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Trout Fly Tying

Top 3 trout streamers
Asking for input on everyone's top 3 favorite streamers for trout. It's time to clean the bench off and fill my boxes. Any input is appreciated.
LED Tying Light
I have utilized various tying lights (e.g., OttLite, McKenzie) in the past, but have never tried a LED version.  Does anyone have experience with LED offerings from Peak, ProLite, or another comp
Spade Hackle, Which Part of the Feather For Tails?
Shoebop,Thanks. That answers my question. Yes, I was referring to tying dry flies.Randy
tying desk
I agree! I've always thought that rolltops were the best for fly tying stations.
Crane Fly Larva
Here is a really easy Crane Fly Larva pattern:                    Crane Fly Larva Hook: 6-10 Curved Nymph Tail: Soft Hackle Body: Translucent Nymph Sk
cold fronts and the effect on trout fishing
  But there are various methods which will work, my experience is trout become more active in these conditions.   My experiences as well. When it comes to trout cold weather will shut down
fishing puzzle
My wife and I like to work jigsaw puzzles.   It's a good thing to do together on a cold winter day.  We just got a really great one that's covered with old fishing lures, antique r
How long of leader/tippet can you have
When I fish streams for trout, I usually use a 7 to 9 foot tapered leader, and attach about 3' of tippet to that.  I use a loop to loop connection for the tippet, and when it gets shorter than ab
Copper John's tail
Charlie Craven's book is $25 on Amazon ( ), if your int
October flies from the bench
Are sea trout also called weakfish? You are in the USA. Here we have spotted seatrout, silver trout, sand trout, and weakfish. All are different. They're catching true brown trout that are in salt
October 2014 Swap Club
breambuster, Please PM me your address, I don't have it.   I will be tying a Western Version of the AuSable Wulff. Tail: Bleached Moose; Body: Orange Dry Fly Dubbing; Wings: White Calf Tail; Hack
Tube Flies: Part 1
Here's my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial, featuring Tube Flies. This is the first in a series, and if you haven't jumped into this aspect of fly tying yet, I definitely suggest trying it out. Thoug
Hello from eastern NC
I too live in eastern NC. I mostly fish the creeks around Cherry Point and down toward Atlantic Beach. The Speckled Trout are just starting to heat up. Looks like we will have a good fall run if the w
Measuring Dubbing
not guilty here!fly tying should be fun and shouldn't require quantum mechanics and string theory to mix a small batch of dubbing
Having fun with some pikes
Yeah resisting the strike is the hardest part. Tuck the rod under your Right arm so you are only really holding the retrieve line and it makes it easier until it becomes second nature. This type of st
The Traditional Adams
Fisherboy,   The Traditional Adams above is tied based on a fly tied in an article in the summer 2014 issue of Fly Tyer magazine it was written by Dennis Potter and is titled "Tie the Perfect Ada
Worst of the best.
This whole thread cracks me Up! Wooley buggers, and muddler minnows are my go to patterns for trout and bass! But a fly I have no faith in would be a scarlet Ibis! Has any one ever caught any thing
Which Hatch Causes You to Curse?
I think most of us have one that we hope the fish are not feeding on. Have you managed to crack yours?   For me it is Pale Wateries. These little up wing flies are are one I have never been able
First attempt at dubbing
Got the book "Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple" by Skip Morris. So glad I did!    This is the first fly in his book that he calls a Rick's Caddis. It's tied on a size 14 hook. Not sure the br
Hello from Manitoba
Great trout fishing also up in the Roblyn area. They have done a fantastic job with that fishery. What part of Manitoba are from? Welcome fellow prairie Canadian !
Moving to Central Florida!
You'll find that freshwater species are limited, basically to largemouth bass, black crappies and Bluegills and other bream.  Most people, at least those that live near the coast, fly fish in sal
Grey Ghost Critique
As someone who's tied a few Gray Ghosts, i would advise you to walk before you run. You asked for critique so here it is...   THis fly pattern has a lot of elements that require a certain amount
Bucktail Subsitution?
Agree with the others the pattern colors & sequence is not correct, but those will catch some fish. They may be a bit over dressed too, but that's a matter of opinion. I like to tie them sparse, b
I write for a few magazines and frequently need to display a picture of a trout fly. I am wondering if copyright would apply if I used one from our forums or newsletter Does anyone object or would I b
Furry Foam Crab V3
  Material List :   Gray Fox hair Furry Foam  ICE Dubbing - Pink crawdad dubbing Micro Velvet rope Rubber Leg Hard Head eye Flashabou Beadchian or Dumbell  Saltwater hook size 4-6
Stonefly Swap
I will tie nymphs. I have been tying them for a few years now but I have never gave them a name yet.
good value for the money - GreenCaddis Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rod
GreenCaddis Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rodgood value for the moneyI rec'd a 3wt in very good time. It's a neat little rod, just right for some of the trout streeams that I fish. I will also use it on p
Transmogrifer Swap
I'll be tying the Tomah Joe.
I really need more flats flies - the swap
I'm in with a glass minnow imitation used for trout, mackerel, and pretty much anything else the feeds on the flats
A variety of Fades
Here is a series of flies I call Fades.  Simple in design.  They are very good searching patterns.  The orange pattern has replaced the hares ear spider as my go to searching pattern es
New Stippled Poppers
Thanks for taking the time to post the picture and reply to my question.   Anytime!  Learning how things are done in our hobby of tying by others is a main reason we visit this site.
Fly Tying Guide:
flymph forum??
I have been tying and researching flymphs and came across the flymphforum and their facebook page but it looks like they have not been active for years. Does anyone know what happen to the forum? It i
My good friend Ole Erik is ready for the final day of the season......
My good friend Ole Erik is all dressed up and ready for the final day of the 2014 season. He is sitting right outside our cabin looking for a rising trout and are ready to jump out of the chair if som
Powered vises
If you look for al and gretchen beattie's book on rotary fly tying it shows both a motorized and treadle powered fly tying station.
Lots of work into this grip
Having built my own rod years ago, (9' 4wt Scott A2 blank) I do have an appreciation for all of the work that goes into your rods. I wanted to build a rod on a Diamondback blank that had a woven look
Green Rat (variation)
A great looking pattern. I would like it with a sparser hackle at the head. Maybe golden pheasant hackle?  Would work well with sea trout too with the peacock and silver.
FTF Fly Pattern - fishingbobnelson - Black Laced McGinty
Bob, that turned out really nice.  Never had much luck with the McGinty for trout but it has brought in a steelhead or two.  
Hello from Romania
Hello to all!   I'm new here, even if watching the forum from time to time, I didn't post anything, yet. I love pike fishing and big streamers fly tying, my dream is that someday (maybe next year
My pike streamers
Hello,   I really love pike fly fishing, also tying big streamers for this crazy fish. I'm using especially synthetic materials so the streamer is not holding much water and is easier to throw wi
Hello from AZ!
A good buddy just helped me finish up my desktop fly tying station and I am looking for a new vice to go with it. (See attached pics). I am interested in either a used C-clamp Renzetti traveler 2000 o
Streamer Question
Hey flytire, so, do you know which of those is actually the Maynard's Marvel? It appears to me that the one with the golden pheasant tippet wing is not the same as the patterns tied with mallard. Al
Can't sit at the vise for more the 30-40 minutes anymore!
Mike, I suspect that that is similar to some of the oldest pain I get though maybe mine is a little higher, It can feel like someone had stabbed you just to the side of your spine. Something as simple
Bergman: Abbey
  Hook: Mustad S60-3399A #6Thread: Sheer 14/0 BlackTail: Golden Pheasant Tail TippetBody: UNI Dark RedRibbing: UNI-MylarWing: Gray MallardPattern: Ray Bergman “Trout” Plate 1  
Wet loch / lough style flies.
I'll be tying the blue zulu
first attempt at a royal coachmen wet fly
Next time I order fly tying stuff IM going to get the white goose and the golden pheasant tippet. I can't pay shipping for 2 items. IM sure the fish won't mind.   Hi green,    If yo
Other Than Flies?
I sat at my vise last night intending to tie some Hendricksons for my flybox because I gave away all but one. I looked up at a folk art owl and thought, "I have too many hobbies" and not enough t
I need another flats swap
Guy and gals.... I'm getting itchy... have caught 2 golden trevally and had another few eats in the last two outings.... Therefore I need another swap to help keep me keen... If we get the interest
What a wonderful world......
Beautiful picture! I have never fished a river that size before, how do you decide where to fish first? I would be lost as to where to start. Thanks a lot, Cannonx4 :-) I fairly easy to decide bea
Autumn has arrived at my river with beautiful colours everywhere......
That is a beautiful river! Nice photo too. My luck, I would go there after the season and trout would be rising everywhere! Do you fish that from a boat or walk/wade in?   Kirk
BWO flies
My favorite BWO dry is the sparkle dun. Find it floats well and takes trout.   After that is the parachute BWO For nymph a pheasant tail
My dressing of the original Adam's
Though I have not researched into the original Adams very much, I do recall reading somewhere that the original was intended to represent a caddis. I can not attest to the correctness of this statemen
water temp change
For largemouth bass:    For salmonids (Steelhead/salmon):
CDC Emerger Wings: Thoughts
After tying some emergers with CDC wings I'm wondering if the feathers are the best winging material.The wings on my flies really contracted once they hit the water. Maybe I didn't use enough CDC, but
Saltwater fly rod size?
I've never fished for either Tarpon or Snook, but I have rods from 3 wt up to 10 wt that I use & have fished a lot for other salt species. As the others have indicated, any in that heavier range c
Critique this Muddler
Thank you for offering the words of advice. I have read each bit and truly appreciate your time to respond. The link was very beneficial to put what was said and seeing it right off. I will practice a
Ultra small hen skins
The quality is great on these and for the money you get a lot of soft hackle. Been using some other hen hackle for softies but will get a good workout and should last me until I'm past the tying stage
Fly Reel for an 8wt
The Angler's Roost has a 7/8wt reel on clearance - 303L in black for about $40.  i've only used their reels for trout but haven't had an issue with any of the 4 I've bought.  Great reel for
what fly to use
Since I've never fished the Hudson Valley or anywhere in NY...
My new streamer pattern
Where do you go for trout? I like the Sacramento river but the American river is closest to my house. Have you heard of the Rubicon ?
Tying Egg Flies
I don't use them for trout...just salmon and steelhead.  They will probably work for trout...I've just never tried them before.
Thunder Creek Minnow
Here is a classic deer hair streamer...sorry for the focus issues!                    Thunder Creek Minnow Hook: 2-8 StreamerUnderbody: Flat
Measuring how much deer hair to use
One of the problems I"m having is trying to decide just how much hair to clip off my deer tail in one bundle. It's hard to tell just how much hair the person tying in the videos is using and I always
Good Day All
Yeah, Bug.  Or would you prefer "Slinger"?  We'd like to know a bit about our new members.  I can read what you included in your profile: 45, male, Ontario.  But what are you like,
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