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Trout Fly Tying

Most used midge pattern??
The black zebra midge is probably one of the more common midge patterns used when nymphing in rivers for trout.  They are very easy to tie, and super effective!  I always have a few of them
New logic of tying flies
the New logic of tying flies is to put rubbers and it seem to be more effective.      
Nautilus Fly Reels... Yeah, but which one?
I am now tying flies for a guide service in the Caymans and that will surely boost my store. Also after this 2 weeks vacations, you bet me and my friend are car washing every day averaging 16$ a day!
Favorite Fish?
Brook trout.
Pics and Winners of "One FLy Tourney"
Don't know how well this would do in a trout stream, but I know it will take gills all day long.  I ;have heard trout fishers say that bluegill will bite on trout flies, and I think that also mea
You're good-to's
Gonna hit the Keys late fall.Got a trout trip before hand,but I want to go to Belize for permit.
uv resin and humid weather
Are you guys tying outdoors? It's humid where I'm at but its not humid inside my temperature controlled house. Surely I'm not the only one who has air conditioning, or am I?
Finnicky fish
Don't fish for barramundi, but my rule of thumb for trout is if the usual stuff isn't working, I go really small. I downsize too the smallest flies I have. If that doesn't help, I tie on the weirdest
Affordable Saltwater Hooks?
The Mustad C70SD Signature saltwater big game fly tying hook features Mustad's unique Z-Steel alloy which is applied over high carbon steel for a hook that greatly surpasses stainless steel in both st
Crab or Shrimp Eyes?
  So then would loon hard head work? Flats, if you have it then stick some on there and find out ! Then you can tell us. But I suspect so, yes.   I have some of that around here I used
Palomar knot - best knot for big game fish?
The Palomar knot is great for big game fish that pull hard. The knot continues to tighten when being pulled on, and the double loops around the hook eye make for a strong and abrasion resistant knot.
Material for North Country Flies
I have been tying flies for quite some time now and have finally run out of Dotterel does anyone know a good source to find this bird skin?
How to tie the Strip Tease?
Anybody know of a way or a video of tying the strip tease?
What is VAG?
Here are some alternatives to the VAg Filter for caddis wings,   http://hatchesmagazi
Which River Road Cutter?
J. Stockard is having a sale on River Road foam cutting sets and I would like to pick one up but I can't decide which one. I fish for everything freshwater including trout, bass, panfish, and northern
Question about 10ft rods.
I have a ten foot 8 weight I use for most of my bass fishing and some trout a 9"10 four weight I use pretty regularly as well. Seams easier to get long casts, also helps if there's tall grass or low b
Non-typical materials
Now that I've got into tying, I find myself always looking for something I can use on a fly.  I've used everything from easter grass and shag carpet pieces to synthetic hair extensions and condom
Over it
Not tying but fishing on a fly out north of the arctic circle.  $700.00 USD in the pot to catch a lake trout, inconnu, whitefish.  Lake trout was easy, inconnu was supposed to be the toughes
Hi, New to Forum
Hi, everyone. I am new to this forum. Not brand new to fly tying, but I have a lot of catching up to do. I am semi-retired and considering getting back to fly tying in earnest and also considering
Portable Storage
Can't study all the time.  Burn out is as damaging to the memory as not enough studying.  Gotta take a break, and I agree with Bimini ... tying as fishing is MUCH better than drinking and pa
New From Pa
Hello, new here I'm from Pa. I started tying flys when I was about 8 yrs. one guy showed me one fly not even a trout fly, that's my only training. If my memory serves me correctly I think I caught abo
Hook sizes and styles
Welcome to the site, Mason.  Great intro (Copy and paste to the "introduction" forum) with great info.  I can't help you, however, with your hook question.  Florida, where I live, there
Hello from Northern Ontario
I've been posting for a while, but I thought I would introduce myself. I live in northern Ontario and I am lucky enough to live within an hour of good pike, smallmouth and brook trout fishing. I like
Opinion on some shrimp flies
Embedded? I'm a forum newbie lol Yes, if you look around here, especially up in the fly pattern forum at the top of the forums page, you will see that peoples flies show right on the page. No clic
Luminous Fly Tying Line
I wonder how that works on those "as the sun is setting" and beyond casting marathons??? I only do Trout in Colorado. I wonder if there is any benefit from this for me???
Visiting south carolina soon
Above Myrtle Beach is Sunset Beach. walk south get away from the crowds head toward what is called Bird Island. Fish surf with light fly rod and small clousers or sand flea imitations for pompano and
My best hook
My best hook is Daiichi japan hook, it is said to be 7 time sharper than normal hook. once I was tying a fly the hook hit my finger, guess what? my finger got  swollen. I have to go to a clinic f
Best beginner fly rod length, WT and action
I had a Pflueger Medalist about 30 years ago and it was a dog.  Maybe they're better now.  Heavy and wimpy.  I wouldn't recommend one but you can work past a bad rod, but I don't believ
Didn't steal any fur, but went to the forth flyshop today on my travels, oh the money i save tying my own flies!:-)) :-)) :-))
Don't tell your kids!
That is crazy. How in world is anyone supposed to know all of them? I threw a fit in the 70s when they set a catch limit of 8 trout in Colorado(my Grad Pa laughed because I was still to young for the
Interesting.  Not 750 Euro interesting though.  Looks like he is making them himself or having very small runs made so I imagine the price is not out of line but still out of my price range.
Fly Boxes
planettrout knows his small flies. If this is the box he likes, that's a very strong recommendation in my book (i've been following his fly tying for months now, great great stuff). I have yet to try
Disco Midge Pupa - Simple, flashy, effective!
The disco midge pupa is an easy and effective pupa pattern. The flashabou wrap shines in the water really well and is very visible to feeding trout.    Hook: Umpqua U001 - size 22 Thread: U
Hatches Blog Post - Regal Fly Tying Vise Review – Regal Revolution
Regal Vises have been around for along time. If you polled fly tiers on all the vises they have used, Regal would probably hold a top spot. They are dependable, timeless, and made in the USA. Check ou
Tying Parachute Flies - How Do You Do It?
Do you guys use any type of vise accessory like a "Gallows Tool" or a "Parachute Rest" (two terms that I have found online) to hold the parachute post straight up while you are tying parachute flies?
Stillwater Trout - Fly and Tactics
Nope never tied that fly. Most all our trout fishing here on the Cape is ponds , lakes , still water. In the fall Chrionamids rule in the ponds and where there are outfalls to the ocean then baby herr
Figured I should introduce myself
I'm from Colorado and chase species of Esox all over the country! Favorite species to fish for would be musky(tiger or regular). In Colorado I try for tiger musky but mostly stick to pike! Been tying
July Flies from the vise
Going back to my roots with these bass poppers.  I used to fish for largemouth every day of the summer as a kid, day dreaming about trout streams.  I never thought I'd say it, but living in
Bass on terrestrials
On creeks and small rivers during the summer low water I find larger smallmouth get more like trout. Smaller patterns work better at this time and they will gently suck down a beetle on the surface af
Been on a few weeks and should have introduced myself
Hey all,   As my title states, I should have posted on here a couple of weeks ago. I have been prowling around on here for quite awhile until I became a member a couple of weeks ago. This is a wo
Greetings from Illinois
Hi Folks: I've been tying on and off for 15 years, and fly fishing for close to 30. The opportunity to fly fish for trout has never really arisen, but I've never met a bluegill or bass I hadn't liked
Fly Tying Articles - Shad Minnow
Hey, I am doing something new.  I plan on taking all my video's and turning them into article form.  Sometimes I don't always want to watch a video on tying a fly, however reading a quick re
Curve in rod?
So I decided to take a closer look at a few of my rods sitting in their tubes and assembled one of them and noticed looking down the blank there is a curve in the rod going to the right. Never seen th
Need Help Tying Deceiver
So I just tied my first deceiver and tried to follow the youtube video of Lefty tying it. I'm not crazy about the video because he isn't very clear about portions and things like that. It kind of remi
2nd Annual Large Mouth / Small Mouth Bass - As long as it floats swap
Add,   I will be tying a Moorish Mouse. . Looking forward to seeing all he flies.   Steve
Striper and Bluefish Swap
Alright I'm gonna close this up and we'll just stick with 8, just because as some of you start to wrap up your flies already, I don't want to have everyone tying too many flies and then have it never
1st Bright of the season
All the tying through the winter paid off last weekend in May. Hitting the river again this weekend so hopefully a few more repeats! Other salmon nuts out there, please post some pics too. Tight lines
Thread Used for Tying Hair Flies
To anyone who wants to respond - but I'm very interested in hearing form all you really good 'hair tying' folks - what thread are you using to tie your 'hair' flies?  What do you use for tying fl
Quality Tools
I totally agree that you don't have to spend a lot of money on tools . . . unless you WANT to.  It's the difference between "need" and "want" and that is a very personal choice.  When I star
Great Fly Pattern that I Can't Figure Out.
Watch the video for how to tie in the reverse hackle.     And here is another video.   https:
Cool little hook keeper tip
I use one of the little round steel bowls with a magnet on the bottom.  It will sit on the base just fine, and can be set aside when not in use.  It will also keep other small parts, such as
Madison River, Yellowstone, September
Hoot owl restrictions on the Madison below Ennis. Other closures noted below:   I think the Yellowstone River in the park is a shallow
Striped Bass/Bluefish Swap Interest?
I would but it would depend on the due date. We get plenty of blues own here. No stripers except in freshwater but I have been copying striper flies for snook trout and reds for years now.
Different streamers for my set up
Vic They are droppers with a half hitch around the main line. They don't tangle. The fifteen foot leader can be cumbersome especially when I am tired but it works well. I got the idea from Jeff Cur
been prowling the boards for a while...
Hi all,   I hail from the great state of Iowa targeting mostly warm water species, but a fair amount of trout too. Long time fisherman, but still fairly new to fly fishing and tying. I've been pr
Clip on Magnifiers
Got a cheap pair of clip on fold downs by Cortland that work ok. Definitely not the best but for $7 bucks at my local Walmart I can't complain too much. I couldn't tie on a fly or lure on the water wi
How did you start tying flies? We all have a story . . .
My son and I joined Trout Unlimited and found that tying flies was almost as much fun as catching trout on flies.  We never tied more than a half dozen for our home waters.  I still have the
What leader
Pan fish are very easy to catch. Most trout are finicky and can, at times, be difficult to catch like most other species. The coveted native Brook trout is also equally easy to catch which is why I ne
Worst Thing About Fly Tying
For me right now, it's tying the second fly of a set.   The first one makes me feel really good about getting back to the vise and tying, but the second fly shows me everything that's d
Bullet Bobbin Prototype
I've made bobbins and many other tying tools and I've always wanted to make a ceramic bobbin, but could not think of a good way to do it - or where to get the ceramic tube or insert. So I th
I guess I never introduced myself...
It depends. Mostly I mean it as hand made in small quantities, in reference to fly tying and rod wrapping. Sometimes I mean it as in being artis-anal, or anal about the arts in the sport. :):):) Thank
Mann's Smelt Patterns
Years ago in the New England area, there was the World Fly Fishing Expo that was held at the Shriner's Auditorium Wilmington, Massachusetts. It was a show similar to the Fly Fishing Show but a little
How to work with McFlylon
Yes flat.  Your material looks fine.
Critique Clouser #10
Ive only used the woolly bugger once, and on the 2nd cast I landed a trophy 5lb wild rainbow trout in  the Patagonia.   The cone shape is not a must flytire but  he expressed a desire t
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