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Trout Fly Tying

Nymo nylon thread question
(did not want to hijack the recent q's on best tying thread in Beginner's Corner)   RE:!Nymo-Nylon-Thread   Alrighty then, Nymo states this: 
The Hopper Juan - (minor variation)
Here is a tutorial that I completed last night of a minor variation of the Hopper Juan.   [attachment=50236:HopperJuan Copyrighted.jpg]   Link -
Dropper for Popper/Slider- what favorite combo for Potomac River? Smal
I use a popper/slider dropper rig part of the time when I fish the local which has smallmouth and largemouth, along with assorted panfish in it but I'm not specifically targeting bass with it.  I
Hello from Portugal
Welcome to the site, Nuno.  Very cool, a custom made rod to learn on is very cool.  Did your Dad also get you into fly tying?  Interesting that you started tying so long before starting
A different source for tying materials
very good reminder   the taxidermy shop has always been a good place for tying materials.   unfortunately a lot of just don't go in and ask for scraps or even have one near by
"Let the Fish Critique Your Fly"
I don't think I have ever tied a perfect fly, and probably never will at my age. After about a year of tying, I have accumulated over 250 flies. I scan the net looking for patterns to try. Often I don
My Bumble Bee....tell me what you think
You have done better than I have so far. I've never caught on a bee pattern. The photo doesn't show any problems with the tying. What do you mean by "...the hackle looks funny"? Without seeing how you
Working on a short story. Please, have a read.
     It had been a hard summer. Not just from an angling point of view but from a living point of view. It was a season of uncovering harsh truths and forced reality checks. It was
What to do with 2 rabbit pelts?
That is what I do with the rabbits I shoot. If you're just going to be using them for fly tying and eventually cutting them up, I'm not sure the stretching is necessary. It's just more ascetically ple
Micro Fly Rod
Artimus ... I AM the advocate for quantity.  I would much rather catch a bunch of fish than one big one.  HOWEVER ... I do like to feel SOMETHING at the other end of that line.   I coul
Some Advice on Getting Started
These are all very good tips. Just what a forum entitled "Beginner's Corner" should contain I think. I stopped tying for ten years, and like others, feel like I had to start all over again. Even then,
walleye and sauger
I know most questions in the cold water forum are about trout and char but I would like to know when to catch walleye and sauger shallow, probably be fishing from a kayak, if possible some flies for w
First tries at deer hair
You are tying a muddler head, which is supposed to sink.  These are packed tight enough for that.  If you pack the hair on a muddler too much, it starts to float up off the bottom which isn'
Quick and Easy X-Caddis
GREAT video...You spoke very clear and focus was good.  Straight to the point on tying the fly.  I hope you post some more you did a really good job!!!
Need some advice for NE Georgia
I have a buddy who lives literally on the banks of the Chattahoochee River not far from Helen, and I want to tie him some flies for trout, rock bass, striper and white bass, and whatever else he has t
Collins Hackle
In the study that we did we were very impressed with the Collins product.  If I were going to buy a cape that wasn't a whiting, it would most likely be a Collins.  The saddle can't be compar
The Ants
Those are very good looking ants... can't tell how durable they are.  You can make them more durable by treating them with epoxy or some other stuff like Aileen's Fabric Fusion or Loctite Go2 Glu
Whip finish
Tim Cammisa of Trout and Feather does an excellent job of explaining showing how to whipfinish by hand.  Check out the video... "whipfinishing by hand" is at about the 3:05 mark of the video. 
Bass Crayfish
Have you thought about tying it on a jig hook?
a fantastic baetis nymph tied simple and easy
Hi guys :)    For those who have doubts about  photos posted. All  photos are mine. All photos are made by me and I can prove that :) If some photos can be founded in articles in d
My son playing...flytying :)
My (almost)8 years old son was watching me while tying my flies since he was 5 and he wanted to try that, too. He learns very fast and seems to enjoy tying simple flies Can't wait for the summer to t
Hello from Pgh, PA!
Thanks for having me first off and I'm looking forward to learning more and improving my tying. I've been tying for 15 years and got into fly fishing and tying at age 40 thanks to some time off when I
Texas FlyFishers Annual Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival
Just wondering who all is going to this?  I know I sure am!!!   Yippie...No wat
Wing Burners, Anyone?
I've seen them but I don't have any nor have I ever used any...Of course I've only been tying since last spring...Seems like a lot of hassle to use but what do I know...
The weighted brass beads you get at fly shops will have one smaller hole and one larger hole in them. This makes them much easier to get around the bends of some hooks. I don't know if you can get tho
Lake Trout
I haven't fished for Lake trout shallow, but i have fished fore them deep. So i cant help you there but when it comes to the flies i might be able to help. One of the best that i have used is a white
Deer hair
well i dont think i have a coffee grinder though are their other ways You can blend small amounts in your hands.  Just mix it up then pull the pile apart, put back together, repeat ...  
From CT
Hey folks. Snowed in, here in Connecticut...once again... Been tying since I was a child. I mostly tie beginner level nymphs and dries...which happen to fish well for me too. Got into tying large arti
Some hard bodies for 2015
Fla, I've done them down to size #10.   This is the basic idea except done with foam and no dimple. This is a size #8 or #10, great bream bug - with tail of course. Usually just a simple squirrel
Dubbing (to many options)
^^^What FlyTire said^^^ That should get you tying just about everything. Once you gain more experience with tying, and water time with your flies, you will be able to select more specific materials. F
Ohh i get it now im not rly ready for that haha Stuntsurvivalist its a great way to get your practice and improve your tying skills. as you keep improving on each fly you are tying and making them
Adams fly
LOL  Not mixed messages ... choices.   Lots of tiers ... unsatisfied with a fly, will cut all the material off and start over.   But the best choice ... keep it.  Next year, if you
Thomas Harvey's Trophy Wife
Decided to tie up one of Thomas Harvey's flies called "The Trophy Wife". Made it to imitate baby trout. Criticism would be appreciated! Tied on a size two owner hook. 
Hellgrammites (Dobsonfly Larva)
I will be sure to try them out in the spring, they seem quite easy to tie. I know that Hellgrammites are huge for bass, and some say they are the ticket to walleye and trout but didn't have a clue how
Flies for Pike and Bass
Agree with ditz2 on that.  Most of my saltwater patterns are the same ones I use for bass and pike.  A good book is "PopFleyes" by Ed Jaworwski and Bob Popovics.  Detailed tying instruc
Brook Trout fishing in Central Ontario
Thank you for your help I will be sure to look into Algonquin, I had heard that they had trout but never knew that Brook trout are in there. Thanks again 
How do i do it?
to each his own, but I would absolutely practice the basics of tying before going on to all different things, with your "third fly ever"...   thread tension, even wraps, half hitches and whip fin
G.R.H.E. (Gold Gibbed Hare's Ear) [Photo Heavy]
Hi Crackaig,    Very nice job and then some!  On your unsightly band of thread behind the bead, many folks tie a fire orange thread on many patterns on purpose for a hot spot. I think t
February Flies from the Vice
Articulated Trout Slider   Video tutorial
What are these for?
The absolute best starter/learner/beginner tying instructions I have seen are on FAOL (   Clicky thingy to their Beginner tying Lessons.  Al Campbell was a wonder a
Looking for tying materials/supplies for my husband
Hello, I am looking for some generous people who would want to help my husband out. Long story short, the past 2 years have been very rough, my husband had a severe back injury and was off work for al
Wandotte feathers
I really wanted wynadottes but the wife had Orpingtons' instead. The feathers are fine at the top of the cape for trout hackle and will look great dyed.
Winter............I hate it!
So I'm tying a few flys for my friend that doesn't tye but he sure can fish.  Anyone else tying add to the thread please...  
My very first fly
Looks like you've got the 'wings' of a Catskill traditional fly in relatively the correct position. If you had hackled it - a few turns behind the wings and a few in front, then you would have a 
Help identify feathers
You didn't say what types of flies you intend to tie with this hackle, other than saying trout flies. IMO, this is not dry fly quality hackle you have here. It's likely something that might be used f
Favorite Books.
Joe Humphreys came to one of our TU meetings. I met him and, as he was Penn State - and I graduated from there,  he gladly signed my PS flag... lol! I think I got his signature in a book too. Was
Bug Bond Mains Professional UV Light
Hi Jay,   My assumption that there were batteries in the foot switch originates from the lack of an electrical plug in the advertisement below, and the fact that "mains" does not have the connota
Does anyone know about the Stonfo Kaiman vise?
it appears to be a regal vise knockoff.   fly tying is not a popularity contest. if you like it then that's your choice   go for it  
Some more basic patterns
This is good advice, but I think I may have misspoken.  I did say Poppers, but was referring more to foam flies in general, (spiders, beetles, etc).  Would a lot of this advice apply to
Florida Inshore Fly Fishing, need recommendations
I live in in Gainesville but have no experience with any guides since I have never used them.  However, if you ant to fish saltwater then the areas to look into are Cedar Key, Suwannee, Homossa
Old hook question
You can try selling them but I doubt you will get much for them if they are regular dry and wet fly hooks. If there are any unusual styles there may be someone willing to pay more. Unfortunately, at l
Crowdfunding fly tying
When local shops have free tying classes ... good luck with that.
Methods to Madness
I have started to notice the obsessive tendencies caused by fly fishing. For example, I coat each knot I tie in hard as Nails and check and recheck my equipment periodically throughout the week. Doe
Excellent Nymph and Streamer Hook - GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X
GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, BronzeExcellent Nymph and Streamer HookI really like the look, temper, bend and hook point ofthe GC5262 nymph and streamer hooks. I rat
Critique these two flies please
Where I fish  in SW Colorado, I use two flies only probably 80% of the time. I catch fish after fish with these, so I never have used much else other than maybe a few terrestrials here and there.
Hairwing Fly Swap
Interested but define hair wing fly first  Any fly that uses animal fur or hair for the wing.  Elk Hair Caddis, CDC and Elk, Green Butt Skunk, Royal  or any Trude pattern.  It
Can't find the right hook
Virgil, I feel your pain! I've been tying almost as long as you have & shad are a favorite of mine as well. Unfortunately, we can't keep them here so it's catch & release only now and when I g
Newbie from Northern NJ
Hi All,   I just found this area after posting in the Beginner's Corner so I'll be brief here... Here's the other post:  
Hello, From Indiana
Welcome Hal.   I'm guessing a naïve trout would be one that's easy to fool.  Native trout however I think tend to be rather sophisticated.  At least that's what I hear. 
New "Again" to Tying
Hi All,   I found this forum searching for the best vise to buy. Tread easily, I'm not made of money and I know we all like what we all like. But that said, diversity is great and there are obvio
Dry Fly Dubbing
The only dubbing I have on hand is superfine dry fly dubbing. I am tying some pheasant tail nymphs. Will using this dubbing cause them to float? I want to keep tying but am not sure if it is ok to dub
Last hope pupa
Pretty neat fly ... very nice tutorial video. I did skip through some of the beginning, to the point where you had started tying.  And I skipped the wrapping of the clear abdomen material.  
Oval Tinsel Substitute
it is a fly tying tip for ALL levels of fly tyers to enjoy
Woodworking Ideas
years ago i had this tying bench from grays sporting woods and thought i would buy a different one from a member on this forum site. he never came through on the order so i just bought the same thing
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