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  1. I used to catch the bigguns by tying about 18 inches of light mono to a deep running crankbait. Same plain flies. Worked great in farm ponds. Never found 'gills to be picky. Edit: I was fishing a farm pond in central KY, using garden hackle on a small hook. I hooked a clump of alga and found a freshwater shrimp or some sort. Put it on the hook and the hook no more than sank down and caught a big bluegill. Caught a 9 inch bluegill on a cheap Japanese spinner, like a Rooster Tail.
  2. Many good patterns here but bluegill aren't particular. You could wrap a hook with any color chenille or thread and catch fish. My son and I caught a bunch of bluegill using imported flies that I got years ago at a dozen for a buck. My mother caught bluegill with a short piece of a cane pole we found, about 4 feet of line, and a hook with a piece of red cloth she found in her purse.
  3. It will take centuries if the minerals and chemicals can be cleaned up. I doubt it without removing mega-tons of bottom mud and silt. Then...where do you put it? I think shooting it to the moon is a good idea. Go to pages 51 and 52 in the fishing regulation booklet or online. You will see what problems are present. A prime example is when my father and I had a sales business. We found a graded place in South Chattanooga. Chain link fence and a security guard were interesting to us. The guard said it was an old creosote plant where they treated utility poles, etc. The creosote went down 90 feet! Thus, the land can't be used for anything. The guard said the security people were to keep people from even walking on the ground. Same with the old Bendix plant in Cleveland...asbestos.
  4. Nice and what I would call simple elegant. You are really cranking out some nice nymphing rods!
  5. Razor knife for odd shapes. flytire has the ides.
  6. Ace Hardware has thin wall copper tubing. Harbor Freight has plug cutters. May need to be sharpened. https://www.harborfreight.com/plug-cutter-set-4-pc-60613.html?_br_psugg_q=plug+cutter
  7. Steve, it's like Ford and Lincoln. GM is notorious for for one platform and different models.
  8. Looks good. customer seemed to be knowledgable in what he wanted by his specific instructions. He went to the right guy for the build.
  9. Nice build. Glad to hear of the commission for several rods. Good builders are hard to find.
  10. Interesting thread. I'm more leery of two-legged critters on the latest chemical escape from reality.
  11. I only tie a few patterns, only one or two that use eyes. I use bead chain off old lamps, etc. Try TNfly Company, Charleston, Tennessee. https://www.facebook.com/tnflyco/
  12. Nice fish on the fly and they are tasty.
  13. We understand. Hope everything works out for getting Dad back home. Looking forward to your posts later.
  14. It will work. Just keep skimming off the cross. I use wheel weights to cast sinkers and bullets. You are using an expensive lead for jig heads. Shot is selling at over $40 for 25 lb.
  15. Hmmm. Ever consider fishing for bluegill? Even they can stick you. If the hook is stainless steel, it might create a problem. Regular hooks will rust out is a short time, even in freshwater.
  16. chugbug mentions a good site but it's a DIY as I have noted. They will do the same thing.
  17. You have enough stuff to open a store. I don't have near that much but only tie 6-8 flies for local waters. My complement on the flies. Let us know how they turn out.
  18. Make a jig with a board and nails to bend the rod. Nails at the proper places will help straighten it. Basically you are bending it at the opposite the curve. Put it in the jig and watch it. Did this with my old 'boo rod. Do not heat it in any way!
  19. With all due respect, buy a safe. I didn't and in 1971, someone stole 12 guns, three were my grandfather's. Gone! Over 4K guns are stolen each day.
  20. That is what I would call plain elegance. Dude, you have been busy!
  21. My photos are downloaded to File Explorer. I can go to general photos or a specific file, click in the photo, open and then attach to an email or post. I used to use a card reader but discovered, after many years, that I can use a slot for the card and directly download to the laptop.
  22. As usual, nice. Colors are subtle with a more conservaitve approach by the customer.
  23. I was shown to pull the breast feathers of a dove and tear out the breast. Not enough meat in the rest to bother. Yes, skinninng can be a challenge. BTW, put in a roasting pan, cover with thin sliced onions. Bake and enjoy.
  24. Hmmm. There's an old guy down the road building a big boat, surrounded by all kinds of animals.
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