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  1. A sweet fly for a sweet spring day. I like the colours, I guess the fish like it too!
  2. Hi Ulf, I like your flies and I can look at them twice or more often
  3. Just have come back from a walk with a dog and that´s what I have seen in the black forest. Will on his way with the prices.............
  4. Congrats to all winners and participants, you all did a great job! :thumbup: Also to Will, your great pics didn´t make voting easier, all flies come out great. Being a part of the contest was just fun. :clapping: Hartmut
  5. Congratulation to all, very nice flies. Thanks Damian, I never thought to come so far looking at the others. :yahoo: Hartmut
  6. You can find history and pattern behind the 4th star in Heike's Special Advent Calendar http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=30434 Hartmut
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Tauchsieder: Behm Fly
  8. Thanks Luke, I bet to, it will be fishi one but I have to wait until the salmons will return to Germany or I will returne to Canada ;-)
  9. I´ll order 1 in 3XL black 1 in 3XL maroon 1 in 2XL black 1 in S kelly 1 in M oceana Hartmut
  10. Hey, another one more classic. I want to practice to improve my bodies before I start with feathers. Any coments? Hartmut
  11. Hi, as always critique and comments. Thanks again. All the best. Hartmut
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Tauchsieder: Coho blue
  13. First the flies were supposed to be thrown at the Margaree, now they are supposed to be shown ower my tying desk! The ten left will remember me to return to Cape Breton in the future. My friends, I meet to ty together, never have seen such kind of jeweleries. Thanks again, for that birthday surprise. Hartmut
  14. Hi all, thank you very much for the nice comments and for Alex's kind advices and wonderful examples. I will keep them in mind. Getting real seal dubbing is almost impossible because of our import regulations. A friend of mine uses this attractive patterns for troutfishing in the Black Forest and finding them in Malone's book, I've thought to give them a try. Thanks again. Hartmut
  15. No comments? I didn't think it was that bad Hartmut
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