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Tying Flies

Fly Fishing and Fly Tying "Q & A"
I started a new concept for my YouTube videos, answering questions from viewers.  In my first "Q & A", I answered a variety of fly fishing and fly tying questions.  If you are able to ad
Soft Hackle Emerging Caddis
Soft hackle fly patterns have been around since pretty much when fly fishing started.  That does not mean they aren't effective now.  In fact, they are still very effective, and in some circ
An Omen?
I thought you were going to say that at the time you were tying an adult stone and the likeness was so remarkable that the real thing flew over and tried to mate with it.
Favorite Brookie Patterns
Thanks Philly!  I was thinking about tying up some white marabou streamers for when I make my way back down the river if a dry/dropper rig is not working.
A little introduction of myself
Hello all I am Jcb68 from Northwest CT. I am a spin fisherman who has been fishing the Farmington River for 25+ years. I have always been interested in fly fishing and tying as well. So I am now going
what have you found to work in the winter?
First I don't have a clue what a green sunfish is but I can say that most warm water species of sunfish go down  into the mud in the cold climate winter waters, you won't catch one then if the gr
Any ideas or opinions?
Hello,   I'm interested in your opinions on tapers for fishing subtropical freshwater species. It would mean close casting big bushy wind resistant flies undercover and around snags for strong bu
Modern Mickey Finn
My Mickey Finns are more trolling flies, but you can cast them if you're throwing an 7/8 weight.
Digital Fly Journal
Just thought I'd share an idea that I came up with last night.   I wanted a way to document all of the flies I have tied thus far (just started tying last week and love it!) as a way to remember
CDC Hatchmaster
That's a cool fly, nice job tying it too ! Hah,I just ordered some deer hair and bucktail and stuff but don't own a single feather of CDC. I still tie the old fashion way I guess.
Summer Steelhead Fly
Been a few years I have fished for Steelhead. When they are running it's a two hour drive and it is crowded and most of them are aholes. I have seen people tying on a new fly and some dick steps up ne
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
Been taking a break from tying saltwater stuff and might get to make a trip up to the smokies later this month so I've been tying stuff that is supposed to work up there. Already got neversinks, stimu
Dziendobry from Illinois
Dziendobry or Hello, My name is Mat and I am from Illinois. I was born in Poland but I have been living in USA for last 14 years. I joined USMC after high school as a machine gunner. Deployed twice,on
my best sedge flies
You tie beautiful flies.  If I may ask, how long have you been tying flies?  Thanks for showing your work.
Boca Surf
For peacock flies, I pretty much only throw 2 patterns. Any kind of brightly colored clouser in #2-4, and then the same-size fly with marabou/finn for the tail, ep brush for the body, and then eyes. C
Nymph Fishing Rods
I built a 10ft 4 wt this spring on an IM6 graphite blank and it's done well on 17 inch rainbows and 2 lb smallies. I was midge and small  Hornberg fishing with it early on this spring, then switc
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
what rod weight is best for small stream fishing? Will be chasing 10" - 15" brookies and rainbows My personal choice for that size fish is a 3 or 4 wt. But someone else will probably tell you some
cellulose enamel
I have used Cellire for quite a few years. As for noxious fumes or toxic side effects its certainly not as bad as regular head cement. I can't vouch for any of these sources, but a quick Google search
Marc Petitjean CDC book
Intriguing. I had not known about this book. Price seems unimportant to me if you are a Petitjean fan (it is his only book after all), but it looks like a limited printing only available currently fro
Trip to Grand Tetons & Yellowstone in September 2018
Hello Everyone,   I expect to be doing a lot of sight seeing in these two National Parks in mid September.  I plan on taking along a fly rod to take advantage of opportunities as they presen
New flies from the vice
New flies from my vice   [attachment=68308:flugaeget02.jpg]   [attachment=68309:flugastudio1.jpg]
Rod Recommendations
Not sure I'd start a rod building adventure with my first rod being a carp rod . I guess everyone's results vary but my first builds were not exactly stellar. I'm well pleased now some 20+ year later
Evil Olive - WD40 Variation
This WD40 variation is one of my favorites.  I like heavy flies for lead flies, and tying it with a Tungsten bead really helps it get down deep.  Also the flashiness of the Evil Olive fly he
Sources for dyed Muskrat Pelts
A "pelt" is an entire skin.  You could tie about 100,000 flies with a pelt.  The zonker strips are the way to go.
new here
Welcome to the site, Mo.    Depending on where you are, there might be clubs/tying meetings where you can have fun learning AND tying a fly at the same time.  Might even be members who
Well Iím stoked/pumped up!!!
Last minute trip due to family that really wants to see me. I cant afford this so they paid my air fair and I dont need any money when I get there. Going to my 41st High School of my budd
MFC Boat Box review
Nice Zip & some great looking flies to fill it up too.
Hallo from Kenya.
Thanks Mikechell for the welcome.. We actually don't do much fishing here but we have specialized in fly tying and yes I do have photos of some of our flies that I will be sharing here.
Older Style Bobbin Question
Gene L, you are probably right. I never thought of that. Try to find tying thread nowadays with a wooden spool!Joe
July Flies From the Vise
Tied without glasses and a severe CTS flare up. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist is swellellef double normal and fused feeling during tie. Was fuzzy because lost 2 glasses for doing small flies. Holy
dubbing loops?
Silver creek has the link to the furl tail flied I tie.  I have caught over 60 fish on one of those flies. It is made from mohair yarn, so it is durable.   Rick
hook sizes.....
  I hope wat I posted wasn't too confusing. I jus get so frustrated when folks put the brand an model number...but not the size ...   I'm still confused on the question because I have n
Dubbed CDC Emerger
So this fly is relatively easy to tie, except for splitting the thread.  You really need to use a thread like UTC Ultra Thread which is very flat and splits easily.  These flies dont float q
Methods and Beads for egg sucking leeches
rstaight, I cannot get the bead around the bend in the hook. It goes over the bark ok (could crimp it if needed) but that's as far as it goes.   chugbug27, that is what I suspected...there is a s
My flies for my first saltwater trip
Thanks Bob for the great advice! Indeed if my guide is any good and fun to be with, He will be allowed a decent pick of my flies if he so wishes! I've already bough a Montreal Canadians Hockey te
Au Sable trout & bass
 Pictures from the past few days on the Au Sable. Spent Sun-Wed fishing streamers and dry flies for trout and bass. Weather was nice and temps weren't too high, fishing was a bit tough at times b
Body Material for Saltwater Popping Bugs
I haven't used it in a while.  I have both Barlow's and Jann's Netcraft catalogs and they still carry it.  It seems to be mostly used to decorate plain spoons or blades.  I used it when
Thread recommendations
Uni is not my favorite thread because of this round rope shape but it is good for tying Muddlers and other flies where spinning or flaring deer or elk hair is required ( I'm thinking of flared hair in
Tried for bass, caught cats instead
Cool video there, Willy! I like your approach with tying on some flies on a spin rod, that's how I started out before I knew how to fly-cast.    Have you ever tried fly-casting? Those golden
Best Tyer Ever?
Love the confidence Mike, there are days when I think I might be the best out there. There are also days when I think I would be better off buying my flies. Also really like the stuff Dron Lee is prod
Maine Woods
Hey all.   I'm from Maine. Some of my favorite and oldest memories are of fishing. I love taking my boys fishing - there's nothing like seeing their face when they have a fish on and then when it
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
Your rod's length will limit you no matter what line you use. What do you think is a reasonable distance? Since the Wulff Ambush line is designed for roll casting, I don't think you find a better l
Killiefish/Mummichog imitations?
Hi,   I mostly fish saltwater in the northeast and am pretty new to fly tying. I buy the majority of my flies but supplement my flybox with some homemade flies. Recently, the area I fish in
Flashy CDC Emerging Midge
CDC is one of my favorite materials for emergers or dry flies when tying small tiny flies.  Buying hackle that small can cost a fortune, but CDC tends to be better priced.  And you can save
Poor Man's Airbrush
Why complicate it, just use the sharpies al dente. Can't really "blend" sharpies.  Using the "airbrush" method allows for prettier paint jobs.  Just like many of the "display" level flie
*NEW* Rolling Weed-guard
I read your article with interest and plan on tying a few flies with rolling weed guards. Have you thought about how the bead might affect the motion of the fly?  Or using heavier bead to get the
Fifty Fly Project
As I mentioned during posts in the May/June Flies from the Vise I worked my way through Ian Whitelaws book, The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies.  My daughter gave me the book last Christmas
Northern California July 9-13: Recommendations
I'm traveling and will be in Dunsmuir, California July 9-13 with nothing much to do but fish and maybe tie flies in between. My plan had been to fish the upper sac and the mccloud.  Wading not bo
There's a little place I know...
...a little lake here in Southwest Michigan that seems to be frequented only by me and a handful of people who live far enough out in the sticks to be near it. The approach to the single access i
Tying Knots
flytire's link is all you should need but can be overwhelming. There are a lot of knots!   Maybe focus on some of the ones that are more useful for fishing (this is only a list of knots I commonl
The Amazing Dry Fly Bite!
  Put any kind of fish in a school, and they're easier to catch because they need to beat each other to the food     or I didnt know what to use, and thats why I wasnt catchin
Grand Lake, CO
I'm going to Grand Lake in August and was wondering if anyone has fished it and what flies work best.  I'll be fishing from shore.  Needless to say, I also have Rocky Mtn National Park to fi
10wt Musky package
This complete custom IM8 10wt Package Musky rod for a customer in Minnesota for throwing giant flies for huge fish. Topped the custom rod off with a custom sock and O-ring sealed tube. Rod has brown w
Whip finisher for midges?
I have a rough sharpening stone that I use to sand my fingers and thumbs before tying flies.  I take the callouses and dry skin off.  You don't have to take so much that you're "extra sensit
Fly Tying Books
Fly Tying Books For Sale
Standard Nymph Hook, Standard Wire, Standard Shank, Question
I mainly use the TMC 101 for my small nymphs, as I have an aversion to down eyed hooks.  I think I have them down to a size 30.  Don't tie anything that small these days.  I use the TMC
DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss v DMC Wool Yarn
I like em. You tying the floss in with tying thread or just use the floss in the spool as if it were a tying thread body? I'm tying in with 8/0. I think the bodies would be too bulky on the smaller s
Make sure to post pictures and ask lots of questions about your flies. When I was first starting out, I was super "rebellious" and probably was a jerk, but I did listed to what these forum members had
Charles Brooks
Hello List, Looking for Flies tied by Charles Brooks or Bing Limpke for my small collection .
Stimulator style Caddis
I like the fly and plan on tying and fishing it.  Thanks for the video and instructions.
Paul Jorgensen vs Seal-X UV2
For those who have used both the Paul Jorgenson SLF, (originally Partridge) and the Seal-X UV2 which do you prefer? I'll be using these to tie mostly steelhead flies. Thanks for your thoughts or sugge
Carnage Damsel SBS
Phil, Thanks for the kind words. Adam Trina came up with the original Carnage, using a heavily waxed needle to create the body. I started tying those but found I couldn't get consistent results and m
Hatches Blog Post - How to Tie an Easy Zonker Fly Pattern
An easy to follow fly tying video of a Zonker style pattern for trout or bass.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Casting Practice aka Pretend Fly Fishing
 .Is your local ball field in California or Australia or Lithuania?     Hello,   I went fishing one time in my life and that was on National Fishing Day a couple of years ago at
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