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Yep you're right. Saw them thought I might get some big sparkle ones but after painting not sure and may be too thick and heavey. I got some with the fabric paint on wax paper but they look flimsy.
They had to motor the charter boat up to Ft Lauderdale then take care of family and home. We used DirtyBoat outa Robbie's stayed at Smugglers Cove. We worked out a reduced deal for me to fly fish
Thinking of a Jeep Wrangler
Good evening Dave, I have had three so far.  I had a YJ (1987-1995).  I had a TJ (1997-2006) and I now have a a JK (2007-2017).  The YJ (1988) was a 4 cylinder soft top.  Really go
weirdest catch
Nothing too weird. Two young seagulls with the fly rod, a pesky cottonmouth down in NW Tennessee that had to be discouraged with a whack of my fishing rod to discourage it from chasing my Jitterbug. W
Acklins Island? Anyone Been?
Those were some BIG wahoo, and a whopper bonefish. Didn't know it took 2 days to get there from MIA, I know you have to stop in Nassau but I don't think that should take up a day. We will be staying a
Keys Swap
Yes and sharks, tripletail, Marlin, wahoo, tuna, etc
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
Sorry that the pic got turned on my IMac.  I don't know how to remedy that. Pic was taken with an IPhone.   Anyway, these are bruisers I throw at stripers in New England, tarpon in the Glade
I will host the Carp swap I will set it up tonight or tomorrow morning   Wahoo! :D
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
Dang Byron, I loved your tale.  Kinda makes you wonder what kind of kids are being raised and indoctrinated with pure BS.  Really sad if you ask me, kinda like the woman that asked a hunter
February Flies from the Vise
Cheers Chef! Yeah i have not fished many tandem flies so i was just curious and was cautious with the balance, i mean if i rest the tandem rig on my finger it rolls hook point down, i added the leadfr
Longnose Gar
Years ago we caught lots of Sailfish on rope lures.  While Sailfish don't have big teeth like Gar, they have small, rasp like teeth that get hung up in the rope. I'd troll a rope on heavy spinnin
Big Game Poppers
Hey, you SHOULD be coming to see me. My next-door neighbor made three runs out to Norfolk Canyon this week, and he got a lot of fish. Plenty of dolphin here, white marlin, sharks, wahoo, tuna, etc. BT
Mahi/dorado fly patterns?
Hi Matt, i do have a brief sbs that i did for a captain in Vanuatu, he is even catching wahoo on it in a much beefier 8/0 but yes it has undone a few mahi. Can be done in any colour u like.   Mod
How many species have you landed on the fly
Wow! Now there’s food for thought.   Fresh water:   Brown trout. Brook trout Rainbow trout Cutthroat trout Bull trout Steelhead Landlocked Atlantic salmon Largemouth bass Smallmouth ba
West Australian Open 2013 trip report (Gamefish)
Great report Jam.  Those dolphin sure are beautiful when you first take them out of the water but I was always amazed at how fast their color fades as soon as you get them on ice.  Nice waho
Mahi Mahi and general competition gamefishing on the fly, leader etc..
If the water is clear I would go about #40 for the tippet.  Dolphin don't really have brutally sharp teeth like wahoo and king fish.  If you get one hooked on regular gear, leave it in the w
Bob, the front of this particular fly (the tail of the squid) is tied onto a cotter pin that has maybe a five-inch piece of 50-pound mono attached. The rear of the fly (head and tentacles) is tied on
The Monster Magic streamer
Hey Chip: If you ever go off shore in the tropics, be sure to take that fly with you, red and black is probably the best all round color combination for wahoo. If you hook one; it will leave your othe
Bucket Lists
Sailfish, white marlin, wahoo, dolphin. At $1400/day, I don't see it happening any time soon. My only hope is Powerball.
Dubbing Swap Invitational
Barracuda Fly
Well guys I have some news to report! First off, I made a rookie mistake...that's right, I didn't bother tying in a wire leader, and after a massive take from either a large garfish or bar
Batson Rainshadow SW967F (pictures)
As promised, the write-up from my latest builds.During my 2.5 month exile to the mainland in dreary Michigan in the dead of winter (sigh), I managed to be productive. I built a pair of rods specifical
rod Smashers!
I am hoping to go fly fishing for marlin, wahoo, tuna, and the likes next June. Any advice, stories, or whatever for these great fish (rods, reels, lines, flies, ect.) would be great. I've read a
No Name Yet
Hey WataugaFishin: "Would you fish this fly for bass?" I sure would...Sunnies, bream, bass and trout all the way up to Wahoo and Marlin. With a dressing as static as this (not alot of movi
D5s first mouse
QUOTE(dsaavedra @ Jul 12 2007, 01:42 PM) [snapback]246181[/snapback]not bad looking. but it doesnt scream "MOUSE" to me. kinda screems "blob" lol! what could help you
where to go?
thanks a lot dudes, we aiming most for big fish tarpon, mahi mahi, wahoo, jacks, snappers, sharks. Bones is fun for a day or two we want some real hardcore fishing and it sounds like we have to visit
flies for the big ones :)
Hi everyone as always a lot of questions, im going to Roatan in Honduras in March and are going to try catch the really big fishes on the flyrod. Any one who have good patterns for cubera, grouper an
Fly fishing South africa
Hello to all from here in South Africa. I'm not sure if there are any other members here form SA, so here is a brief intro as to what we get up to here in South AfricaOn the freshwater side we al
Chesapeake winter stripers
You better believe we have bluefish down here! Heck, I've caught bluefish all the way down in Mobile, AL, on the Gulf of Mexico, so they do have a very southern range although it seems that th
What are some of the hardest fighting fish?
Freshwater: Redeye Bass (not Rock bass), Peacock bass, Smallmouth, and walleye (just kidding on that one!)Saltwater: Bluefin tuna over 300lbs, Flase Albacore, Tarpon, Permit, Roosterfish, and Waho
Hey guys, I'm back!
It's been a while since I last logged on and for good reason. I've had alot of change happen in my life. I think I last wrote when I had just moved to TN to run the fly shop at the Nashville,
greedings from iceland
Hi you allMy name is Palli and I live in Iceland. Im propably the first icelander who register on this page so there are propably many off you that dont know where on earth a country called Iceland
First tropical fishing a success...
No, the Caymans aren't a top destination for fishing for most. The flats are not large and expansive like those in the Bahamas or the Keys, and there aren't great numbers nor size of fish.
New to the Group
I fish the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. Championship dry and wet fly fishing. Have a 28 inch 7 pound cutthroat on my wall. Landed him in front of my home. WaHoo!
Rod Action Preferences
I use 4 different rods for different flies and fish. My designed 5' 0wt is for tiny streams and little trout. It has a med-fast action. I actually used a small spinning rod blank but it turned ou
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