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  1. Thanks guys I'm listening ..It's just that things don't always end up on the hook that way! :hyst: VEE
  2. Jamie Thank you so much for the positive words I need to work out the front area on my flies I think I'm afraid of running out of room or something I see what you mean about it being rather crowded toward the front Thanks again Vicki
  3. Hi Ronn I seem to keep coming up short I will try to get the head up where it should be on the next one. I see what you mean about the tinsel tip Thanks for the advice and kind words Vicki
  4. Hey Roycestearns! Yes I'm having fun This is such a great thing to be a part of :yahoo: Some day I might even be able to tie as good as you! Great fly you did for the FAOL contest (WOW)! Thanks for the support VEE
  5. Hi everyone Here's a quick pic of my second Orange parson. Any comments are welcome VEE
  6. Hi everyone! I finally got my Orange Parson done! I have been gone and this is actually my second attempt. I hope to be around more now (I'm tearing the first one apart and starting over)!! I looked at everyone elses late last night ...very nice looking My fly has some problems but is a big improvement over my first attempt! any comments are welcome VEE
  7. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback I was not happy with many things on this fly and would have taken off and re tyed some of it if I had the time! I really do wish I was able to practice, but I've been doing good just getting the flies required done!! I think things will be calming down soon..so maybe I'll be able to more tying then Once again, thanks so much! VEE P.S. skypilot the hook is a shortened CS 10/3 2/0 according to the CSS tutorial
  8. Hi everyone Sorry I haven't been around much But I want to say even though I haven't posted individually regarding all of your CSS flies They look great So here's mine... I've had no time to practice and this is my first one( I will try to tie another one this week) comment away VEE
  9. I'm with you I don't like that type of head either..But the body and wing are great VEE
  10. Congrats!! That should be a people catcher for sure VEE
  11. Welcome! Yes this can get expensive but it doesn't have to be, to start There is another book that I still use as a reference, The Art of Fly Tying and it doesn't cost as much as the Benchside Reference (You could ask for that one for a B-day or Christmas present ). And of course there is so much information for free on the web sites. My husband and I have not only learned a great deal but we have made a lot of wonderful friends on the fly fishing sites we belong too, people on here are wonderful for help. And I'm sure you will make some wonderfull friends just as we have Anyway, I'd love to see pics of your flies and once again Welcome!1 VEE
  12. Hi JZ It's really nice to see you here! My piece of advise to you is to spend some of your money on the Mike Radencich DVD "Tying the Classic Salmon Fly" It is one of the best investments you will make for tying these flies. You can order it from John McLain. VEE
  13. Ronn Congrats!! We haven't gotten our's yet...but am looking forward to getting it! Ditto what everyone else said :thumbup: VEE
  14. Eric, I just got back from being out of town, so I just saw this. Very impressive! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work VEE
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