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Trout Fly Tying

silk thread
Hi Joey   Welcome to the site of much information, get used to get a few different answers for each questions, all probably being right in their own way ;-)   Regarding silk thread. Is is pu
Atlanta Fishing
I am coming to Atlanta in September and will not have a boat with me. I was wondering if any of you know of any good spots that I can hook into carp, bass, trout, and also warmouth. I don't care if it
Delektable Teaser SBS
  Dan Delkta's take on a Quigley Cripple, apparently.  Tied here in purple; change colors to suit your needs.     hook - Dai Riki 280  #14 thread - Uni 8/0  purple shuck
database software
I have recently taken up the art of tying my own flies and was wondering if there was an updated pattern software program that I could use to enter patterns that I have put together.  Most o
Massive Fly Tying Collection
All -   It has been a long time since I've been on the Forum as life has caught up with me.  I have a massive collection of fly tying materials, furniture, lights, books, and even some rods
Acadia National Park
You're welcome! MDI is amazing and you'll have a blast regardless. Any creek you find will have Brook Trout and they'll hit anything. Just be somewhat stealthy. You don't need to get all army commando
Southern New England Hex hatches
In our waters, or the one I have in mind, soon it will be baby herring. They will start schooling up in clouds and cruising the waters near shore mostly, to go out the riverway in Oct. You can get the
stoneflies photos / questions
Over the many years I've been fly fishing, I've been told frequently enough "that's not going to work here". Sometimes that information was correct, many times it wasn't. IMO, you're on the right trac
Grillos' Later Skater SBS
I really like this pattern, great SBS. Should kill some brookies and creek trout
August is tiny fly monthly swap
RF, this is a monthly swap with people signed up at the start of the year for the whole year. Sometimes a person has life interfere with tying and I advertise for another tier but right now we are ful
Czech Nymphing
You will loose a lot of flies doing it, certainly to start with. "If you are not catching the bottom frequently, you are not fishing deep enough." I was told when I started using this technique. That
Fly Tying Desk- FlickNDip
New on this forum, but figured I would show where I do all my tying. Still not enough space.
2 piece vs 4 piece rods.
I fish with only 3, 4, 6, and 7 piece rods.  Since I travel to trout fish, short rods fit in my carry on bag.  My three and 4 piece 8 weights are just a easy for me as the 2 piece rods I use
1080p and 4k fly tying video help
i like videos that do not show the tyers face or a moving mouth. (see in the riffle videos. the tying is excellent but you get used watching his mouth move and not the fly tying)   the object of
Mullet and Shrimp and Fiddlers, oh my!
Been busy at the bench to stock up my fly boxes. Don't have a lot of time at any one time so I pick them off a couple at a time. First up is something I conjured up. I've always loved woolly buggers a
Desk Lamp Recommendation
Yes forgot about the fly tying store Michaels. Do they sell other stuff too? LOL phg
August flies from the vise
A little Ant I have been working on.   Cinnamon-Ant-BL.JPG Dynamite fly design!  I love your inventions. This one combines my two favorite dry fly styles - submerged bodies a la Klinkham
Alec Jackson Covert Nymph hooks?
Why would it be less visible in the water and what makes it so special? The hooks you show don't seem much different from anyone else's curved shank nymph hooks.   I have some swimming nymph hook
Fine wire or tinsel
Check out hobby & crafts stores for beading or jewelry making wire. Comes in various sizes (gauges) & colors. I've bought it locally in the past at JoAnn's Fabrics & Crafts, and at AC Moor
quigley crown jewel
Does anybody know or have the tying recipe for the quigley crown jewel nymph.i have tied some just by looking at a picture but would like to know the actual recipe.thanks
Mountain Stream Flies
A lot of your standard attractor patterns work well--at least in our Sierra mountains, and I've fished up to 11,000 ft. Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, and Stimulator, if you're going for the top
Bondic for fly tying
Hi guys I would just like to share something with you in case you have not came across it before.  But if you haven't then I suggest you give it a try. Bondic plastic welder for use in tying is
Two Project Boxes
Over the last month or so I haven't posted much, it isn't that I haven't been tying, rather there are only so many photos of Double Badgers, and soldier beetles that you can post. it feels like I have
Tails on A. K. Best dry flies
In his books Production Fly Tying and Advanced Fly Tying Best describes how he tails dry flies.   For flies with only 2 or three tail fibers he makes a thread bump of 2 turns (for a fly smaller t
Some Fishing Pics. from Colorado
Over 100 trout caught during one week in the Rocky Mountains . Almost all were caught on a Grey Drake Fly. Here are a few favorite pictures.     [attachment=53128:1.jpg][attachment=53129:2.j
box filler
Buy a pattern book and start tying.  Really.  Obvious ones to try would be Essential Trout flies, Trout Flies of the West, and Tying Emergers.  Contrary to the popular opinion, the 
Can I see your surface bugs please?
Here's a few of my deer hair sliders. I don't get the variety that Capt. Bob does ( mostly trout and reds ) but I love sight casting the flats with these in knee deep water. Nothing more exciting than
Some bad news today
i just heard from my brother in the OK Valley it is the same thing. salmon and trout shut down for the rest of the season. sorta lucky for him. he just moved there; he can't fish at all anyways, lol.
Rocket City, Alabama
Capt Bob    Welcome... the closest town I could ever claim as a hometown for me was... Huntsville.   I was an Army brat and the longest my family ever lived in one place was Redstone,
Tennis Racket Wings
No problem. I've used the paper trick with burners of all kinds. By making the wings as pairs you get around the problem of getting them onto the hook the same length/position. The usual technique for
Those familiar with Mcdonough's Slap-N-Tickle, I've got some q
I only see one hook (the stinger) in the images I can locate.  In that case, you could choose from available shanks or cut off the bend of a salmon/streamer hook.   The grizzly maribou appea
Au Sable vacation 2015
Good job, you even managed to get a trout in the heat of summer !
Special afternoon
Got out to a local river for a couple hours this afternoon.  I've decided to focus on fishing streamers for the time being and threw some slump busters with the 7 wt.  It was more of an exer
Best Books for Classic Salmon Fly Tying
For many years I tied dries, wets and streamers for fishing the streams and rivers of Michigan. Recentlyi we moved to Northern California and my interests are now leaning toward the rivers of the Paci
Effects of fire on a stream
Depends on topography and extent of fire in the watershed upstream.   One of my local creeks suffered a bad fire a number of years ago that burned the slopes above right down to the banks. The st
Chase's B2 Stealth Bomber SBS
Originally, a Catskill stonefly/attractor from Phil Chase; this should play anywhere. hook - Dai Riki 280 #8 thread - MFC 6/0 hot orange abdomen - woodchuck underfur (in spun loop) wing - woodchuck
For me needle fish tend to tear up my flies, ripping the hackles off my seaducers etc.  However they themselves are good bait for trout and snook. Never caught a snook on one yet but have caught
Vise accessory question
Utyer,        Thank you for your quick response.   I figured it was for holding material in some manner, but, have never seen it used in any of the tying videos. Once again, I
SF Baitfish
Very nice! I've never used that material. I have some similar, but have yet to really get into tying with it much.  I've always preferred natural materials.   Here's some flies I've tied wit
fly tying
Remington, I don't know if you are already doing this, but putting a piece of cardboard behind the fly as a background will aid you in seeing what you are doing.  For most of your tying you can p
Southeastern Virginia
Welcome Jerry.  This is the place to learn... lots of knowledge in these parts.  You didn't mention whether you're into fly tying or just fishing with them.  As far as I can tell you, I
Feather Emporium - Very Strange
I've had very good luck and fast returns on my FE orders. The only thing I didn't like was if you ordered a mixed pack of 3 sizes of on color they all went in on baggie and when you 3 sizes of same co
Female Phasianus Colchicus
A little different look on pheasant tails, using hen (all tied on #16 Dai Riki 070)   basic       flashback       beadhead       beadhead full flas
Online Fly Tying Resources
My newest video is now live, and in it I discuss online fly tying resources.  Aside from sharing some of my own, I also ask the viewers to comment on the sites they use most often (like Fly Tying
Dukes Creek Flies
I've reserved a spot for myself and a friend to go fishing at Dukes Creek in early August and I will be tying flies for both of us to use while we are on the water.  My friend doesn't have any tr
Skin smells like dead bird..
I purchased from Ebay many times and usually get great results, but this time.. I think the person just had no idea what he was doing. I looked up the person online since he included a business card f
Welcomed and Thank You
Welcome aboard Niteshft , Spent a lot of time North of the boarder chasing Atlantic salmon on the fly in the 80's. I fished mainly in New Brunswick on two of the famous rivers Miramichi and Restigouch
Small and salty.
I am hoping someone State side may volunteer to be host for this swap. Increase in UK postal rates mean it makes a pricey swap if everyone mails to me. Looking through my box I have received some awes
Wanted: Fly Tying Bass Flies with Dave Whitlock DVD
Hi there,   I'm looking for the Fly Tying Bass Flies with Dave Whitlock DVD.   Thanks!
Just how "barbless" do I need to be???
Yea, it's easier for us to pinch down the barbs on those small trout flies.
Sink tips in saltwater?
Does anyone around here use sink tips in saltwater? I live around Savannah, Georgia and sometimes I'll be fishing 5' -10' deep for Reds and Trout (depending on the tides, of course) and I'm wondering
New guy Nebraska- Panhandle
Hi,   i am Ryan. I just picked up my first fly tying kit for my 30th birthday. I got an Orvis kit recommended to me from the guys at Hook Shots. I cant wait to dive into this new hobby. 
Fly Tying Rewards
After a good spring the grass started filling in so I tied some deer hair sliders to slide over the grass. Results have been good to include a 28" sea trout, my best ever on any tackle. She was bare
Summer update from Savannah and Newfoundland
Thanks Mike! It feels good to be back fly fishing. Still pumped about that Brook Trout! That's one thing off of my bucket list!
Fly tying bench project.
My friend is a pretty skilled woodworker, and looking for a project to kill time and maybe make some money, and I suggested a fly tying bench. He said that if I could find anyone interested, we will m
Prince Amnesia SBS
A forgotten fly. hook - Dai Riki 280 #10 thread - UTC 140 hot orange/MFC 8/0 brown tail - goose biots brown abdomen - 15lb Amnesia thorax - peacock herl hackle - hen back wings - goose biots wh
Hello from Denmark
Welcome to the gang, Peter.  That shrimp is nice.  And your photos are very good too.... you'd be surprised how many of us have trouble photographing our flies.  We have a number of Sca
Greetings from Sweden
I'm the father of two severly autistic children in their lower teenage and I spend a lot of my time just keeping an eye in them. I have found that this time is perfect for hobbies that can be interrup
Cleaning Waders and Boots
So I recently went to fish some waters which have several invasive plants and other critters. To avoid spreading these what is the best way clean and disinfect my waders before heading back up north t
The first two fish pictures - left and middle - are Brown Trout and the third on the right is a rainbow.  Looks like possibly German Browns. Orange/red spots can be present on German Browns. Some
Marlo Dipietro Vises
Not quite sure what to make of those. While I can see the craftsmanship in their making, they are totally not my style. I'm much more of a form following function fan. They are ornate to the ridiculou
Speaking of the 20-Incher Stone
I've not tied or fished that fly, but as far as flies with peacock bodies, agree with you. I've experimented with peacock on Hellgrammite patterns for SM bass and some worked quite well. I don't see w
Hatches Blog Post - Hatches Theater – Great Big Minnows, RUSH, New
Carp, trout, and NZ make up a great video post.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Good buy on articulated streamer supplies
I agree with Vic.  These ... [attachment=52940:500-0.jpg] Give you a lot better tying situation than ... [attachment=52941:FTD-Fish-Joints.jpg]   I love FTD ... but these, I'd have to give a
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