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Whip Finish

Softhackle Stimi SBS
Started out tying Ryan Houston's Myles Peter and ended up in a different place. Gonna try this for skwalas in darker olive tones. hook - Dai Riki 280 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 light olive rib - smal
Emerger Floatation and Ginger on Adams
Your Film Critic is a great effort and should catch fish as it is.  As for changes, I'd suggest the following:   Go with less material on the tail/shuck.  Just a few (i.e., 2 or 3) fibe
Redington Classic Trout
I don't know anything about it.  So I did a quick check on reviews. Nobody's got anything bad to say about it.    Description I read: "Its fluid bend runs nearly all the way down to the
Any woodturners on here
The wood is California Buckeye Burl, which is what I would call a "punky" wood, very light and prone to exploding at the lathe if not stabilized. Years ago I purchased several blanks and had them stab
Leaders for large Streamers
I use about 2.5-3 ft of 20lb mason hard mono about the same of  20 lb maxima, than 10 or 12 lb floro left over from spooling my baitcaster, I just connect the leader sections together with nail k
March Flies From The Vise
Mike Tie the chennile on back of hook wrap twice or so cinch down and place the strip of foam, cinch the foam. Tip lil glue here so stops body rolling so you don't cut the foam with thread to secure.
Mono rigging
taking care off nature is something we should all do there's no reason to trash it more then necessary it pisses me off seeing garbage left everywhere. Let's be real here I don't really bait fish I d
10ft 4wt Xi Series rod
that's it, I think you just said it.its a little difficult to get a tight loop to make it carry far with that rod, where as that orvis rod I was handedcorrected even my first cast, it was a little wei
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Standard swap rules apply,go read them if you dont know them. The criteria is If you were going to your favorite warm water fishing hole and you we
what thinner to use (again, sorry)
Regarding thinning "hard as nails":  I've used two or three varieties of Sally's clear lacquer in the years since I depleted my bottles of Pharmacist Formula and Griff's head cement.  Initia
Welcome to the site, Kraig.  I'm sure you'll find many answers and inspirations here.  My condolences on your loss.      In answer to your queries above ... 1)  There are
thread life
here is a response from another forum regarding breaking thread   Are you using the 200 meter spools? If so, the thread is snapping due to the amount of twist put into it when spooled on the
What weight dumbbell eyes for Clousers?
Here's a quick "how to" on outriggers... Tie up the eyes and just before tying in the wing - tie in a mono loop first, then the wing with the loop under it and facing forward.  As you finish up t
Very funny guys, now get off the computer and Finish your vacuuming.
Best Regal knock-off vise ?
First let me state I presently own and love my Regal vise, which I have used for 20 years.  What I'm looking for is a cheap knock around travel vise of similar design that will likely only get us
February Flies from the Vise
My second attempt was far tighter unfortunately I broke the bend off so I whip finished and trimmed up to see the results. Larger clumps was what was needed.
Under one year
Thanks for all the well wishes. It sure will go fast. I set my retirement in stone three years ago and I cannot reconsider. In 11 months and 29 days I will be done and I won't be allowed to stay anoth
Bugger swap #2
completed mine last night, I believe the last 3 sets will be in the mail as of today so we should finish very close to on time.
Musky Fly Swap 2018
We are less than three weeks to the due date. As you finish, please let me know and I will send you a PM with my address. Thanks, Tom
Quill Body
I would really appreciate some help/guidance on quill-bodied flies! (Im attaching a picture of what I hope to make...) 1. Some videos I have seen recommend using quills from hackle and peacock. I hate
Soft Hackled Nymph Swap
Sorry, Dubs. Things have been crazy and I had to order some hooks. Got 'em today so I'll finish up this weekend and get them in the mail Monday.
Big-Y Stonefly Nymph SBS
Not sure if there's an ether leak at the factory but they do have some interesting patterns. Change colors/size to suit your needs. hook - Dai Riki 280 #8 underbody - non-tox .030 thread - Danville
Giant poppers...
The wine corks were tad large for me(12ga) so instead of sanding whatever I used the foam (2 pieces glued together 20ga size). I was surprised how easy the foam was to shape and "sand". After the
powder coat vs nail polish....
I didn't want to cloud the issue by contributing my "cheap" opinion.  But since you posted the fingernail polish version, I'll be the first one to support it.   I have tied my share of crapp
Jig Swap
Breambuster and my fellow swappers, I'm real sorry to say that I am unable to finish this. Right when I'm starting to get back on track I just got derailed again. I lost my dad on Saturday and way too
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
An expensive-ish whip finisher is the only kind of expensive tool I own this odds the only one I really feel comfortable using, but that's just me.
Wooster's Silvery SBS
A vintage Kiwi smelt imitation for sea run trout. Original was tied with strands of blue and green rayon floss topping; omitted for lack of material and general laziness. hook - Mustad 9671 #4 threa
Salmon Flies that Look Real and are Unsinkable
Tying the Salmon Fly of Your DreamsIm going to show you how to tie a Salmon Fly that will out perform all others simply because it presents right profile and size. Stop here if you are not into differ
Saltwater hooks
Like others, I use many of the staples for SW tying and probably prefer 34007 for all around use. Certain hooks seem to fit certain stye flies better than others. One hook I really like that no one
Bobbin Review
I ordered the Rite "standard bobbin" about a month ago, and have used it for everything since. I love it - so much easier to use for whip finishing and using delicate threads for small flies. When I h
Ekich Bobbin
For Christmas my darling wife gave me an Ekich model S bobbin holder. Upon opening the box, even though the frame is plastic it has a feel of quality and it fit my hand like a glove. It should for $70
Christmas brookies on a coyote streamer
I like to use streamers for native brookies. I use a larger gap barbless hook. IMO they cant get the hook that far in their mouth so 99% of my hook sets are right in the top of their mouth. As with mo
Loon fly tying powders
Interesting.  I've colored epoxy using food coloring.  Haven't tried it yet with the UV resin.  I picked up a tie dye kit when I was looking for ways to dye my mop pieces.  Each bo
Nation's Silvertip SBS
A vintage pattern from Kamloops tyer/guide Bill Nation. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - golden pheasant tippets rib - oval tinsel silver body - back half silver tinsel, front
Johnson Spratley SBS
A flashy variation of a vintage stillwater pattern; supposedly a killer in the Kamloops. hook - Mustad 9672 #8 tail - Guinea hen thread - Danville 6/0 black rib - small wire copper body - tinsel copp
Anderson's What Else
Earl Anderson's Professor variation, for B.C coho and coastal cutts. Original tied with yellow wool body; couldn't find any in my wife's knitting stash so went with the Uni product. hook - Mustad 96
One of those days
Lol. I had days sitting at the vise when the first fly took forever to finish and looked like crap to boot. On those days I just put the thread down and say "Not today".
Paint for poppers?
IF you're making your poppers with some of the ready made hard foam bodies, and try a paint not mentioned, especially one that's not water based be sure to test it to be compatible with the foam mater
Faux Spey Spruce Fly SBS
Got the idea for this, in particular the winging sequence, from watching Davie McPhail's Orange Heron Spey video. Took this as an opportunity to get some use out of a redhead skin (plus the fact tha
Whip finishing deer hair bugs with hook eye engulfed in hair
Here is an awesome little trick Pat Cohen learned from an old legend (Chris Helm I believe), that will make your life exponentially easier when trying to finish a fly with a giant mass of deer hair
Itís Popper Time again
OK I got my base coats lay down,topcoats over that and some basic effects laid out. Just getting started on some Stippiling and other effects I want to try out. My airbrush has been giving me fits clo
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
Yes great work everyone! And thank you Nick for taking the time to take & post the pictures. For those of you who are getting the poppers with no tales . i usually put a toe tag on those that s
9' 4wt 4pc Shx
The great Christmas rush of 2017 is in full swing ;) Just finished up this 9'4wt. Dyed green burl wood seat with custom turned burl cork grip, dark green wraps with gold metallic gold trim and a fini
Show us your vessel
I had one get parked on top of a ledge.  We just waited for the next wave to drag it off and we were off and paddling again.  There was a good scratch, It never broke through the glass howev
New Swap Idea
If I took 8 people and go with a four and 4. Two groups each are tying for only 4 people. Nymph , emerger/cripple,  dry type and a spinner type. I know that not all have a "spinner" but you under
December flies from the Vise
Playing with satin flies (Material and idea from rich mc) while waiting for laundry to finish.   [attachment=65305:Alaska flies (3).JPG]   Now, to finish packing so I can go HOME tomorrow ev
Tear Mender consistency?
Thanks for the answers. I am looking to use it in baitfish heads a la Gunnar Brammer. He is one of the ones I have seen online. Fly-rite leaves for me a brown stain when it dries. Admittedly, it well
Renzetti Traveler Vice Jaws Composition
I have been in the metal working industry since 1977, before I even graduated high school. I have worked in several areas working with several types of materials. Even worked in the forging side of th
Head flash...
I like it. For a while I used glittery nail polish to finish heads, but, when I tried UV resins, that was the end of that.
Kelly's Searcher (variation) SBS
A B.C. stillwater fly of unknown origin. Swapped out the guinea tail/beard for Mearns quail and the gathered pheasant tail wing (not a huge fan) for pheasant rump, which is a bit more durable. hook
Rotary functionality - Regal Revolution vs Renzetti
The fit and finish of a 4000 is much nicer.  Brass is used instead of aluminum, and the moving parts are precision machined to closer tolerances for a tighter fit and smoother operation.  Yo
Sherbrook's Copperbody SBS
A few mods to the original; kind of a double-decker Belgian Copper John. In honor of Turkey Day (and lack of peacock) I subbed turkey for peacock quill wing and tail; unsure of what hackle was used
HMH TVR tying vise.....
I have been tying on my TRV for a few days, here is what I dont like. The stem is too short The base is too small and lacks a flat top to lay tools materials on. The jaws are too short, they need to b
Fish Hawk SBS
Vintage wet fly; tied in a skinny version for SRCs. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 brown rib - small wire gold tail - mottled turkey wing body - tinsel gold wing - mottled turkey wing ha
BiMuddlervisible SBS
Found this on Pinterest. Original had a more defined wing; I just left the collar a little thicker on top. This should be good for stoopid cutts next summer. hook Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - Danvil
Grassett's Flats Minnow SBS
  Basic Bendback stuff; generic flats food.  Change colors/size to suit your needs.   hook - Mustad 3407 #2 thread - Danville flat wax chartreuse body - Estaz olive underwing - bucktai
Finishing deer hair popper faces
I've had tons of questions over the last few years about how I finish popper faces, so I finally broke down and did a short, focused video on the technique.  If you have any questions, fire away.
Comments on first effort at polish woven
They are looking good, and I think you may have passed the point where this advice applies. For anyone who wants to learn how to do the shuttle weave my advice is do them in half dozens. There are rea
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
This one just off the bench is an 11ft 4/5wt 4pc switch rod on a UHM12 blank which is black with some metal flake in the finish. Custom turned switch rod style grips with burl wood insert seat set in
WTB Finger Vise   I h
New to the forum
LOL  " ... anything above a 7 weight for more than 5-6 hours ... "   I am in my 50s.  I have an 8 weight rod and no damage in my hands.  I think I'm doing good if I can whip that 8
Finishing Knots
Whip finish. No reason. Neither a whip finish or a half hitch are difficult or time consuming to tie. I really see no difference in the two.
really cleaning bucktails-easy way
I have used Woolite and warm water in sink.   You can do a good wash without soaking long enough to fully rehydrate the skin.    Follow that with several cold water rinses to
A couple of tool ideas that might help
These are a couple of things that I have done with tools that have helped me out. Hopefully I can explain the picture well enough. The first thing, I find it much easier to have a flat white backgroun
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