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  1. Flies should be to the Swapmister by Monday. Thanks for all of your patience.
  2. I'm so sorry guys. School and homework has been taking all my time away. I will completely understand if you don't want me in the swap, but I'll send my flies in today. Again, I'm really sorry.
  3. Count me in if there is still room. I'll tie a black beetle. Good luck tying!!
  4. What if you used light monafilament line and tied it down to the hook shank. Leave a couple inches hanging off of the back (and the front if you want). Next, take ice chenille and wrap it onto the mono. Put a bead head for weight at the end of the mono and tie a knot to stop the bead and the chenille from sliding off.
  5. Sorry,I think I was misunderstood. OLB, don't worry, you are getting flies. I sent your tupperware container to the wrong person. Everyone will get flies. I will post the pics this weekend (if I can get the digital camera working, or if i find a scanner). As for the extra set, I randomly split it up between people. Everyone got an additional two flies. day5, your flies should go out tomorrow.
  6. OLB- I may have sent your box to the wrong person. If this is a problem, I can reimburse you.
  7. Ok, I lost one of the return envelopes. If your name is not on this list, please post your name and address or send it to [email protected] Sjo Crapels Michael Sharp Graham Owen Jerry Sapp Alex Cerveniak John Ridderbros Luke McCoy Thanks for your cooperation. Minus this one person, flies will go out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Thanks steeldrifter. In that case, the flies will go out in the mail tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy them.
  9. Ok, I'm only missing Arkies. Has anyone heard from him??
  10. I am still missing some flies. If you have not sent yours out yet, please respond with a post as to whether or not you are still in the swap. If I don't receive any posts by Tuesday, I will mail the flies out as is. Sorry for the delay.
  11. These are the ones that I have received: Day5Flies Luke McCoy Graham Blueman89 Sharpster68 OLB Sjo Czapels
  12. My flies will be in the mail within the next couple of days. Could I please get the address at [email protected] Thanks
  13. As soon as i get them all, they'll be in the mail.
  14. Mine are done. They should go out Monday.
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