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Trout Fly Tying

In need of a new rod
Since my 5 wt has broken i am in need of a new one. Im still going to fix it and keep it as a spare, also i will use it as a good bush waking rod instead of my new one. So what are some good 5wt 9' 4
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FL Panhandle
This coming summer gonna be making a trip to Cape San Blas, in the FL panhandle. Targets are reds, trout, tarpon, and whatever else is in the bay. We stayed a few years ago in a house on the bay with
Ep fibres
Thanks trout I will for sure look into the Congo hair I didn't realize it was that expensive.
Euro Skinny Nelson
Here's a little variation on the effective Skinny Nelson   Hook: 14-18 Jig Tail: Pheasant Tail Body: 70 Black Thread Hotspot: 70 Fire Orange Thread Rib: Fine Gold Wire Thorax: Peacock Herl Flash:
The smell of summer..........
How much light was illuminating the flower? Did you reflect any or is the lighting just natural? Looks like a relatively narrow 'depth of field' is why I ask - and yet you still have the entire fly
The What's In A Name Swap
Like I said, I've been chomping at the bit for another swap. I'll get in. Let me do a little research. Something out there should beckon to me for a combination of name, good looks, fish triggering
2014 Intl Fly Tying Symposium.. Superfly Competition
At this year's fly tying symposium in Somerset NJ (Nov 22 and 23) they will have the first Superfly Competition. There are 5 categories; trout, bass, salt, realistic and salmon/steelhead. Winners get
First Ties for the Midwest
As I've mentioned in my intro and beginner posts, I'm new to fly fishing in the Midwest. So I'm adapting my western trout fishing skills to panfish and bass. So here are some of my first flies for tar
First postable Hydropsyche nymph pattern
I am hoping some practice with tying this up will improve the final product.  I am using Bug Off UV cure resin to trap the color in/on Nymph Skin.  Any advice people can provide to improve t
Those OTHER pheasant feathers
I have seen the In-The-Round pattern page somewhere but don't remember. Can you provide the title? I like that style for tube flies, that I rarely fish but like to tie. Ed. Hi Ed! I'll c
Florida's untalked about hatch that pan fish love
Oh, I believe you.  I've never seen a fish eat a dragon fly, either.  But I did watch the recent posted video of the trout taking damsel flies that were hovering above the surface. I don't d
Thumbnail Dun
XD if your serious then just use appropriate sized hackle. I don't trust my judgment though, I let the trout decide.
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Swaps, What makes them good or bad?
Vicrider, agree...  No more popper / surface fly swaps for me. My skills were definitely left wanting.   Flytire..  Agree in part with your comments about international swappers... 
Fly tying instruction
Many, if not most, of us are self taught.  You don't really need a class, as such, but rather a mentor.  Check with the local clubs to find out when they plan to have a fly tying session, an
Hello from Southern Ontario
Hi been fly fishing for 2 years now absolutely hooked. Mostly fish bass,pike,salmon and anything that will hit a fly. I really enjoy tying my own flies. Would be nice to meet to with some of you that
I love it when a plan comes together
Morning / evening all :P   Haven't been putting a lot up in the way of reports of late.. So just thought I'd pop a quick little post up highlighting a couple of my recent trips...   Nothing
salt water materials?
The only difference I found in regular materials and those marked "saltwater" (hackle and bucktails) is their size. Saltwater is longer. I usually use stainless or plated hooks but not all the ti
Nice BIG surprise (and some questions for the biologists)
Mike's post makes the most sense for your situation IMO. The fact that you've seen at least one larger bass should indicate there may be more. Especially since the pond/lake is 19 acres. I've gone thr
Local Tailwater and Small Flies
I typed up a lengthy response last night.  Apparently I forgot to hit "post" before shutting down the browser!   Thanks to all for the responses.  All the discussion on netting is helpf
Putting your lead on the hook
All in all its really up to the individual tyers preference There's really no right or wrong way I've heard of the colour change but nobody can provide factual evidence that it occurs. Until that hap
September flies from the bench
  Working on some bombers for trout on a Knapek BL #6 hook:
Articulated Bass Jig. Prepping for a Rematch
Looks like a killer pattern.  In order for a fly to be able to compete with a traditional jig, the weight is probably a bigger consideration than the pattern.  Those jigs are anywhere betwee
New from Oklahoma
Started fly fishing about 6 months ago, it has fortunately become an addiction and has spread to tying flies. I mostly trout fish but have recently begun unsuccessfully chasing carp, I'm hoping you al
First "classic" fly attempt
Good try. They are not as easy as they look. The first thing that strikes me is the hook doesn't suit the pattern. If you have a straight shank hook that would be much better. Usually with wet flies t
Different dry flies
Whatfly can you help. I typed your suggestion google fly in and got nothing. Is it a trout fly or what?
Great Lake Eggs?
I live in Indiana and I have to travel a distance to fish for wild trout. In a game preserve near me there is a 6 acre pond that the DNR releases trout in. Everybody fishes with corn (and a fair amoun
My summer trip
This summer was awesome!! My trip started off by heading to Cold Lake in Alberta, where we fished for lake trout. The fishing was great, but sadly not on the fly. Me and my dad caught many 10-15lb fis
Greetings from Maine
Newbe here, recently retired and pulled my fly rod off the garage wall, my first fly rod which is over 40 years old. I look forward to many early wake ups and slipping out the door with my old fr
Debarbing Hooks
Joe, Have you tried the "two in the eye" method (second tippet tied into the eye of the first fly), rather than tying onto the bend? I've found it works just as well.   Cheers, C.   Hi,
tying a fly with Slow Death hook?
Usually Cheech and Curtis don't suggest flies that they haven't had at least some success with   Correct.  That fly is diiiiiirrrrrrrty...  Many a hungry trout has eaten that bug.
Is it fixable
I guess I belong to the throwaway society but if I was going to try to salvage that I take a fine wire wrap that we use for fly tying and wind it VERY tight from below the crack right to the end. You
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
Selway River- Idaho for all the trout and salmon Copper River- Alaska for Grayling Leaf River- Quebec for Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon Kern River- California for Golden Trout Goodnews River- Alaska
adhesives for foam
Lock Tite brushable  super glue and many years ago I used a type of contact cement but do not remember any specifics as to brand, etc. I just remember it took a bit of experimenting but in the en
Using some dove feathers...Need some advice on killing bugs...
Jus a humble oppion here - I use 20 mule team borax on all my feather ( eagle , hawk , fly tying) yes I have eagle - am Indian - anyways I use the 20 mule team borax 1, the smell is better 2, it's eas
Hello from California
Hi! I am Noah, I'm fourteen, and I started fly tying about a year ago. I live in Sacramento, California and my "home" river is the American river, eight miles from my house. I love to tie my own flies
One and two-finger whip finishing
I owned a whip finish (Thompson if I recall correctly) tool in 1981 when I first started tying flies but couldn't get the hang of it so I just started tying half hitches to finish my flies. half hitch
What Renzetti Vice
I have the Renzetti Traveler and I've gotten so used to the thumb screw that for small flies I prefer it to either model of cam lock vises I use for larger flies. My traveler is also quite old and sma
SLF Dubbing
Here ya go, straight off the google: Synthetic Living Fibers SLF (Synthetic Living Fibers) is a man-made material originally developed to used in place of baby Harp Seal's fur. All SLF products have b
Classic Adams Dry 1st attempt
C'mon Silver Creek, you can't really believe an extra couple of wraps of hackle or a dubbing that is not quite right is going to make a difference to whether a trout or any other fish is going to ta
For the quality of flies in stores going down hill?
I couldn't help but notice that when I go to larger fly fishing suppliers, the quality of the flies and the selection seems to be going down fast.   About 15 years ago, a partner of mine and
Dirty Water flies
Again...  Nice flies Captain and eastern fly. I like the red eyes on the middle one. I've used red dome eyes in recessed dumbbells and cross eyed cones but these look different. Could be the
my poor mans flip flop bass poppers
nice flies, animals don't understand property lines or money only humans do, many fly tying matreials are to catch the humans not the fish :)
Besides everything told so far, bring a green or brown magic marker with you. Color the line end you are going to tie with before you tie. See if that helps.A few years ago I was fishing with a guy an
The beauty of mayflies..............
Gorgeous!  Looks like he moved his wings in the second one.   Interesting: most people tie mayflies with stiff tails... those look like limp thread. Also, it seems that other thread on tying
Classic designs that work for panfish/smallmouth
I just started fly fishing for panfish and bass in the Midwest. I've been fly fishing out west for trout for probably 20 years. I have a lot of experience tying trout flies and I like the more classic
Fly Tying Bench - cklenske
Nice set up. Show more of wife's work please like the trout.
Time to resolve this question .......once and forever
You should email him for the answers you seek. Hans and I have had our differences, and although I respect his expertise in his particular field, he is more of a European tying purist than avid a
good news
Were going to be buying about 150 acres of land and it.turns out that a trout stream runs through it. I'll finally be able to fly fish for trout! I do have one questions what species of trout live in
Did ya' ever?
I'm at that point now very often. Not always sure what I want to tie. Already have more flies tied than I need to fish with, so makes it difficult to decide. It's one thing when tying to fulfill a nee
Bingham Maine Area
After only getting to fish a local pond for smallmouths since the end of June (on-call at work), I finally made it up north again. In the Bingham, Maine area fishing the small mountain streams. No tro
Fisherboy, you could try "Etsy". That site has a variety of things, but isn't necessarily wholesale. Most of the established wholesale suppliers of tying materials do have minimums they require, and t
Where (if anywhere) do you skimp? (spin-off thread)
Byron,    I think you need to reevaluate your concept of the sports history...   "I think there are other factors that have led to the explosion of so many new kinds of "stuff" for us t
head cement dispenser
Yep Nick, if you are tying 5, 10, 100 flies. Dont be varnishing between every one. Just tie them all and then whallop, varnish them all in one go. No varnish I've seen goes solid that fast. Actually a
uv lamps
Recently ordered some bug off uv resin for fly tying.  I see a wide selection of UV lamps ranging from 10 bux to 35 (for loon light).  Can anyone recommend something less expensive than the
The Mannon Collection
I started tying in the 1950s, and most of the materials we had came from Herters.  Later when I got back into tying in 1965, all the old materials were done in by bugs.  The tools were still
"Trout & Feather" website introduction
Thanks for sharing. I think your youtube videos are great. I have used them as a reference since I started tying. 
fly type advice
All good advice. Try them all. I assume it is wild water because you would know if it were stocked. You would need mostly a gravel bottom (not mud) for wild or native trout. Native spring creek B
Hello from Ohio
I've been lurking for months. Finally joined up. I live in Cincinnati, OH. I learned to fish and tie when I was a youngin' and spent all my summers in New Mexico. I've always fished, but recently star
one of my first bass frog's
HI my name is Zach i am new to the forum i wanted to show one of the bass frog's i made i am new to fly tying and this is on of my first try to make a bass frog using foam. Old picture made my frog lo
Grizzly Hackle the "0 Negative" of fly tying
There are a lot of traditions and histories to the flies we use. Dan Cahill of Port Jervis, NY is credited with inventing the Cahill in 1884. Ray Berman is his book Trout in 1938 describes the fl
Some historic flies
That sir is very cool. I wish I would have saved some of my flies from back when I first tying in Cub Scouts. You've got 4 years on me but sounds like you kept busy fishing and tying in high school wh
Cased Caddis
Here is a really easy cased caddis pattern as long as you don't over do it on the flame!   Hook: 12-16 Curved NymphBody: Root Beer EstazLegs: Soft HackleThorax: Caddis Green I
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