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  1. Thanks. Didn't know there were three kinds. Now you made me hungry, even after breakfast!
  2. Like good ol' chowder that is in a heavy cream "sauce." New England style? I know there are two kinds but it prefer the thickened kind. Friend and I split a small bucket of steamed clams served with a big dish of horseradish. Make your tongue slap your brains out!
  3. skeet3t

    Ground Moles

    He's a contender for the Darwin Award.
  4. Steve, that is a great idea and well constructed. Rumor has it there will be a movie about prehistoric pigs. Title is Jurassic Pork.🤪
  5. My first build was a kit with what turned out to be 5 minute epoxy. Wasn't aware of the set time and barely got the grip on the blank. Took some grunting and groaning but got it down to the reel seat. Came close to using words and phrases that were popular i basic training. Five minute or another (I used Two Ton Epoxy) will work. Just be aware of the set time.
  6. Sqeeezy, the fly in the photo looks good and, obviously, productive. Tie a few more and have fun. Bluegill are also tasty along with coleslaw, fries or potato salad and hushpuppies.
  7. Glad it worked out. Cheaper than a new rod. Although a broken rod can be an excuse for a new rod.
  8. "Tying needs some work." No, as panfish, especially bluegill, will hit about anything. I have caught a truckload of bluegill with flies from K-Mart (shows how long ago they were bought), one dollar for a dozen of outlandish colors and flash. My mother caught bluegill with a piece of bamboo pole, line, bobber and a piece of red cloth on a hook.
  9. Burden of proof would be on the owner to show it was purchased/taken before the ban. Me? Have no need for it as I tie very few flies, eight at the most.
  10. Is mere possession of polar bear bear fur legal? Saw a lady on a game warden show get in hot water for merely having a hawk feather in her car. Picked up as a road kill. Officer explained the law to her but I think he let her go as she didn't know what kind of feather she had.
  11. Interesting thred and replies, especially the part of kapok. I have miles of undyed carpet yarn. Makes great parachures, wings, etc. as it floats like a cork without dressing.
  12. I thought one used garlic for that.👿
  13. TSA confiscated the knitting needles of an elderly woman. Guess she looked like a criminal or terrorist. There is no consistency in the TSA as "standards" vary from place to place.
  14. Cute. A fellow in college adopted a mutt and called it, Dammit. He would say, "C'mere, Dammit."
  15. Howard-Leight makes a foam earplug that has an NRR of 33. This is higher than many other plugs and muffs. I bought a box of 100 when I worked at Fastenal. Used them when I was active in competitive trapshooting. Still have a bunch in my shooting bag.
  16. A for shortening the leader, a leader and tippet are the least expensive part of fly fishing. I'm more concerned about losing a fly with the cost of materials and time.
  17. Silver Creek, watched the video and thought it interesting. Still don't see the advantage of the ring. I attach the tippet and leader with a double surgeon's knot. Worked for about 60 years.
  18. Can you take the old one off to match with a newer one? Guessing they are all the same. My concern would be rust freezing it to the block. BTW, good luck in finding any parts. When was your mower made and by whom? Under the old Craftsman brand, Sears only kept parts for a guesstimated time for replacement. When they are gone, that's it. Plus they changed a few parts so they wouldn't interchange with OEM parts. Had a Craftsman contract manufacturer as a customer. Got it from the purchasing agent. Back in the early 90s, Craftsman riding mowers were made by Murray-Ohio in Tennessee. Been in the plant which closed years ago.
  19. Thanks for the reports. That smallmouth was the best by a "dam" sight. Safe trip home.
  20. Look at the local appliance stores and big box stores for returns, scratch& dent, etc. I worked in appliances at Lowe's. A friend got a deal in a ref that had been dropped during delivery. Corner frame was bent but he fixed it.
  21. Steve0, put the refer on a riser like they have for washers and dryers. BTW, if you are in the refrigerator 15 times a day, then how did you lose all that weight?😉
  22. Always like to hear of your daily reports. Have fun the rest of the time and careful driving home.
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