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Peacock herl?
I've had reasonable luck with Wapsi strung peacock herl but it isn't the quality you are speaking of.. I had a big bag of some like that and I left it in Maine on a trip up there a couple of years ago
River Road Creations wing cutters?
Anybody have a pair of Life Cycle Caddis Wings they want to part with ($)... Wapsi no longer makes them...   SD
Borden Special Dabbler SBS
Turning up the gain on a standard. hook - Mustad 3906 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 flame orange tag - tinsel silver tail - golden pheasant tippets dyed hot orange/fuchsia hackle rib - oval tinsel silver
Finding Material
Mvendon, your very close it was carded but smaller card the name on the card is The Angler's Supply House Williamsport Pa. and the name stamped on the back BUFF  I found a web sight for them bu
Mono Eyes
Sick and tired of the Wapsi/Ole Florida mono eyes breaking/not lasting long. Especially since I sell some flies I should be using the best products possible, and these are definitely not it.   An
Big stuff
Not sure if EP,Congo alone is stiff enough. The clear/white(?) is combined with some SF (Steve Farrar's) that has some flash in it and some blue/purple crystal flash. You could combine lotta stuff
Synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies....
It would appear that the flies in the photo are from the Orvis site:   The fly that was not pictured was this one:    
A Curmudgeon Moment
I think I've been a "curmudgeon" since I was about 14.I was in the local BPS Fly Shop the other day and saw many colors of "Sili Worms" from Wapsi. Fine if someone wants to use them, stick a FLY HOOK
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
Best feathers for small soft hackles
Went to the fly shop today and bought a Wapsi (imported) hen neck for about $6. It has some small and very small feathers to use. Wanted to buy the Whiting or Metz hen necks, they have a lot more smal
Small thin web like strands when using black laquer and nail polish...
Why is it that these small web like strands will happen when I'm using Wapsi black laquer on the heads of my flies? I have and had added laquer thinner... Maybe I didn't add as much as I should? Add
Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap
Psycho Prince   Hook: Allen J100BL, Size 14 Bead: Rip Lips tungsten slotted disco, gold (slot is a little large, but allows .015 lead wraps to be pushed inside) Weight: .015 lead wire, 12-14 turn
Strip Rattle and Roll
If you have ever fished for bass, you know that in most instances, a rattle helps attract them.  They are also attracted big baits.  Things that push lots of water.  I created this fly
Source for marabou, especially that bleed less color
Google "Jay Fair Marabou".  Probably the best stuff on the market right now, but fairly pricey, if you are looking for plumes.  I tend to just use the generic Wapsi/Hareline product more oft
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
If you don't mind, is there a good cheap all purpose soft hackle? You could try a Wapsi natural hen skin. I think they have other colors but I never really looked. Seems to me the last one I got w
Fishable and Fanciful
Here are some things I've come up with this year.   [attachment=63922:2017-01-Finished.png] [attachment=63923:2017-01-Finished2.png] [attachment=63924:2017-01-Finished3.png] Three cupped Wapsi Po
Whole Rabbit Skins?
Be a bit cautious about rabbit skins since there's a good number of low cost skins - that don't work out very well for fly tying... They look nice, are easy to strip - but after one use on the water t
Dumbbell Eye Mold
Given the pretty low cost of lead dumbbell eyes from Wapsi (particularly if you buy them by the 1000 per size...) I doubt that any company has found a need to come up with molds for them....  In
Sand fleas...
The next time I need sand fleas... I'm going to simply modify this pattern (my version of Matthews Turneffe crab...) by bringing the legs all the way back to the hook bend... instead of out the side..
material for popper heads
foam spiders are dealy for bluegills. cheap, quick and easy to make and color combinations are ALMOST endless   [url=
Hungarian Partridge skin
He Mike, I don't know if you were on here when I sent Shoebop a package that almost ended with me in jail facing a long list of criminal charges for shipping feathers and fur outside the U.S. borders,
Thank you so much, they never showed on my searches....j Look here, it's in with the hair and fur pages:
Need to find .5mm purple razor foam
Looks like this might be it:
Rainbow Warrior
   [background=#ebebe2]Hook: TMC 2457 #14-20 [/background][background=#ebebe2]Bead: Silver Tungsten, sized to hook (I ran out of silver tungsten beads so substituted lucent red tung beads)[
Best hackle for nymph collars?
This guy from Intheriffle likes hen for the Prince collar, he says you can use hen, speckled hen or India neck:   If you don't like the Wapsi skins, look for so
March Flies From The Vise
The picture looks white but it's opaque tan from wapsi..
dye types and final colors
A quick note about dyeing materials....  Yes, any tyer can dye their own materials.... but....  The reason I quit dyeing my own and went with pre-dyed materials (feathers, bucktail, kiptail,
Getting Started With Balsa
Hi all,   I've been spending a fair amount of time over the past year, learning how to prep, pain and tie poppers (bass and panfish).  Until now, I've primarily used the Wapsi Perfect Popper
Killer Mayfly
Yeah mine isn't a name brand I don't think... I bought it at a fly shop but I don't think it's by wapsi... or any other name brand... honestly now I'm thinking that darn fly shop bought some cheep
Bulk dumbell eyes
I'm one of those that buy lead eyes by the 1000 per size... If you do choose to go that route any shop that buys from Wapsi has them available in their catalogue.... You'll just have to work out a pri
<<soft hackle help >>
Some of the so called Spider Patterns might have the hackle that long. Generally on my own soft hackles I shoot for a hackle length of about where the barb might be on a barbed hook, I use grouse or n
Need help locating some Rabbit zonkers !!
Steve   I have lots of colors but white with chartreuse tips I've NEVER seen - even the two toned skins from hairline don't show them.  Here's some full skins of 2 color skins http://www.cad
Superfine Dubbing
The Hareline and Wapsi Superfine dubbings are very similar:   Hareline:   Wapsi: 
What's going on with soft hackles?
Just FWIW, I bought a couple of hen capes from Wapsi and the natural has been really good for my smaller flies. These must be small birds, lots of smaller feathers . I have some badger cock skins from
Name this material
I was sent a sample of that material a few years back - can't remember what they called it but it's probably in Wapsi's catalog...  I didn't have a use for it then so like so many samples sent me
First Balsa Popper and other 2016 Stippled Poppers
Those are awesome!  I'm a big popper fan.  I consider them one of my best flies, but I am nowhere near your level.  I have never really gotten the painting to a level I love.  I di
Processing fly tying materials at home
Good post & link! I've done a lot of that, even did so for sale. It's a lot of effort, and can get costly, but can have benefits. Years ago, when I tied commercially, I also did a lot of trapping
Fly Tying Desk Design
Hook storage is a big issue.  I like the box Wapsi has made with thin clear plastic boxes that slide out, but I can find anything similar on the market that is that thin.
Head Cement
I had the same problem with Wapsi head cement, I think it was not mixed well or something. It was enough of an experience to never buy it again. I started using Loons and it seems to be a lot better.&
What I believe happened is that the super glue worked all too well.. It held the thin barbell portion of the lead eyes fixed to the hook so an impact to the eyes resulted in the eye on that side break
Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph
So we got two pheasant tail nymphs, the American and the Sawyer. I have also tied the "All Purpose" Nymph but it was out of a Wapsi starter book so I don't really know it that's a proper pattern. Are
September flies from the vise
 I am posting a fly for the first time. So here goes this is a bass fly actually it is a bass plug for an 8wt fly rod.    The body is made out of a used wine bottle cork.    T
Pike&Musky flies from the vise!
Thanks Andy! But remember your salt is stronger then ours, sea not ocean! And even thow i rinse the flies after use, atleast wapsi ostrich changes colour before to long & just looks the colour of
Liquid fusion for coating deer hair flies
I use Flex Seal on any hair bugs that I want to harden up (and make them waterproof as well....).  It's been listed in Wapsi's catalogue for years and years...  I apply it with a spatula (it
Beginner - purchased Grizzly Saddle Hackle- wrong kind?
For some of your smaller flies take a look at the little Wapsi both hen and cock skins. You really only get one fly per feather from them but they are a good fill in till you know what you want. I mig
Tiemco 600Sp
I do use the Tiemco 600sp for specific purposes and they are a bit pricey (and I'm only buying at wholesale - no they're just not available in quantity either..).   If there's a substitute with t
Popper Bodies VS Hook Size..Opinions.?
If you are talking about hooks for the Wapsi bream bodies, I'd go with either a dry fly hook or the Mustad 33903 hook which is what Mustad now sells with hook/body combo sets since Mustad ended produc
Best Fibers?
I like the Polar fibers and I like Syn -Yak but I also like craft fur. Now I don't know if todays craft fur is exactly like mine or not, mine was named Fly Fur but it came on that carpet backing kind
Poppers..Time to start tying some tails I think!
Thanks Mike! I use some of the same hooks, plus straight shank plastic worm hooks. (Gamakatsu, Owner, Daiichi, VMC, etc.)  I like the Wapsi bodies, but prefer a bigger hook for the body size than
How to tie the Strip Tease?
I found the recipe. But an SBS or video or something like that would help. I don't know the exact order in which I should be tying it  
Thread spool keepers
UTC thread comes with a small, thin disk that fits into one end of the spool to keep the thread from unraveling.  I have contacted Wapsi asking to purchase some of the "keepers", but they don't s
Hook sizes and styles
If you have a local fly shop that deals with Wapsi they sell their bran hooks "lightning strike" in assortments they have a nymph, streamer, dry fly, emerger, and caddis assortments. they are about $2
Worst Thing About Fly Tying
poorly dyed marabou   just handling these feathers to get them out of their zip lock bag, your fingers turn to whatever color the marabou was dyed   the wapsi brand was the worse of the ma
Lefty's Deceiver - Best saltwater fly pattern?
Yes, that is how it was written in the original Fly Fisherman article that introduced the fly to all of us. I should have said the name "Clouser Deep Minnow" was created by Lefty.  Additional det
Pheasant Tail Colors
Same here, my vote is for natural.   Though I must say I don't tie many of these flies. I'm a fan of peacock and hen soft hackles, again natural. I've been very pleased with a little Wapsi natura
Drop Jaw Flies
Don't have an answer, but it does annoy me, this culture of hype and marketing, the "have to have the latest" in EVERYTHING. BTW, did you see the new 2017 Orange Wapsi Marabou? Soooo much more orangy
Wondering about super hair on dries.
So I was looking on youtube and came across a tier who tied up a parachute adams with super hair for the abdomen. It looks like cravens juju flies, and when I saw it naturally I wanted to try it out,
Cement question
IF you've been around long enough & tied long enough, you start to see similarities with products sold for tying & other products not sold for tying. IMO, it's highly likely that some head cem
WD-40 a good searching pattern?
Like he said in the video, anywhere fish are eating midges and baetis, his tie is a good one. I imagine he means in those colors with a chocolate brown dubbing for the thorax. I guess he's using pla
Griffith's Gnat
I have a Wapsi rooster neck in Badger that has a really good range on it , probably 26 if not 28, up to some 12's, then from there out one side has slender feathers where you might get 10's out of the
Zap a Gap
Cold;  I have applicator tips but dont use them.  I took a picture last Thursday for a thread below.    This is just a corner of that picture that shows "Wonder Wax", Liquid Fusi
First mayfly! Help!
That would be a nice cape to have anyway and don't let me derail your plan ! But often what I do is use straight colored hackle ( one feather) and then add a grizzly. That gives a blend with barring a
dubbing brushes
modify a caster wheel     modified bearing     simple crank handle     no spinning knob required  
Simple Popper
Yep, Perfect Poppers are a Wapsi item.  Any shop that deals with them (I think most do since they're one of the largest and most reliable wholesalers around....) can order them from their catal
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