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  1. Nice tutorial. I really like the color of the pheasant in the fly. I just got back from a trip to the Tellico river a couple of weeks ago, the Tellico was slow fishing but the Hiwassee was very hot.
  2. The size 10 and 12 poppers have this "panfish" shape vs cupped on the larger sizes. As for hooks, I would use the ones that are recommened in the package. I had used some of the old style mustad popper hooks in others and they don't "look" right, the hump is right at the rear of the body. the package says you can use Tiemco 100 dry fly hooks also on these smaller ones, but I ordered the new mustad popper hooks. this is just my opinion, there are a lot more advanced popper builders on this forum that may have a better answer to you hook question.
  3. Nice looking poppers, really like the "paint" scheme
  4. These were the Wapsi "Perfect Popper Bodies" size 10. I get them from Mad River Outfitters. with $25 order, you get free shipping, saves in the long run. I buy the bodies and hooks separately, a little cheaper that way.
  5. What I have been working on so far this year:
  6. Thanks guys, this was the only black hackle I had, bought some india hackle tod ay just for this purpose!
  7. Here is a Sz 10 panfish popper that I recently finished, Hope all these poppers I have started will do well come spring time for me and my fly fishing buds here, can't seem to get decent poppers around here since Accardo went out of business a few years ago. My supply has dwindled down to very low numbers. Haha
  8. Great looking frog, lmb will be in trouble!
  9. Thanks for all the tips guys. I will try the wood filler since I have some already
  10. What is a good material to fill in the gap after hook glued in. I am using more gel super glue now but it doesn't seem to fill very well, takes several applications
  11. Thanks everyone. I have ordered some more bodies and hooks so hopefully they will arrive to give me something to work on since it looks like bad weather is finally heading my way!
  12. Size 8 body and hook that came with them, it seems to be short though.
  13. On my bluegill poppers, I like to use egg yarn, rubber lets, and hackle
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