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GreenCaddis Hooks Back in Stock!

Andros Bonefish 2011- by Lee Kuepper

Conservation - Wild Steelhead Coalition 15 yr

Ryleeís Pullover Caddis- by Lucas Langton

The Ray Bergman Collection - 95) Dugmore Fancy

The Ray Bergman Collection - 111) Flagger


radar detector
They are illegal to use here in Virginia .
Hurricane Florence
I apologize for my previous, optimistic, comment. Any of you even NEAR the Carolina's or Virginia ... hunker down and be safe !!!
Letís talk decals
Nympho Nymphoh? I believe either is correct , most people ask me what the pic is , to which I reply , it's a fly . There response is usually , oh , you like to fly fish in Ohio . Mind you I live in
Wulff swap
Somebody tied a "Virginia wulff" in a swap once, that was a nice variant I've used, lost, and only remember orange floss Anybody know what I'm babbling about?I think I saw that mentioned in a swap fr
Torrential downpour brings a sad day
Here in central Virginia we've been having some major flooding issues over the past week. Kind of a sad day, the end blew out of this great little fishing pond yesterday behind our old house. Pond w
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
Thanks for posting, Bob. I'm gonna go way out on a limb here, and guess that not a lot of swimming goes on around that ramp. Since the sign doesn't mention anything about disturbing humans, I suppose
Non-fly rod caught fish
Swamp Fly , I'm in Virginia too , when you said plank cooking I immediately thought you were going to say tie em to a board , cook them on open fire , throw the fish away and eat the board . That's a
Louisiana Redfish Flies - Top 3 or 4?
I don't know anything about Louisiana, but the reds hammer these here in Virginia. If I had only one fly to carry it would be one of the two stuck in the cork. 
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
The weather was tough this past week - but finally got right at the end of the week.  We started out with a night trip in Biscayne Bay and small tarpon were the targets with visiting angler Reggi
And a once in a lifetime happening in March Madness
I haven't seen this mentioned on the board yet but the first EVER upset of a 16 over a 1 seed happened. No one, No one, saw this coming. I would have watched the game except my limited TV channels now
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line..... I'm not very familiar with the area, I was just going by the title of the guidebook that I bought. Come t
Crap or Crop?
Ok , my turn . As a child raised in the wilds of central Virginia , everyone called them silver . It wasn't until I was older did I hear implants reference them as crappie .
New guy from Richmond, VA
Hey everyone,    My names Joe, I am new to fly fishing and after losing a few flies I figured I start tying my own. Its highly addictive and enjoy it a lot. Being in Virginia, I will be targ
Virginia Fly Fishing Festival
If anyone is going to be in the Richmond Virginia area the weekend of January 13th and 14th , the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival will be going on .
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
Planettrout, Is that Tioga or Virginia lake? I grew up there..
Ninth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
Mine would go out Monday except some people get Holidays off. Ever since I retired I longer get Holidays off and don't know why any of you should. Not fair to me when every day's the same and you get
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Except for articulated flies like my Hog Snares I've done for a couple of swaps those were my biggest fly I've tied for a swap. On my desk I have a few flies like Royal Coachman, Adams, and I'm going
A little color
Thanks Andy. This is indeed a beautiful place, and we're here to stay. The estuary here is about 70 miles long and probably averages four or five miles deep. It's all part of the Virginia Coast Reserv
Is it just me?
The prices for exotic fishing trips have always been high; it's expensive to run a fishing destination or a guide/charter service, and your fees support everyone who's employed there. For most of us,
The Down Home Pride Swap
I'll join in, not sure of what fly yet but it will either be from New York or Virginia. 
Hello from Virginia
Welcome to the forum . What part of Virginia are you from ? I'm here in Hanover county.
Years tying flies
Retro ... don't worry about me!  My ego needs no massaging.     I consider myself a fly fisherman who ties to go fishing.  Yes, Virginia, one CAN save money tying one's own flies.
Hello from Central/Northern Virginia
Hi , welcome to the forum . This is a great place to learn. I'm in Hanover , where about in Virginia are you from ?
Hi ,I'm RogerFrance from Virginia. My profession is Farming, on the other side i work as a freelance writer. I spare most of my free time in farming and writing, which is my passion.  
Hello from Western Virginia
New here from Verona, Virginia. Hoping to learn more tying tips and patterns.
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
Virginia Shanandoah streams... 1. Black Betty 2. Cooper John 3. Prince nymph 4. Elk hair CDC 5. GRBHHE 6. BHPT 7. Olive crystal bugger 8. Lime trude 9. Zebra midge 10. SAN Juan 11. Clown egg 12. Yell
Southern US Fly Fishing..warmwater minnow patterns..?
There are quite a lot of shiners that fit the general description you've given.  An interesting link to peruse is: They list all the fish found in the
Hello from SW VA
Far from a newbie to either fly fishing or tying, I felt it was time to join the forum rather than to just read. Been fishing & tying since the mid eighties, spending those early years traipsing a
Fall Musky frenzy is about here
Virginia is interested.... :)
U.S. wide fishing licence
Thankfully fishing licenses have to a large degree stayed within the realm of states' rights.  There is a national marine fisheries register which anyone fishing salt water is supposed to do, and
Redfish Crab Swap
Got them tied, toe tagged and in an envelope, ready to go, but here on the East coast of Virginia, I might have to pull the boat out to get to the Post Office! I am going to try and get them sent tomo
Fishy Question
Here in the south east, back in the 1940's and 1950's, a lot of streams were stocked with browns and rainbows to create local trout fisheries.  As a result, there are several legendary streams th
I've been fortunate
Well I don't know if "fortunate to live in" and "South Alabama" should ever exist in the same sentence... I lived in the REAL south Alabama (Houston County, outside Dothan) for four years and I can sa
Upcoming shows?
International Fly Tyins Symposium, Somerset, NJ, Nov. 19-20 Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo, Asheville, NC, Dec 2-3 Cherokee Hooks & Hackle, Cherokee, NC, Nov 4-5 The Fly Fishing Show, Som
Breakfast Swap
Nice looking flies! Now this will give me an excuse to head to the mountains of Virginia and do some trout fishing! Road Trip here I come!!
Best beginner fly rod length, WT and action
I have never been to the Green Top or BPS north of Richmond. I will have to make a trip up there to see what they have. I heard there was a shop that carries fly fihing and tying items in Virginia Bea
Been on a few weeks and should have introduced myself
Hey all,   As my title states, I should have posted on here a couple of weeks ago. I have been prowling around on here for quite awhile until I became a member a couple of weeks ago. This is a wo
2nd Annual Large Mouth / Small Mouth Bass - As long as it floats swap
add147,   Flies went out today! You should have them in about 3 days. I have a comedian for a postmaster. He said we don't want to bring any flies from Texas into Virginia!! LOL
One fly only?
Early season = deep SMB.  I only saw one weighted fly in your list.  I don't see where you are from, but in Virginia, our rivers are still cold(er) after a goofy spring, and the local report
Musky and Pike Gear and Flies
Hey guys,   So I just bought a boat and I am hoping to target musky and pike a lot this coming spring and fall.    Right now I just have and 8wt with full sinking line. I am hoping some
Stay Hungry! is what the fish will be with this new fly pattern
ihang....   90s in northern Virginia????   At my digs in southern NC, it's never even gotten out of the 70s yet.  You sure you didn't leave your oven on?
Possum dub?
Josephcsylvia.......the Virginia Opossum is actually evolving to be immune to poisonous snake venom. Some make copperheads up to 75% of their diet when they can. We have loads of copperheads around ou
Shifting gears to freshwater bass....HELP!
Just for your information, and you might have to travel a bit, but Virginia does have trout fishing according to this page :
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
I was there last august for a week.   I brought my kayak so I was able to beach launch a few mornings-  we stayed at Dam Neck which isn't a "public" beach unless you have access to the
salty skill building no.1 - the clouser minnow
Well, everyone, I have not tied any saltwater specific flies yet but we will be visiting the Virginia Beach area this summer and I'd love to have some patterns for the trip.  If you'll have me, I
Christmas Honors and Wreaths Across America
The Backstory of Arlington that most Americans do not know is that it was once the Estate of Robert E. Lee, who led the Confederate Forces. The Union side decided to use it as a cemetery for union sol
November ends Monthly Swap and special offer
uh oh. wonder what happened; in spite of the time of year they should easily have been there by now. give a day or two i guess and see what happens. a set of flies I mailed on same day to Virginia (do
bench or field whats more important?
Well UTYER...  There is someone here that is almost as old as I am and we have a little in common. I have my 75th birthday coming next month. Been fishing since a little boy and introduced t
October Monthly flies...think orange
Vicrider, I plan on mailing my flies in the morning. They have been ready for a while but that annoying work thing kept getting in the way of my trip to the post office. Since kennebec12 is working o
Winged Nymphs
I see bony Grayling is your favorite fish. It was when I lived in Alaska but after retirement and moving to Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains I changed it to what I like to pursue the most. Tiny native
Safety Pin Swap
The mystery of the missing safety pins has been solved...when I checked my mailbox this evening there was a package with a label on it stating that "we care...we sincerely regret the damage to your ma
New member to the forums as well as new to tying flies....
Hello all. My name is Joe, and I come to you from the gorgeous mountains in western Virginia. Anyways, thank you to everyone for creating such a great forum where newbies like myself can go to gather
Need a 4 month fill-in for Monthly Swap
I didn't have to work today so the streamers are on their way. I tied 2 for everyone. The first one has a wine colored floss body with a gold oval tinsel rib, a couple turns of black ostrich, black ov
"Green" Swap...Floss and Herl combo
Yep, the one with the orange floss. Every time the opportunity arises you can casually mention that amazing new fly, the Virginia Wulff. A trip to the post office, the grocery store or the local gas
Trout Flies Invitational
Like I said before...I can't let it go. I try hard to be open minded and I may have thought of something that didn't occur to me before. There is several fall festivals around here and one of the big
license holder
not in Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland. Virginia requires I also carry a picture official ID in addition to license at all times. I assume MD and WV are probably the same there but I actuall
a little fly
a fly that was on display at the west Virginia museum of arts and science for a year sent back recently after exhibit closed  
matuka tying style
I floated Virginia's James River for smallmouth and the Matuka in size 6 and 8 performed very well. I used back feathers from my large Buff Orpingtons (light yellow) hens and even used marke
Mad Tom Fly?
Fair enough, I get it.  I might just use it as a chance to practice tying more flies and experimentation.  The scaplin was next on my list to learn so, I guess it's me, fly vise, and NCAA on
What do I need, what do I ask for??
Matthews X-Caddis is a really good fly to start tying also.    I cant believe that a dry fly costs $2.75. That is....... CRAZY!!!!!! I bought a bunch of royal wulffs from some ch
Great Lakes Steelhead?
interesting. what would be considered East/West? East coast= Florida, Georgia, S. And N. Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Plus
Hello all
Welcome to the site, West Virginia.  I must admit, although I've driven through many times, I've never fish there.  Nice bass you have, in your avatar.  Looking forward to more shots of
Tap, tap, tap...
...this thing on? Ah yes, good!   Greetings from SW Florida!  Land of The Mighty Snowbird and infamous land developers (oh wait, the developers don't actually live here they just screw it up
Greetings from Malaysia
Sham, welcome! We have the Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) here in Maryland & some other areas. They're in the Potomac River system which separates MD & Virginia plus a few other rivers
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