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Favorite Brookie Patterns
About the only time I fish for brookies is when I head up to central Vermont, one or two times a year.  SE PA isn't what you would call a hot bed for brook trout.   Mostly I take rides
I just don't get it.
I have attachments to some physical things. My wife passed at age 53 and she fly fished with me. I still have the Fenwick HMG I made for her. I still have the floppy fishing hat and the bandana she
Southern Pink Moth Pattern
Definitely don't have anything around here that looks like that.  I've seen one similar to the picture in the middle of the top row up in Vermont but it was a lot bigger, two or three inches long
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I've fished south central Vermont, Ludlow  and Plymouth(birthplace of Calvin Coolidge) area for many years during the late spring and through the summer.   I've caught trout in July and
A simpler floatier Rusty Spinner?
The first time I fished the West Branch in some riffles below what's now the Delaware Club, forget what is was called then.  I used a fly called the Nalle Puh.  It's Finnish fly created by&#
Wading boot studs
It gets even worse. So we now know that felt does not cause didymo blooms. We know that didymo has been there all along.   But did you know that the states that outlawed felt soled boots still al
Wade fishing awareness cautionary tale
I've had my share of falls.  I don't wade very often these days, my sense of balance isn't what it use to be.  The scariest was up in Vermont, one spring before I took up fly fishing. 
Info for fishing Wisconsin
Guys thanks for the suggestions but, I have tried most of the web sites and am aware of the rules and regulations for fishing on a military post. What I want to know is what kinda patterns they fish u
Redeye Bass = patterns and info.
I've only had a chance to fish for them once when I was hiking in East Tennessee back in the late 70's long before I took up fly fishing.  I caught a few using small Rapalas.  Thought I was
Caddis Flys
One of the largest caddis hatches I've ever seen came out of the riffle waters on a river I was fishing in Vermont. Literally overwhelmed the Green Drake hatch that was occurring at the same time. 
First dry flies I have tied in about 10 years
The fish approved so they get a passing grade.  I tie all my midges, caddis and emergers on a scud/Caddis pupae/emerger hook{TMC 2488(fine wire) or TMC 2487(heavy wire)}.  Prefer the fine wi
Hello From Vermont
Welcome to the site, Phat, from Central Florida. Although I've been to Vermont ... I haven't spent any "real" time there.  What's the fishing environment like?  Where do you fish and what do
Monster Bugger
Nice looking fly.   Not sure I'd call it a bugger.   I'm with tidewaterfly.  I've got a half dozen tied on a size 1 3xl hook.  They measure about 6 inches.  I've caught a coup
Snow Snow an More Snow !
We went from no snow to 24" in my part of Vermont!!  I haven't ice fished since I went through in HS so I don't worry about that but I could have done without all this!!!  Later this week we
Wading Staff Question
I've always used an old ski pole.   Bamboo at first, many moons ago when I use to cross country ski.  That broke one year when I was up at my sister's vacation place in Vermont.  Rummag
A couple of baitfish
This one I tied up for a salt water bait fish swap.  It's intended to imitate a peanut bunker, but will make do as a shad imitation.  A lot of the larger lakes around here have shad populati
Getting caught with "protected species" feathers or furs ...
Here in Vermont you have to get a permit from Fish and Wildlife and can only take them during their respective seasons
Targeting a new species
I like to after them with poppers, especially in the evening.  The only time I really fish for them from a boat is when I go up to Northern Ontario.  In mid-August they're usually in 5 to 10
Tiemco Hooks
Bags and accessories: - Alex and Ani: Bags, jewelery - Archival Clothing: Bags, apparel, blankets - Arne Mason: Leather carrying cases - Baggu: Bags - Blackbox Case: Wooden laptop cases - Bollman Hat
Breast Cancer Awareness Swap
OK Everyone! The flies went out this morning straight to a retreat in Arkansas/Texas on Oct 28th-30th. I sent J. Stockard another thank you and pictures of the flies. Since they were not sent to the "
Rod choice for the catskills
They booked us up with events for this wedding and where we were staying had mighty low water and was a 30 mile travel back and forth to the event site ( my wife booked it), I know that road pretty we
good video(s) for beginner on rotary vise
Hi.  I'm new to the forum.  I'm new to fly tying.  Well not really.  I did tie 1 fly in the past when I took a fly fishing class at Orvis in Vermont.  We learned how to tie a
June is Cahill swap time
Thank you Idaho RC, jmckaughan, vicrider and jburge for joining.    Vicrider your take on a Cahill. It is interesting what everone fishes for a Cahill.  I myself have been fishing an of
Hello from Colorado
Hello all!!   My name is Paul. I was born in raised in central Vermont in a fishing family. I was taught to fish from a very young age and have never stopped. After high school I traveled the ent
Hello from Vermont
Good afternoon all and hello from North West Vermont along the shore of Lake Champlain.  I have visited I may have even joined under another name but I have never done much o
Comfort vs. Utility in Vehicles -- What Would You Do?
  Was just deer hunting backside of Lake Parlin last weekend, was cold and snowing and the wind was treacherous. Tracked a decent buck through the fresh snow for a couple hours but couldn't c
Hook Classification for Panfish
We get hold over trout in a lot of the stocked streams around here. Here's a good example that trout aren't as particular as most people think. I caught these two in a lake up in Vermont. The trout ar
October Flies from the Bench
Man, Kimo, I love this series you have done, beautiful and spectacular.   You live in Wisconsin, don't you?  The reason I am asking is I would love to get you to some of our big tying shows,
Lucky Find
Nice!!  If the materials have been sitting for a long time check and make sure there aren't any visitors in them.  You can always put picks of the rods on the Rod Making forum here or the Cl
I brew mostly because I like doing it and can make whatever flavors I want (which I like hoppy beers but I'm not a fan of cascade hops which are in a lot of hoppy beers). I unfortunately (but fortunat
Cleaning Waders and Boots
i wonder how many states and provinces in N.A. 1) banned felt 2) reversed the laws banning felt soles   None have reversed the ban but at least one state, Vermont, exempts state and federal emp
Boulder, Co.
I am taking a unexpected trip to Boulder next week. I will probably be fishing Boulder Creek. Does anyone have any must have patterns that I should have with me. As I am from Vermont most of my stuff
Brook Trout
In my mind if your fishing brookies in the summer top water is the way to go, you can catch them any way you fish in the headwaters of the freestones here in Vermont but dry flies are so much fun. I l
Eric Snyder Mad Scientist popper
I'm all packed and ready to head off to Vermont for the 4th. Figure on doing a bit of fishing in the local lakes. Not much on the tube, so I decided to "tie" one them up. It's more of a glued together
license holder
Vermont no, New York yes
This is what you call a hatch!
The White Mayfly hatch on the Susquehanna. Never had a chance to fish it though. SE PA is not known for its hatches. I did experience a huge combination hatch up in Vermont. Green Drakes plus swarms o
How to fly fish for trout in a lake
Jaydub, you must of looked at the same info I did. Problem is the trout are wherever the alewives are. According to a fishing report I found for last week. They were mostly hanging out in 20-25 feet o
Welcome to the forum from Vermont.    I love Maine! Going to Rapid River in two weeks for a Project Healing Waters Trip.
Get Ready Mainers
Been seeing a few hendricksons here and there here in Vermont. Got my flies all ready for Hendricksons. For the nymphs i tied up a variation of the Hendrickson nymph from Thomas Ames' "Hatch Guide for
Trout Selectivity
I've seen trout take floating marshmallows and cigarette butts. I've been on a river in Vermont during a Green Drake hatch when Caddis were hatching in large quantities. They ignored my Green Drake pa
Hello from Maine
Welcome from northern Vermont. Nice fly!
what is your most memorable....
It still haunts me. I was fishing the White River in Vermont. I had been upstream fishing for trout but had moved down to the main stem. Remember that. Here the trout water turns into smallie water. I
Today is the day... Opening day!
I have been fishing on the Connecticut for the last week or so (with no luck) but today is opening day for the rest of the rivers in Vermont. I am so excited to hit up some of my favorite and most pro
Headed to Vermont
Decided not to fish given the conditions and the amount of time I could have actually spent fishing, but I scoped out some good looking water while we drove around and did tourist stuff. Been a long t
Go to dry fly
My go to dry fly is the CDC and Elk. It's worked for me through out the Northeast and in Southern Ontario. I may not see a may fly hatch but there's always seems to be caddis around or a caddis hatch
Took some insect and river pictures on the Connecticut River today
Yea, Vermont and NH can fish the Connecticut River Dec 31 - mid April catch and release with artificial only. I have been out a few times the last few days but no luck yet.
Found this fly rod on the side of road several years ago... Help Ident
They were an independent rod company from Stowe Vermont.  I remember them from about 1980.  Later (not sure when,) they were purchased by the Cortland Line Company.  I don't think Cortl
City Park Bass
C LeBo, that's a rock bass. I've caught them up to 12 inches up in Vermont, but they don't get that big around here. There are green sunfish in the creek. Since the sunfish tend to spawn in the same g
Only 20 more days
I hear you kennebec, I'm guessing your in Maine, I'm in northern-ish Vermont on the Connecticut and I keep going to check the river that runs through town since the warm up the other day and I'm seein
World Fishing Network....Dropped from Charter Line up
I'm surprised to hear that you don't like Comcast. I had them for years when I lived on the other side of Vermont, I literally only had two outages in probably 6 years and I never had any complaints a
March Flies from the Vice
Here are the individual shots. They are - Caddis Pupa, Guides Choice, Blurry Red Copper John, Black CJ, Copper Brown Copper J, Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail, A Flashy Soft Hackle Attractor (for brookies),
Tippet question
I split it between the two.  If I'm fishing for trout using 5x-11x then I'll buy the tippet material.  Since I do my shopping at an Orvis dealer, I use the Orvis product, plus I spend a coup
be safe, North Easterners
  I have only seen about 6" so far, its getting blown around into some bigger piles but I'm not seeing a lot of snow (in northern Vermont). Well see how much it adds up to, I never believe i
Hello from new york
Welcome to the forum from Vermont.     -Will
New Guy from WNY
Welcome to the forum from Vermont.   -Will
November Blues
Philly, where are you planning on going, here in Vermont?   Jszymczyk, There are a few streams in Vermont open year round and lake Champlain and its tributaries up to the first highway bridg
Nice BIG surprise (and some questions for the biologists)
I used to attend the annual meetings of the North American Lake Management Society, and taught an opening day session for non-scientists who were not familiar with all the jargon.  I always start
Greetings from Maine
Welcome to the forum Gary! I live in Vermont and I love Maine. I hiked the Appalachian Trail through Maine and NH a few years ago and was not a fly fisherman then. Since I started fly fishin
Difference between brookies and other trout?
Interesting that we considered brookies small trout.  The biggest I've ever caught was 14 inches in a small isolated brook in Vermont.  Not far from the lake where I go for my vacation in No
tails and legs ... new material?
They are even in vermont( I think that's the right state) right?
Any NY or VT carp fishermen on board?
The Hoosic River has some great carp fishing thru Pownal. Its southern Vermont but if your ever down this way its worth it, Ive had the best luck behind the old tannery.
Some of my recent flies
Over all nice looking work but I believe you are looking for constructive criticism. The stone fly nymph would be better with thinner rubber leg material and a different hook, a 2X or 3X long streamer
What Motivates Young People to Get into This Sport?
My father was there but he would rather drink his Rheingold beer than teach his kids fishing. We even spent summers at the family cottage on a small lake in Massachusetts. I eventually learned from my
Eastern Green Drake
Looks good.  You might think about tying it as an emerger/cripple and as a spinner.  I've only run into two Green Drake hatches one on Pine Creek and one on a river in Vermont.  Both ti
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