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Product Spotlight: Petitjean TT Bobbin

Color, Spots & Stripes by Wayne Samson

The Chav- by Shawn Mitchell

Hell or High Water 2012- recap

Tying the Temple Dog Comet by Davie Mcphail

Tying the Uffe Killer by Ulf Hagstrom


Didn't catch nuthin'...
Low water flows are making fishing tough in Colorado this year. If the flows were higher you could have hit some smaller creeks and caught brookies on dries all day, but with the current flows, as soo
Trip to Grand Tetons & Yellowstone in September 2018
pick up the aug-sept issue of fly fisherman magazine for an article on the snake river in wyoming and other areas to fish   local jackson hole fly shops can point you to the access points  
I really DO hate people.
Perhaps we could change the catchline to read: " I really do hate 1-Criminals, and 2-Rude, Insolent, Drivers, and 3-thoughtless Pinheads... I know Mike Overgeneralizes his attitude towards people and
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
It is apparent that I chose a very poor title for this post. I accept responsibility for that very poor choice.   Hero photos are a minor part of the editorial. The editorial is really about the
Using hooks from the mid-90s
Agree with above posts ... use them.  I got my Dad's tackle boxes when he passed.  He never tied flies, but he had plenty of small hooks in there from his days fishing for trout in Wyoming w
Congrats on the fine addition to your tying stations. Well made tools are a treat to use. This HMH model is on my wish list so please give us a full report on the function and workmanship. Killer m
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
It must be cabin fever. Ken, when was the last time you went outside for 10 minutes straight? You are Fishing A right, one who is named after kayak.... Without shivering within one minute, it was De
Saltwater hooks
Thanks, Hook prices are getting kind of silly, from what I am seeing. The U series is actually reasonable at $10.50 for 25pk. on Amazon.Bim, don't forget to try at Bears Den as long as you must order
Howdy from Deep East Texas, Sam Rayburn Lake country
+1 with Mike. From Wyoming, we too like the Perch, keeps the fishing hot when waters are frozen for 6 months of winter.
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
I join you in this sentiment Bazzer.  Due to budget crunch already in play, it might be after Christmas.   I know F Emporium is one of a few rare game bird sources out there. But, with famil
Tye v Tie
And... Vise.  Vice means something to do with an inner city.   JeffHa ha ha  ... yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.  As if everyone in the suburbs or rural areas is free of vices !!!Unfortunat
Time to fix a stupid choice!
Paul,   I apologize for not welcoming you to the forum.  Did not notice it was your first post, which caused me undue excitement because of your mention of using high-quality vices in past a
TGIF-Need a great Bloody Mary recipe
Understand challenges. Shattered my spine in 2011 surgeons didnt know if I would walk again. Thanks to a wonderful neurosurgeon I am. Ive had two surgeries on my spine since then. I hate my sciat
rocky mountain tyers
mark,   i received an email from a follower of my blog (flytying: new & old) asking if i had a recipe for it. he did say it may have contained muskrat fur and grizzly hackle   i have a v
Stocker trout
I've only caught Rainbows and Browns once.  Many years ago in Wyoming, with my Dad.  I did have one Rainbow and one Brown on the hook a couple years ago in California.   I don't agree w
December flies from the Vise
Welcome Nick, from Wyoming insomniac, that is great stuff. More later for sure!
DIY bonefish, Belize
Thanks guys. I don't have much of a story. I've been fly fishing for around 10 years now. I spend may-octover every year guiding along Wyoming north Platte river and in the winter and spring I'm back
hello all from ohio
Welcome Keith, you have some fine fish to pursue and great places to do it. You will see many nice streamers and nymphs here as you know and we will enjoy photos of the flies and fish, anytime you wi
tiny fly questions
So, the theory I'd apply to small flies like tricos is to tie a cluster of tricos on a larger hook, in a similar manner to the theory behind a Griffith's gnat: it's a cluster of bugs vs one bug. Th
Started shopping at new shop
jstockard advertises "10000 fly tying items in stock" which is a little misleading. they probably have multiple quantities of different fly tying materials but i doubt they have 10000 individual items
Fly Tying Article
1. It's more enjoyable to catch a fish on something I tied.  As well as saving money.   2.  Wyoming   3. Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Lee Wulff     4. Drew Chiccone,  Ni
Brand new to everything fly related.......
Welcome to the forum.. FYI, you can get an e-book, from Al Beatty, for $4.99 to 7.99, free with Amazon Prime. Each of the books provide textbook type instructions, and progessively work through more
Hello from Red Lodge
Welcome Kyle, from Buffalo, Wyoming here.   Fish Montana quite often, usually have a year-round license to hit the Big Horn and Tongue River Reservoir.   You will enjoy this place!
Do you like emergers?
Because trout started to eat these flies here are some of  the simplest emergers that I use. Easy to tie,  no special skills needed : cheers,  Lucian We fish emergers about 60% of the
Beat on Me, Like a 5-year old's rented Drum Kit Challenge
Intro-   Although I have tied certain fly patterns for many years, I gave up  about 23.5 years ago on trying to tie Winged Wet flies in general, and the Rio Grand King, specifically.
Is it just me?
Every once in a while, I think, "Hmmm ... I wonder what it would be like to fish (state your exotic location here)?"   Then I go fishing locally, and catch fish, and have a great time.   TH
Grateful for the lack of Political content
Talking with some nurses today that seem to have a great sense of humor.  Learned I am not the only one that things the bass tournament, glitter-rocket monkeys should be wearing $3000.00 business
Inconoclastic Irreverence. Oh the Calumny! Purists Cover Your Eyes
Why Lures get first spot in my online "signature" possibly explained in attached photos.   Made these because "Cowbells" do not cast very well.....   and trolling flies is a long-standing, p
A stroke of genius, I think
For anyone who wants their scissors even closer at hand ... you can glue a strong magnet to the top of your vise.scissor holder.jpg   Of course, this idea might not work on every vise design, but
Spring, Wyoming style, has officially arrived. Fire up dem Chainsaws!
Any Sources for Tungsten Washers?
I don't think it's a very malleable material (like not at all) I looked a little bit I'd check with these guys, the site is a pain to navigate but they just might have them, located in Wyoming toohttp
Well, I would pay for quality film and voice work,  if I was in that position.  You know the local politics best, however, and maybe they already have someone doing that kind of promotional
Wrapping double hackle on dry flies
Recommeding that you check Ch 12. of Al and Gretchen Beatty's, ebook, available for instant download from Amazon for $4.99... This covers a Royal Wullff with double hackle and a split wing. I have t
A new rod on the San Juan River!
Yeah it's a great area, I love it here. If you like outdoors, your gonna love it here. If your not an outdoor type of person, you are gonna hate it. Haha Reprise of Wyoming for sure. My friends an
Help reconstruct a lucky fly
+1 kudu, Craickaig will deliver a dead-on SBS with precision and detail. In the mean time, I am going to go old school and hit my personal library books, possibly some journals. I will be happy to
March Flies From The Vise
pinedale floater   Sir, is that a Pinedale, Wyoming reference, there is some very good dry fly fishing in that region?
Caddis Nymph - tied with Catgut
Ha! The problem with that for me is I live at almost 9500 feet elevation in northern New Mexico. The only kitties wondering my neighborhood are also called mountain lions. I'm leaving them alone! Joe
2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap
My coment was just a joke about how differen't postage prices are! Sorry!:-) Speaking just for me, I always presume everything you post is a joke (not the fly porn you tie up) until proven otherwise.
Rod Tubes needed.
Having been a dedicated club angler years ago (where we competed in every type and size of gear from 4# spin all the way up to fly....) I knew many that had interior rod racks in their station wagons,
Royal Wulff Tying Video
[attachment=61158:IMG_1926.PNG] This is perhaps the best Wyoming Brook trout fly I have fished. My enthusiasm for tying some up again is jump started. Although you do make it look tooooo easy...
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
I wondered if I should do a customs declaration at the post office before I mailed it. I wasn't sure that Wyoming is in the United States or not. Maybe it would get there quicker if we treated it like
11ft 2/3wt nymphing rod
Wyoming Cowboy Brown and Gold Colors, with slight red accents.  Score!   I do need a recommendation on a 3-wgt flyline, think I am good on reel for now, but combo might work, nonetheless
The Down Home Pride Swap
Byron, I am in, with North Platte River Special, Redhead Variant, repping Wyoming
I have a great deal of success on this fly even here in Colorado and I enjoyed an especially memorable day on the North Platte in Wyoming on this fly. The tail is red macaw. The other fly is my own co
Feb flies from the vise
midge box done and ready for a possible trip to colorado/montana/wyoming/new mexico Speaking for the
Hello from Western Virginia
Welcome to FTF from Buffalo, Wyoming.. Have used horse hair on several mayfly patterns... Segmentation great on tiny abs
Has anybody used Kabari flys with regular fly rods?
Anyone have any insight as to why the hackle is tied in reverse of what we in the western world might consider normal ?   You guys crack me up.     Obviously, as we have been told
Musky Fly Swap 2017
7 or 8 weeks???? Crap, my season for Muskie isn't open til June 3rd. Now I feel lucky. Waters in Wyoming are basically open all year, although we have a few temporary closures to protect some specia
Hopped on the Christmas bus, Gus...
[attachment=60059:IMG_0602.jpg] Merry Christmas to All, from Wyoming, snow on the way. Blessings of the Season to Everyone
What Is A "Professional" Fly Tier
I don't know what Nova Scotian fly tying groupies would be like. Not sure I want to find out.    J Could be like the few in Wyoming, mostly dressed in Carharts and Snowmobile boots, with br
Why I like auctions
Picked up an older but rarely used Manual cannon downrigger for 14 bucks. I know it has nothing to do with fly tying but like most, I think, I do it all when it comes to fishing. One thing I look forw
Welcome again.. PM me if I can help out with some materials, in short term .. Sorry you did not win the JosephSylvia Christmas derby. Seems you are doing really well, considering that your new vice
poopdeck, can' t disagree with your motives but I question your methods because different generations require different approaches to " education." Perhaps, we can leave the "parenting" to his folk
Winter Steelhead Flies - In Review
It's amazing the amount of effort not needed to click on a link with the lightest of index finger pressure. And sometimes one finds a jewel of a site like yours Shane, well done! I visited too, well
Hot glue shrimp/scuds
Good to know, looks like I'll be multitasking during Monday night footballPro sports to me is simply repulsive. To each his own sir. Living in Wyoming you take your entertainment where you can fin
The Bitterroot
My fav river in all of Montana. Welcome the forum, Buffalo, Wyoming here. There are many great fish and fly photos around here. If you have more of Bitterroot country, feel free to post them.
100% Wool Fingerless Gloves
I only use wool fingerless gloves in the summer. They work great rowing the boat or pontoon to prevent blisters and sunburn. Also make it better when grabbing a fish to unhook before gently releasin
New to Tying, New to Forum (a few early efforts)
A blonde, a bendback and a bendback clouser. Feedback most welcome. Questions: 1. I really like the flashy Steve Farrar material. Anyone have ideas for how best to use it? 2. For flies calling for buc
Hello from Upstate New York
Greetings all..... Retired 9 years ago so I'm lucky to be able to fish when I want, permitting.  Live 5 minutes from the Esopus Creek and 45 minutes from the Beaverkill / Willowemoc /
New to the hobby
Cold- Never took a college art class, so Picasso was not an inspiration. My loss, uh, the art class not Picasso. After living in Wyoming for decades, I was luckily able to spend a day in the Chicag
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
Regulations and opinions vary:
You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest
No trash here Fishing Bob, I Googled "trout Cheyenne, OK". The response was, "do you mean Wyoming ?" That was followed by "Simon's Catch and Red Lobster". Also there is a Trout Funeral home. Nearby. A
DaveG, the Caney Fork is noted for its trout fishing.  Got an invitation to fish there from an acquaintance.  Also she invited my wife and I to visit her in Wyoming.  Need to start savi
April Flies From The Bench
Tying up a few trout flies for my trip to Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.  
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