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Tying Flies

Bling Midge
The bling midge is one of the more popular flies on the San Juan river.  I generally tie it in black, but it is effective in gray, brown, cream, and a variety of other colors.  Its easy to t
Heads Up-Possible Great Deal on new Red-J-Vice #1065
I was tempted but Christmas time is a tough time to spend that kind of money on myself. Beautiful vise and lots of good tying to the new owner.
Darbee capes wanted
I believe Charlie Collins has decendents from Harry Darbee's chickens. If you are looking for tying materials to use - contact Charlie, otherwise, try to find estate sales from older fly tyers.
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
I would say that this thread has gone offline with some unnecessary remarks. It's the holidays and this a a fly tying board.
Whip finishing deer hair bugs with hook eye engulfed in hair
Here is an awesome little trick Pat Cohen learned from an old legend (Chris Helm I believe), that will make your life exponentially easier when trying to finish a fly with a giant mass of deer hair
Bead keel?
I tie some permit flies and they usually don't have a keel, but might have to experiment how keeled flies vs non-keeled flies move in the water, and of course whether they get caught up in the grass.
Spring Life Cycle
Okay, I'm the dummy has to ask...What do you mean? I ain't gettin' it. Why 4 groups? Is that four different people in each group? Does each person signing up does 12 flies total with 3 in a life cycle
Europea 12 (Variant)
Here's a caddis pattern thats popular in Scandinavia whenever there are caddis flies on the water. My variant utilizes the barbules on the CdC feather to give some extra spice to the fly. I have fishe
Europea 12 (Variant)
Here's a caddis pattern thats popular in Scandinavia whenever there are caddis flies on the water. My variant utilizes the barbules on the CdC feather to give some extra spice to the fly. I have fishe
Help with colouring uv cure resin
Has anyone used the loon powders that you add to uv in different colors? [attachment=65183:fly-tying-powders-flash.jpg] [attachment=65184:fly-tying-powders-primary.jpg]
Color Blue Dun ?
Years ago when I first started tying, you had to have natural blue dun necks or you were at a big disadvantage, there were dyed necks all over the place, then came photo dyed necks, none of them
Tye v Tie
I have always written tie, tier, tied, and tying. However, I just a moment ago searched the word "tier" in online dictionaries, and could not locate a single definition of the word as "one who ties"
Time to fix a stupid choice!
Hey Everyone - A little over 4 years ago I moved from Montana to Oklahoma for work.   All in all, we like OKC, but obviously miss the rivers and the mountains.   During the move pr
Tying a "Kaspar Green Caddis Larva" - Rhyacophila
I'm trying to gather materials to tie the above fly (image attached)... any ideas on a substitute for Gold Organza?  In the image it's used for the gills... I have tried to find it in fabric stor
Santa needs your help ...
And, also, the 20AWG twisted cable has nineteen strands of 0.12mm silver wire.  That should make ribbing for a LOT of flies.   [attachment=65119:19-strands.jpg]     Note.  I s
European Trout Bug Nymph
Thanks:   Here it is: Demmon DJS 300 BL Jig hook size #12-14 Purple Tungsten bead - slotted Dubbing - any spiky dubbing you like Ribbing:  UV ribbing  tinsel Thorax: mix of black synthe
Itís Popper Time again
Looks like you're off to a good start, Mike.   I'm in the process of cleaning up my tying room and then rearranging my tying desk.  Once that's done.  I'm going to start working on
Jock Scott
I just don't have any "attraction" to those classic flies.  But I do admire the skill you have in tying them, Eide.
Willie the Pimp Fly
I am going to La th fish for redfish and was looking for some instructions on tying the fly Willie the Pimp
TGIF-Need a great Bloody Mary recipe
Nor on mine Mike but I will be piloting a tying or recliner chair next day or two. When I fish I am totally absorbed in that alone and have to remind myself to drink water and eat snacks. The next ca
rocky mountain tyers
okay thanks If you have not talked to West Laramie Fly Shop, I will be glad to call them and check with two real serious fishing & tying friends in Albany County. Seems like least I can do given
RS2 No Tail - Midge Emerger
RS2's are staples in most nymph fishermans box.  They are very versatile, and can resemble many types of bugs.  From baetis to midges, these are awesome emerger flies. They are very easy to
Walt's Worm Blowtorch
In my newest video, I share a variation of the Walt's Worm, plus tell a story about Mr. Walt Young from the International Fly Tying Symposium.   I'm sure many on this forum have their own version
New fly of the week is up
Sorry it's a couple days late, this past week has been a busy one. This is one of my all time favorite trout flies. Not sure the actual name of it but I've always called it the d-rib caddis. Super eas
Help with DR Slick Hair Stacker
A good friend of mine is making me a fly tying bench, and he needs to know dimensions of various tools that I have. The only one that has me stumped (as I don't own it yet) is the 2 3/4" hair stacker
Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine
Has anyone ever used this? How did you like it? Would it work for making bigger dubbing brushes for bass and pike flies?
Jiggling Nymph
Wow... thanks for sharing the step-by-step. I've put this one on my tying list.
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
I am so glad I DIDN'T join this swap.  My flies would've been a big disappointment to somebody.  Lots of effort, care and skill went into those flies.  All those boxes look great.
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
Spey casting has become sort of an umbrella term that covers several line and casting styles that use a change of direction roll cast. Unlike the good old roll cast, which is basically in and out on t
Bush Pig Streamer Materials
My craft fur is very supple as well. But then again it's from Joan's, so it isn't exactly fly tying material.
Flash blend bait fish brush
If your fly fishing for pike try pike dubbing brushes are not a lot of use for lures as they don't provide the life like movement that long fibres produce a better action I have been tying
Perfection Loop
The Perfection Loop is an amazing knot for making loops on monofilament fishing line or nylon leader.  It is strong, and makes a beautiful knot!  Its small, and goes through guides pretty ea
Show us your vessel
CP, I am still using pontoon craft that was new in 1993. Stored partially inflated, mostly in unheated garage. Always stored out of the sun as much as possible. Traveled well, but never did backpac
Free Beginner's Guide to Flytying
The Southern Wisconsin Chapter of TU is giving a free beginner's course in fly tying. The course guide is an excellent free guide for beginners with a pattern list of basic flies. They also have a lis
First try at Oliver Edwards Rhyacaphila Larva
Haley if that's a first attempt you have done very well you need to work on the taper of the body and slightly build up the head of the of the lava keep going practice the taper of the body and thorax
Listen To The River (Hardcover) By Steve Thornton
2006 1st Edition Signed by the Author Near Fine Hardcover, No Jacket, as issued 1st Printing. Brand new, unread. A new book of 16 new innovative patterns from Steve Thornton. This new volume is pack
Zuev minnow fly tying
Fly tying streamer
Salmon flies for display
google can point you in that direction by searching for flies, materials, youtube videos, books etc   flies
New Swap Idea
Well let me know what you decide to do, i am in if we end up tying a max if 12 flies, but i am out if it ends up being 2 dozen flies because unfortunately my work schedule will not allow it
December flies from the Vise
After watching Rich Strolis tying flies at the International Fly Tying Symposium, I decided to give his pattern a try. I also thought changing out the fish mask for a mini sculpin helmet would also ma
First try in years
I'd fish that fly any time. Guess tying is like riding a bicycle. You never forget.   Again, nice fly.
Chance for choice at Christmas Swap
I have a few boxes of flies that don't have specific cross trades that work well. Most boxes are sorted and similar with a variety of different styles but I have a couple of more concentrated boxes th
Where to find Shane Stalcup's caddis body material
For those who are interested... I found out how to make them in Shane's book "Mayflies, Top to Bottom" in the chapter Tying Extended Bodies... exactly what I was looking for...    Thanks aga
FS 10 wt Grey's Carnivore Fly Rod
9' 4 piece.  Made by Hardy's. Comes with factory tube.    Absolutely new condition. Never had reel mounted and cork still in blister material. (No picts necessary same as in videos on Y
Look at these smiles...
Why be disappointed?  Is it because you were expecting the members here to have the same perspective as you?   Here's a thought....   The members here share fly tying and (usually) fish
New to the forum
Long time lurker, but lately have felt the urge to meet others have a love for fly tying and fly fishing.  I love fishing for trout and truly love getting away from the masses.  Lately I've
Tear Mender consistency?
Try fly-rite head cement excellent checkout fly tying suppliers eBay hope this helps  Steve Sparkie
Sculpin Imitation
This is a sculpin tied by a local fly fisherman that he uses to catch book trout in the GSMNP. Does anyone tie a version of the sculpin? If so, what is your recipe? Notice that it uses a "mini sculpin
DIY bonefish, Belize
Cool man, I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about guiding part-time when I am of age... how do you like it?   On the blog, I went over the SBS's a couple times and think a couple thing
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
I got a kit a long time ago, it had a Thompson A, but that was before India started making vises which is now what you get.  It had a lot of material that was useless, and a few tools that were n
antron verses artical
Are you looking for this article ?     PT/TB
AZTEC patterns?
Yah, flytire, that's exactly how I remember tying an Aztec. After tying it you'd brush out the yarn and clip it so it looked like an Aztec haircut. I tied mine with a tail, though, also out of yarn an
The Irresistible featuring Joe Messinger
I had the opportunity to film Mr. Joe Messinger tying one of his father's patterns, the Irresistible.  Joe graciously shares his father's original recipe and unique tying techniques for this patt
Itís been a few years
Hello everyone. Its been a few years since Ive been on here. Harley Hunter got ahold of me yesterday, so I figured Id get on here and see whats happening. Ive been pretty busy for the last 10 years w
Long awaited return
What's up everyone, it's been about 10 years since I have been really active here on the forum. Haven't tied a fly in about 5 years as well. Hopefully this weekend I can relearn some flies and turn ou
Renzetti Traveler Vice Jaws Composition
According to the Renzetti WEB site, the jaws of all their vises are made from case hardened steel, and oxide coated to prevent rust.  Hardened steel is more brittle than non-hardened, so that may
Intro from Oklahoma City
Welcome to the forum. Please show us what you have been tying.
hello all from ohio
Hello,           Ive lurked here for awhile,  finally joined. Been Fly Fishing and tying right close to 30 years now. Awesome sport and hobby. I mainly target the Brown T
Fly of the week
Hey guys, just wanted to share the first two weeks of my "fly of the week" tutorial I started up on my website. The first week was the fox tail shrimp and this week is my variation of the Kwan fly. Im
Remnzetti Traveler - Small & Curved Hook Advice
First, I'd have a neck locked up on me for days if I did a tying session looking down like that. Many years as a crane operator left me bone spurs and neck that is fine unless I look down like or slee
Rotary functionality - Regal Revolution vs Renzetti
I have a Traveler, for traveling, and have tied on a 2000, but my vise at home is a Renzetti Presentation 4000.  MUCH nicer vise, smoother action, and a much more pleasant tying experience. 
Regal Vice ?
I'm not gonna argue with Mogup's suggestion for the standard jaws.  Seems like a practical choice, and those jaws have been around for almost 40 yrs, I believe.   I have the midge jaws but h
How many fly fishermen ARE NOT fly tiers?
I just read an article that estimated 15% of fly fishermen tie their own flies.   I have no understanding of that because I have been tying since I was a kid of 9 or 10?   Don't re
Newbie from TN
New to fly fishing and fly tying. I think I would like to learn to tie flies. Have watched lots of You tube videos and have a couple books on the subject. So much to learn but have really enjoyed this
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