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  1. Beautiful in all its simplicity! :headbang: Very neat work!
  2. Thanks for your kind replies! True. First I thought about making a really colourful, iridescent married wing with some sort of hair as underwing, but I ended up making a simple, more "classical" outlook. I really hope it too But I consider myself as a perfectionist so I´m always dissatisfied with my playing and tying :dunno: .
  3. A little something for salmon. I haven´t tied any flies in some 6 months (my guitar has taken all my free time :help: ), and this is my latest one. I wish I´d be able to try this for real next summer.
  4. Nice work! I like the colour theme in this one. Any tips how you make the head look like that, without collapsing :help: ?
  5. Magnificent flies! I always love to see Blacker-patterns, especially when tied as well as these. :headbang:
  6. Can a classic be tied more beautifully? Glad to see your work again, your flies are a great inspiration for me! :headbang:
  7. The name caught my eye. (I´m very fond of every irish pattern I see. I blame mr. Dave Carne for my addiction :hyst: . ) The fly is just amazingly done as always, very clean job with the unique materials. Those IC:s etc. have not gone in vain in your hands. Thanks for sharing this!
  8. Wow, great vintage-looking fly! Excellent tying! :headbang: Another option for the tail could be a female capercaillie. The tailfeatherfibres look just the same as that duck. Now I´ve found use for them, ´cos it´s so hard to marry them with anything .
  9. Stunning work man! :headbang: You´re truly one of the most talented flytyers right now, at least I think so (and many others do, I know). The white, black striped feather in the first one, what is it ? I have some similar feathers from a female capercaillie.
  10. Wow, beautiful work of true art! :bugeyes: Really fine tying! I´ve also been thinking of what would that birds feathers look on a hook. Now I have a great example of it. In Finnish the bird is tilhi...
  11. Otherwise great but you seem to have lost the head completely! Very fine work, jayhackle looks great!
  12. Thanks! I had already put the fly in frames before taking the pic, so the background ain´t so perfect. It´s btw birchbark... I tried to get a little antique look on it. Bud: The wing is luckily easily modifyed, the frames lifted it up a little.
  13. Here is a quick shot of my latest "show"-fly. Still strugglin´ with the photos :wallbash: . Yet, hope you like it.
  14. Hello everyone! I thought that I should write a little introduction of myself, so you knew what kind of a wacko has joined your forum . All right, My name is Arttu Kunnari and I´m 17 in July. I live in Finland, Rovaniemi, ( yep... The hometown of Santa...). I´ve been tying flies for about three years now and salmon flies for 1,5 years. My goal is to win everything possible in flytyingcompetitions . Not too ambitious? :headbang: Besides flytying and fishing, I play guitar in a band. Music heavy metal, of course, what else? My musictaste is from antichristian black metal bands to tearfilled ballads. Wintersun<-- The best band ever. Melodic Folk Death Metal. In winters I icefish and pollute the nature with my snowmobile (saw last night at last The Inconvinient Truth... makes you really think our vast stupidity?). In fifty years we maybe are searchin´ for new places to fish... Thank you Arttu Kunnari
  15. Great! Nice shape and a pretty pattern, of course ! Change the throat to natural guinea fowl, bodyhackle to orange and get the fibres unmarried, and you will get an old Finnish harling fly called Morottaja .
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