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  1. ​Santa is coming! ​It's time to put up the tree. Merry ​Christmas ​Everyone!
  2. Dave's Flexament style adhesives work well for assembling the wings too.
  3. Here's a Rangeley style Streamer fly. I'm trying to learn a new style of fly. The first attempt was too ugly to post, but this one turned out much better.
  4. Edie, the Black Prince looks good. What are the blue/green feathers in the body? I don't recognize them.
  5. A Rusty Rat fly pattern tied in Casting for Recovery colors (or as close as I could get anyway.). I guess you could call this a "CFR Rat Fly"???
  6. Thanks Flat Rock, I'm still learning, but I'm having fun. This style of tying is addictive.
  7. OK, this one was just too colorful not to attempt to tie. Pryce-Tannatt’s version of a “Variegated Sun Fly” Hook: size 4 Tag: Oval silver tinsel and light blue floss Tail: GP topping with a red GP feather substitute Body: Yellow, black, and orange yarn Hackle: Black Wings: Six GP toppings
  8. I tied another "Rat" style fly today before I forget everything I learned yesterday. Here's a "Blue Rat"
  9. With help from some friends, I learned a new pattern and some new techniques. Rusty Rat Photographing your flies can be very humbling. I still have a lot to learn... (But, I'm still having fun. )
  10. Just feeling patriotic today...
  11. I think about 23 years. I remember getting a kit for Christmas and my brother in law helping me to get started. I can't remember exactly which Christmas, but I do remember pretty much every thing that was in the tying kit. Funny how that works.
  12. Well, I kept delaying ordering one of these, but Santa showed up one of the original sized ones. I got a chance to try it today and, well... I LIKE IT! I have other style packing tools, but I think the Fugley was easier to use than any others that I've tried. First impressions are very positive after tying with it. But I do have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I first picked it up, but after tying with it, I'm a believer. Much simpler to use than I expected. Thanks again to everyone that responded earlier this year. My deer hair tying skills need work, but here's my first attempt using a Fugley packer. [
  13. FLdk, that is a nice looking fly. Love the the colors.
  14. I used super glue, but the original tyer used one of the UV adhesives. The UV glues are faster drying, but I don't have any. To speed up the drying process, I used an accelerator on the super glue. But, it was still a tedious process.
  15. Thanks Caloosa, someone else posted the pattern recently and this was my attempt at it. It is a fun tie. After I took the photo, I wrapped a piece of oval tinsel around it. Adding tinsel made it look better. Have fun with it.
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