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Welcome to the FTF Video Community

I am very excited to announce the launch of the FTF Video Community. Here members can upload and watch fly fishing & tying videos. As you can see this new feature has just been released and there are countless things that need to be done. I wanted to launch this as-is to get as much participation and feedback as I can from the FTF community so that I can continue to develop and debug.

Iron blue dun

Horsehair Baetis nymph

Baetis foam backed emerger

Latest Baetis nymph

Ephemera Danica Mayfly nymph

Size 32 Black Gnat

Flat stone clinger nymph

The one that got away


Carl's Caddis

Magic glass v-rib nymphs

Bendback SBS

Carp Classic VIII

Cyclops SBS

Foxy Glider in Water

Sawyer's Killer Bug Variants

Simple Bloodworm

Iron Blue Dun version 3

Iron Blue Dun version 2

Iron Blue Dun dry fly

Snowshoe hackle on Iron Blue dun


Black/Yellow Muddler

Pike Squid

Sawyer's Pheasant tail nymph

White head nymph

Shaggy Grayling bug

Tenkara fly

Baby Bass

Baby Bass Frantic Tail

Pink headed Grayling bug

Size 18 Baetis nymph

Epoxy Topcoating, General Setup

Epoxy Topcoating Flies, Applying the Finish

The bottom creeper

The bottom creeper

The bottom creeper

CDC Emerger

Fly Tying - Beadhead Stone

Fly Tying - CDC Caddis

Fly Tying - Beahead Nymph #20

Woolly Bugger

San Juan bloodworm

Chum salmon jig 2

Chum salmon jig

Losing a fish of a lifetime

Jig fly

Small dark jig

Two-tone indicator

Tying Room Tour

Fly Tying the Yellow Sally

Copic Air Brushing a Fire Tiger Popper

Tying the Mylar Spoon Fly, Part 3 of 3

Tying the Mylar Spoonfly, Part 2 of 3

Tying the Mylar Spoon Fly, Part 1 of 3

Copic Air Brushing poppers, divers and a Rabid Dog

Perch Float Popper, Part 2 of 2

Perch Float Popper, Part 1 of 2

Poly Wing/Elk Hair Caddis by Al Beatty

Alder Fly Streamer by Al Beatty

Montana Nymph by Al Beatty

Dubbed Fur Nymph by Al Beatty

Grey Hackle Yellow by Al Beatty

Stripping peacock quills

Baetis dry-fly with Wally-wings

Making Crustacean Eyes

Tying a Shrimp Fly with a dubbing brush, Part 2 of 2

Double "D" (mating Damsel)

Bass Deflectinator

PMD Extended Body

Phantom Woolly Bugger

Fly Tying Baron

Redfish on Top

Small Stream Trout Fishing

Carp Fly Fishing from a Kayak

Biot Black Spinner

Fly Tying GAC Nymph (Gaeron's Action Caddis)

Ephemera Danica

Fly Tying Hare's Ear Nymph

budget fly pack ideas

custom fly box ideas

fly vise holders

quick reel seat for bamboo blanks

working on a 60deg planer

reel seat

quick snake guides

fly rod wrapper

fly fishing trailer

first fly tying vise

first fly tying tools home made

bamboo fly rod

bamboo planing form

bamboo net

air vise for bamboo fly rods

60deg tool

A.P. Nymph (generic) - tied by Hans Weilenmann

Brush Mullet

brown worm

styrofoam fly carving

spinoff bugger

uglyrope frog fly for gar

Ryan's uglyrope gar fly

Mayfly foam body

Size 30 aphid





KISS CDC Midge Emerger

M.S.H Tigerfly


Mylar Popper, Part 2 Putting it Together

weighted spider



spread fly color change

Owl Jones in: I got it!

Jr.'s Tiger


soft hackle streamer


Burla's Vole-Vo

Jr.'s Tiger

Burla's Triad


Beadhead Serendipity


Carlp Tying BH Prince Nymph

Carlp Tying the Razor foam Caddis



Mercer's Micro May

Mickey Finn (Modified)

Conehead Madonna

Prince Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph

CP's Caddis Larva

Carlp Tying the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph

Carlp Tying the Pheasant Tail Nymph

Carlp Tying the RS-2

Egg Laying Caddis

Tying a Rojo Midge

Tying a Midge Loop Wing Emerger

Tying a UV Caddis Larvava

Tying a Cinnamon Big Butt Ant Butt Ant

Tying a Cinnamon Big Butt Ant Butt Ant

Chewy Scud

Wilcox's Little Green Machine (Modified)

Horndawg (AKA RPT Nymph)

F2 Nymph

Charlie Boy Hopper

Carey Special


The Griffith's Gnat

carlp tying the Brassie

carlp tying the Mircale midge

Carlp tying the Brassie

A Morning on the River

Beaver Mines Special

B/C Hopper (Modified)

Caddis Larva

Barr's Graphic Caddis

Gray Scud

APB Dragon

Ants And Beetles

Red Midge Pupa

Zebra Midge

Mylar Popper, The Foundation

Troutbuster Special

Tying and Flying the Foam Froggy Fly

BWO style dry parachute

Damselfly Nymph

Whistler (cray fish imitation)

Bass bug

Erie steelheading 08-09