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Tying Flies

Purple and Pink stimulator type of nymphs
These are not "natural" kind of nymphs but in years I noticed a strange curiosity. The fish take them often when these kind of flies are in the hunting zone. if they do not take them, will take the ot
DIY Shanks
    planning on tying on the tail? Split ring is not the typical method, but I suppose it should work fine. Just watch the cut end of the wire. Cuts thread like a razor.     Blueb
E.P.'s Articulated Streamer
My newest video is out, featuring an articulated streamer. This is another dimension of fly fishing and tying, and one that really has enhanced my game over the last few seasons.   The pattern I
Presidential Shrimp
I would think the legs would foul around the bend, and the craft fur wrap around the eyes. I'm just kind of anal I guess about making my flies as foul-proof as possible lol.
GSP advice
Have to disagree with a few of the previous posts.  GSP is quite common for large streamers, due to enhanced durability and the fact that stacking deer and such is not uncommon on those patterns.
Any woodturners on here
Love the lidded bowl.  Looks like a Maple burl?  Great contrast on the finial, looks like walnut?   I too enjoy turning.  I find it a great artistic release for me.  My wife s
RIP Lefty Kreh Videos too
Spey Daze DVD set
 I have his "Skagit Master" dvd and that is how I got started, but you'll have to pry that dvd out of my cold dead hands lol   I was  hoping it wouldn't come to that but if it's t
Mouse/Rat Swap
I'm going to try to get my wife or one of the many kids that come in and out of here to hold the shop vac under it while I'm trimming. That might just work. I know guys who put a hole in the table wit
Law Vise for sale
Several years ago, when the LAW vise was readily available, I tied on several friends vises. At that time I was a collector of tying vises to use, not as investments. I called Lawrence and spoke to hi
de-barbing pliers
Are the Tiemco specialty pliers the answer?   not @ $40+ dollars   hemostats   or   debarb your hooks with your vise prior to tying your flies
Vic, except for that "Frito bandito" mustache ... those are pretty good mice. Jalbert ... it's kind of the reason fro swaps.  It can give people a reason to tie something they aren't used to tyi
More foam
Sweet looking flies! How are the eyes in the background made and do they peel off or cut out?
Site's sow here lately, too. Flouro is unpredictable to me re breaking off, but that's just on the small stuff (5x-7x). Sometimes it seems to hold and fish great, other times the fly breaks off too ea
2018 International Fly Tying Symposium
I was wondering if anyone new when and where the 2018 International Fly Tying Symposium was taking place? I would like to attend this year and I need to schedule my vacation. Thanks.
Punxsutawney Phil right again
Well my mind was in spring shad and striper fishing mode. I picked up a new reel, some bombers and cotton Cordell's, been tying up plenty of bucktails and organizing my tackle only to get 16" of snow
Leaders for large Streamers
Looking for some advice I started tying up some larger streamers and I just purchased a 8wt rod.  I usually use cutthroat leaders but was hoping to use something a little cheaper.  What do y
Guinea Foul feathers
No use whatsoever, just mail them to me for proper disposal..... If you have the loose feathers sort by size you will find a lot of uses, dye some, fun to experiment with both tying and dyeing. 
"PURPLE HEART NYMPH" benifit fly for Project Healing Waters
Fantastic! A couple of weeks ago I attended a tying session that benefitted Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.   Could a recipe be posted?
Jig Patterns
Been tying spin fishing jigs for years. marabou is good but I like rabbit zonkers way more. It pulses more when wet then marabou. Nothing beats hair in cold water and they are super simple and fast t
How to blend Z-lon and Antron yarns?
SD, you can load an image directly to your page by using the more reply options tab.  Click the tab and you will get a reply screen with more options.  Under the text frame, you will find th
Mylar Tubing
Any tips for tying in Mylar Tubing and folding itself back over the hook shank?  The fly I'm trying to tie is the floating minnow pattern that requires you to tie the tubing in at the eye and fol
Southern Pink Moth Pattern
Definitely don't have anything around here that looks like that.  I've seen one similar to the picture in the middle of the top row up in Vermont but it was a lot bigger, two or three inches long
Swinging Flies for Steelhead. Not my videos but I thought worthy of getting the blood pumpin. (Action starts at 2:35)
Synthetic Quill Body Wrap
you bought them for whatever reason only known to yourself so my suggestion is to try it for yourself and then make the conclusion if its worth it for the flies you want to tie.   for durability,
Antron yarn won't turn black when heated with flame
I'm tying the Peeping Caddis/Eruciform Larvae; I am melting the end to simulate the head of a Caddis pupa coming out of it's cocoon under the surface and splits it's pupal shuck... 
My Personal Favorite Bucktail Streamer
Truly, timeflies, no offense intended, but I'm with Rocco.  I fast forwarded through to the actual tying parts of the video.  I have no idea what all your "in depth" vocalizations were. 
Dubby Bunny
Kind of a name takeoff on one of the great fly designs of all time, the original Scott Sanchez's Double Bunny. It won the Jackson Hole "One Fly Contest" three years in a row in 1992, '93. and '94 befo
Metz Capes
med dun here
March Flies From The Vise
feeling brainless........ tying up some Mop Flies   [attachment=66930:IMG_2060.jpg]
Eleven Mile Canyon - Snow!
I agree, rod action had to do with it.     I brought that rod thinking I would nymph the whole time with small flies.  Its the rod I use on the San Juan when fishing size 24-28 hooks.
Mono rigging
    I think the difference is you're still casting a fly line using a 15 foot leader for drys.     you still cast a fly line when making a 30' cast or longer when using the m
Favorite hair for Elk Hair Caddis?
Glad I read your post, Silver Creek before I uploaded mine.  I was going to tell the same story.  I drove out to a gathering in Seven Springs, Pa to meet Hans and to learn how to tie the CDC
9th Annual Opening Day Swap
Im in!Itll feel good to do some more traditional stuff! Tying a cinnamon and brown caddis emerger
Baby tarpon at night... Biscayne Bay
The babies up to around 30lbs are feeding hard now.   We went four for seven last night, mostly on a nine weight rod.  Pics and a proper report will follow in a day or two.  Today I've
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Mikechell is close...yes all your 12 flies are going to an other participant. Those 12 need to be 6 for a 3-6wt and 6 for a 7-9wt and your favorite flies you like to fish the most. They can all be dif
Catfish on the fly
I've caught several channel cats in the Susq on flies from scraping the bottom all the way to the surface.    The first time one took a deer hair bug from the surface and made that firs
Finding Material
I was doing a little online shopping at Blue Ribbon Flies and ran across this, Angora Rabbit Yarn in cream for $2.70, thought of your "thread" (sorry). Their shipping is a bit higher than I remember (
Big Catfish and a Broken 4wt
Nice eating size channel cat.   I've seen folks catch some good size crappie and even bass on the telescoping graphite crappie rods, aka the poor man's tenkara rod.  I'm in the process
Kevin Compton's Double Duck Caddis
My newest video features Kevin Compton of Performance Flies tying his Double Duck Caddis.  Kevin demonstrates some intermediate tying techniques in this one, and then shares the situations in whi
Reverse Tied Minnow
These flies are easy to tie, and very effective on many species across the fly fishing spectrum.  From freshwater fish including trout, bass and walleye, to saltwater fish like speckled trout, re
what thinner to use (again, sorry)
thanks for the reply bugsy, mind if I ask what product that is?....or would you have to then kill me. :) I seen a lot of bottles in those bench photo's, cant imagine masters using shan on those nice s
I am no Davie McPhail...
I just butchered the fly tied in the last Davie McPhail video. Bad. I thought it would be fun to show some flies that are less than exemplary compared to the original. Maybe for lack of proper materi
Does anybody have, and use, a Herter's Professional Wing Maker?
tctrout:  I can't tell you how many of your videos I have watched and learned from in the past 2 years!  So nice to kinda-sorta meet you!    A little background:  I'm 75 years
Casting for Recovery Australia
Dave I'm up for whatever flies the lady's need, a couple dozen or more is fine with me.
looking for user reviews (vest vs. sling pack)
I have a sling pack that I use most of the time. But the reason I use it is different from what everyone else says. True, it swings out of the way when fishing and then swings back in front of me when
hi,,,my names Brian  from NW Arkansas,,used to be involved on this forum but got into bassing and took a few year hiatus from tying.  gonna try to see if I can get my fingers to work again.&
rainbow trout game changer for tail water musky and striper
Looks cool, but heavy. Could maybe try tying it with about half the density of material?
Greetings from Austin
there is nothing wrong with tying only what you fish with or plan to fish with. That's all I do and I have no desires to learn a new technique if I have no desires of fishing the fly. I wouldn't call
2018 Stippled Poppers
I had tried your tech of attaching legs rather than holes in the bodies. I failed to get them splayed out sideways but had them out the bottom and rather than pop well the legs would cause the poppe
Hello, My name is Kraig Morris. I am from Lock Haven, Pa but originally from Cambria County in western Pa. I am so honored to be a member and look forward to being a part. I was partially motivated to
Stoping by to say hi
Welcome back.    As Mike said, that's a neat base.   A very stable tying platform with the legs down.  I did have a vise that screwed on to the stem like that but the similari
Orvis Thread
Does anyone else have issues tying with their thread, the spool diameter is smaller than UNI, UTC or Danville and it seems like i always lose tension making it a pain using it.
What are Partridge Fibers, beard style?
Hi all...  I'm gonna attempt to tie an Olive Peeking Caddis fly, which is calling for Brown Partridge Fibers, Beard Style for the legs.  In my two years of fly tying, I have never heard
Chile Bound... advice needed!
Update ---   So ended up booking with a guide called Jack Trout (with a last name like that...) and we will go with one of the locals who guides for him. 3 full days, and we are planning 2 for bi
Throw your hat in the ring
Just as a note...I am mod on a fairly big board right now and have modded on a couple of now defunct boards (I hope not because of me). I am retired, swaps are one of my favorite forms of recreation o
Little work on the site
instead of just moving "timely tip" how about unlocking the category so forum members can continue to post tying tips and tricks   nobody can start a new thread
Exotics - carabou and camel?
 search; caribou caddis  or use like deer in spun body (if shorter and finer than other deer, it would be better on smallish flies)   I would assume the camel is dubbing.
Oh boy here we go!
Ummm ... I don't want to irritate anybody's "Cabin Inflammations" ... Pour proverbial Salt into Open Wounds, as it were ...   Supposed to be 84 on Saturday and I'm planning on testing some flies
Sad News, Member Passed
I'm sorry to hear that.I remember Joe from back in the day.I have some of his flies in my collection.
A simpler floatier Rusty Spinner?
Well the bass poppers, Clousers, crabs, shrimp, and spoon flies are done, and am moving on to trout flies. Next up is Rusty Spinners. I have been tying them with hackle wings, microfibbet tails, and b
Diluting liquid fusion
So... I have been tying some biggish head flies recently, and I am wondering if diluted Liquid Fusion (clear) would be a good alternative to UV (expensive) and Tear Mender (white residue). Has anyone
okay. which one of you guys....
....hid my box of salmon fly hooks and salmon flies i have been tying?   i cleaned of my tying desk and put them in a box for future tying and cataloging the flies.   ive searched every nook
Pike/Muskie leader questions
Great info here, the decision is what works for you. Will you change flies a lot or stick with one? If you do, you might want to put a snap on the end of the leader. If you look at the terminal set u
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