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  1. Yes, small streams can be interesting due to changes with rain and increased flow. My tailwater trout place has changed over the years. Twenty years ago, I could wade down a long stretch and never get above mid-thigh. Two places made me get out and bypass two deep pools. Now, I'm reluctant to even consider wading it. FWIW, fished a small creek in central KY. Wife caught a nine inch orange-breasted sunfish out of a pool not much bigger than a bathtub! Gotta love those places!
  2. skeet3t

    Insect ID

    Or your agriculture extension office. Looks like a deer fly.
  3. Sheer genius! You can do the same by running a Sharpie across the mono on your reel to give it a "broken" camo look.
  4. Love to fish with light fly tackle. About 22 years ago, I built a 6 ft. 2 wt. for fishing the Great Smoky Mountains NP. It gets a regular workout in several small streams in East Tennessee.
  5. Almost a guarantee to catch something. The ones in the first photos look like what some call warmouth bass. No matter what, they are loads of fun to catch. I was looking at the pool in front of the young man. I would start fishing from downstream and cover the entire pool from one end to another. Looks fishy to me.
  6. I second mikechell's motion!
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    No. I haven't seen about 90% of the US of A. I always remember, "Houston, we have a problem." Redneck joke- Why do rednecks make such good astronauts? They took up space in school.
  8. Will look at the MH fly and see what it uses. Thanks for the kind reply and the notice on the swap.
  9. Duh! I missed this one. True, one never has enough caddis patterns to match the hatch or lure whatever lives in the water. I'm kicking myself as the elk hair caddis on one of my go-to flies, no matter where I fish. I'm hesitant to post as I might be visited by the Fly Tying Police since I use deer hair instead of elk hair.☺️
  10. Will watch to see any future swaps. I'm not one to tie a variety of flies but will look at what is asked and go from there. Tight lines and screaming drags!
  11. I was born and raised in Ohio and we had the same thing of non-running cars, etc. If you recall, Jeff Foxworthy said there are rednecks everywhere. Wife's uncle lived in Washington state and went salmon fishing in British Columbia. He told us that property taxes in BC were based on how well your house looked. Consequently, homes in BC looked like Better Homes and Gardens,resulting in lower property taxes. Our neighbor has his yard bush-hogged once a month. Downed trees have reclined in his front yard for several years with a nice shrub growing in the middle.
  12. Poopdeck, used to live in North Carolina. Miss the fresh seafood, especially the stuffed flounder! Remember me when you have a flounder or two for dinner.
  13. Had the same thing happen on the Little River, Townsned, Tennessee. ishing behind what is now the KOA and cast an elk hair caddis by a rock. got a good strike but lost it after a few seconds. Mentioned this to another camper. the next day he thanked me and said it was a 16 inch rainbow. No problem as two or three years later I got into a dark hendrickson hatch for an entire week. Never counted but must have caught over 200 that week. Spinfisherman batted zero. One never knows what lurks in the depths of a stream river or lake.
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    We still don"t know what the oceans hold, IMO. Read where we don't know the full life cycle of the great white shark. Too many things that need attention in other places. Example, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has discovered flora and fauna in recent times that was unknown.
  15. 1. How long does it take to stop in an emergency? 2. How many body bags are needed if it derails for some reason? 3. A comedian said that pioneers took six months to cross the US. With today's traffic and all the stop lights, that is still good time.☺️
  16. Hmmm. Interesting thread and posts. I don't tie but 6-8 patterns for my area, both fresh and cold waters. Might be a challenge to tie some different flies as the foam flies recently posted. As for shipping by USPS, the small boxes are relatively cheap. Put the flies in one or two medicine bottles (I have bunches of them), pad with a bunch of plastic grocery bags or newspaper and send. I have sent other things this way with not problem. FWIW, I like to get things as I have read newspapers from other places. The color comics are a bonus! flytire has some good points.
  17. Same in East Tennessee.
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    I think how many people could have been helped with housing, groceries, etc. in these lean times. What a waste of money just to feed someone's ego!
  19. I saw that last night on my phone. I give the Canadians a lot of credit. There has been a lot of pressure on Canada but they didn't agree to open the borders until they were certain that things were better. Me? Got too much here in the ol' US of A before I start trekking across any border.
  20. Never saw a fish take a damsel fly or dragon fly in all my years of fishing. I have seen small bluegill take a moth and then spit it out. Live and learn, I guess.
  21. skeet3t

    Amish Shed Move

    The Amish must be strong. Took a bunch of them to lift the barn.
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