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  1. Mine was a bit bigger...my mother's old plastic sewing basket held a lot of things for tying. A friend used a small soft side ice chest and attached his vise to a board which fit in the steering wheel. OK, he would look at the hatch chart, the front of his car, the windshield and spider webs along the river to see what was present. Hey, he caught lot of fish by observing. Yogi Berra said one could see a lot by observing.☺️

  2. On 10/18/2021 at 9:01 PM, niveker said:

    Is the auction site also responsible for collecting the sportsman's tax?

    The manufacturer is responsible for the Federal excise tax, not the retailer/seller. The seller/retailer would be responsible for collecting sales tax, according to the tax regulations in their province or state. Some states require collecting sales tax if an item lands within their borders, even if shipped from out of state.

    The excise funds are distributed to the state to support fishing, habitat, boat ramps, etc. This is not screwing the little buy but was actually pushed by the fishing community. It's the same for the Pittman-Robertson Act which puts an excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery tackle. Hunters and anglers are the only ones that I know of who asked for a tax to support their sport. A good idea is to Google those two laws. I emphasize the P-R Act in my Hunter Education classes as a vast majority of people aren't aware of it and the contributions they make to the sport.

  3. FWIW, I found a "niche" with the a local bass fishing crowd who fished a number of tournaments close by. But I tossed the idea as I knew how some of them treated their rods by stepping on them, closing locker/car/truck doors on them, etc. I didn't want to spend my time repairing rods that were damaged due to the someone's carelessness.

    I agree with Steve's take on "tossing" customers who are a PITA (that's not a type of bread).

  4. 23 hours ago, Lesg said:

    J-Kno, I have fished brook trout all my life and was surprised to catch splake that were identical except for the blue haloes. I did a bit of research and found out that the M.N.R. here in Ontario had been back-crossing the original splake (brook/lake) with brook trout. On another note a friend is a taxidermist and when I walked into his shop one day and commented on a nice splake that he had ready for a customer he started laughing and said that I was the only person that realized it wasn't a brook trout including the guy that caught the fish. He tried to tell the guy it was a splake but the fisherman insisted it was a brookie.

    1. The customer is always right.

    2. If the customer is wrong, refer to Rule #1.

  5. If you sell to make a profit, then "you are in the business." As a Canadian, you might be subject to local and national tax laws. Check on it. However...keep in mind that there will be import duties. I sold a label maker to a Canadian and had to pay import duty on the shipment. Check with the customs people in Canada and the USA.

    I did the paperwork and payments for seven years.  It's not complicated. One needs to pay attention to the various lines requiring filling in and totaling the final cost. Just make sure you keep a copy of the paperwork and the check for your records.

  6. Bleach is a mild acid. I'm thinking any harsh chemical can cause failure to synthetic or natural materials. I put my boots in the bathtub, fill with about 2 inches of warm water and some Dawn dish detergent. After they soak a few hours,  I rinse thoroughly and set out to dry on the deck which has summer sun up to about 5 PM. I turn the with the soles to the sun to warm the felt.

  7. 13 hours ago, WWKimba said:

    Be aware that most 2 lb. mono rates at a .005 to .007 thickness rating - mono tying thread usually rates at .006!  Pay amost $2 for a 100 yard spool or just over $3 for a 250 yard (smallest spool) for clear fishing mono line.  And yes, even bigger savings as the spools of fishing line goes up!


    If I was concerned about those few cents difference, I'd quit tying.

    White polyester guide wrapping thread will go translucent. Many use silk for the traditional aspect of bamboo building.

  8. Very good. But if you make/manufacture fishing tackle, flies included, you are still subject to paying federal excise tax as provided by the Wallop-Breaux Act. This has nothing to do with the state. Call the local IRS office on this. I built custom fishing rods for seven years and had to report my income and submit the appropriate tax money to the federal  government every quarter. 

    Edit: Check with states where you ship merchandise. Many states require you to collect sales tax. I just checked on an item outside of Tennessee. The company is in another state and sales tax was added to a tentative order.

  9. You have some excellent flies!

    The business aspect- Do you need a business license? Collect local and state taxes? Pay federal excise tax on fishing tackle? Just curious as a lot of people start a home business but find some bumps in the road. Would not like to see you get into hot water over these issues. BTW, built custom fishing rods for seven years; had the tax collection and paperwork for it.

  10. Not into building anymore. I chatted with a guy who is involved with bass fishing tournaments out of Dayton, TN. They are saying they are the bass capitol of the US. One tourney had 500 entries; had to split them up between Dayton and Harrison Bay SP. Anyway, this was a niche I found but turned it down as it would be full time. Didn't retire to go back to work.

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