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  1. I use a Barracuda Jr and have had no problems with the jaws. The steel on my jaws are not soft. FishHawk
  2. Sony makes the sensor for Nikon. Both Canon and Nikon are good cameras. I use Nikon because I can use the lenses that I have from my Nikon film cames on my Nikon 300s. FishHawk
  3. Clouser because it gets into the strike zone quickly. It's also like the famous Hare's Ear nymph in trout fishing, a classic that works most of the time. I should probably use more poppers , perhaps I'll try it this season. I think the reason we use a particular fly is because we have a lot of confidence in it and it works most of the time. FishHawk
  4. It's your computer screen. I used to work in pre-press and digitail photography before I retired and we had computer screens that could be calibrated. They're very expensive. FishHawk.
  5. I used to be a Sage guy until I got my T&T Horizion II 9wt. A cannon . Give them a test cast you might like them. They are fast rods and if your into a slower rod try the Helix by T&T. FishHawk
  6. I print my photos on a Canon 6700D printer and have found that the Canon glossy paper works better than Kodak paper with this printer. It's a very good printer for the money. FishHawk
  7. Nice use of the colors. Almost too good to fish with. FishHawk
  8. Nice work . I like the eyes , I'm sure the fish will key in on the eyes. FishHawk
  9. Went with the Hoya close up macro set as suggested by B&H photo. Works great and you can stack up the lens . I have a Panny FZ7 . Solved my close-up macro lens problem. FishHawk
  10. Anyone use the Raynor 150 macro lens on their camera? I'm thinking of getting one but don't like the plastic lens mount. I was thinking of using a step up filter ring instead. Don't know if this is possible. The Macro lens is 43mm and the camera is 55mm. FishHawk
  11. Make sure Commander Frank gets his copy. He like to read fly fishing books when he's not on a mission. FishHawk
  12. Make sure Frank gets a copy. FishHawk
  13. Nice to see something other than a Flatwing for a change. FishHawk
  14. Fished the Tub on Friday, 5/6/05 and had a great day. Got 25 fish on a Tuttie Fruitie fly. Got two large fish one was a keeper. My fishing companion,Paxton did well and got two keepers. Lots of little guys in the mix. All the fish had lice on them. So they are here!!! FishHawk
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