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Trout Fly Tying

Spey rod for trout, anyone here do it?
Thinking about building myself and my fishing buddy a couple of 5/6wt 12ft spey rods for trout this spring. There's a few spots on the Au Sable where I think a spey would be just the ticket. Anyone el
Winnie's Fore and Aft SBS
Art Winnie's Michigan hexagenia pattern from the 20's. I beefed up the tail a bit to give it a bit more buoyancy - the original pattern was tied with 3 bucktail fibers. hook - TMC 5212 #6 thread -
Olive Mayfly
A very kind and generous member on this forum took the time, trouble and expense to ship me some wood duck flank. Thank you again! Finally got some time this Paddy's day weekend to tie a few flies and
5wt saltwater tropical fly line
If you already have a 5wt rig just wash it very good afterward and clean the line and treat it. What I do with my 5wt tarpon and gator trout rig.  
Opinions on this fly, please.
So I am tying these articulated streamers... [attachment=61870:IMG_0797.JPG] And it looks to me like the hooks are too close together. I have size 4 and 2 hooks, with the back being a shorter shank. D
How to Ship Flies
Thanks to all that replied so far. I've found the boxes for trading cards in my searching and like them. The company stabgnid linked to looks good. The biggest problem with most companies that sell pl
Hartwick's Skinny Spratley SBS
Jason Hartwick's take on a standard; swapped pheasant rump for pheasant tail fibers on the wing. hook - Dai Riki 899 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tag - tinsel small gold tail - teal flank rib -
Fly Tying Stations, anyone?
I sit.  I spend enough time at work on my feet, no desire to do that on the vise. When I am on the road, I've got a box with all my tying tools.  I have both pedestal and clamp bases with me
The Complete Mayfly Swap
I guess I'll pick the adult. An adult midge on one of my new #24s will bring up the smallest trout in the pond, whereupon he will be eaten by the biggest trout in the pond and you'll have a whopper of
Lucky rabbits foot
Shoebop, that picture looks like Snowshoe Hare to me.  But in answer to your question here's a quote from Fran Betters book FLY FISHING - FLY TYING and PATTERN GUIDE.   "When I developed the
Fat Head Minnow - Underwater Footage!
Very nice. Would also make a passable black nose dace pattern.  I'll have to check out the cone head you used.  I have them, not that particular brand, but don't use them because I haven't b
Finally, a low cost fly box
You can make them out of almost anything.HPIM5157_kindlephoto-2593435.jpgHPIM5158_kindlephoto-2522608.jpg Hate to say this but... If you go through trash after a rodeo, For Free, you can get an unlim
White Woolly Buggers for Trout
White with crystal chenille body can work for LLS don't know about trout. I surely use buggers for trout but not all white. Up north I use peacock herl body, grizzly hackle and black tail. Around here
Faux Bucktail?
I am generally a big fan of synthetic materials. That said, a man must have at least some boundaries. GOOD QUALITY bucktail is a material which will take a whole lot of work to equal with a synthetic,
Rollover Dun SBS
Another gift from our friends across the pond. Wing size is a compromise between those I've seen on Caithness and Frankie McPhillips sites. This one's supposed to flop on it's side; most of my drie
Fly Tying Gadgets: Magnetic Bingo Wand
To me, fly tying and gadgets are absolutely connected, and in this video, I share one of my favorite ones, the magnetic bingo wand.  I'd love to hear about some of your favorite gadgets to use on
Preparing Showshoe Rabbit Feet
My brother shot a snowshoe rabbit and I had him keep the feet for fly tying. How should I prepare them for tying? Freeze them? Borax? Any help is much appreciated!
Wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and I live in the Pocono Mountains, in Pennsylvania. I have been a member for over a year, but never posted before.  When joining the site I
Whillock's Whiskey Fly SBS
A vintage U.K. stillwater pattern (I've also seen his name spelled Willock); can also be tied with a feather wing. Notional tying sequence. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 fluoro red but
The Mighty Sculpin Swap
I'll join, tying a woolly bugger sculpin.
Snow Day! A very cold day fishing
I'm enjoying Florida this weekend as well. Bad circumstances, a funeral, but still nice to see friends and family and my hometown. Man I'd love to stay... But alas I'll be headed back to Ga on Monday
Do you like emergers?
Because trout started to eat these flies here are some of  the simplest emergers that I use. Easy to tie,  no special skills needed : cheers,  Lucian We fish emergers about 60% of the
Beat on Me, Like a 5-year old's rented Drum Kit Challenge
FRN I have fished for trout in your neck of the woods once. Only truly wild trout I've ever caught. I fished the south fork of the snake one day and the Teton the next. My guide was Dan Oas. He wa
Church's Appetiser Streamer SBS
A U.K. fish fry pattern. hook - Mustad 9671 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - mallard flank over orange/green hackle fibers rib - tinsel silver (oval tinsel optional) body - chenille white hack
Is it just me?
I guess I am one of the more fortunate guys in fishing. We have fantastic species here in Ontario that we don't have to venture out of province. My trips include Thunder Bay for Northern Pike, Lake Ni
Flies for Kids
It's that time of year again. Flies for Kids is having our annual raffle to help raise money to purchase tying kits for kids. We're asking for your help to make this event a huge success and purchase
Welcome to the site ... and yes, please post pictures of your tying set up.  Sounds entirely usable but completely outside what I've ever seen anyone do !!!   Naw, you aren't weird just for
Blizzard flies
Flat Rock  , thanks, I have the Caddis Larva listed in the database with tying instructions.... if you tie these up , the trick with the core braid is when you melt the ends you have to  TWI
Mc Donalds!
at first i thought mike and i were going to get slammed for tying at McDonalds last saturday. we wernt to messy since we didnt tie with deer hair
Hello again..
Welcome back. First thing I would check to put yout tying area together:
Dunn's Missionary Streamer SBS
A vintage Kiwi pattern. hook - Mustad 9671 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - mallard flank over red hackle fibers rib - oval tinsel silver body - chenille white hackle - red wing - mallard fla
Just When You Thought It Was Safe........
You may need to start tying up some seal flies for your 14 wt. Would be one heck of a fight, though probably a brief one before your rod got turned into toothpicks.   Why would anyone want to kee
Where to find a List of Protected Species?
Specifically for fly tying, no, because people will use what ever they can get their hands on.  Even protected species are somehow desirable because some pattern calls for it and few seem capable
New addition to the tying desk
Very nice.  Couldn't help but notice your radio/cd player.  I've got one just like it in my tying area.
Grateful for the lack of Political content
Not only the lack of politics but also the lack of conservation issues. These topics tend to promote bitterness and animosity among members and there's plenty of other sites out there if you feel a ne
Soft Hackles for Panfish
I like soft hackles.  All my nymphs are soft hackles, mostly tied with starling.  Now that I'm getting back the feel of tying the standard ones.  I'll add a few of them and some flymphs
Inconoclastic Irreverence. Oh the Calumny! Purists Cover Your Eyes
What I have discovered is that the pictures that are marked DSC are the original pictures that I took with my camera. The ones that are marked CSC are where I have trimmed the picture using the trim c
Peter Ross (Heron variation) SBS
Used teal as a nod to the original; couldn't get it to lay properly so may revisit that choice. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - golden pheasant tippets rib - small wire si
A stroke of genius, I think
  I was about to say - if you don't mind the tools getting magnetized then a mag strip will be the 'cats meow'.   BCT This. I don't see a hook being a bit magnetized as a big problem, but I
New fly room seating
Okay you asked for it. Here is my tying area. I actually call it my laboratory because I use the area as a multi purpose fishing world headquarters and manufacturing plant. Why pigeon hole the area to
1st Adams
Good job on the Adam's guys.    You are inspiring me.    I am going to do a Wonder Wing as demonstrated in Al and Gretchen Beatty's e-book (Amazon, $4.99, free with Prime) and
Bark-Eater SBS
Found this on the North River blog; a Tenkari variation on the Ausable Bomber, an old Fran Betters pattern. Apparently the name Adirondack was an aglicized version of ratirontak, a derogatory term u
Means Quail
A friend was kind enough to save me some partial skins from a hunting trip. A bird I have no experience with but it has some really interesting feathers Looking forward to putting this stuff to use.
Box of classic salmon patterns ready for the river
Dang, and you use these to fish! He just Bangs out more, fish are very afraid, the tying world-at least a little envious. Welcome to the forum
Hook a trout on the 1st cast of the day!
my wife says I'm superstitious, but I'm just cautious. I've caught a fish on the very first cast of a day a few times over the years, and it pretty much ensures that will be the only fish of the sessi
Muddler Minnow Tying Video
Thanks for the input, Vicrider. I'll be sure to put that correction in the description box of the video. You are correct, no doubt. I guess I'm so used to tying them with a single wing that I didn't t
Chance to start tying room from scratch.
Going to be moving house in a few weeks and have a naked garage ready to be converted to my new man cave. Primary use will be for fly tying/rig building. It has a window currently which
Good hook for use in tying cork body poppers
I've had limited success with 'roughing up' the hook shank and then lashing mono on top of and/or bottom of the hook shank - soaking in crazy glue or equivalent - then (number 2) allowing for cure - T
The Eyes Have It
GC - I don't like using the UV stuff, but water-based acrylic paint doesn't seem to react chemically with anything else, so I imagine it'd work OK with UV. I used to epoxy all my saltwater heads, but
Last smoked fish
I never tried smoking fish, course it might help if I had a smoker.   She likes grilled LL salmon, I can take or leave that. I do like grilled brown trout. We both like pan fried in some butter,
  Material list : Orvis saltwater hook size 2 - 1/0 dumbbell or bead chain depend on the size on the hook lead wire 100lbs mono sililegs Centipede leg - Small Ice pearl dubbing Rabbit zonker Mon
What is this cape worth?
Another reason it's difficult to establish value without inspection is that we can't tell the condition of the stems. I continue to collect older Metz necks as I like specific colors for certain appli
Perdigone nymphs on jig hooks
Spanish perdigone nymphs have recently been an increasingly popular group of flies. They can be relatively easy to tie. And they are very effective for European style nymphing on different types of w
Cutter Bee scissors
Not sure how many of you use these for light utility work at the tying desk, but I find these extremely handy for cutting foil, mylar tubing and other non-thread work. Bought a new pair last year and
EP Trigger Point Flies?
Like this B Norikane, post more pictures like this, some big Colorado trout smiling at you, too. <0>
I haven't had much luck either with crayfish patterns and I've tried all sorts from realistic to surrealistic.  This is one my last attempts at tying one.  It's been sitting in my box for a
Any Sources for Tungsten Washers?
Ok, going with pinewood derby source, can use product on other fly apps and cost very good.   Plan B is Andrews suggestion with McMaster Carr, they have 1x6 "bars" that are expensive but may be c
Have you ever met that 'kid from the lfy shop' ?
I can top that one Steeldrifter. My best bud George. He is in his 70s, I'm 17. Met him when I was 11. We fished, conventional and fly (his son in law got me tying, he got me fly fishing) (he actually
Largemouth Bass Weight Estimator
Thanks, used trout formula for quite some time.  Needing a bass calculator, as a local warm water fishery is developing magnificently.
Hopefully you can utilize the space under your bed and thus out of sight to store some of your fly tying materials in plastic roller tubs or the like.  Unless your Mrs. is an exceptionally rare j
Been a while...
I haven't on the forum for quite a while and it's great catching up on what is new and seeing the fantastic flies everyone is tying!  Now, my question is, how do I go about changing my name? 
mckenzie bright light magnifier combo
I happen to have one and love it. Fits nicely onto my Renzetti and is basically universal for any vice. If you are  in the USA,  you can get one thru Anglers Workshop in Illinois. See their
What's Up Dock Video
When it comes to representing the tiny shrimp and glass minnows in the dock lights, the translucency and micro-movement of the What's Up Dock put it in the cream of the crop. Time after time the WUD c
Green Drake Quigley SBS for Scarface Z
As promised t'other day, a set of step by step instructions for the fly I tied in response to Scarface Z's post "Help reconstruct a lucky fly" This fly...   First I am only working from the phot
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