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West Virginia

Oh boy here we go!
Ummm ... I don't want to irritate anybody's "Cabin Inflammations" ... Pour proverbial Salt into Open Wounds, as it were ...   Supposed to be 84 on Saturday and I'm planning on testing some flie
A simpler floatier Rusty Spinner?
The first time I fished the West Branch in some riffles below what's now the Delaware Club, forget what is was called then.  I used a fly called the Nalle Puh.  It's Finnish fly created by&#
Flu season nothing to sneeze at...
129 deaths in OK alone, mostly the young or the old and unhealthy like me. I wear a med mask when anyone comes to visit and whenever I go into town for anything. Laugh but for me with COPD and under 5
It's not just a Gulf thing or just salt even, salmon in the fresh waters of Maine like a little pink in the fly too. Rainbows here on Cape Cod in the ponds at times like pink marabou. Out west a pink
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Thanks Capt Bob and others, great history lesson and information. I regret not spending the time to fish when I was at NAS Key West but plan on spending some time down in Florida in the next few years
February Flies from the Vise
Mike West - nice paint-job on the poppers!   Poop - nice cased caddis!!!!   KIMO... as usual...excellent, beautiful nymph and great lighting! (and Polaroid <hehee> photo)   BCT
Wading boot studs
"Not caring much about ecosystems is exactly what threatens your way."   Yeppers, ...       (fwiw, north to south, east to west, limestone, freestone, gravel and mud bottoms; I hav
Crap or Crop?
Ok , my turn . As a child raised in the wilds of central Virginia , everyone called them silver . It wasn't until I was older did I hear implants reference them as crappie .
Driving around Richmond, VA
Literally, I drove AROUND Richmond.  I started at the airport (East side) and headed north to Ashland.  There I met with PowerShooter (Bo Hamby) and visited with him for about 4 minutes.
Hello from Sweden
Hello everyone!     Joined and read for a while and just now saying hello. I've been flyfishing for a while now and really do love it. It is taking more and more over my life. In a good
Question about hens and rosters.
That big fl. green and white bug in the photo is actually a variant of one of my signature patterns with Umpqua Feather Merchants - it's the Tarpon Snake - and anglers world-wide have been catching fi
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
Mike west, what part of ca are you from? Sounds like where I'm from.
mop fly material swap
i have way to many colors , like 17. since some tyers have trouble finding mop in other colors perhaps we can swap just knubs. no tying.  i will  run the swap just need suggestions on how ma
January Flies from the Vise
Happy New Year everyone Heres an emerger to kickoff the month! Should fish any tailwater, East or West, should be killer in slack waters, keep loading up that vise.
Penobscot River?
If you do make it to the West Branch, Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to take you to some remote ponds to fish for some native Brookies.     Michael
About musical taste?
[quote name="Flat Rock native" post="713624" timestamp="1514437835"]" not want to hijack the Song of the day thread..." No worries on that one Bim, Mike West beat you to it.... and I mean that i
best time of year to fish South FL
[quote name="Mike West" post="713402" timestamp="1514321123 If I was going to Florida and I could afford to hire a guide I would focus on the guide that did baby Tarpon and snook.[/quote] Based on wha
New guy from Richmond, VA
Hey everyone,    My names Joe, I am new to fly fishing and after losing a few flies I figured I start tying my own. Its highly addictive and enjoy it a lot. Being in Virginia, I will be targ
Virginia Fly Fishing Festival
If anyone is going to be in the Richmond Virginia area the weekend of January 13th and 14th , the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival will be going on .
Paint for poppers?
[quote name="Charlie1947" post="712574" timestamp="1513528859"]I would like to acquire some of your knowledge! I need help with painting poppers...." You have come to the right place. And, check out
New Arrow in the Quiver
"Named for pirate Jose Gaspar, who terrorized the coastal waters of West Florida during the late 18th and early 19th centuries ..."   Gasparilla was his nickname.  Florida history ... and I
Deer hair divers....
Fshng2, Well I guess you’re about to find out it’s about an inch inch and a quarter thick I bought that when it first came out back in like 1985-1987 something like that. It was a wealth
Itís Popper Time again
... in the oven to help the paint dry faster ... Haste makes waste.
rocky mountain tyers
okay thanks If you have not talked to West Laramie Fly Shop, I will be glad to call them and check with two real serious fishing & tying friends in Albany County. Seems like least I can do given
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
Who tied this and what material is this black and chartreuse stuff? I need to get some I like it.i Knock Knock...Anybody Home? Wasn't me and this is pure speculation but I would guess dyed gray squi
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
Can some one explain (in 20th century American) what is skagit and for that matter spey as pertains to casting? Ran accross these terms some while back and never really  figured them out other
Stocker trout
Back to the beginning here, but I have seen hatchery fish with obvious genetic malformations from using the same strain of fish for many years. In Oregon we had a lake where they stocked landlocked At
December flies from the Vise
Here's some size 8 AS rusty brown nymphs I just tied up. Supposedly worked wonders for large brown trout on West Canada Creek several years ago. I had the recipe, but lacked a picture until I searched
hello all from ohio
Hello,           Ive lurked here for awhile,  finally joined. Been Fly Fishing and tying right close to 30 years now. Awesome sport and hobby. I mainly target the Brown T
Stacked deerhair question?
Thank you Mike West! Not sure if it's what you mean? But i just had a look in my room for a blue sharpie, but i think it's in the shed? Will look tomorrow & cut off a piece of white belly hair sti
Crappie fly fishing
My experience with Crappie, though limited, extends from Indiana to Florida and West to Texas.   Like most fresh water predators, they will attack anything ... opportunist when hungry.  They
Hen cape
call jim's fly co. they may be able to help   Campfire Lodge Resort / Jim's Fly Co155 Campfire LaneWest Yellowstone, MT 59758Phone: (406) 646-7258Fax: (406) 646-7258Email:
Finishing deer hair popper faces
Yeah I can live with that price. I’ve been getting mine at Hobby Lobby and its like $12+ Thx for the heads up. I only recently realized that there are two sizes for LF bottles. Maybe that expl
Destin, FL and environs in December/January?
Don't let the "temps in the sixties" stuff fool you.  That time of year almost all of Florida will be getting cold front after cold front (and most of them will eventually make it all the way dow
Lake Mead anyone?
Check the State records and you'll find that four of the top 30 record catches were from Lake Mead. Way too far West for me.   Good luck, if'n you go there any time soon.     Looki
A couple of tool ideas that might help
Islander, do you use that foam and bottle chenille dispenser?  Seems like the ear plug would get pulled up into the nozzle until it would be too tight to pull chenille out.  Do you have that
Just got a skiff!
Congratulations on your money pit. I have a fish and ski money pit, it's a pretty common lakes style boat for the larger lakes in Maine and bigger ponds around here. Having not figured out how to
November Flies from the Vise
#26 Adams is my limit 26? I wish! 12 is the smallest I can decently tie. And that is arguable :)5A297834-4C84-4534-8A3C-A13E402B27AC.jpeg Nice Montana nymph, often fished sizes 12-6 out West
salt question
Good luck on the trip man. If the docks have lights, fish them at night on a moving tide and you'll be sure to get snook, tarpon, and others. If you are looking for a more adventurous day, hit up the
Everglades backcountry, 21-23 October
In general the waters in that area are still quite high (the hurricane, more than a month ago now left so much water on the ground that it's still draining back down toward the south..).  Once co
Nice knowing you guys...Iím a dead man!!!
I miss Mike West. He was always very helpful. I wonder what will happen to his stuff. Probably sold to buy a new couch.
10ft 3wt Xi Series rod
Just finished this Xi series 10ft 3wt 4pc up this morning and ready to head to it's new home out West. RFIL2 reel seat with custom grips fore & aft, measuring marks every 2" from 16-24", titanium
Maggie Valley, take two!
I remember your report from this summer, and you caught mostly wild rainbows and browns. Beautiful little fish too. I know I'm showing my bias toward wild trout, but I'd stay where you are planning an
Super Cheap DYI Dubbing:
I have been making my own dubbing for years, and recently I came across a "NEW" super inexpensive dubbing material.  I made a couple of lanyards from Paracord.  The cord cost 11 cents a foot
Everglades National Park, Flamingo to re-open tomorrow, 7 October
Just got the word (10:00Am Friday, 6 Oct) that Flamingo re-opens tomorrow... Heard it from another guide then called the Visitor Center and verified it.... Yippee!!!Now for the details.... The opening
Sink tips
I've built lots of sink tips for both single handers and two handed rods. I like the airflo tungsten tip material. The T-7 weighs 7 grains per foot and sinks at 7 inches per second, T-10 weighs 10 gr
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
The San Juan River is one of the most popular and productive river in the United States.  Possibly the world.  Located in North West New Mexico, in the middle of a desert, this tailwater is
Any snake ID out there?
... you can’t forget 26 years of parenting and say “Go ahead and do whatever the h3ll you want ...   Hey....his house his rules. Got to respect that.   I agree with both
Start thinking Christmas Swap
You are correct, Mike West. I think that nearly all of mine came from Rick Zieger and also the box, but probably some of the flies came from someone else. In fact, I think that I may have at least one
fishing and scouting report Chokolskee - first trip after Irma
Based on the colorings of those fish it seems the water must be pretty clear down there. It is similar up here in the Big Bend. Before the storm, the water out on the flats was like coffee and the fis
E-Bay Bidding
Out here in Ca. the fly show has gotten so bad with no materials, I may not even go this year.  To me the biggest concern I have with high grading my own natural materials is with dry fly necks a
Strip Rattle and Roll
I've watched all your videos since you started posting them but never commented before that I can remember. I've seen you get lots of criticism on them in the past. It's so easy to find fault with p
Ordering online
You can order manufactured brand named materials with confidence. You can order brand named natural dubbing mixtures and they will be very consistent. Off brand manufactured materials like tungsten be
New Guy From Florida But Moving
I grew up fishing for panfish, and bass in the northeast.  Moved west and spend a very long time fishing for trout in the Rocky Mts.  Fished from Canada, to Cancun.  Settled after retir
September flies from the vise
i bet those would be great to use during ice fishing season
Mop Fly Variant
Thanks Powershooter, Poopdeck (you're welcome) & Mike West for the encouragement.   FRN thank your little buddy for sharing some of his toy with me for future patterns.   Denduke you hit
Stay Safe
NOAA has started posting post Irma imagery. So far only Key West and parts of the West Coast waterfront.
Hurricane Irma
Shifting west now towards Ft Myers, and winds are dying down just a bit. Sounds like we are staying, as most shelters are already full. I'll try again to post updates when possible, but do know it may
Swap fly caught fish pictures,
I threw a couple flies this morning from Vicrider's Christmas swap. These were caught on a fly from Mike West.
The New and Improved Fly Swap
Mike West your Stimulators look great! :)
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
Planettrout, Is that Tioga or Virginia lake? I grew up there..
7' 6" 3wt glass
Was nice to take an extended break from filling customer rod orders there for a bit after I got back from vacation. Time to make the donuts though and back to work. Lots of parts I had on order have n
Hello from the SF Bay Area
Hi, everyone.   I've been lurking for far too long on the site and just recently became a member. I have been fishing since a young age even doing the competitive bass tournament scene for a whil
плут оса SBS
резня саржа (White Miller variation) A bit more involved than stuff like CDC & Elk or X-Caddis but it'll float until it's chewed up or b
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