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  1. This is a perfect fly for asp!
  2. Great fly. Pike will love it. What's the difference between the material you used and Angel hair? Kinda looks like it. Weed guards would make the fly perfect though. Cheers!
  3. lazza

    Pike Candy

    Thanks guys! Cheers!
  4. lazza

    Pike Candy

    Thanks John! I appreciate it!
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by lazza: Pike Candy
  6. Hey guys! Some great patterns here gave me the idea to tie this popper. Here's my contribution! It's a bit bigger so I guess it'll be good for some smaller pikes as well. Cheers!
  7. I don't see chub on that list
  8. Hello there guys. This is my first post in "Photography Corner". I would like to present you one beautiful lake in central Serbia. I took this pictures last year in a fishing brakes. Click to enlarge!
  9. Chub is my favorite fish and i will try to help you. It depends of course how big they are. If they are above 200-300g I would try any dry fly with no or small tail 14-10. Try Red Tag, Hexe, Black Zulu or *coffee bug
  10. lazza

    Hex II

    It's a live! OMG! Great job man!
  11. Great posts man ... I was hoping that I will learn a lot on this forum, but now I am sure This thread is one of a kind tutorial. Thank you for shearing such a great ideas of yours with us. Cheers mate!
  12. Hey KevinP ... That's a lovely fly. What materials were you using? Does it float? Milosh cheers!
  13. QUOTE (mdmayo @ Jun 19 2004, 01:06 PM) I'm curious about what camera you used for the photography. Only a few of them are mine, mostly those with low resolution ... The most of the pictures I found on the Internet. Here is one of the url's http://www.sxc.hu/ Register and have fun!!!
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