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  1. "The Dunt" Salmon fly

    Kelson's version of the pattern with a few substitutions, because I don't have some of the materials. smile.png

    Tag: Oval silver tinsel and light blue silk
    Tail: A topping and teal
    Body: Yellow (well almost yellow), orange, and red (sub for red-claret) dubbing
    Ribs: Silver oval and flat tinsel
    Hackle: Gray sub'ed for black
    Throat: Teal
    Wings: Turkey - wrong pattern, should be darker with white tips (I need some tail feathers)
    Sides: Jungle cock (the right side should be lower, more like the left side)




  2. First things first, I have a bunch of stock damascus for the base. I can forge it bigger if I need to. How big should the base be, and how heavy should it be? Please chime in. I could just build it like I think it should be but then it would just be my choices, I'm looking for the ideal size.

    Personal opinion, I like the design of Regal's brass pocket base, but it is the smallest and lightest weight that I would want in a pedestal base. I think Peak has the maximum sized base. It is good and stable, but it is bulky to move around with.


    My ideal base is heavy and stable with pockets in it. I don't like light weight "travel" style bases.


    Just my two cents.


    I look forward to watching the progress.

  3. Found this one on Pinterest, it’s more Steelhead than Salmon pattern, but I like the color combination. :)


    “Lady Jane” fly


    Hook: Size 2 salmon hook

    Tag: Oval gold tinsel and yellow silk

    Tail: Golden pheasant crest (I’m still learning to work with these.)

    Butt: Black ostrich herl

    Rib: Oval gold tinsel

    Body: Green silk

    Wing: Green squirrel tail and green flash

    Collar: Black hackle



  4. Improved Governor variant


    Tag: Gold oval tinsel

    Tail: Red hackle

    Body: Red floss

    Body: Peacock herl

    Rib: Gold oval and flat tinsel

    Veil: Red floss

    Hackle: Black

    Wing: Fox squirrel tail

    Cheeks: Jungle Cock


    Some recipes show the red hackle as a tail and others show it where I put the veil. For more color, I put something in both locations, but sub'ed the floss veil for hackle. I also added the flat rib.





  5. Anyone recognize the bobbin in this picture? I was sent this picture by someone that bought it with some other fishing and tying stuff at a yard sale. They wanted to know anything about it including how old it might be?


    The bobbin looks vaguely familiar to me, but I don't recognize it. Another picture from the purchase included a few items with Herter's labels on them. So, I'm guessing this is 1960's to 1970's era stuff, but I don't really know if that is a close date or not. Can anyone help with any information on this bobbin? Thank you!


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