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Trout Fly Tying

Need some input ......
I have used hen hackle or pheasant.
Jungle Cock Capes
I am looking at some JC Capes on Ebay, just wondering how the classification system works. I am considering purchasing this one:
Greenie Weenie pattern
What is the best greenie weenie pattern for trout? (Bead head vs dubbing; mop fibers vs chenille...) Thanks!
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
Thanks.  I am pretty happy about it.  Unfortunately I don't think the vice upgrade will  carryover to my flies.  On the other hand spending time hanging around with all of you guys
Surprise Monster Brown in Small Pond
  Sorry I'm not quite sure what you mean by the cameras and stretching out the fish.  Please explain.   I think what Dennis is saying is that fish always tend to grow from the time th
Hello from KC
Learned to tie 20 years ago.  Didn't start to practice it much until about 18 month ago.  Love to tie my own flies before I head out fishing with friends.  It is very gratifying to catc
Hallo from Italy
Hi, I'm Enrico Belloni from Milano, Italy. I'm a flyfisherman and flytyier , I have a web site  when you can see some of my flies and pattern. It's all fre
A quick thank you...
You CAN save money by tying your own flies--Poopdeck and Mikechell are good examples--but most people don't (including me) because they discover that, like fly fishing, fly tying is enjoyable and well
Hello from New Jersey
Delrab new jersey. Within walking distance to the creek on rt 130 or the lakes right after. Strikers bass panfish galore there or the stocked lakes for trout.
Tying Video: Lead Head Streamer
Forgot to post this here last Friday. This is probably my all time favorite brown trout streamer, depending on conditions of course. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to let me know what you think.   htt
Baitfish patterns
Hey flats, why aren't you wanting dark over light? Are you imitating a particular baitfish w/out that color scheme? What is it? Unless you're imitating a particular fish or tying what is more or less
Homemade Fish Measuring Board
The one I made for use in the boat was from some 6 inch plastic guttering with a blank at the end. That was only for trout though, we don't expect to be using it on such large fish around here. I'm su
Smoky Mountains
I hired Ian Rutter a few years back out of Townsend. Great guy and I learned a lot on how to catch those little creek trout. I also have is book which is loaded with excellent info.
Trolling a Clouser for bass in a kayak
There's absolutely no reason you can't fly fish, spin fish or bait cast. I fish in every conceivable manner and use whatever equipment I feel will catch fish. I don't have cravings to catch this or th
tilt wing parachute
Ted Kraimer's came up with his Tilt-shoot a few years ago     a tilt-wing variation, with the deer hair body style common to the Michigan tying community; Kelly Galloup's part of that clan
Monster Bugger
Wooly Buggers are probably the most commonly used streamer ever created.  They are also very versatile and can be used for almost all species of fish.  From freshwater fish like trout, bass
MDM Bucktail (variation) SBS
  MDM - Marcy Dam Mayhem.  Found this one on  A few mods to the original - subbed calftail for the wing (so maybe it should be the MDM Calftail?) and hackle
Reel Recovery Donation
I have been asked again to get flys for the Reel Recovery Guys - similar to Casting for Recovery except it is for men with cancer. In past years I did this as a 2 part swap where we tied a dozen for t
Hello from Arizona.
There is a fly fishing only stretch on the west fork of oak creek and large brook trout and rainbow.
Fat trout on my 3wt rod
Oops I meant to put this in the fishing section, not the tying section.  How do I move it?  Or do I need to delete it and re-post in the right section?
Trout spey rods in progress
Fast, deep water, big flies, and heavy tips; I understand your rod choice. Sounds like the river near me that I swing streamers for bull trout on. A 6 weight spey is overkill for many of those trout,
Hook Sizes XXX
phg, who makes a 2X short 2X wide hook don't think I've ever heard of that size. For hooks that you wonder why you bought you could give them to TU  I cant speak for all TU chapters but our chapt
Standing Tying Desk
I have been thinking about making a standing tying desk on wheels. The idea is to roll it into the TV room or wherever I feel like tying, and put it away in a closet when I don't. Only God knows when
Carp craic!
dflanagan, slight delay in shipping! I had some problems with a large group of BWO's and rising trout! Dang near didn't survive the offensive, and I'll be forging this battle again tomorrow as its my
Fly tying bench advice
I've been working on my own fly tying bench lately and I was thinking about placing a trash hole off to the side. I think it would be nice because I could just sweep my hand along the table and c
Need some input ......
Just buy the Tailing Pack, Shoulder/$15 in the medium. Kimo
Bulk fly storage
I use the clear plastic Plano Boxes to store my flies.  I pick them up at the local fishing flea markets.  Usually they cost $1 to $3.  I take out the dividers then line them with rippl
hook: upturned eyes?
Typically they are a very heavy hook because they are designed for salmon/steelhead, two of the the hardest fighting fish on the planet and they lend themselves beautify for tying those classic patter
hello, from Oregon
I've been lurking here for a couple weeks and decided it was time to register and participate in the discussion. I've been tying flies and fly fishing since I was about 10, or about 40 years. I grew
Need to find .5mm purple razor foam
I should have put this on right away so you can see what I am doing with it.
Fishing for Perch
The perch ( yellow) are probably hanging out in pockets around the impoundment somewhere and at different levels than the wallies. Whether they are in the shallows or in the troughs is your task for t
Anyone know how to tie this?
Mike West,   Copy this and then search for it on YouTube.   The Allspark Tutorial, Pike Fly Tying
Sources of Latex
Hello, So as my children ran around blowing up every balloon they could find I started to wonder has anyone ever tried using latex balloons in fly tying? They come in a variety of colors and cost penn
Using two different sized hackles on Fran Betters Ausable Wulff
I met Fran on a few occasions in his shop.  I watched him tie a dozen flies or more also.  That was about 10 years ago when we used to go vacation in the Adirondacks.  I can tell you th
Tying a better Midge (Zebra Midge Example)
Sad to say but in my ignorance I was annoyed at the poor quality of some of the "old" fly tying hooks  in my collection.  "who ever made these did a terrible job!"  Only now am I realiz
Jointed Green Dragon - Underwater Footage!
If you are having problems with short strikes, maybe try tying one on a tube. This will set the hook towards the rear of the fly.
Thread colors
For decades I tied with just 4 colors, just recently adding two more. The 4 colors are black, olive, tan and red. I added orange and copper/brown. I've had a bunch of other colors in sewing thread I m
Intro from Colorado
I have been hanging here for a while now, learning and posting a few times...guess its time to introduce myself officially.   My name is Scott, I am a Colorado native and grew up fishing with my
Great Dubbing Tutorial
New to the forum and thought I would share the best (and most comprehensive) article I've ever seen on the topic of dubbing.  Big props to the author: Dennis Shaw from (don't wor
a little constructive criticism
That is a really good attempt, especially for a beginner. There are things that could be done differently, but that is not to say they are badly done in your fly. I'll try to list things in the order
Hey y'all- I have a question about bobbins! I have a standard bobbin I'm currently using that came with an Orvis fly tying tool set. (Usually retails for about $10 or so.) Recently I have tried to use
Steve, New idea for a tank
Now you can keep Lake Trout and other deep, cold water denizens, Steve !!!
Cole's Un-Usual Emerger SBS
This one's from Jackson Hole tyer Howard Cole. Tied here as a baetis, change colors to suit your needs. My apologies for the poor pics; brought my tying stuff on the road but have to make do with s
Nippers   Anglers Image nipper - $14.95 from Yellowstone Angler - I am not affiliated or represent any entity selling these nippers.   What I liked about
Musky fly and Regal Revolution
I got my dream vise on Friday and have been tying with it a lot since. I have tied everything from size 16 nymphs to size 6/0 musky flies with it. I have the big game jaws on this vice but may pick up
Adams Humpy SBS
Rough water version; subbed moose body for brown/grizz hackle fiber tail. hook - Dai Riki 320 #14 thread - UTC 70 brown tail - moose body abdomen - muskrat dubbing hump - deer hair wings - hackle tip
I buy all my fly tying stuff from China or Hong Kong off EBay.  As I'm sure that's where these ones are made and bought, Then sold for more. If you want a great price and don't mind waiting
Simple little pickerel/bass fly
Thanks for all the compliments guys! And yeah I love tying big complicated monstosities as much as the next guy but always seem to catch my fish on the simple ones. This one was tied weightless which
DIY Dubbing: Long Fibers?
Would love to see the first fly in tying stages or a vid if you have the time. Looks great for brown trout.
Spring Creek Fishing Video
Wow!  The creek bottom is covered in that moss!   Good to see trout in there.  
Took the kid
Ok, what is a more interesting and memorable story? I caught a trout, or I hooked a trout and my 3 year old son dove into the water to help land it but it got off? Easy call I'd say.
"Webby" Hackle
I've been fly fishing for many many years, but just got started into tying.   I've seen tying directions that call for "webby" hackle but I can't find a definition for what that means.  A la
My buddy feels 18s and 20s will work. I forgot there are no midge duns. Cheech's Bunny midge seem pretty cool. I found out with midges that simple is best. I do tie the Griffith's Gnat, but there are
Late evening CDC Duns
Because the  season  just started  here are a few  flies tied on size #16/18/20. I had  nice evenings  with these flies.       Body is made  with ty
Help identify cool old Thompson vise?
I'm really enjoying tying on this vise. I came along as rotary vises were beginning to be 'the vise to have' and not since my first cheap tying-kit Sunrise vise have I tied on a non-rotary vise. It ma
April Flies from the Vise
Harrop's Drake Emerger         Found this version on the Soft Hackle Journal site.  Tied here as a western green; change color/size to meet your drake needs     h
Micro Hares Ear Tying Video
Nice pattern Ryan. I don't like tying small flies, but if I need a few, simpler is better. 
fly line backing alternative
Maybe 90% of us never see the backing while fighting a trophy fish BUT... When the monster crashes the party you may need all the backing and the best non-stretch backing you can afford.   
hello from Virginia Beach
Hello everyone! I'm new to fly fishing and tying. Love the forum lots of info and knowledge here! Looking forward to the ride. Hopefully I be good at it. I would like to take the time to thank everyon
Wing case pops out after securing
In this article Skip Morris advocates " several additional wraps" when tying down wing cases:
N Ga trout trip. First fish!
Sounds like you had a really great time and that is a beautiful little trout. 
Greetings from Pennsylvania
Hi all,  Just found the site.  Looks very good.  I have been fly fishing and fly tying for the last 13 years and have fished my entire life.  Caught my first wild trout at age 6 on
The Dolores River and one decent rainbow!
This is probably one of the more beautiful rivers I have ever fished.  It is early in the year, so the trout aren't really feeding to vigorously.  The bugs aren't hatching yet, and the real
Rainbow Warrior
I think it was Jack Dennis and me that once said, you can never have too many trout flies with Peacock!
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