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Trout Fly Tying

First Post!
Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. I've been tying for trout for about 2 years now and I recently became very interested in tying larger flies for pike and bass but can't find much info on
DON'T laugh...My first ever attempt at fly tying....
This is my first attempt at tying a fly so don't laugh!  How did I decide to even attempt to get off into this hobby?  Well to be honest I am getting tired of watching CRAP on TV.  My w
Fishing With A Guide: After Action Report!
What you learned about trout fishing with that guide for a half day would have taken a lot of time to learn on your own. Your wife is a keeper!
Used Fly Material Store
Its something that sounds good but in practice possibly results in a lot of tired tat being dumped with a shop that no one is going to want. A much better system would be through tying clubs or socia
Used Fly Material Store
That store is called "Ebay"! Very few of the masses "donate" anything these days, unless it's old clothes.    Rocco, good point, but IMO tying materials may not be the ideal product. Vises,
The Viking
WOW...nice looking fly.  Not trying to be rude and hijack this thread but why is squirrel so hard to work with?  I just purchased a tail to give it a try.  I am a newbie on fly tyi
My first two flys EVER! Critiques????
Thanks everyone!  It is hard for me to grasp the size and types of hooks for trout!  The second (smaller one) I pictured is a size #18 and I simply cannot fathom a trout wanting to eat that!
Gold Ass Soft Hackle sz 14
Like the dressing but still not sold on the asthetics of the hook. If it holds fish it obviously works but looks very different. You won't like these then, just mucking around....i suck at trout flie
terrace bc
Oh buddy, jealous! You are going to be in what i would call the town of flyfishing Mecca! Just in town near the bridge you will see a gravel bar covered with dudes with spey rods, all species of pacif
tying supplies
I am very new to fly tying and i was wondering what the best places to order supplies from is.  I am looking for everthing I would need to get started     thanks for any help you can gi
My first post - Juvenille Tarpon on EP baitfish
Great looking fish and some really sick fly tying skills.  Welcome.
Daniel Boone NF or Smokey Mountains Trip
Hey Snack Im familiar with both areas as part of my county is in the DBNF and I have been through it in various parts of all over the eastern half of Kentucky.  You weren't very specific as
New base on Renzetti Traveler?
I checked pics of Presentation bases and that looks exactly like what I got! Very nice surprise as I contemplated the Presentation for that very reason. I am curious if this is new standard or just ra
Chenille Question???
You can certainly use it. Most chenille sold for fly tying comes from these sources. What you don't get is the kind of description you get on a pack sold for fly tying. If you are buying for, say, kni
Various capes and necks please help!
It would be nice to know if the capes and necks have brand like Metz, Hoffman, Whiting and a grade like 1, 2 or 3 or gold, silver, bronze, etc.   If they are unbranded or if they have been partia
professional tyers
I got a lifetime supply of tying supplies for 125$ at a gun store. Try and place that sells guns, hunting gear, Etc.
RBF: Another Michigan Guy
hi my name is shane, I've been trolling on here for awhile now thought i should introduce myself. Mainly fished rivers with spinning rod until last year a work buddy took me fly fishing for the first
Custom tying tools - bamboo handles with feather inlays
I have been making custom fly tying tools for years now.  I repost here every once in a while so new guys know what I have available.  I make whip finish tools, bodkins, threaders, dubbing b
Looking for really small beads
unless you have actually measured the seed bead inner diameter and the diameter of the hook shank, how do you know it wont fit?     since the original poster has/had some of them in his poss
150$ a good deal?
Browse a fly tying catalog, any (current) fly tying catalog, and start picking out the things you'd like.   See how long it takes you to get up to $150.  Without looking into the boxes,
Green Caddis Outfitters (GCO) Hook issues
Hey, I Recently placed an order with GCO for 7 packs of hooks.  I ordered 3 packs of these
Favorite Green Drake pattern
I'll be heading out to Penns Creek, PA this year and might incidentally be there for the Green Drake hatch.  I've never fished this particular hatch before, but from my understanding it brin
Kingfisher or Peak Rotary
I purchased a Peak Rotary from Hook & Hackle........   I havent started tying yet (in a few hours I will thanks to Project Healing Waters in Denver).....but a lot of folks really like the Pea
Small Nymph Hooks
I'm a big fan of the Orvis big eye hooks when tying that small.  I think they go down to 26.  Aren't specifically nymph hooks but work great. 
Braided leader
Yes, the furled leader is the butt section of your leader.  The 6 strands of 8/0 thread at the end give you a really fine tip.  You finish it by adding however much tippet you feel comfortab
Chinese Capes
Would they be suitable for tying soft hackles? Sorry for hijacking the thread.
Stone Devil Mark-1
Clear Cure Goo over a real insect is NOT realistic fly tying !!!   I know that's not what you did, but it's what I am thinking of doing just to make some flies that look as good as this one.
Tungsten Beads
Use the size that looks the way you want, and gets the job done.    There are no RULES when it comes to beads and hooks.    In fact there pretty much are not any rules in fly
Bead Head Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle   A quick little pattern that is easy to tie, deadly on trout and pan fish, and can easily be changed and ad
hello there from herefordshire
Hello one and All! My name is st.John, and I've been fly tying for most of my 30 years... But not to a Huge level of skill!! My favorite type of tying is the traditional patterns, albeit often with a
Do you use "scent" on your flies ?
I'm noy a purest either. I just think the stuff is a mess to deal with. It gets on everything, the boat, your hands, your sunglasses. I think it would ruin fly boxes and other flies too. No denying it
Rubber Leg Copper John Revision
Wicked pattern, just finished tying a half dozen in size 10, now to get a little smaller...thanks for sharing!
2 questions from a newbie
For me (a left handed tier,) clockwise is under and away.  I agree with flytire, wrap which ever way you want to.  Check the pressure on your bobbin, and examine for any damage to the tube.
My flies swim upside down
there are about 17 trillion photos posted on websites from iphones every day... just sayin'   Clouser Deep Minnows don't need jig hooks, or fancy bends, or anything special to swim and fish exact
Pan Fish Forumula - Input
Thanks for the kind words.   That is something that I have not tried out for crappie but use on occasion while trout fishing, I will have to integrate that into my methods and see how it works ou
tying in a throat
WIthout knowing what pattern you are tying ... or pictures of what you are doing ... you've asked an almost impossible to answer question.
New guy...still ice fishing though...
Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself.  Yes i am from NH and we still have 25+ inches of ice in some spots, needless to say i won't be taking the kayak out for salmon on Winni for a couple we
Will be tying - ( feather) gray hackle peacock , ( fur) fledermaus - it's kinda hard to find a total fur w/o synthetics --- but oh yes it canbe done!!!
I have a few 1/4" cork cylinders left over from my gill popper making days. I got them from E. Hille . A quality tying materials supplier back in the day. I don't know if they still have them availabl
Rotary Hackle Pliers
As a new guy....and JUST starting tying........can you tell me why a Rotary Hackle Plier is necessary or has an advantage?   Thanks,   Mike :)
Popper Madness
I was wondering how much equipment do you take on the road with you?  I don't have room in my luggage for fly tying materials.  Of course, I do take fly fishing equipment, and stuff for work
Collectible Fly Tying Vices
I wouldn't think so, but what do I know??? I'd rather have a brand new black anodized Special Edition Master vise than any "collectable" Renzetti. But then, I'd be tying with the vise and not putting
Crest Dun
Fly tying video "Crest Dun"
Allen fly fishing or Hook and hackle
I've had nothing but good results dealing with any of the 3 sources mentioned. I haven't purchased from H & H in a long time however. The hooks from GCO I received were fine, and agree that the ho
confused noob
Here's a good article about marabou.  
Book Giveaway: Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams
Hey, Not sure if this belongs in Fishing or Tying, but I'm sure it would help either. I'm giving a way an autographed copy of Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams. Really well done book enter HERE to
Fright Night
Black & Claret seal is my favorite combination. Correction: it is a favorite of the trout where I fish.
Foil & Fur
Awesome stuff Dave, those things are unique for sure.  Hopefully you can get out there soon, the next two months can be pretty awesome.  The trout will tear those things up
Rock bass/Goggle eye fishing
 I go up to Vermont on the long weekend holidays and they are the dominant pan fish in most of the lakes I fish up there.  I catch 10 rock bass to 1 bluegill or pumpkinseed.  What do I
Couple of flies
Don't know where you are fishing but that bottom fly will sure catch some trout in the ML and probably other areas as well.
FLYTYING vise for large hooks?? (REGAL)
Tying big stuff is really the only time I prefer by Dynaking to my Renzetti. The notched jaws are awesome for big hooks. Certainly worth a look for tying big flies.
Hatches Blog Post - GreenCaddis Fly Tying Hooks Are Back in Stock
I am happy to announce that I just received a large shipments of hooks in this week. Just in time to help finish up filling your fly boxes before opening day! Click Here for More Info   Hatches F
Some Salmon type wets incl. Silver Brown (var)
Lovely. Now lets be serious, who do I kill for you to receive one of them Haig-Browns?  They are a lovely looking fly I'd trot past a brown trout as happily as a salmon.
Newbie with a few questions.
Hi. I'm Steve. I'm a big salt water flats guy but I have zero fly fishing experience. I'm curious about the types of feathers that are good for tying? I know it prob depends on fish species your targe
expensive vices
I am new to this fly tying stuff.  I did a lot of reading on vises and I was really torn on what to purchase.  I mostly will be tying crappie jigs, bass jigs, and panfish stuff no trout
Rod reccomendation
You will like the setup.  I use the ION reel for both trout and Salmon.  The reel has a tremendous drag system.  I use the 7/9 reel for 25 - 30# King Salmon and don't even hav
What does everyone do for work?
Never knew there were so many brainiacs into fly tying :) Money made me give up my 4.0 gpa and get a job instead of finishing my degree in Marine Mammal Biology.
Polywing caddis
Tying a poly wing caddis
Hatches Blog Post - Red Quill – by Tightlines Productions
Awesome article and video!  I hope to be able to tie one of these some day!  Very pretty fly in my opinion but hopefully the trout will consider it even more!!!
Salmon fly question's
Fully dressed salmon flies are not fished much these days! Most are put in picture frames. It is a dying art though. To think in the old days it was done without a vise! Most traditional fly tying met
Size for Woolly Bugger Lead Wire
Thanks everyone for their suggestions.  I live in east Texas so there are not many places around here to fish for salmon or trout.  I will be mostly fishing for panfish and crappie...Surely
Just bought some hackle, looking for help
^ ditto what joel said ^   EVERY feather has some use   fibers for tailing   fibers for tying collars   fibers for tying throats/beards   fibers for wing cases   fibers f
BC interior newb fly tyer
Some of it depends on the target species.  Trout are notoriously picky, but bass, sunfish and pike will strike at any color. 
Creative Tiers
Some times its just fun to make stuff.  Here are a few tools I have put together over the years.  I have made other things, but these are the ones I have pictures of.     Non-stand
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