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Inspiration: Nemo- by Vern-O

Swinging Thru Oregon- by Eric Reed

The Ray Bergman Collection - 72) Cinnamon

Profile: Realistic Fly Tying Pioneer, Bob Mead by Alex Cerveniak

Mayfly Nymph- by Lucian Vasies

Waypoints India Teaser

West Virginia

Roadkill question
how much odor can come from 1 squirrel tail?   i dont want to process a tire flattened hamburger looking carcass :)I carry a little beard trimmer in my truck and baggies. If its a fresh kill...
radar detector
They are illegal to use here in Virginia .
where were you on 9/11/2001...
I remember that evening at work I was outside talking to a supervisor during break. He said people didn't know where President Bush was. All they knew was he wasn't in DC. About that time something ca
Hurricane Florence
I apologize for my previous, optimistic, comment. Any of you even NEAR the Carolina's or Virginia ... hunker down and be safe !!!
Mobile AL/ Gulf Shores Fly Fishing
All of the area between the AL/FL border (Perdido Bay) to Mobile Bay is just the type of water that holds Redfish, Sea Trout and many other fish.  Of course to fish it, you will need some type of
The Essential Fly Box
OK, guys. Thanks! We will decide on a due date when everyone signs up. Not sure how long that will take, but it will be somewhere around the middle or the last of October. Plenty of time.   
12' 5wt Spey rod
          12' 5wt 4pc IM8 graphite spey with custom grips, nice burl wood seat with vented hoods and snake guides all set to go to its new home out on the West coast.
The WD40 was originally designed by Mark Engler.  Word on the street says that he designed this while working in a fly shop in the west.  He made a pattern that was relatively easy to tie, a
Let’s talk decals
Nympho Nymphoh? I believe either is correct , most people ask me what the pic is , to which I reply , it's a fly . There response is usually , oh , you like to fly fish in Ohio . Mind you I live in
Digital Fly Journal
I have a hodgepodge stack of printouts, some computer bookmarks and scribbled notes in a pad. I always though of being more organized but I don't tie enough different patterns that requires much organ
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
Zip, Thanks for the picture. I have a few spots in mind on the Timber Coulee and the West Fork of the Kickapoo for my May and September trips. This should also work well on some local ponds for bluegi
Boca Surf
I'm not too familiar with fly fishing the surf, but Lake Ida and it's canals are full of peacock. You'd be right there close. The Lake Ida west park has one good bank fishing spot,  as well as a
Nymph Fishing Rods
It's obvious that I have misunderstood the high stick term, because in my memory of a long ago article it was a method of fishing used in fast turbulent streams of the west, long reach out and over an
Well I’m stoked/pumped up!!!
OMG.. just had three paragraphs typed out and lost it all . Give me a while and Ill do it again. Too frustrated right now. C'mon. Pics and story needed. I like to keep an email to myself open when
Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Boat
Anyone ever used one of these?  Saw two guys in one a couple weeks ago on the upper West Branch of the Delaware and have been fascinated since.  Smaller boats seems light (<100lbs) portab
July Flies From the Vise
Cream & Kimo Outstanding tying as usual. Props to everybody else to. Mahalo! Kimo
Hello from Central Missouri
Welcome Ben.  I'm from mid Missouri too-Mexico,MO.  Where is Norborne?   Norborne is just West of Carrollton MO on 210 hwy. Carrollton is about 45 minutes West of Moberly on 24 hwy.
Best Tyer Ever?
I think a better list would be who are your favorite tyers. I like a couple of West Coast guys David McNeese and "Polly" Rosborough.
Poor Man's Airbrush
Depends on how deep you want to get into it. Make a dozen a year yeah that and the Copic is fine. Those cans are what? $4-$7 each and the markers...Copics are $7-$8 and you will go through them like
Carp in N.Y.
Ashokan reservoir, (West Hurley) NYS DEP property, permit (available free online) required.  Walk the bank on the east end of the lower basin during the spawn (now) Kinderhook lake, (Kinderhook)
Whiting hackles
All I can is thank God I dont tie trout flies any more or have the need for high quality hackle..I still have pieces of a #1 Metz from close to 50 years ago thats gets me by for the warm water stuff
Marsh or Beach swap
Hey Vicente here is a pattern and materials list but feel free to make substitutions. If we can get at least 6 signed up by Sunday we'll go ahead and run it. If not I'll close it and try again later i
Wulff swap
Somebody tied a "Virginia wulff" in a swap once, that was a nice variant I've used, lost, and only remember orange floss Anybody know what I'm babbling about?I think I saw that mentioned in a swap fr
"The Indispensables" Swap
Ok, I figure those 2 will be here soon. That will just leave mogup and Mike west, please PM me if your not going to make the due date
Smallmouth time, my favorite
Had a nice float down the Flat River, a great smallmouth river in West Michigan. Caught bass steadily all day long, most in the 12-14" range. Since the river is so broad and the current mostly gentle,
Cooling shirts
Without trying to sound racists I work with a lot of brown people(Latinos,Salvadorians and eastern Indians) You know what they all have in common? none of them wear high end designer cooling shirts.
June Flies From the Vise
Kimo & Retrocarp Nice job! Thanks Mike :)
I got what on what!
Just got back from my trip to NC. Started by visiting my brother in Raleigh area. He took me to the Harris Res. for top water bass. He's throwing his rubber frog and I'm using my 9wt to throw my deer
Torrential downpour brings a sad day
Here in central Virginia we've been having some major flooding issues over the past week. Kind of a sad day, the end blew out of this great little fishing pond yesterday behind our old house. Pond w
Peacock herl?
Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I actually found some fairly decent herl at Waters West in Pt. Angela's. I had to sort through several packages to find what I was Looking for. Although it'
Can't remove shower seat. Argghhh
You need a bigger’s plastic! And I don’t even know what a shower seat is? The plastic piece was in the metal bracket and the hinge pin wasn't shifting,  as I say WD40,
Headed to Gettysburg from WV...suggestions?
How about Falling Springs in the Chambersburg 25 miles west of Gettysburgh. - info here;
11' 3wt 4pc
        11' 3wt 4pc with cigar grip and exposed front hood wrapped in matching thread wraps, brown wraps with copper metallic trim ready for its new owner to put it to use out Wes
I really DO hate people.
I had a cop pass me other day doing 95+ mph ... Yep, I've seen it numerous times. They just GOTTA meet the guys at the doughnut shop ... last one there buys.
Tampa Fl Area
You may want a decent 8wt for the beach, as it can get pretty windy. However, you're 7wt might get the job done, just practice casting. You're on the west coast so it won't be as bad as over here on t
Just got off the phone with Sage...Grrrr
Golly, Mike West that's what I meant to say.
Cohen's Bird Variation
SILKHDH Like I said been tying 50+ years...I know all about stacking just didnt use the word. Thank you for taking your time to reply though..much appreciated. Ben Bell...thank you OK this thread m
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
Thanks for posting, Bob. I'm gonna go way out on a limb here, and guess that not a lot of swimming goes on around that ramp. Since the sign doesn't mention anything about disturbing humans, I suppose
May Flies From The Vise
I have never understood classic salmon fly tying but I sure enjoy looking at it. I'm trying to understand it.  they're beautiful.
Non-fly rod caught fish
Swamp Fly , I'm in Virginia too , when you said plank cooking I immediately thought you were going to say tie em to a board , cook them on open fire , throw the fish away and eat the board . That's a
Celebrating 7 years today
  I quit when the price of a pack went over $4.00.  I got better things to spend my money on. I knew it! If they sold cigarettes at the Dollar Store I bet hed still be smoking. Sorry had
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
I have to go with the consensus here. We have a few relatively protected waters here on the Eastern Shore estuary where you might be able to get away with a float tube under optimal conditions, but th
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Okay guys...this was my first attempt at what I would call "Mike West style" poppers.Also first time ever using an airbrush.Im pretty pleased and I hope the person fishing these is too!That frog is a
Demo/ Test Flies
So Lee are you selling flies on the swap page by posting a weird story? In this day on internet scams and such it strikes me odd. New member first post is a fly "giveaway" or what?   https://ww
I just don't get it.
Women are mental .... True Dat !!!
Louisiana Redfish Flies - Top 3 or 4?
I don't know anything about Louisiana, but the reds hammer these here in Virginia. If I had only one fly to carry it would be one of the two stuck in the cork. 
Stonfo Airone Travel Vise
Tim, Couple of questions ? What is the largest hook it can hold ? How is the vise stability with that light base ? Could one spin deer hair on this vise ? Thanks. The largest I've held in it so fa
Global warming?
You know global warming is about getting colder right.   Mike I have to agree. When the global warming  alarmists realized the climate was cooling the narrative switched to "Climate Chan
April Flies From The Vise
Nice job Retrocarp Simple and clean looking Thanks Mike :)
White River out of Beaver Lake
That has to some pretty country, but if I ever get west again it will be eastern Or. to see my sisters.
Sacred Fly - Community Fly Patterns
Thanks Mike West!   @Bimini15 - That's really the only purpose.  Wanted to keep it pretty simple and have it a fly tier driven community of fly patterns with direction and vision inputs from
Question re spun and stacked deer hair
Mike, is it possible that you are cranking down too hard? Another option is the direction in which you are pulling up, away, or towards you to cinch, other than always pulling down. After
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
Black drum can be tough on a lure (and even tougher on the fly...).  That day, though, we'd found a big school of them (all 14 to about 20lbs) packed together like a school of mullet pushing alon
Broiled Trout Recipe
Where is the recipe I don’t see it?   [url=]Broiled Trout Recipe[/url]
Hello from Fort Worth
Welcome From Weatherford here...I drive through FtWorth twice a day. I live in Weatherford as well, I teach high school in Fort Worth.  I still list my address as fort worth. haha
Emerger Floatation and Ginger on Adams
Might as well add my $0.02.   The only one I really tie is #2.  I know it as a Quigley Cripple.  Shown to me by a West Coast member of FF@ who was visiting Philadelphia on business
And a once in a lifetime happening in March Madness
I haven't seen this mentioned on the board yet but the first EVER upset of a 16 over a 1 seed happened. No one, No one, saw this coming. I would have watched the game except my limited TV channels now
Hey Bimini or anyone else in that area!
It's that time of year again where I get twitchy because can just taste fishing The Alley.  That would be Alligator Alley aka I-75 in South Florida for folks not from the area.  How is the w
March Flies From The Vise
Kimo, Everything you post is just killer looking. Id love sit down and tie with you for an hr. Thanks Guy! Kimo
Mono rigging
I've seen mono rigging in the midwest for steelhead and once here in the west on a really big river for trout. Guys use a reel full of heavy flat mono (yellow or red amnesia) and no fly line at all, a
Favorite hair for Elk Hair Caddis?
I suggest that if you are going to tie a lot of elk or deer hair dry winged flies like comparaduns, sparkle duns, elk hair caddis, X-caddis, stimulators, etc; that learn to grade and buy hair specific
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line..... I'm not very familiar with the area, I was just going by the title of the guidebook that I bought. Come t
9th Annual Opening Day Swap
Opening Day of trout season, in many parts of the West, is the last Saturday in April. This year it is April 28th.  Tie 12 of any trout fly, any stage, any size, any style.  Usual rules appl
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
And my set of magic arrived from Mike West. He must not have minded me poking fun at him too much because these the quality flies that come of his vise, plus some other goodies in there. Thanks everyo
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