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  1. Beauty. How do you manage to keep the desk top so clean and clear?
  2. I agree with riffle. Almost anything beaver coloured will do. Beaver tends to float better than rabbit (I hear) but i doubt you will be able to tell the difference.
  3. I use griffin ceramic bobbins mostly. I do have some metal tubed ones that I can use, but I prefer the plastic feet of the griffin. I have recently purchased a nor bobbin which is also ceramic. It has taken over much of my tying.
  4. In order of used the most, UNI, UTC, Bennechi, Danvilles (Only have 1 spool)
  5. The only fly I use is a black wooly bugger. Ive caught countless SM on it and often they hit it without much enticing.
  6. I dont, and often purchase duplicates, or purchase the wrong thing. It would be nice to have a data base where I could input items by scanning the bar code. I have a library program that allows me to scan the code and it puts the book into my library. I agree that making note of what to purchase is smart, it would be good to know what I have so I could either trade items or plan to tie different flies. Best, Phil
  7. Full dress salmon fly. They take so long and every thread placement is so important. As Far as most difficult part, it would be tying the wings of correctly and keeping that head very small. For a fishing salmon fly, it would either be tying in squirrel tail as a wing, or tying a spey fly. As far as trout fly, I think spinning hair head on a muddler is a pain.
  8. Same experience as Bill .
  9. Thanks for the reply. Does griffs smell like nail polish? POssibly its a similarly constituted.
  10. Hi everyone, Today I was covering a bodkin handle with some head cement, and I accidently spilled the cement on my desk which went onto my jeans and thigh. Is there a way to save my jeans from being stained by this? Is there a way to get it out without ruining my jeans? Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks a million, Phil
  11. Nice to have you here Christopher. I'm originally from Ontario. Tight lines! Phil
  12. i would prefer 50 and 100 packs, in gold, for size 8-16 hooks, but mostly sizes 12-14.
  13. Great advice Al, thanks for that.
  14. I know most of my dry flies are in size 14 and then in 16.
  15. I never do this, because I find whip finishing so easy. But I have seen guys do this and hear that it works well. I just find that my super glue always dries up so fast and I never have any around.
  16. Great flies Mike. I love the nottawasaga area. I have never fished for winter fish there, but grew up a couple hours away. Now I reside in Newfoundland and have used flies like that (as frank suggested) phil
  17. I think the body is excellent and I can see the purpose of the foam to make a very durable and buoyant fly. It just looks off to me, however it may work ok. I think hackle would look better but may not be as useful. Phil by the way, i love that body. I may have to tie some caddis like that
  18. excellent fly and beautiful wings! Ill take a dozen Phil
  19. What an attractive fly on a hook I would never had thought to use. well done
  20. Does anyone where tie dry flies without wings? Say an adams or a grey fox or even a royal wulff? For the life of me I cannot see why they would not catch fish just as well as ones with wings. Possibly can someone shine some light on this for me? Thanks!!! Phil
  21. Thanks rick! Do you have any favorite buzzer patterns?
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