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  1. Do you have a given time that the site will be up and running? Don't want to miss a thing. Who's bringing the beer and chips? :cheers: Scott
  2. Morning all, I've always wondered how the Ostrich herl once tied in is snugged back up against the finished body with the fibers angled backwards unlike a standard butt. Hope I phrased that right. Thx, Scott
  3. Well- I certainly stand corrected on the Presentation series. They do show them to accept up to 4/0 only. That won't cut it but the theory with fiction disks still stands. I'm going to get a hold of Renzetti today and see if they have a solution to increase the jaw size to handle up to 8/0 at least. Again thanks for the correction. Scott
  4. Hi Matt, I use a Rennzetti Master vise but I beleive it to be an overkill for the tying of which I do. The Master vise has a friction drive used to rotate the jaws when production tying. What I mean is- if your wrapping any body material over and over to produce the same fly this is the way to go. The fiction mechanism allows the rotation handle to be turned rotating the fly then can be returned to the original position without the fly rotating back to the original position. Again this is great for production tying. However the Master vise does have an articulating arm which will allow you to set the hook centerline easier by adjusting up or down. That single arm is helpfull but two articulating arms is even nicer. With two arms once you place the hooks in the jaws in any random position you can find the the hook centerline with out re-positioning. If you seriously considering a Renzetti vise take a look at the "Presentation" series. Quite a few dollars less but does the job as well as the Master. Have a great day, Scott
  5. Morning J.Z, Didn't you tell me last night that you went to school every day? How long did you stay up after we talked?Heck- my eyes were closed before we hung up the phone. All kidding aside, very nice- well done! Stay awake in school, Scott
  6. Good morning all, It has been a long time since I've been back to the forum. My shop is finialy up and running. :yahoo: There's been a lot of talk about hooks lately. Take a moment and check out the hooks I modify. You'll find the at www.asfts.com. I know you'll like them. Have a great day, Scott
  7. Dave, I read your post this morning. It sounds like you've become confused, frustrated and just plain mad at yourself. Do not beat yourself up over such trivial things. If it's the freestyle you like then go for it. If it's the classics go for it. Or mix it up a bit. This is a hobby to be enjoyed- not a hobby that makes you miserable. Stand back for a minute and look at the flies you've tied. There is something about everyone that made your day. As far as posting simply for compliments- well, sometimes that may not be all wrong. Sometimes we just need a little help getting back on the road to recovery. I guess what i'm trying to say is- don't sweat the small stuff. These things will work themselves out. Before you know it you'll be that fly tying maniac once again. By the way your flies flies are exceptional and deserve all the praise given. Scott
  8. Goku, If you're talking about the virtual fly tying room, I tried it with Zip and what a nightmare. Nothing worked right. Zip who had used it before said he had never seen it do the things it was doing. Half the time (if not more) the audio would not work. The other half (or more) the video would not work. Once the video started to work (no idea what we did) we used our cell phones inplace of the audio. What a waste. If you figure it out let me know. Scott
  9. Morning Tyrone, Beuatiful fly. The use of GP for the body materials is interesting. Nice choice of colors through out. There are a few things that need some tweeking. The first body section needs to slightly reduced in diameter so the end that meets up with butt is tapered down smoothly and matches the tag diameter. Second is the size of the guinea fowl used for the throat. Scale down just a bit. I would like to see it even with or a tad above the hook point. That way the eye won't focus on so much on it because it is a bit out of scale. Third is the head. You need to smooth it out a tad if your not going to put a gloss coat over it. That way the thread wraps will look smooth and have a finished look. PLease don't get me wrong. I'm not tearing the fly apart. These are just a couple of areas that need some work. Other than that, you have great eye for color and design. Scott
  10. Alberto, When I tied the Tippet Witchet I had to blade it serveral times. A group of 20 matched feathers was a lot of fun. This a difficult fly to tie- I'm sure you found that out. You did a great job and I commend you for for having the patience and willingness to stay with it. Sometimes it may help you to download a picture and scale it up or down to match the size hook your working with. You'll be able to see the details of the fly and actually try to match the feather sizes used and placement. Look at Mike Radecich website. He has wonderful pictures of the John Traherne flies that he tied. By the way, Mike tied that fly on a 7/0 hook. Keep up the good work and everything will come together over time. Scott Below you will see a picture of Mike's Tippet Witchet and my attempt. Just not the same but pleased with the results.
  11. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Now let's talk about those leaves. When I was a kid, my father made me rake leaves until the rake wore out. I finally figured out that Mother Nature put them there- she can take them away- and if our neighbors didn't like our leaves in their yard they rake them! :hyst: :hyst: Any way- you all have a great day. Scott
  12. Hi everyone, Been a long time since I've tied a fly. It seemed that everything had it's own idea how it was going to go on the hook. What a pain in the _ _ _. I've been tied up on my web site I haven't done anything but the site. I started to tie this fly using the fall colors in northern Ohio. This time of year is a bounty of beuatiful colors. Unforunately, all the leaves are going to fall off and that white stuff will cover the branches as well as the ground and everything else. Oh well- what are you going to do. Scott www.asfts.com
  13. Steve, Why don't you finish that Tippet Witchet that you started. I'd love to see it before you leave. Scott
  14. Mark, Here is a pic of my avatar. Scott
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