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  1. Seychelles

    Love the variety of saltwater fish there large and smaller


    Other bucket list destinations are


    Florida when the Tarpon are on the worms

    North Australia mixed fresh and Salt adventure with archery wild Boar and buffalo hunt included

    Northern Canada Pike

    Peacock Bass-Brazil

    Northwest Smallmouth Safari (ID, OR, WA)

    Elk River Cutts

    Florida Canal Exotics




    I have been lucky to have fished Alaska, Zimbabwe, several trips to Argentina, multiple Salt Trips to Mexico but remain hungry for more.

  2. Thanks! Great video. I can hardly wait for my trip to the Green this spring. Something new


    I have had mixed results with the orange on Lafontaines BWO halo emerger. A few days it really seems to be the ticket, most days I get too many refusals.


    Have you tried more natural colored tails on the Provo or Green to compare?


    Feel free to PM your response if you want


    Thanks again for sharing!


  3. Thanks to all for the info.


    The Norlander videos are good. While focused on their vice still useful methods and ideas.


    The book by the Beatty's did not have great reviews on Amazon. Apparently it is fairly basic info. And since rotary is a motion subject is somewhat limited by the use of print. Would love to hear other reviews by veteran tyers.


    Keep the suggestions coming.



    ps I find it interesting how much time we discuss "which rotary vice" on here but don't have much to say on effective use. Maybe I am imagining there is more to it than just winding stuff more efficiently, neater and faster????

  4. I am looking for good web resources, videos etc that will help me transition to rotary tying. I have been tying for over 30 years and am finally getting a true rotary vise. I tie a wide variety of flies but anticipate mainly use the rotary for trout and smallmouth patterns. Hoping to learn some new tricks and be a more efficient tier.


    I would like to start with stuff on the web but would happily buy a DVD if it was worthwhile.


    Thanks for your help.





    PS if I missed a similar thread in my searches please point me there!

  5. Iv'e been using hooks from THE FLY SHOP for quite awhile and have had none break be messed up out of the pack. They are the flyshop brand dont know were there made but are a great deal. wicked sharp and have landed over 10 pound steelhead on their size 14 nymph hook just another option. im new to tying so sorry if my reply is useless. but the cost is lessthan 3 dollars a pack 25



    hey socallies, Thanks for the info, just saw the Fly Shops hooks in their recent catalog and was wondering how they were. I'll probably order some.


    Togen hooks have worked well. Fair selection of styles also.



    +1 for Flyshop hooks especially size 14 and larger. The new 60 degree jig hooks rock!

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