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  1. I was shown to pull the breast feathers of a dove and tear out the breast. Not enough meat in the rest to bother. Yes, skinninng can be a challenge. BTW, put in a roasting pan, cover with thin sliced onions. Bake and enjoy.
  2. Hmmm. There's an old guy down the road building a big boat, surrounded by all kinds of animals.
  3. I've known some girls like that, too. Keep tying and things will improve. Thing over 25 years, I've found that fish aren't as picky as we think.
  4. Coin, the internet is a gold mine of information. My cell phone can pull up the state regulations for hunting and fishing if I have a doubt or question. I'm also a writer and photographer. The internet keeps me from going to the public library or the three college libraries for information. I have also scored some books that are valuable resources for me. Just finished plowing through 709 pages of American Caesar by William Manchester; detailed biography of Douglas MacArthur. Extensive bibliography. I highly recommend it.
  5. Does your new camera have a macro setting? You might consider diopters. You can get a set of four on Amazon or eBay- +1, +2, +4, +10. I have two cameras, Canon T7 and a Canon SX530 HS. Both have diopters for magnification. Actually the 530 takes better macro photos with a +10 diopter than the T7 with the 18-55mm macro lens and stacked diopters.
  6. Spiders have 8 legs, insects have 6. I doubt if fish count the legs. BTW, I don't tie with any kind of wing, either. My father always said the only dumb question is the one not asked. We learn by asking. If I have a question, I ask my wife.😁
  7. Used to live in the Alexandria/Pineville area. Recall 16 inches of rain in 24 hours. School bus never showed up so I took the kids to school. Principal came out with knee boots as the school flooded. So, back home!
  8. Excellent photos. What camera and settings? TIA.
  9. Small fish are loads of fun on a light rod. About 21 years ago, I built a 6 ft., 2 wt. for fishing the mountains. Never fished with Orvis as it was out of my budget. One of my best rods is an Eagle Claw 4-5 wt., 6-1/2 foot. Used to sell for about $40.
  10. Nice. Local LEO carry Glock.
  11. Damsel flies have folded wings and dragon flies had horizontal wings.
  12. Love the Smokies! One fly shop, Little River Outfitters in Townsend, offers a report on the the area. Some of the water temps are a big too high for fishing. One day, many years ago, caught 5 'bows. 4 browns, 2 brookies. I term it the Smokies Grand Slam.
  13. Mark, I could live there. People think I'm crazy but I like cold weather: the colder the temperature, the less humidity and the more oxygen. That is why people wilt in the summer due to high humidity.
  14. Tying is like anything...it's what you want to spend. A person was wanting to teach his son to shoot skeet. Tongue in cheek, I told him of a Kreighoff four gauge set for $75K. I'm still using the vise I got over 25 years ago with one one of the kits offered at a cost of about $50 with vise, hooks, etc. Never could justify the high cost for vises on the market.
  15. FWIW, weather is cooling by a few degrees. I need to take inventory of materials, etc. and tie in anticipation of fishing in the future. Local trout streams have been running a bit warm so fishing for many is on hold. Again,I will monitor the sawp and see what I can contribute.
  16. I worked for an industrial supply house, Fastenal. I bought a box of 100 foam earplugs by Howard-Leighton. I believe that is correct. The rating was 33. Much higher than many earmuffs or plugs. Down to about two dozen.
  17. More nice rods off the bench. Eight or nine foot, 5 wt. is a popular rod for East Tennessee tailwaters.
  18. The dogs shed good when giving a bath. Hogan, the Lab, was black and would leave enough fur in the tub to make a Chihuahua!
  19. skeet3t


    If you use Gorilla glue, be prepared for a real big visitor.🐵
  20. Good choice of colors for contrast on the wraps. Your usual outstanding work.👍
  21. skeet3t


    It's a British term...electric torch. It is mentioned in one of the last episodes of the movie series, Band Of Brothers.
  22. Hot glue is used but I find it builds up if you aren't careful.
  23. Have a good trip. I miss the fresh seafood in the Carolinas!
  24. At that price, they should hire a limousine to hand deliver them to your front door. Maybe I should start selling my flies...running a special at 10 for $1,000.
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