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Trout Fly Tying

Getting the right "plop"
I had one summer in 2009 where I thought I'd discovered a magic dry fly. It involved weighted hook and detached foam body(float really). Made a great plop, sat low in the film and fish were just naili
Question on Hook Shank Length and Leverage
Yes, and that is the reason for tube flies and articulated streamers that allow the use of a shorter shank hook.   "long-shank hooks that ....... sometimes help fish throw the hook."   http:
Stick on eyes: Only catching fishermen?
For certain flys i do feel that may be important. Small trout streamers, i doubt they really help. But i do like to add them on things like big pike flys. Just my opinion but i feel that they do add t
After casting oversized musky flies on light rigs 6-7wt rods  I have become accustomed to dodging flies on the back cast when changing directions and missing my face. Note: always have sunglasses
10ft 4wt 4pc
What's the little number 8 on the blank in final picture?   Measuring mark. From the stripper guide to that mark is 8" (minimum trout size in Mi)
May Flies from the Vice
tying might slow down as fishing heats up..
hooks for active mayflys (ala white)
Hello chaps, a quick question. Having been given a couple of flies that are really similar to whites active mayfly dun and catching 9 trout in and hour and a half when nothing was really happening I r
Any advice about NW georgia
All the places mentioned so far are in NE GA.  I've never fished NW GA, but there is some good fishing there.  Google locations and you can find more information.   I grew up fishing th
little and large black jobbies
Very nice flies Skulpin', I certainly wouldn't have called them s***! (In Scotland jobbies are turds).   Seriously though, a few years ago I carried different flies for heather and hawthorn falls
Other than mallard what you use for wally wings? and what cdc you use?
I will second the trout hunter cdc as the best. I'm sure that there is better out there but the trouthunter stuff is the best that is easily available for me. As far as the Wally wings, I've always us
Wow big Browns rising in the pond this morning
Double tricos are a staple pattern of some trico fly fishers. That is how I learned of double flies.       "If you’re anything like me and occasionally have trouble hooking trout
Setting up a Hardy Bamboo rod
Gene L.   I am no engineer but have 50 years or so on the water with long rods.   The theory you offer of the irrelevance of weight location may be sound in physics but it does not work that
Bead chain eyes
I love bead chain eyes, use them a ton.  One thing I really think helps make them effective is that they make a fly sink slowly, on some flies it's almost like a suspending plug.  They als
Tying classic style streamers
I am using the methods in Sharon Wright's book. She uses all kinds of glue, but all the feather streamers are pre assembled. That way you are tying in four, five or six feathers on both sides at once
cdc feathers
Hook Dimensions - Allen Barbless Dry Fly Hooks
Fletch, You use the term "standard" when referring to hook size. That is exactly the problem. There is no standard when it comes to hook sizes. All fly proportions are in relation to the hook you
1st river brownie EYOOO
Wow when you said Ireland, silly me I thought huge fish. I saw the Loch and went wow again, then I read that river had lost trout because of pollution huh? They are just coming back. Sad. Are you allo
buzzers tied with condor substitute
VERY Nice flies. Nice lighting in your photos.  I seem to remember that when I started tying you could still buy condor. Was it still legal in the 60's? 
Cautery Pen
Mike - I'm trying to think where I saw not to use it.  I think I know but would have to dig out and scan through a video to find the "expert" reference.   From my perspective I don't think h
Wet or dry hackle - buggers
Some great Info, much appreciated I'll try different things for hackle, will give schlappen a try Gurubugger great tip about tying in the hackle tip first, can't believe I didn't think of that ha
Latest off the bench- 2wt
Beautiful, always wanted to get into rod building. Is it worth just doing it yourself and keeping the product? I may just stick to buying from the pros. I'm sure start-up costs aren't cheap. I thi
scissors for fly tying
The web site that I found did not have a pic of those scissors. I will see if I can find some of those locally. Thanks for the pic. I would like to try a pair. Never had a good pair of scissors.  
Got dr slicks, dropped em
  replaceable tips   Are these intended to be held the whole time you tie?   Jfinn,   This is a picture of the Wiss Quick-Clip Speed Cutter; it was not originally made for fl
Wing material fro Greenwells?
The original was hen blackbird, but these are protected now. Starling is still available, it is worth getting a full skin for the hackles, Very useful in all kinds of pattern. Steve Cooper at Cookshil
Rewarding Day
I'm not a complete beginner, but I've been away from fly fishing and tying for several years... Work, golf, cycling all got in the way for a while.  Started back to fishing a few weeks ago, but t
Who prefers to fish bamboo?
I use bamboo exclusively, when fishing for brook trout.  The flexibility of the tips keeps me from launching 4 inch fish into the next county on hook set.    For most of my other trout
Alley Oop
The comic strip (if you can find it):   Alley Oop (Oct. 24, 1956)    "I Got One First Cast!"* (Alley Oop, Oct. 24, 1956) / V.T.    Hamlin. -- Summary: Oop catches a fairly sma
Greetings from South Carolina
Note of introduction.  I've been flyfishing off and on for years, but recently returned to the sport after a 9 yr absence.  Don't know why such a long break really, just have a lot of hobbie
BAD commercial
This is almost enough to make me angry.   I know that commercials for "better mousetrap" gadgets always show obvious idiots trying to do easy tasks and totally screwing up.  Thus, their prod
Rain rain go away
Every now and then I straighten "man room" up. No womens allowed in. This is the tying corner gotta a puter to the left lotta guns ammo behind and closet full of huntin clothes waders, duck stuff,
Oh, Deer
Hi Jason,    I second what johnny wrote about trying Whitetail Fly Tying. Even though Chris passed away last Thanksgiving, he sold his shop way before, and more than likely trained Mike and
History of Crazy Charlie
Link repaired   [url][/url]
Rising fish what to use
A couple of weeks ago the trout here looked like they were taking flies off the surface but they were eating just below and their tails would break the surface and it appeared as a rise though. In t
Truly big trout streamers
Just out of curiosity, where do you find 15-20 lb trout? The record rainbow in my state is 13 lbs, the record brown is 21lbs, both dredged from from large reservoirs. The largest trout I have reason
Casting Class Tomorrow Morning; Need Fly Suggestions (please)!
Well - well... I'm finally getting my first ever fly casting lesson tomorrow morning using my brandy new 9' 5WT rod/reel combo! Just SO EXCITED and ready to get involved in "fishing" with it other tha
Caption this photo...
When I heard you say you were tying Gama-CAT-su I was sure they were for meant for me.
Greetings from Minnesota
I amd just starting fly fishing this year.  I thought it would be a good activity for me and my 11 year old son to do.  I also liked the idea of fly tying too, both for me and for me and my
winter.... its back
13 C and sunny skies for trout opener tomorrow!
Naming patterns -- a minirant
Steve, if I can't control other peoples' behavior, I can at least decide for myself who I want to associate with.  And censorship is wrong (whoever said that) is wrong.  This is supposed to
Clouser Swap
I would really enjoy being in this swap! getting ready to do some surf fishing and could use some difrrent clousers! Im in. Will let you know what variation i plan on tying.
New to tying dry flys, First few Light Cahills
Hey everybody, just recently started my adventures tying into dry flys. Wanted to post a couple of pics and get some crits on my first few light cahills.   Thanks in advance, Mike    
Woodcock and Goose Soft-Hackle
Thanks, trout guy. I love these herl bodied spiders. Carl, I'm not sure of the nomenclature for the hierarchy of tail feathers, but it's one of the shorter and softer tall feathers. It's a softer tex
Sex Dungeon
Mikechell   Eastern Fly is the expert on these big articulated flies. He LOVES Zoo Cougars and Sex Dungeons and others. I joined his streamer swap to get his fly. I got a fly in a sculpin swap fr
Re-discovering marabou ....
I got away from using marabou for fly tying for a while -- I was using lots of synthetics, etc.   But I kinda re-discovered using it in ties.   I came up with this fly, which uses a combinat
Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Variations
We're getting a lot of posts to this video page; that's awesome!   Like a lot of people, I love tying variations of certain patterns...and one of my favorites is the Soft Hackle PT.  In my v
Sourcing a bobbin holder for large spools of craft thread
yellafella   a midge bobbin would be absolutely useless for those spools   there used to be a bobbin holder for those long spools of thread but they are no longer available   gudebrod u
Gandalf Variation
It can be tied larger for them. I did that on in a 4 for bass and trout.      Kevin   [attachment=51933:11169947_1594899980795845_3373521259166290703_n.jpg]
Reclosable Bags for Hackle Storage
I have some capes I purchased at shows that didn't come with the standard hackle poly bag, so I'm looking for some bags that fit a cape better than a gallon ziploc bag.   Does anyone know of a pl
oldie but a newbe
I joined back in 2007 and got lost in the flood of web sites, I'm back on here to hopefully get connected up with some like kind fly fishing and tying persons in Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado wher
Getting Notified
And it pays to check often and be quick. The easier ties especially go quick. I looked at the crappie swap with 3 people in it. Went to my tying room and figured out what I wanted to tie for it. When
selling fly's on "consignment"?
  Just a little confused.  When I've sold furniture on consignment, I put it in the shop and IF it sold, I got my money.   What you are explaining, WV, is selling to order.  I
Dry flys on lakes
When I fish for trout in lakes they are often cruising and I often fish a beetle, so I can leave it there as long as I want.  Fish cruise under it and grab it.  That said, there is often a b
Stoneflies of many sizes, both nymphs and dries, are useful for trout. They range from Salmonfly imitations on size 6 long shanked hooks to Winter Stones in size 16.
time for a new reel
I have a couple of Lamsons. I like my small one for trout a lot. It is light, has a good drag and seems pretty sturdy for the price I paid for it. I have a large one for my 10 wt and spey rods but it
Feathers of choice
Depends on the sizes, but in addition to strung saddle, I like strung neck hackle, particularly for Deceivers. Neck hackle generally is wider than saddles, so provide a better profile. Of course, that
Now i have sofa photo cushions too :-)
I love the spider so it´s gonna stay where it is :-) :-) Thanks to you all for the kind comments, i really appreciate it :-)   bellevue.chartrause.trout: I got the mayfly photo printet at a
India necks
Yep, he has black. The cream may be light enough. I generally like off white better than pure white anyway. I am no expert on hackle since I don't tie for trout but the hen may work out better for me
Keeping it real at the craft store
Peacock eyes. foam sheets in many colors, and compartment containers are what I get there.  And you can find those small boxes that are sold for a lot more in fly shops.  (The ones that open
Trout Selectivity
The problem with your logic is that you contend that trout can "think". You have anthropomorphized the characteristics of a fish. If a human was a trout, I imagine he would think as you have
Tight line nymphing furled leader with reversed sighter
Here's an idea I had recently with the low water conditions we are having in California.  Tying sighters into your furled leader is no new idea, but I haven't seen anyone tying them in at the bot
First Clousers - Critiques wanted
Remember sparsly tied clousers using crystal flash are always your friend wether on a river fishing smallies or big trout or on the salt for coho searun cuts or flounder stripers and blues
New Squid Fly
I started tying flies about 8 years and started with popping bugs for bluegill. About 3 years, while fishing some ponds for largemouth, I thought of a fly that might work pretty good for bass and made
Hello from Maine
Welcome to the site, Terry.  That many years of tying and teaching, I am looking forward to seeing your flies and reading your posts.
saving money.....
I agree, tying a style of fly you'll never fish is where waste comes in. When I first started fly fishing it was for pike and I definitely saved money on buying same fly locally. Dare I say I saved mo
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