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  1. "The Dunt" Salmon fly Kelson's version of the pattern with a few substitutions, because I don't have some of the materials. Tag: Oval silver tinsel and light blue silk Tail: A topping and teal Body: Yellow (well almost yellow), orange, and red (sub for red-claret) dubbing Ribs: Silver oval and flat tinsel Hackle: Gray sub'ed for black Throat: Teal Wings: Turkey - wrong pattern, should be darker with white tips (I need some tail feathers) Sides: Jungle cock (the right side should be lower, more like the left side)
  2. The wing isn't set right and some of my substitutions didn't work as well as I'd hoped, but this one turned out to be the most complicated pattern I've tied so far. So, I'm going to post it anyway. 😃 Here's the "Aberdeenshire Dee Tartan"
  3. Personal opinion, I like the design of Regal's brass pocket base, but it is the smallest and lightest weight that I would want in a pedestal base. I think Peak has the maximum sized base. It is good and stable, but it is bulky to move around with. My ideal base is heavy and stable with pockets in it. I don't like light weight "travel" style bases. Just my two cents. I look forward to watching the progress.
  4. Nice flies. Barlow's Tackle is one source for tiny spinner blades. "0" and "00" sizes have worked best for me for bass and freshwater Stripers.
  5. "Canadian Green" hairwing salmon fly tied as a hat pin from Mann's "Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead" Tag: Oval silver tinsel Tail: Golden pheasant topping Rib: Oval silver tinsel Body: Green floss Wing: Grey squirrel dyed green Collar: Yellow rooster hackle Cheek: Jungle Cock
  6. I have a Fugley hair packer and I like it. No regrets at all about getting one.
  7. Found this one on Pinterest, it’s more Steelhead than Salmon pattern, but I like the color combination. “Lady Jane” fly Hook: Size 2 salmon hook Tag: Oval gold tinsel and yellow silk Tail: Golden pheasant crest (I’m still learning to work with these.) Butt: Black ostrich herl Rib: Oval gold tinsel Body: Green silk Wing: Green squirrel tail and green flash Collar: Black hackle
  8. Thanks Flytire, you have posted some amazing streamers this month. However, now you have me interested in the "Forgotten Flies" book. That's not good, since it's not easy to get...
  9. "Mickey Finn" Hook: 7x long streamer hook size 8 Thread: Black 70 d Rib: Silver oval tinsel Body: Gold flat tinsel (I got tired of tying silver ones) Wing: Yellow, red, then yellow bucktail Tinsel bodies = not as easy as they look...
  10. Some Woolly Buggers for restocking fly boxes...
  11. "The Harlequin" - (or as close I can get, anyway) I've wanted to tie this fly ever since I first saw the pattern. Unfortunately, it is still above my skill level, especially the wing, and this one has problems, but I'm still kind of proud of it. Faults and all.
  12. Improved Governor variant Tag: Gold oval tinsel Tail: Red hackle Body: Red floss Body: Peacock herl Rib: Gold oval and flat tinsel Veil: Red floss Hackle: Black Wing: Fox squirrel tail Cheeks: Jungle Cock Some recipes show the red hackle as a tail and others show it where I put the veil. For more color, I put something in both locations, but sub'ed the floss veil for hackle. I also added the flat rib.
  13. Great video. I had assumed that it was plastic,I didn't think about it possibly being aluminum. The picture sure looks like the early Thompson bobbin. Thank you.
  14. Anyone recognize the bobbin in this picture? I was sent this picture by someone that bought it with some other fishing and tying stuff at a yard sale. They wanted to know anything about it including how old it might be? The bobbin looks vaguely familiar to me, but I don't recognize it. Another picture from the purchase included a few items with Herter's labels on them. So, I'm guessing this is 1960's to 1970's era stuff, but I don't really know if that is a close date or not. Can anyone help with any information on this bobbin? Thank you!
  15. I have never seen this pattern before. I like it, good looking fly.
  16. Thanks for the comments on the Rat. It's a fun pattern to tie.
  17. Grizzly King - a Ray Bergman wet fly pattern Hook: Size 6 Tag: Gold Tinsel Tail: Red Hackle Body: Green Floss Rib: Gold Tinsel Throat: Silver badger Hen (Not the best color choice, but I don't many hen necks to choose from) Wing: Mallard
  18. An "Orange Heron" Spey fly tied in university colors. So, I don't know what you'd call this pattern.
  19. "Boxcar" size 4 Tail: Red hackle Tag: Gold tinsel Body: Peacock herl Wing: White calf tail Hackle: A barred variant that was laying on my desk, but it should be Brown hackle
  20. "The Stevenson" - round 2 My second attempt at this pattern and style of fly. Better than the first attempt, but still has some problem areas (especially, the gap between the blue floss and the red herl, that I didn't see before taking the photo. ). However, I'm having fun learning this style of tying.
  21. First attempt at this style wing and it has problems, but I think it's still a cool looking fly. "The Stevenson" on a size 2 hook.
  22. Last fly of year for me is a Rusty Rat tied as a hat pin to be given away at next week's Dallas Fly Fisher's meeting. These "broach style" hooks are a pain to tie on and caused a few problems, but it should look good on a hat. Happy New Year Everyone!
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