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powder coat vs nail polish....
Flytire I have done both nail polish & powder coat I like powder coat better but there is a leaning curve with powder coating    IF I was you I would use finger nail polish 2 coats of w
Jig Swap
Well thanks for bring back the joys of jig tying  !!! lol  Using 210 is like tying rope on a hook !!! When I live in Washington I tied a lot of steelhead jigs & jigs when it was the year
New guy from the PNW
Hello all! Don't know why I've never gotten around to joining this forum but finally decided to fix that! I life up in Washington State on the waters of Puget Sound where I fly fish the saltwater yea
Stacked deerhair question?
[attachment=64891:sketch-1511636139473.png][attachment=64892:sketch-1511636177944.png][attachment=64893:sketch-1511636201547.png]Mike West, your flies are kick ass as always! I've decided to go with a
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
Hello again..
Washington is on top of Oregon which is on top of CA, not a bad guess though.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Santa's on his way...
My flies arrived today here in Tacoma Washington !!! Christmas can't come soon enough !! Thanks for the extras Nick !! I needed some purple H2O Flash I love there H20 flash I use a lot of it tying Ste
DIY PVC Rod Case....?
They make a much lighter weight PVC than the normal schedule 40 weight one that is more common. Not all places carry it but some Lowes and HD stores do. It's about half the thickness and half the we
West Coast Salt water
There are non-traditional saltwater fishing opportunities to the north as well. Surf Perch from Oregon and Washington beaches, Salmon from Puget sound beaches, Sea-run Cutthroat in estuaries and even
Hatches Blog Post - ‪Public Lands Proud‬ by Dan Fraiser
Washington DC is careening down the path of turning over Federal Public Lands to the states in a thinly veiled attempt to force their sale. In fact, the number of acres of State owned public land has
Dancing with gators.
Might be a record for your lake, Tide, but not for the State. "Florida state record for length is a 14 foot 3-1/2 inch male from Lake Washington in Brevard County. The Florida record for weight is a 1
I've been fortunate
I am recovering from heart surgery, which has given me the time and inclination to reflect on the good things that have happened to me. I was fortunate enough to live in CO, Oregon, Washington, Flori
Washington Flies
Hi guys, I never post here in this section, so let me mini introduce myself. I am 14, live in South Florida, and am a die hard salty angler. Got into tying around March, and fly fishing around last su
Dumb Eye Bugger
Great video. We went through a stage when I lived in Washington where we put dumbells on everything. Really good jigging action and rides hook up. Great job. Thanks for your detailed work.
Washington Fly Fishing
Most of you guys here dont know me since I most more in the Salt threads, but we are considering a trip to Washington in the summer. What would be our best bet in the summer, I dont think steelhead ar
ID/WA Road Trip
There's a lot of water between Montana and Washington.  I'm thinking there's a lot of ways to make that drive, too.  If you don't get any answers (because there's too many to narrow it down)
I dont really know much about ohio steelhead, but if you are flying somewhere to target them I would go Northwest. There are a lot of rivers in Oregon and Washington that have summer runs. The rogue r
632 bucks
You might look hard at Redington rods. I have both Sage and Loomis 4wts, but the 4 that ends up in my hand most trips is a little Redington Wayfarer that I bought for about $160. It is a delight.
Hello from the NW
I am getting back into flyfishing. I got out for some years after moving to Washington. Any tips for Washington Rivers would be appreciated! Coming from Eastern California I know nothing about steelhe
Polar Bear fur
Ok so here's a source for you, the serious fisherman in Washington.John's # is: 1-800-347-4654, all of the polar bear he has is legal and has it in dubbing as well as the longer stuff. Natural and al
Christmas Honors and Wreaths Across America
The Backstory of Arlington that most Americans do not know is that it was once the Estate of Robert E. Lee, who led the Confederate Forces. The Union side decided to use it as a cemetery for union sol
Originally from Northern California.  After 45-years in Washington I am headed home to the Lost Coast (in 55-days)...  The fisheries are in such terrible state here I don't know where to b
The little guys survive mass extinction events
Sorry...  I subscribe to Washington Post and the Smartbrief science newsletter.  Guess they don't like people sharing their links.
New to the Forum
Hi everyone,  New to your form , from North central Washington state, I have been tying since I was a teenager, and  it has its peaks and valleys as does everything in life. I love to fly fi
Hello from Middle TN
Hello, been snooping around for a few weeks. I began my fly fishing when I was about 10 my uncle took me to an outdoor hunting and fishing expo in San Mateo. There was a man who came over the loud spe
National Geographic Photo Contest
Sorry... this is where I found it, in the Washington Post site.  Don't know why they are different.
Custom rod build for a Celebrity customer
When I was playing and coaching baseball at the University of Houston in the 70's, we used to frequent an establishment (only when we had extra money. This was a nice place.....) where Rudy T. went. A
Clouser Swap
I have one spot open. You will need to tie 12 Clousers in 2 weeks and mail them to Washington state. Thanks!
Hank O Hair
Nice looking little fly...I'll have to give it a try. I love to pan fish. BTW like your mountain background.   The mountain background is a picture of Mt. Rainier in Washington State. It's on
U V curing Resin Lights
Same topic discussed before =
Great Lakes Steelhead?
interesting. what would be considered East/West? East coast= Florida, Georgia, S. And N. Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Plus
Hello from New Hampshire (US)
Welcome to the forum from Vt. I live right on the Connecticut river in Wells River. I have never done a complete through hike of the A.T. but I've done south bound from Baxter to Mt. Washington,
Hello from the PNW
Hello Everyone, I grew up in Michigan and fly fished the lakes and rivers around my hometown; AuSable, Thunderbay, Manistee, etc. Since then I've fished in England, Montana, and Utah. Picked up tying
Hi I am a new guy .
Hi I am flyman23 and I am new to this site and thought I would say hi for the first time . I live in South East Idaho by the South fork of the Snake River and New to tying flies . I have been fly fish
Crane Fly
That is, as some say, "Spot on!" I am currently in Washington ... Cape Disappointment, to be exact.  And the crane flies are out in force here.   Your bug looks exactly like these bugs. 
salt water materials?
The only difference I found in regular materials and those marked "saltwater" (hackle and bucktails) is their size. Saltwater is longer. I usually use stainless or plated hooks but not all the ti
Latest bonsai tree
I am in Hawaii this month.  Washington State next month. When I get back to Florida, I'll see what I can do about an old growth Bougainvillea.  I spent a couple of days chopping down my Brot
I found a feather
For the record, I never wished death on anyone. That was mikechell. I never "wished" death on anybody.  I said I'd protect the Eagle. I also never said I'd fillet a baby. But people will read
How to Clean My Renzetti Master Vise
  How about Brasso? Used to polish my Dad's brass for him while he was in the Army. Kimo     Nope,,, brasso leaves a protective film,  neverdull does not..... brasso was spec
tails and legs ... new material?
I'd shoot and clean one myself, but they aren't very numerous here, yet.   According to the Episode:   When I am in Houston, I see them often.  I see tons of them when I am in New Orlea
New here ... Again from Singapore. :)
Hi Steve.   Looooonnnng...had been the longest path so far... I embarked on a study spree since 2005 till 2013 ... Finally I dont think I need another course again..    Recently couple
Older Michigan Patterns
I am looking for recipes for a few older Michigan patterns, I was fortunate to sit through a presentation by Jerry Regan this winter but wasn't able to scribble down all the recipes, trying to find th
Entertainment at the boat launch
A friend of mine is a fish biologist in western Washington and, early in his career, spent considerable time doing creel surveys on the Cowlitz River. He told me of witnessing, more than once, what he
Brace of size #3 Black Heron's to fish
Yeah seen a few from the states with interesting design, was a leaping salmon on one from Washington, i know we have jock scott stamps, but hmm would make a nice coin.
Hope No one here was impacted by the landslide.
For my us mates on here.... i don't know where all of you live, but I hope you and yours haven't been affected by the landslide in Washington state the other day.
traveling to new destinations
I can't help myself... I have to say that Cape Disappointment sounds a lot more appropriate for the other Washington.  n'est pas? Yeah, I "pas".  Capital Disappointment ... or as I said
how yinz guyz doin?
Either one would be great. One thing I want to try to do this year is hit one of the rivers for flat head. I'm not sure what one to try. Every time I hit 70 to Washington I go over the Mon and Yough.
new Guy from Washington
Welcome! Which part of the People's Republic of Washington do you hail from?
What is a "Lightning Bug" pattern?
I may have the opportunity to do some trout fishing on the Yakima river in eastern Washington this summer.  I was looking at what patterns are popular and I have heard one mentioned called a "lig
Keep them zippers up fellas
Gravytrain, you are right. Years back I did a couple year thing and decided to get into the vinyl siding business because it paid fairly well. I used to love to get out of the mountains in the winter
Online Stores for Materials
Up to now, I have been a pretty consistent customer of J. Stockard, but my recent experiences have soured me on them. My last order was received by them shortly after noon on a Friday. On Monday, I re
RBF: Winston Spey conversion to a centerpin rod???
Hi All,I have a new (in package) Winston Biix 13'3 7/8wt spey blank that I bought a couple seasons ago and have decided not to build. However, I do want to build a center pin steelhead rod for Oregon
Can't find aquatic entomologists locally. What should I do?
Join the Washington fly fishing forum. There are people on that site from all over the world. There is an entomology section where you can post pics of bugs and the resident entomologist, "taxon" is p
4 years is way too long...
When you said 4 years, I thought you were talking about our elected officials in Washington, DC. and the gov't shutdown.Sorry!Bill
Fly Tying/Fishing Clubs
I'm in Kansas. In Wichita there is the "Flatlanders Fly fishing Club". I don't think they have an actual fly tying night but I have gone and sat and tied with another guy before. The tackle shop calle
Newbie - Again
Four decades ago I was beating the entirety of the Deschutes drainage, of Central Oregon, to a froth. Introduced both boys to the sport and they are still fishing. Last week I wetted a line for t
RBF: Skykomish River, Washington
I have been hitting up the Sky for Pink Salmon and for Coho. No Coho luck, but I've been killing the Pinks all season. For those not local, they are estimating a record return of Pinks (6.2 Million)
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Where have you fished so far? What destination is on your bucket list? Me so far; Maine (my home waters) New Hampshire Mass. Rhode Island Tennessee Upsalquitch River in New Brunswick Canada (Trip of a
RBF: spine position on Downrigger rod
Hi everyone First post here. after wanting to build a rod for several years I finally bit the bullet and got two Rainshadow 8'6 downrigger blanks and two pac bay blanks for deep six divers. I was i
Fly Tyer Fly Swap
Vicrider, between reading your post and a pm that Blane sent me I have almost drown myself with a cup of coffee. I have managed not to spray the keyboard. I grew up about 25 miles out of Washington D.
Fly Fishing Magazines
gw   i dont see anything wrong with manufacturers advertising their products in magazines. its one of their ways in getting us to buy their products. i'm sure if you were a manufacturer you would
WARNING- Scammer making the rounds on FF forums
Hi everyone,    It appears that a scammer, who goes by the name Newtyer1 has been making the rounds on various fly fishing forums, handing out a sob story about how he is a disabled veteran
Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls completed a sum of 2-for-1 deals
The trade deadline comes,[url=]nfl jerseys authentic[/url], this time, there are a lot of&
Tarpon Rookie Contest
**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**   Macomb, Michigan (February 06, 2013) - In response to the TSMT Tournament series press release, one Ben Treppa's attorney, Ivana Humpalot, offers the followi
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