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  1. Ephemerella, well said. Tying is another venue to meet other people of a like mind. It's fun to be at a tying session at a shop or someone's home and banter about the poor tie, bad colors, etc. All taken in fun but, at the same time, learning from others.
  2. Those custom flies are cheaper than crankbaits. I have seen them up to $20 each! With that said, I have about $3K in my tackle boxes. Didn't pay that much for them in days gone by.
  3. That's why: "No Hooks Allowed." I tie a piece of red yarn to the tippet. It is visible in the air and offers resistance of a fly.
  4. 1. Put all medications as inhalers, nasal sprays, in a clear Ziploc bag where they are visible. 2. I put mine in a pill reminder in the Ziploc bag. I don't carry the six pill bottles for just a few days needs. 3. Have a card or something that identifies the doctors who prescribe the medications. A note listing the medications including OTC and their reason is good. 4. I have my VA card with photo to back up the source for my medications. Have flown nationally and have had no problems. The main thing is to cooperate by answering their questions.
  5. Hmm. Back cast or forward cast? Used to teach casting in a gym. Never had that happen. Now we don't have the gym.
  6. Seems a balanced outfit would be determined by the person casting the rod. A certain rod/reel combination would be felt differently by different people. Me? I have other things to worry about...like fishing this Friday when the weather is good.
  7. Most fly reels I have seen are for two line weights and a bit of backing. My reels are listed for X/Y weights but you can put whatever line you want on it. Never got concerned with balance. My son has a reel, can't remember the brand, that has a clicker and a palming rim to use the palm of the hand as a drag.
  8. All my flies are original. I'm the only one who tied them. Mark, nice fly, should be effective on big brown trout in this neck of the woods.
  9. Duh! I thought the eyes were in the wrong place until I looked at the tying sequence. Nice!!! Recipe or your own creation?
  10. Captain Bob, my complements to you! Following that thought, my son lives in a subdivision that has a small pond. His kids like to fish there. It's a blast to watch them. The youngest a couple of years ago caught one little bluegill and she was done for the day. Maybe this coming summer will be a bit better. BTW, a local guy caught an 8 lb. largemouth bass there! From a pond not much over an acre in size, no less.
  11. This has been a great discussion. I have one color of a mop head. Would it be possible to do a mop color swap? A small patch would yield a number of mop flies. Adding: The mop fly offers a lot of variations to fit different situations. As I mentioned, my grandson used chenille instead of hackle. Beads are added; dumbbell eyes are added, etc., so there are infinite ways to tie the mop fly.
  12. Great story and photos. Good to take the kids fishing. Later, they can take their grandpappies fishing.
  13. Depends on the mood of the fish. My grandson tied some nice mop flies that were gray with yellow chenille instead of hackle. Need to field test them.
  14. Fly tying is also an opportunity to be creative.I don't follow the "rules" a lot of the time but tie whatever suits me, hoping the fish like it.
  15. It's like golfing, hunting, night clubbing, etc., it's what you want to spend. To keep this post short, I agree with the previous posts.
  16. Welcome to the forum. Good to learn what you use in your home waters.
  17. Ah, yes! Another carp fly in the making. Used to look at the fish in the San Antonio River along the Riverwalk. Didn't realize that they were Chiclids. Colorful little fish.
  18. skeet3t

    Jetson One

    Some will want it to be electric. I can think of better ways to spend my money.
  19. Nice day. One is much more than zero.
  20. My kids didn't like homemade cranberry sauce. It has to be in the shape of a can and sliced. Hope you cleaned the feathers before dunking them.
  21. Boil it to sterilize it and soften it. Never thought of using horse hair. Neighbor has a horse boarded locally.
  22. Welcome back! Does the new home have a tying room or at least some tying space?🏘️
  23. VA is going to try to order a microphone to complement my hearing aids. Hopefully it will help, if they can get it.
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