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  1. There is no way around paying for a domain name. About 6-8 dollars per year is the cheapest. For free web hosting, you could always host the site yourself though. I have done this for fun a number of times and my wife hosts a website herself as well. You can surprisingly host a website on just about any old computer. You don't need tons of computer knowledge to do it either but you do need a tinkerers personality. This could help you get started. http://www.dslwebserver.com/ Check out my wifes website for some inspiration. This site is hosted on an old pentium 2 with 64mb of ram and a 20gb hard drive running linux. www.lunar.net Not for everyone but it's the only way you can host a site for free with no ads and full control of everything.
  2. It turns out I did actually receive an email from Jamie a while ago. The email went to my old address which I only check every couple of weeks. For some reason Paypal had my old address on file and sent it to Jamie when I ordered. All materials arrived in good condition and look very good. Jamie has a great selection of hard to find materials including prolak head cements which is the main reason I ordered from him. I will definitely order from Jamies custom flies again. I know how it can be to have your life turned upside down. Hope all is well now.
  3. Jamie, I didn't get an email from you but I did receive my order. Email may have been spam filtered. I'm sorry about your separation. I've got no problem with the delay as I didn't need the materials until the winter tying season anyway. I can't wait to start using the prolak head cement. I'll be using the black for traditional wet flies and the other colors for clouser eyes. Thanks
  4. Agreed, Use a mustad 3366 hook, or 34007. No reason to get fancy. Nobody ties a clouser better than Bob and he uses one of these 2 hooks. So, My tips are get the right hooks, and watch the Bob Clouser video. I've got his full length VHS and now I tie nice clousers.
  5. Order still not received and no response. I'm getting worried. Order placed May 27th Anybody else receive and order from Jamie lately?
  6. Hey Man, I've been admiring your work with the carp for a few weeks now. How 'bout a few pictures of your favorite carp flies? I'm always glad when I see others pursuing the golden ghosts. Thanks Paul
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    Thanks Smallie Hunter. That's all I need to know. Have a good one.
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    Anyone know why the forum has been so slow lately?
  9. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if any of you have ordered from Jamie's custom flies lately. I put in an order about 6 weeks ago and I still have not received. I sent email and called with no response. I kinda figured Jamie must be on a fishing trip or something because I have ordered from him before with good success. Anybody know anything? Thanks
  10. I can tie a dozen Gartside Gurglers in a half hour. Buggers, faster than that. Any fly with spun deer hair takes about twice as long. A dozen per hour.
  11. I already own the perfect vise. It's called a Regal. I have never seen a simpler or more effective vise.
  12. If someone makes it, Chris Helm will have it. Chris is the deer hair guru and carries everything. If he doesn't have maroon, he will dye it for you. You could also dye some yourself. www.whitetailflytying.com
  13. Hmmm Ill do it for 40!!! Why are trying to undercut me? I already have a patent on the fly registering business. Please don't infringe on my patent. Thanks
  14. You can register the fly with me. Send me a check for $50 and I will file all the paperwork necessary to register your fly. Thanks
  15. I finally received my order from them. It took a while and I was worried but it was well worth the wait. I ordered about $60 worth of stuff, and it is a lot of stuff. I guess I don't mind the slow shipping since the stuff is dirt cheap.
  16. Out of the 3 vises I own, 2 are Regals. I think the Regal is the best vise out there. I prefer the C-Clamp model.
  17. Hey Guys, I made an order with these guys almost a month ago. I still have not received my order and I have emailed twice with no response. Anybody know whats going on with these guys? If I don't get a response from them in a few days I will have to open a paypal dispute. What's up with this? Does anyone have a phone number for them? Thanks
  18. I caught one last year on a yuk bug (wooly bugger with lots of rubber legs). If have also caught a few on bluegills. In this one spot I fish it seems 2-3 times a year when I hook a bluegill, a bowfin comes out and grabs him. Usually scare the $%^& out of me.
  19. You could join our club. http://pinckneymich.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=18 We just started a few months ago. Last weeks guest tier was Chris Helm. It was fun.
  20. Seychelles? Wow. Bonefish, Milkfish, Giant Trevally, etc. I wish I was you. Have fun.
  21. No, I'm not a commercial tyer. I have been building a luxury 50' catamaran yacht for the past 4 years and it will be done within the next 2 months. It's now time to stock it up with toys for a 5 - 10 year world cruise and fly tying & fishing is part of this. So, I have been buying substantial quantities of all fly fishing things during the past few months. The $2 plus 10% deal you mention is indeed sweet, but it does not sound like something everybody can get involved in. Seem like this fly shop is very generous to you - or am I wrong? It's pretty common for small time commercial tiers to set up deals like this. I sell my flies back to the shop and give him a better deal than the other shops. It works out well for both of us. Can I go with you? I'll give you all the bucktails you would ever want. :hyst:
  22. I wouldn't say $3.90 each for bucktails is a good price if you are buying that kind of quantity. I setup a deal with one of my local fly shops and he lets me add on to his orders with Wapsi. If I'm ordering a couple hundred bucks worth, he only marks it up 10%. Bucktails come out to less than $2 each. What are you doing with all this stuff? Are you a commercial tier? Thanks
  23. I ordered a bunch of stuff from these guys http://www.rainbowfeatherco.com/ The quality was very good and they were easy to deal with. I got a half pound of saddle feathers, quarter pound of peacock herl and a bunch of other stuff. Stay away from these guys http://www.plumesnfeathers.com/ I put in an order with them and it was nothing but trouble. They billed me for stuff I didn't order and over billed me for stuff that I did order. Here's some other good ones http://mschwartzandson.com/ http://www.zuckerfeathers.com/ (wholesale only I think) Thanks
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