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Trout Fly Tying

have you ever stripped.....
Only on weekends, just till I'm done with school.... oh your talking about tying haha I have yet too do so, but then again, I've only been tying a year now so I got a while before I get down that far
Bargain of the Week
Yeah, I have 3 bags of Easter basket grass, in green, pink and yellow.  2 of them have never been opened.  Same thing with Christmas tree Icicles, or silver tinsel.  Kinda goes back to
Jiggling damsel Nymph
  Jiggling Damsel Nymph   Material List : Hook - TMC 60 degrees vertical hook size 10 Marabou - olive Deer Creek Micro Velvet Rope - light olive Mono Eye Rubber legs Diamond hard resin Mar
tying station change up
I have changed tying stations at least 5 times since i started tying. I already modified the roll top desk i bought and im thinking of doing it again lol. My question is am i the only one that constan
Two questions re: UV Goo and Hackle
  cape/neck come from the neck area of the chicken   saddle hackles com from the back of the chicken   understanding hackle  
Tying parachutes
as posted above, I started tying mine like Charlie Craven and have never looked back
how to mix and blend dubbing
Since I don't tie large quantities of flies at one time, I do all my blending by hand.  I take portions of the two or three dubbings that I want to blend and put them on top of each oth
Cocklett body tubing
mesh tubing has been around for many many years in the fly tying world.   jack gartside introduced us to "corsair" tubing in the late 80s - 90s  (it was slightly different but it was a mesh
Adding Legs to bluegill patterns   the above technique lends itself to tying on other material as well
Kool Aid dye
Koolaid dying fly tying materials:       Koolaid dying references:    
ready for some ice fishing?
Stocking 32 tons of trout daily... wow... a Purina Trout Chow imitation should do the trick... Looks like they changed the name to AquaMax...
Puget Bug SBS
    A fly from the 50's, attributed to Seattle's Enos Bradner, creator of the Brad's Brat. Weighted underbody optional.     hook - Dai Riki 280  #10 thread - Danville 6/0 
Hello from California
Hey Dave, welcome to the site. Hope you are able to do more tying and fishing...good for the soul. Cheers, Ed
Caddis for Christmas III
Ill end up tying some sort of caddis emerger that a good buddy of mine came up with
November Flies from the Vise
Kimo, I'm not a trout fly guy, so maybe shouldn't remark [judge]. But I can't help it. Your ties and the photos are beautiful. Thank you. Cheers, Ed
Parachute question
I think the most realistic foot print on the water is to cut a v out of the bottom of a traditional fly and they generally land upright as well. I think for me part of tying is to like the fly mysel
A Golden Stone nymph I just tied up.
I grabbed the pattern from tightlines for the simplified version and tied a few last weekend with a buddy. Today I tried tying on biots in front. Size 12 hook, brown beadhead. Oops, looks like I screw
Protection from lead
Some states are banning lead wire, not so much for human contact when tying flies but to protect wildlife who may ingest it. You should be able to buy lead free wire weight. Mine is so old I just keep
Barbell Eyes, home made
i just twisted a couple of fringe beads onto a short length of wire (minus the stick on eyes)   Very nice, indeed. However, I am not familiar with "fringe beads".....where do you get them and
Hello from the swamps of Missouri
I fish the Missouri Ozarks for Bass and once in a while Trout. I have been known to fly fish catfish on occasion!  I tie Woolly Buggers and Klouser Minnows for the most part, and I am interested
Flies based on materials
Hello,   I have been fly fishing for a rather long time, and started to tie flies several years ago. I quickly became frustrated and stopped tying. Needless to say, I started tying again, and thi
Best Vice For $120
So atlas or peak? Ha Ha, you decide, it will be your vise going forward !!  I doubt anyone is going to say you made a bad choice. But you have reviews and comments and even videos full of inf
UV Resin Shootout - Posted
Valid question fly-chucker. The post cure and down-the-road coloration would have for me been a deciding factor in resin choice. If there was a resin that cured tack free, was inexpensive, durable a
Doogie, from Williamsburg, Viginia
Hi all. Been a member for a while, just sitting back reading old posts. This is an awesome site. I especially love the photos of the realistic patterns. I don't know how any fish could resist those.
purchase of a couple of flyrods
Guys I know this forum is mostly about tying, i get it .But I have two share this: I just bought five flyrods for ten bucks each!  two of them: no name, no fame but still fiberglass. each are sev
Floating grasshoppers, crickets and katydids
I agree fully with all that has been said previously . I too catch more fish on scruffy representations lol Now that maybe because that's all I can tie lol I think Mike ... The pattern you have come u
Dubbing loop bs splitting thread
Since learning to use split thread I rarely use a dubbing loop. They have advantages on different kinds of fly. It is a case of learn both and use whichever is appropriate for the job you are doing. A
Straight from the Dirty South
Hi Peter. Welcome. I'm from Central PA so no saltwater near me. I fish streams and rivers for trout and smallmouth, and lakes for pan fish. Enjoy the site. There are many helpful people here.
source for egg yarn
Unless your tying commercial, you can tie 100's of them from a single bag< I don't use egg yarn much, when I do tie eggs  I use McFly foam. I do use white yarn for tying in vailing. I;m sorry
Help indentifying tubing.
this will work   more here
how to fix and repair feathers
That is excellent...pretty much anything D McPhail does is worth watching. I've got to say flytire, I appreciate not only your tying, but these contributions you make to this forum. Thank you, Ed
Fine strong thread
I've been using it for about a year and have no bad things to say about it except that it is slick. I have used it for tying midge and Trico dries and it works great for that application. It can be ti
Danville Flymaster 6/0
One thing that I didn't have when I first started tying in the early '90s was youtube. It seems like every dry fly tying video I watch employs Veevus 16/0 or a statement to the effect that "I only tie
Realistic butterfly patterns
Last time I tied these on safety pins I used feather wings that came out looking ok, at least the kids seemed to think so.  They still need a lot of work .  What I don't
Hook Classification for Panfish
I have tied a few trout flies and understand the differences between dry fly and wet/streamer fly hooks. However, since I don't live close to trout fishing I would like to tie for panfish and bass. My
New to the Forum...Looking for a vice
New to the forum and looking to get a fly vice and hopefully be able to pick up a descent one for my price range. Years ago when I was in high school I got into lure making and I had a cheap $20 vice
what needs to change in fly
well ....   there are good points made in the article.  Not all the points, but some.   You've got to be more of a curmudgeon than I am (and that's saying something...) to disagree
Great SBS mike.Thanks for posting.Pretty good looking fly.We have a lot of katydid's around here also.I will be tying a few of these.
Fly Tying Symposium
No problems with me, Bruce. Tongue was firmly in cheek. We have a lot of fun at the show. We're basically a teaching club and most of the guys who tie at the show are capable of doing both cold, warm
Leaf season in western N.C.
Thanx Ed.  There's lots of fishing if you like fishing trout streams.  I'm into lake fishing, and there aren't many lakes in this part of the state.  What there are tend to be reservoir
Orange Weenie
I tie them in white, pink, olive, fluorescent yellow and variegated chenille along with the standard chartreuse(green). They've all caught trout and pan fish at some point. I find the smaller sizes 14
wish this was me.
These videos make all those frost covered mornings feel worth it. this is my standard time of year joke for steelheaders.....   "now is the time of year to start doing ice bath/knot tying ses
Lemire's Fall Caddis SBS
 You could sub spun elk or deer hair for the collar/head if you're not into dealing with moose.  Creating it with the dubbing loop isn't really that hard (waxing the thread helps, as the moo
Vise question
The art of tying artificial flies is about 2000 years old, for the first 1800 years, these flies were all tied "in hand," there were no vises of any kind.  The first vises came into use in the mi
kind of confused
There's a variety of factors causing feathers of all sorts to be less available than years ago.  As noted above the domestic production of tying feathers is still going strong (but demand is up s
First ties of the season
Here's a couple from today. Feels good to sit behind the vise again, but also bittersweet because we know what's around the corner. The black streamer is a circus peanut, but ran out of estaz, so I du
New from Western Australia
Hey There .Im new to Flyfishing and am going to get onto fly tying . It's great that there is so much help and advice out there. Copey
S. Dungeon
Been tying alot of these Sex Dungeon streamers lately, ive tied over ten of them now and am finally happy with the way they are starting to look. Here are my two from today, I finished the chartreuse
Squirrel Dubbing Substitue   rabbit   hares mask   possum   mink   beaver   seal
Hello From NY
I do as you Dave, hot coffee and tying. Much to my wife's dismay, My tying desk is in our bedroom and during a tying session I have all my "dead animals" (as my wife calls it) splayed out on our bed.
More top-water ties ...
nice ties, if you keep tying lots of foam patterns, making your own foam plugs will be alot cheaper, and you can get more creative with color choices.
Honeymoon in oregon, need your help
I live in southern oregon, the rogue river has some of the best steelhead fishing in oregon. There is also the umpqua which has great smallmouth fishing, or if you dare, the smith river and you can go
The Grande Ronde River Rat
Thanks. I'll be tying some of these on some gold doubles.
Midge Patterns
Interested in hearing what everyones favorite midge pattern and color combination is for trout? I started using a Frickin' Red Midge as a dropper this season and was happy with the results. 
Steve Farrar SF Blend new packages
I am thinning my tying materials. I have for sale Steve farrar SF for 4.50 plus 1.00 shipping. I will combine shipping on multiple items. The colors I have are   3 white 3 olive 3 brown 3 black
Krystal bugger
Does not mean it will not work, just that it did not work that time.  An egg-sucking Woolly Bugger is an old and tested pattern.  But you have to have fish around that are willing to chase a
Skill Builder Trout Swap Still 2 Openings
How would you like to be the very first person everyone else would think about when a Trout Invitational Swap is announced? How would you like to be the guy whose flies everyone drools over when the s
Bugmaster Peacock SBS
    hook - Dai Riki 899 #6 thread - UTC 140  black rib - x-fine wire  gold tail - moose body hair body - peacock herl hackle - Indian Hen wing - moose body hair indicator - 2mm fo
CDC- Who is your favorite company
Trout Hunter
Razoring Flies and Re-using Hooks
Fly tying Supreme Master Sensei says, "Only cutting tool needed for all fly tying, is Katana!!" [attachment=54126:sword.jpg] "Practice 10,000 times until you can cut ALL thread from hook, one swing!!"
"Veering" a fly on purpose?
Sorry but I can't help much without seeing the fly.I doubt I could even if you posted a photo.   What I have seen is the use of odd sized eyes on pike flies, to make them wobble and veer when ret
Coyote (variation) SBS
A few minor changes to a basic attractor. hook - Dai Riki 280 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 brown tail/underwing - mule deer hair body - midge tubing red overwing - calftail white legs - medium rubber
New here from CT
Thanks guys! Yeah, I try to pick my days in the winter. Typically, I try to fish on days when the high is expected to near or above freezing. I do wind up spending a lot of time tying. I prefer to hav
Spring in my step
Quite possibly Alan, I've not been using a lot of that type fly but they do look good in the water, especially a GP pig version I tried. This season disappeared without me really noticing, hardly any
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