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We need to wake the hell up, gents
I agree with steeldrifter. I am a proponent of the pipeline. It will be cleaned up. I dont think you should be banned either. It's your opinion. This is mine. I fish around the point pleasant pump on
Couple days on the Au Sable
I guess we always want what we don't have, but any place where you can go from trout to smb, to lmb, to walleye, to pike is fantastic in my book.
Watch Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman.
Definitely did not have the Hollywood touch of creating excitement where there was none. Since you watched the Rancher section part I just had the feeling that the ranchers on there had the feeling of
Any float-tubers out there?
Years ago, like almos 50, St. Paul MN experienced a huge influx of Hmong refugees. There were several nice little lakes around us and most had a full walking path around them. I used to take my belly
U.P. Trip Report (photo heavy)
Great trip, great narration, great photos!   I lived in Marquette for five years and loved it! Have fished and hunted much of the UP too.  In short, God's Country.  Not much is written
is tenkara catching on?
It's all good natured fun Rick. I consider myself an angler and enjoy many varied angling opportunities from fly fishing to spin fishing, bait fishing, chunking catfish and stripers and ice fishing. I
Rigging For Pike
When I go up to Northern Ontario, I'm in the same situation.  The lake's known for it's walleye and smallmouth but it does have a good population of pike.  My main target with the fly rod is
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Got it, feathers.  Vicente answered, but I'll add my understanding. I now live in Florida.  I was born and raised in Indiana.  I've been all over the world. Based on my experiences, fis
Pike Fly Patterns
It depends on the time of year, where you're fishing.   The only real experience I have fishing for pike is on my annual trip to northern Ontario.  I've been there in the spring just after i
Warm water tying season musky fly and some bait fish
Oh dem perches. Sure would have like to have them up north where a large majority of walleye diet is perch (the ones in the walleye family, not the sunfish called perch here in OK).
Snook Flies Swap
Owner description of ssw:  trolling or mooching for salmon in salt water. Also excellent for baiting walleye, bass, tarpon and other inshore species.   Both will work.
S.B.B. (Smallmouth Bunny Bugger)
There is no question that the wooly bugger is an effective and versatile fly.  This is a variation of it that I find make it more effective for targeting bass.  While I have used it for larg
Nice Au Sable pike on the fly
By the time you add barbecue sauce, smoke, and honey, newspaper would taste good too. (grin)   Pipe are actually OK eating -- y bones aside -- but they do suffer by comparison with the walleye, p
Pittsburgh area fisherman
I've never caught one on a fly, but have caught 3 on creek chubs walleye fishing and 1 on a white belly, silver backed crank bait(also not targeting them). Allegheny river, and below a dam on a trib t
Light action spin rod
Years, and years, and years ago I took a lamiglas 4wt. 7'6" fly rod blanks and wound it with foulproof spin guides. Of all the rods I have today that is one of the oldest and what that rod has landed
Caught my first (and second) steelhead...
Yep, steelhead are a great fish. Looks like yours have been in the river for awhile. The "chromes" just in from the lake I think will jump a little more and put up an even stronger fight though even t
Marine Hacks
In the summer time we like to go out on the river and troll for walleye. The river where we fish runs anywhere from a foot to 5 feet deep filled with rocks and boulders that change the depth by the li
If it has a lot of small bones like northern pike and their Y bones it also might be a good fish to pickle. The process of pickling softens small bones to where you can eat them right along with the r
Fishing for Perch
Caught a bunch of walleye on a about 4-6 Mickey Finns. The Walleye here are about 12" right now and plentiful. That is because we are close ( 25 minutes) to the biggest city in Saskatchewan and every
Bluegill Lures | Simple Spider
Rich, because I fish for food not for sport. It's a system of fishing similar to how walleye fishermen use a crawler harness with beads and a spinner blade tipped with a nightcrawler. The lure is just
Marabou Minnow Tying Video
Walleye on the fly, I like the sound of it
My 2017 black soldier fly bin
Good going W Rip, an interesting idea if your neighbors do not complain. Raised night crawlers as a kid, kept them in Buss' worm bedding. Building walleye snells for 55 + years. Have fun!
Spey rod for trout, anyone here do it?
A lot of the reading and vid's I have been doing/watching are Dec Hogan's and most of his stuff says for heavier skagit style heads to go with more of a bottom hand pull stroke for power so most likel
Opinions on this fly, please.
Well, give me a little recipe and I will produce one and try it for some Walleye on the Fly.  Going to be a few weeks before the bite starts but I will surely report back. 
Wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and I live in the Pocono Mountains, in Pennsylvania. I have been a member for over a year, but never posted before.  When joining the site I
Is it just me?
I guess I am one of the more fortunate guys in fishing. We have fantastic species here in Ontario that we don't have to venture out of province. My trips include Thunder Bay for Northern Pike, Lake N
First fish of the season
Vicrider,     I live on the border at Sault Ste. Marie. I guess that there are catfish in the St, Marys river but I don't fish there. Too close to home I guess and I don't want to look at a
The Down Home Pride Swap
All right, good start! Flat Rock Native and dflanagan, you're both on the list. Glad to see my original home state of Missouri will be represented dflanagan ! :) Since I seriously doubt that my home
Targeting a new species
Lots of great advice and info above and I'd like to add just one thing. Speed Speed Speed. When you know there are smallies around and all those tips and baits above are just not turning them on, doub
Years tying flies
Dad bought me a modest fly tying kit for Christmas when I was 6. Took two sets of lessons form different people in the local fish and game and by the time I was 14 I was tying bucktail walleye jigs fo
Looking for a 9wt reel that won't break the bank.
Watch Cabelas for Lamson discontinued reels. I picked up two Konic's a few years back in Saskatoon for $100.00. They are great for a 8-9 wt and found some spools for $50.00 in Montana ( when the doll
ice fishing ties
Mostly fishing perch, crappie, bluegill and the occasional walleye or northern.
I have a friend who never believed eyes were necessary on jigs until he started fishing under the ice. Superclear water and bait that's not swimming he found out eyes can definitely make a difference
new member from Germany - Bavaria
Oh how I've always wanted to fish Bavaria, and the black forest. You guys have killer pike and walleye action over there!   Welcome to the forum!
Welcome your new mods
So are you guys like Steves new enforcers? If I break the forum rules your not gonna but a horse head in my bed or anything right??? Naw, I am totally catch and release on horses... A walleye mi
We'll be on the hardwater soon!
With temps hovering in the -15C and 40 km winds (wind chill -30C plus) I am expecting a great freeze!  Our highs for the next couple of days are not to be above the -30C mark let alone the wind.
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
Blue gills are some of the top food sources for some large freshwater predatory fish like bass, trout, pike, and walleye.  Bluegill are in almost every lake and pond across america and most of th
Pike/Walleye Video
We had one big pike that unfortunately we weren't able to release. That was the one we were dipping in the butter. Otherwise we ate walleye for almost every meal. It was the best walleye lake I had ev
Pike&Musky flies from the vise!
I have spent more of my time fishing for pike and walleye than trout and salmonoids. Flyfishing I started with trout and steelhead. Pike and walleye was gear growing up. Time to venture further into
Few days on the Au Sable
  That carp looks like it would give a good scrap   That's actually a river redhorse sucker. It's just so big it looks like a carp. It's over the Michigan Master Angler requirement length,
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
if i were to eat a smallie i would select a smaller one. but rather pick a walleye or panfish.  i  never heard of a smoked smallie.    rich mc
Back from Northern Ontario
Sounded like fun man! Did you keep any walleye, those taste VERY good!     btw, those pics of the sun belong on the front of a fishing magazine!     Glad you had fun :)
Au Sable vacation 2016
Great pics. again this year Steve. Did you eat the walleye ?   Leaky
something different
You nailed it agn54!  I knew I had seen hooks like that before but it never dawned on me to think worm hooks.  I might even have some in my old walleye stuff.  Thanks!
Hello from Northern Ontario
Hey I've been to the sault! Isn't that what they call it ? I went for a week to Lake Esnagi on Mar Mac Lodge. Caught millions of pike and walleye on spin(wasn't into fly fishing then) . I had a great
What leader
Sorry young lad but we're talking fishing. I agree they are not tricky little devils but they shut down just like trout and they come alive just like trout. The bigger ones are trickier then the small
Good Morning from the UK
Yes... it was Mr. Crabtree.  Last year they came out with a TV series based on Mr. Crabtree..... this guy took a couple of kids fishing each installment (I only saw one).  He was fishing a r
Bennett Springs
Ah that brings back memories. The first salmon runs in Michigan UP streams. The closes holes to Duluth in spring steelhead runs. The walleye fishing at some of the hotspots in MN on opener. It was rat
Quick Snaps for Streamers
I used them most of one summer until I had the first 10# + walleye I'd looked for for years about a foot from my net when the quik-snap broke. I also had a very light wire crappie jig somehow come off
Free Stuff
Sounds like a clouser minnow to me. You have pike , walleye, bull trout or other big yap fish around you?
Mike by and large I agree, there is however a small or maybe not so small, population (I don't know) of land locked Atlantic Salmon in the Great Lakes.  I caught one around Pulaski 15 years ago w
Hello from South Dakota
To Dave G We have quite a diverse selection. West side of the state in Black Hills is the trout fishing. Central and east river is Good for warm water species such a walleye, northern,small and larg
Au Sable Steelhead 2016
Are walleye common fly takers? Walleye attack bait fish, more so than any other prey. They're usually deep, but will school and go shallow to follow bait fish, just like many other predators. 
Clouser minnow\White bass
All my information is based on 30 years ago, when I lived in Indiana. White bass chase and eat smaller prey, so I wouldn't go larger than a 4 for them.   Walleye will go after much larger, and ha
New Dungeon Shopping Cart Interface
My experience with FTD was only once and it was great. Ordered a Christmas basket and a baitfish package and was very impressed with its content. I am tying for pike walleye and perch right now so it
Trolling flys
I've done some trolling with my 8 wgt. Initially, in salt water when we were trolling off the beach and the lures on the trolling rods were a bit to large for the snapper blues that were all over the
My First Double!
Steve-   I bet those smallmouth did put up one interesting fight! that would be awesome on streamers...     It was interesting, but honestly it was almost like fighting a big walley
Line weight, reel and rod question
Northern Manitoba around the Thompson area. 4 hours from the famous Reindeer Lake. Best fishing province in my opinion, pike walleye, trout, small&large mouth bass, grayling, catfish plus a dozen
Few poppers
You got to love Ontario. On the lake I go to the slot for walleye is 14 inches and 16 and 7/8 inches with a 4 fish limit to take home.The general thought is if it's close throw the fish back. And if y
Joe... do you use a tippet when you fish in Florida?  I've fished for longer than you've been around with nothing but abo 7 - 8 ft. of monofilament, usually 10 wt.  We don't have trout
Hickman's Skiddish Smolt SBS
  Originally an Alaskan pattern, supposed to be hot stuff on the Missouri.  I'm hoping I can at least get a walleye to take a swipe at one if the trout don't show interest.    hoo
Some good patterns for Big Pickerel
When you say pickerel are you talking about chain pickerel, or walleye??
Slide a Clevis on the the line ahead of the wooley bugger and put the blade on the Clevis. Like a walleye spinner rig. You can get the blades at any one of a thousand Internet sites or cabelas and BPS
Backpacking and photography trip suggestions.
Joe... I live half time in western NC.  In streams, you got trout, trout and trout.  In lakes, you're in wonderland... LM bass, SM bass, white crappie, black crappie, bluegills, yellow perch
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