tonight and quickly running out of materials. Loo
New Here
Hi Folks,      My name is Mike and I  live in North Dakota (for the next 3 weeks). My wife, Jo and I are moving to Minnesota right after Christmas and I'm dusting off the fly fishi
using a sinking line
Trout feed on midges year round. I would try a Griffith's Gnat with that floating line.
Gift Idea
I am still new at fly tying but I would include the muddler minnow and wooley bugger...Just my opinion
Looks good Mike.   I wouldn't dare throw a fly out like that on just a length of nylon. If I did the biggest thing in the lake would grab it, giving me no chance to play it. Then it would disappe
Video: Tying the Tinman streamer
This style streamer has been very productive for me in small streams on smallmouth and spotted bass, as well as small stream trout.
dying deer and buck tails
Great advice from Fatman!   There are several sources for dyes popular for dyeing fly tying materials. Those mentioned all will work fine. With those I mentioned I've found I like the Jacquard fo
turkey biot? Śwat is it
    A great way to save time when tying biots is to tape the stem ends to wooden dowel or thick pencil and spiral wrap the stems around the dowel. The biots will be separate and can b
Three Suggested Flies for Rainbow Trout....
Question from a Reader of our Blog asked, "What fishing flies have we been using to fish for Trout this Season?" In hopes of answering his question, decided to post an article, Three Suggested Fishing
Getting started
Hi everyone   I've been tying for about 3 months now and am really enjoying it. I've caught a few fish on some basic wolly bugger and soft hackle flies (trout and bass)   I'm now looking for
Dyna king barracuda vice any good ? And do they break ?
Depends on what you tie, but only issue you are ever likely to come across is that if tying smaller trout flies, the serration on the jaws eventually wears out (especially if you tend to over-tighten
A request for data -- for accounts of ....
Anthropomorphizing animal behavior used to be a scientific no-no second only to plagiarism.But all that's changed now. Because I hath declared it so.So. Don't be afraid to say trout sometimes get conf
useful gadgets/gear for fishing
I agree about the magnetic net holder.  I bought a cheaper version of the folding wading staff and now I don't go in the water without it.  Within a few seconds I can have it out of its shea
Alabama rig
I have a Ray Bergman book on my shelf somewhere that includes a yellow colored wet fly--a Yellow Sally I think--with a clevis and spinner blade built in up front. As part of the fly. I use slow wobble
Drowned Female Pale Morning Dun
Here's a drowned female PMD. The female bodies are homogenously olive green. The only yellow in the females appears at the base of the stem of the wing. The males are a little smaller and more yellow
HO Candy Double X
  Material List: Hook Tiemco 5263 #6 Thread 6/0 fluo orange Foam 2mm tan Angora Goat Dubbing burnt orange Poly Yarn white Golden Pheasant tippets Rubber legs barred (white/black) DNA Holo Chrom
first pheasant tail nymph
That is a pretty good start. Pay attention to what Crackaig says about improvements. Tying books are good, I have a lot of them, but there is no substitute for sitting down and tying flies. Lots of fl
Would this fish???
Look up the pattern "Professor wet fly" on Google. Not exactly the same, but what you've tied would be a good start to tying that pattern. As said above, if the tail was about half that length, the pr
Fishing report, Flamingo backcountry - 1 Dec
Here's this week's report.  Only the first portion is about fly fishing so you can ignore the rest.... All of our snook were caught and released on a 9wt rod using 2/0 Whitewater Clousers (my own
DECEMBER FLY from the bench
Third or fourth try to post a picture into this thread...   [URL=][/URL]   The picture s
Popper Flies
Back in July a buddy of mine asked me to tie him some poppers, real froggy looking ones. Since I tie mostly dry flies and nymphs for trout this was a nice little challenge. He fished with them all sum
Shuttle Weave - How to.
THE CREAM!!!     I would enjoy seeing every one of your versions of the "Tinman" fly you posted above. The one finished fly looks so good I'm sure everyone would like to see the ot
First try with Brooches
Piker, at one time I tried my hand at both brooch pins & ear rings. Yours look fine. The ladies usually only care about "pretty" & colorful & not much about the style or the tying techniqu
Winged Wets
They were astute observers of the natural flies they were imitating, particularly as to size and how colors shifted over the season.  Unlike today, their fly tying was not based on theories
Wool from IKEA
Any ever seen these? Real and soft wool, a whole bunch of it for $30. Anyone ever bought some for fly tying?? And any thoughts on dyeing it? I'm
Hey Everybody
Hey everybody!   My names Mike. 24 years old with a lot of it spent fly fishing. :D   I started tying about 2 years ago, but on and off for a total of maybe 3 months. Been lurking around the
Green Highlander #1/0
  So, tying up some of these Green Highlanders for fishing and not just display, it is just too long until the river opens so I can swing these!
Tap, tap, tap...
Thanks everyone. I need to do some tying soon so I'll post some pics when I do.  Piker, yes it's this time of year that I'm glad I only visit Europe.
Fast Sinking Streamers 2.0
Knucklehead Sculpin and its counter punch -- the Sockeye ShinerFastsinking Streamers 2.0 -- This is recycled from a long time ago. I think it's still relevant.
Sad news
I was at the Albany, Oregon show in March of 2013 maybe.  I saw the tyers list and thought "Wow- Chris Helms is here"  Went right over there and watched him tie a deer hair bug from start to
Hello Everyone
Hi there, my name is Doug.  I'm another fishing and fly tying nut that found this cool forum - nice to meet you all.  My addiction - Atlantic Salmon.  I am from Maine originally and gre
UV in your flies - fact or fallacy.
Exceptionally well written article discussing the the UV rage currently going around many fly tying circles...   UV Colours for Trout - Fact or Fallacy.  by Leonard Fleming
show off EP Fiber style bait fish imitations!
The top one is 5 cm wide at the top and 3 cm wide at the bottom.  2" long.  With the material I'm using, Senyo Laser Dubbing, it's tough to tie a fly longer than 3-3 1/2".  The pattern
ants from beginners
Luci To most of us, zinc is a grey metal.  Apparently that's not what you used.   Is your "zinc" an available fly tying material?  If so, where?
Novembers WORST flies from the bench!!!
I put my boxes out start of the year and end of the year and it doesn't matter, there is always flies that were ok starting out that fail the cut season end. I've found that I also have fewer and fewe
New swap...Too much Whiting saddle hackle
Dcap 240,Here in Oregon, I enjoy fishing for trout, salmon, steelhead as well as bass and bluegill when I get over to the other side of the mountains. Haven't gotten into the salt water game yet. Whic
Too much Whiting saddle hackle swap....idea questions
Sounds like a very cool idea. I have been playing around tying large micro barb streamers and would love to share them. I'd be game for either swap. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
renzetti spinning attachment?
In my opinion, this attachment would give you better spinning control if Nor-vise style tying is what you are after. It's called the Renzetti Au Sable speed crank attachment. Of course it's obvio
28th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2015
Invitation to the 28th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2015   Fly fishing section of the Slovenian Fishing Association (SFA or in Slovenian RZS- Ribiska Zveza Slovenije) is announcing the
A good rainy day film
Hydro-electric is necessary and not going anywhere soon. Also remember if all dams were systemically eliminated we'd lose hundreds of miles of tailwaters and the huge monetary investment in the lakes
Gren Highlander
That's really spot on. It is a great pattern in modern or classic variety and that would take any salmon with sense if it had a swim. Agree! I'm tying up some to fish with as well on a bit smaller
New Free Kindle today: The Telling of Waters
Favorite hopper indicator
What is your favorite hopper indicator pattern and how do you set it up?? Ive been going through some different hopper patterns trying to determine which one will work best as an indicator but haven't
excited flytier to be
YouTube and any other videos that are tying flies may be your quickest learning curve acceleration - fastest way to learn how to tie. I know a guy that just started and he tied some nice flies in the
What flies work well for carp?
Plan on fishing the great lakes for carp this year an wondering what flies I should be tying.
Fly Tyer Magazine fly swap
Shoe same here. I have a few past issues here but really couldnt find something i wanted for the swap. The fly im doing is the Gierach Special Little Brown Trout. Its just a simple hair wing streamer.
Lead Foil
Just sometimes all the time my mind spends wandering while tying up orders of flies, it does come up with the odd useful idea. Cheers, C.
Recent swap Rangeley Variants
I think those would work well for us salty Floridainers for trout and reds.
How many do you tie before getting sidetracked?
I have a short attention span.  If I really feel like tying, I may do 4, 5 or 6.   It's a way to relax and forget the FUBARs at work.  The most intense tying I ever did was to tie up a
Patterns/Books for Belgium/Western Europe?
Here are four books that might be useful, the first in English, the second and third in French, and the last in Dutch.  Good luck with the Dutch.   Goddard, Trout Flies of Britain and Europe
that time again
add147- basically you tie any pattern for an issue of FlyTyer magazine and reference the issue and page # of the pattern on your toe tag. If you've never read an issue of the magazine I highly suggest
More on my emerger from Nov's Flies From The Bench.
How do you pronounce the name? You have done killer body work. What do you use for the body? I tie a similar pattern. Basically a parachute adams fly. With or with out tail, depending if i am making a
In Regards to Fly-Fishing Articles...
I have never written for general publication so thought I might offer a reader's perspective. Try NOT to write a detailed travelog of some local water. Half your readers will resent it because they
Organizing Dubbing
Organizing our fly tying materials is something that is always changing for most of us. I have many systems in place, some of which I really like, and others that I've had just semi-success with. 
My flies are like snowflakes...
First there is nothing wrong with experimenting with variations on patterns, nothing wrong with free form tying either.  Be creative with your tying!  Nothing says you need to tie a fly a pa
new to the tube fly game
Those two look like you've taken a class from April Vokey.  Pretty flies that will probably catch fish. Man that is a huge compliment!! Thank you so much. I like tying steelhead flies because yo
howdy howdy
Hello all. New to this forum but not new to tying for fly fishing. I live out here is WA state. Steelheading is my game but I also love throwing little drys at rising westslope cut ties, and bows. Alt
How did you get into fly fishing?
 I guess I am like a lot of members because I have fished since I was a very young boy.  I got interested in fly fishing in my early teens when I discovered the old bamboo rod that my grandp
Tiers ( Tyers) Block does it exist ?
sometimes my worse efforts get cut off of the hook or when i see it getting really bad i just stop and undo what i just messed up. why keep going when all it takes a minuscule amount of time to make i
UNI Yarn?
I picked up some Uni-Mohair a few weeks ago.  Interesting stuff.  It's basically a singly ply, or thread, of yarn.  It is too coarse for dry flies, although I suppose you could use it i
One more thread from Santa.
Thanks Santa.   I would like some Trout flies if possible - dries since I don't fish them often-- but honestly would be happy with anything.
What hackle are you using for classic patterns?
Wondering what is your guys' favorite hackle for tying classics like the Thor, GBS, etc.  I've been using Schlappen and Chinese necks mostly with good results.  Theres one pattern that is th
Hatches Blog Post - Smoke Jumper
Detailed instructions on tying the Smoke Jumper.[url=]View the full article[/url]
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