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  1. Ya know....it's like coming back to your home town after being gone for a long time. Some familiar faces and a lot of new faces. It's good to be back. But...steelhead and duck and goose season will be here soon. Glad to hear your doing better TroutBum. I see you still favor the Zappa avatar.
  2. I posted this on Talkflyfishing yesterday. Sometimes you just get burned out from all of the drama too. Hi my name is Fred and I have been on Hiatus. It was for so long I forgot my password, had an article published in Eastern Fly Fishing, caught a Tarpon, Black fin Tuna, Sailfish, Barracuda, Black tip shark, Bonnet head shark and a slew of other salt water species. Been to the Florida Keys 4 times, Key West 3 times and Anna Maria Island 3 times. Got fired, quit, got laid off and started a new career. I also started guiding on the side, picked up a few sponsors, saw the Solitude reel come to fruition and...well...that's about it for now. Oh....one more thing.....became a buddhist too.
  3. I'll tie on Saturday with John and Matt.
  4. Agreed, but do you consider a proper, knotless muskie net (not a small cheapo net) mishandling? No. I call mishandling grabbing hand full of belly and gill plate.
  5. looks a little dry. And a cradle is a staple for a musky angler. They may seem tough but mishandling will kill them.
  6. Thats sweet dude. I can't wait for it to open here. Which is Oct 11th. This will be my first year duck hunting and I must say I get more excited the closer the opener gets.
  7. Those are "off the hook" dude! Keep up the excellent work.
  8. Awesome stone dude. I certainly need to toe a few of those.
  9. :devil: snippet! snippet! Snippet like a ninja!
  10. All that viewing and step by step stuff is too much work. Cus into the fishing time and all. If you have Vista then you have snippet! I like snippet! With snippet...someday I'm gonna rule the woooorrrrllddd!!!!! hahahahahhahahahhah!!!! :jumpy: :jumpy:
  11. I don't anything about any "salmontyer media" but I know some people that know some people that could help.
  12. It will be awhile before I am man enough for one of those. Sure is nice though.
  13. Thanks for that input. I tied on Steves traveler once and like it. He had the cam jaws and its an older style. I have a Peak now and I like it alot but only went with it because of the price. I had a Danvise but it had to many mechanical and quality issues, I then got a great deal on an HMH Spartan. I liked the vise until I had to mount a hook. I don't think any vise should require that much force to hold a hook properly. There are a couple of things about the Peak I am not satisfied with so I am looking at the Renzetti....again. I have 2 good reports on the 2000 Pres now and 1 on the new Trav. It looks like the both have the same stem length. Does your Pres have a 6" stem?
  14. If ya want I can let ya borrow that prototype DVD I burned about 3 months ago and gave to Ridderbos. It has a good layout and and you can even do scene selections. Once I get the lighting down I'll be all set. I have been shooting my vids on master quality minidv tapes so that the dvd quality is very good. I even watched it my dvd player on the 50" Sony HD LCD and it looks fantastic. I purchased some superb video editing software that really helps when burning the dvds too. I am currently working a dvd that has two flies in it and is packaged with a tied fly of each fly in the video and materials to tie at least two flies of the featured patterns. Along with some fishing of the said fly. No Trout bum diaries but not a normal tying dvd either. Been in the works for several months. It would have made a showing at the Mason fly tying expo but I was unable to attend. I'll be all set very soon though as most of the work has been done. As a couple of people know a local rod smith is allowing me to spend some time in his shop and shoot many hours of footage to add into some videos. Some priceless stuff goes on in that shop. I would have more posted on Hatches and YooTube but the size restrictions are holding me back too much. I do have some shorts to post when I get time though. Fred
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