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  1. Clouser because it gets into the strike zone quickly. It's also like the famous Hare's Ear nymph in trout fishing, a classic that works most of the time. I should probably use more poppers , perhaps I'll try it this season.

    I think the reason we use a particular fly is because we have a lot of confidence in it and it works most of the time. FishHawk

  2. Fished the Tub on Friday, 5/6/05 and had a great day. Got 25 fish on a Tuttie Fruitie fly. Got two large fish one was a keeper. My fishing companion,Paxton did well and got two keepers. Lots of little guys in the mix. All the fish had lice on them. So they are here!!!

    FishHawk thumbup.gif

  3. There are writers and there are self promoters. Probably on of the best outdoor writer was Ernest Hemmingway. The Old Man and the Sea is a classic.

    Then you have the fishing personalities who constantly are promoting themselves.

    Look around you'll see guides posting photos of people catching gaint fish.

    It's part of the business. The best guide I ever had was a low key guy from Montana who let us do our thing and only offered advice when we needed it.

    Some of the best newspaper writers in my opinion are sports writers.

    None of them are baseball or football players but they capture the action wonderfully.

    Just my .02


  4. Somewhere I read it all had to do with water temperture . The smaller fish arrive earlier because they can handle the lower water tempertures. Also, if the big fish arrived when the smaller ones did there would be fewer smaller fish. Mother Nature has it all figured out.


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