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Trout Fly Tying

Drop Jaw Flies
Not a purist by any means, and I sure don't want to sound like an old foggy here, but to me fish skulls and the like are just beyond the line of what I find "acceptable" materials to use in my tying.
Material Waste Basket DIY and bought
Hey guys,  I've searched through the forums, but I haven't seen much, or maybe my web-fu isn't up to snuff.  Anyway, my wife is about to kill me for having tying waste strewn about.  I
Vice is alright if it works and it looks like it works! Oh, and the Wooly Bugger is now in focus!  BCT It works surprisingly well, but I,m still gonna buy a real one now that I've tried rota
Hand tied leaders, 'hard' mono?
Bob, I did not specify in my original post, but George Harvey's article discusses trout leaders. The upper (roughly 2/3rds) section is tied with 'hard' mono, and the lower 1/3rd is tied with 'soft' mo
Carnage Spundun SBS
    Another front end on Adam Trina's chassis; it'll float.  Change colors/size to suit your needs.     hook -Dai Riki 135  #12 thread - UTC 140  grey brown core -
Opinion on a baitfish pattern (saltwater)
staring at the vice with frustration, not sure if the patterns that i am tying look good or not. Playing around with EP anadromous brush. being that it is an ep brush, would I trim that like i would r
WB with underwater swimming footage
What it still be the same size or bigger? All sizes, the problem is that the 4x long streamer hooks hooks aren't saltwater recommended, so they rust after a few uses.. I like tying small for surf fis
Wanting to learn more
Hey everyone! I've been tying flies and fly fishing for roughly about 7 months now. I live in the swfl area so all I tie is saltwater flies. I hope to learn more about the art of tying and I figured t
Help needed matching the hatch
I would mix your own to match it. Tie a few of each shade and in the name of science go fishing   I love Caddis hatches for many reasons but mainly because I can fish dry flies on riffle sections
Cleaned off my tying benches today
I like to put stuff back into its bag and into my drawer. That's if im not using is for the flies that I am tying at the moment. And for the excess materials, maybe try using a waste basket? Ive seen
Cheap Clousers
Become a male nurse, look for a job working night shifts in a old peoples home or something not so busy! You could go fishing before work in the evenings & after work in the mornings, if it's a qu
AZ flyfisher here
Greetings.  I've been here off and on before and finally decided to do it right and interact a little more.  I've been tying since I was nine years old and fly fishing since I was eleven. &#
Star Spangle Banner
WOW!!! This baby filled up fast. Thinking about a fly I'd do if I jumped in and now it's full and that's good since I really don't have time right now. Too much company over next few weeks and spare b
Recently back into tying and this forum after a long while.What ever happened to the fly Tyers of year awards?Looks like the last one was quite a while ago. All the best-Steve
Best source for (black, #14-#16) ant dry hackle?
if you already have a black cape why not just use that up? plenty of hackle on a cape in those sizes   are you tying 12, 200 or 1200 ants?
Danvise jaws
I tied for several years on one, I loved it.  But, I was heavy handed with it.  I was "one of those people." What I typically did was manage to slightly flare out the tips of the jaws, proba
DIY rod rack in van!
You are onto something here.  Better patent it and quit your day job.  There may be an application for rifles and shotguns too...   To take the whole approach a lot further....  Wh
Spent Hackle Mayfly SBS
    Found this over on a UK site; frogwater stuff.     hook - TMC 5212  #10 thread - Danville 6/0  brown tail - pheasant tail rear hackle - barred cream (undersize by 2)
I can't choose a rod!
I'm with Dave G. Except I'm not throwing any size weighted streamer on a 4wt rod. I cannot see how that would be enjoyable or superior to a 6wt. I might throw about a size 8 with a small bead on i
The Blood Knot, quite possibly the best for attaching tippet?
double surgeons knot for adding tippet. blood knot for tying leader to fly line butt section   any knot will attract the attention of stream vegetation. fish the bighorn yet?
Help with Vise Selection.
New member here, want to get into fly tying big time, but wanted to make sure I invested into a good quality vise that I won't have to upgrade later. I narrowed it down to the Peak Rotary, the Wolff A
Durability of whip finish with head cement vs. 2 whip finishes?
I have seen some pictures in old books of flies that appear to be tied on snelled hooks. I wonder how that goes? Seems like it would be similar to tying over a wire weed guard, but worse, I agree
Two hook questions for you
If you want to tie some small parachutes that have been working very good for a couple of friends who actually get to fish them, particularly on tailwaters, they are tying them on light wire caddis st
Fly lines
Obviously, you won't be fishing 200 to 400 feet deep for Lake Trout with a fly rod Break Rules!  Explore Limits! 33# Lake trout caught on 8 ft custom 13 wt fly rod, Abel reel spooled with 20# lea
Removing epoxy from vise base?
  if you used as much epoxy on your flies as you did on that fly rod build video then youll probably need tnt   tying tip - wrap the pedestal in a paper towel or aluminum foil BEFORE doing
Idea for foam hopper bodies
Just do it cause it's fun to experiment.  If this is a hobby, that is the main reason to tie flies, not to save time or money.  I know I haven't saved any money tying flies!!
I thought only golfers fell for this kind of stuff !
I'm gonna make one cos' it looks easy! But for someone who is tying flies & designing flies for a living & operating as a company, they could easily by 2 or 3 before the end of the tax year &a
Georgia Tyers?
Check on the website: North Georgia Trout Online.  Not necessarily around Columbus, but seems like it's statewide.
June Flies from the vise
Working on a bunch of blue charms in size 1 for the Clinch river.Had good luck with brown trout and large rainbows on this pattern.Omitted the Pintail because all I had was high grade so I'm not throw
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
Yes the anvil vise is very capable.....and yes I do own one ...and yes I like it and great price . And I know in my tying videos I use a dynaking barracuda vise ...but for a lot of my tying I actuall
Stripping basket WHY?
A 4-6 lb. sea trout doesn't require reeling them in and I guarantee you if I get them in close to land them and I've got 60 feet of line laying in the water around me you can bet that fish will find&#
Productive Fying Ant Patterns
Most parachute ants are similar, but that's Charlie Craven's ant. Here's the SBS:   http://www.charliesf...cfm?parentID=31   I often tie mine with a hi-vis post. Some I tie on a curved hook
Weekend bass & pike on the Au Sable
Very rarely. There's usually some fish to be caught somewhere on the Au Sable, and after fishing that river for 40+ years now if one spot isn't fishing well I usually know other spots that will give u
Saber Hooks?
I don't think the evidence in this thread exactly proves saber hooks are a bad hook overall these days. allen and dai-riki also have their detractors. i've bought a few packs of saber hooks in small t
First Salmon Fly Attempt - Durham Ranger
Love tying these bad boys!Not a bad first attempt at all.A few pointers though: 1-When you tie a salmon fly pattern;it is much easier when you invest in the best materials you can afford. Jon at feath
update from a year ago: Hopper? nope, it's a Stone!
here's the thread from a year ago:   I went to Mike Mercer's online shop and ordered a dozen of the flush floater
Snowshoe hare feet
I've been going through my tying collection, paring down and trying to donate where possible to some local groups & charities. I stumbled across a set of a half dozen rear snowshoe hare feet for t
Hello from Southold NY
Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I have a tying shop on the eastern end of the north fork of Long Island, Ny. I started the business by tying buck tails and am now getting more and more into tying
Wax for flytying
I have personally never used wax before.Like most I simply just spin on to thread.That being said,Davie McPhail uses wax constantly on just about everything I've seen him tie.Looks like he uses it w
New in town
HEY!    Im Michael, ive been on here before but decided to actually join this time. I've been tying for a few years now (don't get to fish all that much due to lack of a car and trout water
How Many Flies?
When I fish away from home I do a modified thing of the second part Mike mentioned. I bring the tying case but I only tie, at most, half dozen of what I think I need before I leave. And if I'm really
Sabiki Flies
Here is a simple pattern made with a hook, mono, and mylar from food wrappers (like a Frito Chips bag or Bevita cookie wrapper) or a balloon. Used it for White Bass at our local lake trolling in a kay
Clouser Minnow Sexy Shad Streamer Fly
I prefer tying this way.  And this is taken from his site!     [attachment=57019:clous.JPG]  
Is it my computer or is this web page screwed up ?
Could someone do me a small favor. I tried to order "Mayfly Winger Patches" 4 for 15$ from this web site, .  For some reaso
Simran Fly
Guys and girls. I was exposed to a simran fly today, and have googled it... seems quite simple. BUT we have a fish here that really doesnt like flash but responds well to the lifelike qualities zon
Wild Puffer Balls
I loved it. Needed a good chuckle today.   I heard of tying San Juan Worms out of those a few years ago. Everytime I see them I have to pick one up. I know its going to happen, one of these days
help fishing Navarre
Will you have a boat or kayak? And try tying some surf candies for some beach Jacks and ladyfish.
Hello all. From Pennsylvania originally. Lived for a while in Bozeman, MT and fly fished the area almost daily. Now I have a family and am living in Central Saskatchewan. I still miss the rivers of SW
CDC Dry Fly Midge - Tied on size 26 hook!
That is one small fly! Yes, unfortunately its kinda what you have to use over here.  The trout primarily eat midges 80% of the year here (as with many places), and they have a lot of pressure
Legality of using wild bird feathers
Roland, yes there are laws that protect wild birds & animals, some to the point that possession of any part, including feathers is illegal.    Generally, game birds & domestic barn y
Thread storage!
I only have about six or so colors as well.BUTTTTTTTTTT, I have those same colors in 3/0, 6/0, 8/0 uni and 70, 140, 210 denier, some GSP, mono cord, floss, mono thread, .010, .015, .020 lead wire, var
Copper John - Can it replace a split shot?
I think that some commercial tiers use that method of tying off the head.  Supposed to save time instead of picking up the tool.  I have a dubbing needle that has a hole in the tapered end f
Loon UV tip clogging
Is your fly tying desk near a window?
Tie Larger Sizes First?
When I started tying over 30+ years ago, I was fortunate to take a class from Andre Puyans.  Andy was a California Hall of Fame flyfisherman and an excellent fly tying instructor.  He had us
First fish on fly on years!
Retirement has come and back to tying and fishing!First fish on my 4 wt in 8 years!Not huge but a sign I was doing something right;despite a ton of rust in that wrist and shoulder now hahaha Caught hi
Old guy New Tyer
Hello Everyone! A little about myself...I am an older guy (retiring in a month from a 38 year railroad career) and looking forward to spending some time behind a vise for fun and relaxation (has to be
Green & Black - how I'm learning a new pattern
Tying the same pattern a lot certainly helps, as does all handling of materials. Just remember to keep questioning every turn of thread you make and everything else you do. Those are nicely consistent
Online sites is a retailer i use on ebay. He sells a decent selection of artificial tying materials, but his best deal are hook if i remember correctly ypu can get a hundred hooks for like $
A re-introduction!
Good day gents!My name is Steven.I was a member on here for quite sometime before I had to run off and do grown up things!Joined the Marine Corps in 2008,did four combat tours,got injured on the job t
Help identifying feathers and equipment
I would probably give a grand for just what's shown so $75 for a decent appraisal is not bad. The capes in this shot may not be genetic engineered but look good and if quality is there and there are s
You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest
BB, the shipping date is June20th. That left 4 weekends and getting them sent after the 4th weekend. It would be great if they all got here by the end of that week so I could pic, sort and return. For
Hello new to tying love fishing ;)
Hello everyone....   My name is Warren. I just got into fly tying and I can not wait to dive more into the art. I enjoy fly fishing as well as many other things.    Just doing a quick i
Gamakatsu vs. Partridge of Redditch
I use both depending on the end use and particular profile I need. Both hooks are of equal excellent quality, one not being any better than the other. As I said, I use both depending on what I am tyin
bass flies
hello all. im looking for some ideas on bass streamers to fish for the summer seeing how the trout fishing has dried up until fall. im not entirely new, been tying for a couple years now, mostly for
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