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Whip Finish

Finishing deer hair popper faces
I've had tons of questions over the last few years about how I finish popper faces, so I finally broke down and did a short, focused video on the technique.  If you have any questions, fire away.
Comments on first effort at polish woven
They are looking good, and I think you may have passed the point where this advice applies. For anyone who wants to learn how to do the shuttle weave my advice is do them in half dozens. There are rea
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
This one just off the bench is an 11ft 4/5wt 4pc switch rod on a UHM12 blank which is black with some metal flake in the finish. Custom turned switch rod style grips with burl wood insert seat set in
WTB Finger Vise   I h
New to the forum
LOL  " ... anything above a 7 weight for more than 5-6 hours ... "   I am in my 50s.  I have an 8 weight rod and no damage in my hands.  I think I'm doing good if I can whip that 8
Finishing Knots
Whip finish. No reason. Neither a whip finish or a half hitch are difficult or time consuming to tie. I really see no difference in the two.
really cleaning bucktails-easy way
I have used Woolite and warm water in sink.   You can do a good wash without soaking long enough to fully rehydrate the skin.    Follow that with several cold water rinses to
A couple of tool ideas that might help
These are a couple of things that I have done with tools that have helped me out. Hopefully I can explain the picture well enough. The first thing, I find it much easier to have a flat white backgroun
Favorite UV Resin?
Just curious, what is everyone's favorite UV Resin for fly tying? Tell us what you use, how you use it and why you like it!    I use Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish for wing cases on nymph
Saunders' Sheep Fly SBS
A vintage Appalachian pattern from N.C. tyer Newland Saunders. Not to be confused with the Sheep Creek Special; use it as a cranefly, nymph or streamer. hook Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 b
Grass carp?
Need good pattern for state lake full of'em for moss control. Hung one on chironmid and fought one got off that actually smacked my foam frog but that was the exception. They will come up behind a
Show your bench
Yo cream,  Must suck tying under pressure like that. I mean being watched constantly. The one on the far left is critiquing your whip finish, and he don't look pleased at all.    &
10ft 3wt Xi Series rod
Just finished this Xi series 10ft 3wt 4pc up this morning and ready to head to it's new home out West. RFIL2 reel seat with custom grips fore & aft, measuring marks every 2" from 16-24", titanium
Quill Nymphs
One other point ... does it need to be coated at all?  Clear coating the body makes it look wonderful while you're holding it in your hand.  But most clear coats will be invisible underwater
New Tool
That is a nice saw with a quality fence and a excellent finish on the table, I agree about the best value.
JingleStacker Emerger SBS
Just started throwing stuff on the hook with the intention of tying a Jingler Hacklestacker; not sure this is where I expected to end up. hook - Dai Riki 320 #12 thread - UTC 70 grey brown tail - Con
Source for Lagartun x-fine wire
looks like all tinsels to me. wire is not even specified in the description   Lagartun Tinsels are the finest tinsels that you ca
What the heck are these?
Sitting here trying to visualize what you mean Tom. Then I thought, you must mean slide the bobbin up through the hole in the hackle guard and leaving it on the bobbin. I always just leave quite a bit
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
I've messed with those threads and just don't like them. Too slick, get fuzzy when I bump hook points like I'm known to do. I am a Veesus fan but use 16/0 or 17/0 for tying down to 32. I also use so
Trio of Ul rods
  Three more Ul's done and off the bench this morning. Only a few more of the rods from that dark side to finish and then I can get back onto some fly rods ;)
Start thinking Christmas Swap
I'm in! I'll whip up some bassy favorites. I'll take just about anything in return, though there's not a lot of saltwater in Iowa.
Snody's Bitterroot Stone SBS
Interesting pattern from Bruce Staples' Flies for the Greater Yellowstone Area; tied here with no specific hatch in mind. hook - Dai Riki 280 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 brown butt/abdomen - dubbing br
October flesh from the vise
  [attachment=64376:BUZFLY_001110.JPG] Old School Mullet Fly I have tied for over 15 years but updated with Flyman Fish Masks to reduct weight and add a nice finish to the head.  Gamakatsu #
Jo-Ann Fabrics Haul
Why not use Super glue? I do a lot of tiny flies and even under size 26 parachute flies I whip finish to the very 1/4 inch or so of pulling the knot tight. Then just before the thread off the loop on
Hairwing Atlantic Salmon Flies
Colin I have been using uni-stretch or woolly nylon material for the body I did use white thread to help preserve the orange color. Then I switched to black thread to finish the fly
Sculpin fun
That will work too.  There is a simple sculpin pattern that would lend itself to downsizing that uses a rabbit strip for a back and tail, two short sections of rabbit strips for side fins and a b
ID-ing Mystery Fly Lines
I use Lefty's method of marking my lines. Lefty's method is to use a black Sharpie to mark the fly line one wide stripe = 5, and a thin stripes = 1, so a 7 wt line would have 3 marker rings, one
What flies to start with?
This may seem strange, but I'm not going to give you a list of flies. This is because where I am we fish very differently than people do where you are. I know the techniques we use work where you are:
Hello from NJ and Pa
Did I meet you in Ottes. If so I also have a spare hackle pliers and whip finisher that I neglected due to not opening my tool pouch that day. Also will set you up for tying multi colors of Wolley bu
Lake Double Decker (variation)
Push me-pull you Sparkle Dun. A U.K. stillwater pattern; added some partridge and a synth shuck. Tied here as a Fall Drake; change color/size to suit your needs. hook Dai Riki 320 #12 thread/rib -
Magic Head substitute.
Depending on what species you are targeting. Do you need a rear hook at all? The following suggestion would help with weight while allowing the fly to wiggle, and probably wiggle even more so. Tie tai
Need some info on this Sage rod
Great story !   To me, my bias, Sage never should have stopped making rods or offering blanks in the RPL series ( Graphite III). I've casted many rods since they stopped and again , to me, non co
Looking for TMC206BL hooks in sizes #22 and #24
Varivas 2300 Ultra Midge Fly Tying Hook #22, #24 (Amazon) Super fine small hooks ideal for tying the smallest of dry flies without compromising strength or setting properties. 4x Fine Micro-Barb Half
Paulson's Fluttering Salmonfly (Carnage variation) SBS
A few changes to Eric Paulson's very interesting pattern; original body was tied Rogue style. Mr. Twister on a hook; 0x tippet recommended. hook Dai Riki 135 #6 thread - UTC 140 hot orange core - 2
Sale price on a 9ft 4wt 4pc
Rod is just listed on FB and other sites so this one is first come first dibs on it....   Offering a good deal on a marked down custom rod. Anytime I find I have a reel seat with a mar of some
9' 3wt shx build
Thanks guys.   Dave normally 90% of the time I use nylon thread and no color preserver. On this one though I did use CP. Mainly I only use CP on the classic twist threads, because if you don't
Sparkle Pops
Looks fishy! Prolly don't want legs on pencils but more sparkle with some jazzy sparkle rubber legs on the tails. I found some on a spinner bait skirt. I'm prolly sparkle crazy....I put some even
DO NOT absentmindedly.....
I've been a garage operator for some years now (after me and all my materials got chased out of the house...).  My tying desk is right next to the side door of my  two car garage (and my gar
Barbour Paraloop Dun (variation) SBS
Tied with no specific hatch in mind (this could pass for a Fall Drake or March Brown) using materials within arms reach; change color/size to suit your needs. hook Dai Riki 320 #12 thread - UTC 70 g
tiny fly questions
Sandan, sorry for late comeback. All I ever use is a length of white poly yarn. On the average yarn I segment 3 pieces out of it. I take one of those pieces I cut about 2" long or so and loop it aroun
Tools of the trade !
Welcome Anthony! First off the tools needed are few and they are inexpensive if you want them to be. The tools do not get stressed and outside of the vise, swiss watch precision and engineering brings
Mop Fly Variant
Mainard they are fun to fish with glad they are working for you and your wife. Camp'n'fish welcome to FTF. Look for cleaning mitts, mops, and mop slippers these are the cheaper ways to buy them.  
Johnson's Waterwalker (Carnage variation) SBS
Originally tied by Missoula angler Frank Johnson; replaced the dubbed body with foam. Presented here in Purple Haze colors; change to suit your needs. This is not one of those flies where I wonder
And so it begins
I brought home a brand new Peak rotary, a mess of thread, dubbing, hooks, beads, wire, pheasant tails, and wire. So far i've managed to drop several hooks, lose them in the carpet to find one with my
Adams Superfly SBS
Not one I'll be tying with regularity; foam is so much easier, and more durable. Did not know Ron O'Neal was a fly fisherman; don't ask no questions why. hook Dai Riki 135 #12 thread/body - UTC 140
Interesting you mention dat vicente...ever caught an eel or a cutlass fish in the salt. At first a jolt then they seem to "back up" if you will then make short runs/head shakes and the fight came to
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
Probably my most productive soft hackle is the peacock and hen . I haven't tied any in a while now, other soft hackles work too LOL. Good stuff, fun to tie. Before I kick out I will tie some with silk
Rogue HedgeHopper SBS
The multi hi-tie Hedgehog wing conveniently fit within the segmented Rogue chassis. 1mm foam might be a bit thin for this application; may try it with standard 2mm. hook Dai Riki 280 #6 thread/body
Hardy Palakoma 7'2" 5wt Bamboo Rod
Back on the market.   To reinvigorate interest, I'll offer a package deal.  The Palakona rod as described above plus a quality vintage reel I have that balances it nearly perfectly.   T
плут оса SBS
Found this on a Russian site. Haven't tied a Rogue style body in a while; if you're not up for the Carnage method, it makes an acceptable product. hook Dai Riki 135 #8 thread/rib - UTC 140 black ab
Rod decal for someone
About 2 weeks ago someone asked me about doing a rod decal for a rod they were building and I told them no problem. I've been so busy I forgot about the decal till just today and now for the life of m
Ostermann's RDH Sedge SBS
Similar to the RDH Stone with a Henry's Fork Hopper body and optional legs. Tied as an October Caddis; if the fires haven't shut down all the rivers up here over the next few weeks, may give it a tr
Home made tool pouch
3 scissors 2 whip finishers 3 in 1 dubbing loop tool with both attachments Bodkin 2 hackle pliers with room for more but important was scissor protection. All 3 has separate storage
Mumford's Irresistible Grasshopper (variation) SBS
Found this in Trout Flies of the West. Original extended body was tied with deer hair spun on a core of non-tox which seems a bit counter-intuitive; switched to mono core and dubbing loop-spun deer in
Gartside's Gurgler Variation
Noticed you put S H on the thread and then hand whip finished.  How to you keep your hands clean? Just curious.   Rick   Good question, Rick, and I place the SH further up by the ey
Scaled Sardine (Harengula Jaguana)
Scaled Sardine (Harengula Jaguana)     [attachment=63790:2017-07-14 11.43.59.jpg]Materials list: Hook: Owner SSW 2/0 (Model# 5315-121) Tail: Two Schlappen shiny side out Mid-Flash: Pearl We
Spike fly
$.02 If I wanted to duplicate the fly from the description it would look like this but leave the front and back hair off and as you do the deer hair tie in the 4-6 white rubber legs spaced along the s
LAW vise
I'll probably be gone before Jay Smit!!!  I have #80 of his with several updates.  Great vise.   I also had a LAW.  I prefer a vise with true rotary.  One that can be adjusted
Going to spend 500.00 on a pole. Orvis or llbean brand. Opinions pls
I am told things are different your side of the big pond, but I have consistently had the worst customer service I've ever known from Orvis UK. I would now whip eyes to a branch cut from a tree, befor
August flies from the vice
супер саржа (изменение) A Russian dashboard pattern; you could whip out a bunch of the
Where to find "these" Vinyl stick on eyes..?
Paint your own. They will look just like them. Nails and old bic pens. I ground down the heads smooth. And some shanks needed thined to fit in the pen. I made different sizes for different eyes. I dip
The value of the roll cast
Cool Rocco ! Tell you what, I'll try this rig I made up first LOL ! It's just an experiment for now. I have lead core trolling rigs, full sink, floating line and spinning gear on the boat too. These f
OT. Anybody do earrings?
The beads are mandatory & make sure they get glued on with Zap-A-Gap or something stronger as a fishing friend wanted a present of red, white & blue pair of earrings for his fiancée to we
Danville Spider Web and Uni Trico
i color white thread just before making the head and tying off   you could also do it after you whip finish the head   you could just leave the head white
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