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Trout Fly Tying

WTB: Scientific Anglers/3M System One Reel
for a model 456.   They were ubiquitous in the fly shops of 70s and early 80s but no longer can be found. But there must be a few out there gathering dust...   I have six spare spools but no
Fishy Question
Does a stream that is not stocked necessarily mean "native" or "wild" trout?   For instance, I know of a particular stream in north Georgia I have caught rainbow trout on, but I know the stream i
A Dry Fly
Well, I found something.... not the one I was thinking about, but go to >Fly tying > Beginner Tying> part 15 "the basic dry fly"...  and guess what. 
FUR coats as tying materials
Greetings everyone !!   recently, while at a salvage store, I came across an old fur coat. I believe rabbit.  I said to myself. " this will make an amazing Hairs Nymph pattern. Then it hit m
I've been fortunate
I was fortunate in That I had the opportunity to learn from a quite, soft spoken, never famous master. A simple farmer who worked hard and fished for no other reason then it was a short break from all
Invented Flies
Crap, I was in Canon City & Pueblo today for work.  Had to leave Denver really early this AM though to get to a meeting and did not see this till just now.  Sorry.  Your fly
Im back, wanted to explain.
Welcome  back Joseph   Love your posts and am still searching for the ultimate fly tying desk after seeing yours on this forum!!!   Keep strong   Cheers VB1971
How is a new pattern created these days?
I have had this question in the back of my mind for a while. Given the availability of information to all these days, and the fact that flies are relatively simple creations (limited number of materi
smart lamp d20
I have this very similar one instead:
How It's Made
    It looks like just a chip off the edge, but every hook you set in there will make stress cracks at the broken edge. So you hook a great fish and find your hook snapped thanks to that st
Best Top Coat for Poppers?
I just started tying poppers and am trying to figure out what the best and easiest option is to protect the paint once finished. I've heard 30 minute expoxy( don't have a turner) Uv resin Salley Hans
North Ga Trout Trip
I did well just drifting #16 bh pheasant tails, hare's ear nymphs as well.  That was later in the year.   Check north georgia trout online forum, as well.  I'm sure they could point you
good video(s) for beginner on rotary vise
Thanks for all the replies.  I'm sure a big step is also just getting into it and tying a fly.  Since I have a Renzetti Traveler rotary vise I was checking out their site and noticed they se
RGN nymph
Thank you all for your input, have been to Charlie's site the other day and printed out some of the instructions Trying to get back into tying flies, and fishing after an eleven plus year hiatus.
Backward crawdads
This thread is all about bass, but trout love crayfish once they get big enough to tangle with them.  Once I started looking for them on my local trout streams here in the eastern Catskills (and
Please give me your opinion on this fly.
Flafly, The transfoamer has a long-ish marabou tail, which I cut only because my hook was longer than the original and made the fly long enough already. I think you are right. If I cut the foam a lit
Washington Flies
Hi guys, I never post here in this section, so let me mini introduce myself. I am 14, live in South Florida, and am a die hard salty angler. Got into tying around March, and fly fishing around last su
PNW Help!
Hey guys, just got my uncle into fly tying and fishing. He wants to know what flies to tie and what size color kind of hook etc. The primary target is steelhead, trout, and sockeye. Any help is greatl
Charlie Craven On Tying Nymphs
This is a great podcast.I try to not miss it.You can ask questions to the guest being interviewed on every show using a text box on the home page and also enter your name to win prizes at the end of e
which hooks?
I'm not saying its a good beginner hook. I'm saying its a great hook at a great price. If you have read tying forums before you had to have seen the reference to mustad 34007's being a good beginner h
Save the Drama
We may have been typing at the same time, so maybe you didn't see my second post.     I just wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but it seemed ridiculous that someone would share a patter
The Fly Review
Nice neat heads I like the palmered hackle on that wooly worm The nymph is a trout catcher for sure.
Buck Caddis SBS
Found this on the interweb; basic, few moving parts, easy to whip out in mass quantities. Although labeled a caddis, it's pretty much a hackled, legless Madame X; lots of potential for modifications
I regret
Sorry you are having problems. According to to statistics I have read from the Psychiatric Association, 2% of people on the street are seriously mentally ill and 20% have issues such as drug abuse,
Fishing Western North Carolina
Great video about fishing the Appalachian area of Western North Carolina. Nice views of trout and waterfalls and smaller streams.   I look forward to seeing more from this person. This is their f
Fishing North Carolina
It appears troutguy has decided to move it to another forum ... the "fly fishing", instead of "fly tying", perhaps.
Video demo on how to tie a Lumi Fly to catch Sewin at night   Click here to see my video demonstration for tying a Lumi Fly, to catch Sewin at night   The Lumi Fly is a luminous night-time pattern developed for the sewin,
Crack Head Charlie - Varient of the crazy charlie
Interesting pattern and well done video !  I agree that the head did build pretty fast with the Danville 210, which just tells me that if I were tying this fly I'd probably drop back a thread siz
Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing
My favourite book by Ton is Prospecting for Trout Cheers
Dubbing Methods
read this   dubbing techniques   Or, depending on the fly pattern, you need to use one or the other?   yes
Yea I've pretty much decided I won't tie anything smaller than a 16.  Haven't thought about how big but I imagine nothing bigger than a 6.   I'm into trout only.  Don't really care for
Hook Companies
In a different thread the original poster mentioned trout Saltwater hooks wouldn't work I am curious, now, flytire.  I think you're being facetious ... but if not ... Salt water hooks won't w
Upcoming shows?
14 Mike, and I meant me tying flies,which I guess I don't do what all the "regular" kids do and just listen to music and watch Netflix the whole night lol. Just too boring and id much rather be drivin
Wyoming Renegade SBS
Don't know who came up with this Humpy variation on the original but it's a cool fly. hook -Dai Riki 305 #14 thread - Danville 6/0 black butt - Danville 6/0 red tail/shellback - deer hair abdomen
4 hours left and it could be yours
LAW vise   my social secu
Appalachian Hopper SBS
Cue the Copland. Lot of Elk Hair Caddis influence here. hook -Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - UTC 140 chartreuse rib - x-fine wire chartreuse tail - calftail white over red abdomen - antron dubbing ins
Beginner - purchased Grizzly Saddle Hackle- wrong kind?
   I am going to do a little research before buying a $20 bag of feathers!   I think i am going to put my dry fly tying aspirations on hold.  By no means do I want to tell you no
Classic un named
Looks kinda like a Doc Spratley Variant to me.  The Spratley would have Gunea Fowl tail and throat, and no peacock topping.  Hackle generally ringneck rump.  But I have seen them tied i
Peacock Feathers - Longevity and Storage
G'Day All   I have access to quite a few peacock feathers (>100 ) at a very good price (AUD 0.5 each).  I have tied with one and was very happy with how well it wrapped and the iridescenc
Tiemco 600Sp
All that money on rods, reels, lines, etc. etc. why worry about a buck a fly? I would hate to lose that mega fish to a cheap hook when all else is premium tackle. That is if your intent is chasing the
Anvil Atlas Full Rotary Fly Tying Vise Review
Im no expert and this is my first full rotary vise.  I have played with a few other than this one, and I personally found this one to be the best for what I needed.  I am in no way coming do
Your Personal Best: Trout Edition
crickets...crickets...Don't everyone talk at once. Maybe too many firing up at the same time and less people jumping in? I'm game. 3 weeks of tying time coming at me and I need the diversion to keep w
Bergman wet flies
The only place I know of with the complete series is the book "Trout" by Ray Bergman.  it even has color paintings of each fly.  You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
PULL THE RIP CORD, its a parachute swap!
Well the Hoot Owl rules are back in MT and so is my tying time.      Here is the deal; the fly must be a parachute design based on a fly of your choice, ie it must have a wing post and
Hey guys, I'm looking for some Intel on tying flies for roosters in baja. Looking for patterns, material, ideas one these patterns, mullet,sardine,and a lady fish pattern. Thank you.
Cutting Foam Sheets
I have been tying some foam flies using foam sheets from Hobby Lobby.  I mostly been using the 2 and 3mm sheet and have made some pretty decent top water flies for bass and pan fish.  I was
August Flies From the Vise
Have liked your run of flies this month Eide. Still hoping to see some gleaming silver in your net too. No silver so far (long story: cracked a rib 1 week before I went salmon fishing.... not opti
Dhalberg diver Pike & Musky fly
This past winter I started tying up some pike and musky flies for the lakes around my area, i have had some success but I really would like to catch some on top water. I tied up a few Dhalberg diver s
Bill from Southwest VA
Hey Bill,   Welcome to the forum! Great place to learn whatever you want to learn about fly fishing and fly tying. I leave east of you in Suffolk, so I don't get the great trout fishing like you
Couple Flies need critiquing
I have no doubt that your flies will catch fish, but they are crude. Try a different hook with that size popper. IMO, the hook you used is too short & too small for that size body. Yes, shaping th
Where is the "covert feather" on the top of a duck wing?
Hi everybody... I'm trying to tie a Wet/Dry fly; it calls for "covert feather" taken from the top of a duck or coot wing.  I normally get all of my materials from Marriott's FlyFishing Shop in Fu
the fly tying public will have to wait on this one. i would if i could. i will just have to wait for the fall tying season   too many home projects that need attention.   fly tying room
Hi folk.
Based in (and from) the North of England, Manchester area. Stumbled upon this forum and the content seems better than some others, hence registering ! Wild brown trout and especially grayling (I'm riv
Harrop/Lawson No Hackle
I am a new member and am interested in learning to tie the no hackle with duck wings.  Have been tying for over 20 years but have never attempted this fly.  The ones used on the Farming
The Woolly Bugger
I have a wooly bugger from Russel Blessing in a frame.This has to be one of the most versatile patterns on the planet.It has caught fish from cold to warm,salt to fresh!There are literally endless pos
Breakfast Swap
I would call it a trout swap, but there is a lot of overlap between the great lakes steelhead and trout.   I fish for both, and an egg ahead of a small nymph is also a big brown trout taker for m
run one
How about salt water needle fish?   Snook, trout and probably a bunch other fish eat'm.
Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise
hi, I just bought a Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise. there so many version of this vise. it is using cam lock jaws unlike the older version which use screw to clamp.  this is my t
Golf books for trade.
Hi I have a ton of golf books that I'd like to trade for your fly tying or fly fishing books . I doubt that I'll get any offers,but I figured I'd take a shot.
Tying Magnification
I'm interested in what people prefer for magnification for tying flies. I'm thinking I would like to get a pair of maybe the clic magnetic glasses but I'm also not sure if it would be better to just g
Badger hair uses
OK, so no bonefish in Utah, but certainly carp & bass, plus other warmwater fish. You can tie some small streamers with it too,  like tiny Clouser Minnows and trout like streamers.  
dumbbell eyes test
"That is why keel hooks with a weighted and offset hook shank ALWAYS rode hook point up."   And jig hooks too? i tie my Clousers eyes down, on a jig hook.   Besides focusing on the water tes
Double hook no name
Here is my on pattern from my vice, tied on a double hook for salmon or sea trout I think :) [attachment=57874:dubbelhavsoring.1jpeg.]
Saltwater Jig Heads
I must admit that, as much as I like tying up bucktail jigs... these days I get far more orders for simple lead heads with barbs meant to be used with Gulp or plastic tails - and they're what I hand m
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