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  1. Very nicely done. I've been enjoying your patterns for a while now. Keep it up.
  2. Very nice attractor. Looks like it would bring in our local cutthroat handily.
  3. Very nice dressing. Sparse flies are my favorite. What hook did you use on the fly pictured? Thanks for sharing that one. REE
  4. I've got a couple of Norlander bobbins that I use for most of my tying using Danville or Uni threads. For Pearsalls I like the Wasatch Mini Bobbin. I bougtht a Mitch's Bobbin Whirler from Dean at a show in Ellensburg last May. Like all the Wasatch tools I own, I really like using it, very comfortable in the hand.
  5. I've been tying on a Snowbee-Waldron for the last year or so after upgrading from a Renzetti Traveler. Very well built vise, very adjustable, holds hooks better than any other vise I've used, and the true rotary function is smooth as silk.
  6. I picked one up from Dean at the Ellensburg Tying Conclave this past may. I've been having a ball witih the darn thing. Makes a dubbing loop very easy. Ray, I also have the Wasatch Pearsall's Bobbin and love it. Gonna have to get a couple more. Wasatch makes some very nice looking, high quality tying tools. Like Al, just a happy customer.
  7. You might check out http://www.dtnicolson.dial.pipex.com/ for some buzzer patterns. Great info site.
  8. Dave, Thanks for posting that link. Took a look at the colors available. Wow! Very nice.
  9. Dave, Those Daiichi 1640's are about the same as Drennon Specimen hooks. They are a light wire hook, but I like the wee wets just under or in the film.
  10. Dave, I've taken to tying my spiders on Daiichi 1640's, with a 2XS shank and a straight eye. I can tie the wee sizes and still have a good hook gape. Small and sparse will save the day. I like those a lot.
  11. Just astounding, Roy. I love it.
  12. Beautiful. Love Glasso's flies.
  13. One of my favorites also. I think it fishes well everywhere. Nicely tied, RexHunt.
  14. Nice buggy look about it. Should slay on the water.
  15. Quillknot, You must have been reading my mind. I was just thinking about a MB Spider and here it is. Very nice. I'll be tying a few of these up. Thanks for sharing.
  16. DD, you have a PM at FAOL about the quills. REE
  17. Ray, Great pattern that will absolutely kill on the Sea Run Cutthraot here in the salt. There's even more tying for the summer season. REE
  18. Dang Ray, I go fishing for a while and look what you come up with. Great looking fly, as usual. Means more tying for me though. REE
  19. Glad my photo was an inspiration, flytyierforheir. The tier of that particular fly was Wayne Kohan, from a swap I hosted on another site.
  20. Agreed, Ray. A lovely little flymph. So many flies to tie, so little time.
  21. Nicely done. A favorite for sure.
  22. Oh-oh Ray. You've stepped on the slippery slope now. I have several cards of different waxed silk colors with different dubbing materials. You should see the plover, jackdaw, and woodcock feathers in my collection. Very nice flies. REE
  23. Dagnabbit Ray! I take a break from the puter for a while and you come up with another winner for me to add to the box. If it's half as good as the POP fly, you have another winner. Nicely done. REE
  24. Vickie and I would like to express our condolences to Derek's family at this trying time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. REE and VEE
  25. After watching a couple of first class tiers in Idaho last year, I too went with the airline roller bag for my traveling tying kit. Now if I could just remember that roll up thingy they had for holding material. It was the slickest thing I've seen lately, and fairly easy to make, unless you can't quite remember how it worked. Yes, Al and Gretchen, that's a huge hint, seeing as how you were the tiers we saw. REE and VEE
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