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Trout Fly Tying

the early show
the only Illinois fly show is this sunday 11/910am -5pm.  hosted by the Illinois smallmouth alliance and drift.   held at the Mayslake Peabody Estate  1717 west 31st st oakbrook 60
Looking For A Good Agent Orange Fly Pattern
Hey guys,  I'm new to this forum and and have been tying for a few months and trying to stock up for steelhead.  Ive heard that the Agent Orange fly is one of the better flies and I'm having
Best Deer Hair For Spinning
Really depends on the effect you are trying to achieve in my mind.  If I'm tying just a large body of deer hair, then belly is fine, but if I just need a collar and a head, body hair is better in
Tying on single salmon hooks; where to tie in the tag ends?
Big thanks to you all for your input. I tied up 2 flies tonight (a Mickey finn and a Green butt) and seem to be getting my sense of proportion back pretty quickly. On thing that has changed since last
Greetings from Malaysia
Hi All,   You can call me Sham. I have just started doing fly fishing and tying 3 years ago. It is a quite a challenge at the beginning where the fly community here is quite small and the target
November Swap Club
Netabrookie, I doubt seriously that you & Jolly Red are going to submit the same fly. There is bound to be some variation. A different size, a different coloring or marking of the turkey, a differ
European nymphs
Hi guys,    This nymph bellow is one of my most productive nymph used in the first part of the season and when the waters are high and muddy:   Hooks : curved caddis fly hooks : De
Books for Sale
I've recently moved from Northern Virginia to Texas and I'd like to sell some books that I no longer need. If anyone is interested please PM me. I will list the purchase prices to let you know how muc
Profile Information
I agree!  At least, post: Where in the country you are, so we know whether you have trout streams, etc. Your fly tying/fishing history (how long) What you like to fish for, and how
Material inventory
Joe - good point. We are in the process of moving right now, and I am AMAZED at the tying materials I have packed. I must have thought I "needed" these at the time, but not sure what I "needed" them f
Adding weight to Schminnows
Hello,   As I get more and more into fly tying I feel compelled to tie a Schminnow for Snook.  As I read up on the pattern I notice that they have little weight.  I have bought a few fr
Whip Finish?
I sometimes think sometimes we fall victim to the "urban myths" that exist in tying - like you should always tie with your scissors in your hand, for speed. If you don't, your not a "good" tier. If yo
November Blues
I love the South.  Here in NC, as well as east TN and SW VA, we fish year round!  Not just trout, but all fish.  Jan and Feb are pretty slow, but there are still fish to catch.  I
Caddis For Christmas II
I'm in with a TBD. Will look over the options out there and see. I need to get on these right away because when Secret Santa hits heavy in mail I'll be a busy guy for a week or so. Pics, sorting, wrap
November flies from the bench
Married wing minister Eide expands his clergy into wets.  Beautiful fly and photo. Thanks :) Got to have some candy for the trout & grayling!   I like digging into every style there
The ultimate tying desk!
a little too "ultimate" for me. ill stick to my simple tying table :)   no room in my house for that monstrosity   + there's more "ultimate" tying benches out there
What hackle for tying Bombers?
Hi all, I'm just getting back into salmon fishing after a very long absence. I used to tie all my wets, but never my bombers. I feel like giving this a shot. So I was wondering what type of hackle you
Back to tying after 25 year break!
Hi all, I used to flyfish and tie when I was a teen and am now just getting back into it. Still enjoy tying! The site looks great and can't wait to profit from all the knowledge! Enjoy fishing for bas
New rod questions: how to decide
I agree with SilverCreek regarding rod length. A nine foot rod would be better for most people (assuming it's a graphite rod). I have a 10' 4wt that I really like for ponds and lakes, but I'm targetin
Magnetic Bodkin holder
Got tired of knocking over my foam bodkin holder so decided to turn a piece of Crepe Myrtle and glue a rare earth magnet into the bottom. Jammed an SOS pad into the wooden holder and now it sits on my
10ft 3/4wt 4pc
That is just what I would like for my river trout and grayling fishing. Its even got my name on it (and spelt the English way like mine). Very nice. Cheers, C.
Anyone got a Law vice for sale?
Just up on Ebay
Hatches Blog Post - 50% Off All Scissors Ends Sunday November 2nd
Need a new pair of scissors for fly tying season? I am currently running a 50% off sale for all of my scissors. This sale ends Sunday November 2nd at midnight. click here for more info[url=http://hatc
Hatches Blog Post - Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph
Detailed instructions for tying a Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Hatches Blog Post - Chasing Summer Tail
I tend to spend a lot of my summer in a very magical and special place. Home to some of Idaho’s most aggressive and beautiful species, the Bull and Cutthroat trout. Here are some frames from a f
Flyfishing the 'Glades
Just about every bug I do (with the exception of poppers) is built to be weedless (or more appropriately snag-less...) from the moment it leaves the vise.  So many of our retrieves start out in t
First, you need to size the tubing to the application. If you're simply going to cover the hook shank with a length of it, you'll want the smaller size tubing. Or, you'll have to build up a thread bas
I'm planning on tying some eggs like this one for a salmon and brown trout trip.   Do eggs like these float? I mean, obviously you want your eggs
Vise help needed
You are tying enough to wear out a vise then you likely wouldn't want a shop vise. A cheap Indian made vise will do but the jaws are not hardened and they wear out fast. I have a few that I'll tr
Quick trip to a local stream
Mike We do, but only in small doses.  I canoed some riffles (could hardly call them rapids) in the upper Withlacoochee River, can't remember exactly whether it was in Pasco or Hernando County.
Bodkin Care and Vise advice
Never saw the advantage of using a bodkin to apply head cement. Just another tool to keep track of. I've always used round toothpicks. Use, then throw away. I keep a bunch in a shot glass on the tying
a body like daddies, and wings too please
Hi Jim,   For the flies you list you don't need body cutters. Mostly those bodies are made from strips of foam cut from a sheet, either straight or tapered. Barry Ord Clark has a superb SbS here
Gummy Minnow
I am looking for a fly tying DVD that teaches how to tie a gummy minnow. I can't seem to find one does anyone know if there is one available? Any help would be great. Thanks
Raster for Roosters
No, the photo isn't clear, and I don't have any firsthand knowledge to offer on this pattern.   What is described as the "inner wing" appears to be a bottom wing, tied under the shank.  I ba
2/0 10xl red & black streamers
I don't know how you do that but it is absolutely amazing!  Beautiful tying indeed!!!!!
Fly Tying Beginner
Hello everyone, I'm John. I live in Illinois and I'm brand new to Fly Tying, but it's something I have been interested in for a very long time. Unfortunately there are no fly tying clubs around me, so
Whatever you do, donīt fall asleep.........
Terje,       I could never think of your flies as being anything close to the dark side.  I like to think of them as little Angels soaring through the air with every cast
Northeast Tennessee
In the picture of the bridge, is that a chunk dropping to the river - caught in mid-air when the picture was taken? - or, am I jsut reading into the picture way too much?   Nice looking place t
Hey from Northeast Tennessee
I am from northeast Tennessee and if I am not at work, or with the family I am on the river fishing for trout. I am somewhat new to tying flies and am really just getting back into fly fishing. I do a
I confess
I keep a flask of Johnny Walker Red or Famous Grouse on the bench and take the odd wee nip for inspiration or to medicate the withdrawal pains of winter.  I've tried many times to accompany my ty
Mickey Streamer
Eide,   First I want to chime in with everyone else... Amazing.  You seem to have an eye for balance and symmetry that is closer to art than a utilitarian fly that some of us tie.  I ha
Bonjour du Quebec!
Salut tout le monde !  Very interesting site .  I'm tying since two years now, I,m having fun and learning so much with you guys  thank you!  Bonne Pêche!
Tying Waste
So I been tying for about 6 months. I received my fly tying equipment and materials from a professor of mine. I use the waste catcher that attaches to the vise. Anyways, I seem to collect a lot of was
Narrowed it down to two...
I would definitely stay away from knock-offs from 3rd world countries  If you're tying large quantities of flies, this statement might be true.  But I've been tying on one for several ye
The New Fly Fisher
  Glad to see they have at least one or two shows that aren't about bass tournament baitcasting, or saltwater fishing for sailfish etc, with guys that are decked out like grand prix race car
My first attempt at fly tying
This is my first attempt at tying a fly.  It's a saltwater clouser tied on 1/0 hook.   [attachment=48677:image1.jpeg]
My first attempt at fly tying
This is my first attempt at tying a fly.  It's a saltwater clouser tied on 1/0 hook.  Sorry about the image being on its side.   [attachment=48677:image1.jpeg]    
I need some advice...
      Stupid question here....So what you are saying is a saddle feather is longer therefore more flies can be tied with the same feather?   Before you get the wrong idea, this
Hairwing Mickey Finn
Eide, thanks for clarifying the material! I like tying with fox as well. I've used that hook too for tying Smallmouth bass streamers. Daiichi has a similar hook, model # 2141 but the finish is the jap
Howdy from the Toronto area
Hi All.. i've been browsing this forum anonymously for about 3 weeks now since i started tying and there's a wealth of information! I look forward to learning a few things.     For your enjo
Long Rods for Steel
Line handling with a double handed rod over 12ft requires good line management either in running water or waves. Learn to hold loops of line over individual fingers of your top, bottom or top and bott
Silver Creek Resin for Scud
Silver,    I've always wondered: I use Loon resin for my flies (when I've finished my supply of Loon I'll buy some of yours, you have my word) and upon actual use its turns slightly white i
WTB-Flytying gear/material
As some of you know I had a nasty back injury (2 herniated discs crushing my ciatic nerve) and was down and out for 5.5 months. Well I have a wife and kids and things got tight so I had to offload alo
Tube Flies: Part 2
I know this was posted a while ago, but wanted to say that these are great videos! I was thinking about getting into tube fly tying, and this video convinced me! I currently am awaiting a kit, and can
Carrion Flies
Last week, I battled a hatch of carrion flies in my fly tying office/tv room/den.  For a while, I was hoping a mouse got in and died.   While hoping it was a mouse, I made a trip to the supe
Sneaking in a gear question
What you have is more of a bass pond fishing rod.  Nothing wrong with it.   For an inexpensive trout setup, Bass Pro Shops White River is a decent combo.  Also, if you can find the $25
Fly Box for 20's and Smaller
I use the Tach-IT box while on the river and the thin 18 compartment one like Planet Trout has posted for storage.
Fly Tying Bench-Rok
Heloo this is my tying bench.I still worked on.
Chocklett's Body Wrap
I tried the Google business and came up with some video.  It all used the minnow wrap.  These flies however are the real deal.  My son and I caught a lot of big browns on the Grey Reef
Free Kindle Book - Fishing for Trout, Flyfishing New Zealand
Tanning hides?
I tanned hides with what is known as garment tanning. It's the process used for making garments & the resulting tanned hide can be used in water without falling apart easily. It doesn't make the h
Suggested Flies & Poppers?
I'm a raw recruit to this hobby and I'd appreciate some suggestions as to easy flies or poppers to start out with.  I'm just now gathering tools and supplies.  For a first reference book I b
What do you do with your realistic flies?
Just wondering what you guys do with your realistic flies. I will save one on occasion, if I really like it, but I'd say i fish with 90% of my realistic ties.  To me they're just flies, only they
Rubber Leg Beetle
Pretty straight forward beetle, more of a spot light on a cool product from virtual nymph Coleoptera Body                           Rub
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