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Trout Fly Tying

YouTube video links
Hi, all! I'm in the process of updating my website and want to list a section on the best (i.e. most informational) fly tying videos. I am looking for the specific videos versus channels. Thanks ahead
Surf fishing in Pensacola, FL area
Hey guys, I am heading to Pensacola mid week for vacation and thinking about bringing the fly rod to fush the beaches in early am hours; around here we walk out to 2nd sandbar and cast out towards the
Smoked trout fish dip
Any recipes? I have some trout on the smoker now.
Senyo's Laser Dub & Fly Tyers Dungeon?
Great video.  Looks like I need to acquire a couple of dog brushes and give it a try when my current supply of Laser Dub runs out.  One thing I've been doing with the laser dub I have is to
Good Day on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
Nice, I almost had a chance to fish the Gunnison when I was there but couldn't make it. Fished the Big Thompson, Arkansas, and the Fall river. First time trout fishing so I just got some 5x... also lo
What are they?
Look like midge larvae or pupae to me, especially if the big ones are size 18-20. Plus the guy mentioned tying zebras to imitate them.
Easy Sculpin - And Effective!
Sculpin streamers are some of the more common and effective streamer patterns for trout.  This one utilizes the fish skull heads to make a simple and yet effective streamer pattern for trout. 
Prestine mountain lake and lots of trout
Haviland Lake is a beautiful small lake up north of Durango Colorado.  You can kayak, swim, and camp at the lake.  While you can catch fish off the shore, having a boat really improves your
more free to a good home
i thank all for the nice words but its really a simple thing to do.   i looked at my tying table and saw there was just too many "things i gotta have" that i cant use all at once.   i dont h
Newbie from Kentucky
Just starting fly tying. I retire next April and look forward to my new hobby. My main interest is saltwater flies since we are in the South Florida area a couple times a year. Have a trip planned to
UV Light?
I like that, set inside and keep tying as it cures.
Playing with some foam
i like the history left on the table top of plenty of fly tying work. i call that a workbench that gets used    nice flies too
Gamakatsu B10s = Allen ___?
The B200 is a bronzed hook, the Gamakatsu B10 is a black nickle plated hook.  The sizes posted from each don't match up, but you can find matching sizes up to a 2/0.  If your tying for salt
Started shopping at new shop
jstockard advertises "10000 fly tying items in stock" which is a little misleading. they probably have multiple quantities of different fly tying materials but i doubt they have 10000 individual items
Hello from BC, Canada.
Hey everyone. I've been fly tying for about 3 years now. I was given a fly tying kit as a gift, and have not stopped since. My skills are increasing with every fly I tie. I can't say the same for my f
Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...
I will probably be tying up one of my un-named tailwater trout candies. . .attractor nymph/caddis pupa frankenfly
Original pattern fly swap
Anyone down to do a fly swap of original patterns created up by you? Lets try and keep it trout specific, but can be dries, nymphs, emerges, etc.
howdy all
just checking myself in. is this the fly fishing clinic? having some bad withdrawals. :) my paws are way too big for tying, but I still do it anyway. I'm not very good at it, but I manage to
Tube size for billfish Nd saltwater flies?
Hi all, does anybody have experience tying billfish and baitfish paterns on tubes? Any recomendations on tube size to use? I'm new at tubes, and not sure how the large hooks I intend to use will inter
Crayfish Bunny Bugger
Crayfish are a very important food source for many freshwater species.  And this fly is made to imitate them.  Bass and trout eat crayfish pretty regularly, and this fly has caught both on t
A clean, semi organized desk, and some trout ties!
I've been a busy bee at vice lately. With my trout trip coming up I've been tying lots of new to me patterns. It has certainly been a learning curve. Hopefully I can get these darn pics to work...! I
Wild turkey feathers
I thought it was the secondaries Fisherboy - that provided biots? Although I'm sure the primaries could be used... I just thought I saw somewhere (that I cannot think of right at the moment... was it
Stacking vs spinning deer hair
If you've ever wondered what the difference between stacking vs spinning hair is, or if you've never heard of stacking hair, Pat Cohen explains the techniques here and shows how to achieve a little mo
Gunnison Basin Small Creek Report-July 10, 2017
Fellas- I've been casting a fly in the Gunnison Basin backcountry a lot over the last week and prepared a short creek report for my website,, so I thought I'd post it up here as we
FS: Assorted Fly Tying Books
For Sale: Assorted Fly Tying books. All prices shown, plus postage. Paypal ok. - American Fly Tying Manual, Dressings and Methods for Tying Nearly 300 of America's Most Popular Patterns (softcover),
Do you see it, too?
I think if you could take one of those Orvis in house fly trainer rods and line and hook it to a taser so every time you got careless and threw a wind knot into the leader or allowed a tailing loop
Sedge Mouflon & CDC
Thank you Hatchet Jack. It's a very simple sedge and good floating. The Mouflon hair has a peculiarity , don't get up during the tying, and don't rotate. It's rough.  I think the hair of wild she
Reels, reels, reels...
First is a 3.5" Bougle, like new, never lined, made in England, round blue case, no box. $375 shipped and insured in CONUS and paypal is great. [url=][/url] [url=https://postimg.o
maybe its because their business model is not geared for the artsy craftsy types   read   fly tying just seems to be a side project
A coyote fly that landed me my personal best native brook trout
This "hybrid" fly has been working great for me the last couple weeks. I kind of refined it a bit from my concept. I have caught wild fish, native fish, and stocked fish on this pattern. I wanted
Sparkle Clouser
Im definately with ya when it comes to the closers effectiveness, got alot of respect for the pattern for that reason. Truth be told I've barely fished anything back home this season but I'm planning
Isonychia Flymphs
Indeed... works now and very nice ties indeed!   edit - inquiry.... golden pheasant tails??   BCT Those tails look like GP tippet
Finished tying tool collection
Yes.. this is an obsession, addiction lol. Hello my name is David , I'm addicted to buying fly tying materials and tools lol Love my regal vice, my Rite bobbins 7-8 ? I tend to use Dr Slick tools , a
Bass Bonanza!
Kyle took me out fishing again on his boat and wow!  We had a blast!  Caught fish non stop!  Most of them smallmouth bass, however we caught 5 different species.  Smallmouth bass,
Troutbum - New water swap
What the hey? Well anyway now I have a dozen Red Tag Crackelbacks ready for another swap. I was going to do a run of articulated nymphs I just got some stuff in for if I had time after I finally tackl
thoughts on floatant
Yes, gink is good stuff. It's pretty similar to aquel (what I'm using right now) and some other silicon dressings. I hope you find some willing trout on your NC trip, and maybe some will be on dries.
Eye protection whe using uv cure resin lamps?
you really should be wearing safety glasses whenever at the tying bench.  I've had hooks break under force, others have had hooks fly out of vises. bits of material fly off when clipped, drops of
Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel
Electra lake is an amazing lake in Southern Colorado.  I saw fish stacked heavily, and they were all really nicely sized trout.  It was almost too easy to catch them when they were there tha
Big Dry Fly Patterns
Bulb, I assume you fished trout with them, and Mike fished bass and panfish. The trout take is much more subtle and there is more room in the mouth to keep from crushing the fly. In a bluegills, they
Hatches Blog Post - Parachute BWO – Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly
BWOs are a main staple on trout waters throughout the US. With the techniques in this video you can easily change size to meet local hatches or even swap out color and size to match other mayfly hatc
Best bomber colours
Currently tying up some bomber dry flys for an upcoming stealhead/ Atlantic salmon trip in a couple of weeks. But never tying these flys before i am not to sure as some good color combinations, or siz
Relaxing day on the James
January , you need to be here now . Only thing we can try in January is some trout . No plans to be near the state in warm weather ?
Group gathering...Tying...Fishing...Friendship
Perhaps it would be better to plan something local for local tiers. I've noticed this board has members from far and wide, much more so than other boards I'm on which are generally local in nature. No
Slotted bead color
Depends what I'm tying.  For bright colored nymphs or caddis pupae, olive, gray or black nymphs I like black.  For tan and brown nymphs I like copper.  Don't use silver  much unles
July Flies from the Vise
  Practicing some soft hackles. I really like how these turned out. Those should do very well. I tie this for trout with a shorter maribou tail (hook gap length). Are you using rabbit for ta
My Tying Bench
It seems to be one of the neatest tying rooms I've ever seen! ;) Looks like the glass to the left of the tying/reading glasses has some sort of liquid in it - but it's a bit light in color for Scotch!
Match the hatch?
Getting ready for some Arkie tailwater stockers.... "Trout hatchery food pellet"
Catching fish with my beard!
  i hope you keep your hairy tying materials above the neck
Second trout trip. Maggie Valley NC.
Hey, I hope you have fun and catch a few too. Of course you can use a foam panfish float as an indicator, you just need to be able to adjust it's depth, cast it without difficulty, and see it with
Colorado Trip!
I've always used an improved clinch for trout,but that's just me.
Electra Lake Stacked Trout
Nice vid and very pretty scenery.   I have never really enjoyed "easy" fishing. Yeah sure, I can o out and catch a bunch of bedding peacock bass but to me the fun is sneaking past the guard, dod
June Flies
No right or wrong section for questions.     Keep in mind, a wet fly held up in the air does not represent what that fly will look like in the water.  It might mimic what it will look l
Hook storage
Over the years, I have amassed many different styles of hooks (obviously in differing sizes). I have resorted to storing in plano type fly boxes for my home tying station - these boxes get labels and
Is there really a wrong way to tie a fly?
To answer your question, No there is no wrong way to tie a fly. There is only a wrong way to present a fly. I've seen fish, all fish, including trout, lots of trout, take the most screwed up offering.
Not a video fail, Anecdote
One of the first flys I tied was the zug bug. I found that "old series" {must have been from at least the eighties} The Anglers Art with Dave Engebretson and Leroy Hyatt. I set the tablet up on the je
UV lights
I have tried a couple different lights. The best i have come across is the pentype "laser". Here's a link to one that looks exactly like the one i'm using
Using the right thread for deer hair work
If you find yourself breaking thread (and then cursing) when trying to cinch down on deer hair bugs, Pat Cohen has the solution. Video: Using the Right Thread for Deer Hair Work with Pat Cohen  
Bass swap
Great zip what're you tying?
Caddis Flys
One of the largest caddis hatches I've ever seen came out of the riffle waters on a river I was fishing in Vermont. Literally overwhelmed the Green Drake hatch that was occurring at the same time. 
Hi From Lake Eucumbene Australia
Retired. Living the dream. Seven klms from the major Lake in the area.   Been in the area now for three years my forth winter.   Fishing daily rain,. hail , snow or sunshine.   Lake tur
Krosch hackle?
Never tried it but I don't like the photos on the website.  The necks look kinda sparse to me.  The price is pretty good, but I've always believed in getting really good hackle because I thi
All copper wire nymph?
Frank Sawyer is correct. From what I've read he used very fine lacquered copper wire around 0.0042" in diameter, almost like thread it's so thin.  He used to tear apart small electric motor armat
Keeled Minnow Streamer
This fly really works well for bass and large trout on rivers. The way this is tied, insures the hook point will stay upright no mater what.  This helps you fish the bottom and even heavy cover w
Hello from Tennessee
New member from Tennessee. I've been fly fishing and tying for several years since I attended a TU camp in the Smokey Mountains. In those few years I've viewed the forum many times. I just decided to
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