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stonfo bobbin

Sherbrook's Copperbody SBS
A few mods to the original; kind of a double-decker Belgian Copper John. In honor of Turkey Day (and lack of peacock) I subbed turkey for peacock quill wing and tail; unsure of what hackle was used
Stonfo Kaiman Vise Review
I've been tying with a Stonfo Kaiman for years and finally got around to a vise review (sorry it took so long!).  In this video, I give an overview of the Kaiman and talk about the qualities that
The Texas Midge
What happened to your thread is you didn't use a bobbin rest when you utilize the rotary feature of your vise. You could buy one if you don't own one or fabricate one out of a large sized paper clip,
Regal Revolution question
just let the bobbin hang and then counterwind the extra thread afterward. Not for speed tyers but it works for me. (I don't like my bobbin holder but I do like my rotary)
A couple of tool ideas that might help
Forgot the name of a local captain that came up with an idea for a chenille bobbin made from a squeeze bottle and a foam ear plug.   Bottles can be found in craft stores. If you're a working stif
YLI Silk thread keeps breaking while wrapping hook
Post a picture so me can criticize, ... um... critique your efforts.    I have used YLI 100 in rod building, and have never had any problems with the strength or consistency of the thread.&#
  Complete Danvise with pedistal base. Very little use, and no issues. Also included is the jaw extension, as well as an extra set of jaws and the bobbin holder. Shipping will be via priority ma
Cortland "MICRON" fly line backing
Rocco, woven hollow core Dacron is the backing used for decades, then came along the Spectra/Dynema zero-stretch type lines.   One can fashion a loop on the backing, using a bobbin threader and a
What the heck are these?
Sitting here trying to visualize what you mean Tom. Then I thought, you must mean slide the bobbin up through the hole in the hackle guard and leaving it on the bobbin. I always just leave quite a bit
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
Spin the bobbin clockwise when using UTC 70 and that will help with body building and counter clockwise to once again flatten it out.
speed tying
Excellent !!! Automatic bobbin holders, a custom built tying table to fit it and plastic on the walls for the possible blood splatter !!!
Regal Brass Bobbin Cradle Question...
Beat me to it. I have two Renzetti, Traveler and Standard, and they both came with the stop similar to what Flytire has there. I am always torn between using the bobbin cradle on some ties and am tryi
tiny fly questions
Sandan, sorry for late comeback. All I ever use is a length of white poly yarn. On the average yarn I segment 3 pieces out of it. I take one of those pieces I cut about 2" long or so and loop it aroun
Tools of the trade !
Welcome Anthony! First off the tools needed are few and they are inexpensive if you want them to be. The tools do not get stressed and outside of the vise, swiss watch precision and engineering brings
Default Grandpa's Story - History of the Adams Fly
I did notice him not using a bobbin. Didn't realize their were none for him to use. Neat patent info. Things were a bit tougher in the beginning. They were however rewarded with an abundance of fish.
Wide Bobbin
Here's what I use for my sulky hollow shimmer spools. Extra wide., only issue with it is if too much tension is applied it w
howdy all
New vise (new used) Danvise, I modified my heavy base and bobbin rest arm with basket to fit. I most definitely prefer my heavy base for steadiness and my arm (bobbin rest) because it a
Finished tying tool collection
The only thing I want is a bobbin for every roll of thread I have. Terra ceramic bobbins 5 to 6 bucks each and they work great. Fly tying "tools" are under absolutely no stress so I don't feel a need
Hello from Austin, just beginning to learn
Hi All, my name is Rod - short for Rodman a hand-me-down from my father's first name. I'd like to believe it was fated that I would enjoy fishing. Recent shoulder surgery caused me to go into a clo
Your favorite fly tying tip?
I can't post pictures at the present time ... you'll just have to imagine what I am writing.  I used to have a problem with thread breaking. There was nothing wrong with the bobbin holder or the
red it just me?
I think today's breakage was the fault of the bobbin. I later used olive 8/0 uni on that bobbin and it broke too, so it probably has a burr. I'll have to check and probably replace it if that's the ca
Can't See
I also have enhanced my vision on the flie,by tacking up a large Black piece of " poster board in the back round , ? I also have 2 bright "ott" lights, but sometimes there's a glare ,and adjustment i
New Guy from NY
Try an O ring available at auto parts stores that fits over the bobbin tube to assist with hackle control and head forming/glueing. Note my wolly bugger I made this morning in olive with brown hackle.
Brand new to everything fly related.......
You can get everything you need at cabelas. The tools are very basic, very simplistic and frankly they do not get stressed out or perform difficult or strenuous tasks. Your not repairing transmissions
Fly Tying Video Fails
  Noticed he doesn't use a bobbin.    He also doesn't use thread. The whole thing is tied with copper wire.
Fly tying tip
Doesn't strengthen it at all. It simply prevents multible strands from separating and making the material wrap fuller because the strands are kept together. You're right.  I think the weight
Wet fly critique
Just a couple of thoughts, you can follow or not:   You covered it but what do you do about those things ? I personally, if tying this, would shorten up the tail a bit. The tail also needs to sit
I think it is useful to give the wide audience of this type of forum a balanced view. Can you tie perfectly usable flies on a budget? Yes Does an expensive vice make you a better tier? No I brought
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
Apologies for the hijack, but Idaho what is that "D" shaped tool between your scissors and the head cement bottle in your photo in post #20?   Recently there was talk about different types of
Renzetti Cam Traveler Pedestal Base
I bought a new (to me) vice and three is just more than I need.    Renzetti Cam Traveler (Right Handed) $sold Shipped  The vice works just fine.  The jaws are good with no issues.
Tying a better Midge (Zebra Midge Example)
I like the look of these flies. I also like the idea of preserving the hook gape. I have seen on other videos where the tyer spins the bobbin to make the thread lay flat when making thread bodies.
I used to think it was one particular bobbin I had that broke thin thread but I found in due time, they all will if set too tight. I thought, wait a minute this is not that bobbin I had put aside and
Wing case pops out after securing
More thread tension and another 2 or 3 wraps should do it.  Experiment with the thread and see what sort of pressure or tension it takes to break it and try to wrap the wing case with 70% of that
Tinsel alturnatives
Mike West is correct, and if you are me, you will not run the risk of buying Stonfo or J-Vise bobbins that you really don't need.  *       * This could be the first cry for he
Traveling tying kit
I travel all over the Country, and I have a travel box to take with me on the road.  But that's NOT what you need. You are going to a clinic or tie-n-lie, so you don't need to take material with
Hackle Pliers....😡!!!!!!
I think I have most of the hackle pliers out there.  I don't have the electrical clamp ones and I have no desire to try them.  I also don't have the Tyflyz pliers but I can see giv
A stroke of genius, I think
I have the same exact color of grey thread spooled on my matching bobbin at the moment.
Any Sources for Tungsten Washers?
Thanks Tony P, good to know for next trip to Billings or Denver, I am not sure there is any such store in Wyoming. Correction- May be such a store in Casper, thanks again Tony P   If this fix wor
are jurassic vises catching on
SB - I think Jim Tidewaterfly has a similar vise; maybe you guys frequent the same Orvis store. When I was a kid and had no tools other than what I made, I used the Old Man's regular bench vise, and I
Anglers roost bamboo rod kit
The bolt/washer/spring tensioner is my plan. I was thinking of using one of my bobbin holders but I imagine that would fuzz the thread too much. I'm using gold thread on one of his "vino" blanks. It's
When to glue, When not to glue?
if a tyer feels there is a benefit to adding a tiny drop of any kind of glue during the process of tying a fly then just do it. and dont forget adding that half hitch especially after wrapping a perfe
Bobbins... rough on thread, and best spinners?
#1.  Here in Murika it's 100% acceptable to call it a bobbin.  If you travel to the other side of the pond it is not.  Here in Murika we say Aluminum (just how it's spelled.) On the oth
loon ergo bobbin
Thinking about getting one of these as I could use another bobbin that doesn't cut thread, has anyone in here used one?,if so what are your thoughts?
Primo Deer Hair
Danville 210 should work just fine, I use UTC GSP in either 200 or 75 GSP on size, I Also use, regular UTC in 140 or 210, mostly when I'm just doing a collar or something. It's more the tyer then the
Parachute flies
I rarely, like almost never, tie dry flies since trout are not high on my list of targeted species. However, I am preparing for retirement and suspect I will be doing a lot more trout fishing in the
Years tying flies
I hate to admit it, but 50+ years. Our local game warden gave a few lessons back in the early '60s. I was already fly fishing, but store-bought flies were too expensive for kids at that time, so learn
large hooks wobble
Could you post up a photo of the hook clamped into the vise? Also, what is the thread and the bobbin holder you are using?
Bobbin Invasion
Bobbin is the spool that holds thread, etc,,,,,, a Bobbin Holder is the subject of your video.   Appreciate the effort.   Regards, FK
For All You Guys Tying Flies or Fly 'Parts' With Mono...
mono used to mean monocord which is still sold...  but today it more often means monofilament.  I just looked at what I have loaded on my bobbin and it is 10/0 or 45 denier gudebrod.  
Time to retire ...
I personally love stonfo bobbins
Thread keeps breaking when completing whip finish
I would check your tool for a burr, run it through a cotton ball and see if it collects fibers.  I had a burr on a bobbin once, started breaking thread the first time I used it,  Returned fo
A Doz. Bully Bluegill Spiders
L.B. Is that a Stonfo bobbin ? How do u like it ? Nice flies by the way.
Law Vise
Hi All, After reading the previous locked thread I felt compelled to add to the conversation from a Law vise owner, vise collector and someone that knows a little bit of the background on this Virtual
<<soft hackle help >>
#14's are probably most generally desirable for trout, but, as usual, it depends...   The hackle length on this one is a bit long.  I generally prefer it to end somewhere between the hook ba
Favorite Wet Fly ?
Sometimes favorite is not the same as most productive.  For example, day in and day out I use a #10 seal bugger in one of a half dozen colors because they are incredibly effective.   If I ha
the more i use....
I use it quite a bit, utc 70 and 140. Works well for most of my nymphs and streamers. I like the colors and I'm always spinning my bobbin with it as I tie, one way or another. Dries I use almost al
Hello and What tools can you NOT live without.
If I had to, I could get by with just a vise, scissors and bobbin. A bodkin, hackle pliers and hair stacker would be next on my list.
Who's ready to rumble...
Welcome to the site, Dream.   To thread a bobbin ... insert thread in one end, pull it out the other.   Getting it from one end to the other ... your problem, not mine. 
New and Need Help
In answer to your first question I would find my closest fly shop and buy a Thompson vise, a decent bobbin, a spool of black 8/0 Veevus thread, a spool of small gold wire, a decent pair of fine-tipped
Explanation Please!
For my tying, I stopped worrying about trying to compare brands long ago. Instead, I look at the individual hooks, and whether or not they'll work for me. Some brands will compare favorably, while oth
Fly tying buyer's remorse
Its not really a regret. But my vise. I cant seem spending hundreds on a hook holder. I bought a nice rotary, And totally happy with it. I have to stop looking at them I guess. I keep lookin
Does Thread Go Bad
I see this was only your 3rd post. I don't want to insult anyone, but are you a new tier or just new to the forum? Thread will weaken over decades, but has said earlier try it before tossing it.  
Thread from hobby lobby
Hi Chia,   Gudebrod makes a good thread you can use for fly tying but you'll probably have to re-spool it. We've found a round dowel trimmed with a pocket knife to snugly fit in the hole of
WTB - Umpqua Ergonomic Bobbin
I am looking for an Umpqua Ergonomic Bobbin or two.  The ones with the white ceramic stem, see pictured below.    Don’t you know, you find something you like and they stop making
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