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Trout Fly Tying

Top 3 Trout Flies
Hey guys, so I wanted to get everyones idea's on this video.  I was thinking of doing this for more species...   Obviously some of you will have different idea's on which flies I should have
Experience with tungsten "thread"?
Hi all, after having seen some posts on Jack Field's instagram about using tungsten "thread" (really a thing tungsten wire) instead of normal tying thread, I'm curious if any forum members use it regu
Personal rods, trout spey rods done
Dave they are the ARE blanks so they are somewhat of a root beer brown, no metallic to them really. Dennis, they are 12ft 5/6wt's and we will be skagit style fishing heavy sink tips with streamers in
Heavy wire nymph hooks (carp hooks?)
I second whatfly's recommendations of the TMC2457 or the similar Dai-Riki and Umpqua models. I was having trouble with standard wire nymph hooks straightening on some of the extremely strong strains o
Can you cast same distance as a #7/8 weight with a #6?
I'm going to take the other side of the street and flat say NO. Don't know what length 6 weight you're thinking about but assuming you downsize to an 8'6" or 9' there is no way you can match the dista
My Best Brown Trout.
Very nice brown trout. I agree, I don't care watching videos that show a cup of coffee, the drive to the stream and such. A little banter is fine but that was the perfect length video.
Fly tying tip
I think that's genius--I'm sitting here shaking my head to think I've been tying for 20 years now and never learned that! Thanks for sharing.
Feather Emporium ??????
I've learned over the years that you pay for customer service. Example; I just had four windows replaced by a local company who has been in business for decades. They are slightly more expensive then
Kreh/Harro/Byford knot ?
spiralspey - that's it, thanks for finding that!   Vic/quote: Which knot are you guys tying that is so much stronger.[?] Vic, I'm tying the Open Clinch Knot, not the Non Slip Loop Knot. If you co
The Baby Bow Streamer
Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish.  Small trout are on the meal list for common foods.  Even trout will eat trout fry.  This rainbow trout st
The Baby Bow Streamer
Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish.  Small trout are on the meal list for common foods.  Even trout will eat trout fry.  This rainbow trout st
I have a jig hook ?
Jig hooks are designed to ride hook point up.  You could add the bead chain eyes there depending on their weight they shouldn't impact how the hook rides.  Tying them on the bottom of the sh
Giant Carp on 5wt!
Btw-what vest is that? I got it on amazon.  I can send you a link if your interested?  I didnt put the links in the description here in the fly tying forum because I didnt want to interf
Trout fly tying materials - must haves
Good luck. No such thing as bare essentials tying kit for trout since pound for pound there are so many different flies for trout. I leave all my tying stuff at home every time I leave the house but I
Regal Tube Fly Adapter
I've tied on various setups over the years, and I also like ones like the stockard version (I have an HMH). They're nice because you can use any type of tube you want from metal, to plastic, to plasti
Anyone ever tried a product called "Chew Balls"?
I have tried the glue gun method in the past. I don't recall them turning out very round. I will see about finding the correct color glue sticks and maybe give it another try. I have been away from th
Asheville, NC Area Opportunities
I've been tentatively planning a trip to NC for the last year or so to chase some more carp on cicadas.  Anyone from that area that give me some tips on good fishing the hatch?  I am looking
A few good...flies
Zip!! I am actually also going to Destin June 7-11 to do some bottom snapper fishing with like 8 other of the crazy old guys in my family haha. I am definitely bringing a fly rod(s) as well! Does anyo
Hello From Vermont
Welcome to the site, Phat, from Central Florida. Although I've been to Vermont ... I haven't spent any "real" time there.  What's the fishing environment like?  Where do you fish and what
Hooks for salt water
Yes I will be trying some like this. Especially the zonker wing. Roll on moving day and I can start on setting all my tying gear back up.
"Semper Fly"
That's an awesome fly!  I want one above my tying desk
Cook's Cruel Maid SBS
A fly for the little blue lines from LeRoy Cook. Unsure of where the name came from; must be a good story. hook Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail variegated moose body abdomen D
I heard Cicadas are good if dipped in chocolate but I would still know it is there. In Alaska, they dip Moose droppings in chocolate and sell them in bags at many  stores see pic). They are calle
Fly Tying Gadgets: Coffee Bean Grinder
I have been making "chump change" dubbing for about 30 years.  When I first started tying, there was very little dubbing that was pre pachaged.  You had to get fur patches, yarns or other ma
Rabbit fur scrap buy from the bay
i'd call that a steal. i would've jumped all over that if i saw it. i'm guessing you might know already but after reading that other recent topic on carpet beetles, i have to let you know to make sure
Extended body flies
I use braided mono bodies colored with Pantone pens. It is a Gray Borger pattern which is on the cover of his book, Designing Trout ffies. The characteristic of a damsel fly is the THIN body.
Help - seeking particular all-CDC caddis video
Can anyone help me locate a video from a few years ago which was presented by a gentleman possibly from Britain or Europe?  The main thrust of the video was to use a cdc dubbing brush for the bod
new material
ive been tying with wendy eider chunky yarn since winter started  its available at  160 yards for about $5. its an eyelash type yarn but is bushier than medium chenille and&#
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
BB, Haven't tied enough trout flies to have figured out an adversary yet. Most of my tying has been warm water flies or soft hackle wets so let's do a dry fly with a hair wing. Thanks
Black Stonefly Nymph Video
Really enjoyed tying this fly. Learning to love larva lace/stretch tubbing! Criticism welcome as always. Thanks for watching!
Foam Emerger
Yeah Dave, I hear ya. It's rare here as well. Well they will cluster often, but the trout rarely come up for them. There are so many midges throughout the year, that they just don't need to come up
Fish Car Project, part 1
Sounds like a great plan. Spent a lot of time in UP mainly fishing tribs of Lake Michigan for sea run (well, lake run) trout and salmon. Don't know if you want to drill holes in your car but it would
Broke My Sage Method!
Just a quick note ......down under you quickly learn to carry rods by the handle and have the rest of the rod behind you when traversing  from one spot to another I have broken a couple of rod t
bait vs. fly by Hank Patterson
This was my first time seeing Hank,and I thought it was pretty good,thanks for posting. I feel much better now that I know cholesterol and wolves kill Elk,so that we can have fly tying materials. 
Invader Zim (really just an over complicated feather game changer)
It's been a long time since my last post, however ive done anything but stop tying. Between tying commercially, working in the shop, and attempting to catch fish I occasionally get time to tie funky f
What are these feathers/hackles?
Exactly what Mikechell said, I bought one when I first started and found most of what I got to be poor quality and one of the skins was so dirty that it didn't even wash out of the feathers and got to
Hello from Tennessee
Hi all. New to fly fishing and fly tying. Been interested in it since I was a kid. Only took 20+ years to actually get started though. Mainly fishing for bass and panfish. Hope to learn a lot here. I
Daytona Beach - mid July
The family is headed to Daytona Beach in mid-July and I'd like to get a morning or two of fly fishing in. I'm already reading the book on wade fishing Mosquito Lagoon. How is the water there at that
aplicator bottle
Push a steel wire through a cork. By pushing or pulling, you can adjust the length of the wire so that it only penetrates the cement by a small amount. That way it delivers a small drop. Readjust the
Koi Fly Recommendations
FRN, Yeah Im sure that would go over as about as well as fishing for the 20+ inch trout at the mall in Salt lake city LOL
Blown out in VA
Went to Warm Springs, VA, which as part of a group, I do every year.  Got up there the Fourth about 4:30, exhausted after an 8-hour drive.  It was spitting rain, but my fishing bud went fish
Hi from the Bozone!
Thanks for the above - none of the patterns are the particular one I am looking for.  If  I find it, I will be sure to list it, as it looks exceptionally buggy to me and the wing technique i
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
You can get high grade DE from a nursery.   If you know you have an infestation why wouldn't you pull the carpet in the tying room?
Hotspot colors
I just want the fish to see the fly, not scare them away...    Of the threads and floss materials, Datum Glo-Brite Floss is the preferred hot spot material for the competition guys. Ther
Mop fly
I must be fishing over very smart trout, I didn't get out much this year but so far I've cough 38 trout, I fish 2 flys and had the mop fly on in different colors as my lead fly every minute I fished,
Herter's Bastard Midge SBS
  Similar to a Lady McConnell.  Change in tying sequence from the vid I saw, since, as with with Humpies, I can never get the right distance when folding the deer hair tips over.   
Fly line choice
Hey guys! I'm looking to get a 3wt 6'6 rod soon to use for tight mountain streams with 6-8 inch brook trout and I'm wondering what line would be best? I'm not sure if there is a specific line for this
Anyone suggest a pattern.
Wick! Can't say as I like the place, but I suspect job related? Take it easy on the Brays! My main reel for light lines is an Orvis Battenkill, (Bar Stock) one of the last BFR ones. However that still
Warm Water / Top Water Swap..
Kinda embarrassed to post these up after the last few pics but here's what I'm working on. Size 12 1x short, wide gap damsel; size 10 deer hair diver; size 8 slider; and a size 8 chubby Chernobyl. Gon
Lion Head Sculpin Streamer
This fly is a new one I created.  Its a fly that has worked well for me the last few trips.  Its got a large head, and holds its shape well.  The movement is great, and is the perfect s
Help with a couple recipe's
stone: im certainly no expert but my first thought was ostrich herl for the stonebomb. also a rusty? orange tag at the butt it looks like. and possibly a copper colored wire rib i can faintly make out
Sulphur Spinner
In my newest fly tying video, Don Ward of the Keystone Fly Rod Company ties his unique version of the Sulphur Spinner...and you can see it at dusk!   Enjoy,   TC
Wet fly critique
Well the Picket Pin uses gray squirrel, you can look up videos on that. Here is one on a variation, you could vary it yet again LOL :
Free sourced tying wire
I have a box full of various size wire now, salvaged from various sources. Not very interested in getting electrocuted for extra tying wire. Maybe it's just me!
Barrett's Lucky Strike (Carnage variation) SBS
  Based on Barrett Christiansen's parachute attractor.  With the floating properties of peacock somewhat lacking, I though it could use a little help.   hook - Dai Riki 135  #10 t
The right wax
On other threads about wax, "Wonder Wax" is always named as the best one.  I guess there was an old formula, and a new one ... but either is still generally supported as the best kind. I've also
Need a Laugh?
Haven't you guys ever heard of a water-cooled tying vise??
Barrel swivels
While tying some leaders I ran out of tippet rings and while rummaging thru my junk I found some #12 and #14 barrel swivels. Anybody ever use swivels in lieu of tippet rings, at least for short heavy
Wooly buggers always catch fish. Any fish. Lol. Trout nymphs and larger sizes. San Juan worms. Experiment with what you have before you tie a million "carp" patterns like I did and now I have a bunch
Daves Hopper yarn question
  I watched a video on tying this fly, and he uses a yellow yarn. I don't have any yard, but would chinele work, medium in size? Do I need to go to a fly shop and buy the yarn? It's supposed to b
Those throwing articulated streamers for trout
For those of you throwing articulated flies for trout, what diameter tippets are you using? level or tapered: self made taper or purchased? average length of your leader in clear waters. Finall
Bulk marabou sources?
For bulk pricing you're going to need to go wholesale - then you'll be buying maribou by the pound - no problem.... At the one ounce at a time level you're going to be hard pressed to find much cheape
Initial thoughts AA C clamp vise
I have a Superior that I bought probably before it had a name "Superior". It works fine for the hook sizes I have used , being from 24-1/0. The clamp could be wider, now and then I run into a desk or
Best Buys for Vises
I have been tying flies for more than 50 years. My first good vise was a Universal 2 which is a rotary but not true rotary. I learned early that having the ability to rotate the fly to see what the
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