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  1. Don't see nothing wrong with that fly. Good job! I see some possibilities with some changes in colors for trout and other types of finny critters. We have blueback herring coming through the powerhouse on the Hiwassee River in SE Tennessee. That pattern would match great. Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to modify, experiment, or invent.
  2. Hello from the other side of the mountains. You have named some trout streams where I would love to cast a fly. I have read about some of the streams in NC but haven't had time. Too busy working on my list of streams in Tennessee. So much water, so little time.
  3. For what it's worth and far from an expert's opinion, I have observed an overwhelming number of Clackacraft boats used by guides and flyanglers here in east Tennessee. This would be followed by Hyde drift boats and a high quality inflatable used by some guides (can't remember the name). Good luck in getting one. I'm sure there will be many volunteers in helping with the shakedown cruise. I want a driftboat and my wife wants new carpeting. I proposed putting the carpet in the driftboat. My proposal was met with deafening silence. Wonder why?
  4. This topic got my curiosity aroused and I checked my Cabela's Flyfishing catalogue. It lists Ultra chenille in all three sizes: micro= 1mm, ultra= 2 mm, medium= 3mm. Cost is $3.25 per 15 yd. spool with several colors available. Good tying!
  5. Muskie on a fly sounds like a fun hunt. I recall an episode of In-Fisherman that has flyfishing for pike with Larry Dahlberg. He was wading shallows in some lake in Minnesota and the action was awesome. I figure that would be the same scenario. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
  6. I use the lower priced Pflueger reels on either a 6 1/2 or 7 ft rod for small streams where I won't be encounter Moby Trout and need a drag or palming rim. My big rig has a Pflueger Supreme 1856 with 6 wt. line on a 9 ft. medium action rod. The drag is great and would be a medium price reel. I find that these reels/outfits fit the bill for me. I'm in the process of getting another rig together for bass and large trout- an 8 ft. glass rod in 7/8 wt. and waiting on delivery of an Okuma graphite reel. The thing about rods and reels is that there is now such a selection of quality items and wide range of prices.
  7. Welcome to the forum, Captain. You will find that this forum is about the best on the 'Net. The folks here are most helpful and more than willing to share information with others. Glad that you are working with young folks. We need to let everyone how much fun this sport is, no matter what type of fish you are seeking. I look forward to learning from you.
  8. I believe it was last year that a fellow caught a 15 lb. 10 oz. brown on a Rapala on the Hiwassee River here in SE Tennessee. IMHO just about any type of surface lure would be productive. I have seen a 1/4 oz. clear plastic float used for fishing flies with spinning gear. Check the local tackle shops, mailorder folks, or discount house as Wal-mart. Would like to try night fishing but many of the rivers are too risky due to power generation and high flow rates.
  9. Greeting, y'all! I fish some local/traditional patterns here in southeast Tennessee. My favorite is the brown hackle peacock. Red tail (any material- I use a short sprig of red marabou), peacock hackle- wrapped around the thread and dubbed to last longer, hackle can be brown (obviously), ginger, or grizzly. I carry all three. Last, I tie one I call the Beadhead Hogan (B2H). It calls for a nymph hook about size 12-14, brass bead (you can add more weight if needed) and I dub a hank of hair from my son's black Lab, Hogan. No collar/hackle, etc., just the two ingredients. After finishing, I give the B2H a haircut to even up the stray hair. Catches fish! Not exactly traditional as some but I have found locally that many different patterns work. I have experimented with Renegades in various color combinations and found that they also work. This topic has motivated me to try some others. The flymph is one that i find interesting. I think FlyFisherman Magazine had an article on that pattern in the past. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Looking for some answers on this topic. I'm in the process of restoring an ancient bamboo rod that I have had since dirt was new. Again, I'm repeating myself- this is a great site and has a ton of good info for all flyflingers. Thanks!
  11. Welcome to the site! I live in southeast Tennessee and dream of those mountain streams in Colorado. The group on this forum is a great bunch and are not afraid to share their knowledge and expertise on flyfishing. Look forward to seeing some pictures in the future. See you on the water somewhere.
  12. Interesting subject here. My largest trout from southeast Tennessee on a small stream is a 12 inch rainbow. It was caught on a local stream not more than 15 feet wide at the widest, more like average 6 to 10 feet. Caught on a nymph in a pool about the size of a bathtub. Same stream has given up several 10 and 11 inchers. All were released to catch again.
  13. skeet3t


    Our family uses three that we got at Wal-Mart. They come in handy for hiking and for fishing in the Smoky Mountains. I know a couple that use them all the time. Don got his for Father's Day his year. He fishes; wife sits on the bank and reads or socializes. They keep in touch as to who is about and what is going on. Really handy things to have.
  14. For all who fish locally or are able to travel to flyfish, I ran across a site that gives access to various agencies and allows you to determine the regulations, license fees, etc. before you go. Found it while checking on regulations for Georgia and North Carolina. The site is as follows as I read it from my screen- http://offices.fws.gov/statelinks.html. Hope this will prove useful for you folks. See you on the water somewhere.
  15. Welcome to the forum! A great bunch of folks with tons of information about flyfishing. See you on the water somewhere.
  16. Need some help! I have an ancient South Bend fiberglass rod that is over 40 years old. (Shows how old I am.) The tip has a permanent bend in it. The bend, looking with the guides on top, is to the left about 3/4 inch. I have tried to straighten it by putting it on a shelf, weighting the butt end and hanging a weight from the tip for ages to try and get the bend out of it. Still have a slight bend in it. Want to get the rod in a usable condition as it is still good and I have caught a truckload of fish with it when I was a teeny-bopper. Any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA! skeet3t
  17. Neat fly, smalliehunter! I would think that if it retrieved with the hook point up, it wouldn't need a weed guard. I'm thinking of tying something similar for trout in a smaller size and colors to match either blueback herring or sculpins. Many thanks!!
  18. Welcome from southeast Tennessee! I have fished the upper Delaware for smallies near Port Jervis, NY. Believe it or not, I once caught about 25 smallies off a ledge and never moved my feet. This is a great site where you will gain a wealth of info for slinging the skinny rod.
  19. skeet3t


    Neat set-up there, OSD! The Hiwassee River tailwater doesn't yield too many double digit fish. More than likely, the trout that I catch are going to be under 16 inches. My small net works fine- used it on a 16 inch 'bow on the Tellico River about 4 years ago. Maybe one of these days.......... BTW, I enjoy this website and the great folks that share vast amounts of information for flyfishing. Many thanks!
  20. skeet3t


    I use a net that I got at Wal-Mart for about 7 bucks. It has a black aluminum frame with a small mesh woven material. I loop the stretch cord through the D-ring on the back of my vest and carry it in the zipper pocket where it is out of the way. I wet it before I land a fish and then rinse it and shake it off before putting it back in my vest. Also, like appalachian angler, I mash the barbs on all my hooks. It's easier to remove from the fish and from me if necessary. The other nets to me look great but I'm cheap and the Wally World net serves the same purpose. I put the extra bucks for gas in the van to go fishing.
  21. Welcome to the site! Probably one of the best for flyfishing on the 'Net. Interesting that you fish the Bow River. We had some of your neighbors down our way and fished the Hiwassee River in SE Tennessee. They were impressed that the Hiwassee was similar to the Bow. Makes me want to come up and try the Bow River. For more info on the Hiwassee River, try www.hiwassee.net.
  22. Depends on how much time or money you have. This is my personal philosophy on flyfishing and related activities. I find that I have great satisfaction when I catch a fish on a fly or popper that I have tied myself. I tie my own as part of the "experience" of fishing. Also, I experiment with basic patterns. Recently I caught a 12 inch brown on a variation of the wooly bugger tied with white chenille and a tail made of undyed carpet fiber. My next step on the list is to restore an old bamboo rod that I have had since the dinosaurs died out. Couple that with hand tied flies and tied leaders- what a trip!
  23. Welcome! This is a great site to learn a lot about flyfishing. I just figured that I have been flyfishing about 42 years and still learning. Keep close tabs on this forum and don't hesitate to ask questions. I was told the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked. The gang is great at helping folks. See on the water somewhere, sometime.
  24. SD, sorry to hear about the job. I left a company back in June due to a lot of fecal material going on plus the company was in chapter 11. Keep your chin up- this can be a good time to catch up on tying flies. BTW, get on the internet and look up particular states and their department of labor on the site. Tennessee has a site that gives jobs in each county with a description, location, pay, etc. If you are a veteran, it has a place for that. Also, Tennessee's local employment office has a veteran's representative that works with veterans. Also, look up the website for newspapers for an area where you would like to relocate. Chattanooga Times-Free Press has daily updates. Hope this will help! Been there-done that myself. When you land a good job, call your ex-boss and thank him for helping you get something better.
  25. Welcome to the forum. I am fairly new myself an enjoy the information that is put on this site. I'm located in southeast Tennessee where we have some excellent coldwater fishing in the mountains and several river tailwaters. This is probably one of the most useful sites for flyfishing, covering just about anything that swims and can be caught on a flyrod.
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