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high mountain creek dry fly fishing
Pristine fishing at it's finest...Nice video. As for eating a fish. My advise be true to yourself, don't ruin your trip because of the haters. I'll bet many of those same people wouldn't turn down a
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
Hi folks, new comer here, but I will add my comments if that is alright.    I would say that the tackle would determine the answer to that question.  If you catch a 5# bass on a tuna ro
Trouble with rod
The whole spine / not spinning always is a back & forth thing among rod builders. Most builders when they first start out will find the spine, then as they build more and more rods they drift to s
My flies for my first saltwater trip
Hi all, haven't posted in a long time. Just wanted to share the flies I tied for my upcoming saltwater trip to Mexico. This is going to be my first saltwater trip and I've been tying for the last few
Fly nameing
Noticing a featured article (top of forum page) for the CDC Adams a question came to mind. is there a proper way to name a pattern OR if there is a tying standard for identifying patter
Big Catfish and a Broken 4wt
Nice! I bet those cats worked you around a bit on a tenkara rod. If you were in a boat you could have let them drag you around like the old tuna fisherman used to do! Got a pic of the fly dry?
Hook Size for false albie flies
flyrod 4 Bay anchovies. Candies sz 2& 4. Lot's of patterns out there for this bait fish. Thought u might enjoy the video. Albies in the gulf. Question is will they be there when go ? Albie whore
Trolling Flies
I have a spare spool with lead core line for trolling, with a fly rod. No one ever told me you have to cast it prior to trolling. I don't cast intermediate lines while trolling either, we are talking
Circles disc versus sealed drags?
1st off 90% of us dont need a drag let alone a sealed drag that will stop a train. Draw bar drags are excellent and are virtually worry free. Dunk in fresh water and a dab of grease or oil and they wi
Yep you're right. Saw them thought I might get some big sparkle ones but after painting not sure and may be too thick and heavey. I got some with the fabric paint on wax paper but they look flimsy.
is tenkara catching on?
Yokosuka or Sasebo?   I remember watching those tuna fishing shows when I was a kid.   They sometimes used three or four rods with one line when they were fishing for the big boys.  I q
Electra Lake Stacked Trout
Nice vid and very pretty scenery.   I have never really enjoyed "easy" fishing. Yeah sure, I can o out and catch a bunch of bedding peacock bass but to me the fun is sneaking past the guard, dod
Introduction from Southern California
Hi all, Just a quick intro: My name is Eric Blackshear from SoCal, in an area I think is paradise. I'm smack dab in between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, about an hour each way. 5 hrs from the famed
What's for lunch Today
Chopped into fries and chips, battered, and fried up some fresh squash and zucchini from my garden. Also made some deep fried crab balls with some crab in the freezer from my last trip to the coast.
The Imagined History of “Tenkara”
That's funny,  as I was reading it.  I remember as a kid watching  on the B&W TV, some documentary on commercial fishing for tuna.  The guys fishing were lined up along the rai
Snook Flies Swap
Mine should be there in the next couple days. I tied up Hamilton's Eat Me fly, a really popular one for snook in southeast Florida. Good for all inshore species like mackerel, trout, or anything that
Tenkara Bonefish in the Keys
Probably be like when people tenkara fish for tuna 😁
Hooks for salt water
Yeah, circles are proving 100% fish friendly for me so far. Can't hook a thing on them. I'm sure that will alter when I can target fish that hit and run. They don't work on all species under all c
Eastern Shore Skies.
Thanks guys; I'm glad you like the pic. Hey John - I wish I were seeing albacore blitzes; all I get are amoebas and woodlice. I sure miss those little tuna.
Fly caught salty fish pictures
[attachment=62466:20150904_092523.jpg] Golden trevally [attachment=62467:last ditch barra.jpg] Barramundi [attachment=62468:20151114_123559.jpg] Mac tuna [attachment=62469:FB_IMG_1447673128343.jpg] Qu
Is it just me?
Peterjay! $1000 dosen't seem so differen't to the early 90's, 6 of us payed $200 each & went out off Sydney in a massive cat with twin diesels for Blue Marlins, Captain said in the morning probabl
Salt Hook Size?
IME, the chief consideration in selecting hook size (outside of pure strength) is how it affects the way a fly swims. Otherwise, tying all your flies on smaller hooks is unlikely to make enough differ
West Coast Salt water
There are opportunities up and down the coast, just not what you would generally think of destination saltwater fishing.  San Diego has lots of opportunities including bonefish among other specie
Hatches Blog Post - Hatches Theater: Blue Fin Tuna & The North
24hr Salmon fishing under the Norway midnight sun and blitzing Blue Fin Tuna[url=]View the full article[/url
Learning the salt and the keys
Hey Kudu, so yeah first thing you want to get a bunch of charts and try to learn them. Since you have a bay boat I am betting that you will have some nice HP and modern tech. Sooo look up some reefs a
Scenting flies???
We do use quite a bit of scent on lures when using spin or plug casting gear.... Everything that swims in the 'Glades will hit a jig head with a Gulp tail -but we never use a  bit of scent when w
Streamer Question
Streamers can be tied for everything from trout to tuna. Trout streamers will imitate small minnows ect and can be tied very small around the one inch mark up to 6-8inches for big browns. For example
Going to Australia!
Yeh Retro! One sister lives in Vincentia short walk to Jervis bay, the other lives short walk to StGoerges basin, aparently to hot spots, had a quick look at target species on fly in Jervis bay, Austr
Broken tip repair
      The bottom line is I was lied to and insulted by their excuses, otherwise I might have let it go. Lousy way to treat anybody no matter what the business is. That was my point a
Gheenoe Fishing?
I think we have all been there. It could be said that I could fill that slot with my 16-1/2 ft fish and ski with 90hp engine, I blow past the 14 ft aluminum with a 15 on it or canoe with with 3hp or p
Affordable Saltwater Hooks?
For anyone learning the saltwater tying scene all the different hooks and different price points can be a bit of a study (understatement).   General principles first -the more hooks you buy in a
Biscayne nights - small tarpon on fire! 7 June
I do them up on Owner Aki hooks in size 1/0 and 2/0....  A seaducer is a completely different pattern - here's a pic of a dozen in green and white..... Most of the orders I get for Seaducers are
Keys Swap
Yes and sharks, tripletail, Marlin, wahoo, tuna, etc
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
Thanks for helping this list grow! -Let's get it to 50 locations!   While I'm not new to the sport of fly fishing...I haven't exactly experienced the "gem" locations that many of you seasoned vet
Mikechell,   Sorry you went to all that effort researching Atlantics in Ohio.  I was just being snarky.  Maybe I should have said Blue Fin Tuna?   There are actually some strong ru
Everglades Redfish Flies
I agree 100% with mike. And the more aggressive the predator instinct the less it has to look like an actual food source. When we chum up sharks and bft (black fin tuna) all you need is a chunk of red
Epoxy crabs
I used to target them often in Jan and Feb in the lower keys, after the water warmed to over 71 degrees. There are certain flats that they hitch-hike over sting rays. It is one of my favorite fishin
its a baby whale
That's a Sunfish ... ha ha ha ... the salt water Sunfish.  Baby whale ... Flounder ... Tuna ... LOL Obviously, the guy doesn't spend too much time salt water fishing.   You're right, Flytire
Transparent Small Fry
I fish both fresh and salt, it has been my standard to use a 1/0 or 2/0 for salt ( mostly 1/0) I have seen guys use up to a 4/0 for various salt fish, the biggest hook I've used for fresh has been a
Road Food
I dehydrate more than get hungry when wading and fishing, so gatorade goes in my vests back pouch. I take BP meds and diuretics So I'm probably not going to be far from the car for more than a couple
Could the Clouser be the most versatile streamer ever made?
Interesting thread here.  I'm partial to the WB here in east TN.  Imitates: leech, minnow, shad.  One thing depends on what colors hackle and marabou is used.  On my home river,
Borski's Redfish Slider
Something like that lol I actually sell them as well, but not for profit. Just to be able to buy materials at bulk and make just enough to buy more. Keeps me tying. It calms me. I however have n
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
Yes a 40" snook on the fly is a heart stopper every time I thought it was going to Jump I got nervous and twice I thought it was going to spool me, i was only fishing a 7wt the tide was running hard m
Here's my take on big flies for exotic places.... First off - tailor your hook sizes to your rod size first - then strongly consider the fish you're targeting (jaw structure, teeth -if any, etc.) and
Articulated Nymph Swap
Mahi are beautiful first out of the water, they do loose their color relatively quickly once in the ice chest, very fun and easy to catch school sized fish on fly once you locate some floating debris!
New vise question
Hey jasper I was in your position a few months ago I tie from 8 -4/0 and according to specs no vice would work without additional jaws. I narrowed it to the renzetti and the peak vice. I went to my fl
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
As Uncle Bob already stated, tarpon, grouper, snook, and other species love giant flies in the stained water of the Everglades.  I also like to throw these big devils at cobia , trout, reds, stri
bench or field whats more important?
I tie to fish mostly., and I think like Mike and yourself Joseph, I can fish all year round..  just changing targets to suit the weather   Work 5 days a week, so that usually only leaves aft
Reddington Surge and Okuma SLV in the salt?
  Lay off of those, and you might find some extra dough for a better set up. Been fly fishing for close to 50 years and I can count on one hand how many times I've had fish get into my backing
Loss of Marine fishes - why am I not surprised?
I saw a Discovery Channel show a couple years ago that was basically stating in the next 20-30 years the ocean would be mostly void of fish...hard to believe. I'm 56 and my kids might see some of it b
7 ft 4 weight biggest trout it could handle?
Lee Wulff also fished for and caught some huge tuna on light tackle. The term is also a relative term. His light tackle was 80#  tackle where the tackle generally used for that fishing was 180# s
Smoking your catch
When I wrap my catch in cigarette paper, it gets wet and won't light  :-)   Actually I like to smoke tuna/mackerel but I have a weber smoker my wife gave me years back.  I remember seei
Weighty Matters
Depending on the where and what we're working for I sometimes want a fly that suspends (or sinks very slowly, horizontally) or one that goes down nose first.  For a suspending fly there's a few t
Vintage reel for 4wt?
  Any of the Martin "Tuna Cans" (60, 61, 62, and 63) would work fine on a 4 wt. Martins were my 'go to' reels back in the day...for various reasons I had put the fly rod down for several years an
Animal rights types who think C&R is ethically worse than keeping
You will never convince people who are so set in their beliefs so why bother trying.  As long as they leave you alone then who cares what they think.   The funny thing is recreational outdoo
Are bluegills etc....
Freshwater fish can be eaten raw, at your own risk... Parasites in freshwater fish can live inside you. Parasites in saltwater fish can't. That's why most sushi is tuna!
Big game hook preferance
I use both the Owner Aki hook (aki is japanese for yellowfin tuna...) and the Tiemco 600sp these days.  Years ago, before the advent of super premium hooks we'd use the old Mustad 3407ss.  T
Before you die....
Russia for salmon and bows, Thailand for snakehead, Christmas Island for bones and GT, Norway for salmon and char, PEI for blue tuna (yes, on the fly), Rainy river stateside for sturgeon (again on the
I fish for everything with fins, tuna to bluegill. my passion is freshwater. really enjoy fishing the Delaware river ,west branch etc. fish the ausable, Raritan, Delaware, lake Ontario tribs etc. I am
Flash only catches fishermen?
There are a lot of factors at play here: species, conditions, etc. IME, generalizations about saltwater fishing are worthless. For tuna and similar species that only get a brief look at your fly, I ha
salt water materials?
Your son lives in paradise. I have a friend that is a trooper in both, north and south, islands of New Zealand. I have another in Australia. Both avid anglers and tiers. I do know you can catch R
Where (if anywhere) do you skimp? (spin-off thread)
  I can remember not too long ago that one rod and one reel was what every fly fisher owned and the discussion was more "what ya get 'em on " then your equipment, but it has changed. We have as
central florida surf advise
John, I used to fish False Cape when we lived in Portsmouth. I don't doubt that albies and bonito will come in close there, but you can make yourself crazy trying to pinpoint exactly where. IME, about
Mustad Saltwater Hook question
I am not a hook freak and tend to use what I can find locally. I have bought some Allen hooks. Thanks for the info tidewater.....I have done a couple of swaps and I normally use Mustad 3407's for
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