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  1. 2 hours ago, mvendon said:

    Sure ! It's from an old collection from someone in California. It's mostly called for in salmon type flies. It came with a bunch of other fur that I was after on eBay. When I read the pattern recipe, it got me curious to see why they would use that material instead of something else. If you use the wrong part, the dubbing  wouldn't have looked anything like that either since most of the fur is silvery grey in color.




    Mark, thank you.  This is extremely useful.   

    The recipe was taken from Frodin's book:  "Body:  Silver monkey's fur and a little dirty-orange seal's fur, mixed together".

    Based on that description, I was expecting more of gray-brown color, but your example is very tan colored.  Thanks again for the help.





  2. Thanks Flytire.  I have another version of this pattern's recipe that uses Hare's Ear for the body and the tag goes from the barb to the point.  I may try that version next. 

    It has been both fascinating and frustrating how a seemingly subtle change such as using medium size tinsel instead of small size makes a big difference in the final "look" of the fly.  I have a lot of respect for the folks that are good at this style of tying.   But these flies are fun to tie.  :) 


  3. "March Brown" Salmon Fly - more or less
    This Salmon pattern has been around since the 18th century.
    OK, my fly has a lot of problems, but I tried several new techniques and materials. The Tag would look better at twice the length. The Tail is way too long and at a weird angle (had trouble with the tag kicking it up). The wing is too short. This is widest all-turkey wing that I've done and it "shrunk" more than I expected when tied in. The rib spacing has issues, especially the 4th and 5th. First time to use partridge for a throat and it would look better with one less wrap, But, wow, it was easy to make throat with partridge. I need to work with it more.  I'm sure there are other issues that I've missed.  But, I'm still having fun tying them.  :)  
    Per Kelson's recipe:
    Tag: Gold oval tinsel
    Tail: GP topping
    Body: Well... Kelson used a mixture of monkey and seal fur, but I don't have either of those. So, I just used some synthetic dubbing that I do have. 🙂
    Rib: Gold oval tinsel
    Throat: Partridge hackle
    Wings: Mottled Turkey

  4. I usually give these away, but I tied this one for my own hat. :)  

    "Claret & Black"  (sort of...) 

    Hook:  Hat pin style
    Tag:  Oval gold tinsel and red floss, sub'ed for claret
    Tail:  Indian Crow sub
    Butt:  Black ostrich
    Rib:  Oval gold tinsel
    Body:  Red floss and red dubbing, sub'ed for claret
    Body hackle:  Black
    Throat:  Supposed to be widgeon, but the bag wasn't labeled, so, who knows...
    Wing:  Black goose
    Cheek:  Jungle Cock feather


  5. 12 hours ago, Mogup said:

    Nice Rex.  Floss twists  just like thread when wrapping. 

    Thanks, I agree completely.  The black went on OK, it's the under body that needs work.  This one started as a practice for building a tapered under body with the intention of cutting it off and never finishing the fly.   Instead, I ended up finishing the fly.   Since I wasn't planning to finish a fly, I was too sloppy making the under body smooth.   I am glad that I did finish the fly because I learned a lot more by tying the full fly.

    Next time, in addition to  making the under body smoother and more even, I have a low spot in front of the tail, and I need to move the thickest portion of the body further away from the eye (the front taper on this one gets hidden by the wing and throat).   My original goal was an "Oatman" style body shape.   

    That is one thing I love about fly tying, there is always a new technique or pattern learn.   Of course, learning how to do the technique is just the start, then you have to learn how to make it look good.  :)


    "Blue Lady"

    First attempt at a tapered, "cigar shaped" body. Need to smooth it out more, but overall, not too bad for a first attempt.

    Tag: Oval silver tinsel
    Tail: Yellow hackle
    Rib: Oval silver tinsel
    Body: Black silk
    Throat: Kingfisher blue hackle
    Wing: Blue dyed grey squirrel tail
    Cheeks: Jungle-cock feather



  7. For bass bug tails, Whiting's 4B capes and saddles are less expensive.  The feathers are similar, but shorter and softer than the American series.

    I have not found a lot of variation of price for American capes.  But, occasionally, I have found certain colors on sale.  Just have to check multiple fly shop web pages to find them.  The last ones I bought on sale were from J Stockard.  

    Good luck.


  8. Haven’t been tying much recently and it shows in the head, but I like the colors in this pattern. 1f642.png:)

    “Night Rider” - a Scandinavian pattern by Jan Furuly

    Tag: Silver oval tinsel and red silk
    Tail: Yellow silk
    Body: Black silk
    Rib: Red oval tinsel
    Throat: Green hackle
    Wing: Underwing of purple synthetic hair & Black squirrel
    Cheeks: Jungle cock






  9. Thanks for the kind comments. They are US Army ribbons awarded about 1959. The green is a Commendation and the red is Good Conduct.


    For anyone wanting to do something similar, the ribbons are available online. I used a place called usamm.com but I'm sure there are other options. The frame is just an off the shelf frame from Hobby Lobby that already had the double mat in it. Just attach the flies and ribbons to some mat board and put it in the frame. Framing was surprisingly easy to do.

  10. iWLq9rj.jpg



    "The White Wing" salmon fly - Kelson's pattern


    Hook: Size 1.5

    Tag: Silver tinsel

    Tail: GP topping

    Body: First half equally divided between yellow, orange, and claret (or as close as I had to claret), and followed by black (synthetic sub'ed for seal)

    Ribs: Silver tinsel and silver flat tinsel

    Hackle: Black from second turn of tinsel

    Throat: Blue hackle

    Wings: White Goose


    Reference: Frodin's "Classic Salmon Flies"

  11. post-10085-0-21717700-1564870725_thumb.jpg



    Rainbow Warrior Salmon fly
    Tag: Gold tinsel
    Tail: Orange squirrel
    Body: Black floss
    Rib: Gold tinsel
    Wing: Blue squirrel in center and yellow squirrel at front
    Collar: Yellow hackle
    Hook: Size 8 (traditionally a double, but I'm running short on double hooks. smile.png )
    Reference: Chris Mann's "Hairwing Flies for Salmon & Steelhead"


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