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Trout Fly Tying

When to glue, When not to glue?
It depends on what you're tying. I use Flexament (or it's equivalent - I make my own) for a construction cement and either a head cement, (Sally Hansen) Liquid Fusion or epoxy, and it takes care of al
My first bugger
I am relatively new to the art of fly tying. I tried it many years ago but got discouraged trying to Palmer hackle on flies. Last spring I picked up a new fly rod and just had to start tying again. I
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
Oh I'm in.   I'll be tying a DomeAzz. It's so ugly, it's cute.
Fly tying silk from GB
Has anybody had any experience with Piper's Silk from the UK?  They claim fly fishermen use their silk for fly tying; just wondering if anybody on this forum has any experience using it...
Books for sale
Fly tying and fly fishing books for sale
WILD BROWN Trout in Colorado
One of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, the Animas River is a unique and rare treasure. With the newest and one of the best Gold Medal Water fly-fishing sections in Colorado, the
Warmwater wet flies with a twist interest?
mikechell and wmw4 need to review the rules. Unless you've already done it you need to PM steeldrifter with your home and cell #, board and real name and address. This is in the very first pinned rule
Wading Boots and Attire Advice
Okay everyone before I continue with my questions I did indeed do a search on Wading Boots from previous posts and there were a few posts out there but nothing recent.  I ran acros
Danica Vise
I would stay with your Thompson vise.   To me the objective is teaching necessary skills while showing your students that inexpensive serviceable tools are just fine.  When I teach clas
One video every tier should watch.
I love the monthly fly thread and the running fish pics thread, so I was thinking it would be cool to have a running list of "must see" fly tying videos. It is a free form proposal, but I think I envi
What happens when Nymph guys try warm water stuff
Those will catch fish for sure. Thats what I find so fun about Warmwater fly tying & rules to follow. I grew up flyfishing the Sierras taught by dry fly purists who considered nymphin
8th Annual Opening Day Swap
Opening Day of trout season, in many parts of the West, is the last Saturday in April. This year it is April 29. Tie 12 of any trout fly, any stage, any size, any style. Usual rules apply; s
Bobbins... rough on thread, and best spinners?
  Do you think it is supposed to do that and if not what exactly is preventing you from contacting Rite Bobbin? My experience is that they will fix anything wrong with their product. Have had t
loon ergo bobbin
I picked one up several weeks ago when Stockard had a $10 coupon thing going.  I think I have it currently loaded with DVille flat waxed nylon that I use mostly for clousers and decievers (stripe
Project Healing Waters Collection - 2017
My annual Project Healing Waters Collection is underway, and thanks to those who have donated in the past, or have already sent in items for this year's collection.  As in year's past, PHW is acc
Parachute adams
A longer wing (shank length) can be seen by the trout and the angler. So I see it as serving two purposes. If the wing is not overly long and the hackle isn't too short, the fly should land upright mo
Pseudo Hair
Psuedo Hair, really need some for my bald head, have not used it much for tying...
South African in Latvia, Northern Europe
Welcome to FTF, do not hesitate to post pictures of your fishing and tying adventures...
Need Pheasant tail feathers, estaz, coneheads, etc. Trade?
Here's a list of what I need:  Lots of pheasant tail center feathers for tying pheasant tail variants.  The good, long, dark, tough barbs that the center tail feather has on both sides. Esta
Rusty Spinner Tying Tutorial
Thanks for the observation. I promise to make improvemts to the video. While I have been tying for a long time I'm a newbie at video editing. I'm probably going to just tie the fly going forward and e
Primo Deer Hair
McFLy  The 200 is less prone to cutting through your hair.  140 will work and not harm your bobbin.  But the real reason I responded is to remind you that you absolutely must comb out t
Parachute flies
I rarely, like almost never, tie dry flies since trout are not high on my list of targeted species. However, I am preparing for retirement and suspect I will be doing a lot more trout fishing in the n
The Reliable Woolly Bugger
After making a few tying videos, I felt like I had to go back to the basics with a simple bugger. Enjoy and as always, thanks for watching! 
The Down Home Pride Swap
Haha. Everyone is tying a trout fly... my thought was either a 'vgdc' (Voltzy's goldy destroyer crab fly) or a 'Dave's pink shrimp'. Both are patterns for golden trevally and permit. Enjoy boys and
Not so good.
Don't sell yourself short. I don't do much trout fishing, maybe a dozen trips a year, but when I do it's 98% with a hares ear in some shape or form. I tie them with beads, no bead, flashback, flashbac
For trout, I usually tie my buggers in size 16 and 18.  Otherwise, size 6 or 8.  I have tied them as small as size 20 and as large as size 1, 4XL.  I'm not sure I could tie a size 32(ti
Craft Hair/Fur ?
I tie with EP hair, supreme hair, Steve Farrer and bucktail.  I want to try my hand at tying hollow streamers and see craft hair, craft fur mentioned a lot.  Is this the same craft hair I se
Pheasant tail nymph without legs
How important do you believe the legs are on a pheasant tail nymph? Would it be that big of a deal to just leave them out? Its just that i times i seam to really struggle tying them in and get rather
Getting started tying soft hackles
I tie and fish lots of small soft hackle flies. Since I am tying to catch fish (not wall hanging flies) I have incorporated three things that I believe make sturdy, fishable flies. First, I use the
Florida Keys Recommendations
Are you only looking to fly fish? If you are open to spinning gear, the area bridges there can be great fun, especially at night while your family is sleeping.  The Marathon bridge is a great one
Havent posted in a long time and wanted to share some of my new stuff
Here are some recent flies I have tied. I love tying and my new love is musky flies. I will be purchasing a pile of material to make them. I have only tied two of them so far with sub par materials. I
Tail wrapping
One technique that I've used with zonker (rabbit) strip tails is to apply a very small bead of CA glue to the skin side of the strip, just a tiny drop immediately behind the hook bend. This makes that
Crappies & Bluegills
i tie a simple foam spider but other than that theyll take any trout fly that floats in their way   [URL=][/
Hello from Virginia
Hey everyone,   Just joined this forum last week due to the amount of good information I've found on it for tying. I've been tying for 6 years now and love it. Hope to learn and contribute as muc
Targeting a new species
Smallmouth in lakes will eat nymphs much as trout do, though not so much midges but the larger Hex nymphs and such. You can have a heck of an evening in a Hex hatch ( around here that is mid summer ev
Articulated Sculpin tying video
Just put another tying video on my new blog the other day.  This sculpin has fished very well for me since last spring. Enjoy!!   Frank
Any interest in a bugger swap?
Let me know when you have an idea about a due date.  I am tying for several swaps now so will have to see how I am doing.
Mop Swap - Jazz it up!!!
OK everyone, this swap might be some what controversial for some and for those of you that do not wish to participate in this swap that is fine.  Some folks thinks the mops that you can purchase
CDC & Elk
Hi Everyone, In this weeks video I'm tying Hans Weilenmann's iconic CDC & Elk. If you like the video please hit the like button and hit subsicribe I'm going to have a new video coming out every we
Senyo Lazer Dub
I use the Senyo Laser dubbing a bit differently.  After attending a fly tying class sponsored by my salt water club, I found it makes excellent small bait fish patterns, under 3 inches in length.
Silent Death utube vid
1)  Definitely agreeing on the shirt choice mentioned above. 2)  Also agreeing with the speed of the materials.  That's controllable to the viewer, though, by hitting the pause button.
Two big Fly Tying company sales
The world of fly tying materials is a small one -  but like the general tackle business - quite unforgiving... You either succeed or get picked up by a larger outfit (or you become a larger conce
Shoal bass patterns
Never fished for them, and don't really know of any patterns specifically for targeting Shoal bass. However, it's likely any of the popular streamer patterns today should work, whether they're intende
Best UV Products??
The epoxy glues we use in fly tying are plastic resins as well. We all know that epoxy is used to as glues and coatings. The UV cured resins are used as glues and coatings in industry. So both are pla
6wt bass line   less than $10 ... it's
New zonker strip cuts to attempt a dye job
Somebody here posted something about hot tipping zonkers that looked fantastic. They were tying in different colors on the tip as opposed to dying.
I lost my hemostats... gosh darn it!
GO for it bimini.  It's not like you'll be trimming materials while tying flies.  The scissor part will probably work just fine on the water. Of course, at that price, they will say "China"
The Mighty Sculpin
Like I said, I'm interested, but I'll wait a bit until some others have signed up and you have an idea what the due date is going to be. I just don't have tons of time to devote to tying right now so
Two Bit Hooker
These are quite popular mayfly (baetis) patterns because they sink quickly due to the two beads.  Where I was fishing on the Animas, the water was very murky, and I had to get deep to reach them.
Social Media and Fly Tying: Part Two
Thank you for all of the incredible suggestions from my earlier post, and in this second video, I describe the various social media outlets that have a positive impact on fly tying.  This list in
Making your own dubbing
The Hare's mask offers a plethora of areas for creating different colors of dubbing along with consistency of the dubbing - much more so than a rabbit pelt. The best description of those areas and usa
Single hook Streamers
I don't have very many single hook streamers. Does anyone have any single hook zonkers or any others they like along with a video or tying info? Kevin
Years tying flies
I tied my first fly when I was in the boy scouts (I'm 71 now) using a salmon egg hook, black thread and a black hackle (I don't remember where I got it).  I actually caught a couple of four inch
BWO/March Brown Swap
I am tying a Blue Wing Olive dry #16.
Feb flies from the vise
  Articulated Pheasant Tail, Composite Loop, Olive/Black Streamer Kimo These are very interesting looking flies. Is there any pattern info or an SBS on these? What are you fishing them for, t
Nice! Good that you released it. A fish that size deserves to fight another day.   I had no reason to keep it since I wasn't going to eat it that day.  I have kept and eaten some trout b
Dr Ed Rizzollos Fly Tying Festival 2/11/2017
I just wanted to let everyone know about this event that is taking place next weekend here in Houston, TX. The event is next Saturday from 8:30-4:30 pm; David Nelson is this years featured speake
Allgood Branch | Damon Strikes Back
Yeah, and I think fly tying is perfect because you can make whatever lure you want. The way I look at it fly fishing is just handline fishing with an added pole. you strip with your handle, you often
Wet Fly Hackle "More or Less"
Two things, when tying the wet fly what is the best way to measure the size of the hackle. Sometimes the hackle seems really long compared to the body, just a little out of proportion. Second thing is
Supreme Super Hair
prep your material, measure to length, AND CUT IT BEFORE TYING IN. Just like bucktail. Over and over and over and over and over (and over....) people have troubles with bucktail and other hairs- and i
Hello from Central/Northern Virginia
Hi everyone, looking to start tying my own flies and jigs. Plenty of water ways here for all kinds of species. Love fishing for just about anything.
large hooks wobble
I tie, a lot, on Eagle Claw Aberdeen hooks.  They are light wire hooks, and easily move around when tying near the eye.  Most materials will spring back after being compressed against body o
uv molding kit
Wonder how that solarez would work for tying, be nice to get it that cheap.
Help finding tying video
Found it. I thought my head was going to explode, deep internet space can be troublesome for my mind. Monzuri Minnow Thanks
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