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  1. How are you putting the hooks in the vise? Break when you tighten the jaws? Break when you start to tie? Break when you flatten the barb, if you do that?
  2. I use Vise Grips.🤣 OK, I got a supply of orthodontic rubber bands to hold the SF guides in place. A light touch with an X-acto knife and Ping! you can finish wrapping.
  3. Recoil guides wil retain their shape when bumped. Steve, ever use them? Edit- single foot guides are a pain to wrap, especially when you get to the ones toward the tip. Orthodontic rubber bands will hild them until wrap will hold the guide. AMHIK.
  4. skeet3t

    Hearing loss

    Phonak P-312/13T, FYI.
  5. 19X. I have run many rounds through one, not mine, BTW. Lots of police officers have them as their service sidearm. Take a class if one is available through a club or police department. The gunshops would have that info. Check your insurance policies to see how, and if, you are covered if involved in a shooting incident. This is one thing covered in our club's carry class.
  6. Love the color wraps! You have been busy!
  7. Pet groomers are good for dubbing. I used black fur from my son's Lab.
  8. Dollar Tree stock will now go up due to fly tiers. Good idea.
  9. Excellent rod but I wouldn't expect anything less from you. What blank?
  10. DFoster, I can identify with that. Like the saying, "Even if I explained it, you wouldn't understand."
  11. skeet3t

    Hearing loss

    May I respectfully disagree with you? I got new Phonak hearing aids from the VA on 8/4/2021. They interface with an app on my Android. I have had occasion to test them in restaurants, Sunday School classroom and I can adjust them from the app so I can now hear in those environments. Background noise is minimal.
  12. Mark, my Internet Explorer has a basic editing format. I can edit photos but not sure if I can do videos; never tried it. I go to a Photo> right click> double click on the Photo> Edit> Adjustments. I think that is right.FWIW, I'll try a video. Edit: Clicked on a video. At the bottom is a pencil, moved the cursor on the pencil and got "Edit in Explorer." Learned something today. I have the Canon software but Photoshop is another ball game...major league.
  13. See if Go Pro has editing software. Canon has one. Put together a video and we'll get the popcorn and watch it.
  14. The check is probably sitting in the post office in Venezuela. Just be patient and send the rod when done. 🤣
  15. skeet3t

    Hearing loss

    Have new Phonak hearing aids that are more sophisticated than my old ones. Much better to hear in noisy environments as a restaurant or open area as our Sunday School room. I have an app that I use to control them from my Android phone for several situations. Now if I can just remember where I put them!🤔
  16. Had something similar happen recently. Wife went to close the oven door and the high temp lock activated and the hook stuck out. Took off the top removed the hook which was a stamping of sheet metal. Don't need the lock as the wife never used the high temp cleaning cycle. Just a bit of elbow grease.
  17. Quite an inventory. I would think the five piece rod will be good. My little car won't hold a nine foot rod real good. Have two 12 ft., 2 piece rods that have to go in Mama's truck. Go ahead and build one for me according to what you think will be nice. Check's in the mail.😁
  18. Been doing that for years. Have a stash of old extension and lamp cords.
  19. Driving over 90 probably shot their gas mileage! I learned years ago that driving over the speed limit isn't worth the extra fuel consumption and wear-and-tear on the vehicle, especially the brakes. I covered NC and SC in the early 70s. Before a lot of the interstates were completed, I found that if I averaged 45 mph between calls, I was doing good. I would check the mileage between towns and figure from there.
  20. I skipped church and Sunday School several years ago to unwind from a bad week. The next Sunday, a lady asked if I caught any fish. You should have seen the look on her face when I said I didn't go to catch fish. Know whut I mean, Vern?
  21. skeet3t


    We talk of a fishing fee but don't consider what it costs to get the the fishing area. For me, trout fishing is one to three hours away. Read of one guy in England who fished for three days and never got a bite. Tennessee has public lakes in that charge a fee or one can get an annual permit. They are stocked with the usual species. The state record common carp was caught out of Marrowbone Lake just north of Nashville. The fish was 53 lb. and the lake is a tiny 65 acres. Want to go back and see if it's still there...and bigger! Mike, keep us posted on future ventures.
  22. Poopdeck, I agree with you. Playing outside without fear of criminals or plain ol' nutty people. I marvel at the boys in "A River Runs Through It?" Can you imagine now sending your kids off to fish by themselves? We carried a knife to school as it was "cool." Rural high school parking lots had pickup trucks with gun racks in the back window. Kids wouldn't think of taking a firearm out of the truck. If you did, the wrath of the principal and your parents came down on you like a ton of bricks. Schools didn't need officers to sit by the main entrance because people didn't think of going into a school with a firearm. My cousin's daughter told her one time, "Mom, I admire the time you grew up (early 50s and through the mid 60s) as times were much simpler." I have to agree with her.
  23. skeet3t


    Ticket? Sounds like the day ticket situation in Great Britain. I have a friend who is a British ex-pat. He says there is very, very little public water in GB. The rest is pay for a day or join a club (syndicate as it is called there).
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