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Trout Fly Tying

Pictures from 16 days on the Au Sable (pic heavy)
WOW!  You call all those fish "tough" fishing?  I'd hate to be on a trip when the fishing is "Hard". Some really nice fish and great pictures. Chernobyl Ant ... I've shied away from tying th
"My Trout Box Needs Help" Swap
I'm in.  black nosed dace streamer, clouser style.  Absolute go to for me.  I forget the size, I think it's 8 or 10 (isn't that crazy?  I fish it all the time but my supply is endl
Parachute Adams
I use only one hackle on my "Adams" parachutes. The trout don't mind.
tools and materials quality
     But, I'd say, stay away from E-bay sales to start.   I buy a good bit from Ebay sellers, but agree if Mike means used lots. Unless you know what you're buying, you can end up
Tying on deployment
Looking to do some tying on my next deployment. Have you heard of anyone having issues bringing materials with them or back for that matter? Materials a really expensive and I don’t want to brin
New from Texas
I'm a new Fly fisherman, and I'm interested in learning to tie my own flies.   I primarily fish for bass but after a trip to Creede Colorado, i fell in love with trout fishing and I can't wa
Hackle... Who grows the best of the best
I think each grower has their own following of fly tyersI have some older Henry Hoffman saddles that I use for dries as well as whitingI have some kehough hackle that ive used for saltwater and stream
Spanish Mackerel
Caught my first Spanish on a #9 casting to a big surf cruising snook with probably a schminnow. Cast behind some rocks to bring the fly in front of the snook & didn't even see the mackerel behind
Difference between brookies and other trout?
Any trout fly whether dry/wet or nymph will catch Brook trout. Since he was not specific, Give him an assortment of all types in sizes of 14-20. Some caddis patterns for sure. Some small mayfly patter
New To Flyfishing!
Hello all!   This is my first attempt to tie any flies since I was a kid. Back then I had no idea what I was doing, but tied some fairly convincing poppers with small corks from the hobby store.
Spey-style on #4/0 blind eye
  Hook: Partridge Adlington & Hutchinson Blind Eye #4/0Thread: Sheer 14/0Body: The Fly Co Seals FurRib: UNI-Mylar 1/16″ Silver, UNI-Frensh Oval SilverHackle: Whiting Spey BrownWing: Ve
Little Virginia Lakes/Eastern Sierras
A 4# trout out of Little Virginia is a very good fish.  Was it a freshly planted or a hold over?  How were the bears?   Very sobering picture of Bridgeport.    whatfly, 
What is your favorite leech pattern for stillwater trout
Good place to get materials on a budget
I am a college kid who is pretty much broke but find tying flies fun and relaxing! I got into fly fishing in high school where we had a fly fishing club.  I bought a cabelas fly tying kit a while
Floating hoppers - Rainy's foam
Anyone ever use this stuff?  Could I use the 1/8th inch stuff to make hopper bodies, instead of dubbing or chenille?  Hoppers made with the latter tend to barely float, almost sinking.  
Lure won't retrieve straight
I made a trout lure which is basically size 10 hook, marabou, chenille body with dumbbell eyes and I weighted it by using some lead wire wraps, I made two the same but when I tried them out I noticed
Getting Started in Saltwater
Hi Folks,   I've been tying freshwater (mostly trout) flies for awhile now.  While I don't think I am an expert, I feel comfortable knowing the patterns and techniques needed to produce a fi
Blackbird wings here.
water boatman pattern
While Crackaig is a floating water boatman, mine is a sinking one. Legs-Black round rubber leggs Back-Clear thin sking colored black Body-Black rabbit dubbing   I like the idea if adding the silv
Some nice cutties
Trout are very hydro-dynamic, and can hunker down on the bottom behind a rock, and withstand a tremendous force of water.  It tailwaters, during generation cycles, they also tend to go to the edg
fly line to leader connection
To start with. No best. Lots of favourite ways that have advantages and disadvantages to each. Its up to you to find out what suits you best in your fishing situation.   First of all you need to
Grayling fishing
Which grayling? There are several species. The only one I have experience of is Thalamus Thalamus. I don't know if others vary in their habits.   It has been discovered that grayling like to lie
What makes the Law so good?
FWIW, I tied for years on a Renzetti Master before I got one of the last LAW vises before LW stopped making them a few years ago.  I love the Law, primarily for the ease of adjustment and the acc
This is How I Make My Glow Jigs and Flies
Enjoy!How to make Glow Jigs and Flies.....Materials needed....Softex Maybe even more than one? (You should check prices all over for this)Wooden Skewers (I am still using the first skewers I started w
Stimulator Dubbing
Bugsy , Every bag of Fly-Rite I have says "Natural Dubbing 100% Natural Fibers" . It looks just like the professionally processed lambs wool I got from friends years ago when they got rid of all the
both are perfect for dry flies   saddle if youre tying mass quantity of one size   cape if youre tying multiple sizes
White Peacock Herl
Mottled peacock usually refers to the wing secondary feathers, not tail feathers. A moulted wing feather is rarely in good condition for tying.   The translucent effect can also be achieved with
August flies from the bench
Having recently relocated back to my childhood home, I have had to stash away my half a dozen boxes filled with classic steelhead wets and spey's into the bottom drawer of the tying bench for anothe
The best mayfly emerger patterns?
Hi streamtrout,    I really like Rosenbauer's Rabbits Foot emerger. You can swap the body dubbing for turkey biots for a slimmer profile. Use different colored snowshoe and body colors to im
vise advise
Brian - Count me in as a very satisfied user of the Peak Rotary Vise.  To be fair, I have not used the Mongoose vise, so I can't comment there.  However, for the price I believe that one cou
CA glues: Are the all created equal.
I must be the oddball here. I use Zap-A-Gap and Za CA and never had any issues. Once I open them I put the tip extension on it and it will last months. I use it everyday in my production tying and
Making deer hair bass bugs durable
I searched the forum on this topic and found a good discussion from 2011 that answered some of my questions and turned me on to a new product to try (Liquid Fusion) to make my bugs generally more wate
Do Metz Micro Barb Saddles still exist?
Sportsman's Warehouse usually has them, no grizzle at this time.
Question on swaps
Ditto what fishingbobnelson and vicrider said -- the swaps are an excellent way to learn and improve your tying; they certainly have been for me. I have only ever heard constructive criticism of
Swisher's Royal PMX
Here's a pattern I use a lot as an indicator pattern/hopper dropper rig           Swisher's Royal PMX            &#
Anyone Interested in Tying Glow Flies?
How well do they work?  What do you use them on?  Thanks.   I've used florescent paint for parachute posts and the head of wooly buggers and had somewhat mixed results when night fishin
Most commonly used colors for baitfish patterns?
So i'm starting to be dedicated to tying baitfish patterns and i would like to know what the most commonly used colors are. A permanent marker cost about as much as a bag of EP fibers, so i don't real
Parachute Flies - How bushy do you like the hackle.
If I'm tying a dry parachute that has high flotation wings or body I put the hackle pretty sparse (2 or 3 turns), if it's just regular old dubbing and such I use the 'standard' 4 turns. If it's a para
Second Attempt on Spinning Hair...
Add ... you are getting the idea.  Spinning hair is an art form of it's own.  You'll get a better idea of what you're doing if you DON'T try tying a fly.  What I mean by that is, don't
Dove Season a Month Away...
Yes I know this is a fly tying forum but with the anticipation of Dove Season being right around the corner I made these flies out of I believe from the head of a turtle dove that I received in m
Articulated Firetiger Perch
For the tail I tie in a bunch of flash on each side of the short tail section of the spine and work some silicone through it with my fingers to fan it out. I lay them on wax paper and when they get
Need a size 14-12 hopper
Here's another one that's easy to tie (link)
Spinning Elk / Deer Hair --- First Attempt
Deer belly hair is a great choice when you're tying big, colorful bugs.  In addition to being white and taking dye well, you can also find patches with very long hair.  And it's more coarse
Hello from Illinois!
Welcome to the site, the addiction and the insanity that is the fly fishing world.  Your questions in the Beginner's section have already shown that your thinking along the right directions for w
Mustad Saltwater Hook question
Ditz2, Eagle Claw makes a wide variety of hooks that could be used for tying. Find some 253 style hooks, which are similar to the 254, but are primarily nickel plated. A far less costly alternative to
Montana 2014
Thanks both - plenty to be getting on with! Here's to Montana trout! Oliver
Paraloop tying question
I prefer a gallows tool which came with my Jvice when tying paraloop flies. It makes it easier, imo. Recently fished a few paraloops in mont. and they were very effective.
Light cured resin in dentistry
I went to the dentist today and got a small temp filling.  The Dr. used a light-cured composite.  It hardened instantly.   When I asked about it, he said they had been using UV-cur
Hair extension kits
I actually purchased some of that synthetic hair in a combination of colors from an Ebay seller in China a couple of years ago. It's barred like grizzly, and very long, I think 15". Not a bad material
Identify this please.
Yeah on another forum someone suggests a mini tying desk broom and I'm tempted to try it. They are very stiff and the length is what threw me with what it was. You should see the tail feathers and win
Winged McMurray Ants. Balsa wood abdomen/head; Moose body hair legs; Produce bag wings.   [attachment=47859:Trout Candy I.JPG][attachment=47860:Trout Candy II.JPG][attachment=47861:Trout Can
Using CDC as Soft Hackle Material?
Hi Randy,   Quite the opposite, It will spread and move like no other material. Even in the stillest of water the fibres will move.   There is one great way to tie this kind of fly, really q
Over $1,200 Company Materials & Tool Sellout
Hi there,   I'm Chase Fairbanks, owner and founder of the Bigfoot Fly Company. Due to some personal obligations that I have at this time, I will not be able to continue running the business, whic
Hello from Kansas!
Hi there everyone!   I'm Chase Fairbanks, I have been fly fishing for a while now and I currently decided to start my own tying company called Bigfoot Fly Company. After investing large amounts o
Walleye Fly Fishing
Hey Everyone, I am normally just fishing for trout in SouthEastern Minnesota but recently I got the chance to head up to Park Rapids to stay with my girlfriend at her cabin for a whole week. It is on
Wrist pain
Make it me give you the whole hundred! Lol or me mike and trout guy can split it, 33.3333.... Bucks apiece!
Popper colors.
Thanks,          I just tried something funny! I tied a dave's hopper and in place of a spun deer head I put a piece of yellow #2 pencil! It looks cool but I'm afrai
Mystery feather identification
Ya I wasn't sure if I was going to be really into tying flies so didn't want to spend a lot of money. The materials that were included seem to be pretty divided. The thread, fur and extras are all see
My Next Streamer
Nice streamer. What are you fishing for? If I was back in NY I would fish that for trout after dark. North Carolina has only one river that allows trout fishing after dark. The river is like a four ho
What color dye do i need?
 flytire,                It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people go to answering peoples questions on this site
wire for flies
There is a thread with a chart showing what gauge corresponds to wire size for tying.   _________________________________________________________________________ 28 Guage => .0126" => Mediu
One of the ugliest flies and one of the best flies
There are many videos on tying a wooly bugger.  This one is pretty good.
Essential Saltwater flies. Ed Jaworowski.
You might want to check out the "Saltwater Fly Tying" group on Facebook. There are quite a few Scandinavian sea trout guys on there who are very talented. You won't see a lot of actual step-by-step, b
GnG Hollow Rattling Baitfish
    Gliss n Glint Hollow Rattling Baitfish   Material List:   Gamakatsu Saltwater hook SL12 size 4/0 and 6/0 Deer Creek Gliss n Glint wing material Deer Creek eye - Chrome 10mm D
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